Bin Roye ~ A Review


Bin Roye will always remain very special for me. No matter how many other Pakistani films I watch from hereon forward nothing will ever match the particular thrill of watching this one. And these were my feelings before I’d even set foot in the theater. What all went on in the film itself is discussed below, but allow me to begin with a huge round of applause for Hum Films, for making it possible for me to watch my first ever Pakistani movie in a movie theater in my state.

I do not live in New York, Dallas, or any of the other big cities where Pakistani films are routinely screened, and the few movies that I have watched have been either on the academic circuit – Khuda Ke Liye, Ramchand Pakistani, Khamosh Pani – or online – Josh, Waar – hence this was a big first for me. It was a moment of great pride to see a Pakistani film listed alongside offerings from Bollywood and Hollywood.

11741728_504974639658886_21460516_nAnd this was not just in the US, friends and family from all parts of the world were calling each other sharing their plans to go watch this one. So just for that, Hum Films, their marketing team and their savvy partnerships with international distributors, all deserve a huge gold star. Combine the wide international release with the very classy promotional campaign and Bin Roye not only succeeded in capturing all us Pakistanis’ attentions, but also drew wider attention to a softer, very vibrant and beautiful side of Pakistan – Mahira Khan and Armeena Khan were stunningly gorgeous, their clothes to die for, Humayun Saeed appropriately suave, and Momina Duraid a passionate advocate for this new wave of Pakistani cinema.

Cast-of-Bin-Roye-along-with-Momina-DuraidI walked in to that theater all pumped up and ready to be swept away by the whole experience. The promos, I will confess, had left me slightly underwhelmed, but then I consoled myself ke those those were just teasers, yahan tau poori film hai, and if there is anybody in Pakistan who knows how to do an emotional story right it is Momina Duraid. After all she is the person responsible for my all time favorite, my ultimate guilty pleasure, Humsafar, right? Right!


I remember there was a time after Humsafar had ended, when we the viewers were often taken to task by the media professionals for being obsessed with the serial, for comparing everything that followed after, against it. Three four years down the road, check out Bin Roye. The Hum Films’ logo was introduced with notes from the Humsafar OST playing in the background. Then Khirad had twirled now it was Saba’s turn. Remember Khirad reading her magazine upside down, well here we saw Saba doing the same with her book. The long never-ending gazes, tight closeups, focus on every facial tic, all went a long way towards ensuring we never forgot that Bin Roye was brought to us by the same people who had earlier delivered the stupendously successful Humsafar.

And it was not just Humsafar, my fellow movie watchers were all pointing to various scenes, instances in the movie which reminded them of other popular Hum dramas. That sense of deja vu lingered throughout.

There is nothing wrong in repeating a successful formula, but to do so without any imagination, without any experience in the matter, sans any consideration for a different, new medium, seems to not be the right way to make a movie. Just because a TV serial script reads like it would make a great film does not mean that it can be hacked up into small pieces, patched up with a few band-aid like scenes, and turned into a film, which is what seems to have happened here with the Bin Roye Aansoo, the serial’s script.

Combine a non existent film script with directors and revolving doors and it is not surprising that Bin Roye is all over the place. I wish they had stopped then and regrouped rather than going ahead with a project without a sense of purpose and direction. This is potential squandered away. I have seen innumerable small budgeted telefilms on Hum TV have way more coherence than this synthetically put together mishmash. As it stands now Bin Roye is looks and feels more like a haphazardly done drama – with the same living room to bedroom style of storytelling – than a big-budgeted film two years in the making. 11705309_1446007072374096_5237032544849038384_nWhen I read Bin Roye Aansoo, Farhat Ishtiaq’s original novel, I found it difficult to get on board with the frame story of the guy marrying two sisters and declaring his love for both of them, but I did enjoy the complex characters and their nuances. Ostensibly a simple story, there was a lot of texture to the emotions, and of course the non-linear time frame, both Farhat’s specialties, all of which made for a great read. Saba’s, in particular was a character with a lot of depth and Irtiza and Sanam too had distinct personalities and well-defined arcs. There was a rationale for everything that happened and why it happened when.

BTS-2Fast forward to Bin Roye and what we get here is no where near close to emotionally rich story I had read. Saba was a hollowed out version of her textual self and as for the rest of the characters …. let’s not even go there. Because Saba is the only one allowed any kind of an arc, and because she is the pivot around whom this movie turns it was vitally important that Mahira Khan be able to deliver the goods, to her credit she did so brilliantly.

mahira-khan-bin-royeBin Roye is Saba and Saba is Mahira. Mahira carries the weight of the entire movie on her shoulders, and does so with oodles of grace and elegance. Not only is she breathtakingly gorgeous but whatever shortcomings there are in the writing of Saba’s character – we have no clue who she is outside of her love for Irtiza – Mahira takes it all in her stride as she imbues a certain gravitas to Saba. We see her as fragile but strong, vulnerable but determined. She goes from being a fun, full of life carefree girl to a heavily burdened, guilt-ridden young woman, haunted by the echoes of her past. Screenshot_1Thanks to Mahira we experience and feel every step of Saba’s emotional journey of emotions and she is the heart of Bin Roye, the only reason why the movie works as much as it does.

While Bin Roye has a heart, and a big one, courtesy Mahira/Saba, it lacks a soul. Yes, it is a wholesome family friendly movie with a healthy dose of  traditional values. We meet beautiful people, swoon over gorgeous clothes, enjoy kosher dances, hum along with pleasant melodies, and enjoy the lovely locations, gleaming copper pots, exotic fire-eaters, human puppets, fortune-tellers, and qawwali singers. Everybody and everything looks picture perfect thanks to great lighting and cinematography, Farhan Alam is an excellent DoP. Despite all the glitzy bells and whistles, however, at the end of the day it all falls flat – contrived, sterile and hollow. Disney-fied, as a friend aptly put it.

1280x720-LipThere are other actors but they come and go without making an impression. Humayun Saeed is charming but looks bored and uninterested, not that I blame him one bit. Armeena looks pretty and that’s about it, we are never given a chance to get to know her Saman. Javed Sheikh, Zeba Bakhtiyar, Junaid Khan, all are wasted. Azra Mansoor is grace personified but there is not much for her to do here. The only other actor who actually makes an impression is someone who is not even in the movie!

Adeel Husain’s chemistry with Mahira is crackling enough to ensure that I will be the first in line to go watch Ho Mann Jahan, when and if it releases here.

All in all my big takeaway from this movie was that while Hum Films gets an A for effort for taking Pakistani movies to the next level in terms of release strategies and promotional campaigns, and their efforts in ensuring good post production made the final product look very good, they have to do a lot of work to do, unlearn the language of drama-making and learn the language of film-making, before they start their next movie. This was a novelty for everybody, but I can’t see too many people paying to go watch what was essentially a drama being passed off as a movie the next time around. I know people in the theater with me were all saying the same thing.


I have deliberately focused only on the story-telling part of the movie because this where I had hopes and expectations. Other than that I understand ours is a nascent industry, with a long way to go in terms of the particulars of film making, hence there is nothing to be gained by drawing comparisons and commenting on technical details.

For now I hope Hum Films will be generous enough to share the wealth of new lessons learned, in terms of international releases, marketing strategies etc, with fellow film distributors and filmmakers like Asim Raza, enabling them to also bring their movies to a global audience. For this new wave of cinema to work it has to be a collaborative effort, many coming together to work towards a single goal, to introduce Pakistan in a whole new way to a whole new audience.

Written by SZ~

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  1. Thank u soooo much SZ 🙂 itny honest review k liay lekin ye expected tha haha….ab itna tou hum aap ko jaan hi gai hain..baray dino baad mulaqaat hai mujhay ijazat den zara idher udher ki guftagu kerny ki 🙂 phir bin roye pr bhi atay hain..kiunk is pr tou bari lambi baat honi hai aur umeed hai kai dino tak chalay gi..agli pichli sari kaser nikal jy gi..wo lamby chory comment wali baat aap ny kisi aur sy ki thi lekin amal main kerny jaa rahi hoon

    jahan sy aap ny baat shuru ki wahan sy kerty hain..main aap ko sach bataon kuch arsay sy masroofiyat ki bina pr main bohat kam online ati thi lekin jab bhi ati bin roye k baray mein updates lena na bhoolti aur jab ye pta chala k ye international release hai tou foran check kia k U.S k kin cities/states mein release ho rahi hai kiunk apnay sy ziada tension aap k liay thi k khuda kray aap ye film dekh len aur hum aap k review sy mustafeed ho saken pta nahi main ny kia dekha kia samjha lekin mujhay laga ye aap k haan release nahi ho gi aur travel kr k kahin aur jaa kr shayed aap ye film na dekhen aur iss pr main kafi din dukhi rahi lol..itni aqal nahi ay k aap sy pooch hi loon

    ye dastan is liay suna rahi hoon k jab kuch din pehlay kisi sy baat kertay aap ny kaha k aap review kren gi tou jo khushi mujhay hoi wo bta nahi sati itni khushi tou mujhay film dekh kr bhi nahi hoi thi..sath hi main bohat curious aur excited bhi ho gai k aap is film ko kaisay review kren gi kiunk main film dekh chuki thi mera khayal hai pehchan serial k baad main kisi review k liay itni excited hoi hoon 🙂 obviously is mein qasoor humaray dramas ka hai kher choren ..

    aur ab jo intezar shuru hoa..yaqeen kren main ny last 2 days mein taqreeban 100 times ye blog visit ki ho gi k kab review ay aur main jaldi sy perhoon aaj subah aankh khultay hi ye kaam phir kia aur wo shahkaar aa gaya jis ka intezar tha 🙂

    ab review pr atay hain ek tou start aap ny is tra kia k first 2 paragraphs k baad mein itni emotional ho gai aur meri ankhen bher ayn ji haan bin roye ka review bhi bin roye na per saki lol …lekin aap ny jo kaha main bilkul oos sy itefaq kerti hoon main ny twitter/fb pr dekha Indians ko jo poch rahay thay k is film mein aisa kia hai jo aap log itnay excited ho bilkul average movie hai lekin baat ye hai k ye sirf film nahi bulk is k sath juri aur bohat si cheezen hain jo mil kr is ko humaray liay special aur yaadgaar banati hain jin mein ek simultaneously worldwide release hai phir bohat arsy k baad ek sweet romantic commercial movie ay hai jaisa aap ny kaha jo pk ka soft positive image potray kerti hai..tou bohat sari batein hain aur bilkul mere liay bhi ye experience hamesha yaadgaar aur special rahay ga jab k umeed hai k future mein is say bhi bohat achi movies ayn gi lekin oon sab mein bin roye ki jaga hamesha alag rahay gi ..ufff mere jazbaat …lekin is ka sehra aap k ser hai

    aur ye hi baat film banay walon ko bhi kahoon gi k jab ek review jo “DIL” say lakha gaya poori honesty k sath..wo apnay readers k sath itna connect ker sakta hai tou aap ki film jo visual medium sy taluq rakhti hai wo audience k sath connect kerny mein fail kaisay ho gai?

    baqi thori der mein


  2. film per anay say pehlay aap ny marketing team aur promotional campaign ki baat ki hai lekin yaham main disagree kerti hoon mujhay tou marketing team sy achi khasi shikayaat hain mere khayal mein wrong no ki promotional campaign bin roye say bohat behter thi jis ka result humein eid days mein nazer bhi aya..hum tv pehlay tou sota raha jab jaga tou release mein sirf kuch din reh gai thay aur ye mat bhoolen k tab ramzan ka akhiri ashra chal raha tha jab bohat log ya moutakif ho jatay hain ya eid ki tayyari mein busy hotay hain sath mein ibadaat waghera bhi ..oos waqt inhon ny advance booking shuru ki aur khahish k ba-wajood main tickets na lay saki kiunk end k dino mein ramzan ki masroofiyaat apnay urooj pr hoti hain

    iss cheez ka bohat nuqsan bin roye k business per hoa…kiunk log pehlay tickets na lay sakay ramzan ki waja say aur (bohat say wrong no ki tickets lay chukay thay jis ki advance booking ek maah pehlay say shuru thi) ..kher eid k dino mein jab log tickets lenay ay lekin tab rush itna barh chukka tha k tickets ka milna almost impossible tha ..main nay khud dekha kai log jo bin roye ki tickets lenay ay thay jab in ko nahi milin tou wo BB aur wrong no ki tickets lay ker gai kiunk in dono movies k shows ziada thay..ab bin roye ko wrong no k braber tou shows milnay chahiay thay lekin nahi milay..ab ye kis ki waja say hoa mujhay nahi pta…rush ki waja say mujhay khud Islamabad say Rawalpindi jana para kiunk Islamabad k kisi cinema mein tickets available nahi thin

    is k ilawa mulk say bahir bhi main ny logon ko complain kertay dekha k cinemas ka nahi pta chal raha ya achay cinemas mein ye film nahi lagi koi promotion nahi ki etc…main ye sari batein is liay ker rahi hoon k is department mein bhi humen improvement ki zaroorat hai aur phir sath hi ek aur pk film release hoi hai aur pk ki hudd tak oos k baray mein aisi complaints sunnay ko nahi milin…hum tv nay ye hi mistake na maloom afrad ki dafa bhi ki thi k UK mein release ki aur koi promotion nahi ki..nateeja film dead flop sabit hoi..abhi bhi is experience say kuch khaas nahi seekha

    film jo bhi jahan bhi dekhi gai main iss ka full credit Mahira khan k fans ko deti hoon kink oon mein itna enthusiasm itni excitement thi aur khud pta ker ker k wo cinemas tak pohunchay ye hi nahi bulk apnay bal bootay pr unhon ny film promote bhi ki jis had tak wo kr saktay thay meri bhi help ek mahirian nay ki (wo khud ko ye hi kehtay hain lol) kiunk apnay city say door ek dosray city k cinemas k baray mein mujhay kuch khas ilm nahi tha aur phir mujhay wahan say bhi agay ek aur city (Rawalpindi) jana tha…tou salam hain Mahira k fans ko aur oon ki apnay celeb say devotion aur mohabat ko 🙂


    • @RJ Re marketing : Interesting! I don’t know about Pakistan, but in the UK, I thought they did pretty well. I think this was the first PK movie to get a full-blown premiere in West End. I was very proud to see a BBC article that my hubby (who btw is completely uninterested in PK cinema) fwdd me, which was on the front page of their website.. I thought that was quite an achievement in itself when it comes to marketing. @like @SZ said it was refreshing to see them articulate and presenting themselves appropriately for the market..

      The premiere was on the same day that Raees’s first poster came out and that pbbly gave the publicity another push.. There were Mk’s interviews and her first reaction on the first look.. (that was pbbly just pure luck for them)

      In terms of finding screens, Idk, i usually find noone really advertises screens here as such..and either way Google zindabad! I simply google and it gives you all the options that are available near you..
      I recently watched Namaloom Afrad and there were hardly any shows on.. I went after two weeks and there was only one show a week!! And there were literally 5 ppl in the hall. I only just found out today that Wrong number is also on here – 4 shows a week. whereas BR is screening upto 7 shows a day!! (thats just in 1 cinema in one city) . I’ve had to watch BR twice (i was dragged out against my will for company – poor me lol) The first show I went to was 80% full. The second one was the late show (1am) and even that had more ppl than Namaloom afrad..
      I also think having B4U onboard has def given them that edge! It was a very clever move. It opened up the marketing to the Indian / South Asian community here, and not just limiting it to the Pakistani community..
      So to say they haven’t learnt from NMA would be unfair.. I think they have come a long way from there..


      • FA, I feel a bit foolish missing out all this stuff, didn’t realise they promoted the film so much, I’ve been quite the rip van winkle…


          • FA, kya bataun, had made all sorts of plans and at the last minute the person I was going to go with couldn’t make it, so plans were dropped. It’s not fun going alone and hubby toh has already refused + most others I know have already watched once and don’t want to go the second time. Will try and catch hold of someone with some DeD style blackmailing 🙂


            • VZ: Good thing hubby’s already refused … mine was dragged along and then mat poocho .. I had to hear about this move for a whole week after!! #NeverAgain


            • @VZ oho!! Took my hubby the first time and like @SZ still haven’t heard the end of it lol and was dragged out the second time.. mein pakra gai tou koi aur bhi pakra jae ga lol … but yes avoid the hubby.. my friend goes ”never in a million years I’m taking my hubby to watch MK on big screen!” hahaha


            • @VZ …naa naa naa husband/father/brother kisi ko nahi lay k jana…main tou zaberdusti apnay father /bro/aur ek brother in law ko gher chor ker gai thi k sirf ladies aur bachay jyn gay…lekin ye depend kerta hai k aap k hubby kaisay hain ya bhai waghera k sath deal bhi ho sakti hai k main tumhen dinner doon gi etc is shert per k mere sath chalo aur KHAMOSH rehna hai..main ek brother in law ko lay k gai thi kiunk wo mujh say dertay hain 🙂 ager ye baat aap k sath bhi hai tou phir koi harj nahi

              werna ye ghalti kabhi na kerna kiunk ye ladies ko pasand anay wali movie hai..mard hazrat tou sakht na-pasand hi kren gay


      • @FA: thank u aap ny apna experience share kia..aap ki tra mera sahara bhi google hi tha lekin ab kia bataon….yahan online information aur hoti hai aur haqrrqat kuch aur…actually main chahti thi mujhay online yaa phone per information mil jye k jis din main show dekhna chahti hoon mujhay tickets milen gi ya nahi..ta k cinema ja ker mujhay khali hath wapis na ana paray..zahir hai ye baad ki asani k liay tha lekin online koi jawab nahi deta aur phone numbers jo diay hotay hain wo busy hotay hain ya no hi bund hota hai..

        nateeja ye k pehlay main subah islamabad say pindi tickets lenay gai aur raat mein show say bari bad-mazgi hoi..apnay city mein tou cinema 5 min ki drive pr hai tou koi ferq nahi perta chahay din mein 10 times bhi jyn yahan problem hoa

        dosray main nay UK ki hudd tak koi complaint nahi suni liay aap thik keh rahi hain 🙂 aur ye baat bhi hai waqr k sath halaat behter hotay jyn gay is liay achay ki umeed rakhni chahiay


        • Re NMA : Call me crazy but I actually enjoyed that one the most from the recent Pk movies. It’s far from perfect and def not a 5 star, but I think in terms of intelligence and perhaps even entertainment value (and i certainly don’t mean the item number or billi ), it was probably the best of the lot.
          As I said BR was my 4th movie in cinema. I watched Khuda Ke Liye in Pakistan yrs ago when it was released. It will always have that special place for me because that was the first ever pk movie on the big screen for me. In terms of story, screenplay and narration it was another league compared to all the recent ones. It def tops the list by far.
          Waar was the first pk movie i watched in the UK so it has another special place.. but that’s how far that goes. It was too much of an advert of our Pak fauj.. and it was an obligation to like it, like id better not say anything bad or it will count as treason.. It had the big screen feel, but the story was missing..
          In between I watched Shahid afridi online which I hated!! I thought the story was all over the place, there was overacting , infact acting in general was terrible, and there were too many loose ends.. Josh was a great effort but it lacked that wow factor..
          After all that, when I went in for Na Maloom Afrad I didnt have any expectations. I went purely to support our cinema, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was a new genre, which was refreshing and def scored an A for effort. It handled some serious social problems with humour.. didnt work all of the time but alot of it did. The whole Billi track and the crooks (i forgot the characters name) went on for a bit too much.. And i didn’t like the third guy (band baje wala) – both acting and the character itself… Overall the story itself was weak, and very sluggish in the middle but what took me by surprise me was the subtle wit. There were some scenes in particular like using the fire / arson to light up the cigarette, and how the organized trouble makers were highlighted with the afterparty.. What i really appreciated was that it wasn’t just a mindless adventure.. buried under all that silly chaos and humour, there was indeed some depth and darkness.. in terms of cinematography Karachi looked its raw real self and it looked fantanstic.. no disney-filter there!.. and it certainly didnt feel like I was watching another telefilm on a big scree.. As I said it was far from perfect but it wasn’t bad for another first PK movie I watched (for its genre).. I must say I did enjoy it more than BR..
          Im dying to watch Dukhtar.. I wonder when can we watch that online!!…
          Anyway, coming back to BR, after watching BR, I have to say that our movie makers have to go back to basics.. the story telling! That is the weakest link – everytime!.. The narration has to be captivating enough throughout to keep audience’s attention.. and character building is crucial.. Now seeing that our drama ppl are same ppl as the movie ppl, perhaps they are so used to the elastic band treatment for our dramas ke they are now struggling to contain it within the 3 hour frame….???


          • @FA: loved your review…aap nay mere jazbaat ki terjumani ki hai aur baray behter andaz mein 🙂 ..main aap ki akhiri baat say shuru karoon gi ..main ny ab tak jitni pk movies dekhi hain BR story/direction wise sab say weak movie thi aur mere hisab say ye inexperienced directors ki waja say hoa hai..dosray main nay notice kia hai k humaray movie makers k ander ek tra ka complex bhi hai aur ye sabit kernay k liay talent wise hum kisi (Bollywood) say kam nahi..presentation k ooper zaroorat say ziada attention detay hain kiunk wo audience ko aatract kerti mein koi harj nahi

            lekin ye kertay wo ye bhool jatay hain k humari strength kis cheez mein hai aur humen oos per kisi surat compromise ya nazer andaz nahi kerna chahiay..nateeja BR ki surat mein ata hai jaisa @SZ nay bhi kaha k emotional love story ko momina say behter kon pesh kr sakta hai lekin film dekh ker yaqeen nahi ata k mushkil cheezein aap nay achieve ker lin jo aap k liay nai thin jin ka experience bhi nahi tha lekin jis cheez mein expert thay oosi mein peechay reh gai

            ya shayed dosri cheezon per itni tawajo thi k script ko behter kernay ka khayal hi nahi aya…humari strength humari stories/scripts hain india mein humaray dramas apnay content ki waja say popular hoay hain budget ya presentation ki waja say baat movie makers ko bhi samajhni chahiay..abhi tak main nay aisi koi pk movie nahi dekhi jis ki story/screenplay ya dialogues nay mujhay la-jawab ker dia ho..mujhay farhat say umeed thi k humsafer jis mein bohat say brilliant dialogues thay ki tra BR mein bhi humen aisay emotional ya romantic dialogues sunnay ko milen gay even novel mein bari achi lines hain lekin koi aisi jaga nahi thi jahan hum kahen k farhat nay kamal ker dia

            interval say pehlay wala scene aur climax bus okay type thay is tra k dialogue tou koi bhi likh lay oon mein kia special tha…ager humaray movie makers ko Bollywood say competition ka itna hi shouq hai tou scripts per kaam kren kiunk ye wo cheez hai jis per aaj ki almost har Bollywood film struggle ker rahi hai jaisa SRK nay bhi apnay ek interview mein kaha hai …


  3. I was actually having difficulty in choosing between Wrong No. and Bin Roye but still I think WN has some sleazy dialogues so I w’d probably go for bin roye though I never had high expectations from this.I have not watched the movie just teasers and I loved Adeel and Mahera together 🙂 I am sure they make a great couple though I am not a fa of Mahera I feel she is over rated,;she is gorgeous there are no two opinions about that but she needs to polish her acting skills.I watched Humayun and Mahera together in Neeyat and now I wat to see how they much have grown since then.


    • @Ruba: Aah lucky you – being in a position to make a choice! 🙂

      I would be interested to know your take when you do watch this ..
      Re: Neeyat, I detested that show with a passion and had pretty much written off Mahira as a pretty face back then .. but begining with Humsafar and then Shehr-eZaat Mahira won me over .. IMO, Bin Roye is Mahira’s show all the way.


  4. SZ, thanks for the review. I haven’t watched it yet, so will come back and comment on the content after that.

    I must agree with RJ’s comments on marketing, especially in the UK. I wish there was more publicity on the cities and theatres where BR was getting released. There were promos on Hum TV, but not much info on the theatres. I also wish there was a TV segment on BR, interview with the cast and director, producer. At the end they could’ve added local theatre details.


    • @VZ: Given that I live in the boonies, as far as desi events and movies go, I dont know much about the publicity for theaters etc, and how different it was from that for other movies etc, readers from other bigger cities and markets would perhaps be better equipped to compare etc .. I know I usually go to fandango or other similar online sites to check for what movies are playing where ..

      I also dont have any of these desi channels on TV so again wouldnt be able to comment on that. I watch everything online so in that sense I did notice the Bin Roye being hyped up a lot more .. there were BBC writeups, MK did an interview with DJ Noreen, Guardian’s done a review and there were press meet and greets, and media partnerships for the Indian market .. all this together I have never seen for any movie before.. and the most refreshing part was that this particular bunch of actors is also refreshingly articulate and presented themselves really well which was very gratifying.

      But yes, as both you and @RJ’ve pointed out there is a lot more work that needs to be done in terms of streamlining, making information more accessible and planning ahead .. but again this was the first time HUm was releasing a film and that too on such a massive scale so issues were bound to come up..

      Re: having a special TV for Bin Roye, I dont know if you happened to come across this one … not a separate show like they did for after Humsafar, but it is still entirely dedicated to Bin Roye ..


  5. Loved your review, SZ! I totally agree with you. This movie will remain close to my heart because it’s the first movie I watched in a cinema! Whenever I’ll think of Bin Roye, I will think of it as my first ever movie-going experience, hehe 😀
    Coming to the movie, your ‘Bin Roye is Saba and Saba is Mahira’ line sums it up! And even though this was Saba’s movie, you’re right, there wasn’t much we could learn about her except for the fact that she is truly, madly, deeply in love with Irtiza. The two, painful years for our Saba passed like the wind (like, literally!), and my cousin remarked, ‘Iss nay do saalon mein sirf coffee bana seekhi’ LOL! 😛
    And totally agree with you about the scene where Saba is reading the book upside down, I was like, ‘Yeh tou Khirad ka scene tha!’ Also, the sculpture-making scene was actually a copy of a famous scene from 1990’s romantic fantasy film. ‘The Ghost’. starring Demi Moore Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg.
    Oh and you remember Saba’s fiance? I felt for him because there was only scene where he actually got to speak!
    Zeba Bakhityar and Javaid Sheikh were definitely wasted in this film, and now that I come to think of it, they had no idea about their daughter’s feelings or what she was going through. I am in love with the grace with which Zeba Bakhtiyar carries herself.
    They relied a little too much on accidents, deaths, injuries etc, and to be honest, jab Irtiza ka accident hua, I really felt kay ab kuch zyada hogaya hai yaar!
    Balle Balle was one enjoyable song, but I couldn’t quite understand why Saba was dancing as if she were the happiest person alive?! She was supposed to be depressed, right?
    Once again, thank you so much for a beautiful review. I am your fan, SZ! ^_^


    • @MB: Hey! Thank you.. so happy to see ke aap ne apna wada nibhaya and did not go back to being a silent reader 🙂

      Haha! Woh do saal kiya kar rahi thi woh tau I dont think even Mahira would be able to tell us 😉 But on this time issue, so the movie spanned a time frame of about 5 or so years but you wouldn’t know that by looking at anybody .. the fashion remained constant, Irtiza looked as fresh at the end as he did in the begining and Saba looked the same too .. na dadi air boorhi huin na amma abba, only preson who grew was the baby.

      LOL! Yes, Ghost and then SeZ as @FA said because of the mitti on her face.. but in that scene the funniest was when after she huffs off the maid comes in and calmly sits down and proceeds to finish off the pot ..wth was that? I had no clue throwing pits was so easy ke har koi kar sakta hai!

      Re: Junaid speaking, chalo at least he got to say two three semi-sensible lines, the lines that Zeba Bakhtiyar said was so insane .. wahan the beti was in crisis mode and planning to marry an already married guy and yahan the amma sahiba’s only concern was ke mehmanon se kiya kahenge.. really?? But yes, Zeba was wow! And oh did you see the brother .. us bechare ne kiya qasoor kiya tha .. he had nothign to do except those inane lines in the begining ..

      Balley Balley: LOL, I guess Saba was a great actress, hiding all that pain… or perhaps it was the mysterious nameless hot guy who had her dancing with such gay abandon.. and phir jab woh moment khatam ho gaya all her heartache and stuff came back to haunt her? 🙂

      And on those accidents, etc, it was so funny everybody in the audience was accurately predicting what would happen next .

      Actually, now as Im writing this I am thinking that it was kind of a mela type mahol in the theater, everybody laughing and passing comments .. and Ive never seen that here ’cause typically people watch silently, even the Bollywood movies, so I guess in that regard one could say the movie was entertaining, just not in the way the makers intended 😀

      Ab aap ghayab mat ho jayega .. will be looking to hear from you on other threads as well!


  6. wapis aa gai 🙂

    “friends and family from all parts of the world were calling each other sharing their plans to go watch this one.”…..bilkul sahi kaha….meri sis ramzan mein ayn tou atay hi kaha bin roye dekhnay zaroor jana hai aur ye first tie tha k apni poori family k sath jaa kr main ny koi movie cinema mein dekhi werna kabhi koi jata tou dosray ko interest na hota lekin yahan sabhi excited thay..

    iss ka credit waqai marketing team ko jata hai aur bin roye ki har cheez mein ye baat hai k poori tra mukammal bhi nahi lekin adhori bhi nahi yaani ager successful nahi tou fail bhi nahi keh saktay…jahan tak film ko notice mein lanay ki baat hai tou chahay national ya international level ho..inhon ny poori jaan laga kr bulk bohat paisa khurch kr k promotion ki hai hi waja hai k film release honay say pehlay hi har jaga log is k liay excited thay

    ye first level tha..main ny jo baat ki wo iss say aglay aur ziada important marhalay ki thi k aap audience ko ye film dekhnay per convince kr chukay hain lekin ab wo dekhen information provide kerna bhi aap ka kaam tha..bus thora alert rehnay ki zaroorat thi aur kuch nahi tou social media pr in ko jo accounts thay oon ki hi kher khaber rakhtay tou itna problem na hota lekin iss sub k ba-wajood pk film industry k hisab sy dekha jye tou ye kisi bhi film ki best promotions thin national aur international level ko mila kr dekha jye tou..lekin ye perfect nahi thin aur jahan improvement ki zaroorat hai os ki terf ishara kr dia ha…waisay ye cinemas wala problem abroad hoa hai main ny sun hai k b4u jo is movie ka international distributer tha wo is k responsible hai aur pk mein eveready k paas BB aur bin roye k rights thay so yahan ka mamla oon k sapurd tha…baqi khuda janay

    kher agay chaltay hain..ab trailer ki baat ho jye jo aap ny bhi ki….honestly mujhay trailer bohat acha laga tha..2 reasons ki waja say..pehli tou jo sabaq muhay khoobsurat ny sari umer k liay sikhaya tha k kabhi ziada bulk koi expectation na rakhna kiunk oosi hisab sy disappointment bhi hoti hai aur dosri reason jo mujhay ziada sahi lagti hai k jab say film banna shuru hoi thi aur jis tra ye 3 saal tak isay lay k bethay rahay aur tajarbay say sabit hai k jab hum tv kisi cheez ko lay k beth jye samjho kaam kharab ho gaya hai like zgh (1 saal) phir jo khabren ayn k director hi film chor kr chala gaya hai aur phir tou juma bazar lag gaya directors kaa..sarmad ka naam suna kisi ny asim ka bataya…tou mera kamil yaqeen tha ye film berbaad ho chuki hai aur is film mein main least interested thi

    in halaat mein trailer aya aur main pleasantly surprise hoi film ka music acha tha sab actors bohat achay lag rahay thay etc..lekin mera dil oos waqt dooba jab ye pta chala k ye film sarmad aur asim nay nahi bulk shehzad aur momina ( jn ka directorial debut tha) nay direct ki hai …mujhay is baat ki aaj tak samajh nahi ay..kher iss pr baad mein baat kren gay ..lekin trailer pasand anay ka sirf ye faida hoa k main film dekhnay k liay tayyar ho gai lekin sath hi is baat pr bhi nazer thi k humari industry abhi revival ya survival k dor say guzer rahi hai is liay in halaat mein ye expect kerna k film flawless ho gi munasib liay mentally prepare ho k jana chahiay..aur mujhay kuch andaza tha k film kahan weak ho sakti hai

    lekin hairat ki baat ye hai k wo hi points film k strongest points sabit hoay aur jahan umeed bhi nahi thi wahan film nay buri tra disappoint kia yani story/screen play..


  7. ab film pr atay hain..pehlay film k negative points..

    Direction…film ki direction bohat hi weak thi lekin ye expected tha k direction mein kuch problems hon gi kiunk shehzad ka koi khas experience nahi tha oon ka serial MHMD disaster say kam nahi tha aur momina ka tou kher sy debut tha..mujhay bilkul samajh nahi ay k agr haissam kisi waja say film chor kr chalay gai thay tou kia industry mein experienced directors khatam ho gai thay jo shehzad ko lia gaya aur momina ko kia soojhi k bethay bithaiy film direct kernay ka khayal aa gaya wo bhi aisi film jo itni bari cast k sath aur inay baray scale per banai ja rahi thi

    momina pehlay koi telefilm ya long play type koi cheez direct kertin thora experience yaa feed back laitin k in k kaam ko kitna saraha gaya kahan criticize kia gaya hai..nahi ji kia zaroorat hai…bus humen film direct kerni hai tou kerni ka nuqsan film ko sub say ziada hoa aur is ki poori responsibility momina ko leni chahiay bulk in ko jati hai

    jab trailer release hoa aur haissam ko lay jo controversy paida hoi thi momina nay bari clearly oos ko rud kia tha k sirf kuch scenes haissam nay direct kiay hain baqi poori film main nay aur shehzad nay direct ki hai..saaf baat hai trailer release honay k baad jo appreciation ho rahi thi wo oos ka full credit lena chahti thin..bilkul fair tha agr kaam oon ka hai tou credit oon ko hi milna chahiay tha

    LEKIN ab film release honay k baad jitni criticism ho rahi hai direction aur story per hi ho rahi hai…ab is ki responsibility bhi momina ko hi leni chahiay..ab ye kehna k ye multiple directors ka kaam hai is liay direction mein itnay jhol hain..bilkul ghalat hai ..ager 2 directors nay aa ker 2 songs direct kiay hain tou songs ya oon ki choreography mein tou ki issue nahi bulk ye tou film k strongest point sabit hoay hain

    problem tou film mein tha jahan story ka koi ser per nahi tha…dosray jahan tak story ki bhi baat hai..jahan tak mujhay yaad hai farhat nay bataya tha k wo film ka script lkh rahi hain..baad mein pta chala is per drama bhi banay gaa tou is ka matlab film aur drama ka script alag alag likha gaya..mujhy yaqeen nahi ata k itna immature script farhat ka likha hoa hai..matlab jo akser humaray darma writers k sath hota hai production k doran script editing k itnay marahil say guzerta hai k apni asli surat bhi berqarar nahi rakh pata..shayed ye hi yahan bhi hoa hai

    spoiler alert

    film mein koi character development nahi hai…first half fast forward mein guzer jata hai..ek k sath ek incident jura hoa…irtaza saman k characters ki kuch samajh nahi ati..irtaza ko ek jhatkay mein saman say mohabat ho jati hai ..kiun hoti hai samajh say balater…irtaza US jata hai aur pooray 3 scenes mein 2 saal guzer jatay hain..pta nahi kia tuk thi US janay cheez aram sa film say nikali jaa sakti thi..phir saman k parents ki matlab is ka bhi..bus ye k koi US ja raha hai phir aa raha hai phir oos k peechay koi ur aa rahay hai phir wo dono dobara US jaa rahay hain..bus isi anay janay mein itna time waste kia aur audience ko confuse …

    irtaza aur saba ka relation jo novel mein bohat hi complex relation tha..wo bhi sahi aur mukammal tor per potray nahi kia gaya…zaroori tha k bachpan say lay ker present situation tak kuch scenes dikha ker audience per clear kia jata k saba aur irtaza ka relation kin kin marahil say guzer ker yahan tak pohuncha aur irtaza saba ko kia samajhta hai lekin saba ki feelings change hoi hain…lekin jis tra film shuru hoi aur phir tere bina jena song chalta hai

    literally ye dono ek couple lag rahay thay..aisa nahi k ek mature sober lerka aur dosri terf nadan innocent lekin umer mein kahin choti lerki…aur yahan ye sawal bhi paida hota hai jo humayon ko cast kernay k baad say fans utha rahay thay jis ka hamesha ye hi jawab dia gaya k story ki demand thi k hero age mein heroine say bara hona chahiay lekin flim mein kahan is baat ko establish kia..mere khayal say kahin bhi liay bhi bachpan k kuch scene hona zaroori thay..ab tou irtaza itna stupid lag raha hai kiunk oos k samnay ek young pretty lerki dance ker rahi hai aur wo oos k romantic gestures ko samajh hi nahi paa raha..even moula moula mein bhi jo beach scenes thay oos mein wo honeymoon couple ziada lag rahay thay aur cousins/friends kum


    • @RJ: I will refrain from speculating about stuff I dont know personally, but in terms of the script, I do know for a fact that Bin Roye was initially scripted as a drama. After MeJ ended, Farhat had commented on my finale review and said that her next project was Bin Roye and she would be looking for my reviews on that – us waqt tau films ka aisa koi zikr hi nahin tha… much after that when the shooting started in summer 2013, the project was planned and cast as a drama .. it was later, somewhere along the way that the decision was made to make it into a film as well … Bin Roye and Manto are roughly from the same time period circa 2012-13 and both went through the same process .. both conceived and begun as serials then later re-thought as a movie+ drama combo … with different stuff in the movie and drama ..
      I dont know when and in what context Farhat talked about writing this one as movie first so cant speak to that, but perhaps she was talking about adapting the serial script to a film script, or perhaps referring to the new screenplays she did for the songs, where the situations were decided later and scripted after the movie was finalized.


      • @SZ: nahi nahi main ye nahi keh rahi thi k farhat nay pehlay film ka script likha baad mein drama ka..kiunk aap ki tra mujhay bhi nahi pta k ander ki kahhani kia hai..main sirf is baat per izhar-e khayal ker rahi thi k film aur drama ka script alag alag likha gaya ho ga kiunk mat-e jaan k baad kafi arsay tak oon ka koi serial nahi aya tha tou oon k fb per fans pooch rahay thay aap koi naya serial kab likhen gi tub admin nay kaha tha k wo aaj kal film ka script likh rahi hain..ab ye baat mujhay ajeeb lag rahi hai k unhon nay ek hi script likha ..oos mein say editing ker k film ban gai baqi ko drama bana den gay..ager ye hoa tou mujhay mazid disappointment ho gi


  8. Honestly everything you put. All the good points of the movie couldn’t save the story and the lack of character depth except for Saba.
    Why did people like zeba and Javed sheikh sign on, they must have been edited and cut badly!
    It was a great effort, but I found the editing and transitioning bw scenes awful.
    Also Irtiza had no depth, that was a biggie for me. I didn’t know how he was feeling where he was coming from
    The final convo bw Saba and irtiza was lacking and I felt unsatisfied.
    I really couldn’t get the crux of the story. This whole leading your cousin on and then you go marry someone law I mean come on, who does the stuff irtiza was doing obviously she didn’t call him bhai so what was there relationship that eventually he said he had always loved her?!?
    Beyond me but anyways locations dresses and Csmera work definitely made it pleasing to the eye and obviously MK was fab!!


    • @SK: At many points it felt like the movie was an elongated trailer for the serial which was to follow, hence the “first look” of the parents, etc .. ab wait for the serial to get all your questions answered! 😜


      • @SZ: lekin ye ghalat nahi hai k adhi adhori story movie mein suna di k baqi details jannay k liay aap drama dekhen ..mera khayal hai ye bilkul flop idea tha ek hi story pr drama aur film bananay ka

        shuru mein sub ye hi keh rahay thay k jo film dekh lay ga wo drama kiun dekhay ga aur jis ko drama ka intezar hai wo film dekhnay kiun jye ga..lo is mislay ka ye sulotion nikala inhon nay..ab mujhay main manto k liay bhi der lag raha hai kiunk wo bhi flim aur drama dono hain


  9. kahan tak suno gay ahan tak sunyn lekin mere khayal mein novel ki story ko as it is film ki story mein dhal denay ka faisla durust nahi tha..novel ka plot bara wasih hota hai film k mamlay mein aisa nahi hi waja hai film k har muqam per feel hota raha k yahan thora time aur dena chahiay tha..

    ek tou jo un-necessary twists aur characters thay yani jin k na honay say main story pr koi ferq nahi perta tha in ko film mein dalna hi nahi chahiay tha jaisay irtaza ka US jana phir ana saman k parents ki death..junaid khan ki entry aur saba say shadi..saba aur irtza ki shadi k liay koi ziada behter aur convincing reason hona chahiay tha ..saman irtaza ka beta( novel mein oos ka character kafi important hai) lekin yahan kia kia? bhi hota tou koi ferq nahi perta

    in chezon ko nikal ker film mein atleast 30 -40 minutes extra hona chahiay thay jis mein characters aur oon k apis k relation ko ziada behter detail aur depth k sath dikhaya jata ta k audience oon k sath connect ker saken..oon k sath hunsen oon k sath ro-en….oon k actions reactions ka koi ser per ho..yahan tou bullet train ki speed pr film bhaag rahi hai

    aur isi baat ka mujhay ziada afsos hai kiunk mujhay is qism ki mistakes ka andaza nahi tha jo itni obvious hain aur asani say door ki ja sakti thin..

    ab itnay loopholes aur flaws k baad is film ko dabba band film ka status milna chahiay tha lekin aisa nahi film k jo strongest points hain wo is ko poori tra doobnay say bacha laitay hain jis mein sab say pehlay MAHIRA KHAN hain

    My god ye lerki kia cheez hai?…main itni hairan hoi hoon is film mein mahira ko dekh ker..matlab hum jantay hain k wo bohat pretty hain lekin jis qader HASEEEEEEN wo is film mein lag rahi hain aaj tak kabhi kisi jaga nahi lagin..qatil haseena ka khitab ager in ko dia jye tou kuch ghalat nahi ho mein itnay baray baray blunders ho rahay hain lekin thanks to mahira k ek minute k liay aap ka dil nahi chahay ga k aap apni nazren screen say hata len..itni khoobsurat lag rahi hain MA

    phir jo acting ki ker dia..saba ka character weak characterization ki waja say samajh nahi ata lekin jitni sincerity aur mahrat k sath is flawed character ko bhi unhon nay pesh kia hai wo standing ovation ka mustahiq hai ager mahira is film mein na hotin tou is film ko disaster mein tabdeel honay say koi nahi rok sakta tha..mahira film k taq-ree-ban har scene mein hain aur is ka faida hi hoa hai film srif acting bulk songs mein in ki performance be-hudd umda rahi..aam tor per drama actors ko film k medium mein adjust honay mein time lagta hai lekin jitni effortlessly mahira ek medium say medium mein shift hoi hain..main hairan hoi hoon…pehlay kaha jata tha ye ziada emote nahi ker patin ya same expression rhta hai in k face baat ki talafi bhi inhon nay yahn ker di..specially songs mein in ki performance mujhay bohat pasand ay.. undoubtedly bin roye mahira ki career best performance hai..ager koi in ka fan nahi definitely is film k baad fan ho jye ga aur ager ab bhi nahi hoa tou kabhi nahi ho ga kiunk wo hona hi nahi chahta

    ek baat jo shehr-e zaat ki initial epi dekh ker feel hoti thi k inko apnay comfort zone meiin rehna chahiay aur ziada experiments say gurez kerna chahiay..wo khayal ab bilkul change ho gaya hai mere khayal say ab bilkul waqt aa gaya hai k mahira apnay comfort zone say bahir niklen aur experiments kren kiunk second half mein jo acting ki hai..kamal ker dia ko zaroor koi negative ya psycho character kerna chahiay kiunk is ki halki si jhalak jo humen nazer ay bohat impress kia..uff main bol bol ker thak gai lekin tareef hai k phootay chali ja rahi hai 🙂

    baqi supporting cast telented thi lekin oon k kernay k liay kuch tha hi nahi..armeena nay apna role thik say kia lekin actors mein weakest link humayon thay..mujhy hamesha lagta tha k humayon small screen k liay ziada suitable hain baray parday k actor nahi aur ye feeling bin roye k baad bhi qaim hai..jaisa aap ny kaha wo itnay dis-interested lag rahay hain jaisay zaberdusti kam kerwaya ja raha ho..dosray songs mein na koi body language na emotion na expression bilkul ek statue ki tra jahan kharay wahin kharay..tou yahan drama actor aur film actor ka ferq wazeh ho jata hai

    film ki cinematography bohat aala hai..I mean pk movies k hisab say…film ek visual delight hai..locations/sets bohat khoobsurat work bhi acha hai..specially mahira k close ups ..climax aur interval say pehlay wala scene film k best scenes mein say hain.. wardrobe bohat achi hai ..har character k hisab say oos ki wardrobe select ki gai even saba ki life k different phases mein wardrobe different hai..kash itni attention story ko bhi di jati

    film ka music bohat acha hai.mere khayal say bol film k baad kisi pk movie ka music mujhay itna pasand aya hai aur jo itna popular bhi hoa hai mere faves mein o yara…ballay ballay aur moula moula shamil hain..songs ki choreography bhi film ka plus point hai..sabhi songs well choreographed hain specially ballay ballay aur tere bina jena even moula moula bhi dekhnay k hudd tak acha hai

    in sab positive points ki waja say bin roye ek achi film ka tasur chorti hai end mein..aur ye mat bhoolen ye ek family movie hai jis mein vulgarity ka naam-o nishan nahi lekin entertainment poori tra mojood hai..koi item song nahi jo humari ek bohat bari demand thi..poori tra Pakistani film jo pk culture aur society ko represent kerti hai wo bhi achay maani mein..

    over all bin roye ek achi effort hai aur deserve kerti hai k is ko appreciate kia jye ager bohat aala nahi tou bohat buri film bhi nahi hai..bulk ye kaha jye k ye jaisi bhi hai lekin aap ko entertain kerti hai..meri family k 14 logon ny ye film dekhi..sab nay ye kaha k achi film hai hum nay enjoy kia aur ye hi baat main ny cinema mein baqi logon ko kehtay suna

    is liay main ye film sabhi readers ko zaroor recommend karoon gi is mein kuch flaws hain lekin is positive points bhi aisay hain jo is ko ek must watch bana detay hain aur ye khas tor per cinema jaa ker dekhnay wali film hai..main movie ko 2 stars doon gi..ek extra star mahira k liay tou total 3 stars 🙂

    aur ab mera review bulk kehna chahiay bakwas khatam hoi..chaltay chaltay ek khayal aya hai k review it per sirf ek jumla likkha aur yahan plandon k palanday…aur baat ek hi ki hai dono jaga.. bus wahan koozay mein derya band kia tha yahan derya band tor ker bahir aa gaya aur pooray thread per sailab aa gaya 🙂


    • @RJ: glad you guys enjoyed the film …I’ve seen a mixed reaction, On my fb timeline some have really liked it and others not so much. I saw the movie two days after it released, so on the 18th, the theater was one third full and everybody started off oohing and aahing about Mahira and the vibrant colors, the gorgeous clothes etc, but after about 40 mins in to the movie everybody was laughing, and not because it was funny. It was all so predictable and inanely simplified. Everybody was pointing out the various resemblances to various dramas, predictable plot points, and cliched dialogues. Comments I overheard as we walked out: “Mahira acchi thi magar movie farigh thi,” “yaar is se tau acha tha Humsafar ki hi movie bana kar release kar dete” and “agar drama hi dekhna hai tau phir ghar par bath kar dekhen yahan aaney ka kiya faida”.

      Khair, ab yeh movie tau ho gayi, I am now hoping they release “Karachi Se Lahore Tak” here .. I was just looking online and saw that its releasing in PK on the 31st ., lets see when it releases here … overall, good or bad however they may be I’m loving the fact that movies being released so regularly now.


      • @SZ: thank u so much aap nay apna personal experience bhi share kia lekin ye baat main bhi soch rahi thi ..meri ye third Pakistani movie jo main nay cinema ja ker dekhi aur previous experiences ki naisbat is baar bohat maza aya

        ab mujhay ye bhi khayal ata hai k main nay film ziada enjoy ki yaa cinema mein film dekhnay k experience ko…aur mujhay dosri baat ziada sahi lagti hai..ab pta nahi ye difference film ka tha ya ek dosray sheher ki audience ka ….lekin jo enthusiasm main nay yahan dekha wo un-believable tha..even main ny kuch English movies aur Bollywood movies bhi cinema main dekhin hain….kahin clapping ho gai thori bohat hooting ho gai..lekin yahan tou literally asmaan ser pr uthaya hoa tha

        first half mein tou ziada ter khamoshi rahi jab tak ballay ballay song shuru nahi hoa tha oos k baad sab pagal ho poora song pooray hall nay sath sath gaya with clapping/hooting/cheering pta nahi kia kia kuch..ek point per meri sis nay mujhay kaha k ye sab aisay khush ho rahay hain jaisay in ki apni shadi ho rahi hai 🙂 ..aur oos waqt waqai lag raha tha k hum film nahi kisi ki shadi hi attend ker rahay hain

        oos k baad tou mahira ka koi dialogue janay nahi dia jis per claping nahi hoi..i mean literally ek ek dialogue..jub saba ki shadi irtaza say hoi aur mahira nay qabool hai kaha…kai log uth ker dance kernay lag gai lol..ab mujhay nahi pta k oon ko film hi itni pasand aa rahi thi ya mahira k fans thay ya oon ka khayal tha k film tou farigh hi hai chalo khud say hi enjoy ker lo …pta nahi lekin hum nay ziada is waja say bhi enjoy kia

        sirf humari ek family thi jo intahai sanjeedagi k sath hairan-o preshan ye tamasha dekh rahi thi haha…so mere khayal mein is say bhi ferq perta hai….film k baad mujhay pta chala meri 10 year old niece aur 9 year nephew sari film mein rotay rahay..bulk mere nephew ny mujhay kaha aynda aisi ronay wali movie na dikhana….mujhay tou bohat rona aya..main nay kaha tum kahan kahan roay..kehnay laga har jaga lol


  10. @SZ Thanks alot for a very apt and very honest review! Nice to know Im not the only one… lol
    This was my fourth pk movie in cinema.. Unfortunately most disappointing of the lot.. 😦 I might come back to comparison later.. lol
    Yes indeed this movie was a ‘Mahirah aur humnwa’ i-e ‘Mahira and extras’ movie… her performance was exceptional and she looked stunning!!! If it wasnt for her, BR was nothing.. baqi…. it was indeed sad to see all these actors and characters wasted here.. What the hell were those parents doing apart from checking out eid ka chand everyday.. They were so busy romancing ke apni kisi aulad ka koi hosh hi nahin.. This couple annoyed the hell out of me!!.. The husband-to-be, saman’s parents, buaa all had nothing roles.. Bubbles had more screen time than them – aur phir woh bhi ghaib ho gai?? I did wonder if she was on the plane lol…Baqi rahe dadi, irtiza and armeena – chalo i can upgrade them to just-about-supporting roles lol.. But honestly what was the point in having such a lambi chori cast eating up screen time.. They would have been better off exploring the core of the story more..
    In a long line of extras and special appearances Adeel was the only one that caught my attention and there was more chemistry here than the rest of the entire movie..
    I felt the whole eid seq went on forever. We have seen holi and christmas in Hollywood and Bollywood and it works, but here it felt forced – just to add in a Pakistani / cultural flavour/tarka. btw The chand raat bazar doesn’t look like that and who dresses up that much on chand raat?.. yahan to maids were also tayyar more than they would do on eid.. Oh btw why did they do voice over for Faiza (the gajra lady)? – that was so out of sync!
    I felt the first half of the movie was a bit slow and there was a mad race in the second half.. Perhaps if Saman’s death was the mid point it would have been more balanced??

    Starting from HS soundtrack.. I wonder if that was intentional There were way too many reminders of HS, the ulti book, the non stop rain (btw itni barish mein tou Karachi mein sailaab aa chuka hota lol).. Then there was the pottery / matti on face scene which was out of Ghost, and also a reminder of SeZ.. And i totally get why ppl were annoyed with Alvida and compared it to Bin Roye Aansoo.. All in all it was like watching a dramon ka charba telefim on big screen… the only thing that did justice to the screen was indeed MK herself and her amazing wardrobe!

    I felt even Dop in general wasn’t as fantastic as it could’ve been.. We saw San Fransisco in AA and that was much more impressive.. The gol gol ghooming of the camera was dizzying.. then again perhaps that was the intention ke jate jate damagh ghoom jae and audience forgets everything else..

    Ok scenes that worked for me were Saba’s breakdown/ bad-dua, the first time she steps in the house and the haunting sequence, and the hiding in the closet scene.. and the dance on the balcony scene was cute.. baqi tou everything were whatever!.. the editing was generally bad throughout.. very choppy..and that wasn’t just visually but also in the narration.. i kept getting yeh kab? kia? kaise? feeling…
    In fact coming back to the narration, that was the biggest disappointment of all. I haven’t read the novel but I hear that made tons more sense and was def much more complex.. Abb yahan FI can’t blame anyone else on trashing her story either lol.. The screenplay was very predictable indeed.. abb accident hua, ab plane crash.. @SZ Like u, I could hear the audience’s predictions lol .. Btw talking of the audience, another interesting comment I heard was ‘Puke! another cousin marriage!!’..

    Re disney-fied : spot on! didn’t the Frere Hall look like the Disney castle? lol.. Waise just watched Inside Out.. abb tou comparing BR to disney is a crime! lol …they just took emotions to another level!! –

    Would I recommend it – I’d say yes to support PK cinema and for MK – but with a caution! Be prepared to come out cheated, deflated and disappointed 😦

    khair bohot lamba ho gya.. sorry for my long ramble lol


    • @FA: Mahira and humnawa – spot on!!

      Re: the gol ghooming – hahaha!! the teenager sitting in front of me was laughing hysterically and saying this felt like she was on a roller coaster ride 😂

      And, yes! Where was Bubbles? I think I was more concerned about her than in the Saman Irtiza love story,.. and speaking of Irtiza there were at least three mentions of him loving Ghalib poetry, but not once did we ever see him reading or reciting poetry.. or did I miss something?

      Yes, Frere Hall looked lovely! That house is spectacular and in a fab location and the gradens are lovelyetc, even though they didnt seem to be well-maintained.. but that is all the exterior … did you notice the tacky furniture inside? Nowhere near in keeping with the magnificent exterior .. the dining room set in particular was pretty tacky..


      • @SZ Re the house : I think that’s Aman House.. apparently used as a venue for various events.. The building is spectacular, and I liked the original features like the staircase and the colonial style windows and blinds.. but that was about it! I thought all the trunks and trinkets in her room were very 80s/90s bollywood-esque.. and the furniture was all out of place.. The shot of her stepping on the jamawar upholstered mattress was nice.. baqi everything that followed/ her keepsakes were all whatever! Irtiza’s room was very blah! Funny u mentioned the dining furniture, whatever happenned to the chamkeele pots and pans.. I guess they only come out on eid lol . I also thought the interior shots/camera work were generally flat. There was more emphasis on tacky props than the light and angles.
        The house in Amreeka was shot/captured much better. I particularly liked the glass doors and corridors, the infinity pool and sea view.. and I liked how the sunlight was caught behind them (through the windows, when they were on the sofa after Irtiza returned..


  11. tittle per bhi bohat ziada criticism ho rahi hai…novel ka naam bin roye ansoo tha aur story k hisab say justified tha lekin inhon nay nam change kertay waqt ye nahi socha k is say matlab bilkul hi badal jy ga..aur film ki story mein bin roye kia tha?..tittle ki kuch tou explanation honi chahiay pr har koi keh raha hai naam bin roye hai lekin ronay ki siva movie mein kuch bhi nahi hota hai bagher sochay samjhay ya poor planning k sath kaam kernay ka nateeja


    • RJ, just my guess, but I have a feeling they left out the Aansoo because when Bin Roye Aansoo gets shortened (you know how Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge becomes DDLJ), it reads like a female itemof clothing, lol…at least with Bin Roye, it becomes BR…


      • lol …kia baat nikali hai…waisay main ny kisi article mein perha tha k drama ka naam bin roye ansso hi ga (ab main abbreviate ker k nahi likhoon gi 😉 lekin film aur drama mein ferq rakhnay ki khatir film ka naam short ker k bin roye ker dia gaya..lekin wo film k haqq main nahi gaya ..ulta oosi ko lay ker ziada criticism ho rahi hai


  12. Oh my God!!!! I am enjoying all the reviews on this page more than the BR itself…. @SZ I had requested u to write about BR while ending my thoughts on MNYH & as soon as I finished & flip the the page there it was……. Everyone from RJ, FA, Ruba & MB have expressed their thoughts on this new Pakistani movie from each angle, we all can be compared to Rotten Tomato or Meta critics in a good sense….
    @ VZ u r missing on this one hurry up and be there with all of us…. I have nothing much to say apart from what is already said & done, just” suraj ko chiragh dekhana chahti hun” ( I am no where in this position but still want to do it) Plz Momaina Durad take small steps learn to the art of direction first than make a large scale movies….. Watch this movie ur self n see how much u have to learn….. But still we all oversea Pakistani felt the pride of seeing a a PAK movie title among other Hollywood & Bollywood movies “seena khushi se kabuter ki terha phool geya….. Enjoyed the good music, fabulous Mihira Khan with her beauty & in some places her good acting…… She is the one who is the back bone of the movie rest of the actors are wasted by their own will (dont the read the script & their role)


    • Shamim, it’s nice to catch up with you after such a long time 🙂

      It’s nice to read all the comments – I hope I get to see the movie soon. Re: the actors who were wasted, I hope for their sakes that they’ve been promised big roles in upcoming Hum dramas and some awards at next year’s Hum awards, lol…


      • nahi mera khayal hai drama mein supporting cast ka role ziada ho ga..fb per jo pics dekhin hain oon say andaza hota hai..mujhay kafi umeed hai drama film say behter ho ga kiunk wo haissam nay direct kia hai aur wahan farhat ko bhi mouqa mila ho gaa apna magic dikhanay ka ..yahan tou bari ziadati ho gai


      • @VZ: Hum awards def!

        And, I dont know where you are in UK, but check this out and see if you can score a couple of free tix 🙂


  13. @VZ defiantly a big Hum Award….. I was busy with sister & her family visiting from Pakistan, traveling to couple of states that is why I was out of touch….. Waiting for what is next? Stay blessed……


  14. Reading a review by you after a very long time and totally feeling like an idiot to be so out of touch.Gosh I loved (still love) this blog,which is now a full grown site. Wow SZ you have so done it!!! If anyone deserved the success , the need to be read it certainly is you.Loved your review and depicting such honest interpretation. I wasn’t a big fan of the novel much so as of yet had no real desire to watch the movie.And since a serial is also coming out it will be really taxing to watch both.I will try to stick with the serial.I have heard many opinions about this movie and no one really was a big fan .Mahira as usual looks beautiful and it has catchy tracks but that’s as good as it gets.And please can Humayun Saeed not be cast as a hero anymore,isn’t he old enough to play dad. I have been watching him for so many years and even I am way past my prime.Don’t get what still appeals people about him.But you can’t go against the choise of the majority so ugh! The girl in the last pic(Armeena) is very pretty.Haven’t seen her before but would definitely look forward to see her working.I have been out of touch so much .I remember how I watched Talkihyan on your suggestion and what a memorable play it was. Along with ShereZaat it tops my list for my favorite plays.anyhow can’t tell how really happy I am to see this site thriving so much. Forever love and such a huge fan.


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