Preet Na Kariyo Koi ~ Episode 13 Review


Thirteen weeks in Preet Na Kariyo Koi continues to soar!

Looking up at the colorful kites Ilyas so loved to fly, young Goshi too thought she was the mistress of her own destiny, soaring freely in the open skies hoping to become one with the glowing sun. Kis ki kiya majal thi jo Shagufta Shehzadi ko koi kuch keh sakey. But that was then. Those were the misconceptions of a young immature girl.

As a mature woman, Shagufta knows better. The illusion of a kite flying free in the sky is just that – an illusion. It might appear to surge towards the sky of its own free will, but in reality its direction and destination is determined by he who controls the string. It moves as commanded. It might rebel and push, but…

Forget about living life freely on her terms, she has it worse than those kites she grew up around. The kite of Shagufta’s life is manipulated by not one but two controllers, Shams, the love of her life, and Suleri, the bane of her life, both pulling her equally in opposite directions. All she had ever wanted was to be with her beloved, but Shams never cared for her the way she had convinced herself he did. For him she was a means to an end. Suleri sahab ne kaha shadi kar lo and us ne kar li. It was just that simple for him.

For Shagufta, however, it was never as cut and dried. She loved Shams and that was that. Shams, on the other hand, is too busy being in love with himself and his goal, to be a politician, which is the be-all and end-all of his existence. Hence, for him to now be told khidmat tau khidmat hoti and what does it have to do with uhdas has certainly gotten Shams’ blood boiling. And in this game of egos and wills between the kingmaker and the wanna-be king, Shagufta gets played again. All those year she spent doing everything Shams told her to do, bent over backwards to accommodate Suleri’s demands on her time, all for naught. For both these men she might as well be a kite, useful only when it can flies as per their desire, otherwise just useless paper.

But this by no means should be taken to infer that Shagufta has turned into some sobbing hysterical woman. No, she is Shagufta Shehzadi and Shagufta Shehzadi does not cry. That will happen later if it at all does. For now, Shagufta is too busy dealing with all these crises at a time she thought would be the happiest moment of her life – her husband home and their little family complete. But she had miscalculated.

Unlike his wife, Shams spent the past 17 years imagining a very different scenario, one that did not include playing happy houses with Shagufta or playing Daddy to a teenage daughter. No he was looking forward to playing politics, sitting at the same table as Suleri sahab, as his equal. But, he forgot. He might think he is smarter than her, but as it turns out he is just as gullible as his wife. Suleri has been playing them both for so long, why would he give up now? Now, after he had invested so much in Shagufta?

Shams looks and sounds like a pea brain but does that make him one? Methinks yes. His decision to challenge Suleri by running as a candidate from Gujranwala, his hometown, is a shaky one to begin with, but to make an alliance with his brother Mushtaq? Really? Shams, I knew you weren’t the brightest bulb on the block, but this dim? Now this is what I would call jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Running away from Suleri to…. Mushtaq?? I guess some people really need to have the lesson hammered into their heads before they get it.

But khair, in all of this the one person who will finally get to have a home and a husband to call her own is Zarina. But again, is Shams still as great a catch as he was 17 years ago, sans a politician wife and a teenaged daughter? She might get away from the zulm of Mushtaq and his wife/her sister but then is Shagufta going to treat her any better? Whether Shams really cares for either of his wives is a whole other matter, but as far as Zarina is concerned Shagufta will always see her as an arch rival. So yeah, a lot of fireworks over the course of the next few weeks.

And totally lost in all this garbar between the adults is Noori. It is hard enough to compete with a father in jail, but now that he is out, it is heart wrenching to see the young girl still playing second fiddle to her father’s political aspirations. If dealing with an emotionally unavailable father is not bad enough she also has to bear the brunt of her mother’s residual guilt, of her college days and the lies she told her family and all that she put them through. It’s a good thing that she has Rumi who helps her deal with her family’s less than savory background.

Where Rumi is  cheering her on for now, I wonder how he and his family will react when they find out Noori is none other than the politician Shagufta and notorious criminal Shams’ daughter. I cannot even begin to comprehend the psychological harm such public humiliation and rejection would do to an already stressed out young adult. I don’t think either of her parent’s have ever stopped to think of the kind of emotional trauma this girl has and is going through.

Had Noori known about Bhola or IlyasI’m pretty sure she would’ve loved to have asked them for pointers on how to deal with social ostracization. As was obvious even in that quick exchange between the two men, they are still nowhere near over what Goshi’s marriage did to them. I enjoyed the seamless manner in which this track was woven back into the story.

Was Shams worth all the trouble that she put her family, her daughter and herself through? Shagufta has not yet allowed this question to enter her conscious mind, but I am sure niggles of doubt are gradually making themselves heard. That look in the mirror, when she was taking off her politician’s garb, spoke volumes. She was bone-tired, ready to give it all up. But her masters, those who pull her strings, are not ready to let go as yet. Keep flying, therefore, she must.

It’s been thirteen weeks and Preet is yet to lag or sag. Amna Mufti’s writing continues to surprise with every twist and turn, but it is all done so skilfully that it never seem forced. Everything that has happened so far has done so very organically. All characters are beautifully colored in various shades of grey and their personalities are very skilfully drawn out. Though at the heart of it all this is a story about a girl’s coming of age arc, it would be injustice to describe it as just that. This just as much a story of a man who is as simple as he is complicated. And making these two dance at his whim is the puppet master, Suleri.

If last year it was Nauman Ijaz as Bhatti sahab in Jackson Heights, then this year it has to be Rehan Sheikh as Suleri who steals the whole kit and kaboodle. He is simply fabulous! Love the way he delivers his lines, each word, be it Persian or Urdu or English or Seraiki, is beautifully inflected and pitched just so. Each expression, each facial tic, body language everything about him conveys malice with a capital M.

Ahsan Khan is another one who is shining very bright here; he has Shams Siyal down pat. I seriously hope that after this he will not go back to doing the same old stuff and continue to stretch himself as an actor with similarly different characters. Hira has done her homework and it shows. Her scenes with both Ahsan Khan and Rehan Sheikh carried a lot of impact. There are time when she wavers but overall she is doing justice to her beautifully written character. Noor Khan works well as the troubled Noori. Among the rest of the cast, I enjoyed Saman Ansari’s scene while feeding the crows. Infact that whole moment was fabulous; written with the kind of dark humor that Amna does so well, and that little snippet of Mushtaq trimming his beard was so authentic and true to the context the story in which the story is set.

My one and only huge complaint is yet again about the makeup. Hira, no matter how ugly her glasses and however many strands of grey she has painted on, does not look like a woman in her late 30s. Bhola, on the other hand, seems to have grown up overnight into a man who does not look to be in his late 2os/early 30s. Other than that, and Zarina’s strangely colored purple grey hair, everything else is gelling really well. A huge round of applause for Ehtesham, the director, for ensuring that none of the nuances of this very complex story got lost in translation, and for getting such fab performances from his actors.

All in all, Preet is a very engaging socio-political thriller and I am hooked!

Written by SZ~

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  1. SZ, you are really in your element with that kite example – just superb! Taaliyaan! Last week it was chess, this week kite-flying – the game is on!

    Another enjoyable episode. This is the only show on air that’s different and gives us food for thought. I really hope it’s all your hammering and all your pleas SZ, for at least one slot of good entertainment for the viewer who puts up with all the other mediocre stuff that’s on air, that got us this show.

    Things are coming together really well here. I just can’t guess what’s coming next or who’s going to turn into what. The scenes are powerful, impactful and best of all there’s no dragging. The golden triangle of writer, director and actors is still intact.

    Rehan Sheikh is my favourite (I do wish he’d go easy on the cigar though! Makes me worry for his health), but Hira matched him in their scenes together. I hear you about Ahsan Khan doing more such roles, but I think he has to do a certain quota of run-of-the-mill roles to land something like this, lol.

    Will this be a turning point for Shagufta? Will it take Shams going back to Zarina to remove her blindfold? Will she snap out of her love for Shams? Really intriguing…

    Thank you for your insightful review SZ. Looking forward to reading more next week…


    • Thank you 🙂 But to be very honest and give credit where credit ids due, the kite analogy is drawn from Amna Mufti’s script. In the first couple of episodes there were quite a few scenes of Ilyas flying kites and in one of the scenes Ilyas tells Bhola that successful kite flying has nothing to do with the kite itself but has everything to do with the skill of the one controlling the string .. I know Im butchering the beautiful writing but that was roughly the gist of it .. and it was only after I had written the whole review that I started wondering why I had rambled on about kites and that’s when it struck me that I had actually heard this in analogy in the drama itself ..

      This anecdote random as it is points to Amna’s brilliant writing and her control over the script that a line that I had initially not even paid attention and didn’t even realize had registered in my brain was actually foreshadowing so much! 👏

      I dont know if you saw the TRPs I posted for weeks 2 & 3 of Jan (in the chai post), but notice that Preet is no longer on it (it was there earlier for the first two three eps at the 8/9/10 rank) and I am afraid that this does not bode well for us, the viewers who do enjoy this kind of stuff, ’cause as we all know low or no TRPs means that particular kind of story will not get repeated again in a hurry. If you think back, Ullu Baraye Farokht, another brilliant serial by Amna aired in 2013 and now we get Preet in 2016. It took HUM almost 3 years to build up the courage to air a similarly unique story again. Its been two years since Pehchan and we havent still seen another such serial from Bee Gul. Meanwhile, the mega success of DeD ensured that barely had the serial ended that we started getting clones and exact copies of scenes (GeR) and I’m sure 20 other copycats are in the pipeline as we speak..

      Also, interesting to note is the lack of a “buzz” around this one. .. but give the awam a candyfloss love story and it gets lapped up, even if there is nothing new about it. Similarly serials like Sangat and GeR also stirred up much buzz, for all the wrong reasons admittedly but still a buzz, which means more people get interested enough and tune in to check them out, this in turn raises TRPs, which in turn translates into: awaam likes it, lets give them more of that… In both cases serials like Preet lose out, despite garnering praise. I don’t know how to go about fixing this issue but till this gets addressed somewhat, i.e., generate a buzz, serials such as these will get rarer and rarer. I remember Bee Gul telling me once that critical praise did nothing for her, what she needed was popular praise and acceptance because only then would she be granted the freedom to write what she wanted. #BadStateofAffairs 😦

      Re: Ahsan Khan: I don’t know if you saw Aisha Khan at the MM intro show on JPJ, but there she said that she’s been in the industry for a while now and has quite a few friends so after saying no to many she does end up saying to some when friends ask her, and in that she’s made many errors and she realizes later about her mistakes .. and I have a feeling that AK too has an issue saying no .. otherwise there was no earthly reason why he and Aisha would both end up in a horrible serial like Tumharey Siwa.. it was so bad that bad is not bad enough to describe it! And if the serials that people like AK and AK are doing these days are better than the others around there, can you even imagine how bad the rest must be?!?


      • SZ, just saw the ratings on the previous Preet post. As usual, we are at the opposite end of the spectrum… Last week on Jago Pakistan Jago, they were celebrating their 11th anniversary. I caught the tail end of it, when Sultana Siddiqui was talking. She had Ahsan Khan and Hira on the show as well, so I wonder if they mentioned Preet… Otherwise I haven’t seen much promotions for the show.

        This is where things were easier in the PTV era, as we wouldn’t have had a choice but to watch this on a Tuesday evening and people would’ve started taking about it. It seems very unfair to compare this show with the other shows on air at the moment, but that’s how things are I guess.

        Even Mehreen Jabbar had to package MNYH as a “romantic” story and then add on the actual messages once the audience had been hooked… Also, Maya Ali and Imran Abbas both have a big fan following and social media presence, so that helped as well. Here, neither of the leads has that kind of following – it doesn’t matter to us, but matters to the teenagers who help garner the eye balls needed. We can keep the flag flying for such projects here, but out there, they don’t want this stuff. We just share this inverse relationship with the TRP group.


        • @VZ:I think our, DrNR’s, stamp of approval translates into a literal fall from
          TRP grace for serials .. bechare creatives .. they must hate us now for liking their stuff 😜

          On a more serious note, @VZ and @All: Have you guys read Homi Bhabha’s essay, “The Liminal Negotiation of Cultural Difference” ? I was reading it today and it really struck home in terms of what we have been discussing and re-iterated the importance of speaking from the margins…
          Its available online free in pdf form .. makes an interesting argument worth thinking about. Warning though, it is not the kind of piece you would read while multitasking 🙂


          • SZ, I’ve downloaded it for reading.

            Any thoughts on the latest episode of Preet? My one word summary would be: yearning. Shagufta’s yearning for Shams’s love, Noorie’s yearning for her mother’s undivided attention and understanding, Shams’s yearning for position, power, feeling of being important, Goshi’s maternal family’s yearning for her, Mariam yearning for recognition and acknowledgement in that family…


            • @VZ: Yes, by later tonight – sorry been all over the place the last few days 😦
              And thanks for being such a sweetheart and following up on my reading suggestions etc – means a lot 🙂

              And, to update you on the status of your request a few weeks ago: Yes, Hina B has very graciously agreed to our req for a sawal jawab session with us 🙂 Start working on your questions .. I will put up the post in a few days or so to accommodate her very busy work schedule.

              @All: Have you guys seen the teasers for Mor Mahal? It is slated to start somewhere around the third week of March .. It looks fab and I’m super excited!

              Also, for those who haven’t had a chance to check it out, do trial (as our friend @Annie put it so well once) Bhai on APLus. Starring Salman Shahid, Simi Raheal, Nauman Ijaz, Tipu, Affan Waheed and others this is a new serial that has me very intrigued. It airs Sat and Sun, and so far three episodes have aired .. The review will be up right after I get Preet done … Idk how it happened but it seems like finally somebody up there heard us begging and we do have some interesting serials to talk about .. 👏


            • @VZ: i felt so bad for maryam… She didnt deserve all this.. Will discuss with detail on review 🙂

              @SZ.. Yes Mor Mahal looks huge and just so awesome.. I avoided writing shot form MM 😉 i watched Bhai.. got to know from one of your reply that you watching that…and no surprises never get disappointed with your choices.. I really enjoyed three episodes.. Looking forward to your review


            • SZ, thank you so much for arranging the sawaal-jawaab with HKB, really appreciate it!

              And thank you for recommending the essay. Your recommendations come with a gold standard in quality, so always look forward to them! Am also reading through Conference of the Birds and I intend to get on with the A-Z of SeZ very soon, IA.

              Re: Mor Mahal, watched the teasers, really looking forward to it. Bhai – hmmm… Will wait that one out, the title is sort of putting me off lol. But then again it has Noman Ijaz? And A plus usually have some good ones on air…Need to think about it…

              Please take your time with the Preet review.

              Rehmat, I too felt very bad for Mariam. And for Zarina too. 😦


            • @VZ: Ooh!!! You’re reading Conference! My very favourite book ( and the subject of the very first term paper I ever wrote in my second innings as student in the US and then in my mind it will always be attached to SeZ, a serial special for me personally since the blog started off because of it ).
              Now I’m really tempted to start a reading discussion group where we pick one interesting ‘serious’ text, which is somehow or the other related to our discussions here and read it together as a group .. and take however long it takes to read it through … what do you think ?


  2. Wonderful review, SZ. I second @VZ. Your analogies are perfect. They have a way of so poetically capturing the games of PNKK 🙂

    I loved this episode and the next one promises to be more of a blast! Ahsan Khan and Rehan Sheikh are really really good, but Hira is the one who has taken me by surprise. I really didn’t expect her to act so well – it’s as if she IS Shagufta Shehzadi. I can’t imagine any other actress playing this part.

    “That look in the mirror, when she was taking off her politician’s garb, spoke volumes.” – this was my favourite scene. She conveyed so much without saying a word. So impressive. He’s such a cad, that Shams. He doesn’t care about her or his daughter one bit. Pehle it was ‘do as Suleri says’ and now it’s ‘resign tomorrow or else’. I actually liked that part where Shagufta reacts to Shams’ reaction about his gun. That, to me at least, showed tiny little signs of her being ultimately capable of holding her own with him.

    The reentry of Zarina in Shams’ life has to be the thing that would finally push her off the edge of her patience and adoration for him. As you said, he’s all she’s ever wanted. So for her to see him sabotage her position in his life and so easily divide her domain and grant it to another woman for whatever purposes has to be the last straw – if not that then what will open her eyes to the fact that her husband is the most ungrateful foolish loser that ever lived? He only knows how to use women, while at the same time he belittles them. Suleri is better than him, imo. Coz at least Shagufta has no love for that man and he’s not her own husband! I dislike Shams and have turned blind maybe, but please direct me towards his redeeming qualities..if he has any, that is.

    I have this image in my head where Shagufta is raising her arms in triumph towards the sky and as the camera zooms out, we see she has one feet on Shams and one on Suleri, who’re both lying prone on the ground, finally defeated by the woman they so endlessly exploited. If it ends on such a ‘positive’ note tou kitna maza aega, nai? 😛


    • @Nashra: couldn’t resist saying that love your comment:) specially your image of Shagufta raising her arms in triumph… Ahh thats such a fantastic imagination i tell you and waqai maza aajaye agar aisa ho tou 😀


    • @Nashra: Thank you 🙂

      LOL!! You are so funny with your Shagufta imagery! I love it! But hey! Lets not get carried away.. If the two guys are bad then Shagufta ain’t no dudh ki dhuli either. Remember how callously she abused her family’s love and trust in her, manipulated Ilyas’ affection, created a false scandal about Mariyam and Ilyas and sab se bari baat was directly responsible for her father’s death and social ostracization oif her family – all this because she was in love with a person everybody told her to stay away from … so yeah, she’s not totally blameless .. but then again that’s precisely what I am loving here.. that nobody is a saint, they all have their share of faults, but the story is written in such a non-judgemental way that there are no heroes and villains. Suleri might be the devil’s spawn and what not, but to give him credit, even though he suggested going a step further in their relationship, he never forced the issue with Shagufta and he did take care of her and her daughter financially. Yes, she did do his bidding, but he could’ve not kept her in such style and all .. similarly Shams has a pea sized brain but even he stepped up to the plate when Zarina was being beaten up by her relatives … so if seen that way they all have their moments.. so lets just say that depending on what happens in which episode, all three of them could be on top with the other two down on the floor.. kiya khayal?

      I agree with you in that Zarina’s presence will open up Shagufta’s eyes in a way that nothing else could .. and I would actually love fpr both these women to gang up on Shams and set him straight!


      • @SZ: Yes yes yes! That’s exactly what’s so great about this serial. She is definitely not dudh ki dhuli with the checkered past that she has. But life has kicked her around after all she did. Now I totally hate heroines who are perfect but still get the rawest deal possible. But Shagufta here, she’s not a paragon of virtues, like you said. She has schemed and won but is also dealt a bad hand quite often and has suffered huge setbacks. Best thing about her is she doesn’t wallow in her griefs or pity herself. Ultimately, I think she’s a survivor and a winner. All her flaws and selfishness add to her character rather than take anything away from it. She’s so human. So she makes sense to me and engages all my sympathies.

        Now that’s something I did not picture, the rotation in the triangle-like thing. Acha khayal hai!

        Regarding Shams, maybe he did marry Zarina out of the little goodness that may have been there in his heart, but then he did leave her to her own devices quite soon. He didn’t really stand by his decision. As for Suleri, I’m more open to understanding him lol. Shagufta really couldn’t have managed to live like she does and be where she is if not for him. I have duly noted all you’ve said. All my focus has been on Shagufta and I have neglected these two. But I promise to look at both Shams and Suleri with a more understanding eye from now on. To not do that would surely be an injustice to the brilliant characters the writer has created for us.

        So this is what writing in a non-judgmental way is…hmm. I’m still learning!


        • @Nashra: Re: Shams abandoning Zarina after a momentary impulse of heroism – well, then doesn’t that make him perfect politician material?! 😜


          • @SZ: Hahahah it does! Chalo bhai, ismei ek cheez tou pakke politicians wali hai. Bas siyasat ke maidan mei aana he nahi horaha, warna wahan bhi kai aise jhanday garr chukay hotay Shams Suleri Sahab 😀


            • @SZ: Hahaha ye tou mere dimagh mein aya he nai. Leave it to you to find meaningful content in what is apparently nonsensical to everyone else 😀 How do you make these connections wo b itna tezz tezz!! I’m your fan! ^_^


      • @Nashra @SZ Re Shams ki redeeming qualities : Oho Shams also rescued all the girls on the bus lol.. Bus wohi khoobi tou le doobi Goshi ko lol…

        @SZ Acha last week I’d been meaning to mention tayees kangans. She thinks they are her duaa for her. I’d have thought it was the other way round.. It was the kangans that made him disappear the first time round.. they were the sign of her ill fate.. no?

        Oh btw also couldnt help noticing hareesa convo last week.. This time felt so much more contextual than the earlier shouting out aao hareesa kha lo for no reason or rhyme..


  3. Another great review SZ. I agree, bringing us back to Ilyas and Bhola was done beautifully.
    I continue to be engaged and entertained by this drama, and am very impressed by everyone involved, behind and in front of the camera. Kudos to the masterful writer/director team for telling the story beautifully, and keeping me guessing and coming back for more.

    Sulehri Saheb, Sulehri Saheb! Every time I think RS can’t get any better, he somehow manages to. And Holy Cigar Smokes! Did we actually catch a glimpse of sadness in SS’s eyes? Before that ‘pattA pattA bUTA bUTA…” line? He feels used and discarded. Wah! RS is brilliant portraying the complexity of this character.

    @Nashra. I love the image of Shagufta rising in triumph over Shams and SS. I’ve had a sneaky feeling we are going to see her emerge smarter than the two put together.

    HS’s scene where she disrobes her political image in front of the mirror was well done. Is she trying to find herself? The Shagufta of 17 years ago that she knows doesn’t exist anymore?

    Zarina feeding the crows…brilliant touch!

    Good acting all around. But for me, it’s RS all the way! You’re absolutely right SZ. Batti Saheb last year and Sulehri Saheb this year. It’s still only January, but I think RS has set the bar very high and is going to be a tough act to follow.


    • @JR: Indeed! Suleri Sahab is the man!! What a character and what an actor to play this character – brilliant!!

      Re: Shagufta looking in the mirror: I might be totally off and I would love to hear from others, but I think rather than wanting to find herself, for me it was more her removing the weight of the world from her shoulders … now with Shams back in the picture she no longer had to be the provider, the man of the house, it was now Shams’ job and she could start playing the wife she had always wanted to be, where she could just focus on her family. I thought she looked really weary in that scene and that long sight was to signify what she perceived was the end of her trials.

      And in that crow scene: the lines when the sister abuses her saying tumhare baap ka ghar hai.. were hilarious considering they are sisters… also I loved how with the crows and the OST they conveyed the fact that Zarina was still pining away for Shams.. thank god for intelligent story telling that we didn’t get to see a ten min scene of Zarina looking at the moon mouthing long monologues while crying her eyes out waiting for Shams. – loved that scene!


      • @JR @ SZ: i too so loved that jewellery taking off scene..first thing that came in my mind was that Shagufta is actually going to miss all the political work but then on second thoughts and watching it more keenly I could see the relieve in her eyes that she no longer has to bear all this and that k she will be woman with loving husband and happy family .. Rather time for her dreams to come true..

        Interesting how you all are talking about crow scene and its symbolism..which I sadly never get there.. But thanks to you ppl here.. Who explains such scenes with ease 🙂


      • @SZ. That scene is loaded SZ. Beshuk she is weary. I think she has kept the dream of Shams alive all along. I am not even sure she wants to focus on her family (ya ni ke Noori), as much as it is Shams and only Shams. So it would seem she is not interested in her own accomplishments as a politician because thus far she has been doing what these two men have wanted her to, Shams on one side and SS on the other. I think the bubble of Shams might burst when he brings Zarina into her life and home that she has struggled to make, keep and sustain all these years. Perhaps from this burst bubble we will see a new gritty, and let’s hope freaky awe inspiring Shagufta emerge. Or at the very least, her coming to her own as an accomplished woman, acknowledging, accepting and liking what she has achieved.

        PS: I think it might be a political baazi between Shams and Shagufta. Shams with Zarina on his arm – if the promo is an indication.


        • Oh I agree! It’s Shams all along for her and by family I meant him … Noori poor thing is just there. And def she was no ever into politics for politics sake, she did it inly because Shams asked her.
          I think Shans bringing Z home will be interesting and become a true test of character for her … And we’ll see how far can she bent before she snaps right back up.
          After so much discussion I can hardly wait for Tues! Yay for a drama that we all are really into!!


      • @SZ What a fab fab fab review!!! I have read it three times already! Love the kites analogy.

        Re Shagufta looking in the mirror: This was my fav scene of the episode. For me it was her foreseeing the future and gearing up for the life ahead. She is stripping off her politician’s avatar, but she’s weary of troubles ahead. She didn’t want to trouble an already disappointed and rather disturbed Shams by bringing up the finances and logistics, (after all she ‘understands’ her beloved) but she is well aware that with the decision to resign from the party and handing over the charge to her husband, she is also resigning from the heere moti ke haar and luxuries in her life… I found it interesting that she still had her blazer on.. it’s not all over yet..

        Crow scene was epic too.. Yes I found ‘tere baap’ ka reference hilarious too.. Goes to show how far gone she really is.. kuch yaad nahin..

        Loved RS. Every single scene, was amazing! How much was packed in his expressions after Shagfuta’s samjhna samjhana argument!

        Also amazing was AK skinning the apple.. Well he has more than one way to get back into the game.. He sure did get under my skin with ‘abb pata chale ga…’ .. Also couldn’t help but think how he had done the same to Shagufta..


    • @JR: Thanks 🙂 I hope your sneaky feeling comes true! As the preview for the next one shows her withdrawing her resignation…I’d say Shagufta 1, Shams 0 😉


  4. Jisse chaha jaata hai usse samjha jaata hai, samjhaya nahi..and after a pause of thinking it out, Sulehri says..’main samajhta hun’! Jeez! Possibly substituting himself somewhere between the lines there..


  5. @Sabreen.. I exactly thought the same thing while watching that scene and the look on Goshi’s face showed that he read between the lines but I don’t think she is that smart to get it.. But things are definitely getting interesting X times 🙂


    • I think she did understand something from his countenance..maybe that’s why she was shown somewhat thoughtful and said something like thoda ajeeb tou lagega..


  6. @SZ.. What a shandar,dhamakedar and mazedar review 🙂 makes drama even more worth watching

    I was totally amazed by this episode.. As things are coming out in open and i can’t really wait to see how these players play it now.. Suleri being the first one to say it on face of Shams… I had this kameeni si khushi seeing Shams like that.. Like seriously dude koi itna position ka andha ho sakta he.. RS has just aced it . The way he spoke siriaki and made shams wait… His body language, his demeanour were simply outclass… I loved that scene between Suleri and Shagufta where she comes to resign.. And he says me samajh gaya.. Whoop… That was exciting…

    Shagufta is literally trying to relive the old days which she always dreamed of, and during this she is so badly ignoring noori…only characrer i feel bad for.. Thanks goodness she has atleast roomi to listen to her … wonder roomi would actually do MA in Faarsi 😉

    Next episode is Shagufta’s turn to know the facts and finally Zareena will come into action.. All this while have been thinking her role was actually just this.. But Aamna Mufti have done wonders… Bringing zareena into form.. Cant wait to watch next episode..

    was good to see Illyas and Bhola and how they were making fun of goshi .. Chalo mazaq hie sahi atleast dukh aur sadme se tou


  7. Great review SZ. loved this ep…so perfect it was. And yes, Rehan Sheikh is a treat to watch- he was awesome in Sadqay Tumhare as well. Remember all the fabulous itching :)? But ofcourse he has so much more to do in this drama.
    The college that Noori is shown studying in is actually Lahore’s Alhamra Arts Council. The same place where most of our drama ‘n Literary festivals (and recently the Manto one) are held.


    • @Afia: thank you for telling about that college.. I really liked the garden area where they were siting.. Thats such a nice building.. No wonder drama n literary festivals are held there 🙂


    • @afia: Thanks for letting us all know abt the Alhamra Arts Council – I have not been there so couldn’t recognize it … chalo, now will put it down on my list of places to see on my next trip to Pakistan 🙂

      Rehan Sheikh is indeed fab! Yes, ST he was brill as well! It’s interesting that even though drama serials are sold and marketed on the basis of the lead pair and they do grab the headlines etc, it is actually the ‘character actors’ like Rehan Sheikh, Adnan Shah Tipu, Erfan Khoosat, Hina Bayat, Samiya Mumtaz, Simi Raheal, etc, to name just a few, that actually give a serial the necessary gravitas. Afsos, ke our media has still not matured enough to give these very fine actors their due respect and accolades 😦


  8. how powerful was that scene between Suleri and Goshi?

    btw it’s so incredible to see how a shrewd politician like goshi has become so dumb and robot-like infront of her idiotic husband. I do think she has regressed to the 22 year old person she was when she first fell in love with shams. People from your past have that affect on you when you first meet them after a long time. (that’s actually been brilliantly depicted by the writer). but that regression is usually temporary and wears off as you spend more time with them in the present. Hopefully the writer will show this transition as well.


    • @sonia: Interesting perspective ,, thanks for sharing… I would love to hear what others think, but for me Goshi was never shown as being interested in politics for politics’ sake, and I dont think we were ever shown an instance where we saw her as a shrewd politico .. to me it seemed more like she was in this only because Shams wanted her to, and because it provided a livelihood for her and Noori.. she could’ve said no to Suleri and continued working with the lawyer.. but I dont know if she could’ve lived as comfortable a life as she is now living, thanks to Suleri’s patronage (she told Shams that her pay as a councillor was not nearly enough to support her present lifestule and pay for Noori’s education).

      I didn;t get around to writing up the recent episode, but I do think the writer is showing a very nice arc for Goshi’s character, a refreshingly honest one, where its not just about her being a super woman, but rather showing her as a real person who makes mistakes and doesn’t often learn from them.. and this frailty I am really enjoying here .. Lets see what this latest episode has in store for us ..


  9. @ SZ … Your reviews are so addicting that it is impossible to do without them & they make the dramas worth watching or not watching…7
    اللہ کرے زورِ قلم اور زیادہ… Back to the 13 Th epi it was totally an amazing episode brought out black shades into daylight.
    RS’s acting is superub n flawless. Love all the scenes where Suleri sahib have interacted with Shagufta n Shams…

    You n all the friends have written so well on this episode that I have nothing to add to the tabsara…but just one small thing to mention,the dialogues are super, tricky, meaningful and spot on, just to mention the one that Suleri said to his worker” Khuda ne jab mujhe yahan zameen per bheja tha tu tag laga diya tha ” Non-reusable material” and then this شعر۔۔۔
    پتہ پتہ بوٹا بوٹا حال ہمارا جانے ہے
    جانے نا جانے گل ہی نا جانے باغ تو سارا جانے ہے
    Then again while Illyas n Bhoola were talking about Shagufta and Bhoola said باجی نے اسکا جو حشر کیا ہوگا وہ رشک سے تمہیں دیکھنے آیا ہوگا
    Khadim e adna ya khadim e aala
    Jee khadim tu khadim hota adna keya tu aala keya….. Khidmat ke liya oodhon ki keya zaroorat hey ….. Mein Shams ko chahti huon aur jissey chaha jata hey usey samjha jata hey samjhaya nhi jata etc. etc….

    As you mentioned Amma Mufti’s writing is like Umro Aayar ki zanbeel jis mein se her dafa herat angez cheez nikal aati hey… So far all the events were so un predictable …. This drama is directors, writers and actors playground, each one trying to tackle one another, the best of the show they can put out…can’t wait to watch the next episode…… Take care all the friends…,


    • @Shamim Hasan: Thank you! You are always so kind and generous with your words – truly appreciate it!

      Indeed, you are absolutely spot on .. Amna M’s lines are really worth savoring. Your comment also actually made think about how ppl tend to go gaga over Khalil-ur Rahman’s flowery lines, and of course his lines are lovely, but if I were to compare him to Amna and was asked to pick one over the other, I would go for Amna.. just because her writing is not merely pretty, but it has a lot of depth and nuance as well; she does not use ornate or complicated words to convey simple ideas, rather her skills lies in her usage of simple everyday language to convey very complex and thought provoking ideas, for instance that line you quoted about khadim khidma and uhdas … brilliant stuff ..

      Yes, precisely thats whats been so fabulous about Preet so far, that none of us can correctly predict what’s going to happen .. she’s managed to keep us all guessing .. and that’s really an accomplishment in this day and age where the entire story is clear ten mins into ep 1.

      Have you watched Ulloo Baraye Farokht Nahin? If you haven’t then I would highly recommend that.. its another vintage Amna script. I think you will really enjoy that one. It was also aired on HUM in 2013, but like this one that too didn’t really catch on and so she was diverted (and perhaps dictated) to write no brainers like Izterab and others, none of which I could sit through ..


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