Mann Mayal ~ Episode 1 Review


Written by Samira Fazal, directed by Haseeb Hasan and produced by Sana Shahnawaz, Tariq Shah, Samina Humayun, and Momina Duraid, the much anticipated Mann Mayal opened its account today.

We were introduced to the very spirited Manu and her indulgent loving family, chachi, cousins all included. Rabia, aka Bia, is Manu’s best friend and Salahuddin’s younger sister. Where Manu is easily excitable and lives in the moment, Salahuddin is mature, focused with clear career goals, and is prepping for his CSS exams. Thankfully Manu’s results’ never-ending issue was resolved within this episode and we ended with Salahuddin being appointed Manu’s tutor, and her family happily preparing for her rishta unbeknownst to her.

While most of what we saw today was fun and games, what intrigued me were the underlying hints of darkness lurking just below the surface. There is some issue with Manu’s cousin Sara baji’s impending talaq and I wonder what role, if any, will difference in social status play in Salahuddin and Manu’s budding relationship. Also, Salahuddin’s mother seems less than enamored with Manu.

For a first episode, Samira does well to get into the story right away; her characters, leads as well the supporting ones, are well etched out with their personalities coming through right from the get go. Even though we met a ton of people, their web of relationships was nicely laid out, kaun kis ka bhai aur kaun kis ki beti aur kaun kis ke humsaye, all were clear from the get go. Interactions between the characters were snappy and the lines were in everyday lingo, a welcome change from the flowery/ literary/bookish register our drama writers seem to be so fond of these days. Most importantly, two thumbs up for the fact that nobody shed a single tear in the first episode!

Direction wise, Haseeb Hasan does justice to Samira’s well-knit screenplay. The visual narrative played out very smoothly without any editing snafus. DOP Zaib Rao shows maturity here in terms of cinematography and lighting giving his frames a lot more depth as compared to his earlier work in Diyar-e Dil. The chase scene where Manu runs after Tipu, from her bedroom up to the roof then down the stairs and straight in to her father, was very nicely executed.

Like with Diyar-eDil, here too Haseeb has a lot of actors to work with, and he does this well here. Unlike his earlier project, I did not get the feeling of one actor or character being given preference over the other at the cost of the story, which thankfully remained front and center today. The chemistry between various actors was palpable right from the first scene. Also, the attention to detail from the creative department, papars drying on the rooftop, was noteworthy. My one complaint has to be about the over loud background music and the OST. Please lower the volume – thanks!

Though the episode was well-executed, I find myself un-excited about Mann Mayal. There was nothing really fresh or out-of-the-box about what we saw today. Infact there was a lingering feeling of deja vu throughout. Samira’s approach to the first episode and characters’ introduction was very reminiscent of her style in Dastaan. The number of times Manu said haye Allah reminded me so much of Bano, as did her lantern. The chatar patar bolti heroine is also something we are used to seeing in Samira’s dramas be it Dastaan or Kuch Pyar ka Pagalpan or Silvatein. 

Apart from the similarities in writing, visually too there were scenes that gave off very strong DastaanSadqey TumhareBin Roye,and Pyare Afzal vibes. I am hoping that with time, as the story unfolds, we will see a fresh take on a been-there-done-that subject.

In terms of acting, I liked the feel of the ensemble cast and enjoyed the familial interactions between the seniors. Aiman Khan was good as Bia. As for the lead pair, Maya Ali was good as Manu but here too there was the feeling of sameness. Also, as well as she played her part she looked too old to play a 17-18 year old. Hamza Ali Abbasi as Salahuddin makes for an interesting pairing with Maya, but like his partner, Hamza too looks way to old to be playing a 24/25 year old, and I am yet to be impressed by his take on Salahuddin.

Next episode marks the entry of Gohar Rasheed, and with Aisha Khan, Vasay Chaudhry and Adnan Siddiqui yet to enter the narrative I hope Mann Mayal will shake off the ghosts of serials past and forge a new identity for itself.

Overall, not sold as yet but hoping for better things from that which is yet to unfold.

Written by SZ~

Mann Mayal OST~ Singer Quratulain Baloch

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  1. Omggg


    JUS TOO GOOD MAN…the screenplay dialogues were the HERO today and sameera just pulled it

    I luved the characters. …all of them n the bonding they have …be it mannus parents n house or salahuddins parents n his sister

    The scenes and dialogues r so REAL CUTE FUNNY…not overdramatized…HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR THE WRITER FIRST …from the very first scene to the last scene I was hooked…didn’t feel like forwarding even a single part

    then comes the cast …EACH M EVERYONE IS jus PERFECT FOR THE ROLE…I luved the nok jhoks between mannu beya and salahuddin time and again …the mazaar scene was soo cute. …also the last scene hayeee …MAYA HAMZA CHEMISTRY IS UNBELIEVABLE. ..I m floored on the very first epi…osmaya has serious competition man…I hvnt seen Maya look so good with anyone else except osman but with HAMZA OMGGG…GOOD LORD …SANU all the way for me now

    And I luved Maya n her dad’s rappo and salahuddin and his dads rappo…both the dads r super cute

    Last but not the least DIRECTOR HASEEB HASAN HAS DONE AN AMAZING JOB…he has captured the essence of the small towns in a beautiful way by showing the havelis galiyaan mazar and the get up of the characters …plus the way the scenes has been shot is simple real get very beautiful n soothing to the eyes …hats off to him…he is really very talented ….after diyar e dil…this seems another gem from him…now i m even more excited for SANAM now

    The EDITING was crisp and the OST was played at perfect moments…I m already addicted to it…ufff



  2. Thanks SZ.
    Excellent review. My sentiments exactly.
    Although the 1st episode was fun to watch, I couldn’t help notice that some scenes were completely copied especially from Pyaray Afzal & to some extend Sadkay Tumharay & Aunn Zara.
    Only watching it for Hamza Ali Abbasi. I wish my parents had been broad minded enough to appoint such a good looking, young tutor when I was in school. I only got old uncles, always, sigh.


    • @Mona: Thanks for reading and commenting. Your comments are always so much fun to read.
      So true about uncle tutors, but LOL see what chichori harkats these younger tutors do.. quite disturbing actually!


  3. hey SZ. Spot on review as usual 🙂 And after reading it, I am REALLY GLAD I steered clear of both Pyaray Afzal and Sadqay Tumhare.

    Coming to the episode, well, I am actually pleasantly surprised that it was so fantastic. Loved it. I am a little wary though because Samira ji’s serials start on a great note and then go downhill very fast. But thankfully a lot of issues that were there in Diyar-e-Dil were absent from this first episode and I must commend the editing and the transition of scenes. After watching the botched-up editing job in the first episode (and very many episodes) of DeD, it is good to see that post production did not spoil Haseeb’s work this time.

    Coming to the characters, all seems good at this time. Agree with you about the age factor but it’s good to see that at least the age difference between Mannu and Salahuddin seems spot on. We’ve seen loads of very non-teenagers play teenagers in recent times (you know who I mean).

    And YES, thank GOD Mannu didn’t cry over the result. Honestly, I was like: Chalo jee yeh phir shuru hogai – but thankfully before the tap opened, Mannu Sahiba had locked herself in the room. I had my hand ready on the mute button just in case.

    All in all a good start. Aagay dekhtay hein kiya hota hai.

    On a similar yet unrelated note, did you catch the cast on JPJ? What the heck was that? Didn’t anybody tell the host that all the cast members have already described their character in detail in the BTS video which HUM has run a thousand times already? She asked them the same question and they gave the exact same answer. Man, I was so annoyed. And the way they all talked over each other… Ufff…


    • @DB: “I am a little wary though because Samira ji’s serials start on a great note and then go downhill very fast.” – This is so true! Pichli kai dafa se yehi ho raha hai. So, like you I’m dubious about this staying on track as well.


    • @DB: Dastaan tau dekha tha and also KPKP and Kiran the motor mouth therein.. bohot kuch same 2 same hai 😜

      Yes, I am totally with you on editing being SO much better than the choppiness we saw in DeD, glad that issue has been addressed here.

      After reading your comment I went and watched the JPJ show and promptly wished I hadnt bothered – wth was that??? Noor was so out of it and had no clue about any of the work any of these guys had done and its not just her, even her team was totally off .. the scriot she was reading from mentioned Gohar as being an actor from theater following in the footsteps of Nadia Afgan and Nadia Jamil.?!? The way she said it, it was if there had been nobody in between from as theater background – hello, OKB anyone?!? And then she said DeD was 2014 .. And then the questions, mitti pao on the questions related to the serial, she actually started off with strange unrelated questions … and then the serial related questions were also a huge mess .. this was really really terrible. If HUM, which has built its reputation on dramas, does not take its own dramas seriously enough to make the effort to promote them properly then whats the point of the whole exercise ..


      • @SZ
        Re Dastaan, well I had gotten Dastaan vibes from the promos only and what to say… the way this story is going to flow from here onwards is also reminiscent of Dastaan. Plenty of romantic scenes involving the leads; then they are separated, and then they reunite after many years. I am not raising my expectations very much in this department really – it’s clear the makers have gone for a tried and tested approach (and going by the ratings for the first episode, it has worked in their favour).

        RE JPJ..
        Haw if you hadn’t seen it, why did you watch it? Hehe, wasn’t my comment off putting enough? And seriously, don’t get me started on HUM TV’s miserable promotions of its own dramas. I do believe that all the promotions we have seen thus far for Mann Mayal are courtesy Sana Shahnawaz’s team warna agar sirf HUM TV aur MD par hota tou kabhi kuch naa kartay. All those videos giving best wishes to Sana S, the BTS photos, candid videos by the cast, photoshoots and all were probably initiated by Six Sigma and more than the drama itself, the success of the first episode is due mainly to this aggressive promotion.


        • @DB and @SZ.. LOL even i watched JPJ show for MM.. after reading DB’s comment.. And my goodness cant agree more with you both.. First i dont know why they always bring Noor as a alternative.. Us bandi ko koi idea nhn he drama industry ka.. She looks rather awkward.. Then those silly questions.. Agr mobile phone na hota, agr robot kaam karte, agr ap larki hote.. And then saying kuch interesting nhn horaha.. Tou behn jaise sawal honge, jawab bhi waise milange.. Uper se guests.. Hyper active.. This made me so remind of SeZ team coming on JPJ when FM used to host.. I still watch that particular episode.. Not that i was impressed by FM but SK, HB,MK and MM they all talked like mature people, vo tou khair drama bhi aisa tha k u have really lots of to ask and speak about.. But yahan tou aawae ka aawa bigra hua tha


        • @DB Aray yaar u didnt need to watch ST and PA to match the vibes.. If you caught the promos then that’s enough to join the dots.. eg in the ST promos, just recall the midnight adventure to the mazaar and the diyaas galore scenes and you would know what we are on about lol

          @SZ @Rehmat @DB
          Re JPJ : WTH was that! That anchor was useless. She was like the disinterested temp teacher who can’t be bothered with her class…she turns up unprepared and has no rapport , no control… Honestly it was absolutely pathetic! I’d be embarrassed to be a guest on a show like that.. You can’t blame the hyperactive guests.. It’s the anchors job to channel their energy and lead the show. I hear she’s a director – God help her! Can you imagine the chaos on her set and the end result!!!

          Re Hum promotions : I think presently they are probably the best of the lot in PK when it comes to promotions and marketing.. At the end of the day (rightly or wrongly) they know how to catch the audience.. Where they fall short is they don’t seem to have have any idea what their shows are about lol.. If it’s not mislead marketing then it’s idiocy like this…


  4. SZ,great review as always.
    Cute episode and you are right, no one cried , that’s a pleasant change .
    Looking forward to the next epi……


    • Hello, Deeba! Been a while! Where have you been ghaib? Ab no more disappearing and I hope you will continue with us on this thread.

      Yes, Amen to the fact that no crying so far. lets hope its kept to a minimum throughout.


  5. Thanks for the review SZ, enjoyed it. You’re right about the ST and PA hangover of sorts (n Dastaan) but starved for entertainment as I am, I’m surely gonna see this all the way through. Hoping this doesn’t go the “Shukk” way…phir mushkil hojaega!
    Loved the first ep. I didn’t feel HAA and MA’s ages were an issue for me here.
    Looking forward to more!


    • @Afia: Haina! “Starved” is the perfect word to describe how we’re all feeling these days 😦 Ab lets keep our fingers and toes crossed and hope for the best!


  6. Great review SZ… I agree with you even i didnt feel excitement for this first episode.. Infact at times i was left bit irritated with MA’s acting….biya ka bhai itna ghuse wala he n stuff.. This line was exactly How many times repeated.. I was like bus bhaye samajh me agaye baat.. Chor do peecha.. Rest everything was ok for me.. Manu and her interactions with those bhai-behn or with her father were quite nice. I am glad in second episode itself they brought other characters too..
    Regarding age: i felt Aiman Khan was more of her age as compare to MA.. Hopefully second episode brings much needed interest factor into it..


    • @Rehmat: Yes, I too felt the “results” issue was dragged forever and finally by the end of it, like her family even I couldn’t care less about it LOL!
      I agree Aiman and Maya do not look the same age but I’m hoping that the story will pick up soon and will have some depth to it. When that happens so many of these kinds of annoyances will hopefully cease to matter . Lets see aagey kiya hota hai …


      • @Rehmat @SZ

        I don’t know why I am getting the feeling that these scenes with the lead couple that have nothing to do with the story itself (going to the Mazar before the result et al) have been added to the original story and shot later – thus prolonging the issues. Maybe someone read all the complaining we did about little to no meaningful interaction between the leads in Diyar-e-Dil and decided to redeem Mann Mayal in this department. Agar aisa hai tou phir agli chand qiston main we will see plenty of issues dragged out (going by the preview, the next “issue” will be Mannu nay khaana nahi khaya). LOL!


        • @DB: hahah bilkul ho sakta hae and you have a very valid point here…and then i think why they need 24 episodes to get a drama completed but then ab tou 24 looks nothing as compare to DeD,PA 33 episodes.. I really hope they know how to balance out things :/


        • @DB you didnt watch ST but that ‘khana nahin khaya’ also reminded me of Khelu and his ‘bhook’… and there were two episodes and half dedicated to that alone!! lol.. dragging alert!!! lol
          You’re right, I felt that too.. Mazar scene was uncalled for (and btw why are these crazy heroines in our dramaland obsessed with visiting the mazars in the night – dorey dalne ke liye.. lol).. But I guess this time it worked as an individual episode, and despite it’s issues I thought overall it was a pleasantly surprising episode.. ie I wasn’t holding my breath for this one but I was surprised to find that I actually found it entertaining enough.. I remember I couldn’t get into DeD’s first ep and it had annoyed the hell out of me .. But yes, let’s hope and pray that these harbas not used as prolonging tactics..
          I also thought despite the age issues and all the rest, the chemistry in the lead couple was really good.. DeD mein tou thanks to kidnapping and gun-trotting there was no chance of developing any chemistry until the last episode lol.. Abb if we are getting a ‘romantic saga’ tou its acha hai we get the right chemistry shuru se so we get paisey wasool – unlike DeD..


  7. Spot on SZ! I liked the intro but had some issues with it too, like the ones you’ve hit on. The lantern and the mazaar scene reminded me of Sadqay Tumhare as well, and now that you’ve mentioned it, yep it is reminiscent of Daastan too. Also, the serial seems to be placed a decade or so ago, with the lantern and that dabba-like monitor lol. Who uses that these days? The ost is good but they definitely need to keep it down during the scenes! You know I never really picked on such issues before coming to read you..took these loud background scores as part & parcel of watching dramas – you’ve made me sit up and take notice of all the details I automatically glossed over 🙂

    The best thing about the show is that the OTTness is under control. As of now. Although I can easily imagine this veering off into melodrama as well… The actors are okay, don’t have problems with them. Yet. So overall, it’s too early to be decided on the show. I keep expecting it to bomb lol (for us here, that is 😉 )

    I do have a slightly..uh, uneasy feeling about the romance between these two. He’s so much more older than her, plus he’s her teacher now and to become romantically involved with your pupil.. It gives me such…uhh…unsavoury vibes. Like it’s abuse of a position of trust or something. Khair, maybe I’m jumping way ahead, before they’ve actually really shown anything definite. But these are my thoughts right now. I hope they handle it wisely and nicely though. Get him off the tutor’s position post haste, for example. Am I the only one left a little weirded out by this ‘little’ thing…?


    • @Nashra: LOL at your list of ‘little’ things – don’t worry you are not alone. I too have an equally long if not longer list of ‘little’ things that bugged me, but this being the first ep, I didn’t want to start off with negativity and see where we went with it before opening my notorious complaint register. But I do have to say that yes, I too was creeped out by the same issues and more.. but will hold off on the complaints for now.

      Re: the OST and bg music, The loudness really bothers me, and if you compare it to Preet or a Pehchan or Talkhiyan or even MNYH nowhere did the music really make its presence known it was there only you paid attention to it and that’s exactly what bg music is supposed to be, not this overloud intrusion. But then again as I said maybe its just my pet peeve.. Another review began by praising the bgs and OST volume so I guess its different strokes for diff folks 🙂

      Ab lets see how long we stick with this one. Its supposed to be 24 eps so you wanna hazard a guess as to how many episodes will we make it through here?


      • @SZ: Oh it’s great to know I’m not alone! Chalein phir aap wait kar k dekh lain. One can always hope for it to take a better direction. Waise if not for DRNR I’d feel so marginalized with the kind of opinions that I mostly have 😀

        I hold with your viewpoint. Emotions should be enacted by actors to evoke a certain feeling or response in the audience and the background music is supposed to add to that rather than, like you said, becoming the main focus and hence, a distraction from what’s going on. Here the over-loud scores hit you on the head – they don’t elicit a response but seem to force one on the audience. With the way most serials are, don’t you think they should call it ‘foreground music’ rather than ‘background music’ 😉

        It’s the case of ‘once bitten, twice shy’ lol. Since the drama doesn’t look like it would offer much food for thought, analysis or discussion, I don’t think it will make it too far. The writer practically revealed all that is going to happen in this interview I read, will post the link here. So, I think…it probably will end with fewer reviews than you wrote for DeD.


        • @Nashra @SZ Re creepy : yes there’s that and I did think abt that too… but I guess the guy was thrown into a situation where he didn’t want to be.. and towards the end I felt it’s her imposing herself on him.. I do hope the teacher – puplil thing stops jaldi se peshtar..
          I think the tutor issue is another trend these days.. I thought Farwa ki ABC was extremely creepy, and I havent watched the Ali Kazmi’s drama but I saw in the promo that he was supposed to be a tutor too..
          Totally random khayal, but this reminded me of Jal Pari and how they handled this situation in that drama..


          • @FA: It looked as if both of them were already interested in each other, what with the glances and the display of curiosity (she going on about him and he about her to Bia)…but this tuition thing thrown into the mix is what’s made it so weird -.-

            I haven’t watched the serials you’ve mentioned so can’t say about them. But if this tutor-pupil romantic pairing is becoming the new trend then it should be stopped at once. It’s so not done!


            • @Nashra @FA

              Student-teacher relationships (or student-tutors) for that one freak me out to no end. I remember being put off majorly by Uff Yeh Muhabbat for this very reason. Here, as you mention Nashra, it was already established that Mannu and Salahuddin had a crush on each other… I think this somehow made the storyline more digestable so to speak. Plus, unlike other dramas, at least I don’t have to spend too much time wondering yeh kiya aur kaisay hua (unlike Khoya Khoya Chaand in which I could not for the life of me understand what the guy played by Ahsan Khan saw in Ahmereen.)


  8. The production quality is VERY SLICK! I am hoping good things from Samira Fazal. I did not watch the last one with Adeel and Aisha that she had written – just not my cup of tea plus it went on forever!

    Maya needs to improve on emoting. Only Haissam has been able to get her to actually act non-superficially. I do wish she would take some acting lessons like Sheharyar Munawar did for HMJ 🙂 It helped his performance a lot and can help Maya too. I am tired of seeing her play similar roles over and over with zero depth to them. We are in short supply for good young actresses.

    Hamza knows his stuff. He was spot on playing the tutor/brother/lover. Looking forward to seeing how he evolves.
    My only big complaint with Haseeb’s plays is that everyone always has perfect hair, perfectly ironed clothes, perfect makeup and so on. That’s why I never could get into Bol Meri Machli. DeD was the same way – bores me to no end to see no imperfection. That’s going to be a hard pill to swallow during Mann Mayal too. Chalo dekhte hain what is in store for us. Abhi I’m on the fence.


    • @Annie: Hello hello! Chalo ji at least one good thing about this serial, it brought you out of hibernation – welcome back 🙂

      LOL! Its not just Haseeb, these days any HUM serial or for that matter from other good producers too all have the same veneer of perfection. No matter whether the woman has just been raped or given birth or complaining about her dreary hard life, or run away from her house, they always look perfect. Check out any Saba Q serial and she never has a hair out of place and her eye makeup is always on point. Aur tau aur even MJ’s latest, Mera Naam Yousuf Hai had all women, and men for that matter, all looked perfect and their houses always clean, no bijli ka masla, no makhis, no nothing…

      Re: Samira F;: Her Shuk was actually one of her better ones in recent times, at least till he 15/16 ep, then it went crazy .. but since then I haven’t been able to sit through even the first ep of her Chup Raho, Alvida or Aitraz .. so I’m kind of really wary now.

      Re: Maya A: I hear you, but I think we’ve seen so much of her in recent times that one does see some improvement. Her DeD was regression, but she did a decent job with MNYH, where it was evident that MJ had worked with her. Baqi, unlike you I actually thought HAA was quite one note LOL!

      So yeah, basically I too am not yet convinced and so will wait and see


    • @Annie @ SZ Did you notice the fairy lights on the chatt ? lol .. In the promos I had presumed ke koi shad vadi hogi,.. magar that seems to be the permanent feature on their rooftop..Abb aisa mahol ho ga tou no wonder bechara couldn’t concentrate on his work lol


  9. Though I enjoyed the cinematography I felt it was a little Sadqay-esque. That said, I love the good visual narratives that some of these directors use.
    I wasn’t that impressed with MA. Still, I am looking forward to this drama. Not just for HAA but also for GR. I loved his performance in Goya. That drama fizzled for me at some point and I stopped watching. I hope GR will shake things up a bit here as will other members of the cast.

    So I’m on board.


    • @JR: Sadqay-esque it was and also Dastaa-ish and Pyare afzal-ish all other period/nostalgia dramas that we’ve seen in the past couple of years . I kept thinking of bits and pieces of a whole bunch of serials and characters thrown in a jar, shaken really hard and then thrown out to create a new story. I agree with your point about the visuals and the ambiance but after a while I do need more, one if the big reasons why I stopped watching Sadqay. which was not getting anywhere fast., but I will stick wit this for a few weeks at least. LIke @Annie I too am not convinced as yet but lets see..

      And yes, Gohar R, I too am looking forward to his and Vasay Ch’s s entry.


      • @SZ the dawat prep & the kitchen also reminded me of Bin Roye and never ending eid preps.. so yes alot of bits and pcs.. they’ve taken nostalgia to another level…lol
        Aur there’s this never ending line of cast.. that scares me too..


  10. HELLO every one… This 1st episode of MM hasn’t excited me yet. bara masalon ki chat lagi mujhe tu….. I think I want survive more th 3 or 4 episodes. Maya Ali really need to take some acting classes, Humza Ali Abbasi looks quite old ( @ Mona he too looks like an uncle numa teacher) like SZ said lets not open our negativity khata as yet. I haven’t seen DeD, PA, ST or so kind of dramas, as others I am too staved for good entertainment, missing Bee Gul’s dramas, her effortless characterization n handling of seamless scripts, women centric plays with reality and the hypocrisy of society… Want to request these writers out there please come out of the fairytale wonderland, even the young adults r fad up of love stories…
    As Faiz A Faiz has said
    Aur bhi sukh hain zamaane mein muhabbat k seea
    Raahatein aur bhi hain vasl ki raahat ke sewa
    Ja ba ja bike hue kuocha o bazaar mein jism
    Laut jati hey udhar ko bhi nazar kya keeje
    Abhi dil kash hey terra Juan kya keeje
    Oopsi daisy I went off the track, let come back to routine dramas, hope this will turn out to be tv glue-ing n making a couch potato….. aur allti palti maring with plate n roti in hand watching without winking …. So long keep watching 👀


  11. Hellooo! Its been a while and a super long hiatus from dramas ( life got a little dramatic! ) but just dropping by to say hey and that I will a be avidly following your reviews on mann mayal. I actually came to see of you had reviewed Pakeezah episode 1 yet. Aamina Sheikh may just be the reason I start watching dramas again this year 🙂

    Hope all’s well at your end , lets try and keep in touch a bit better in 2016! Hugs xx


    • @Sabeen: Hellloooo back!! Belated New Year greetings to you and your family! So fab to hear from you 🙂 xx

      Arrey yaar, you should’ve picked a better serial to make your comeback .. I tried it out for about three couldn’t buy into it … I just can’t get over the basic premise of a 17/18 yr old girl creating so much drama about her undying love for this much older guy, and that too her tutor and that too in this day and age and in Hyderabad, which is really not this little hick town they are making it out to be .. I dk maybe its just me getting old or the fact that I work with kids that age and happen to know how immature these kids really are.. but something somewhere is really off here and I find it all a bit too unsavory for my liking 😦

      But again this is maybe just me, ’cause I know many who are enjoying it .. Are you enjoying this one?

      Pakeeza, I have watched, will hopefully have the review up for it tomorrow. Preet Na Kariyo Koi, is the one drama I am totally into these days, something really fresh and different.


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