Preet Na Kariyo Koi ~ Episode 6 Review


Shadi tau ho gayi, just as she willed it, magar afsos! Goshi bibi’s khushi didn’t last too long. Not even a day had 12356047_10154383642328662_1453704333_opassed before she was back at her father’s house, in her darkened bedroom, in a prison of her own making, not quite able to look her family in the eye. On his end, Shams, her barely chaubees ghante purana shohar, wasn’t exactly jumping for joy either. Back in Gujranwala, where life is already pretty complicated for him, Shams’ surreptitious return has stirred the pot in more ways than one.

Were there to be such a contest, there is no doubt in my mind that Goshi and Shams would be crowned the uncontested winners of the Rab Ne Bana Di Jori award, living as they both do in their narrowly circumscribed 12351911_10154383642548662_1328421083_ome myself and I world, where egos reign supreme and it is only winning that matters. Both are clueless, willfully so, of who they hurt in the process; Goshi has broken her father’s maan and Shams has shattered poor Zarina’s heart to smithereens. But who cares. They both think only in terms of winning and losing and so far both see themselves as coming out ahead. But …

Temporary triumphs and short term successes might lead them to think of themselves as winners, but the fact of the matter is that Goshi and Shams are both being manipulated, and very skillfully at that, by the kingmaker Suleri 12359251_10154383641803662_622333220_osahab. Like an expert puppeteer he knows exactly which string to pull and when to let go. Suleri is not in this for the short haul. He is a man who invests and bets on the future and for him they are probably just two of the many horses he’s betting on … who knows when which might come in handy. For now, he’s content to let the younger pair’s story play out, adjusting only a bit here and tightening a tad there.

Given how immature she is and how sheltered a life she’d led before she walked into college, Goshi is 12351818_10154383641668662_1594624725_ounderstandably smitten by the shiny glitz of the outside world. Enter Shams and Suleri. So dazzled is she by their superficial glitter- Shams’ street smarts and his purported protective nature and Suleri’s charm and urbane sophistication – that her own more humble family seems to not be worthy of her any more. A keeper like Ilyas is easily dumped, the loving chachi unceremoniously pushed aside, and her sadqay wari going father’s affections easily toyed with – all so that Goshi can marry Shams. Even now, with the truth out, she tries to  convince herself otherwise.

Waisey can’t really blame Goshi. Clearly she and her family share the same DNA. No matter how many times she pulls the wool over their eyes, ghoom phir ke they come back and convince themselves of Goshi’s innocence. 12364069_10154383642398662_194276697_oBrilliantly underscored here is the point that no matter how wrong Goshi might be she still always ends on the right side of her family. In Maryam’s case its the exact opposite. No matter how tameezdar and farmanbardar she might be, for her saas she remains the kothay tapni, a girl with questionable morals.

But then even if her mother-in-law is not as yet on her side, Maryam has found an ally in Ilyas, and after Goshi’s shaadi mishap even Fayaz sahab seems to not be quite as upset with her. While Maryam and Ilyas might not have thought they’d get married under such circumstances, it is interesting to see how much of a quiet anchor Maryam’s become for the household. Chachi leans on her for support without realizing it and Ilyas has a newfound air of confidence about him. The way he confronted Goshi the day after and defended Maryam made for quite a contrast from the days of yore. Similarly the way he delivered the new of Shams’ second marriage highlighted his newfound maturity.

12351778_10154383642288662_1002084344_oSix episodes in, much like my other favorite Amna Mufti serial Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahin, Preet Na Kariyo Koi too is turning out to be quite the socio-political thriller, kuch hatke, something deliciously different from wohi ghissi pitti stories. Even as routine cliches- doosri biwi , never-fails-to-work-its-magic pehli nazar ka ‘ishq ,and de rigueur bachpan ki mangni with a conveniently available first cousin – find their way into the narrative, they all have been skillfully reworked and woven into a whole new context with such finesse that the same old same old looks fresh and new.

It is to the director Ehtesham and his actors’ credit for making the story come alive, all characters so real and relatable. Ahsan Khan and Hira have author backed roles and they do them complete justice. Ahsan impresses as 12364244_10154383642063662_928367256_othe anti-hero Shams and Hira gives Goshi the necessary depth.

The real strength of Preet, howeverlies in the cast of characters that surround Shams and Goshi. Hasan Noman is fabulous as Ilyas. His character graph is beautifully drawn and even though we’re only six episodes in we’ve seen this character exhibit so many nuances; the speech impediment, in particular, has been really well done. I love the meticulous attention payed to softening the hard R’s and hardening the soft ones, and so far don’t think I’ve seen a goof up.

Maryam, Ilyas’ better half, barely has a scene or two but even in those Mira Sethi leaves an impact; her body language makes words superfluous. I hope we get to see more of her in weeks to come. Rehan Sheikh is another one we haven’t seen much of, but his one scene today was enough to give me the heebie-jeebies. His is a character that leaves an impact without needing long lines or stretched out scenes; that cigar, the slicked back hair, the ringed fingers, all convey so much and more.

12359515_10154383642138662_1190860027_oAbove and beyond all though, Preet is a must watch primarily because of Erfan sahab. His take on Fayaz is so so brilliant. I so wish our younger actors would record this performance and take notes on how to make each and every gesture count, and realize that acting has nothing to do with wearing designer clothes, sporting perfectly styled beards and oversprayed hair, and displaying bulging muscles… acting is about expression and emotion. I could go on about each and every scene of his but suffice it to say such a performance deserves all accolades possible.

While all these people in the city have made an impression, the gaon track is yet to take off. But now with him 12343464_10154383642203662_1264373511_othere, it seems like focus will shift, at least partly, to Shams’ side of the family. I felt for poor Zarina as she got all decked up only to get ruthlessly fired by Shams and probably has another firing in store from her sister. As for the sister and her husband, I am eager to see what transpires when they meet Hurricane Goshi.

Its been a while since I’ve enjoyed a serial as I am Preet Na Kariyo Koi. I have no clue if it will hold out all the way, but for now I’m glad that after a long time we have here a project that brings to mind the good dramas of yore, where the producer, writer and director all were on the same page, where stories had reason and rationale, and when actors knew how to act. So bas ab here’s to hoping and praying this one stays the course!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Excellently written SZ, enjoyed that. This show is not only great to watch but moves pretty quick too. The next week’s promo promises it’ll be action packed.
    Kudos to the whole team!!


    • @Afia: Thank you – this one is so fun to watch and so no surprise that my enjoyment gets translated into my writing as well 🙂 Im really liking how its entertaining yet meaningful. And yes! dhamekedar preview indeed … yeh bibi Goshi to bilul andhi toofan ki tarha hain!


    • Interesting! I was actually thinking it was good ke they didnt spell out everything for us and just mentioned it. because to my mind it allowed the viewers to imagine that encounter as they wanted… I guess thus gives us an idea as to how difficult a job these guys must have when they decide what and how much to show since audience choices are so varied…


  2. Yaar your reviews are such a treat to read.. Maza aajata he seriously.. N so agree on each and everything with what you said…

    Preet is indeed going very interesting week after week, i really wonder how far can Goshi and Shams in being so selfish and doing every possible bit to achieve they want.. Wow maan.. Like the way Goshi was talking to her father on wedding day was so cruel but thats the way she is.. I love how they showed her sitting in all dark showcasing thats what she have choosen for herself.. Truely she and Shams are made for each other… He is one handsome gunda,..haha.. How effortlessly he went and got those karaas… Bus me 10 minute mein aaya… Look at confidence lol… N the reasoning was even more amazing.. Jo khyal nhn karsakte unko rakhne bhi nhn chahiyae…

    Rehan Sheikh’s Suleri Sahab is one character to look forward to.. Botal me band jin the way he said it.. Loved it.. He gives such canny vibes.. And equally looking forward to next week when Goshi meets shams again n be her meanyself in throwing out zarmeena..

    Illyas and Maryam i am so liking them together.. Waqai abit love and importance can make person like Ilyas so confident, but above them all is Erfan Khoosat’s portrayal of Fayyaz.. My goodness he is such a legend.. When chachi ji said kahen baij tou nh dya.. And the reaction he gives.. Ahh im sold out.. That was so brilliant and natural.. His scenes are no doubt the best ones… Just loveeee them..


    • @Rehmat: Thank you! Glad you’r enjoying my writing … as I wrote in the review ke its been a while since Ive really gotten into a serial and so I guess that shows .. and also this one actually gives me something to write, other than a long list of complaints about stagnant narratives, regression galore, OTT melodrama and whatnot ..

      Excellent point about Shams being the handsome gunda.. this is so true, ke un like what we usually get on TV, in real life the good guys are more like Ilyas and the bad boys are Shams types and so Im liking that here ke how we are being shown how a naive idealistic girl is swept away by superficial glamor and the hero type larka is her choice over the seedha sadha cousin .. I know I should feel bad for her given how shes behaved with her family, but really lagta hai ke ab us ke saath kafi kuch bura honay wala hai .. 😦

      Ab bas lets hope this drama continues at this pace #fingersandtoescrossed!


  3. Aary wah!!! Want a review, loved it… “Keya moti bekhere hain aur keya tashbiat dien haen…. Jeo SZ…” “chaubees ghante purana shohar” haha
    “Zarina being fired by the hubby” nice replacement for “dor ho meri nazroon se….”On serious notes the drama is flowing well, all credits to the director n writer being able to play the cords harmoniously. Irfan Khusat sahib’s flowless acting his twink of eye, trembling of his lips n snapping of his finger on his knee the whole body language of bebas baap…. No wonder Sarmad has such acting skills, Apple does not fall far from the tree…. Rehan Sheikh the legendary actor has yet to open his account in forth coming episodes but what ever “note uss ne dekhae hain enough to prove his wealth of acting….. Keeping my fingers crossed that the drama doesn’t get derailed n hope to see it till the end…..waiting for next one…..


    • @Shamim Hasan: Nawazish.. thank you for liking the reviews .. jaisa drama hoga review bhi waisa hi hoga and since drama kuch hatke hai tau revie ka style bhi thora kuch alag sa hai 🙂 No but seriously, my writing only reflects what I see unfold on screen and agar kuch ho hi nahin raha hoga tau likhoongi kiya 😦

      I’m so glad (and relieved ) ke aap ne yeh drama meri recommendation par dekha and are enjoying it .. warna mujhe dar tha ke aap dande maarney yahan aa jayengi 😉 No, but seriously, this one is shaping up to be quite a different kind of a story where it is difficult to predict whats going to happen next.. for instance I honestly didnt expect Shams to reject Zarina .. whether its because of some sense of fidelity to Goshi I dont know, but I was surprised.. warna hamare aajkal ke TV shohar tau are expert in stringing along both their biwis .. so yeah its going well so far but woh jo kehtey hain na ke doodh ka jala chhachh bhi phoonk phoonk ke peeta hai so I guess we are all also treading warily here .. the big test will come around the halfway mark, eps 12-15, where most HUM TV dramas fall apart… so lets see…

      And yes, absolutely! Erfan sahab is such a delight… that scene in the begining where he takes off his topi as a gesture of conceding defeat was so so brilliant .. without saying a word he conveyed so much. Looking forward to seeing what all’s in store for us next week!


      • Yes true ke drama ab tak kuch hatke hey tu apni bat cheet bhi zara hatke hogi…. I want come to you to dande maarne but sure I want to meet you defiantly when ever possible…,.


        • @Shamim: Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of meeting quite a few friends from here and its always been a ton of fun. So yeah, IA, we too will meet one of these days … and aap tau itni door bhi nahin hain 🙂


  4. I’m enjoying Preet and your review has multiplied my enjoyment. What a fabulous style and what a smooth flow of words? Simply brilliant!

    I look forward to the clash between the trio, Gosha, Shams & Suleri, The journey should be interesting irrespective of the winner, if at all.


    • @TSBindra: Hello, good to hear from you … glad you too are enjoying this one 🙂
      Yes, it sure does promise to be an interesting journey with these three guys .. and I think much like real life there will be no winners and losers ..this one, for me, is going to be a story of the journey not the destination, and who gets there first ..ab lets wait and see what happens.

      I hope you will be joining us here as we continue our conversations about Preet…


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