Preet Na Kariyo Koi ~ Episode 5 Review


Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When we first practice to deceive.

Walter Scott may never have met Shagufta Shehzadi but he sure knew her kind, inside out. For now Goshi is sitting pretty, thinking she’s hit the jackpot by getting her way with Shams, but little does she know that she’s way out of her league here. Shams may look and talk and act like her khwabon ka shehzada, magar bibi shayad bhool gayi hain ke khwab tau band ankhon se raat ke andheron mein dekhe jatey hain, jo subah hote hi sooraj ki pehli kiran ke saath hawa ho jatey hain.

Real life is so much more complicated and human beings that much more so; it is not just about hearts and roses and knights in shining armors but about dealing with complex personalities. Shagufta might’ve gotten away with pushing Shams around in college, meddling and messing with Ilyas and Maryam’s life, to say nothing of humiliating the pair publicly, and running rings around her ailing father and sadqay wari going chachi, but in involving Suleri sahab to get Shams to propose to her she’s definitely bitten off more than she can chew. Just this one move might’ve sealed Shagufta’s fate forever. And all this to what end? Who is this guy?

Shams Siyal, the reluctant recipient of her affections, is clearly not the man Goshi thinks he is, and to be fair to him he’s never encouraged her, infact tried his best to explain his situation… magar afsos, bibi ne kab kis ki baat suni aur mani hai. Not that Shams is a bechara beeba in need of our sympathy. He might’ve been forced into walking out of his valimey ki dawat to send his rishta for Goshi, magar lets not forget that Shams is not an Ilyas who will give in easily.

When it comes to playing games, Shams sahab tau Goshi ke bhi ustad hain. The ease with which lies roll off his tongue – him telling his friends about this being the love match of the year, or him smooth talking the aunty into taking his proposal, or with Goshi’s father – indicate a man skilled at playing games. A few stray words here and there give an insight into how this man’s mind works, and I tell you those brief glimpses are enough to give me the chills. Goshi kidhar phans gayeen tum?! This is nothing like playing siyasat siyasat in your gali muhalla…this is the big leagues… with real politicians!

What makes Preet interesting is that its not just the main leads who get to do all the fun stuff. Goshi and Shams might think they are the hero and heroine of this story, but look at the bigger picture and it turns out they are no more than mere pawns in the shatranj ki baazi that Suleri sahab is playing. Udhar Shams’ bhai and bhabhi have their own little funda going with Gujranwala’s home grown version of meri behen meri naukrani, and then there is ghar ghar ki kahani going on with chachi and Maryam essaying the lead roles as the sari hui saas and the bolti band bahu.

On Maryam, while she is bolti band for now, I do wonder how long she will put up with chaachi ji’s taunts. I hope with time this character will realize its potential and we get to see Maryam do more than roll her eyes. It would be fabulous if we could see Goshi and Maryam evolve parallel to each other so that we can get a fuller critique of how our society defines and measures sharafat.

Writer Amna Mufti’s not-as-simple-as-it-looks script is brought to life beautifully by director Ehteshamuddin who does a fab job underscoring the nuances of all characters. The editing was nuch better in this episode and the DoP has done a fab job with his camera angles and lighting. Of the actors, Ahsan Khan is brilliant. Forget about his recent run of mediocrity,  here his talent and versatility are on full display as he becomes Shams Siyal. From the on-point accent to the mannerisms and body language to the appropriate clothes, he is the perfect rough around the edges, chaudhry siyastdan.

With her  chulbula phase done with, sans the OTT-ness, Hira is growing on me as Goshi. Her scenes with senior actors, Erfan Khoosat and Rehan Sheikh, show the hard work put in by the director and his actor. Rehan Sheikh, and Adnan Shah Tipu were fabulous in their little cameos. Eagerly awaiting to see more of them. Hasan Noman didn’t have much to do today but from the promo it seems like we are in for a ton of fireworks next week. Mira Sethi was fun to watch in that one scene and that Shagufta baji diss was hilarious! I really hope we get to see more of Hira and Mira together. I haven’t seen the girl playing Saima before, but I would like to see more of her, with less makeup please. Same goes Zarina as well. And saving the best for the last – please give it up for Erfan Khoosat. He is superb!

So yes, am definitely on the Preet bandwagon. What about you all?

Written by SZ~

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  1. @SZ A a perfect quote to set off a spot on review!
    I’m actually really enjoying this one and this ep was particularly engaging! It was interesting to see the siyasat – aik seir tou doosra sava seir.. both being played by someone else..
    Re Shagufta Shazzaddi ke khabbon ka shazadda , Haina! AK is absolutely fabulous! Yes accent is there and its spot on.. shukr hai no aate jaate accents here! and they are consistent with most of the characters so it work well overall.
    MS and her one ”Kashmiri” Chai scene with Shagufta Baji ka tarka was fab! I liked her nai naweli dulhan persona but I really hope we get to see more than Mariam’s struggle to win over her susral ka dil. It would be a shame to see her spunk disappear with handi choolha and saas ke taane..
    The gaon part I’m still not too keen on at the moment and the whole meri behen meri nokrani type dirty politics not my thing but hopefully it will tie into the main story well later on.. IDK theres something about the setting there that doesn’t quite match with the overall feel of the play or perhaps its the only total bechari mazloom aurat that turns me off..
    btw lol @ Sadqay wari chachi! reminded me of ST.. Infact oddly this play does remind me of ST quite a bit and I can’t help but comparing the two.
    Re girl playing Saima : She was in Muqaddas and Mol. Did u notice Zarminey in some soap on Hum.. I caught her in a promo..
    Anyway what I’m enjoying most abt Preet is that we really don’t know what’s coming next. kudos to Amna Mufti for bringing an original story with a freshness. Siyasat perspective will be very interesting watch here along with the critique of our society.
    Acha so yes right now my mind is brimming with mumkinat!!! Sure tell sign of how much I’m enjoying this one… lol
    Re precap wow! that’s explosive!.. Abb dekhna yeh hai ke how much it delivers.. I hope we don’t get DeD style hype only to find out it was precap for next 3 eps combined together.. Uff I really need to get over DeD!


    • @FA: Glad to have you on board with this one .. ab lets hope ke the rest of the gang gets here quick so we can get some fun discussions going!

      LOL! Spot on about the accent staying on 24/7 rather than coming and going at will .. definitely a lot of work put in by the director.

      I still dont know who Saima is, but I did find out about the girl playing Zarina, her name is Saman Ansari and shes done stuff before this which at least I haven’t seen. I think the reason why the gaon track is not working because of the OTT makeup by the ladies, it just makes everything look so fake. I am really enjoying Tipu’s track but his bani sanwari wife is like no other gaon ki mutiyar I’ve ever seen; similarly the scene where Zarina was picking eggplants was nice but her manicure and pedicure and lip liner and lipstick … she wasnt looking like anybody’s abandoned wife … And i have a feeling that Zarina will fill the quota of the bechari mazloom and shed the requisite amount of tears so hopefully Maryam will have the margin to grow as a character.

      According to today’s JPJ show, where the cast was interviewed, apparently they are still shooting the serial so lets see where this one goes. I really fear that after the “stupendous success” of the 33 episodes wala DeD they might decide to stretch this one 35-40 wala range #HopeImwrong

      And I totally get your DeD trepidation, I too am so so afraid now of Hum TV dramas. Dekhtey hain #FingersAndToesCrossedAndHow


    • Haha! Yeah that’s one of my favouritest word press features – goes on from Dec through end of Jan .. and I hope that our snow gets done by then too. Last year it started snowing here in Jan and then didn’t end till mid/late April – 110 inches!


  2. @ SZ…….All praise to Aamna Mufti for her original script…. She is one of a type who digs out the buried treasure in the society and weave them up in a canvas where lot of ppl can see their faces….. Kudos to her…..i am not an old school but I like some limitations on the the mannerism towards the society & greatly towards the parents….. But Shagufta Shahazadi here is totally out of control with all…… Ashsan Khan is doing a great job though I never liked him but the director has a great grip on Ak’s acting so he is striking as a ubharti howa chaudry sahab ….. About Sham’s manipulating all around him shows where he is going, his getup his body language all are in harmony with what he is goingdo next…… Veteran actor Irfan Khusat is superb, treat to see him after a long time… The entry of Rehan Sheikh is going to add the much need spice to the political saga…. Gaon k scene are not shoot in accordance to the Punjab’s setup….. the gaons in Gujranwala r nt what we r seeing in here, cuz being close to Lahore it has absorbed the urban life style, no one drinks tea in those old fashioned cups, their house looks like its a touta phota makan from some where in a very remote area in undaron e Sind or Punjab….. Yes both the sisters need to tone down their makeups……I keep my fingers crossed for the bari behan choti bhen ka jeena harm na ker dey or saaso ji unchahi baho ko taney de de ke uki zindagi ajiran ker de…… I am liking that girl too who is playing Saima want to see her more…..I like the phase at which this drama is going, I hope Momina Durad’s Production is not going to repeat their history of stretching & terminate it at right time……


    • @Shamim Hasan: Thank you for giving this one a go on my recommendation – so glad you enjoyed out warna mujhe tau anday tamata parney ka dar laga hua tha 😉

      Re: your comment about the village looking too old fashioned, I think that is to visually differentiate it from the present; I dont know if you’ve seen the promos, but in those they show Hira and Ahsan as a middle aged couple with a tweenaged daughter, hence the deliberate effort, in my opinion, to make the time periods look different. Also, in this time that we are watching, we dont see anybody using cell phones, the short kameezes, basant in Lahore, basically simpler times … and as I am writing this comment I am thinking of DeD and the young to old characters we saw there, and their off and on grey hair and all that .. ab bas dua karen ke yahan halaat us pichley dramey se behter rahen ..Ameen!


  3. Enjoyed your reviews of PNKK. This is the only show I am watching with my kids aaj kal. We were hooked from the 1st ep. Love Illyas’ character – “Larka larki college mein larka larki nahin hotay, classfellows hotay hain!” bravo to Illays’ positive thinking 🙂
    Speaking of college, Saman Ansari was a year junior to me there. When I saw her acting opposite Ahsan Khan (<3), I told my kids about her….I think it was the way I said it ke bachon ne kaha " Mama, aap jealous ho raheen hai ke woh Ahsan Khan ke saath aa rahi hai."
    Haan shayed 😉


    • @afia: I did start watching from the first ep, but woh jo kehtey hain na ke doodh ka jala chaach bhi phoonk phoonk kar peeta hai so bas that had me holding off on recommending this as a good watch.. also Hira’s OTTness was getting to me initially .. but thankfully its all settling in now.

      Absolutely, spot on about the refreshingly progressive lines that Ilyas has, I too was applauding that one!

      Re: Saman Ansari, LOL! Tum kis kis ko nahin janti!

      Awww!!! Kids are not being nice! Why jealous? All it means is ke there is always the possibility ke agle kisi dramey main tumhara bhi heroine aaney ka chance hai .. sirf yeh bata dein ke aap kis hero ke saath ana pasand karen gi madamji? And haan, mashhoor ho janey ke baad hum chotay chotay logon ko na bhool jana 😉


  4. @SZ We have not seen the snow yet here but a fussy rainfall keeping us all wet N cold….. Where do you live in States?????? My guess some where near Chicago???? Hope you are keeping urself warm & listen to Dean Martin’s song ” Let it Snow, let it snow”


    • @Shamim Hasan: No, not in Chicago but in the greater Boston area 🙂 We had a horrible winter last year … hoping for a better winter this time around.


  5. Yaar what a fab review… And you know i enjoyed this episode itnaaa zyada k was saying dil hie dil me SZ! “Sadqe Tumhare” 😉 For recommending this one to give it a go.. So thank you …

    This is so very interesting.. How Goshi is one meany and manipulative one who can so easily use others and present herself us pe zulm hua.. Wah larki.. Chith bhi tumhari, patt bhi tumhari.. Hira was amazing in scene where she forces her father to accept the proposal and in last scene too.. But i so enjoyed when Chachi said isko laayi bhi tou tum thein.. N there goes.. Whoop jo bhi.. Hahaha too good.. And then when Goshi comes to meet Shams, romantic baatein karo na… N i was like are u serious 😂 AK is killing it.. He is pitch perfect as Shams Siyaal.. Love how he was so relax and playing his instrument on chath while his ‘supporters’ are busy and getting worried..

    Actually all actors are playing their part so fabulously plus its written and directed brilliantly.. You just enjoy it so much.. Be it the over -chalky makup of gujranwala sisters cum devranis or the interesting political plot.. Next week seems like a rocking one…


    • @Rehmat: LOL! That scene where Goshi came to Shams and said romantic baatein karo na.. was hilarious and to me it also underscored how naive Goshi actually is, despite all her chalu harkats, ke she really expected Shams to bagharo romance after all that she had done .. wonder how many digests she had read ke jahan hero and heroine meet under such circumstances and then bas shadi ho jati hai and then after a few days of narazgi hero sahab maan jatey hain and falls in love wit the heroine and then they all live happily ever after …

      It will be interesting to see how long it takes Goshi to realize the extent of her ways and then see how, if at all, she sets out to remedy her mistakes ….Mujhe tau abba ji ki tabiyat ki bari fikar hai, dont know how much more drama he can deal with, quite unlike apne Agha jan who managed to hang on till the very end…


  6. @SZ: Spottt on Review!! so true about the dreams description. All of the characters are made so real hanging between the situations of dreams and reality. Goshi’s being intense for Shams isn’t very unreal but its shown in a perfect term as Shams is being concious for his political career and let Goshi on with her all ishq-o-ashiqui and forced Nikaah plus Rukhsati! uffh.

    Love the village part but I think expect the make-up of ladies other factors are cool like the hukka, tea in bowls and accents, dressing and muddy-house, love them all.

    Lol, I didn’t get still what is this hell sister’s rivalery couldn’t get lost from serials. Even here no larai jhagra for hero but for household jobs? I mean washing, cleaning and cooking? Aisa bhi andheer nahi macha filhaal if she let Zarina to handle all the work she’s becoming an akru saas instead of being a sis! 😉

    anyways, loving this serial and the snow-falling here 🙂 keep reviewing hoping to have more from this!!


  7. Aary Wah!!! What a review…. Enjoyed reading it with your Urdu description” ٹکرکا”…. Agreed, all young actress shoul take notes on Irfan Khusaat acting, his twink of an eye, his trembling hands & restlessly flicking his forefinger on his knee…. Sarmad Khusaat has a university of acting in his house, and Apple does not fall from the tree… Hasan Noman is fabulous at what he is doing…. Hasan & Hira r growing on me slowly…. Rehan Sheikh is at his usual ease depicting the character of Sulahri sahib waiting him k “billi kab apney panche nikalti hey”….. Wah what a description ” hurricane Goshi” really enjoyed it n had a great laugh…. Then there is another one” Zarina the bewi got fired by Shams the husband” though not funny but I enjoyed the thought of firing each other instead of divorce( hahaha)
    So far I am enjoying the serial but let us keep fingers crossed n touch wood it keeps it pace n excitement going, director n actor stay on the same page… Waiting for next epi. “aur Allah kare zoor e qalam aur zayada.”


      • Aww! No worries at all! Agli baar count the typos in my posts – comments ki tau baat rehne hi dein. I am the worst of all when it comes to typos and no matter how much I try to fix them every time I re-read a post I come across a few new errors . :/


    • Thank you for reposting this comment on the other review … I got the notif but then couldnt find it on the other review so was wondering ke gaya kahan and then saw it here 🙂


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