Mahira Khan Ke Jawab ~ You Asked She Answered ~ II

CollageAnd here’s Part II….


Tania Khan
How would you describe your personal style?
A mix of boho and Classic.. (Basically lazy ;))

Mahira’s fan
With which Indian director would you like to work ahead in future?
Imtiaz Ali, Mani Ratnam, Zoya akhtar, Vishal Bhardwaj,Karan johar etc

Apart from acting, in which aspect of filmmaking would u like to experiment with?
Direction and production.

Hi Mahira
Which Pakistani and Indian actors & actresses do you find stylish?
Meesha is  very stylish, she can practically carry anything off. I like Kangana’s style in India, Sonam Kapoor again can make a trash bag look trendy!

Do you regret rejecting any project?
I’ve said no to too many projects and they have been amazing ones, but because of personal time constraints I can only manage one or two projects a year. But that being said, I believe that once someone else does a project it’s theirs … And have never really regretted saying no.

Who is the best actress on TV right now according to you? (Veteran and new)
Saba Q, Sanam (both).. I haven’t seen much of TV lately but I think Hareem is good, I’ve seen her theater plays. Aaminah!! And so many of the new ones are also really good.

Is there a particular project that you wish you could have done but were not offered?
Daam! What a drama. Loved it.

How was the Raees experience?
Good. MashAllah.

Which movie did you enjoy doing more: Ho Mann Jahan or Bin Roye?
That’s a tricky one. I enjoyed Bin Roye a lot, we had a lot of fun but it did get taxing after a while. Ho Mann Jahan was easier comparatively and so there was never a moment of -‘when will this end?’. Shooting the songs for Bin Roye were a blast, so was Santa Barbara. Ho Mann Jahan was a party – everyone on set was a friend.

Favourite TV show? (American/British)
At the moment shameless and Girls. Really need to start watching more shows, have had no time.

Favourite band/artist?
Too many. I love the Beatles.

This is my mother’s question: Did you introduce SRK to Farhan Saeed? :’)
Tell your mum I say salaam, but I didn’t get the question 😦

Laiba Naveed
Hey Mahira. I am Laiba. I just wanted to ask one thing and that is, do you recognize any of your fan? Or remember the name of your fan. Please tell us his or her name. xD
Recognize by face? Yes a few. I have an old fan called Mina, I recognize here for sure. Mahtab, Faria.. You Laiba, if that picture on your account is real 😉

Fatima Noor
When will we get to see you and Fawad Khan on screen again? 🙂 Love you!!!
Lots of love back!!  After Humsafar we did get the opportunity to work together again but both times I couldn’t do those projects. If we get a script which is worth our while we both would def consider it. At the moment there is nothing in the near future!

Do you have any regrets so far? If yes, what is it ?
Ofcourse, more personally than professionally. I can’t write all of them down, but I’d definitely say I wish I was braver before and more honest with myself.

What is the secret to your nice voice? It’s great 😉
Really? Thank you! The answer to that would have to be – my genes.

Laiba Naveed
I am Laiba. I just wanted to ask one thing and that is, do you recognize any of your fan? Or remember the name of your fan. Please tell us his or her name. xD

Hi laiba! I am bad with names and good with faces but that isn’t a good thing because I always recognize a face and I could talk to them about everything – where we last met, how their cat is doing etc but won’t remember the name. It’s very embarrassing. But I know your name and your face 😉

What’s that one moment with Shah Rukh Khan you always remember.
Lots, will share later sometime. Lots of love to you too xx

hamna hassan
how would u like to celebrate ur next birthday?
Hey Hamna! Thank you.. Well the birthday just passed was amazing. 15 of us went to Thailand for it, my childhood friends, my brother etc it was epic. Generally I like being with my family and my friends always plan something or the other. Alhumdullilah birthdays have always been nice.

Can u post a pic of srk n urs from Raees set?
Lots of love back! 🙂 When the time is right I’ll definitely post a picture.

Do you regret rejecting any project? And is there any project you regret taking on? 

Too many that I have not been able to do. I wouldn’t want to name because then it just takes away from the actors that ended up doing it. Yes sometimes one regrets it, especially when something is written for you or you’ve sat on the script discussed it etc but once I see the project on air I feel like it was never mine to begin with.

Which movie did you enjoy doing more: Ho mannjahan or Bin Roye?
Bin Roye was 2 years, HMJ 5 months.. Can’t compare both the experiences. Bin roye went through a lot of issues.. So it was definitely much more difficult.

Favourite Tv show? (American/British)

Favourite band/artist?
Many many.. Right now at the top of my head.. I love Led Zeppelin, Beatles, marley.. Old school 70s because of my parents. I also love Sufi music and old Hindi film songs.

Haneen Azhar
I just wanna ask whether you think that talking to your fans is a waste of time, I mean do you like talking to them or do You think that It`s a part of your career?

No I like talking to them. In fact when I meet my fans I enjoy it thoroughly. Being online and all this social media is new and yes it can be daunting but I think it’s nice if used correctly.

And I always wanted to tell you something, The word “Perfection” describes you!
Oh..! Thank you you’re way too kind..

Does it get awkward when someone says that you look adorable with Fawad khan? and BTW you`re my inspiration!
Hahahaha used to get awkward but not anymore.
Thank you BTW! 🙂

Whose your fav Hollywood actress?
In more recent times.. Cate Blanchett!

Hey do you visit your official Facebook page often? If you do then why don`t you leave a sign that you really saw the posts and stuff 😛
How does one do that? Bhai I’m an anari at all of this. I don’t visit fb often, I will start. Management handles that. I personally handle Twitter and when I start Instagram I’ll personally handle that as well.

Tried to stop myself from asking this but trust me! I`m going crazy! I really wanna ask you this:  does making people happy make you happy as well, I mean just for a moment? Cause you can make anybody dance all day long by just replying one of their tweets.
Yes it does! It’s the best feeling to have someone smile because of you.. Isn’t it? Trust me, some of you guys post the funniest and cutest tweets. You make my day as well..I promise.
p.s keep on dancing whether someone replies to your tweets or not.. Life, as they say, is too short!

And hey! All I ever do is making up plans of what would i say when i meet you. and once i saw you and……….I fainted…………..God! I curse that day 😦 I cried for the first time But it was worth it! Looking at you for real, i could cry a million tears for that. Arent I being too emotional. Yeah……..I better stop! Can`t wait till you answer my questions. Damn! nowI`ll have to count every second till 21 of june 😛 well here i begin…1……2……3…..4 How long will it take exactly?(Never-lasting) 🙂 … I completely adore you! Did i just say that? *FAINTS*
Hahahahah why didn’t you come to me silly girl? You could have cried on my shoulder and I would have wiped your tears

Do you normally see seasons? Like: Game Of Thrones; Revenge; Grey`s Anatomy; Suits; One Tree Hill
I should, I don’t.

Who is the person that you hate the most? There must be someone, I think the word hate`s not very suitable so what about, Who is the person that is least likes by you?
Yikes. Nobody. And I mean that.

Are you born perfect or do you have a fairy Godmother?
Hahahaha what does that mean? I was born imperfect, just like all of us human beings. I believe in God and I have a mother MashAllah.

Sharukh Khan or Fawad Khan? Alia Bhatt or Emma Watson? Sarmad Khoosat or Adnan Malik? Holllywood or Bollywood?
Haaw! Both. Alia bhatt. Emma Watson is also really good. Sarmad is my soul mate and Adu is my soul friend. Lolly wood.

And I`ve also got a request to make, please upload videos for your answers too, you can bring a smile on thousands of faces by doing that 🙂
I’ll try!

 Kokab S.
My question is regarding Falak from ‘Shehr-e-Zaat’, a very complex character with many stages of growth throughout the serial, and very well-played might I add. Assuming, had you not played the role, which actress (of today or the yesteryear) would have been the perfect choice in your opinion? Did you ever wonder so, or do you have such ‘what ifs’ of your own? Please share a few with us if you do.
I did. As much as I wanted to play something different and challenging.. I was also scared that I wouldn’t be able to do justice to it. Umera called me and said that she wanted me to play this. She said it doesn’t matter if I felt I wasn’t ready for such a difficult role or I was raw.. Honesty mattered.

I also felt that Falak was in every frame and what can happen is that the audience can quickly get sick of a character. Also the story itself was a complicated one.. It was about something that could not be shown literally – faith. So how does one act out faith? Just too many questions and doubts.  Anyway I’m glad I did it. I really think any of my contemporaries could have done Falak’s role so long as they played it with honesty.. Saba Qamar would have been great.

Now coming to ‘Bin Roye’-the film, could you define ‘True Love’ from Saba’s perpective.
Initially for Saba love was conditional, she doesn’t understand it. She thinks she can forget and let go, she can’t. True love is unconditional, something Saba realises later on in the film.

Do u know your fans collectively call themselves “MAHIRIANS” ? If yes then how u felt when came to know about it? If no then now u know, How do u feel now?? 🙂
Yes I’ve heard! I feel.. Loved.

U must have come across so many crazy stuffs done by your fans for you.. Did you do any such crazy thing for any celebrity you were or are a big fan of,ever?? Please share with us.
Yes I was a crazy fan once upon time.. I cannot share that story, trust me I can’t 😉

Your favourite place in India??

What is that feeling when u meet your fans??
I feel very happy and very grateful.

Any recent memory related to a fan you would like to share wth us, please?
Well.. I recently was in Dubai. Both times – once for the awards and once for bin Roye this one girl would wait to see me and then when she’d see me she’d cry. She doesn’t talk, no matter how much I hug her or try to talk to her. Her mum tells me stories about how she waits and all.  Never had an experience like this.

These days you are so busy. How do you manage to spend time with Azlan??
Don’t ask. I thought I had it all sorted till this year came around. It’s difficult but I make time. Either he travels with me or I don’t take up any work other than what I’ve committed to at the beginning of the year.

Any Bollywood actress u would like 2 share screen space with??
Madhuri and Rekha.

Your favourite memory from each of your projects? As much u can share with us?
Can’t go in to details, will be too much to write. Bol – rooftop androon shehar Lahore, singing all of us; Neeyat – making life long friendships Mehreen, Shehrazade, Humayun.. and falling in love with NY; Humsafar – Sarmad and nina, talking all night, the mirpur khas nashta; Shehr e zaat – those lines, the words..Umera Ahmed! Working with Jiya, Hina, Mohib, Mekal; Saqay Tumharay – Sher Garh beautiful memories with Khalool.Bin roye – roof of that house where we all used to chill, shooting the songs; HMJ – rehearsals for songs, we used to have lots of fun.

Phew.. Taking a break now, will get back to [next question]  in a bit.. 

You are inspired by MadhuriDixit; Pick one of her movie in which you would like to share screen space with her?
Ram Lakhan!! No wait, Khalnayak!

It’s been heard that in Humsafar you as Mahira was not in favour of Khirad going back to Asher.. So if given a chance to  write it yourself what would Khirad  have done in Humsafar?
Yes at that point I had all these opinions about Khirad not going back. But 4 years later, an older me thinks it was a wise decision.. She did love him, she forgave him but more than anything they shared a daughter.

If in Humsafar it was not Khirad, it was Mahira, then how would Humsafar be like??
Same I think….it would not have dragged so long, would have told Ashar I’m pregnant right then and there…

I love Humsafar OST like mad.. Which drama OST is your favorite??
Humsafar! That soundtrack was beautiful. I also love yaar ko hum ne ja baja Dekha.

If not Humsafar then what?? Where would Mahira be? 
I don’t know.. Everyone who was tied to Humsafar was blessed by it. I will forever be grateful to Humsafar.

First word that crosses ur mind seeing the following names:
Momina Duraid
Fawad Khan
Humayun Saeed
Shahrukh Khan
Madhuri Dixit
Sarmad calls her Devi, that’s the first word that popped up
Rahul Dholakia
good soul
Your Fans

Your favourite quote u believe in?
Oh so many.. But for now, and an easier one – ‘Neeyat saaf toh manzil aasaan’

Your favourite book you have read till date n would suggest anyone/everyone to read?
I’ve read some really good books, but one book which I would recommend to anybody at any age is The Alchemist. I’m not a fan of the rest of the books written by the writer but the Alchemist is a must read.

Which character out of those u played so far is closer to Mahira as a person??
I’m a mix of all of them actually.

A Hollywood Drama or a movie character u wish to do,if there is any?
Most recently Blue Jasmine.

What was the first scene of Humsafar that you shot in which you were present alone, and what was the first scene that you and Fawad shot for together?
Hi you! 🙂 First scene of Humsafar ever to be shot was me and Fawad sitting in the ice cream parlour after the party. I was in some black dress. I remember I was playing with that mint leaf in real life as well.  I can’t remember the one I shot when I was alone. The second scene  was the one at Sara’s house for her birthday party.

What does your list for the sort of roles that you’d like to play consist of, and what is your ideal role that you absolutely hope and wish to play someday?
I don’t have an ideal role. I read a script and it has to excite me. I have to connect with my director..after that I look at a bunch of other things time lines, locations etc and make a choice.

From the scripts you’re currently reading, have you liked or considered any to be doing? Can you tell us anything about your upcoming projects post Ho Mann Jahaan and Raees or will you be taking a break?
I’ve liked a script or two but I don’t think I can take anything up right now 😦  especially sad about one. But such is life. I feel tired and have been away from home as well.

Momina also mentioned that you become very attached to the characters that you play and that they stay with you. Knowing that, do you think you would ever be able to portray more darker/gray shaded characters or ones that are outright negative? Would you take it as a challenge?
Ofcourse I would. I don’t get attached to the character as much as to the project/the people I’m working with. But yes characters stay with me, at times take over me. Saba stayed with me and she was the one I wanted to leave the quickest.. In fact Saba was a difficult character, maybe because she was darker.. Darker than any role I’ve done at least. Also she was the protagonist so I had to tread a thin line while playing her.. That just became Ufff ..Anyway.. Would def take it as a challenge to play an outright negative character.

For all the years that you’ve been on television/part of the industry, from being a VJ to an actor, how have you changed over the years and what about you remains the same?
I have changed. I was naive and innocent back then as we all are when we are younger. I think I’m wiser now. I would trust blindly, I’d say I’m a bit more careful now. You should ask my friends/co-actors etc. it’s hard to speak about myself. That too objectively.
I’d say that the last two years have brought changes in me.. experiences have been such.
What remains the same is that I’m as crazy a worker as I was when I was 16. I am as indecisive as I always was. Still an insomniac and an over thinker.. And still as impulsive.. Maybe even as boring as I was in college, no a little better.. 🙂

Any decision that you look back at and want to be able to change in terms of your career? A project you left, a project you did, etc.
I left a project which became a huge hit to do Neeyat. But do I regret Neeyat? Not at all. It’s strange, but a project is yours when you do it – whether it fails or succeeds. What I haven’t done was not mine to begin with.
If anything, I do wish I had started acting earlier because that is what I always wanted to do.

Do you watch your dramas once they air? And do you ever happen to think like, I shouldn’t have done this in a scene or I should’ve played it like this… basically later on thinking of ways to improve it… are you self-critical about your performances?
Yes yes yes! God I’m bad. My mother doesn’t want me to be around when she’s watching something of mine.

While shooting Neeyat, what were your expectations from the drama? Did the thought of it performing poorly ever cross your mind? What attracted you to the project, Mehreen Jabbar as a director or the script itself? I’ve heard the drama also faced a casting change and Humayun stepped in last minute to save the day… were you intimidated to be working with an established actor like him at that time? How bummed were you with the outcome, and if given a chance now, do you think you would’ve played Aaila differently or done it better than how you portrayed her originally?
Mehreen Jabbar was my only reason to do the serial!! I have loved all her dramas! I had no clue about scripts but even when I read Neeyat I was a little skeptical about what was written ( English version was fine).
I had no expectations from the drama. I was a bit clueless about the TV drama world in those days so I didn’t know hit/flop. Bol also hadn’t come out so the concept of it going to an audience and people criticising and praising hadn’t hit me.
Yes it did go through a change in casting – twice actually. I wasn’t intimidated I was just scared because I had heard stuff about him and all. So one of the first things I said to him was I’m not that kind of a girl and he burst out laughing. He was great to work with.. He makes the environment easy, a no fuss actor.
Unfortunately me and MJ have been wanting to work with each other ever since and somehow timing and luck are never in our favour!

How crazy is your upcoming schedule? Promotions, shoots, etc. Will you be getting a chance to go on summer vacay at all?
Right after Bin Roye promotions I’m off!! A short vacation but a holiday none the less. InshAllah. After that I am not taking up any work.. Just going to take a break.. Hibernate..

From the recent Bollywood or Hollywood movies that you’ve seen… or even from books that you’ve recently read, any particular role that you wish you could do?
Ohhh.. Blue jasmine I loved, highway too, I’d like to do a romantic comedy too.. Love those..
Books, well I would love to play Meena Kumari if there was a film made on her life.

How do you face setbacks and are you able to learn and grow from them, and bounce back? Any regret of a missed opportunity, ever?
I face them head on but I’m a loner basically.. So I deal with success and failure alone.. It’s in my head. I can’t make sense of it most of the time. It’s hard to explain.. I’m also probably doing a bad job at the moment of explaining it. I think I am able to learn and grow for sure.. But I remain impulsive for some reason. I don’t plan, but somewhere I think my heart/brain runs on an auto mode – with a check list. Also, most times I do keep the faith.. Alhumdullilah.
Many many missed opportunities but suffice to say no regrets..

Noor Hassan mentioned in Jago Pakistan Jago that you used to sing on Humsafar sets… do you recall a particular song that you sang and what was the set atmosphere generally like? Any pranks played on or by you?
No man! You sure he said that? Never sang. I do keep my speakers with me on every set. Music blares from my make up room and most of the time we dance and sing loudly (on a good day that is! )  But that actually didn’t happen on HS sets.  For me humsafar sets were basically Sarmad and Nina. The atmosphere was chill.. there was an air of goodness.. Sounds cheesy but there really was..

Any plans to work in a comedy or a romantic comedy or would you be continuing with the more serious roles for now? Would you be interested in working on a telefilm?
Yes and yes!!

How competitive are you by nature?
In a game of taboo or cards? God me and Feeha on the same team.. Lethal! 🙂 other than that not at all.

What does your do not or your on-screen limitations list comprise of? 
Long list. Msg me in private 🙂

Any advice that a co-actor has given you for your personal/professional life that remains with you even today?
Oh loads.. I’d like to keep them close to me, since all of it is personal. Maybe I could share what Jiya said while we were shooting for shehr e zaat. I was not convinced of one of the scenes and kept saying ‘how can she do this ? Say this?’. Jiya told me – “It is not about ‘You’, it is about Her. Surrender to her, forget the ‘I'”
Thus i surrendered to Falak.. And so on..

Do you feel pressured or bound to do things onscreen that you’re not comfortable with?
Not bound, pressured very rarely yes..

What’s an edge or advantage that you have compared to your contemporaries and a disadvantage?
Never thought of that. Nothing.. No advantage. No disadvantage. We are unique, all of us and that’s why we co-exist!

You’ve mentioned that you enjoy writing. Have you ever written a script or a story so far, ever, and do you still write journals to Azlan? Also, any immediate plans to step into production?
I do, I love writing. Not a script.. A short story.. Long time ago. Yes I still write to azlan..not as frequently as I used to.
If I could, I’d start producing tomorrow.

What is the ideal amount of work you’d like to do on a yearly basis? One film, one serial, or do you just go with the flow and decide?
2 projects. But yes I always just go with the flow and the decide!

Have you dyed your hair for Ho Mann Jahaan or dyed your hair generally recently… also will you be promoting Ho Mann Jahaan?
Ofcourse I’ll be promoting HMJ ! InshAllah. Dyed it for HMJ and then again for Raees..

When you work on a specific character, how hard is it to keep the body language, the delivery, the small nuances different from the previous? Do you completely become that character?
Not completely, I don’t think so…  I do start noticing that I’m acting like a particular character a few weeks later.
I think if you’ve eaten the script up (Urdu Mein Kehtey hein ghol ke peena) and once you start acting it out.. Automatically you become a character, then the nuances come naturally.. Ofcourse it also depends on the director and how particular he is.>

Considering where Humsafar left off, do you think Hareem’s plea of having a brother to play with would’ve been fulfilled ;)?
Hell yeah! Ashar and khirad, they be chillin’ with their kids.. All probably spending their Sundays in that pool! 🙂 Love you too my love!

Ufff my fingers. Taking another break….

Any best moment with Atif during Bol?
Some good times we shared during Bol, we used to all sit on the roof.. Sing and talk. It was fun shooting hona tha Pyar.

When r u planing to come to faisalabad cuz me ur bigggessssst fan is waiting :/
I’ll convince Asim to take us to faislabad for HMJ promotions. You better see me theennn!!!

Ramadan mubarak Mahira! in you real life what do u think you have on common with Falak, Khirad, Aila Ayesha, Shano or Saba? Or are you only Mahira at home. How you live without Azu when u go to abroad for shooting for 20 to 30 days n how does he live without u?
Eid Mubarak! In real life I have a bit of all of them in me, and they have a lot of me in them. I can’t live without azlan for so long.. That’s why it was extremely difficult.

Who chose the name Azlan for your son?
Ali picked it and I loved it as well.

I’m ur craziest fan n can die for u as well. Thanks for wishing me on my bday can u please send me a big jadu ki jhapi?
Ok here………. The longest and tightest jaaaaaduu ki jhappppiiiii…….. !!!

Any worst moment of your life?
Aaah… Forget those.. They live in our memories and bug us from time to time why bring them up here? 🙂

Bol was your first movie were you nervous? Share you experience working with Atif n other stars.
You know I wasn’t.. It’s strange but I wasn’t nervous at all. I was just happy to be there and was having a good time. I remember once I did a scene and I couldn’t get it right, I cried for so long after. That was the only time I felt very upset.. But no nerves.

You’ve done many projects n you’ve gotten love from all of them but as Mahira which one is your favorite?
Rate ur acting out of 10.
I can’t.
Bin Roye or Ho Mann Jahan.

Shano or Khirad
Fawad or Adnan

Acting or hosting.

Your favorite song of Atif? Please share ur selfie with Atif or Azu. Can please say one word for me your die hard fan.
Rabba sacheya.  Ofcourse I can, Love.

You danced for the first time in Bin Roye was it difficult? In a morning show Atif said that you know how to play guitar, true? And who won that luddo game you or Shoaib Malik in Tuc the lighter side of life.
I was very conscious.. I don’t like people watching. I’ve become better. Off sets we had a blast.. Even on set, me and Adeel used to practice for hours and then we’d put on random songs and do the Balle Balle dance moves.

Don’t know how to play the guitar, know basic chords etc.  We never ended up playing ludoo! Ha!

U r a superstar n a mother do u think its difficult to balance them equally?
Yes it is. My decisions are based around azlan, even then it gets very tough just like it does for any working mother. This year has been more difficult than the others but trying my best to balance it out.

What is the name of your favorite singer? Please share with us 🙂
Don’t have one fav singer.. But I love Rafi.

Plzzzzzzzzzz cme to faisalabad I want to meeet you
I want to! Thought we would go to faislabad  with bin roye promotions but we didn’t have time 😦

Share any moment with Shah Rukh Khan during Raees and also share your experience in India 🙂 Will do when we promote Raees inshallah.

Say something about the best day of your life?
Forever grateful for that day. Sep 15 2009.

Plzzz say something about me on twitter!
You’re a cutie! Lots of love xx

Do you think if you could play Khirad now it would have been better?
Acting wise, yes it would definitely be better but I think what was nice about it was that because I wasn’t experienced enough I played Khirad in a natural way. I don’t think any other character I’ll ever play will be as raw or real as Khirad.

Which character is your personal favorite? Khirad or Shano? And which was more difficult to do? Falak in Shehr e zaat or Shano in Sadqay?
Khirad is my fav! Falak was harder than Khirad and shanoo. Saba the hardest.

If we see your filmography, you have taken up mostly love stories. Do you want to get out of the zone now? Will we see you doing any out an out negative character in the near future? or maybe doing a comedy film?
I’d love to comedy or a negative character. Saba from bin roye has shades of grey. I love love stories but truth be told I don’t think what kind of genre the script is when im saying yes, coincidently most have been romance. Shehr e zaat wasn’t. Also I haven’t really done too much work.. So when I get down to choosing I think I sway that way.

If you get great script which has an amazing part written for you & you really want to do it, but it demands you to do bold/intimate scenes, will you take it up? 
I won’t take it up.

If could adopt one characteristic from each one of your characters, what would you pick? characters played by you so far are: Ayesha(Bol), Aila(Neeyat), Khirad, Falak(SeZ), Shano(Sadqay), Saba(Bin Roye), Manizeh (Ho Mann Jahan)
Interesting question! 🙂
Ayesha- innocence
Aila – Nothing really.. Practicality maybe
Khirad- Everything.. If I had to choose – her dignity
Falak- The eventual graph of falak’s character, she had a certain faith that was nice
Shano- Faith
Saba- Uff this is tough. She has a certain amount of honesty, the real kind which I liked.
Manizeh- Passion

If there comes a point where an amazing drama directed by an experienced director & an equally good film directed by a relatively new director, come to you simultaneously but you can do only one; what will your choose? drama or film?
That’s the story my life! But such is life.. At the moment I am unable to do drama or film :(To answer your question though- depends on the script. If you’re asking me what my medium of choice is as of now – would like to do more films.

There are pros & cons of stardom. You get immense love & blessings but also get judged for your every move. Does it irritate you sometimes? Do you think life was better as an ordinary person? You are a youth icon. Do you feel pressure sometimes for the responsibility you carry?
Sometimes yes. Every action is judged and maybe I’m wrong but it feels like I’m judged more than others, expectations are also bigger it seems. I’ve learnt to cope with it. Yes I feel the pressure. And because I’m a thinker, it can get taxing. Life always seems better in the past. Life was good then and life is good now mashAllah. What comes with this job is what I have to deal with, it is about how I deal with it. I think it’s important not to lose touch with reality, also to be honest as much as possible.  But but.. Harder said than done.

Your life is literally divided into two parts i.e. before & after humsafar. How’s life changed after Humsafar? Does it sometimes bother you especially when you are with your son or close friends & people come up to you for pictures? Does azlan gets annoyed too?
It doesn’t bother me. I love meeting my fans. But yes my family gets bugged at times when we go out to eat. Azlan doesn’t like it if my attention is getting divided. But now they are used to it. Also a lot of times people respect the fact that I’m with my child or family. ‘Before Humsafar Mahira’ was nicer  in every way. Life has changed, I’ve had to become tougher, had to seen things that I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for this job. Everything comes with a price, so does success. Anyway it would be wrong to complain.. Too much to be grateful for. MashAllah.

What makes you happy in life? (Apart from spending time with Azlan, drinking chai & eating chocolate ice cream. I know your obsession with ice cream lol)
Hahaha nice, I like your research. Other than all of this.. Old Hindi songs make me happy, I don’t know why. Lying around with my childhood friends or family brings me peace. Halwa puri after pulling an all nighter brings me some weird kind of joy..

The Aquafina commercial with you & Fawad came as a huge surprise to us fans. When were you two offered the ad? Before Humsafar was aired or after it became a blockbuster? How was the experience to work with Fawad on a commercial?
We did the Tuc commercial before humsafar, separately, but after humsafar they thought its a couple ad. Then we did aquafina after humsafar aired. Commercials are quicker and less hectic. Usually done in max two days, but yeah they’re fun.

If u were given 2 offers and had to pick one which one would it be?
(1)PTV uncommercial drama with strong script alongside Noman Ijaz
(2)Karan Johar film with average script alongside Fawad khan
I’d pick both to be honest. Glad you didn’t say ‘below’ average script, you made it easy for me.

Have you ever been offered any project opposite Hamza Ali Abbasi ? Is there any chance of you guys working together?
Maybe.. Let’s see! Lots of love to you too.

I wanted to ask that where do Azlaan stays when u go to events abroad or even when you go to the shoots?
With my parents and with Ali.

Did u know me?  Tell me yours 5 fans name?

Yes I do. Sana, Laiba, Zahid, Sahil, Milli and Simi 🙂

Assalam-o-alaikum,  Mahira, me zindagi me phli bar cinema jaongi sirf apki film dekhne #BinRoye; aap kabhi Karachi (shah faisal colony) ain tu mere ghr zaror aiye ga …I want #BinRoye goodie bag…
Array wah!! Send your address will send goody bag.

urvah malik
Ramadan mubarak..:) Tell us your feelings abut your fans…??? What is the importance of your fans in your life..???
Hello Uroosa! Eid Mubarak! I love them. I’m grateful to them. Some I adore, some I find hilarious, some amusing.. They are extremely important because they have supported me through out my career and i owe it to them to work hard and better myself every time .

Which thing makes you special…??
Me? I don’t know.. You tell me!

Just wanted to ask that when will we get to see you and Fawad back on screen? If there are no plans, then please plan!! 
Hahaha let’s see, don’t know the answer to this! Love you too Sara..! Xx

I just want to know whats the reason that u n Fawad are not seen in another drama????

No project seemed to click with both us. It has to be a great story for us to come together.

Zahid Ahmed
Your guest appearance in ‘Manto – The Film’ has me excited to core. Could you share a hint of what you upto in this film.? That little glimpse of yours from movie is driving most of us curious n nuts at same time 🙂

Well… There is a funny story behind the reason why I played a monkey in Manto but maybe I’ll share it another time.  I actually enjoyed it thoroughly, it’s based on one of Mantos short stories. Had to act not just like a monkey but also with a monkey!  Must watch out for Manto – some amazing performances by the cast!

With what we know of you, there is lot that you carry home emotionally from the roles you portray on screen. Would you ever wish to play negative, dark n evil character? Will you be able to give your 100%? I really doubt. You can’t be bad. It’s just not you.!
Ummm.. I would like to play a dark character. For me saba was a little dark and yes she weighed on me. Especially because we kept shooting for 2 years. I carried her home and still carry her, can’t wait for her to leave me to be honest. In any case I think I’ve become better with handling characters and not giving them too much of myself after Bin roye.

I just wanna ask ’bout your upcoming projects. Are you doing any new Pakistani movie or serial?? Would we ever be able to see you with Fawad Khan again??
Thank you aaniya!! Right now I plan to take a break. I feel tired and also need to be home with azlan. So for now – Ho Mann jahan and Raees are the ones that I’ve shot for. Will come out soon inshAllah.

Hi Mahira! there is a scene in Humsafar during which you slipped badly. I never got which scene it was. Can you point it out more precisely?
Hey Anne! Yes, it was the rain sequence. Right after I twirl around and come to ashar, the phone rings and I leave the frame. That’s when I slipped. Rest of the scene was done later.

Should we expect to see you and Fawad together any soon. At least in a commercial pleaseeee!

What was your reaction when you came to know that Fawad had been replaced by Humayun Saeed in Bin Roye?
Well.. It was a choice he had to make. I’m glad he did Khoobsurat! At that point it was a commitment I had made, And for me it ended there. I had loved the novel and wanted to work with Haissam. But in any case, Irtiza was always meant to be a lot older than Saba. So Humayun in a way fit that role. Also I’m glad he did it, he gave it his best and was perfect for it.

If you were not Khirad but Sara how different things would have been for you as Mahira Khan?
Haha God knows.. Different I’m sure.

Have you watched Dastaan and Zindagi Gulzar Hai?
Unfortunately I haven’t seen either fully.But in parts. Daastan I’ve nearly seen most.. Amazing stuff.. The performances were brilliant. So was ZGH.

Do you think that if you and Fawad Khan work in another project that project would be able to beat the Humsafar craze?
I don’t know… Depends on the script and the director. Let’s see. I do feel that that sort of magic is hard to recreate.

I wanted to ask which actors would you like to work with both in lollywood and Bollywood?

Hi somera! Oh so many.. List is endless.

Tooba Shah
I’m a huge fan of yours. You are an amazing actress. Love you.
Thank you Tooba, love you too.

Today is the last day to submit our questions…I thought for a week but ended up with no questions..because there are so many things I want to tell you I would write it down all that you should know…so here it is

MAHIRA KHAN – Through The eyes of ‘Mahirians’
This is to tell you that we all love you .. like LOVE in real sense NO MATTER WHAT…whether its a hit or a flop ,broom or a mop (sorry i’m not a poet at all)..we loved you yesterday we loved you today and we will love you even till the end….
we adore you! you make us proud..
what an actor you are!
but this is not the only reason we love you we love you for the kind of person you are …your simplicity, your divinity, your modesty, your childlike innocence, your lady like elegance,your modesty,your kindness,your down to earth nature…..we all want you to know that you are BEAUTIFUL!
you do justice to your name…you define your name ‘mahir’ ….you are an expert in what you do
you are ‘MaHEERA’ our ‘heera’ our Diamond…very special, very rare and very very precious to us.
Thank you for yourself, thank you for being you..thank you for making us better human beings …whether it was Ayesha, Aaila,Khirad or Shano …. every character that you played taught us something ..Thank you for that.
Thank you for adding that extra and most needed spark into our lives…Thank you for making it Beautiful,,just like you yourself are…Thank you Thank You Thank You so much!
We said a prayer for you…and we know he must have heard….

We asked him to send treasures of far more lasting kind…..we asked him to be near you at the start of a new day to grant you health and blessings … and friends to share your way….we asked for happiness for you and your family but it was peace and his loving care we prayed most of all
I’m at a loss for words, I can only send you a lot of love.. only thank you for your prayers and promise to send out prayers for you. I want you to know that your words reach my heart and make it smile. There are and will be times I’ll fail or falter, forgive me for those.. Will always try to work hard and give it my honest best. I love you..thank you from the bottom of my heart.


15 replies

  1. This iss amazing 🙂 Why did I forget I could have sent my questios too is all on my mind now 😦 The fact that she took tie and replied shows thats he does care for her fans and it was all evident in all her answers.


    • @Ruba: Aww, that’s unfortunate! Chalo koi nahin I’m sure there will be other opportunities in the future 🙂
      And yes, MK was super amazing in terms of responding to questions, etc ..


  2. Such a sweet person.She answered every repeated question with such patience. With a lot of stardom coming her way I can foresee it would get difficult for her to interact with fans this much.But she has shown us again and again she is very genuine person.
    The only thing that bugs me a little is that I notice some friction between FK.He also stays a little mum about the subject.Both never openly admire one another or even claim they are good friends.Just make me little sad as the chemistry they have is same like Shahrukh & Kajol had,maybe even more.It would be a shame if we won’t see them together on screen again.That’s only my idea,and maybe I very wrong.
    Anyhow Mahira undeniably is a sweet,loving person.
    Thanks for the interview.


  3. Wow! That sure is alot of questions. Thank you MK! For putting in so much effort and answering eacH and every question with your heart and soul. Wish i get the opportunity to have chai with you one day 😛


  4. Woww she’s so humble read all the questions/answers and m so impressed. I don’t think I saw any celebrity with such a down to earth personality. MK is an Icon. When v talk about elegance,style, decency, perfection and professionalism we shouldn’t forget MK she’s the mixture of all the above qualities and more than everything she’s our proud 🙂
    Lots n lots of love for You MK and plz one more session should be conducted plzz 🙂


  5. Truly a breath of fresh air! So gratified seeing MK’s humble and kind responses, especially with some of the not-so-breezy questions. I wish I had asked some questions but I think everything was pretty much covered lol. Thank you SZ for being the best-est of intermediates and thank you to MK for making time for our beloved DRNR community. ❤


  6. i want to appreciate Mahira! it took me 5-6 episodes to read these answers, the fact that she answered all of them during her busy schedules tells a lot about her sweet nature.. and the way she answered repeated questions again n again instead of writing “see my reply above” shows how much she cares about each fan..
    I am not a “Mahirian” ;-p but she sure impressed me here..


  7. I love you mam ilike your eyes and lips and attitude must my question is u come in bollywood so whobis inspiration for you?? Your favorite tv show jisme aap bhi ho?? My favorite is humsafar .


  8. aaj ki sabh..aap k naam..ab ek interview aap ka bhi ho jye SZ ji..aap bhi tou kisi celeb say kum nhi 😉 khayal hai?.main ny tou sawal bhi soch liay hain 🙂


  9. Love her honesty and the way she’s not always politically correct 🙂 It’s tough to find celebs who are also real in front of their fans.


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