Preet Na Kariyo Koi ~ Episode 12 Review


And this one keeps getting better and better!

For a girl that many among us had pegged as the chalu or the tez one, Shagufta Shehzadi is actually turning out to be the bholi-est of them all – the masoom Goshi that her father saw in her. She might have had the sharp tongue and the go-getter attitude, and might’ve used it to her advantage when it came to matters of the heart, but in matters of the world, even now, after all that she has seen and been through, she remains an absolute babe in the woods.

Not that she cannot see through the oily charms of her ‘mentor’ Suleri, but the extent of the darkness that surrounds his soul and the lengths to which he is willing to go, to win this game of chess, still escapes her. For her, everything, was and still is, all about being with her beloved, Shams. Even the daughter, whom she adores from the bottom of her heart, Noor is nowhere near the pedestal she’s put Shams on.

For Shams, on the other hand, Shagufta was always an interesting diversion never the main goal, which was to be a politician. That which had happened – trumped up charges, stretched out jail term, Suleri’s ‘inability’ to get him released – was all now water under the bridge, or so he thought as he walked out of jail. All those disquieting moments, those niggling thoughts of doubt and despair, all that he had managed to brush aside and kept firm his belief that Suleri was looking out for him, now re-surfaced. Was he miserable then when in jail or is he more pareshan now on the outside? Then it was easier to pretend otherwise, but with cold harsh reality staring him in the face it is impossible to rationalize otherwise.

For Suleri, Shams’ release has opened up a whole new can of worms. From the minute he realized Shagufta’s potential it was obvious that he’d lost all interest in her husband. Who cared if the guy ended up spending 5 years or 15 in jail – it was all irrelevant. He had what he wanted – a well-loved, popular candidate – everything else was immaterial. 15 years later, it did seem like Suleri had won the game he had set in motion all those years ago. Or had he?

Where the master manipulator went wrong was in his reading of Shagufta. Like many others, he too took her at face value, a woman who was in it to win it, the world be damned. Where he failed was in his inability to look beyond the facade of strength, too see the very scared girl who shed her tears in the dark, who only wanted to live a fairy tale life with her husband. All this, the glamor and power of politics, was never her cup of tea, it was her husband’s. And, that’s exactly what she told Suleri. It is a whole other matter that Suleri has never had anybody say NO to him. That he is cold and manipulative we already know, but the depths to which he will sink to achieve his goal is something we will have to wait to see. Or perhaps not. Shams has always been a loose cannon, perhaps his ego will unknowingly do the dirty deed for Suleri ... dekhtey hain.

So busy are these three – Suleri, Shams and Shagufta – figuring out their next moves on the chessboard of life, that the fact that a new pawn has entered the game seems to have not really registered. Noor, Shams and Shagufta’s daughter, grew up in the shadow of all this game-playing, with an absentee father and a mother who was never really emotionally available. That Shagufta loves her daughter has never been in question, but there has also never been a doubt that Noor was always second in her mother’s life, which always revolved around Shams. Case in point, when Shams went missing. So far Noor has been content with her life, dealing with the cards she was dealt, but what about from hereon forward? What role is Rumi going to play in this emotionally troubled girl’s life?

If all this wasn’t complicated enough, we have Shams’ bhai, bhabhi and pehli biwi still very much in the picture. Will the pehli biwi be used as a handy dandy masseuse to massage her husband’s hurt mardana ego? If so, I can’t even begin to imagine how this infidelity will break Shagufta’s back; will it push her back into Suleri’s corner? Love how this gaon track has been skilfully woven in, keeping us guessing as to the utility of these three characters to the overall story. And speaking of characters, I missed Ilyas, Maryam, Bhola and chachi. At one point I did wonder if Roomi was Ilyas and Maryam’s son; guess that’s yet another mystery waiting to unfold.

All in all this was another action packed episode with a fluid narrative. I am enjoying the way Amna has knit this very complicated story, with clearly etched out character that have their own distinctive place in the narrative. Rehan Sheikh is fabulous as Suleri, and Hira Salman again nailed it as Shagufta. Noor Khan is very aptly cast as the young Noor, and for once we have an actor who looks and acts the age of the character she is essaying. Her camaraderie with the actor playing Roomi came off as very natural and effortless.

I deliberately left Ahsan Khan for the last, because I wanted to emphasize what a pleasure it is to see Ahsan the actor make his comeback with a bang in this serial. In the past few years, since Bilqees Kaur, I think, I have only seen Ahsan play one unidimensional lover/hero after another, to the extent that it is all now a big blur. Here, Ahsan is in his element as Shams; every nuance of this very interesting character, every thought in that pea-sized brain of his has been essayed to perfection. Kudos to director Ehteshamuddin for getting such commendable performance from his actors.

While narrative wise everything is going great, I will say that I am very disappointed that given how tech savvy this production company is otherwise, MD Productions has not yet bothered to invest in proper makeup to show aging. Like we saw earlier in Diyar-e Dil, here too there is a circa PTV’s simplistic reliance on [50 shades of] grey streaks in hair and ugly, unflattering black glasses to denote aging, all the while the actors’ skin remains perfectly unlined. I hope somebody reading this will get to task and update MD’s makeup department to meet the demands of TV production in the 21st century.

That said, with tension continuing to build up, Preet Na Kariyo Koi has me hooked and I am eagerly looking forward to the next episode – what about you all?

Written by SZ~

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  1. SZ, loved the episode and your review brought out so many things that were simmering below the surface, really enjoyed it! I haven’t managed to catch up on all the old episodes, but I couldn’t wait to jump in right into this one lol!

    Your reference to a game of chess is so apt, and it is to the writer and director’s credit that we (at least I) don’t yet know who’s the pawn and who’s the queen. I for one thought that Shagufta will change and overtake Suleri, but I have read her wrong. Will she end up losing it all? When the penny drops and she realises that all she has been working for (Shams love) doesn’t even exist, what will be her reaction? Fight or flight? Will we see a new Shagufta emerge or will she buckle? Hira Salman is doing an excellent job and keeping me intrigued about this character.

    Ahsan Khan has got a role he can really get into after a long time. I thought he was very good in MeJ and Marasim, but this one is right up there.

    Rehan Sheikh is just perfect as the oily Suleri. Tells you hope important the golden triangle of writer, director and actor is, to bring out an interesting character on screen.

    All in all, this is keeping me intrigued and looking forward to the next week!


    • @VZ: so glad that you caught up with the episode..totally agree with you., all actors have done such fantastic job.. True i too liked AK in MeJ so much.. He has really shined here.. Looking forward for more


      • Rehmat, I just couldn’t wait lol. I wasn’t getting lots of time to watch all of the old episodes and didn’t want to miss out.

        So far everything’s coming together in this play. Let’s hope they keep it up… Are you planning to watch Mann Maayal?


        • @VZ: so true hope they really keep up with this pace and interest level..itne arse baad koi drama dekh ke khushi mili he 😉
          Yaarr ummmm not so sure.. Promos so make me remind of DeD.. All those romantic scenes and banter between hero and heroine..instead making me wary of MM… So right now not interested but then you never know LOL.. Possibility is i might watch i saw anyone of you watching and praising it 😉


          • Rehmat, I am completely put off by the DeD vibes I am getting from MM. Also, Samira Fazal’s writing is something not many directors can do justice to, case in point Alvida – if I looked beyond how nice SJ-IA looked on screen, the story was handled very strangely… But loved MJ’s take on Vasl. So I am not keen on this latest offering…


            • @All: So, since the question of Mann Mayal has been brought up and none of us seem too keen, at least I know Im not holing my breath for this one, here’s my question: Do we discuss it here, on the blog, or not? I know most will watch, at least the first few eps, so should I plan on reviewing the first ep?


            • @VZ.. Oh yes Cant agree more with SF’s writings and only specific directors can handle.. MJ take on Vasl or even for that matter i think Silvatein too was handled well as compare to Alvida..

              @SZ.. I think we should discuss it.. Good or bad lol.. About reviewing.. If I come out from greed to read your reviews then would say its fine, upto you BUT since i love ur reviews so will say Yes please 😉


            • @VZ re DeD vibes : did u see the latest BTS promo?.. this might as well be called DeD 2..
              @SZ I mentioned this on the other post, I feel after all the hype there will be alot of ppl gong gaga over it.. but that makes it all the more important to have a voice of reason who can see beyond the glam and pretty frames and say things as they r.. Surely most of us will be watching the first few eps. I think we will need a space to get our bharas out on the great thesis on life and DeD wali vibes.. lol .. Then again you never know we might just fall in love with the double sawari wala romance, lol..


            • @SZ: I think most of us will watch the first few episodes at least, if for nothing else than to confirm our suspicions lol. I’d say review episode # 1, yes. As for the following episodes, review them only If you decide they’re worth it.
              Like @FA said we do need you to be the voice of reason – but even if you don’t post separate reviews for that serial we can still have discussions on some other thread, no? Like we did for DeD.


    • @Rehmat awww Thanks! That’s what I love about this space.. discussing everything to our hearts content and this serial is giving us plenty of talking points. It’s been ages since we discussed a drama with some depth and intellect.. nahin?!


      • @FA: haww i replied you on your comment below.. Wonder where it went .. Nevermind .. Lol

        Absolutely yaar.. Depth and intellect.. Two things that have became rare now a days in dramas.. Drama makers are really making it sure that we dont use our brains…bhale se zang lag jaye.. But this one is coming across as real deal.. Hoping it continues to be same like this till end..


    • @VZ Glad to see u on board! Good thinking.. First few eps initially felt a bit loud and out of this universe, but looking back at them now they do make more sense. Time miley tou u can check them out. Real story started kicked in with Suleri Sahab’s entry, so long as ur following his masterclass in manipulation and politics, then ur on course 🙂
      Pawn and the queen : SO true.. that’s what I’m loving about this… Kuch pata nahin kab kon kia ho jae.. but it all makes perfect sense, not character flip flopping left right and centre like some our recent masterpcs.
      Bass abb no ghaib-ing.. love reading ur insights and character sketches. 🙂


      • Awww, FA, I missed this too, just was getting bogged down at work and the weeks were slipping by, so I decided to jump in.

        Loved your take on this episode, very very artistic! It’s amazing when a play doesn’t insult our intelligence and give us layers… Yes, oily Suleri is one of the main attractions 😀 And it’s great to see the actors just shining, grabbing the chance with both hands to show us what they can bring out of the characters. You can almost feel it. Just so thankful we got this, hopefully it stays on track.


    • @VZ: Yayyy!!!! I’m so glad you hopped on board and gladder yet that you are enjoying this one. I know you weren’t that keen on it initially, so I was wondering about your response and had my/your raincoat handy in case you came back with tamatars and anday! 😉

      No, you are not the only one.. I dont think any of us have any clues as to where this one is going! I don’t know where you picked up from, but the first few eps gave us a very different vibe about Shagufta and then we saw her after marriage then during Shams’ incarceration and now this whole other woman… this is really really good story telling and more so because its happening in a time when the urge is to either drag the story forever or to tell all in the very first ep or even before that, in the promos.

      Also, isn’t Hira doing such a fab job? I had zero expectations of her but kudos to Ehtesham for extracting such a mature performance from her. I didn’t care for her OTTness in the first few eps, but now that she’s settled in, I’m enjoyed her control over her expressions and the attention to body language etc.

      Have you watched Bilqees Kaur? I really enjoyed that one and Ahsan was really good there. Marasim I thought he was good, but overall it was more of the same old.


      • SZ, hahaha, no need for any raincoats! I watched until episode 3 and Shagufta did have a different personality, taking people’s affections for granted, a bit spoilt? But life has not been easy for her, and now her fairy tale prince is going to bring it crashing down.

        Re: Mann Maayal, why don’t you watch and see if it’s worth reviewing? I am a bit reluctant to egg you on for a review because it does take time and effort – not sure if it will be the masterpiece they are touting it to be. If it’s appealing to you, then I’ll join you on the bandwagon 🙂


      • Sorry SZ, just realised I didn’t reply to some of your points:

        I haven’t watched Bilqees Kaur. Will watch it.

        Hira has definitely made the role her own. Very different performance to what I was expecting… Well done.


  2. How do your write such perfect reviews 🙂 ?
    You’ve said it all, so no need to repeat all of the above. Kudos to all for such a perfect package. AK – loved the close shot of his face as/after he writes his name with an MNA added.
    Most chilling scene was when Suleri Saab mutters under his breath “pick karlo jab tak karsakti ho”. Brrr. Be careful Shugufata.


    • @afia: Aww! Thank you!
      Agree, the visual narration has been dond really well and I an loving how the actors have been provided so much of a margin to perform and we aren’t being bored with long never ending lectures and monologues.
      Haina! I too am really concerned fir Shagufta now and do wonder what’s going around in Suleri;s head .. looking fwd to next week!


  3. Absolute sheer Brilliance!!! Kudos to Amna Mufti for such a well knit story, and a plot that keeps us guessing! And kudos to Ehtashamuddin for such an delightful and intelligent onscreen portrayal! Pace is perfect – So much has happened in 12 eps, it’s pretty amazing to see that these days!
    @SZ really enjoyed reading the in-depth review!
    A Chess game : a basaat, That’s exactly what I thought of it while watching! Piyaada has turned into a wazir, protecting her own king who is in check.. but for but how long will she last on the board after she’s challenged the opponent king..
    Each scene was a delight to watch. loved the Shams Sayal making his mark on the wall scene… marking the end of an era .. and setting his goal for a new one, by adding ‘M.N.A’ right at the top, .. All that his ‘pea sized brain’ can focus on..
    AK is a delight to watch. Like you said, every nuance of this very interesting character was played to perfection!
    My fav scence had to be the deer hunt! How cleverly executed was that! So perfectly positioned was Suleri’s shadow in the scene that it makes you think if he is indeed a prey or a hunter.. The idea that he’s playing with his lunch and letting her run before he goes for the kill was made that much more chilling with the visuals!
    The scene where Shagufta is just as alone in the bed with Shams was another one that spoke volumes. The longing, the distance, their ‘mehvars’.. She was looking at him while he was looking in the air, focussed on his dreams.. How tired, frail and miskeen she seemed while she was still curling up to her pillow… and later her reasoning/explanation that he’s been living in a ‘mardana mahol’ for far too long… Yes she is indeed her dad’s masoom Goshi..
    I also think Roomi might be Ilyas’s & Maryam’s son.. And I wondered what’s Bhola upto these days?..

    Yes the aging was terrible. The first wife in gaon had burgundy/red hair with white streaks.. That made me laugh.. Everyone has had a dusting of safaidi but the Aaya baji hadn’t aged a bit! – not a single grey hair in sight!

    Can’t wait for the next ep!


    • @FA: ahh your comments are such treat to read 🙂 thank you so much for explaining that deer hunt frame with that Suleri scene.. I actually focused on that frame because it gave such an artistic feel with scene aligning with the frame, much like giving the hint what he meant but since couldn’t get what was in that frame so couldn’t connect the dots either.. You explained it beautifully and it makes so much sense infact much more interesting.. And the other scene too between S n S.. Very well put 🙂


      • @FA: absolutely yaar.. Depth and intellect two things that require our brains to be used.. Nahin tou jo ajkal coming on tv, it’s pretty much like they want zang lagjaye humare dimagon ko… So yes Preet is gaining great points in making our brain cells in use …


    • @FA: Love how this serial is making us all look beyond the obvious and asking us to use our brains, rather than handing it all out on a silver platter. Yes, those scenes were fab, loved reading your detailed take! Like I said above, I love how the director has added a whole other layer of visual meaning to the narrative. This is really intelligent direction, the kind where it is not just about making pretty frames and capturing beautiful locations, but actually engaging with the script and using visuals to add depth and meaning.

      And on makeup, did you notice everybody got grey, well ok not Aya Baji, but Suleri only got more stylized with a lighter brown rinse in his hair.. I wondered if it was delibderate, given that the rich are more likely to get their hair dyed etc ..

      As for Roomi, if I am not mistaken didnt he mention something about his mother being a teacher? If so, then did Maryam start working?


  4. Read your review first then watched the episode…and no it didn’t spoil the fun infact this made me read your review twice… As always you have written perfectly awesome…with right justice to the episode..

    This drama has indeed managed to grip the interest level so high.. Its so fun to keep guessing what will happen next and who will outplay whom.. Right now Suleri sahab is having a great time riding and being so tactically manipulative to Shagufta and Shams but it will be more amazing to see when he will be out and open..which seems like in precap.. Both Shagufta and Shams really need to come out from their lala land to see what’s actually happening to give check n mate or it will be Suleri who will be winner all the way with these emotionally blind people..

    Noor and Roomi scenes were really nice..I thought at one time that he could be Ilyas and Maryam’s son but then he said meri ami lecturer hain.. Now it could be maryam completed her studies and became lecturer 😀

    Oh and my goodness when Zareena was all like boorhi ghori laal lagaam.. I thought she married to Mushtaq 😂 And i was like no like seriously.. Because The way he was laal tapkaeing when she came in room.. It so looked like that but then she said bhai.. N i was like rehmat u idiot 😂 @SZ i agree with you each n every word in review but this makeup thing u just nailed it… Like who gets old like mushtaq and zarena and her sister..n ofcourse like ghoshi with such a clear skin and as @ FA said Aaya baji waise ki waisi jawan.. Haalat he..

    All Up and excited for next episode


    • @Rehmat: Do you think Shams and Goshi will ever get on the same page and gang up on Suleri? I know she would like nothing more than to give a seedha jawab to Suleri but is quiet on account of Shams, and Shams sahab has his own issues and so their getting together on the same page is not likely at this moment. But can you imagine what a moment it would make if they both walked in together and sunao-ed khari khari to Suleri sahab… While I was watching the episode yesterday I kept thinking ke Suleri is powerful no doubt, but a lot of his power also derives from what other people hand to him on a silver platter .. like Shams and Goshi and how they’ve played into his hands each time just because they really believed he could turn things around for them… I think Amna gives a lot to think with each passing episode, and it is so hard to box his drama into one genre because much like in real life there is a bit of everything thrown in here ..

      Re: Makeup: The jump in time was perfectly done, but that makeup! Uff! Al I kept thinking was DeD, and then only kept noticing the how the streaks and their placements kept changing from scene to scene – really distracting!


      • @SZ: from this point this seems quite impossible for Shams n Goshi to team up… But i m keen to know what would be that hard rock that will hit either on them… Ya again it will be a lesson learned from shams n goshi at the end…
        True Aamna really gives so much to think on.. A brilliant writer must say…


  5. @SZ……..Loved your review & the epi. The plot is getting brilliantly unpredictable with each epi. I love the pace @ how fast it is moving so much has happened in these epis…. But I am not liking the way Shagufta shazadi is turning into thori bechari I want her to play the chess game with Sulehri & turn the” beest” on him 😀 She need to call check on ” badshahgar “with her husband being a peyada….. Hats off to the director, so perfectly playing with the camera n shadow combination….. The shadow of a deer n hunter overlapping each other gives a chilled vibe as to his embitious nature, to hunt masoom loog…. The track of her daughter n her boyfriend is same old like college affair thingy…. like her mother n father were where the chirippy mother is replaced by Roomi….not impressed by their track so far, may Roomi be Ilyas’s son or not…. but sure I miss Ilyas n Bhoola want to see more of them…..
    Hum tv wants all the ratings but are real stingy on spending some more bucks on the looks of characters especially the make-ups, they want their channel be the best than they need to I nvest in a good makeup artist who can change the look of artist with the aging process they have one” kuchi”( the painter’ brush) and they paint all characters the same… As FA said the gaon ki biwi had burgundy hairs with white streaks😁 Aaya biji k tu kapre bhi nhi badle 15 sal mein….. Want to see Sulher n Shagufta in more silvered hair n some egg white wash on their faces to show some wrinkles and bronzer on all aging ladies(in my humble opinion)
    Sorry I am getting too critical but loving this serial and can’t wait for the next one…


    • @ SZ…..How is bilizard Storm up there in the north….. We are waiting in here for tomorrow’s showdown with some real torturous snowfall and wind chill….. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and you stay safe up there….😊
      @ VZ ….. @FA …,,@Reheat and all others on board love ur comments and brilliant discussions keep it up Allah kre zoor e qalam aur zayada, enjoy & keep updates going….. Chaoo


      • @Shamim hasan: Thanks for checking in .. we dodged the bullet this time around and got away with only 3-4 inches. I hear people in your neck of the woods got clobbered though. How are you guys doing? Bijli paani situation all good?


  6. @SZ and all. Great review SZ and great conversation by all.

    This episode was absolutely riveting! I can’t remember when last I was so totally glued to an episode of a drama.
    Like SH I too was disappointed at Shagufta’s turn. But the unpredictability of this show has me guessing.

    The visual narrative is fabulous! The deer/hunter was obvious of course. But what about that scene when Mushtaq is sitting all in white and Zarina walks in. Whoa! Adnan Shah was more brilliant than the white he was clothed in. They are toying with us; is it the Director, the writer or the cinematographer?

    Shams has returned a broken man in more ways than one. That limp! Haay haay! But I am enjoying AK for the first time. He is doing a great job of portraying that Shams appears more caged on the loose than he was behind bars.

    Last but not least, I am so intrigued by the dangerously enigmatic Sulehri Saheb! RS is SMOKIN! I cannot imagine this show without him.

    Can’t wait for the next episode.


  7. Just watching an interview of Sultana Siddiqui on Jago Pakistan Jago. She speaks so sensibly, but why doesn’t it translate into sensible shows on her very own channel? It’s really sad that women who are in a position to change things, are themselves leading the pack with the kind of entertainment we are getting to watch these days…


  8. @SZ: Just watched this episode..really liked it!! Now I want to catch up with the previous episodes, to get to know the characters and their development. The one thing that impressed me was the visuals – the deer hunt painting (foreshadowing?) that people have interpreted meaningfully above. Quite a novelty for us viewers. Now I get what you said in one of the earlier reviews about the visuals in this play enhancing rather than detracting from the story telling.

    I don’t get why both Shams and Shagufta are shown to be so gullible though. Suleri may be a master manipulator but Shams is a jailbird with many years of chakki peesna under his belt and Goshi has been actively into politics for a long time now. Shams is very deluded and Goshi appears naive for a politician. Surely they don’t expect things to go back to what they were more than a decade ago? In all this, Suleri comes out as the most rational and sensible person lol.

    Other than that, this episode looked like a turning point in the story line, with Shams’ release, Shagufta’s emotional vulnerability as well as the new entry in their daughter’s life. Tumultuous times ahead? Of course, since I haven’t watched the serial before but have read the reviews, this seems like one of the many turning points in the lives of these characters. Also, I don’t know why but Shams limping in the outside world reminded me of this character in The Shawshank Redemption who, fresh out of prison after many many years, struggles to catch up with the external world but couldn’t and commits suicide. Now this unpleasant bitter Shams having what seems like a huge sense of entitlement has to be the least likely candidate for suicide – he more likely will make Shagufta commit careericide – so I don’t know why Shams made me recall that character. Anyhow, I should end my rambling comment now, but yeah, It’s so good to be back! 😀


    • Nashra, SZ, sorry to jump in…

      The point about Shagufta and Shams being gullible is a valid one, but I think it can be explained. In politics there are many low/entry level party workers who will be ready to do anything for the party higher-ups. In some cases, they don’t even care about their family, not even their lives. It’s a kind of blind following, where the party worker places utter faith in the leader and it’s not unheard of. I would put Shams in this category.

      Coming to Shagufta, she is almost in a trance it seems, the only thing that’s driving her is her blind mohabbat for Shams. Even her daughter of just vaguely registering on her mind, so I am not sure she is really thinking about the politics that’s unraveling around her – that’s how I read it… I’d love to see what happens when she starts joining the dots…


      • Heyyy @VZ: Don’t be sorry! I love your comments and interpretations 🙂

        I get what you said about Shams but I just watched a couple of past episodes that show something else. At that point, he is in jail, not yet convicted of murder, and Shagufta is making ends meet as well as trying to get him out, working two jobs. One is with Suleri – small time party chores, she says. She, however, isn’t much of a fan of Suleri. He gives her bad vibes and more importantly, she thinks he’s trying to sideline Shams. So she wants to quit but Shams expressly forbids her to do that. His ‘hukum’ for her is to keep the job and do what Suleri says. Now this doesn’t stem from any selfless devotion to Suleri – it is purely selfish. According to Shams, Suleri is a ‘kingmaker’, so Shagufta is to stay with him so Shams could benefit when he comes out of the jail. Little does he know that he won’t for years. All in all, Shams is a self-centered fool. Suleri, on the other hand, is every bit as politically astute as he seems. He knows Shams for the liability that he is and is happy to let him rot in jail. In the meanwhile, he intends to polish the gem that he has stumbled upon in the form of Shagufta.

        As for Shagufta, I totally agree with what you’ve said. She’s absolutely blindly in love with Shams. Such total adoration and unquestioning devotion! I don’t know what she sees in him. She has made something of herself, a feat I think Shams wouldn’t have achieved in a lifetime, even if he hadn’t gone to jail. But I fear he’s going to prove to be her Achilles’ heel. I really hope not. I’m liking this Shagufta Shehzadi, she’s quite a force! The most wonderful female lead in forever! 😀


    • @Nashra: Yay!!! So glad to have you on board as well – ab tau maza aa raha hai in reading through all the various POVs and so fun to see how everybody is reading something sligtly diff and finding new things in each ep. But alas! As you all know, any serial we all like is sure to disappear from the TRP charts, which in turn means that that particular genre will not be shown on TV again, for a while at least. This is what happened with Jalpari, Bilqees Kaur, Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahin, Talkhiyan, Pehchan etc.

      This fear of having meaningful content disappear from our screens is why I keep oushing everybody to watch and comment and spread the word, because if we aren’t gonna do it then who will? The awaam s way too busy watching romances and tear sagas :/


  9. @SZ. I can’t believe that PREET is not in the top ten. But let me pass on, I was just skimming through youtube looking for some after dinner R&R and I came across an episode of “Abro” and where a couple of characters where watching PREET! The scene was an early episode where Shagufta goes after what she wants i.e. Shams. And the dialogue had to do with girls being besharam etc.Kind of interesting. One show watching another and commenting on it. A new level of intertextuality in the realm of dramas. I’d love to have your take on it SZ. Wonder what the writers were thinking? Criticism? A form of flattery? Creating a straw man?


    • Having seen such situations before I would say that characters were watching preet because it is also a hum drama and probably the one that editors had on hand.. They usually patch the clips in later, and these are always of their own dramas and an episode that has already aired. That said, I love your interpretation and would like to believe that someone actually put that much thought into it .. But nahin, we’re not there yet – one day hopefully!


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