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It took thirty three weeks but finally we got an episode that lived up to expectations built up by the initial teasers. This was the old world charm, sweet story, ease of execution, and subtlety of expression I’d been waiting for ever since the serial began.

That I walked away with a smile on my face is probably the reason why I am waxing lyrical about an episode that had me gritting my teeth almost as soon it began. Why Fara needed to cry so much throughout is beyond me, but khair ab all that is Wali’s masla so let’s leave bhai jan to deal with bhabhi jan and her rim jhim barastey nain and bin badal barsat.

Another head scratching moment happened when we met the newest jori in town –  Arjumand and Ruhi!?! When did this dostana happen? But again, in the interest of letting bygones be bygones, and that I couldn’t have taken more of the devrani jethani jhig jhig, I’m glad the two ladies made peace with each other and were last seen happily engrossed in taiyyaris for the most anticipated shaadi of the year.

Joining them in their taiyyaris was the lovely Zarminey. This girl was such a breath of fresh air in a serial overloaded with ek se barh ke ek dramebaaz characters. Sweet and serene, Zarminey was really the dil of this diyar. Mariyam Nafees, you were fabulous! I hope we get to see you soon in a more substantial role.

And if his youngest grandchild was the dil then the jaan of this serial has to be Agha jaan.  There were so many inconsistencies and contradictions in what this character said and did, but kudos to Abid Ali for making us overlook all and keeping us riveted to the screen. Had it been any other actor, Diyar-e Dil would’ve fallen apart a long time ago, but it is a testament to his brilliance that he was able to imbue so much meaning and depth to all that he said and did as Agha jaan.

Matching up to the very high standards set by Abid Ali is no joke but it is to Osman Khalid Butt’s credit that he not only held his own but actually left his mark in some of their scenes together. That I followed this serial, despite all my aggravations, is due in large part to these two actors. It has been great to see Osman grow and evolve as an actor with each character that he’s done.

What really impressed me here was Osman’s very fresh take on the quintessential lover boy, which broke free of the Hasan, Ashar, AND Zaroon mode. Finally, in Wali, we have a character who will stand on his own for a very long time. Yes, he needs to think less and be more in the moment, and I really wish those gun-toting moments had been thought through a lot more seriously, but overall Osman owned Wali.

Osman’s co-actor did not fare quite as well. Maya Ali has come a long way since her Aik Nayi Cinderella days, but she still lacks consistency; here, though she had some good scenes along the way, Fara never really stood out as a character. To be fair to Maya, ek tau Fara wasn’t really written well and then to top it off she was asked to cry in every other scene which did not help her case at all.

From the younger generation to the older generation, Diyar-e Dil had started off as a story of two brothers, Behroze and Suhaib. Mikaal Zulfiqar and Ali Rehman Khan both did as well as they could with roles that really did not have much going for them in terms of characterization. Suhaib has his moment of shame with his kaali siyah raat and Behroze, not to be left behind in this race to prove his mardangi, had his moment when he threatened to divorce Ruhi.

The two bhais tau died araam se and hum bechare viewers were left to deal with the raita these two had phailaoed. Enter angry Arju and ranting Ruhi. I see these two characters as an opportunity lost because there was so much potential here, so many nuances begging to be explored, but alas! Sanam Saeed and Hareem Farooq are two very talented ladies but theirs were such one note characters that there was very little anybody could’ve done with these. Ahmed Zeb as Moiz was a great villain; Tara Mehmood and Behroze Subzwari would’ve left more of an impact had their characters had any depth.

My biggest beef with this serial has to be that it was marketed as a Wali-Fara story but what we got instead was everybody else’s story; bulk of their scenes from the teasers showed up in the final episode. Apart from this bait and switch issue, other problems included a patently over-stretched script, uneven focus on characters, never ending monologues, long scenes, characters contradicting themselves, repetitions galore, editing issues,… I could go on and on but so much better to just listen to this song …

All kidding aside, most egregious was the addition of scenes such as the kaali siyaah raat, Behroze threatening to divorce Ruhi, Wali dragging Fara by the arm and kidnapping her, the horse ride from hell, chhe ki chhe goliyan type dialogues, each one more special than the other. Didn’t Arju and Ruhi and Fara, and by extension we the viewers, deserve an apology? In the end Fara apologized for all her kardah and nakardah gunahs, but where was Wali’s apology? No matter how you spin it there was absolutely no excuse, and most importantly no need for such scenes, and then to see these in a serial that was all about promoting family values… sorry not buying it.

I know there are tons of fans of this novella and many have enjoyed the the screen adaptation but for me the writing was inconsistent and the extension of the original story not handled as well as it should’ve/could’ve been. I have a lot of respect for Haseeb Hasan’s work but will confess to being disappointed here.  The OTT filmy approach to the narrative in the first half, perhaps intended to distinguish Agha jaan’s jawani from his subdued demeanor in the latter half, did not translate as well on screen as it might’ve sounded in theory. So many of the long winded dialogues could’ve been trimmed and the scenes made shorter. Where Haseeb did make his presence felt was in his visualization, the framing of scenes, the performances he extracted from most of his actors. DOP Zaib Rao’s efforts went a long way in making this serial a visual treat, a huge reason why so many kept up with the serial.

Thirty three weeks in, this is the end of the road for Diyar-e Dil, a serial that never quite lived up to the expectations, but managed to go out with a bang. Most of those who’d left the serial mid way or given up in despair returned to watch the finale – and were not disappointed. But the fact that ‘Roohi’s life story’ as it was portrayed in the serial will actually be remembered for what it originally was – the story of Wali and Fara – proves that side characters from a novel should never be turned into the leads of a drama serial. For many, Diyar-e Dil will always remain synonymous with their favorite characters: Agha jaan and Wali Suhaib Khan. And I for one cannot blame them.

Written by SZ~

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  1. A spot on review!
    I was up all night trying to catch up with a gazillion deadlines for work, but when I saw the review alert I had to come over to hear u out and check my sanity level.. Was it just me who was trying too hard to destress myself the other day in Dyar-e-no-damagh (yes I had left my brains aside to rest for a while) or had i completely lost my marbles that I actually enjoyed this ep ya phir it was actual mein , real mein good?? Good to know i haven’t completely lost it yet..

    It was most def the first ep of DeD that I enjoyed watching.. such a shame that it was the last of the lot… I had a smile plastered almost throughout ..Why couldn’t we get more of that! (minus faaras crying that made me cringe – even my 5 yr old doesn’t cry like that any more!).

    OKB was at his best. Don’t we just love him with his dash of sarc! This was def his ep!!… He finally got to speak, and stole the show.
    I loved the last shot with the dada pota hug…. Wali/OKB was so relaxed here! perhaps most relaxed i’ve ever seen him.. it was very lovely..
    Like u said AJ was the jan of the show.. And despite our major issues with the serial this duo made us return week after week..

    ROFL @yeh kia hua, kaise, kab, kion, jab tab sub choro yeh na socho… bass ur spot on!!! DeD’s theme song yahi hona chahye tha! Going with the haveli tradition I did just what AJ ordered and watched it sab bhool bhaal ke.. (bhoolne ka credit pbbly goes to OKB for those light as well as intense moments, with the focus back on the main story).. Looking back at it now there was plenty to think about the kions and kias and kaises .. like how did Goldilocks actually end up in Walis bed and the dostana aur pata nahin kia kia, but i guess at that moment I was happily engrossed aur yeh soch ke chalo asal kahani par tou aaee…
    The much-promised romance finally paid off!!!

    So all in all a very bumpy, a very long, tiring ride to Gilgit Baltistan but the end destination def brought a smile.. Now the question is was the drive worth it?.. or should we have taken (the much shorter) direct flight?!!… lol


  2. SZ, you’ve said it all … enjoyed the finale and your review!
    WIsh the makers would listen to the critique positively and think about it.


  3. Thank you SZ. Finally a sane review.

    I really think DeD could have been so much better if they had chosen a non-linear storyline with flashbacks for the older generation. It would have been so much more interesting for the audience to guess the motivations of the current generation and then have some of their questions answered in a flashback. The linear storyline just made the whole thing predictable, we all knew where the story was heading. Then post Behroz death we had some really sluggish episodes which could have been bearable if the character of Roohi had been better written. Maybe during these particular few episodes in a non-linear storyline we could have had a flashback to Roohi’s first visit to the haveli and Agha Jaan’s angry words to her. This would have suddenly changed the audience’s view on Roohi, understand why she was being so horrible to such a loveable character as Agha Jaan. This would have really played with the audience’s emotions, we wouldn’t know who is the villain, who is right or who is wrong. Hence making these slow episodes a bit more interesting.

    For me Arjumand could potentially have been the most interesting character. She is the one who has sacrificed the most for the sake of these so called family values. Yet she was never given any credit for this. Instead Suhaib was made out to be some sort of saint for putting up with a moody wife and then as I have said before he decided to consummate the marriage without even really giving Arjumand a choice, yes she could have refused but there was a lot of emotional pressure on her to do the right thing. The only glimpse we had into Arjumand’s psyche was when Behroz first bought Roohi to the Haveli. We saw Arjumand in her bedroom afterwards contemplating how pretty Roohi was and wondering what Roohi had that she did not. Years later Behroz comes back, her first love and emotionally blackmails her into marrying Wali to Fara. What went through her mind? The husband she grew to love was dead but the guy she was madly in love with all those years ago is suddenly there, yes she refused to acknowledge this aspect but what was going on in her psyche. A drama promoting family values I suppose couldn’t possibly explore what would go through a recently widowed woman’s mind when confronted with her former love. People have said she no longer had any feelings for Behroz, but she must have something that she buried deep, hate, regret, a feeling of what could have been. Then there was Faraa, the daughter of the woman who for whom her first love left her for, unless Arjumand is a saint this must have clouded her judgement of Faraa.
    I would loved to have had the aspects above explored rather than have Arjumand seem like a flat character who just went whichever way the family values demanded.

    If Arjumand flip flop Khan was badly written then so was Moiz’s character. We should have been given hints of his intentions early on and there was really no need to go down the route of him kidnapping Faraa. It was just cheap sensationalism (I won’t even bother talking about Wali’s kidnapping Faraa plot).

    All I can say about Roohi was the character could have had more depth but after Arjumand I can see this would have been expecting too much.

    The so called family values this drama promotes were very misogynist. Apart from the treatment of Arjumand we had Behroz threatening to divorce Roohi if he didn’t get his way, no wonder Roohi felt angry at Agha Jan, 20 years of marriage meant nothing compared to mending his bridges with his family, again this could have been explored rather than presenting Roohi going into as a stubborn spoiled brat mode. Then Faraa, she had every reason to dislike Wali but in the end she was a ‘project’ which Wali had to fix. The last scene between Wali and Faraa it irritated me that Wali kept referring to Faraa as his ‘batimez biwi’. Yes off course she has been rude to you, rightly or wrongly she was emotionally blackmailed by her father to marry you and rightly or wrongly she has asked you for a divorce which you have denied to her because as the man you have the upper hand in the situation. Okay okay we know you are a good guy and Moiz is evil but from Faraa’s point of view she had every right to be angry. But there was no acknowledgement of this. No the good wife is Arjumand flip flop Khan who lets all the men in the family walk all over her.

    Also for me Sanam Saeed just didn’t work for me as Faraa’s mother, she was just too young and slim. They switched over to saris for her once Faraa was an adult to make her look older but it didn’t work.

    I don’t think there is anything I need to say about Abid Ali. Ultimately it was him and OKB that carried the drama with their excellent acting. Add to this the wonderful scenery and camera work, this is what lifted this story with weak characters from being a completely mediocre drama.

    Apologies if I am being over critical its just I really really feel for me this drama could have been a classic if the female characters had more depth, less episodes and better editing.

    Finally did anyone else find it a bit sleazy in the last scene that Wali said to Faraa that by sleeping in his bed by mistake she had actually found her true place?


    • @NKhan: I love your comment! It makes such complete sense to me. Specially that bit about retaining the non-linear story line in the serial. It would’ve been better for so many reasons, like all the ones you’ve mentioned. This to me looked like an attempt to dumb it down for us viewers because, apparently, we are so incapable of making up our own minds about things that the makers of the show had to spoon-feed it to us and that too, from a high-ground: telling us who to like/hate and categorizing neatly the good/bad people, instead of showing it and letting us decide for ourselves.

      So it ended up having mostly flat characters instead of rounded, complex ones like it had the potential to have – and this is completely applicable on Arjumand who, if written with more nuance and explored gently, would’ve been a stand out character. I found your analysis of Arjumand in the previous review quite interesting and it deepened my understanding of the character. But alas, at the same time, it made me see many more faults than I already did in the serial.

      I agree with your other point as well: misogyny abounds in the ‘family values’ of DeD. Since it always closely accompanies patriarchy, which was what the serial reinforced over and over again, it should come as no surprise to us. Women in DeD have to be belittled, controlled, moulded and brought to heel. That’s what this entire serial seems to revolve around. And of course, who can possibly miss the huge white halos – made of heroic fortitude – that the men of DeD have sported throughout the serial. Can we honestly name one male protagonist of this serial who has been shown for what he was? From Agha Jaan to Suhaib to Behroz right down to Wali – all of them are such obvious long suffering heroes whose faults are puny and hence, they should not be held accountable for the problems that exist. Agha Jaan probably was never in the wrong and if he was then he redeemed himself by his magnanimity towards Ruhi. Suhaib’s unhappiness – blame it on Behroz then later, Arju. Behroz in turn can blame it all on Ruhi, and be absolved of all he did and caused by chalking it up to his bad judgement in marrying her. Wali’s woes of course, came about because of Faara. Kisi cheez ki responsibility inke ooper bhi daalni hai ya nahin?

      And that last bit, yes!! It was quite tasteless, in my opinion. Not what you’d expect from Wali. But like I said in my other comment, I was distracted all the while, wanting to hear an apology from him as well, so I ignored it. Good that you brought it up.


      • Thanks Nashra. You know I had no idea the DeD comments forum had continued on from SZ’s episode 14-15 review. Although SZ did not write a review the discussions went on right up to now. I am just gutted I would loved to have participated. Its been so frustrating seeing Pakistani media and other reviews going gaga over this drama and happy to overlook Wali’s kidnapping of Fara.

        In one comment SZ mentioned Manto’s story Toba Tek Singh and how it seemed we were the ones in the asylum who were actually sane while the outside world was was insane. I missed my fellow inmates and how I would have loved to have discussed my mad rants with them. Instead I have let off steam in one big burst. I wanted to write more but didn’t want it to sound like a ‘mad rant’ or a long ‘monologue’

        Look I even managed to complain about the last scene, the scene that wasn’t actually that bad, the WaFa scene that everyone had waited for, the scene that most people loved, the scene on which as SZ said the whole drama was sold to us on – I even found fault with that!

        Oh my husband, a fellow asylum inmate, made the following comment while watching the final episode when we were shown the dinner scene with Roohi and Arjumand being BFFs. “Does Roohi know that uske new best friend ke khaylo me abhi be Behroz ata hai”


        • It would’ve been such fun to have you around over there too! Besides, this drama has been so frustrating that imo all ‘mad rants’ are justified 😉

          Lol @ “khaylo me abhi be Behroz ata hai”! Seriously though, this one instance of burying the hatchet is another level of crazy – but still not shocking after all we have seen, lol.


    • I could hug you right now. you have pointed out many of my biggest issues with the show. It was grossly misogynistic. The desires, feelings and opinions of the women never matter, even in the last episode where wali declares he’ll marry fara without so much as asking her properly first (no matter how much he may have guessed her motives. He basically repeats the mistake from their first time ka nikaah). And i was hoping fara would question behroze’s methods of miscommunication with his wife, highhandedness and emotional blackmail and hypocrisy to get what he wants, but high hopes huh? And WHY does fara fall in love with wali anyway? He’s one character that just doesnt work for me. So inconsistent yet one-note! Why does fara never tell anybody her side of the story properly? Why is ruhi suddenly the villain? Personally, Suhaib was my favourite. He put the clause of ‘subject to their understanding and consent’ for fara and wali’s wedding, and i could have hugged him for it! i hoped they’d hold on to that thread, but everyone forgot it, most importantly that asshole behroze. So many times i’d hoped suhaib was around to sort things out. All the other men were asses at different levels. And where are the apologies to the women? Why are the men constantly glorified? Ugh!


      • Hello naynn: welcome to DRNR 🙂 Glad you found us and good to know that we are on the same page re: DED. And now that you’re here I hope you will join in our ongoing convos on other threads as well. Looking forward to hearing more from you 😊


  4. @SZ: A good review to cap off the less-than-spectacular journey of DeD, although I do feel you’ve been more generous than the serial deserves. Not choosing to dwell any longer on the faults and fails is all in good spirit, though. Has the end of it put you in a celebratory mood? 😛

    For me, the last episode still wasn’t that good with the ridiculous turns that one just doesn’t feel inclined to buy. I’m talking about, of course, Ruhi and Arju’s sudden friendship. With that exchange of smiles and the jolly companionship, both became ‘pakki saheliyan’, just like two little girls who break and then make up, all in a single day. Now if only negative feelings were that easy to deal with in real life as well!

    My biggest complaint from DeD, however, is the WaFa story line. I really can’t wrap my head around the fact that these two (supposedly) ‘main’ characters of the serial only got their moment together in the last installment. This ‘sautela sulook’ was the biggest fail of all, coz I know I would’ve had more tolerance for the serial (I’m being so shallow) had there been more scenes of them together along the way. Instead, as is the wont of fairytales, they packed their happily-ever-after into one long scene. And then, just like that, it ended. I liked them together though (finally!), so much so that I had this mad idea that maybe…they should add one more episode? You know, for Wali and Faara’s wedding, with all the desi pomp and ceremony? Would’ve suited the overall OTT atmosphere, too, lol. Like I said, mad idea 😀 Still, this rotu serial would’ve done better ending on a ‘higher’ high note, so to speak, if for nothing else than as compensation for all the crying and lamenting and emotional rainstorms of ALL the episodes past. Faara tou didn’t take a break from crying even this one last time. Her character was the worst-written heroine of a popular serial in recent history, as far as I am concerned.

    And yes! I absolutely agree. The one-way apology made me quite angry. Really, it did not even *occur* to Wali that he had something to apologize for! Waiting for it (even when I absolutely knew it wasn’t coming) and then fuming when it didn’t kept me distracted me for a good long while during their scene together. Also, to me, it was yet another move to reinforce the patriarchal status quo where always, in the end, the woman is at fault and must be the only one to apologize/make amends and the man can go scot-free, be magnanimous and god-like, even after behaving in a deplorable manner. (Who knows, maybe Wali thought he’d nullified the act of him kidnapping Faara by rescuing her from her second kidnap and Moiz’s evil clutches.)

    Iske ilawa, I totally agree with you about Abid Ali and Maryam Nafees. They were the only ones I didn’t dislike intensely, at one point or another, in the serial. I agree again with all the contradictions you have pointed out in AJ’s character but somehow Abid Ali’s acting pushed it all in the background, which is a feat. (Is that how it works, though, getting great actors to play inconsistent characters to hide the faults?) Maryam Nafees put forward a genuine performance; her Herculean effort to brighten up the gloom and negative vibes that always seemed to hang around the haveli deserves huge credit.
    (Correct me if I’m wrong, but I really don’t remember the novella’s haveli being that depressed and depressing as the serial’s was.)

    As for the comparison with the original novella, let’s leave that task, coz it hurts my reader’s sensibility, lol. It has all been said earlier; the author herself twisted some of the characters beyond recognition. Top of the list is Faara. How she went from a proud, strong, intelligent woman to this bawling mess of a regressive girl is beyond me. OKB almost pulled off the deformed Wali – almost but not quite. Fans of the novella like myself acutely felt the replacement of the cool, stoic, *gentleman* Wali by the gun-toting-physically-abusive-alpha-male Wali. That OKB made women love this inferior version is proof of his acting and charm – but it is also in itself a problem that I wish in vain to be addressed.

    P.S: For people who would object to the endless comparisons with the source material: This is part and parcel of any work that is an adaptation. And when it is handled as badly as this one, I really think the readers have the right to raise a hue and cry about it. It is only because we are fans of FI’s writing that the transition of her work on screen engages our interest to such a level – so, automatically, the chances as well as the magnitude of our expectations and disappointments tend to be relatively higher.

    Since this was the last one, I have left no holds barred giving my opinion, resulting in this long-winded comment. Chaliye jee, SZ, qissa tamaam hua. And now, in Faiz’s words,

    ‘Sukh soein gey ghar dar walay
    Aur raahi apni raah le ga’


  5. Love the review SZ – and especially the last paragraph ROTFLOL!

    Anyway, I had this long comment formulated in my mind ready to type out once you posted your review, but I’ve just run out of steam now…

    I started watching this serial properly after the 15th episode… This was how interested I was in the back story. My biggest complain is that instead of showing Zarminay’s story which would have been a delight, the makers chose to concentrate on Roohi. Like seriously? She was my least favourite character in the novel and to see a whole drama made on her was horrible to say the least: her pre shadi, shadi, post shadi, daughter, daughter’s Nikah, her relationship with her brother, her relationship with Agha Jaan and so on and on. And in all this, the powers that be stayed true to this drama’s billboard poster that had shown Roohi in the front and Wali/Faara right at the back.

    I think this story had a lot of potential. Some of it translated well on screen while most of it didn’t. Like most of the others, I watched it mainly for Agha Jaan, Wali and to some extent, Faara.

    I seriously do feel director Haseeb Hasan should be more involved with post production, to ensure his hard work is not wasted by amateur editors. The editing in this drama was shoddy to say the least. Scenes cut off abruptly, references made to scenes that never aired, long-winded scenes that got horribly boring, and so on and on.

    Most of all, for any novel that is being adapted, it is vital that the main character stays just that – the main character – and isn’t relegated to the sidelines. DeD got a good response only when the focus shifted to Wali and Faara’s relationship. That should give a strong message out to the writer AND producers that “positive additions” should be made only to the positive parts of the novel not the negative ones. Adding kidnapping scenes, scenes with Faara crying endlessly, and so on was like adding a tarka of burned onions to a perfectly made karhi. (I love karhi, so I HAD to write this!)

    And for the life of me, I cannot understand WHO told Maya to cry during all the important scenes… She can emote so well. I distinctly remember that scene in Aunn Zara when Aunn is singing and Dadi barges in to say “Main namaz parh rahi thi”. Maya didn’t have any dialogue in that scene but her expressions were spot on. She could’ve done all the scenes with perfect emotions sans crying. Okay, I agree Faara in the novel cried a lot but it would’ve been a “positive addition” if she didn’t on screen.

    But everything else aside, I LOVED the last episode. What a pity it was the last! It was absolutely brilliant. Of course there were some eyebrow raising dialogues (jhoota khana and ten-year-old Wali being told about his “dulhan” – for crying out loud, didn’t Suhaib learn anything about bachpan ki mangnis from his own experience?). But overall I watched it with a huge smile (and so intently that my LO clobbered me on the head with my cellphone to get my attention!). Ouch. If only we had had more episodes like these instead of the focus being on the annoying Tajammuls, Moiz, Roohi, and Agha jaan ka nashta.


    • I am originally from India . After watching so many Indian shows , which start falling apart by episode 10, this was rather enjoyable . Agreed that there were some regressive themes running through the episodes but still a far cry better than so much of what we have as viewing options on southeast Asian channels . Kudos to the entire team for making the best of what they were given by the written and the director . What bothered me the most was Farah’s speech pattern and her crying . I found it highly irritating and nearly impossible to watch . Whiny and lispy…..very harsh on the ears .
      What is there to watch now ???


      • My mum loves her Indian soap operas so when I am at my mums I have found myself forced to watch whatever is on Zee tv. One thing I have noticed about these Indian dramas that although the basic theme or storyline is the same each drama often as its own ‘look’ The Indian dramas on Zee also don’t use the same lead actors again for a long time. And so giving each drama a fresh look. Whereas my mum said that when she watches Hum or Geo the dramas have the same bland look and unless its a DeD or Zindgi Gulzar Hai type of drama, she feels she can’t tell them apart for the first few minutes and so she just channel hops across the two channels. I mean why watch a Pakistani saas-bahi drama when the Indians can just do them so much better and more dramatically. Also as nothing really happens in the 20 minute episode, she can easily miss an episode and still keep up with whats happening.

        We only get Geo and HUM in the UK and at the moment and there is I think nothing worth watching. Not sure if A-Plus, ARY have anything worthwhile. I am going to spend the next few months catching up on some recommendations such as Pechaan, Talkiyaan and Mera Naam Yusuf Hai. Then I am hoping somehow HUM tv (I have no expectations for Geo TV) will manage to come up with something worth watching. You know there was a 2007 drama we watched a few years ago which I would highly recommend called Meri Paas Paas. It’s a beautiful drama, very simple, doesn’t have a huge cast but gets the job done wonderfully


        • Hello NKhan, I recently watched Mere Pass Paas and liked it. I like Nadia Jamil’s acting. It also features a now extinct species on TV, a working woman.

          Star Plus in the UK is airing Mera Naam Yousuf Hai on Sunday nights these days 🙂


          • Thanks VZ. Yes we are watching Mera Naam Yousaf Hai on StarPlus. Its so refreshing to see a Pakistani families living in a ‘normal’ house and not the so called ‘middle class’ homes that the Tajjumal and Behroz lived in in DeD. I still can’t work out what sort of khazana Roohi’s mum left, that Tajjumal could afford to live in a house like that as someone who was supposed to be a normal salaried middle class guy. Not sure where Behroz got the money on a salary to live in a house like that.

            Only watched three episodes so far but it’s also refreshing to see Pakistanis in Pakistan eating their breakfast, lunch and dinner with their hands rather than using a knife and fork. Its great to see lower middle class folk go about their lives like everyone else without worrying about money. Sure its probably a worry but it doesn’t take over their lives and they are not worried about status.


            • @NKhan: Hello! How is MNYH going for you? I had quite a few issues with the begining part, then thought the middle was commendable and then was again somewhat disappointed by the end … would love to know what you thought!


  6. SZ, first of all, thanks for your review. You and other friends above have hit the nail on the head. If someone out there wants to really take note of what went well and what didn’t, without any bias I would point them here. My suspicion is that our voices here, a tiny minority, will just be brushed aside, given that the world at large is going gaga over this saga.

    Khair, coming to this last episode, the big relief was that it focussed on the “leads”. The initial few scenes were cringeworthy, the way Faara resorts to crying as her only emotional outlet is really disappointing. Where is the strength of character that Haniya or Khirad displayed? From no angle does Faara behave like the quintessential FI heroine.

    The episode picked up from the point where Wali walked into his room to find Faara there. I enjoyed one of the few Wali Faara scenes that really made some sense, but even there I had two peeves (I think I need to see a psychiatrist – why can’t I simply enjoy the scene with my brain on off mode).

    The first was the physical aspect – Wali, playfully may be or others may say with ” haq”, holding Faara’s hand, pushing her on the bed did feel a bit rough, especially given their past physical handling instance. Could have been done in a nicer, gentler way.

    The second is a bit silly, but they could’ve let Faara freshen up before the dialogues started. Honestly, all I could think of was her pending teeth-brushing, lol.

    For me overall, the play was a disappointment. There was so much potential, especially with the Wali Faara scenes, the wonderful and time-tested chemistry between the leads was left unexplored. For the most part, when they did have scenes together the writing was terribly mundane (nashta and AJ ki khidmat ad nauseam) or totally bizarre (horse-riding and diya scenes) or plain ridiculous (the two kidnappings).

    Coming to performances, Abid Ali and OKB get the top honours. The rest were let down by the poor writing or shallow characterisations with not enough depth in them. I haven’t watched Cinderella, but I can see OKB polishing his performances from Aunn to Omer to Wali (my favourite is Omer, in spite of the downward spiral that story took). Very promising artist, I wish he had started in TV earlier, when quite a few decent stories were still being made. Looking forward to his parody of DeD.

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to Rehmat for transliterating so many passages painstakingly. Really appreciate her gesture which helped me get a peep into the “real” story.

    Thanks also to DB for all her insights into the characters and sussing out what went wrong with the screenplay. I wish I could’ve read your reviews DB, they must’ve been so well-written. My loss.

    This is turning out to be like an Oscar acceptance speech, but hey, let me just go the whole hog. Nashra and NKhan – thanks for your superb take on the show, really enjoyed reading every single comment of yours, hats off!

    My partner in crime FA, what a team we made, lol. It’s a good thing that the gun-totting, slow-mo stomach punching Wali stays on screen. If he was out and about, we’d most definitely be on his hitlist by now girl.

    And SZ, no thanks are enough for you, for being a lone sane voice, calling out what went well and what went wrong. Sadly, you are an endangered species, there are not many (any?) sane shows that need your kind of expert reviewing. May be it’s just a pessimistic view, I don’t know.

    Thanks for reviewing DeD, most of all thanks for giving us a space to rant (the raving was happening elsewhere in this case). Much love.


    • @VZ Awwwww Bass kar partner abb rulae gi kya!!! lol
      But honestly we all do deserve an oscar nahin tou tamgha’e jurat at least after 33 week of perseverance lol..
      How many a times I thought I’m not watching, or at least im not talking DeD but kept coming back.. Thanks to everyone here for making DeD such a fun ride lol..I for one used to enjoy the discussions, dissections, the comments and the creativity on the blog wayyyy more than the drama itself … apart from OKB and AA, you @all were also a big reason I used to tune in week after week…. thanks for being such amazing humsafars lol.. (ufff im also going off on one now… )
      ROFL @ Wali’s hitlist… Haina! We did have some serious fun here yaar!! bass abb lagta hai @SZ needs to find another masterpc like this for us to dissect.. lol.. Seems like no real good stuff is on for some time..
      Waise the next big trend seems to be using the mountains as the backdrop, but afsos thats all it offers.. drama and story feels khokli with no soul.. no connection with the location whatsoever.. they might as well be set in Thar, Thal, Khi, Lhr, Peshawar or Gujranwala… masterpc nahin tou DeD trendsetter tou ban hi gya hai!…

      Did anyone get a chance to watch Neelum Kinaray.. wth was that!!!.. Bass DeD ki bher chal shuru!… next in line : GeR which seems like a cross between DeD and Mol style location and Chup Raho cum Bashar Momin storyline..khichri couture!..


      • Lol at mountain backdrop and khichri couture. I haven’t watched neelum kinaray, but gul e Rana promos are everywhere and I agree with your assessment. So nothing, nothing interesting at all.

        Haseeb Hasan is back with Tum, Hum gum or something like that. Then the dream team (!!) of Haseeb Hasan, Maya Ali and OKB are coming together once again in Sanam, don’t know when that’s supposed to be telecast.


    • @ VZ
      Most welcome.
      OMG! I thought I was the only one who thought that rough push on the bed was cringeworthy and could have been done gently. It’s good to know I wasn’t the only one…
      I think my reviews of ANC are still up whenever you watch it – in fact, I was reading them yesterday and I could NOT believe what I had written then (for its earlier episodes): lack of chemistry between Meesha and Mayer, OKB’s acting prowess (or lack of it), and so on and on. Just goes to show what a long way both OKB and MA have come since then….


    • @VZ: Thank youuu, VZ! ^_^

      The best thing to come out of this serial was all the discussion we all had on it. I loved every bit of it.
      Oh, look! I found something to thank the makers of the serial for, after all 😀

      You know I can totally relate to what you’ve said about the brain-off mode, even I couldn’t do that. I’ve forgotten the pushing-on-the-bed part but I remember cringing when he took her arm so forcefully just as she started to leave. I was like, “ouch! that must’ve hurt”. My sister pointed out to me that bit about teeth-brushing and morning breath and we had a good laugh about it, lol. Our minds seem to be working on the same frequency here 😉


    • @VZ: aww thats very sweet of you to say this.. But i also enjoyed writing made me recall why i loved the novel at first place and why i am disliking the drama so much.. And you know the weird part was when i was transliterating that Roohi-Faara part.. All i was visualising SS n MA.. And i was like tauba he.. They have done this much damage to novel


    • @VZ: I am beyond late on this thread so wont go back to the DeD stuff, but did want to thank you for the lovely note – was really touched, and its fun friends like you all that make all this worthwhile. Fingers and toes crossed, I will start reviewing Preet Na Kariyo Koi, which has surprisingly been pretty ok so far. So if you haven’t watched it as yet, tau jaldi se catch up … I can’t do this without you guys and your crisp comments 🙂


  7. Thank you SZ!

    And thank you to all other commentors I trult enjoyed reading everyone’s take. I so wish Maya Ali had cried less like her acting in Shanakht was so good that this was definitely a step back.

    Anyways don’t have much more to add then what has already been mentioned by everyone above…I’m just very curious which drama you will be reviewing next.


    • Seher: Hey! Good to hear from you 🙂

      Re: what next to review: I don;t know .. I wrote below about Preet Na Karyo.. but to be very honest I dont see anything around that compels me to make time and write about it and invite further discussion … just the names alone are enough to put one enough then we have roti dhoti soorats and the mediocre synopses I cant even bring myself to watch the teasers let alone watch the drama and write about it. More and more I have been thinking whether to continue with this blog so lets see kiya hota hai :/


      • I don’t think I can stand to watch Ahsan Khan make another bad acting choice..his drama’s have been the worst I think him and Ayesha Khan have some bet going on for who can do the lamest drama of all time.

        Did you happen to catch Farwa ki ABC? I am really enjoying this one, the story is different and it’s so refreshing to see a drama with comedy instead of everyone dhuki all the time. Do give it a chance ☺.

        I know life is probably hectic and busy for you, but I really hope you’ll continue this blog….I’ve only learned so much about good pakistani content through this blog….how about revisiting some older drama’s like you used to?

        Wish you good luck with all you do next ☺


      • @sz what am I reading this? You are thinking of dis continuing with ur blog??? Khuda k liey ye situm mut kerna. Let us breath the fresh air n wait for something coming around the corner that can compel u n all of us to get to fresh discussions. I haven’t watched this drama merely to fact that I had been following all reviews & I was just no no to it. But I salute You n all on this blog to the courage u guy had to watch it review it… Thanks to you n all othe commentors I truly enjoyed reading everyone’s take on it….
        @VZ, DB, Rehmet n all others I am sure I didn’t miss any bit of the drama with all ur comments. I can easily relate to ur brain- turn- off mode, my friend finds it heard to watch any drama with me cause I keep dissecting , she says Allah tumhare sath tu drama dekhna hi nhi chahie…
        Wish u all a happy n healthy life keep watching n writing …. @ SZ curious what is the next drama u r reviewing??????


        • @Shamim: I was really upset that day with all the bakwas that is on TV these days…. but with some promising stuff like Main Manto and Mor Mahal on the way, I guess I;ll hang in there. For now, I am gonna start with Preet Na Kariyo Koi, dont know how far I can keep up with it but lets see … the third ep aired today and I havent yet watched it but it seems pretty promising … have you watched that one?


  8. Thanks for a great review SZ! I have been reading your reviews of DeD right from the start but commenting here properly for the first time. Your reviews and the discussions here were the only sane voices out there.
    I started watching DeD right from episode 1 after the OST intrigued me. The first few episodes didnt impress me but kept watching anyway. After 4 or 5 episodes i read the novel (my first urdu novel) and absolutely loved it. Frankly, the drama seemed overly stretched (couldnt stand all the shouting and crying after sohaibs and behrozes deaths). I kept waiting for the actual story to start , hoping it will get better but when it started everything seemed worse than before. I felt that almost ALL the changes from the original novel were unnecessary and served to ruin the overall charm of a beautiful story. I totally agree with you on the many technical glitches as well as weaknesses in the script. I was pleasantly surprised at a very good last episode (barring Faaras crying and a few dialogues). I never expected an apology from Wali as it seemed like everyone (including Faara) had forgotten about his earlier behaviour. It seems that the makers had inserted the kidnapping and horse ride scene just to sensationalise the story without making it coherent with the overall plot.
    @DB novels Faara used to cry alot but only chupke chupke but yahan to jahan rona nahi bhi chahiye tha wahan bhi zaro qataar roya (like a kid) jaraha tha. Khirad cried a lot too but her crying was so mature and controlled in comparison.

    This story had so much potential. I so wish (like many others here) that the storyline had been non linear.
    @NKhan you are spot on! It would ve made things so interesting had we not known each characters motivations and the backstory been simultaneously unveiled.
    I dont know if anyone here has followed the recently ended drama “dooriyan” on hum sitaray but it was a perfect example of a well executed non linear storyline with well rounded nuanced characters. Its story was not as good as DeDs could ve been but its pacing, acting and execution was excellent.
    @SZ please keep up the good work. I love reading your honest and critical reviews when everyone else is raving about mediocre stuff. I hope we find a good drama soon so that we can enjoy your reviews.


    • enjoyed the review and discussion… i didnot watched the drama after episode 10 so didnot have much to comment but after reading all the discussion seems that i have not missed ‘anything’.
      @SI thankyou for recommending ‘dooriyan’. i have started watching it. so far its going good.


    • @SI: Hello! Tons of apologies for going MIA 😦 Thank you for reading and welcome aboard! Glad you decided to jump in, you fit right in with our crazy gang here 🙂 Ab I hope we get to meet you on the next drama review thread, can’t have you going back to the mute button on mode again 😉


  9. The drama they have replacing DeD, Preet Na Kariyo Koi, I don’t actually have high hopes for looking at the promos. The thing is I am automatically put off by these ‘costume dramas’. You know where they get the leads to wear the most unnatural clothes. Ahsan Khan is supposed to be a Punjabi feudal. He looks like a Lollywood hero or villain (take your pick) from the early 1990s. You half expect Reema to jump out behind him in a red lacha swinging her hips. There is a Geo drama called Dil Ishq which has the (aging) leading man dressed up as a dulha throughout the drama. This actor looks very uncomfortable and oh I can’t possibly write what I want to write about his facial expression, lets just say he looks tightly wound up.


    • @NKhan: Preet Na Kariyo is the drama I actually am looking fwd to watching, precisely for the reasons you mentioned! I have zero hopes from it but thinks it might be a great one to review .. I;m so fed up of these pretentious dramas and their moralizing that I actually am looking fwd to something openly OTT and in your face


  10. and this one:
    “A self made man who works hard and puts others before himself. Who is honourable and reliable, both in his conduct and in his word. Who keeps his worries to himself and finds his own way out of every crisis. A thorough gentleman. Someone who has clear boundaries of what he classes as acceptable behaviour. Someone who does the right thing in every situation no matter how dire the consequences!”

    Koi bataye ke hum batlayen kiya …


    • Honourable? Gentleman? Someone who never crosses the “clear boundaries”? I would like to be pointed towards the dictionary this blogger been referring to in order to understand these terms.

      Looks to me like a particularly alarming case of delusion, lol.


      • Nashra, this delusion is not limited to this one person, it seems to be a proper epidemic lol. If you read comments on fb pages and the like, you’d think they’ve been watching a different play altogether.


      • @Nashra: LOL! Im like rising from the dead here, but did you all see this post in Dawn as well? We really are mad and blind and dumb is all I can say!


    • Oh my goodness.. Kaunsi dunya me ye log rehte hain .. Clear boundaries?? yes ofcourse we could clearly see those boundaries .. So agree with you @Nashea and @VZ.. Literally a different play we seem to watch..


  11. its right that it extended much but wali farah story was lovely….last episode rocked..!!! okb was sweetest in last shot!!! farah also did well…it was awesome drama dude don,t say it wasn,t ok?


  12. As always a spot on review… Gosh i was so drooling on OKB’s romantic portrayal of Wali.. Wish we could get the real Wali through out the drama..but yes the last scene was indeed the only best scene throughout the drama.. I wonder how couldn’t the team understands that its the light things that hit the ground and not the over excess of melo-drama.. Anyway back to episode.. Uff this Faara’s crying was annoying to death… Bande ki bardasht se bahar he the way she cry so ridiculously… And the most surprising bit was Samdhan’s ki dosti.. Ye Behroze bhi kamal ka tha.. Marne ke baad bhi he can do wonders… By coming into wife n ex-mangetar thoughts and taraaa all sorted and BFF.. Talk about lameness :/

    Just like you all.. The only motivating factor to watch DeD was only because of you guys.. It was such an amazing time to discuss and analyze every character and their motives.. Will never forget those creative hilarious situations @VZ and @FA would come with 😂


  13. Perfectly said! A beautiful final episode. One things for sure osmaya definitely worked as a couple – too bad we saw them only sprinkled like stardust throughout amidst the main courses of Tajammul moiz and previously almost 20 episodes of The previous generation.
    I don’t know why they don’t get it that one track stories can work too you don’t need so much craziness and forced storylines considering the biggest hit in recent times was their own doing and perfectly held our attention! If this had been 23-25 episode even it would have been so much more tightly edited but dragging it to 33 killed it
    OKB and Abid Ali obviously the stars of the show and yes the characters who made the most sense.
    The beautiful cinematography was always a plus point which also kept us going- The incessant theatrics around the khans deaths, maya cry fest and wali and his threats were the sour points but we still kept watching and OKB and Maya were a big part of that!
    This blog was hilarious with all the comments, so thx for all the entertainment and venting . It was a definite experience!


    • Yeah, this trend of dragging stories beyond their natural life span is really killing the way dramas are being stretched out – through OTT melodrama and repititions and bekar filler scenes. Sometimes I feel shaadis dont last as long as these dysfunctional dramas do! And ab tau be prepared for 40 + eps waley dramey!!!


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