Preet Na Kariyo Koi ~ Episode 7 Review


Is haftey ki taza khabar yeh ke Goshi bibi has entered into a pact with the devil. Suleri sahab, with his urbane mannerisms and quiet calm, may not look like the devil incarnate but that’s exactly what he is. After all it takes a lot of gumption to play the kinds of games he’s playing with Goshi and Shams’ life: first ordering Shams to leave Goshi behind and go hide in the gaon, then pretending that he had no clue of Shams’ whereabouts. Later in the gaon he played more of his games, but dekh lein kiya confidence, kiya stylejhoot bola tau is tarah seena thonk ke, ke agla banda ghaur-o fikar mein hi par jaye. For now Shams and Goshi are none the wiser, magar Suleri sahab kab tak khair manayenge, kabhi na kabhi tau his time of reckoning will come, and koi tau in ka khaata check karega aakhir. Needless to say Rehan Sheikh is excellent as the nefarious Suleri.

As to who will ask Suleri sahab the tough questions, lets just say that there are a few possibilities but un sab me kam az kam Shams tau shaamil nahin. Intelligently written by Amna Mufti, ostensibly Shams is a perfect example of the Alpha male so celebrated in our patriarchal setup, but look closely and apne hero sahab is actually pretty dumb, a weak man who is a follower rather than a pack leader. This man may act all macho with a lot of swagger and style in the moment but check in later and there is no follow through.

I’m sure nobody’s forgotten the josh and taqreers which preceded his marriage to Zarina. Later, Goshi pulled a fast one on him, and rather than standing his ground he gave in and married her. Jab Suleri sahab asked him to go hide in the gaon he complied without sparing a thought for his new bride. Had he stayed in the gaon he would’ve had no great difficulty in begining a new life with Zarina. When Suleri sent a letter to his brother on his behalf, Shams didn’t even bat an eyelid, ke bhai mujh se poocha tau hota. He was visibly discomfited when Goshi informed him that she had thrown out Zarina, but majal hai ke bhai ne munh se kuch kaha ho. Later when Goshi wound him up, sahab chal paray foran bhai ko sabaq sikhane. And now he’s in jail. Nope, don’t think Shams is gonna be connecting any dots anytime soon.

Goshi bibi, on the other hand, is the perfect shaitan ki chaili. She might have wanted a man to protect and value her, and so far thinks she has found that man in Shams, but give it a bit of time and I am almost positive that Goshi will see that she had been looking at the picture upside down. Rather than Shams looking out for her, its been her protecting him through her lies and half truths, seeing qualities in him which were never really there.

Now with Shams in the slammer, Goshi running around trying to find a way to save her nikama husband. Had it been her instead of him, I’m sure Suleri sahab’s farman would’ve been the final word on the subject. But then that’s the difference between Shams and Goshi. Suleri sahab is gradually coming to recognize that Goshi may be a woman, but the weaker sex she is definitely not – yeh aurat tau mardon se kahin aagey hai. And Suleri is nobody’s fool, he knows he’s reeled in a big one… now looking forward to the eventual showdown between the two. This role reversal,  Shams and Goshi, is so fabulously executed by Amna and Ehteshamuddin. Ahsan Khan and Hira Salman are doing a great job essaying these complex characters.

Adding a fourth angle to this Suleri-Shams-Goshi triangle is the man Goshi snarkily dismisses as woh dukandar,  but as events have unfolded we have seen this woh dukandar evolving into quite the man, not the Alpha kind, but solid and dependable, the kind of man who looks after his loved ones quietly, without indulging in rhetoric and sho -sha. Ab ya tau Goshi ki bad luck kharab thi ya Maryam ki luck was working overtime, but Ilyas is proving himself to be a man with intriguing depths. The maturity with which he handled the disclosure of Shams’ nefarious activities was truly heartwarming, as was the way he consoled the distraught Bhola after Fayaz sahab’s death. Again, brilliantly written and underlining that old saying: All that glitters is not gold. Men like Shams might look glamorous from afar, but when it comes to important matters, choosing a life partner for instance, then hands down Ilyas wins the entire kit and kaboodle.

After all that went down this week, I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see a new Ilyas emerge after this episode. There is now a lot of hisaab kitaab he needs to settle – not just with Goshi but with Shams and Suleri sahab as well by extension. And when the khaata is opened sab se peley there will be an accounting for who is responsible for Fayaz sahab’s death. It is interesting to see how Fayaz’s death is contrasted against the crime that took place in the village. While Shams is rightfully paying the price for his misdeeds, shouldn’t Goshi be held equally responsible for killing her father? I wish that in due course Ilyas comes to see Goshi for the person she really is, rather than who he imagines her to be. Hasan Noman is acing it as Ilyas.

For a serial that keeps getting better with every episode this was one heck of an installment. So far we’ve seen a lot of unexpected twists, but nothing has come close to matching the impact of Fayaz sahab’s death. Seven episodes and a relatively minor role, the lead’s abba, nothing that would be a cause for excitement, but leave it to a powerhouse of an actor like Erfan Khoosat to turn in a performance of the kind that will stay with the audiences for a while, even in this day and age- simply brilliant stuff! I don’t know about you all but I know I will certainly miss Fayaz sahab, RIP.

Among the other actors, Adnan Shah Tipu leaves quite an impression, Farhana Maqsood on the other hand not so much, although to be fair, it’s the OTT makeup that’s the real culprit here. Saman Ansari is doing well as Zarina. I do hope, though, that Zarina gets a bit more to do other than being the designated bechari of the serial. And speaking of becharis, a huge round of applause for our not so bechari Maryam, loved the restraint she showed when Goshi was on her bakwasing binge. Maryam doesn’t do much, but Mira makes her count.

So yes, Preet Na Kariyo Koi is definitely must watch TV these days. Aagay ka tau pata nahin but so far I’m thoroughly enjoying this one!

Written by SZ~

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  1. I must say that you can see and bring out points that I completely missed watching this show earlier, but after seeing this episode and then reading your review it looks like I real good drama.


    • @saidarathor: Thank you for reading and for being open to another way of approaching and understanding the story. This, for me, is the real value of such forums where we read each other’s perspectives and appreciate how all of us can view the same story is so many different ways and that there is no right or wrong opinion, its just that our interpretations are different … that said, do share what you are liking or even not liking here… I would love to read your take 🙂

      For me, this is a change from the usual stories that you can predict from the get go and so I am enjoying the unexpected twists and the depth these characters have…


  2. Amazing analysis and review SZ. Honestly I didn’t have high expectations from this drama or from Hira but I have been pleasantly surprised. This play is getting better and better with each passing week.

    I will also miss Fiaz Sahab, our senior actors are powerhouses of performance, be that Agha Jaan of DED or Fiaz Sahab in PNKK. The role might be big or small, they make their presence felt.

    I have a feeling Goshi will be the one jo Sulehri Sahab ko takkar day ge, not right now but in the long run. Zamanay Ki thokrain kha k, sub kuch akailay saih k, waqt k saath Gooshi will become wiser .


    • @kiranpdp: Thank you 🙂 Its great to have you on board for this serial.

      You are so right.. even I had zero expectations from Hira, and infact her OTTness got to me in the first couple of episodes, but thank god for the senior actors and Hasan Noman that I stuck around, and ab to bari jaandaar ho gayi hai story.. and yes, like you I too think that though Suleri sahab is re-evaluating his earlier estimation of Goshi he still has no clue what she’s all about .. but the beauty here is that Gishi herself has no idea of how much she is capable of … and I think if this serial stays the course then we are in for quite a journey of self-realization with Goshi..

      Yes, Fayaz sb was the soul of the serial and now with him gone and Goshi having made her deal with the devil it does seem like we are in for a story that will seem like its lost its moral compass for a bit. This situation then sets up, I think, a perfect scenario for Ilyas and Maryam to come into their own as counterparts for Goshi’s amorality.

      And, Erfan Khoosat was fab fab fab!


  3. Thanks SZ, for pointing to Ilyas as the 4th dimension to the story; tell tale signs were there but I missed the connection. As you said the drama is getting exciting by the week and your reviews are acting as a touchstone,


    • @TSBindra: Thank you 🙂 Indeed, the serial is getting more a more intriguing with every episode and I am really enjoying the unpredictability factor and the fact that these characters actually have proper arcs makes for a fun watch. Lets hope and pray the serial doesn’t derail.. its been a while since I’ve been able to review a serial from begining to end – fingers crossed for this one!


  4. Wah wah love it… Your reviews are just class… As mentioned by @saidarathor, @kiranpdp, @TSBindra you cover such hidden aspects amazingly.. Aur ye koi aj ki baat tou he nahin.. This is part of your skill 🙂

    Coming to episode.. Ufff mere khudaya hain kya he Suleri sahab.. Kisi ko kacha chaba jaayain aur dakaar (eww) bhi na lain… A great puppeteer who effotlessly make his puppets move according to his wishes.. Villain ho tou aisa ho.. Rehan Sheikh is just fabulous as Suleri.. I am so waiting who will step up to confront him..

    And humare Shams and Goshi both are blindly playing ghar ghar..sab lag pata jayega..and iski shuruaat bhi ho chuki.. And how i so wantd to give a tight slap to goshi.. Aisa dil karaha tha na k kya bataun.. How can bhi one sooo rude to this one kind of loveable and adorable abaa… Fayyaz Sahab your death broke my heart seriously.. @SZ i am totally with you on that ,this character has indeed leave great impact.. Kudos to Erfan Khoosat.. He was just classic… no words to say what he just did to Fayaz Sahab.. Simply flawless.. Will defenitely mis him.. And this also made me remind his role in ST.. That sweet tangay wala.. How awesome he was there too.. Waqai actors like him are academy itself..

    Preet is really getting interesting by each passing week.. I am also looking forward to leap and tab ki kahani.. And haan are there any chances Zarena can stop being mazloom dukhiyari… 😉


    • @Rehmat: Shukriya ji … I can only be as good as the serial I am reviewing, ab agar kuch hoga nahin kehney ko tau banda kiya kahey, so yes, I am thrilled to have gotten something to finally write about …
      Great point about Goshi and Shams playing ghar ghar, and to me it was a great insight into Goshi’s immaturity and her complete oblivion … no clue about the gravity of her situation, she was just happy tat she was with the man she had desired and now gotten .. by comparison, Shams came across as a bit more mature, in that he was worrying abou aagey kiya hoga, but then like a child he was easily behla-oed by Goshi and her “romance”…
      Now that the situation has changed considerably and seems like Goshi will start to see Shams as a the weak-willed man that he is, it will be interesting to see how the dynamic shift between the pair ..


  5. Having my reservations on this episode, I wasn’t much impressed by Goshi n Shams or his brother n sister-law this week…. They were just OK…. The way Goshi treated her beloved Aba je and Ilyas shows her badfitrt so when she acted as zalim souken with Zarina was not a surprise….. I wish they could have shown more of Fayaz sahib. Irfan Khoosat is not seen on tv as often as he should be, a rare n exclusive actor…. His presence kept each actor on their toes , paars ki terha hain ye log jis se chuu jein soona ban Jata hey….
    And then there comes our Sulehri sahib, what a double bluff player he is???? He is a parasite looking out to prey on and use ppl for his badshah giri and what better shikar would be than Goshi the great n Shams the fool….. Lutf aae ga jab Goshi bibi apney panje nikale gi bili ki terha and Sulehri sahib bhi sheer ki terha dao peech laraengay….. Lagta he In the end dangal tu Goshi aur Sulheri sahib mein hi hona hey…. Rehan Sheikh is a fabulous actor…. His body language is superb….. Waiting anxiously to see more of character unfolding…. And you know what happened just now, I was watch the Beauty pageant of Miss Universe when Steve Harvey made the biggest mistake in pageant history as he announced the wrong winner’s name. The winner was announced miss Colombia but in a minute it was not her the winner. Miss Philippines actually won…. Very embarrassing situation…..
    Taj 👑 ek sar dusre sar kese muntaqil hota hey aaj demonstration dekhi..,, just wanted to share cuz I am still under the influence of it ….. Khuda Hafiz….


    • @Shamim Hasan: I am with you in that the village track has been the weakest, most predictable track of the story so far. Lets hope that it doesn’t end up dragging the whole story down.

      Yes, Suleri sb is an amazing character and Rehan Sheikh is doing just an amazing job with it .. I love the studied underplayed calm with which he plays this villain.. and honestly this serial is an amazing tribute to our seasoned actors, and given that we dont have many formal acting schools I really hope our younger actors are taking notes from these institutions of acting …

      Haha! Thanks for sharing thus bit about the Miss Universe competition .. I didnt watch it so enjoyed reading this tidbit 🙂 And yes, that little insight you added .. bohot gehra tabsara kiya hai aap ne, will stay with me for a while .. thank you!


  6. I almost didn’t see his drama because I found everyone so melodramatic in the first episode . I actually stop watching it right about the time uncle ji decided do do a Dhamal and shout ” duniyaan walo meri beti ka wayya ho ga” ( when he emotionally blackmails goshi into agreeing to being illyas’s wife). Kher with nothing else to watch, I came back to this. This has turned out to be the biggest surprise this season. The female lead is nothing like the roti dhoti annoying women who have been gracing our screens this year. Girlfriend is fierce! She may be harsh and disrespectful to her dad but don’t forget all that emotional blackmailing. Maybe that’s what eventually desi women have to resort to when their parents insist on clutching heir hearts every 5 minutes . Unfortunately for goshi, uncle ji’s latest episode actually took his life but kudos to her for standing her ground and doing whatever she could to break free of family’s emotional shackles. Admitadly for the wrong man but she will still be happier with this criminal than living as a repressed wife to cousin illyas. And with the latest episode, I can’t praise her enough for recognizing that she still had no future in her cousins home ( now as a divorced pitiworthy cousin who killed her dad). She’s a fighter and will find her own and I’d like to see her at the other side of her struggle as a victor without needing a man to be in be driving seat.


  7. SZ, sorry for my long absence. It’s been manic at work, I am travelling on almost a fortnightly basis, covering for colleagues on leave etc. Cost cutting is at an all time high at the university, so if anyone goes on leave, the rest of us are covering without any additional help, so I am just getting no time to come here and say anything sensible lol.

    You are definitely enjoying the play, and your writing reflects that 🙂 thoroughly enjoyed reading your “accounts, balance sheets” references! This is one accounts report that’s not putting me to sleep, warna accounts books are the perfect cure for insomnia!

    This play is turning out to be quite the drama equivalent of a page-turner. Goshi will go far in politics. There is something cold and chilling about her. The play manages to mock at various clichés whether gender-based or social class-based (Maryam vs Goshi). Much better experience than the dreaded DeD.

    Watching with trepidation…


    • @VZ: Aww! No worries at all yaar .. considerig how often I am AWOL I can hardly say anything to any one else, so its all good 🙂 But it is good to know that it was work that was keeping you occupied, and not ill health or any other such stuff.

      Yes, Preet is one I am enjoying quite a bit, and I do hope that you will catch up soon and join us … both you and @FA add so much color that its been kind of quiet around here withuot you guys .. bas ab come back soon!

      Oh and you have add in your two cents in the goodbye 2015 post .. I know you have a lot to say and I for one am definitely looking forward to reading what you say 🙂


  8. @SZ. Great review! Goshi goes after she wants…including throwing Zarina out. Wow!
    Sulehri Saheb is chilling and I’m still waiting to see AST’s character raise some fireworks.


    • @JR: Sorry for being MIA, and not posting the latest reviews, will have the latest ones up next week. Yes! Suleri sahab is a creep with a C!! And AST is gradually coming into his own .. I have a few thoughts on why I find these two Siyal brothers so interesting — will share in my next review.

      And yes. GeR is a weird one …


  9. Happy new year to all the friends on this page, we have become a one big family n I wish we all stay together in 2016 too….
    @ SZ Allah kere zoor e qalm aur zayada….. Wish you happy new year n best of all that you wish for…..
    Haven’t seen ur review on 18th epiof. the 9th has also been gone on air….


    • @Shamim: A very very happy new year to you and your loved ones as well! Thank you!! Please always keep us all in your prayers — aajkal dua hi sab se ziyada zaroori hai…

      Sorry for being MIA .. have been busy with family visiting from abroad, will have 3-fer Preet review up next wek, IA. Really appreciate how all of you are so very patient with me – thank you!

      Ab will be looking fwd to your thoughts on the new year post … also, if you get a chance do check out my Friday Times post, which is up this week.


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