Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai ~ Episodes 1- 6 Review


Written by Nusrat Jabeen and directed by Shahood Alvi, on the face of it Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai, with its mazloom pehli biwi and the chalu doosri biwi wala done-to-death scenario, typifies the head-meet-brick-wall kind of stories I tend to avoid. But because I was bored and because I was randomly flipping through new serials and because the cast, particularly Shahood Alvi and Mira Sethi, appealed to me, I decided to check out the first few minutes.

This very intelligently executed opening sequence impressed me enough to give this one a slightly more serious dekho. Even as the shohar sahab complained of being taken for granted and other similar bechara main type shikayats,  what we were being shown was an entirely different scenario. I loved how the wife’s face was not shown as she ran around like a headless chicken trying to fulfill her family’s demands. Who she was as an individual seemed to not be important, all that mattered was sab ki zarooriyat poori honi chahiyen. Just one misstep, however, and bas. Dant laganey ke waqt biwi ki soorat bhi focus mein aa gayi aur saath hi us ki sab agali pichli ghaltiyan bhi …

From thereon, the story settles into a more familiar rhythm; but even as we see Shazma berated by her husband, Muazzam, and meet Seerat and Baseerat, their two girls who starve for their father’s attention, we are also shown the other side of the picture. Muazzam’s backstory is nicely fleshed out providing a much needed insight into why this character is so boorish. I liked the speed with which the writer and director established the fact that it was not just the husband who was to blame for this very colorless bland marriage, but the wife too was at fault for letting things slide as far as they had.

With Seemab’s entry things come to a head. Not quite sure what this otherwise intelligent, vibrant young girl sees in a much married, middle aged guy, magar ab jab Laila ka dil aa gaya what does it matter ke Majnu gora tha ya kala. Initially Muazzam resists Seemab’s advances, but by the end of the 4th episode they are happily married – mitti pao on the self sacrificing pehli biwi and the two jawan betis.

Thus far this reads like a typical doosri biwi drama, but interspersed in between are points where there is a distinct sense of a shift in the standard narrative. For starters, we get a much needed corrective to Aunty Rafia’s (think Zindagi Gulzar Hai) naseehats that a wife must be a perfect combo of maasi + khansama to ensure a long-lasting happy marriage. What we get here is the obverse. Shazma is the perfect janasheen for Rafia and, therefore, should’ve been the most loved wife on the face of this earth – but she isn’t. What went wrong?

What I am enjoying here is that rather than waiting till the last few episodes to show some character growth we are getting Shazma’s soul searching in the 5th and 6th episodes. There are the mandatory tears and a main bechari type sad song that plays intermittently but thankfully that phase goes by quickly and we now have a relatively stronger Shazma, one who is begining to remember all the dreams she let go when she became Mrs Muazzam. My hope is that as the serial progresses she will find her bearings and emerge as a woman of substance by the time this story concludes.

For his part Muazzam too is getting increasingly stronger vibes that Seemab might’ve been a great girlfriend but as a wife she is no match for Shazma. Forget about pampering him, yahan tau madam wants to be served chai in bed, demands house help and expects to be pampered with chotay motay gifts, nayi car type. Thus far Muazzam is besotted so is indulging her, but it is a matter of time before his patience runs thin. I am hoping that Muazzam and Seemab will evolve rather than devolve as the story unfolds further.

The three leads, Shahood, Sabreen, and Mira, are doing very well and handling their characters with grace.  Though there are situations where they could’ve gone overboard it is heartening to see the melodrama reigned in as much as it can be in this kind of a story. The problem is that we have seen Sabreen playing similar stuff before. I really like Mira and see her growing with every serial but am still waiting to see her play another strongly defined character like apni nutso Natasha.

It is with the supporting characters that the serial loses steam. Arisha Razi and the girl playing her older sister are fine, but the rest: Muazzam’s sisters, his partner, Seemab’s sister, her cousin, all are singularly unimpressive; watching their scenes is like watching a whole other serial, a bad one at that. That said, overall the story has so far been evenly paced and things have been moving along pretty smoothly. So far so good.

What really ticks me off is that this well-intentioned story has been masala-ofied to such an extent that any and all innovation has gotten buried deep under mounds of cliches and stereotypes. It was not enough for the makers to leave Seemab’s character as a confident, assertive, well-dressed, career oriented doosri biwi – those qualities alone would’ve been enough to give Shazma a much needed wakeup call. What we get instead is a Seemab who undergoes a transformation the minute she marries Muazzam. Now she’s needy, clingy, totally farigh, spends her days conniving with her chalako maasi sister and thinking up new ways to make Shazma’s life miserable. What happened to the life she enjoyed before she married Muazzam? Why do we need to paint characters in such absolute shades of black?

Similarly Muazzam’s sisters. They are leeches who see their brother as a handy dandy cash cow. The crassness and speed with which they switched loyalties from one bhabhi to another was really OTT and unnecessary, to say nothing of off-putting. Why are drama land rishtedars almost always so evil? Since when did the phrase fifty shades of grey allude exclusively to a particular title? As if this khichri was not masaledar enough there is more – shuk about to make an entry next week. So yes, plenty of kali hari peeli laal mirch added where none was needed.

It is the hope, that despite all the cliches and stereotypes and the eyesore of a decor (beyond bad!) this serial may indeed indicate an ever so slight a shift in the way dramas prescribe and perpetuate problematic gender roles that has me interested in Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai. I am not sold but on the fence in a cautiously optimistic way – dekhtey hain agay kiya hota hai … 

Any of you watching this one?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Not going to watch it . Fed up with what’s on TV at the moment , not a single play I can tolerate … Such a sad state of a drama addict like me …
    I salute your patients to go this torture .


    • @Sheema: I hear you and agree with you – it is a sad state of affairs and I too am barely watching anything… this one caught my eye because it seemed like hidden under all the bad stuff was a kernel of an interesting story … I am keeping an eye on it b/c I am committed to supporting even the tiniest effort that seems like a step in the right direction .. baqi I am plenty critical of its flaws …


      • I am seeing the down fall of dramas as we experienced the crashing of film industry…. There is not a single tv channel that is giving any viable play…. Any say on that??? All the actors, directors, writers are in a Derby Race for the films ….. Let’s hope the drama services in such a thoughtless race…,,,


  2. hey SZ, great review. You found some silver lining here I see… Honestly, I’d written this off my list the minute I saw the promos but it’s good to read that they are trying to do something differently.

    @Farah S @Sheema

    Seriously, aik drama dekhnay kay qaabil nahin hai. I started watching Tumhari Natasha (simply cuz it has the coolest inlaws hehehe) but even that is getting boring now… stuck in a rut of filler episodes.


  3. I watched after knowing that you are watching it too.. And since i trust your instinct so thought to give it a try.. So here i am having watched all 6 episodes …

    I totally agree with what you have said.. Seeing Meera in same repeative roles is so disappointing…her character was making me recall the role she played in Jaanum.. (Yes unfortunately I watched couple of episodes of that weirdo drama) she is such a good actor then why these kind of roles…Sabreen too.. I have been sick of seeing this routa hua chehra dekh ker.. They are playing their part well but kuch different nhn lag raha.. But episode 5 & 6 were interesting and I really hope we get to see Shamsa achieving her dreams.. And realizing where she lacked in her relationship.. I am still on board to see whether this happens or not..

    Regarding the dramas airing on these days.. Uff waqai as @Farah S said Khuda ki Pannah… Yaar kar kya rahe he ye loug.. I watched Neelum Kinarey and oh my goodness what the bakwas thing that was.. Ab just locations achi le lo and costumes thore se different..bus baqi kahani jaaye bhaaarr me.. Literally disappointed in dramas nowadays:/


    • What is Neelum Kinarey about? I was seriously considering watching it because I noticed the different location and costume so I thought it would have a different story line as well. Sad to see that it is also baqwas


      • @Hafsa: hey… Yaar its same old two couples love story.. I only watched one episode but that was enough to tell whats going on and how badly lol.. I am sorry taking actors names because dont remeber character names.. Sumbul and Gohar mothers are both sisters, i.e. Gohar’s mum is Sameena Peerzada and Sumbul mother is Nargis Rasheed.. They both wants their kids to get hitch.. The episode which i saw showed that they got engage in previous epi but sumbul loves this Shehri Babu Affan Waheed and Gohar likes Ushna Shah .. Who lives in his home.. And Is hated by sameena but equally loved by his father.. and ushna is in crazily love with him.. Writing his name on her hands n saying apki mohabat k lye me jaan bhi de sakti hoon type dialogues.. Arrgg.. So any way shehri babu did some trick and broke the engagement by giving hint k sumbul is interested in him.. And both sisters playing blame game towards each other.. And finally ushna n gohar married to each other.. N there shehri babu is leaving.. Precap shows sumbul saying u cant leave me..

        Hahah i told u each n every detail.. Sorry for that.. But i was so annoyed to see all this repetitive stuff k hadh nhn…


  4. seriously there is nothing worth watching these days. good thing i discovered ‘The Americans’. Just finished watching the 3rd season. It’s epic! highly recommended. I think the last pakistani drama i enjoyed seeing was ‘Dooriyaan’. Discovered it after reading a good review on Ended up binge watching the entire serial. Excellent story, execution and acting. I only had one minor issue with it which I don’t wanna say because you may not have seen it. If you haven’t I highly recommend you start right away and share your thoughts.


  5. Not been watching this. I think I’ll wait till it finishes airing, I don’t trust any plays these days, lol. God knows when things will take a headlong plunge. I caught Sabreen shrieking her hearts out in one of Hum’s soaps, what a waste of such a talented artist! Made me miss Aunn Zaara…

    I am having a really busy time at work, which is just as well, because none of the plays on air at the moment (even big names like Sania Saeed) are worth watching. We have indeed hit a dry spell, with no hint of any decent dramas any time soon…Well done SZ, for looking for the positives in this depressing scenario.


  6. I recently started Pardes on Hum Sitaray. Only 3 episodes are out currently.There are a bunch of new faces in the drama as well as some recognizable ones like Sarwat Gillani and Juggun Kazim. The story isn’t all that exciting but it is shot partly in Thailand and it has a nice OST so it has intrigued me so far…

    Another drama I am watching is Aitraz on ARY Digital. If you can make it past the saas bahu bakwas of the early episodes I would recommend it. The story gets a lot better and more fast paced after Imran Abbas’s re-entry in episode 7/8 (can’t remember which one exactly)

    Just some suggestions if anyone is looking for dramas to watch!


    • @Hafsa: im also watching Aitraz.. Though it got heck boring in between where IA mother started interfering … But now I’m enjoying Sania Saeed’s character.. She is too good.. 🙂


  7. Watched first ep and despite the mein bechara gadha opening monologue and its interestingly contradicting opening sequence, I couldn’t get beyond the red room of torture and some seriously dodgy looking wardrobe (whats with the ugly pink gown and a weirdo head gear???) on stereotypical characters.. After reading ur thoughts and insights I think you deserve an award for unearthing that flicker of hope under this heap of same old same old roodad of roti dhoti aurat and cunnving doosri biwi dastaan and a bechara beech ka billa/gadha shohar..

    It made me think kia zamana aa gya hai.. aik taraf Hum TV is sugar coating and prettifying everything to another level jabke yahan its the complete opposite.. and no matter what, the real substance seems to be getting burried deep under piles and piles of useless layers…

    And MS please please please move away from the doosri aurat type roles! .. esp budha ghora lal lagam scenario.. @rehmat yes reminded me of Jaanum too..

    Anyone watching Preet Na Karyo Koi? Thats the only thing I can just abt watch and stomach these days.. despite plenty of issues Im enjoying the role reversal and its in ur face portrayal.


    • @FA: i watched first episode of PNKK and then yesterdays episode.. And i actually enjoyed it.. It was good to see MS playing some different role though again she is second lady here but much much more likeable.. This drama seems to be fast paced .. No..


  8. Hi guys. My mum is watching this and the other day I caught my husband watching it. My mum likes her Zee Tv masala serials so this is something she would like but hubby like me doesn’t usually watch these sort of dramas. So yes there may possibly be something ‘different’ about it. Anyway between my mum and the husband I am given updates on whats happening in Mujhe Kuch Kehna hai’ Although the few minutes I have caught it seems like routine stuff.

    Preet Na Karyo – not sure whether to give this a go. I felt so let down by Diyar-e-Dil I don’t want to commit to watching another drama weekly. However as Rehmat & FA are saying its not to bad I may give it a go (I have found most people on this site are on the same page as me when it comes to dramas).

    By the way as anyone caught that awful drama Ishaway on Geo. I catch about 5-10 minutes of it every week. Sami Khan’s character is about to have his third Nikah. Sami Khan’s a really really good actor could someone please give him a decent drama, this guy really needs his ‘Humsafar’ moment.

    Otherwise apart from Mera Naam Yousaf Hai on StarPlus for us…nothing new worth watching at the moment 😦


    • @ NKhan

      I was following Ishqaway – which I used to call Ishqa-three-way 😛 It was really horrible and in quite a few ways, inspired from Diyar-e-Dil (replace Aghajan with Miyaan jee) and so on…

      The ending was quite open – I shudder to think what might happen if the makers are thinking about a sequel.


      • Lol – Ishqa-three-way. The thing is everytime I watched this drama I kept thinking seriously this drama could actually be a masterpiece. They just need to stick to the same storyline but if the actors stopped taking it seriously..overacted a bit more. It would make a great parody or black comedy. It had all the Ekta Kapoor elements…extended mega rich family living in a mansion, unmarried interfering aunts etc. Unfortunately Sami Khan looked seriously bored and expressionless. If the actresses playing the wives could just have perfected a Mussarat Nazir type head movement when she sang Mera Laung Gawacha….with this and the pathetic way Sami Khan kept going between the two wives bedroom when one wife was angry with him….I kept thinking this drama could be so funny if they camped it up a bit more. But alas someone at Geo thought this drama was serious entertainment.


        • I have been reading all the reviews on this site but never participated before. I have been watching Ishqa way. I really found it very funny and entertaining. The day it finished I was sorry that such a light hearted fun show is over so soon.


          • @Saida Shamim: Hello! Welcome aboard. Lovely to hear from a silent reader 🙂
            Thank you for sharing your views about Ishqa Way .. I never even gave it a go so caan;t comment, but its good to know you enjoyed it, chalo, ab agar kabhi I happen to catch it online I’ll give it a go 🙂

            Would love to hear more from you on other threads . I know I’m only reviewing one serial these days, but ab will hopefully pick up another one soon .. lets see. Are you watching Preet? Would love to hear from you on that one if you are…


            • sorry for late response but I read this site regularly specially now that not much there to watch. Yes I am watching PNKK, Naraz,and some others, but first time I started watching a Turkish drama Kala Paisa Pyar. For very long time I did not pay any attention to this Title but when nothing else was available I checked one episode and got hooked. Went back and saw more then 100 back episodes. It is a nice thing that it is shown daily (Monday thru Friday).

              I liked MS in Jaanum but she is not getting good projects. I was not impressed with DeD and after that all the new ones with similar locations. But I enjoy reading all the reviews at your site and ReviewPK.

              Sorry again for not writing earlier but assure you I love to read all your written materials


    • NKhan,

      Re: Sami Khan – I think he needs a HumTV moment to get wider audience noticing him may be? He seems to be only doing Geo shows…

      I manage to catch this thing called Dil Ishq on Geo – whenever I tune in, that’s the only play that’s airing lol. It has Neelum Munir and Aisha Khan fighting over Aijaz Aslam – so yeah, lucky me!


      • Arrrrggg Dil Ishq. Tauba! The promos looked sooo bad I couldn’t get myself to even watch this to see how bad it would be. I made a comment somewhere else on this blog about this drama being a ‘costume drama’. Seriously Aijaz Aslam great actor but he looked seriously uncomfortable with the shadi ke kaperi he had to wear throughout this drama.

        I saw Sami Khan in Dever Bhabi one of those Geo Houseful movies, awful movie but his acting was good. Also watched him in Basher Momin, weird drama but again he acted good and unlike Ishaway where he looked bored and expressionless in Basher Momin he delivered some great dialogues and facial emotions. Apart from this have not seen him in anything else.


    • @Nkhan: I saw couple of episodes of Ishqaway … And sachi i couldnt understand what is happening.. Sir ke upar se guzar gaya… And then watched last episode in hope k ab shayd kuch samajh aajaye but khair hie khair tha 😂

      @VZ: reg: Dil Ishq.. Uff that such a terrible one too.. Saw starting ki episodes n meri bus hogayi thi..


  9. Watched a couple of the more recent episodes of this one. It’s all going quite predictably – predictably bad. It’s all the doosri biwi’s fault you see, the man is so bechara – these days there is this new category of mazloom mards on TV by the way – they are victims of circumstances and its all the fault of these ambitious pari-likhi, non-dupatta-wearing, short haircut waali girls that such mazloom mards’ lives derail.

    Mira Sethi’s character has gone so downhill. The need to portray either the first wife as gaaye and the second wife as spoilt/unreasonable/unwilling to make even chai (daanedaar or Lipton) is a must these days. No greys please. Black or white. Not the chai, the characters in our plays.

    Sorry for digging this one up…


    • @VZ: Interesting ! We are reading it very differently 🙂
      For me, yes there are the typical cliches and stereotypes and all that, but I see the husband actually being made to look like an idiot .. He described himself as a “gadha” , I think, in the first episode and that’s exactly how he’s behaving by believing everything his second wife tells him despite knowing better. And I also am liking the fact that the first wife managed to empower herself on her own without reducing herself to begging her husband for help and support. This is something we almost never get to see in our dramas; typically the first wife cries till the end and is ultimately rescued either by her philandering husband, whom she forgives, or via a second marriage… Here we see the first wife overcoming adversities to evolve into somebody whom her husband has a hard time recognizing… The second wife is a lost case and this is where I wish they had given her some nuance and not painted her in that extreme shade of black. And now they’ve added in a loser ex-boyfriend .. I so wish they had ended it a couple of weeks ago, at the point where husband finds out the truth about what happened the night he divorced his first wife and repents when he realizes what an ass he was … But nahin… it is a desi drama serial after all so why should they not mess up and kill the little good they managed to show ..

      I think it ends this week so was waiting to write it up after..


      • Oh, I didn’t think of him being portrayed an idiot, your interpretation is right, just didn’t strike me. What happened on the night of his divorce? I watched only the last 2-3 episodes which involve Mira’s character sitting in various cafés and talking about the same thing with Faisal, lol.

        You are right about the first wife becoming self sufficient, but why was she thanking her ex husband (she was watching her daughters sleeping and she mentally thanked him) for the house in one of the episodes?

        You are very good at sifting through the routine stuff and picking out the good stuff in the drama. Your comment made me look at the show in a different way. 🙂

        Will look forward to your write up. Thanks SZ!


      • @SZ: after last week I seriously thought.. Gosh back to square one.. Even after he knows everything.. But thank you for tell This week is last week… Will comment in detail in your write up..


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