Jawani Phir Nahin Ani ~ A Review

jawani-ohr-nahi-aniJawani Phir Nahin Ani is a complete laugh riot!

Having read several reviews and after having watched a lot of the promotional stuff on TV, I walked in to the theater expecting to be mildly amused. I am so not into a Masti or a Grand Masti type of comedy, I thought to myself, but ek tau it was Vasay’s writing, secondly it had gotten good reviews, and thirdly it was actually screening at a 1280x720-ckYnearby theater … so ab after all this how could I possibly miss out?

Rationalizing it to myself, though, was only half the battle… getting shohar sahab to come along was a whole other matter. Why do I have to be dragged along to watch rotey dhotey TV dramas parading as films, he asked in exasperation. And I couldn’t really blame his reluctance, he was right… our last experience had been exactly that.

Barely five minutes into Jawani and everybody … all of us … me, meray shohar sahab, saath wali aunty, unki dost, un donon ke shoharun se aagey waley uncle … every single person in the theater was laughing. Not at the movie, like the last time, but with the movie. And yes, this one looks, walks and talks like a film, with no drama hangover whatsoever in sight. And, yes! No roti dhoti ladies, or Arts-and-Entertainment-Upcoming-Movie-Jawani-Phir-Nahi-Aani-Cast-8412lads, either.

On paper the plot is nothing to write home about – three guys are fed up of their hen-pecked lives and then one day a long lost bachelor friend shows up with an idea that turns everybody’s life upside down – but it is Vasay Chaudhry’s patented witty, razor sharp writing that holds an otherwise hackneyed story line together. His humor is intelligent and funny and the inside jokes are spot on. Most importantly, the comedy, though raunchy in places, is not crude and neither is it the loud and slapstick kind of stuff that is being passed off as comedy these days on TV.

The characterization is really well done; even though Jawani boasts a huge cast, every member gets to play a well-Reasons-to-Watch-Jawani-Phir-Nahi-Ani-2-600x338defined role, each one very different from the other. Pretty much every actor gets a moment or two to call their own and shine, but even then there are those who shine so much brighter than the others.

I guess one would call Humayun Saeed the hero of this film, his is the character that propels the story and he is good no doubt, but really Jawani belongs to Vasay and Ahmed Ali Butt – these two are absolutely hilarious. The pair have some of the best lines in the movie and their comic timing is spot on. Hamza Ali Abbasi makes a good impression as well. Ismail Tara sahab is an absolute delight as the Don, Javed Sheikh not as much. x240-cxo

Among the women, Jawani represents Sohai Ali Abro’s coming of age as she nails it as the young social media maven, a brilliant critique of the self-obsessed society we live in these days. I have been watching her since her first appearance in Manjali and then in Saat Pardon Mein, and have to say she’s come a really long way since. Of all the ladies in this film, Sohai is the one with a film star like aura about her.  Aisha Khan has great screen presence and her wardrobe choices are excellent. Sarwat Gilani is imagebeautifully pregnant here and is so much fun as Sheikh’s Pathan wife. Mehwish Hayat does not leave a lasting impression even though she has quite a bit to do and say here, Uzma Khan is another one who does not make much of a mark. Bushra Ansari does well at what she always does, there is not much new about her character here.

Alongside these central characters, watch out for a whole lineup of surprise appearances by Mohammed Ahmed sahab (hilarious sequence), Gohar Rasheed (fabulous as the designer XYZ), Yasra Rizvi, Farhan Ali Agha, Ali Kazmi, Bilal Lashari, ZQ, Adil Wadia, Ghazala Javed, Adnan Siddiqui (in abstentia), and Fahad Mustafa.

img_5603093819826As a director Nadeem Baig does well here in his first feature. Though there are a couple of sequences that do not add much to the movie and could’ve been edited out, the bhang aftermath scene and the Mehwish-Humayun Punjabi song, overall the pace and tension is well-maintained throughout, and the humor, though omnipresent, is never allowed to overwhelm the story. Fair-And-Lovely-Jalwa-A15

While all this is well and good, it is not like the film is not without faults. The biggest drawback, to my mind is the music. Apart from a couple of songs – Ahmed Ali Butt’s rap the big standout for me, khul jaye botal a fun shout out to Madam Noor Jehan’s disco dildar mera  – there is not much that stays with you. Product placement is awkward to stay the least and in your face in quite a few places. The choreography of songs, bar the last one directed by Adnan Malik – is very messy and seems very Bollywood wannabe. The one fight sequence seemed to have been edited haphazardly. The wardrobe choices too were questionable, specially for men, and most definitely that particularly mind-boggling green-orange-yellow sherwani worn by Hamza Ali Abbasi- what the what was all that about?36553681_large

As an aside, now with so many movies coming out, on top of all the 50001 dramas, there really should be more of an effort to find unique locations and settings. Here, if I am not mistaken, wasn’t Javed Sheikh’s house the same one as used in Bin Roye, Aman House in Karachi?

In terms of the controversies we heard so much about earlier, I would say apart from a few beach scenes in the begining and a some raunchy lines here and there, there is nothing particularly objectionable about the movie. Its definitely not rocket science but its not the pits either. I walked in expecting to cringe in a few places, perhaps uncomfortable at times, but there was nothing like that here, infact I see so much morec upsetting stuff on Pakistani TV these days, on supposedly family friendly channels, with no filter no censor no rating, no nothing whatsoever.

Aside from all this, my big peeve has to be with the subtitles – could somebody please proofread these before sending the prints to be screened abroad? Apart from the at times incorrect translation there were numerous spelling errors – goy for guy, Gullo Pat for Gullo Butt, desmond for diamantés, and this while I wasn’t even trying to read the subtitles!

In the final analysis Jawani Phir Nahin Ani is a leave your thinking caps at home and come be entertained kind of a movie. All of us who had started laughing at the begining were still laughing by the end of the film. People walked out of the theater discussing how entertaining the movie was and almost everybody was talking about Sohai’s MA MA line and her social media crazy character. So yeah, co-produced by Ary Films and Six Sigma, Jawani Phir Nahin Ani is neither flawless nor a masterpiece but definitely masaledar + mazedar = paisa wasool!


Written by SZ~

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    • @Farah S: Hello! No, Manto’s not released in the US as yet … will IA catch in a couple of weeks when it comes here for a film festival ..

      Do share your views on this one when you watch it – would love to hear what you thought of it 🙂


      • @SZ,
        Indeed I’ll share my views on JPNA.
        But I have seen “Manto” and I’m waiting your Review.
        I’ve read Manto’s Saheb many times..including his articles on Noorjahan and many others. I’ve been waiting for Sarmad’s Manto since inception, and I was in the cinema the very first day.
        So what’s your take on Manto’s stories?!
        As far as film is concerned, I’ll patiently wait for Your Review.
        Take care


  1. wow..ab aap poochen gi good wow ya bad wow..tou main kahoon gi amazed wow 🙂 wo iss liay k last time k bad experience ka baad dobara aap koi pak film dekhnay cinema gain aur wo bhi hubby k sath ..iss baat per aap k liay clapping 👏👏👏 ..

    me ny film nhi dekhi aur shayed na hi dekh paaon…lekin film dekhay bagher bhi main review say 100% agree kerti hoon kiunk trailer aur songs dekh ker jo impression mujhy mila tha review nay almost osay confirm ker dia hai..chalen BR k liay na sahi lekin iss film ki hudd tak hum hum-khayal hi hain…

    lekin main ny kal manto dekh li 🙂 aur ab mujhy shidat say intezar hai k aap bhi oos ko dekh len aur review kren..iss say pehlay k mere jazbaat serd perh jyn hum jaldi jaldi discuss ker len..main abhi kuch nhi kahoon gi kiunk mera khayal hai aap shayed abhi sunna bhi na chahen..dosray mujhy der hai kahin aap mera opinion chori ker k review mein na daal den 😉 akhir intellectual property ka sawal hai lol ..

    tou review per miltay hain aur aap ko aur sab friends ko eid Mubarak 🙂


    • @Rania: Khair mubarak 🙂
      Ji, main Sarmad ko message karne lagi hoon ke merey liye eik private screening ka intezam karen, kyonke Rania ji ke jazbaat sard parnay ka andesha hai 😉


      • lol..bhai I know k abhi wahan release nhi hoi..lekin apna dil tou bacha hai ji..aur bachay ki baat ka kia bura manana 🙂 aur private screening tou aap deserve bhi kertin sarmad ka itnay superb interview kernay k baad 🙂


  2. Hello, SZ!!! You have no idea how nice it is to read your review after a long time. I adore your writings! First things first, when will we be seeing Manto’s review? Don’t wanna sound demanding, but I really really want to read your take on it! 😀
    Oh wow, I didn’t plan on watching this movie even though my friends have been raving about it, but ab aap nay tareef kardi hai, so will be giving it a go 🙂 By the way, with HAA’s facebook statuses, resignation from PTI, ‘I did it for my friends’ justifications, the promotional stuff has been very entertaining, too! 😛
    Oh, I got to see Fair n Lovely Ka Jalwa song, and I have one thing to say to Humayun Saeed: act karo, produce karo, direct bhi karlo kisi din, magar dance say dur raho!
    SZ, though I haven’t watched the movie, mujhay trailers dekh ke aisa laga kay Humayun definitely looks more excited and interested here than he does in BIn Roye. What do you say?


    • @MB: Thank you 🙂 More than writing, I have missed talking to everybody here magar what to do 😦 there is absolutely nothing on TV these days that merits either a writeup or a discussion :/

      Re: Manto.. you know I am yet to see a movie with so many reviews! I read at least two three new ones everyday, and each one more thought provoking and beautifully written than the last one.. It screens at a film festival here in mid Oct so hopefully Ill manage catch it there..

      Re: JPNA and Humayun Saeed: Oh absolutely – This papu cant dance! And yes, he is so much more engaged here as compared to BR where I thought he pretty much sleepwalked through the whole film. The reason for this is pretty obvious when you watch the film . he actually gets to contribute something here, and he is actually pretty good here.

      Re: Hamza and his shenanigans…uff!


  3. Loved your review yaar.. makes one happy while reading 🙂 i so dislike when people get judgemental before watching :/ and start putting labels that its copy of bollywood movie.. gosh guys just watch pehle..


    • @Rehmat: The plot is wafer thin and there is nothing new abt either this or the Bolly/Holly movies that this one is being compared to, but it is the writing that is really sharp and the jokes which are really funny, and it is those that make this one so very Pakistani .. were you not familiar with the PK pop culture you would not get over 60% of the jokes .. but I guess to each his own 🙂


      • SZ and Rehmat the jokes are very authentic Pakistani. Their is no copy of Bollywood.Perhaps a bit of plot looks the same but comedy movies usually work on these tracks .


  4. Hey SZ!
    I am extremely proud of the revival of Pakistani Cinema and for me the slogan “ARY-Made in Pakistan” right at the start of this movie meant a lot….just so good to see our movies ruling the cinemas at home rather than any Indian or American movie. At any social gathering recently, the talk has always centered around which Pakistani movie we’ve seen or are planning to see.

    As usual your review is spot on 🙂 This was a totally entertaining movie. I enjoyed the spoof of Waar right at the start (Bilal Lashari- full marks for being such a sport!). Gohar Rasheed was awesome as the zanana designer-he got it spot on- didn’t he? Ali Kazmi had us in stitches 🙂 I was a little surprised by Mohd Ahmad Sahib’s appearance though (woh bhi with kala kola on) in that one scene… I did feel that the raunchy humour was a bit too much- we didn’t need so much of it. Vasay Chaudhry had said in many morning shows that this movie could easily be seen with family. Yes, I could see this movie with my family but if it was a conservative father bringing his daughters to the cinema, they would have a hard time sitting through some of the scenes.

    Humayun Saeed’s track was not well fleshed out. In the first half of he movie, he’s shown to be a cool guy making a good living in the US. In the second half he’s suddenly shown as a ‘laalchi’ person, wanting to marrry for money…? Again at the end, we never really find out how or why he finally falls in love…Of all the boys (ahem, men) his track was the most lacking.

    Of the ladies, I enjoyed Sarwat Gillani the most. She seemed the most ‘real’ of all. I enjoyed the way VC had written in the selfie and hashtag craze. Some of the hashtags Sohai sprouts were hilarious 🙂 The boys were all good. Did you catch when Hamza Ali Abbasi says “Like totally!” to Sohai in once scene. Came out so good 🙂

    Thanks to the whole team of JPNH for this enjoyable experience!


    • @Afia: With you on this current batch of movies coming out … am really enjoying the variety of stories and the diff genres being explored by our filmmakers and there seems to be a film for every kind of audience which is fabulous.

      Re: the Sherry character not being fleshed out, I agree, but then if we went that route tau phir tau there is very little that makes sense. but it was entertaining in its own nonsensical way that it didnt really matter to me at least. And for that I would give a ton of credit to Vasay and Nadeem for holding audience interest despite it being a wafer thin plot.

      Re: the raunchy factor: yes agreed and I noted that as well, but again, the difference here is that this a movie, one where people can choose to go or not, and there are plenty of reviews and posts abt what is in the movie ..so to me its a matter of personal choice.

      And on that, I do wish our awam would stop jumping on the ban this and ban that bandwagon. If ppl dont like a particular movie then they can stay at home ( nobody forces them to go to the theaters) and the low box office returns would make their point pretty forcefully. This recent trednd of calling for universal bans is mind-boggling. I wish they would realize the implications of their actions. Bad enough we got YT banned in Pk, ab movie bhi band karwaden. Why are they bent on creating a situation where a select few get to decide what is suitable for the ppl at large? We have a censor board in place .. let them do their job. And if they are that concerned abt the moral od our public, they should start watching all the stuff being shown in TV dramas and then start calling for bans.

      No, this is not directed at you, just venting my annoyance at the hullabaloo on social media over the past weekend 🙂


      • @SZ Good point abt ban this/that campaigns.. & I’m not for banning .. But seriously where was the censor board?.. or were they out camping with the boys that night?… After watching this I do wonder that what are the censorship guidelines for our cinema?…They are there for a reason and they got a job to do.. I’m not asking for a full cycle with Surf-excel ya doodh ki dhuli movies honi chahyein, but surely some of the content here was beyond acceptable limits for PK cinema.. no?!..


      • @Afia I didn’t get Humayun Saeed’s character at all.Initially he seems to be a genuine friend who wants to help his friends out.Then he becomes cold hearted person who leaves his friends in the middle of crises.Also he says he is in love with one person (Sohai) throughout the movie and in the end goes after the other.It was so funny as the movie makers thought they didn’t need to give any explanation why he chose one over the other.Agree with everyone that leave your brains at home and enjoy .


    • @Afia I loved ‘like totally’ .. that was hillarious!!
      Ali Kazmi and his Dr Amir Liaqat was spot on! It was references like these that gave the movie that Pakistani hallmark…. HAA fb status line, the Tabdeeli line, dagh tou ache hote hain, the XYZ / HSY, Gullu butt to younis butt references..


  5. @SZ I had planned to give this one a miss but after your positive feedback I decided to take the plunge.. Thanks @SZ for the recommendation.. It is indeed hillarious! Like you I was a bit sceptical about taking my hubby.. magar Like you said wahan me, my hubby, hamare sath wali aunti and unke sath wale uncle and the rest of the hall were literally LOL- ing (like Zoya/Sohai would say) throughout!
    Everyone was fab! HS def looked the part here (unlike BR), VC and AAB were hillarious and HAA was great. Loved loved loved the ladies wardrobe! (minus MH) My fav was SG as the pregnant pathan wife.. super cute! Sohai was great fun too with her selfies and esp her hashtags! Wasn’t AS’s pic a great fun moment?!! & Gohar nailed it as as XYZ! Even my hubby who is generally clueless about Pakistani fashion scene recognized kis ka scene chal raha tha.

    Coming back to the wardrobe: jahan ladies were looking fab, men had some very dodgy choices.. from JS’s pink suit to that hideous sherwani.. but I guess it gave them more of that loser edge than a hunky one..

    Product placement was in ur face but i could live with that…
    VC’s writing was razor sharp and so were the performances but I do feel that it went overboard with some of the raunch & exposure, esp in Thailand.. most of which was completely unnecessary.. That was quite an eyesore and left a bad taste.. Although kehne ko tou it had no item number, but there were three numbers that did just that instead.. all crammed in within minutes of of each other.. like @afia says I wouldn’t call it a family movie that one can watch ‘bila jhijak’ with ur dad.. I honestly feel that the movie would have done just as well (perhaps better) without it..
    Plot was wafer thin as it was.. and it was no-sarr-no-paer, leave-ur-brains-at-home kinda movie.. but now that when I do have my brains back and I look back at it, I think the ending/take home msg is a bit disturbing.. jo chahe karte phiro, khair hai – akhir main life (and wife) will be all set.. (…I mean a happily ever after for all 4 of them…?)

    Now i’ve been hearing alot of this bollywood copy argument – Well after watching my verdict : I think it is very Bollywood-esque, but with very Pakistani humour.. Its not a copy, not a charba, but in it’s own way it does have an original Pakistani hallmark..

    Re Subtitles: yes defo.. killed it in places for ppl like my hubby who were relying on subtitles half the times.. there was Kachwa translated as crap (I guess kachra..?)…. Abb I hope they have top notch translation for Manto.. Warna mere mian bechare ke tou sarr par se guzar jani hai woh lol
    @SZ when ur arranging ur private screening hamari translation wali arzi bhi pohinchwa dijye ga 😉 lol
    Abb looking fwd to Manto!…………………. and JPNA part 2 jou banta hai??… lol


  6. Hey SZ finally watched it tonight.It’s the earliest I could get tickets.It was a packed hall from every age group from kids to youngsters to aunties to grand moms. I enjoyed it so much.I skipped your review initially just read that you find it very hilarious.Now that I have read your review It’s almost the exact replica of my thoughts.
    OMG this sherwani of Hamza Ali Abbas (in picture above) it was stuck in my mind.I was trying to decide is it suppose to be this comical or a massive wardrobe malfunction. Also there was one mini dress of Sohai Ali yellow , pink top it was the dumbest outfit I have seen .
    First what I didn’t like.No.1 has to be the music .For this highly budgeted movie they could have definitely made some tracks.The music was too loud, in your face and seems to be a mash up not original tracks.There should have been one slow track and some catchy numbers. No 2. They didn’t spend much money n the production value. The hotel lobbies are I guess Lahore or Karachi PC. I think they just recorded on track in Bangkok. Even the finale wedding decor was very average.As they are showing rich,extravagant people the view did not align with that at all. Next up ugh!!! Voice mobiles of god knows which company and MacDonald blatant advertising. It reminded me of Pardeis where Akshay Khana had to carry coke bottle everywhere. All the female characters of the movie were underdeveloped. There was not any significant female character but just lot of filler roles. I only liked Aisha Khan for her role and Bushra Ansari(though she hardly had a few lines). Sohai Ali managed to bring out laughs so props to her. Rest Meh! This is my first encounter with Mahvish Hayat acting and is she always this bland? Sarwat Galini’s potential is also kind of wasted . So these I guess sums up the flaws.
    The good parts are the script was very well written.It sure lack proper character development but the wit was sharp and timing excellent.Jokes were original and felt very Pakistani.The selfie taking put everyone in stitches. #jokes and underline satire on social media was ironic and very funny at the same time. Hamza Ali Abbasi was better than I expected. Humayun Saeed was his usual self nothing special but did an ok job. Ahmad Ali Butt and Wasay Chauhry were great. The movie became alive because of these two. Wasay Chauhdry especially as his acing was simply a par above. Some of Humayun Saeed and Hamza Ali’s wardrobe were funky and very stylish . The ‘bikini scenes’ which I have heard so much about were very normal. I failed to see any controversies in that.A few dialogues were borderline vulgar but the audience didn’t mind much and neither did I. My nine year old, I am sure couldn’t comprehend them so I don’t have an issue with a line here and there.
    All in all it is a very funny entertaing movie and as you say Paisa Wasool.On the whole I liked the movie a lot as it had so many laughable,giggling moments.
    Ok let’s now all take a #WatchedJawaniPhirNahiAnniSelfie .
    Congratulations to the whole team as this sure is becoming a box office success and it deserves it. Thanks for the recommendation SZ, our whole family enjoyed a lot. Rocking and spot on review as usual.


    • @Laks: FYI I edited your comment for language issues … also have let your comment go as this is [apparently] your first time here, but know that we follow a very strict no personal comments policy here .. please be mindful the next time around – thanks!


  7. Thank you for the review SZ! i would have never watched this movie if it weren’t for this review and I am glad I did. Haven”t laughed this much watching a comedy movie in a long time. The interesting part is once the movie was over I could not really recall the exact funny dialogues…but considering all actors gave it their hundred percent, everyone’s comic timing was great too! it was good fun ☺. Thanks again…are you watching any new drama’s? Have you seen Mohabbat aag si or Farwa ki ABC?


  8. Its always because of you and your recommendations i dont miss good and funny stuff 🙂 so thank you forever ..

    finally watched the movie and i was literally in laughter fits.. Even after movie ended i just couldn’t stop laughing on those hilarious dialogues.. Vasay’s writing and his humour never disappoints seriously.. I loved Ahmed Ali Butt and his character the most..even in most silly situations the way he acted out came across so funny to me.. I do agree with raunchy lines but even there the way it was acted out it didn’t feel uncomfortable.. Like the scene between AAB and Mohammad Ahmed Sahab.. I was laughing so much on ‘kynke threading ke lye dhaga nhn mila’ such a small line but it cracked me up… Sohai was superb with her MA and selfies and Kutti lines.. She came as a surprising one.. And HS was good too.. Sarwat was tooo cute with pregnant pathan wif.. All in all a truly enjoyable movie.. Fully time wasool 😀😀


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