Trials ‘n Tribulations of Wali-Man: Why no Wa-Fa moments in Diyar-e Dil

DeD cover

Not that we’ve found a cure for cancer or  figured out how to eradicate hunger or fingered the person who ordained that every Pakistani drama heroine must shed a boatload of tears at least once per episode – woh sab masley masa’il tau apni jagah par waheen waisey ke waisey hi maujood hain – but aajkal ka sab se ziada discussed topic has to be those missing Wa-Fa moments from Diyar-e Dil.

Matlab ke hadd hi ho gayi! Here the serial is about ready to end and there we are, us masoom viewers, still waiting. Actually, forget about us, even Fara is intezaaring!  Why is this love story not getting anywhere?


Not expecting any real answers from those in-charge I thought to conduct my own investigation – stalk Wali (no point in stalking Fara kyonke un bibi ko tau roney se hi fursat nahin) for a day or so and figure out what was going on. What the heck has hero sahab been doing all these weeks? Aisa bhi kiya busy hona ke one can’t make time to romance their leading lady? Aur kuch nahin tau banda ek do gaaney he gaa leta ab tak?

Khair, these were my thoughts then….

30+ hours later…

It ain’t easy being Wali-Man! Yaqeen nahin aata tau read below....


A Day in the Life of Wali-Man

8:30 pm: Returns from dropping samdhis off… stops on the way in to warm his hands on the totally random bonfire burning in the middle of a path otherwise beautifully lined with diyas.

8:45 pm: Looks up waisey hi and sees Fara sobbing her heart out.


9:00 pm: Is on the verge of saying something meaningful to Fara when he remembers its Agha jan ke medicine aur khaney ka time.WFC2

12:00 am: With Agha jan’s dawai aur khana aur munh haath dhulana aur tucking in bed all done Wali finally gets time to himself.


3-5 am: Time marches on as a tired Wali tosses and turns…


Thanks to those darned uncomfortable mountain of pillows his mom loves he can’t sleep


Decides to make the most of the moment and go hang out with Fara, before thaanedaarni mom maaros chhapa and conducts her usual inquiry, or it gets time for Agha jan’s munh haath dhulao aur phir dawai aur nashta ka waqt.   


6:00 am: Magar yeh kiya? Fara madam ghaib! As Wali looks around  for his missing nikaho-ed wife her phone rings and its saasu maa from hell.


7:00 am: Takes him an hour to coax the whole story out of a roti dhoti Ruhi, but finally Wali learns that Fara has been kidnapped by her evil cousin Moiz.

Wali’s opinion:

[Disclaimer: This video clip was originally posted here]

8:00 am: Fazool or not, at the end of the day Fara is his nikaho-fied biwi so it is incumbent upon Wali-Man to make an appearance, complete with his superhero sweatshirt and leather jacket. No shalwar kameezes or valimey waley chamaktey suits for this outing. This one is a secret mission. The trusty family servant Gul Khan is given strict instructions about what to say and do. With the clock ticking there is no time for salaam to mom, and off goes Wali-Man speeding away on his super sawari.


1:00 pm: Reaches Lahore, his super sawari now a different make and color, and gives a piece of his mind to the two ladies, both of whom have no clue of Fara’s whereabouts.


With no idea of where to begin, Wali-Man starts his rescue-Fara mission by looking around on the roads as if he expects Moiz and Fara to be standing around waiting to hitch a ride.


Pays a visit to one of Moiz’s friends


Then the second one

Frnd2Calls in for reinforcements


Listens to a long-winded bhooli bisri dastaan from his sada ki naraaz tayi ammi who is by now his newest BFF. Such are the supernatural powers of Wali-Man.


Off they go to a third friend’s house, this time with police in tow.


Finally there is some khabar and they are directed to where Fara is being held. Being the Wali-Man that Wali is, he makes it just in time to stop the rape. But wait. Before he can say anything to Moiz, he must recall susar sahab’s tenth commandment.


The blessings being asked for and given, Wali-Man is now ready to sikhao a serious sabaq to Moiz.

At the end of it all, being the Wali-Man that he is, our hero suffers no cuts or bruises only a superficial graze on his arm; his super sweatshirt too shows no sign of wear and tear. – chalo ji mubarak ho, all over bacchat ho gayi.  All in a day’s work for Wali-Man.

8:00 pm: Headed home, Wali-Man shows no signs of being affected by the day’s events, no signs of weariness on his face and his hair as perfect as if he’d just walked out of a salon.


1:00 am: Home to thanedaarni ammi who lets loose with some choice words. Wali-Man slinks away and in his stead stands a sharminda Wali. Not worried a bit about who was listening in, his mom does his total besti kharab in front of nikaho-fied biwi and newly-befriended saasu-maa. Arju aap bhi na! Mauqa tau dekh liya karein! 


Arju walks off in a huff after giving Wali a piece of her mind. With mom gone, Wali-Man makes a re-appearance as an injured Wali lifts and shifts furniture around to seat saasu-maa.


Gone is the angry young man we saw in Lahore, here the nazrein neechi kiye Wali is busy rendering apologies to who ever will listen. He begins with his beloved Agha jaan.


With Agha jan accepting his apology Wali-Man moves on to ammi ji… but wahan tau Arju has not even a minute to spare, busy as she is throwing a royal hissy fit.


3:00 am: It has now been over 24 hours since we first started stalking, but Wali-Man’s day nowhere near over. Aur ho bhi kaise sakta hai? Agha jan still needs to be tucked in. Off goes Wali-Man again.


3:30 am: Walks away from Agha jan’s room thinking he’s finally done for the day…


But nahin, aisi qismat kahan… its now Fara’s turn to add in her two cents! When he wanted to talk to her she’d driven off with Moiz, but now wants to have a heart-to-heart. #TalkAboutBadTimingWF

4:00 am: Finally!!!

[Disclaimer: This video clip was originally posted here]


As is evident, in this whole never-ending day so busy was he ke not once did Wali-Man stop to sit down and enjoy a chai biscuit break. Not even to behlao his bewaqt ki bhook!


Chalo, granted this particular day was an exception, but even if it had not been Fara’s kidnapping, Wali-Man would’ve still spent the day asking all and sundry about Agha jan ka nashta and dawaein and haath munh dhulwana, worrying about woh laitey ke nahin, theek se bistar mein tuck hoye ke nahin. 

After Agha jan comes ammi ji’s turn and she brings with her the tension of making it to the nashtey ki table by 8:30 am, salaaming her on time, and the stress of when next she was gonna tell him ke Fara ko haveli se chalta karo. This in turn leads to the weighty matters, of bringing the bikhra hua khandan together, one crying/angry/bitter female at a time.

And… if ever there is any time left over from dealing with jeetey jaagtey family members there will always be the dearly departed ones who are (literally) dying to make their presence felt.


Ab itney saarey duniya bhar ke tensions ke beech mein where is the time for apne miyan Wali-Man to even think of running around trees with Fara? As busy as this superhero is, romantic scenes agar script mein huye bhi tau where is the time for him to enact them?

Romance, my friends and behen Fara, is for us mere mortals, yahan tau qissa kuch alag hi hai ….

Wali man

Written by SZ~

35 replies

  1. ROFLLLLLL. That was your one of the best hilarious post.. Too good.. Specially those recorded videos were cherry on cake…the dearly departed ones part was absouletly cracking one…. Infact whole post left me in laughter fits .. 😂😂😂


  2. MA MA!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    Uffffff im in fits here! Bass if we get posts like these ill be happily on board DeD lol.. Ill even mitti pao all the issues! Lol ..
    Uffff hans hans ke pasene choot gaye .. OKBs vlogs r soooo much fun!
    Lol @ Random fire : that it was! I mean who put that there?!?! Our drama makers def need to go on health and safety courses.. Recently fire hazards galore!!!!
    Mountain of pillows, Susar sahabs tenth comnandment, royal hissy fit and total besti kharab 😂😂😂
    Ufffff waise honestly abb i do wonder what his diary looks like…


  3. Vow. Hilarious. Maza aa Gaya. Thanks.
    What a shame. There is such strong chemistry between Fara and Wali…yet not an iota of romanticism.
    i think it’s story about Agha Jan, short sighted Rihi and Qurbani ka bakra Ruhi. Wali and Faraa just happen to be around.


    • @Farah S: Thankyou! So glad you enjoyed this crazy post 🙂
      Haha! no worries abt typos as long as we understand each other its all good. You should see mine before I edit the heck out of my posts, and phir bhi reh jatey hain 😦


  4. Rotflol!

    Loved it SZ

    I’ll just add to the 8:30 pm time slot: Sees Zarminey’s in-laws off at the Haveli gate and then stops to warm hands over the random bonfire. (it was Zarminey’s engagement day right?) Though why they would have left then and not stayed doesn’t make sense. Don’t they live in Islamabad? LOL, aik hee din main unn ko bhee nikaal diya?


    • @DB: Thank you! Wasn;t sure at all of how this one would turn out so was really hesitant about posting this and till the very end was debating between publish and delete!

      Aah!! Thank you! I think I wsa so out of DeD at that point ke I lost the continuity there between the previous ep and this one, ok now the diyas make sense. I’ll edit accordingly right away.

      Haan na, nikaaltey na tau phir yeh sab aagey drama kaise chalta ..


      • Haha don’t worry SZ, I am sure he’ll see the humour in this…

        BTW, did you notice Wali looking at the time in his wristwatch when there was a clock staring at him in the face? LOL


        • I did! Actually noticed quite a few things while making these gifs. A small example, Wali’s hair seem to grow substantially within the span of a few hours and of course, everybody’s hair is so well made through out .. not one hair out of place for anybody.


          • @SZ

            I was just thinking… This wasn’t the first “evening that wouldn’t die” – LOL, the whole overhearing Agha jaan, going to the lawyer to get the legal document, driving over to Lahore, kidnapping Faara, taking her to the guest house, telling her about the deal, waiting for the response, sending someone to her house in Lahore to get her things, driving all the way back to the haveli, facing Arju’s hissy fit, and then showing Faara to her room… just how many days of non-sleep did Wali-man suffer?


  5. SZ, wah, wah! Look at how DeD is making you all strong and empowered to do such posts – Pehchan and Talkhiyan apni jagah, Wali Man toh gets whole posts dedicated to him, wah jee wah!

    Enjoyed every bit of it, lol… Thank you for the laughs!


    • @SZ: Ok, confession time …. so I was reading all your replies yesterday evening and dying of laughter but couldnt respond because I was in the car and signals were dicey so all 5 hours in the car I just kept thinking how to respond to you all .. and thus this post was born and credit is all to you and @FA … #GivingCreditWhereCreditIsDue

      Hahaha!! Never thought of it like that and that wasn’t the intention, but you’re so right! Not even Ashar (yes, Im a total sap when it comes to Humsafar ) ever got a post dedicated solely to him! So yeah, I guess cant complain anymore abt DeD sending out wrong messages 😉 😉


      • 5 hours in the car? OMG, Wali Man toh would’ve made 10 round trips from Skardu to Lahore in that time. And rescued damsels in distress, befriended saasumas from hell and given us ever lasting world peace. It’s a different matter that his new year’s eve would’ve made a very different read… But chahey duniya idhar ka udhar Ho jaaye, no way will AJ go un-tucked.

        Thanks for the credit SZ, it’s very kind of you. There’s something about this play that brings out the snark in all of us. Thankfully Wali Man doesn’t know where I live, warns I’d have been next in line after Moiz, lol.

        Where is my partner in crime FA?


        • hahahahaha Hello partner!
          I think we should look into investing in Wali-man’s Super Sawari!.. We know what else he should be advertising alongside hair styling products.

          Waise currently apne Wali-man also seems to be collaborating with Captain Safeguard – fighting bacteria and germs.. promoting sanitizers and all lol


          • Hehehe, I know, what was that hand gel thing all about? See, in addition to sending out strong messages on family bonding and the like, there are these nuanced messages for cleanliness, health and safety too. Wah, DeD is clearly a package deal yaar.


            • Don’t forget the painkiller our wali- man took before he took off his sawari to haveli bet those could mint $$$. And how can we forget the sweatshirt jo goli lagney keh baad bhee stain proof hai😉


  6. So that’s where you’ve been?! Stalking Wali-Man?! I’ve been looking all over for you!
    You must have some great skills to not have caught his eye. 😉

    This is hilarious! Pure Genius! 😂
    Honestly… ever since I saw that promo where Wali kidnaps Faara (was that even necessary) to fix tootay huay Agha Jaan, I just couldn’t get over how he found the time to change outfits. Matlab itni jaldi main bhi The Perfectionist Wali couldn’t go wrong with his fashion statement. Leather for the Road Trip, Check!

    Oh SZ, you must write more of such posts & more often! 😃😆😄


  7. Maza aa gaya SZ…so true, romance karta toh kab karta….
    Incase there ever is a suhaag raat, I fear Arju might be hiding with a bat to kill off Fara….mera beta sirf mera hai!
    Note to OKB: your hair looks great anyway, plz don’t let these stylists make UFOs with it.


  8. On an unrelated note, Ali Rehman Khan posted pics of him and Armeena Rana Khan working on a project in Italy. Is it likely to be for Farhat Ishtiaq’s Jo Bache Hain? If this turns out to be true, then I have only one word to say: taubah!


      • No DB, it’s a TV project.

        My guess is that it’s Jo Bache Hain… It’s being shot in Italy and if I’m not mistaken this story is set in Italy? There was news floating around that this novel was going to be picturized… If this is true, then they should rename the play “Jo grey cells Bache Hain sang sameit lo”.


    • @VZ: Really? Now she wants to ruin that too? Thoda intezar he kar letin FI..doesn’t one need time for coming up with ways to wreck a story?
      Come to think of it, FI has a ready-made plan already that she can embark on, once she’s done dramatizing all of her existing novels. That great plan would be to write a non-fiction book “How to Make a Muck of One’s Own Work”. And it will be a best-seller, too :p


      • Nashra, FI is on a roll… First the stupendous success of Bin Roye, then the record-breaking DeD, all ruling trp charts and what not, so why wait? Strike when the iron is hot is the mantra…


    • @VZ: oh no… I personally disliked that story but taubah waqai., that novel was bit complex and after DeD all hopes are drained.. And then MashaaAllah se cast …


      • @Rehmat: Jo Bache Hain Sang isn’t my favourite, either, but it still made for an interesting read. I’m quite sure it’s non-linear narrative would be done away with and we’ll get a bland story, high on dramatics, unfolding on our screens yet again. God, I hope the writer gives melodrama a rest.


        • @Nashra: LOL true that.. I was hooked to the story for may be till 5-6 parts but then it was dragged ke hadd nahin.. Never for FI novel i ever thought yaar ye kab khatam hoga.. But this tested my patience… Ab just imagine if novel made me quite bore with this dragness tou drama will be 40+ episodes this time 😉😂


  9. Hahahah ROFL! Rhis was so hilarious, SZ!! Maza aa gaya..absolutely loved it! 😀
    What, I ask, is the point of being the knight in a shining armour, heroically saving people left, right and centre, if the knight gets no chance nor time for wooing and romancing his damsel in distress? Some bizarre rule dictates he can only rescue and never romance. Lagta hai Wali-Man ki kismet he kharab hai 😉


  10. This was definitely the best post I have read. Maza Aagaya 😂😂😂 . It answered the million $$$ question Wa-Fa fan ’32 episodes hogayee. Drama is ending but no hopes of seeing Wa-Fa romance…durr durr tak.’ This post is pure genius had me cracking up from OBIs Vlogs to susar jees 10th commandment to the dearly departed family members to thanedaarni Ammi who needed this one liner when ever she spoke in this whole episode ‘Mummy yeh aap Kiya keh rahee hai’ 😜 Btw I am still curious about which pain killers Super Wali was on or was he living by ‘ Mard ko Dard nahin hota’ philosophy 😉😉😉. Thanks for a great post & laughs. Throughly enjoyed your post. You have a great sense of humor 👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌


  11. Oh SZ where have you been? The voice of sanity in this insane drama! Thank you, thank you for this post. Have you checked out the Wikipedia page for DeD? Looks like the publicity dept. at HUM has been busy congratulating itself, the author is quoted as saying she is hoping to rewrite the novel according to the TV series because the later is so good. Seriously!
    Thank you for this post, it needed to be said.


  12. Funny! Funny! Thanks for the good laugh SZ. Better than the real thing. This has been dragging. All said and done though I’d rather watch UKB designer beards and all than all the ugly crying MA has been doing. Ugh! They’ve run out of steam and I’m watching each episode in less than 10 minutes.
    Are the directors making them do this kind of crying? Or do these actresses need to take a lesson or two from SM in Meri Zaat!


  13. OMG! This is hilarious 😀 I had stopped coming to this website since I knew the admin wasn’t posting about Diyar-e-Dil from a long time but I’ve managed to check it today and I see this!! ❤ 😀
    A very interesting and Creative way of stalking Wali-man…the GIFs were like Icing on a Cake!@#$

    Hahaa..Wali seems to be supernatural and doesn't get time for his TUC for beqwat bhook 😛 He's got a long day of worries and responsibilities. Absolutely loveddd your take on this and its becuz of Wali's character (&OBI:) that I was glued to the drama until the end!

    And YES staying awake all night/ driving the entire day/ breaking into a physical fight/ or doing Agha jaan duties…..HIS HAIR REMAINS TO THE POINT!!!! 😉 😛 😀


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