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Had it been anybody other than Farhat Ishtiaq, Haseeb Hasan, Abid Ali, Sanam Saeed and Osman Khalid Butt I would’ve given up on this serial a long while ago, but because it was these people and because of the respect I have for their work that I kept up with Diyar-e Dil. But after fifteen weeks and particularly after this latest episode, I don’t think I am capable of handling any more of this melodrama.

This is not to say that I will not return to this serial, I will, but after a few weeks. Right now this never-ending tear-fest, the one too many deaths, heavy-handed black and white characterization, and sappy lines, all are a proving to be too much for me and my migraine-d head to handle. I am happy for all those who are enjoying this return to the circa ’70’s Lollywood, but for me when I watch a TV drama I want to watch just that, a drama not a film.

Last week was all about Behroze’s death, and this week it was the aftermath. Since we all knew what was coming, more so since Suhaib’s death had followed a similar ilhami pattern, these two weeks were a washout.  Apart from painting Ruhi in an even darker shade of black and establishing that Fara too now blamed Agha jan for all the tragedy in her family, there was nothing new that happened, and we most certainly did not need two episodes devoted to Ruhi’s evilness. Thanks to all the shouting and screaming that’s been going on for the past few episodes we knew that already.

Many of us here had been rooting for Ruhi’s character, rich as it was with possibilities, but instead of nuance or layered characterization, all we got was a consistent darkening of all possible grey areas. Perhaps Ruhi was  not crazy, perhaps she did have a point when she resisted the nikah, perhaps she was right to expect Behroze to confide in her about his plans to wind up things and move to the haveli, perhaps Behroze was rash, perhaps he needed to pause and consider…. there were so many possibilities here that went unexplored. All we got was another hysterical widow and her dead husband. Mitti pao on the could’ves and should’ves.

Back at the haveli, or rather at the hospital, where he seems to be in permanent residence what with two sons upping and dying in quick succession, Agha jan is the only one who’s seemed to have anything worthwhile to say in the past few weeks, be it chastising Behroze for his aaj aur abhi, or his very elegantly done apology to Ruhi. His is the only character that has made any sense so far in the serial, with some logic or rationale behind his words and actions.

Early on he’d made decisions on his children’s behalf because that’s what was done then, but with changing times and changing circumstances he changed too. He apologized to Ruhi something that would’ve been unthinkable a few months ago .. but he adapted.  Now if only he could’ve taught that art to his children as well. Needless to say Abid Ali is fabulous as Agha jan!

With both the sons gone, its now up to Wali to take care of not only his ailing grandfather, mother and sister, but his extended family as well, Fara and her mother. In the best scene of this latest episode we actually got to see an animated, almost normal if you will, Wali, as he tried to cheer up his grandfather with silly stories about his younger sister. The bonding between the two makes for some very sweet moments. Their scenes were the only bright spots in an otherwise very dark, drag-fest of an episode. Osman Khalid Butt is very good and continues to impress with his subtle and underplayed take on Wali.

Apart from this one little bright moment, everything else was washed out in the never ending flow of tears, and everybody contributed their two cents, even Wali coudn’t resist anymore and broke down. His better (?) half Fara seems to have permanently regressed to being 8 instead of an 18 year old. I get that she was overwrought and distressed but surely there was no reason for Maya to play Fara like a child. Thank the lord for Ahmed Zeb’s Moiz, who provided a much needed shot of gravity to all the scenes with Ruhi and Fara.

Sanam Saeed who had so far impressed with her underplayed expressions and body language disappointed today with her theatrical take on the grieving Ruhi. And as if an OTT Ruhi is not enough own her own, we get a very cliched bhabhi in Zohra! Just when Ruhi seems to be coming around, Zohra and her editorial comments muddy the waters again. I really like Tara Mehmood and can’t help but feel for her as she deals with her totally flatlined character.

And finally on Behroze, overall this has been a very solid performance from Mikaal, I just wish it wasn’t so filled with emotional atyachar, complete with full on filmi dialogues, accompanied with a lot of lambi thandi saansein in the previous episode. I am still not sure how both of these brothers timed their deaths so perfectly and so neatly at that, but jo bhi tha, I’m just glad its all over and done with. The one scene last week that I thought was done well was that phone call scene whereby Wali got to know of his uncle’s death.

So with the two deaths now out of the way and the grieving father getting the ishara that all is well with the two brothers up there, can we please get on with it? If HUM expects and wants to keep viewers on board for another 15+ weeks then they have to find a new tack to keep us interested and engaged … yeh death wali twist has literally been done to death by now!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Haven’t watched the epi now so no comments yet, but SZ just wanted to let u know that Zindagi TV is airing Talkhiyan from the 30th of June as ‘Kisi Ki Khatir’. LOL…yeah seems Zindagi ppl r just too lazy to come up with better titles or totally lack creativity. Would love a ‘throwback’ write up on this one, but would totally understand if u can’t with your busy schedule.


      • Ah yes figured that out, that dey just took the title from the OST and dat’s what I mean abt them being lazy. LOL

        Yes have been through all the threads on Talkhiyan. OK then not a ‘throwback’, but an overall round up maybe. Anyways have watched it a few times at least, but never commented here, so maybe when their air it on Zindagi and there would be others watching along, will post my inputs. 🙂


    • You know it funny you should mention Zindagi TV. After last week’s episode of DeD it suddenly occurred to me that should this drama be shown in India, they do have a habit of changing the titles. Well this one should be called ‘Khabi Khushi Khabi Gham.’ They then need to replace the whole OST and background music with Lata Mangeshar’s voice. The original film story had the same basics, the younger brother trying to bring back big brother back into the family, big brother was kicked out by daddy for marrying a girl of his choice. Off course in the film it helped to wrap the story up quicker because Kajol’s character was the polar opposite of Ruhi, while Ruhi is evil without any deep reasons Kajol was a saint without any shades of grey.

      My original thoughts after last week’s episode were that Behroze should have had a man in black walking two steps behind him playing the violin but Star Gold happened to be showing Khabi Khushi Khabi Gham, and after listening to Lata’s blaring out that song it all fell into place.

      Episodes 14 & 15 should have been a single episode, but you see 30 episode ka quota pura karna ta!


  2. Okay so I totally get that the powers that-be wanted a nice build-up to the main story, showing why Faara is prejudiced against her father’s family. But for crying out loud, did it really need to be stretched that much? I am only thinking how amazing it would have been if the drama serial had started from the point it began in the novel. I was totally against Wali when I started to read. This linear narrative has really killed any element of surprise even for those who haven’t read the novel. The previous episode and this one could have easily been combined. The bad news is there is still a lot of “drama” left before the main Wali-Faara track begins. Sigh!


    • DB, I totally agree with you about the surprise element – I haven’t read the novel, but I can totally see where this play is going to go next. The makers of this drama have assumed viewers have zero sense to figure anything out themselves – they spell everything out like they are talking to a toddler. Just watching this for OKB’s interesting take on Wali.

      And what, more drama? 😦


    • @DB: I so agree with you. Does Farhat Ishtiaq have to do it always? Humsafar, too, was a non-linearly narrated novel but the switch to linear narration for TV worked for it, needless to say. When the serial began I actually found it interesting that they had allotted a certain number of episodes to explore the past, which was not part of the novel. I was not excited for it but I was interested. Never in my worst imaginings had I imagined it would last for at least half the entire serial’s length. A huge, huge chunk has been dedicated to a sob-fest of a backstory – if we can even call it a backstory. Itna kheencha hai na isko – aur iss andaaz se kheencha hai – k ab tou Wali-Faara storyline ko bhi I am dreading and know with a certain surity kis kis tarha se ruin karein ge.


      • @Nashra: Exactly Humsafar worked because they didnt resort to stretching it out for weeks and it was filmy but so non filmy when you compare it to this … and yes it dragged but that happened much later in the story and by that time we were all happily hooked. A lot depends on how the story is envisioned and what the writer producer and director want to emphasize .. here they marketed the serial with the younger pair’s love story, but the serial seems to be shaping up into a story which more about the older generation, and this is now turning into typical HUM and MD … if you remember even with ZGH, the hype was so much about this love story and the romance and the struggles of a married couple from two very different backgrounds and their issues … and the promos seemed to promise that too.. both OSTS had Zaroon Kashaf scenes galore .. but what we saw on screen was more of a hodge podge of unresolved tracks and repetitions glaore, all of which were nowhere to be found in the original novella … and that was 26 eps, I think .. and here we have 30+ so bas ab hum logon ka Allah malik hai … I hear there is another serial in the works on another channel with 40 + eps isliye dont be surprised if the next Hum mega serial is also 40+ eps …


        • @SZ: 40+ episodes such is a terrible idea that I’m not even going to think about it. Let’s (not) cross that bridge when we come to it 😉

          About DeD ki promotion which was about Wali-Faara pair (and they looked so cute together!) … almost all the promos were about them. I was so excited. Magar ye kya??! Dhoka hua hai hamare saath :/
          Maybe they should’ve shot one very filmi, bollywood waala song pictured entirely on the older generation and we’d have been done with it in 10 minutes tops. But then how would they have tortured us with the pichle ehed ka drama jo khatam hone mein he nahin aa raha? They promised us something else and they have failed to deliver.

          About Zindagi Gulzar Hai…no, I don’t recall much of that. I only remember that I stopped watching when a couple of episodes of it were still left .. it got so boring and monotonous for me that I never went back to it after that.

          I distinctly remember Farhat Ishtiaq saying in one of post-Humsafar interviews that she switched to a linear narration of plot for TV since the non-linear way would’ve proved to be boring for the audience and they’d have lost interest. I don’t know why she thinks that. I, for one, feel that it all lies in the execution. What do you say? Is it true that non-linear narration does not work for TV – when it works for the same story in the written form?


    • @DB: Bas ab what to say … I gave up on the linear issue a long time ago .. but even with that what a mess they’ve created . there were so many ruhi behroze scenes wit that adorable child that they’ve left out, all in the rush to get to big twists of the deaths and ab their needle seems to be stuck .. ab tau lagta hai dialogues bhi khatam ho gaye hain and sometimes it seems like the lines were written on the fly, some of them are so inane .. but again we are a very very small minority … the vast majority seems to be loving this … 😳


      • @ SZ @ Nashra @ NKhan

        I remember when I wrote a scathing review of a serial that had the highest TRP at the time. The writer of that serial actually asked me who I had taken money from to write that review. In general, I think everyone’s taste in drama serials is different so I give the benefit of doubt to independent reviewers. They might like DeD more than a lot of other serials that are on air. I only raise my eyebrows at the reviews written by the channel’s marketing department. They don’t even deserve to be called “reviews”. Seriously, it’s like Pepsi Co reviewing Lays as a product. Would we ever take their review seriously? Of course not.

        RE people’s comments. I have read some very critical comments on different forums. A lot of viewers who were earlier going gaga over this serial are now complaining that they’ve had enough of the older generation. Almost everyone seems to want the focus to shift to the younger generation. So fortunately it’s not just us. Many other viewers are also sick and tired.

        This brings me to something I have noticed for quite some time now. On Facebook in particular, people who comment on the channels’ social media posts on different drama serials often have what you can call “unconvincing profiles”. Take a look at any thread and you will notice at least a few glowing comments by people whose names are “Princess Pari” “Lucky Waqar” “Broken Heartz” “Angel Fish” “Tum Lout Aao” and so on. I always wonder who these accounts belong to. I have a strong suspicion that many social media comments on dramas are written by one or two people who make these multiple accounts and write the comments. And my prime suspects are the channel’s own marketing personnel or the people involved with production. No one would do such a stupid thing unless they were paid for it. Not to say that all comments are fake – but the very glowing ones on dramas that are plain doozies are always suspicious.


        • @DB: Kiya din they woh bhi! I so remember those ugly comments and accusations and how we both used to shake our heads in wonderment .. and then the time when our links were deleted by particular FB page ke admins because we dared to criticize another very popular serial … fun times nahin? 😂

          Re: The paid tareefs, I don’t know if you ever saw this classic self description that I read on a major production house’s website…. talk about delusional!

          “We at *** Entertainment always priorities our viewers taste and aesthetics by producing senses-magnet dramas along with high quality experimental projects. Domestic abuses, complicated feminine psychology, pink romance, financial class differences, social taboos, dark medical subjects, relationship values and many more themes highlighted in *** Entertainment dramas throughout the year 2014”

          Re: the fake profiles: Hahaha! So true I have received friend reqs from Barbi Dolly, Prince of the Night, Innocent Angel, Mama ki Pyari and many other similar types ..


          • SZ, DB, you girls are a tease – you drop these hints that are too obscure for dimwits like me! You should give us more hints like those blind items in magazines/newspapers 🙂


        • Oh I dont think everybody here knows you @DB: so poora intro tau banta hai ..

          All those who havent had the pleasure of reading DB aka Drama Buff’s fabulous reviews, in se mileye – a very seasoned and tell it like it is reviewer and someone with a ton of info abt all things TV .. kiya drama kahan chal raha hai and kyon chal raha hai she knows it all. On a personal level, I will always remember her (or not depending on the serial/episode I’m reviewing at the time) for being the one to suggest that I should write reviews and encouraging me to set aside my inhibitions and doubts and just write .. so whatever I write, good or bad, its all @DB’s fault 😜


        • @DB: I really want to ask what serial that was, the one with the highest TRP. Can I? 😛

          Another thing which I find amusing is that people/pages related directly to a serial somehow never post links to reviews that are unfavourable. I mean, I get it. It’s human nature and all…but still, why not post both kind of reviews so the followers are exposed to both positive and negative feedbacks? I wish somebody would do that … just for a change 😉


          • @ SZ

            Thanks for the intro 🙂 though I think ex-reviewer suits me more! I haven’t reviewed anything for ages now.

            ROTFLOL @ the description you posted. I actually thought this was Express Entertainment until I Googled it and discovered who has these amazing marketeers. Pink romance? Senses-magnet? Where do they come up with such masterpieces?

            @ Nashra

            Of course you can ask. Let me play the blind segment and give you some clues.
            1. It aired on ARY Digital on Mondays in 2011.
            2. Humayun Saeed, Aisha Khan, and Affan Waheed were in the lead roles.
            3. When it aired on Zee Zindagi, its title began with “I” (it was also the name of the character played by Aisha Khan)

            I think it’s easy to guess now 😛

            I have long given up hope that any channel or production house’s page is going to post a link to a neutral review. They will only, only post the link if the review is positive… Magar ab sub ko tou drama acha nahi lagay ga. Aur dramay kee har cheez bhee achee nahi lagay gee. Sigh!


  3. SZ – I understand and agree with your take on DeD as it stands right now. Given how Arjumand is still alive and with a character like Roohi, this could’ve been something very different, full of possibilities. Arjumand is clearly in retirement now and I am tired of reading everywhere about how Roohi is behaving selfishly, how her karma is coming back to get her, etc etc – when all I wanted to see was how this complicated person took on these sudden turn of events in her life. And what was that with Behroze “Maya” Khan last week – he dropped some pretty big names there as well #it’sgettingtome…

    So far, in this gen, OKB as Wali, Mariyam Nafees as Zarminey have both delivered consistently top performances. Maya Ali – what can I say, just when I begin to warm up to her, she disappoints me with a very childish take on Faara – like you say, she’s playing an 8 yo rather than an 18 yo. Abid Ali is excellent, but again, I wish/hope we get some lighter moments. Those hospital scenes are becoming so deja vu now.

    Sanam Saeed – I just feel bad for her – just the sign of the times that an actress of her caibre gets pigeon-holed into this blacker-than-black character with no shades of gray, no conflict of emotions to portray.

    I’ll probably watch this play till the end (ever hopeful soul that I am), but if anyone asks me, I’d strongly recommend them skipping the first half (15-17 episodes) and jump into it after Wali-Faara take centre-stage – see, I told you I was hopeful?

    SZ, thanks for fishing out the few bright sparks in the last couple of episodes in your review – it feels quite isolating when I read the rest of the world going mushy and teary-eyed week on week. At least there is someone else who isn’t getting washed away in the tide of tears – otherwise it feels like the rest of the world is marching to a completely different tune altogether…


    • @VZ: Thank you for bringing up Mariyam Nafees’ Zarminey .. I was so annoyed when i was writing that her name completely slipped my mind! Yes, she is another bright spark in this otherwise lugubrious serial .. And she’s such a welcome change from 8 yr old Fara .. at least someone in this serial is acting age appropriate..

      Yes, I too feel Sanam Saeed made a bad choice here, going for a role that probably sounded like a meaty one on paper but is now completely devoid of any nuance .. I was literally cringing when she was doing the haye mera behroze kahan gaya type drama … it was worse than watching a bad bad Bollywood Lollywood melodrama and this is so not Sanam 😦

      Re: watching it till the end .. haan I guess I will too.. I just dont know if I have it in me to keep criticizing for the next 15 + weeks …

      Haina 😦 I too felt quite alone and sad last week when I didnt review and get feedback from you guys .. I tried really hard to write one, but I think I needed a week’s distance to write somewhat coherently ….

      Ok, so to talk about something fun .. how many of you noticed Sanam wearing socks under her saree in the scene where she stands up to talk to Wali after his return from the graveyard … notice how she almost slips on the white chaadar, but recovers fast and continues on with the rest of her yada yada lines … did anybody else catch this???


      • SZ, trust you to notice Sanam’s socks and trainers 😀

        I agree, the company here is a big reason why I continue to watch the drama, but I see your point about writing reviews – just take it on a week by week basis. I am really hoping we’ll move on soon, but not sure how much melodrama is in store even in the Wali-Faara track.


      • I am wondering how they gonna wrap up ruhi’s character like arjumund she came up and say agha jaan main na ap ko maAF kia ap bi mja maAF karan…. Taraan!!! #nightmare


  4. Hum TV has bored me out of my wits with this “One wedding, two funerals, two quls aur chaar jumeraatein” serial.
    I wonder if Momina bhabhi can herself sit through all this crying…I hope someone makes her sit in a corner and see three eps of this rubbish end to end. Maybe then she will rethink this awful 30+ ep policy :p


    • “One wedding, two funerals, two quls aur chaar jumeraatein” serial.”

      @Afia: Madam ji: Tussi chha gaye Thaa kar ke!!! 👏👏 and you also win one of the two (because we missed last week) gold cups for the best comment!! 🏆 Ab waiting to read your acceptance speech 😜


  5. You are so right that this is the respect of our favorite writer, director and characters that we have watched this far otherwise Shyd 5 episode tuk dikhana hi kafi tha. I haven’t watched both the episodes so can’t comment. Just hoping that Farah wali track is strong and interesting enough to bring us back otherwise an interesting novel Tabah kr dia gia ha.


    • @asma: you are very wise … dont even bother .. hum bata denge jab dekhney ka waqt aayega … abhi tau sab timepass type cheezen ho rahi hain …


  6. Last week’s episode was soooo bad that I started thinking this whole drama could be so easily be spoofed. Problem is that our resident spoof master is actually in the drama.

    You could have a voice over conversation between Behroze and Fara where she questions the genetic wisdom of marrying a first cousin who himself is the son of first cousins and Behroze replied “beti yeh drama hai in dramas cousins only have beautiful and healthy children, look at Wali what a sher of a 6ft bacha” The conversation between Roohi and Aga Jan in a previous episode could be spoofed with Ruhi saying look I know you have apologized but I still hate you because this will then allow for the drama to make its 30 episode quota and you will have to wait to episode 29 for me to accept your apology.”

    Wali and Behroze off course have to have a whole spoof conversation about the best way to apply hair gel.

    Suhaib’s ghost to Behroze’s ghost: “yaar what have you done I told you the marriage would be subject to understanding between Wali and Fara” Behroze’s ghost replies “you are one to talk..what understanding did you establish with Arjumand when you ‘invited’ her to your room for the first time in Islamabad.”

    Sorry guys if you think the above is nonsense, may be I have lost the plot but so has this drama ,the last two episodes were bad…we watched yesterday’s episode in 15 minutes, we usually record it first and so just kept forwarding it.

    Lets face it many of us I only watching it for Wali and Fara’s story but I get a feeling we may be disappointed.


    • NKhan – wah. wah! Really enjoyed your comment 😀

      The resident spoof master will hopefully produce, direct and star in his parody version, and I can bet that it will be so much more fun than to watch this excruciatingly painful rubberband being wound around us for weeks on end.


      • @VZ: After all this the resident spoof master’s better deliver on his promise of a “self ” written, directed, starred, and produced DeD parody…

        Oh and your mention of rubber band reminded me of Rubber band the old sitcom, written by Vasat Ch and starred him and Ahmed Ali Bhatti, and a whole bunch of other people .. check it out

        and here’s the song from Rubber Band featuring FK, Nauman Ijaz, Ahmed Ali Butt, Vasay .. its a parody of the Strings song “yeh hai meri kahani” absolutely hilarious!


        • Hahaha, SZ, the parody was very good yaar! And haye, FK…uff, kya yaad dila diya aapnay…

          It’s nice to see Tara Mehmood in a fun role – her role in DeD is a travesty…tells you how this industry has regressed when it comes to female characters 😦


    • @NKhan: I echo @VZ’s wah wah!!! Kiya baat hai aap sab ki!!! We may be few in numbers but kya creativity hai!!! Yeh raha ji, aap ka gold cup 🏆👏👏
      I have to say if I do write a review next week it will be only to read all of your comments and see who comes up with the next gem!!!

      Re: W-F: Yes, I too am doubting that much can be done to save this heavily laden with emotions jahaz … jab tak W-F ka track shuru hoga tab tak tau yeh khud apne bojh taley doob chuka hoga 😢


    • @NKhan hahahaha wah!!!! Now I remember that’s why I was watching Ded! The only thing left in Ded is the mickey take out of it!
      Itni rubber band-ing ke baad I’m so bored ke abb I’m waiting more for the parody than the actual Wali Fara yah jo bhi….


  7. Thanx Sz for this great review, i agree with each & everything u said, How do u read my mind ? that;s scary 😉 I think we are the only two members of ” team ruhi “, i am with ruhi from the day 1. and i dont understand y women are gushing about wali, i think Moiz is thousand times better, he is good looking, he is definitely a better option, Ahmed zeb is like a breath of fresh air. i am so happy u also liked him. that shows u are so like me SZ. u are the best !


    • @U.M.: Hello 🙂 I’m actually team Ruhi as she shouldve been not as she is nowj, which is just plain ridiculous.

      LOL! OK, so I am actually enjoying OKB as Wali and think hes done well with a so far flatlined boring character, Moiz/Ahmed Zeb I liked because he was the only one who seemed to be acting a bit normal in a scene where an 18 yr old daughter is acting like an 8 yr old and the mother is channeling some really bad actress .. Lets see how Moiz’s character develops as this goes on .. I remember watching and liking Ahmed Zeb on Coke Kahani .. haven’t seen anything else with him since then ..


  8. Thanks for the great review despite being as fed up as I am. I find that this is the only review which echoes my feelings about Diyar-e-Dil. What a disappointment it has been. The only character who has learnt from his mistakes is Agha Jaan. Most of the other characters are one-note caricatures.

    Ruhi’s character assassination has been particulary lamentable. We are supposed to forget that this woman stood up to her only brother for Behroze’s sake, and coaxed him to take her to Agha Jaan after their marriage. That being said, Sanam Saeed has led some dignity to this undeserving character. I just wish that in her next ventures, she would portray a less bitter character. Most of her previous roles have been of bitter women.

    Maya Ali has been particulary disappointing in this outing. She does seem to act like a pre-teen rather than a young adult. OKB hasn’t had much to do yet, but I liked that his stiff upper lip trembled when he finally had the chance to confide in someone other than his family. He can’t do that in front of his loved ones as it seems that they are drawing upon him for their emotional strength.


    • @Ali: Good to see you here on this thread as well 🙂 I will catch up here and respond to your Yousuf comment as well .. just give me a few 🙂

      Aha! Good to meet another person not enamored by the OTT emotional atyachar.
      Re: Ruhi’s character assassination, you put it so well.. yes, that’s a perfect way to describe whats been going on .. shes been painted so black that there is no room left for grey whatsoever, unless ad until the powers that be decide to resuscitate her and we see a 180 degree about turn like Mr B’s. Btw, did anybody else laugh at those lines about Behroze ko khana dena hai, Behroze ko sula kar aa gaye, … all were delivered in such an uncharacteristically SS style .. it was almost as if she was in one of those dubsmash videos …

      Yes, I too enjoyed that OKB moment .. but the thing is that we have now seen so much rona dhona, in all shapes and sizes, that it is really hard to be moved by what otherwise would’ve been a significant moment. All I could think of at that moment was oh no yeh hi ek baccha tha is ko bhi rula diya!!


  9. Spot on, SZ. I really have lost all hope in this serial. Like you, I like AJ and Wali and Zarmeenay but the rest of the characters annoy me to no end. Behroze’s death was followed by the exact same melodrama that we were subjected to after Suhaib died. Why could the scenes not have been different, since very obviously this time people under distress were also different?

    Maya Ali is fast on the track to ruin Faara’s character. I wish she’d show some restraint and give up the annoying act – her acting really leaves a lot to be desired. Will she improve as the character ages? I doubt that (which is frustrating since she’s perfectly alright in MNYH.) The scene you mentioned – Wali regaling Agha Jaan with stories of his sister – seemed so natural and spontaneous – it really was a breath of fresh air after the stale scenes of death/mourning/madness that continue on an unending loop. (On a side-note, can somebody please get Wali to wear more age-appropriate clothes?)

    Half the serial is past and has been full of schmaltz. And now us poor beings who azal se were waiting for the Wali-Faara track to get started – for which we suffered through all the melodrama – just cannot summon up enough enthusiasm for that anymore. If this 15 episode backstory was their idea of prolonging the suspense, building up the interest, catching the viewers’ fancy – I would say it has been a spectacular fail. While watching this serial I find myself perpetually in the ‘get-it-over-with-already’ mode. But, unsurprisingly, they don’t “get over it”. Like, ever. Koi hadd hai bhi k nai? :/

    Which brings me to a recent interview of Farhat Ishtiaq, have you read it? Therein she was waxing poetic about the script of DeD. She considers this her best work for TV till date. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. To think she has given us so much more entertaining serials that can rightly be called leagues of their own in the past.. and then this. I really would beg to differ. I guess the writer and the audience just do not see eye to eye in some cases. Magar tazaad-e-raaye itna shadeed bhi ho sakta tha? 🙂

    Ab aap isko follow nai karein gi for some episodes that means you won’t be writing the reviews either. I feel sad. Where will we rant and rave about this serial now? 😦


    • @Nashra: Spot on my friend, spot on!

      Hahaha! I read that interview and there were quite a few “eyebrow raisers” (as @DB puts it so well).. ab what to say … btw, did you notice there was no mention anywhere in there of MeJ (which I consider to be one of her more intelligent serials and an overall very well made, aesthetically sound project despite the SJ-AH pair not working)?

      Re: Not reviewing … I honestly dont know .. when i was writing last night I wondered if there was any point to reviewing it, since there is clearly nothing worth analyzing, no ambiguities to explore, everything is laid out in simplistic black white terms. Like you all I too have pretty much given on this becoming anything close to what we were expecting, but still have some hopes for W-F track .. dekhtey hain …

      If you guys want, I can continue writing but I will warn you it will be me sounding like a broken record!


      • @SZ: Re: Mention of MeJ was conspicuously absent. More so since I am planning to watch it properly after reading the throwback review you wrote on it – ab since you’ve given it your nod of approval, it definitely seems worth watching theek se.

        Also about Bin Roye … The writer has such high hopes from it. After it’s released I’d be desperately waiting for it’s review here. Areyyy! Can you do a preview like thing later on, for the benefit of us readers for the up-and-coming movie? #farmaishiprogram 😉

        You’re right. They have made it sure to leave no space for any interpretations on the viewers’ part. It’s ‘jo dikha rahe hain, accept that as it is’ kinda take. What can I say, I love your reviews, love reading them and the comments as well. Broken record b chale ga 😀


  10. Hello, Hello! Apologies for being MIA at my own party but was caught up with a whole bunch of stuff over the past week… and then this week when I decided to catch up with a 2-fer DeD review we get this Masha’Allah masterpiece of an episode….

    Thank you all for assuring me that I am not the only one not getting the whole wah kiya drama hai vibe… All of last week I felt that there was something seriously wrong with me that I couldn’t feel even an ounce of empathy/sympathy for any of the characters of DeD whereas the rest of social media was going gaga over the episode .. and then after this ep I was convinced ke bas SZ beta ab chal chalao ka time aa gaya hai .. blog bund karo aur aish karo … but thanks to you all I feel a bit better and am reassured ke nahin, if I am crazy tau koi baat nahin do chaar aur bhi mujh jaise crazies hain!

    All kidding aside, what really troubles me the most about this overwhelming (at least online) reception is that these ppl don’t realize ke TV channels are taking note of what seems to work .. and dont be surprised if after 6 months or so we see at least 5-6 DeD clones airing on various channels… forget about serials like Talkhiyan and Pehchan, or even a JH .. hoga tau sirf yaaarrrrr eee mannnn aaaaaaaaaaaaaa hoga …


    • SZ, lol at the masterpiece line…there were so many repeated shots from Sohaib’s death scene (even the taaza qabr, the rows of cars in front of the house, close-up of Agha Jaan on hospital bed) that it looked like they had “buy 1 get 1 free” on their minds when they shot those scenes – definitely not helping was the fact that the two deaths came so close to one another and we were shown all the above shots ad nauseum just a couple of episodes ago…

      Re: TV channels taking note – do they really care about these online reviews/social media comments? Isn’t their target audience those 10 houses with TRP boxes installed?


      • @VZ: These channel walas are very selective in what trends they choose to follow and how seriously they take online comments/social media/blogs/review sites etc..
        Say for instance If were you talk to a channel head he/she will tell you nobody reads these online “angraizi medium” reviews and blogs (this particular comment was in ref to DRNR) its all nonsense…. but then notice how channels like HUM and production companies like AnB have their own blogs and paid reviewers ….so obviously there must be some impact that they feel the need to put out their positive spin in order to mitigate the damage that “baal ki khaal nikaalne waley loag” and “xyz writer/director/producer/actor se jalney waley loag” like myself are doing .. (and yes both of these comments were directed at me for my reviews for a random serial that sank without a trace despite all their best efforts to sell it to the awaam …

        So yes, even though their primary audience is the TRP box wali awaam, they are very aware of their international audience as well, the one that goes and reads online reviews from various sources before selecting what to watch …


        • Hope the makers realise that if stretched beyond a point, the rubberband snaps… 😦

          Thanks for sharing your experience as a reviewer – am sure the same people will proudly post links to your reviews where you praise the content…so much selection going on…

          I just finished watching Mere Paas Paas – and even with some issues with the story, I found it quite a nice watch – what a relief to see a real, normal woman on screen! Ab toh these are endangered/extinct species…sigh…


    • There are just so many things to blame. This 30+ episodes policy is doing wonders for destroying serials that, I think, would’ve been palatable if taken in relatively small doses of 22-24 episodes. Maybe then the writers would be forced to rein themselves in a bit and not write repetitive scenes such as we constantly witness in DeD.

      I totally don’t get the saccharine reviews on other sites – the few that I have read, that is. What I feel is…thoda tou discerning hona chahye. I may be wrong but it seems to me like automated response. You see the writer’s name, the director’s, the actors’..and you are probably predisposed to like it from the beginning. I admit we all had high hopes from it but well.. .opinions modify karne mei koi harj tou nahin hai.


  11. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to say this but when I read reviews of DeD on certain other websites I often get the feeling that the reviews are fake. I have only started looking at such websites about 8 months ago. As mentioned in a previous comment I have hardly watched Pakistani dramas for the last 15 years. Hum TV obviously has high hopes for this drama. But some of the reviews are so bland and just go over what happened in the episode and then say what a wonderful job everyone did. I keep thinking ‘are you blind and deaf’. Nothing actually happened. For example one of the reviews of DeD episode 15 called it a slightly slower episode. Seriously I thought you think that was SLIGHTLY SLOW? Is there a relationship between Hum TV and some of these prominent websites? I am not sure if it would be considered courteous to comment on other reviewers on this website but sometimes I just wonder why they are so fawning over certain dramas, is it me but it’s just so obvious sometimes.


    • @NKhan: I honestly don’t know, and would hate to comment one way or the other .. but then again by the same token I have watched, reviewed and praised serials that nobody else did, and I’m sure many must’ve wondered similarly about my integrity as well .. Talkhiyan, Sannata both did not get reviewed on other sites, but we loved them both here. Similarly Numm was panned by every review site around, but for some odd reason we here really enjoyed the brilliant acting and had fab discussions about every episode, and this is despite our exasperation with the obviously chopped up story line and the patently stretched out episodes etc .. .Jackson Heights is another recent example … so whenever I start wondering about similar things I just remind myself of these above mentioned examples and think perhaps I am just wired differently … but jo bhi hai I have to say I have been exceptionally blessed to have discerning readers who’ve been willing to “trial”different kinds of stories (as one of our friends @Annie used to call it ) with me and together we’ve been through some doozies (Laa, Ahista Ahista) and some really different thought provoking stories (Tamasha Mere Agey, Tum Mujh Mein Zinda Ho, Pehchan, Talkhiyan, Sannata, etc).


  12. SZ great review . Jo Bhi ho Padhne Mei Maza aagya . Abid Ali is the best . Until now he is the star. It’s little late but Ramzan Mubarak !!!! Pray to God that holy month of Ramzan goes smoothly . And when you eat sweet remember me . I wish I could send you DATES ( dry fruits) no address . I am so lucky that I found you and I enjoy reading so much ,even though I sometime donot participate but I defiantly read your review , this is coming from the bottom of my heart !!!!! Thanks


    • @Ranjan: Aww! Thank you! You are too kind and always so thoughtful – shukriya! *hugs*

      No need to send anything, just the fact that you thought about me means a lot more than the food itself. You are in NJ or NYC? I was just there all of last week .. who knows we might run into each other one of these days 🙂 🙂


      • Thnaks Sz for your loving words . It means a lot to me. I am from Nj . and by next month or so I am moving to California . But I will be in touch .


  13. Watched the epi. (16th) and I for one liked it. 🙂 Also for once I did not see Ruhi being painted the villain in this one, but we got an insight into the very distraught mind of Ruhi and how her guilt is eating her alive, which in manifesting itself into her being in constant denial and hysteria and her latching onto even the flimsiest of excuse when Moiz tells her it’s not her fault. Felt for Faraa for being totally lost. In a short span of time her life has turned upside down with her idyllic life of 2 loving parents and a doting extended family falling apart and her reasoning leads her to end up blaming AJ for her current state of affairs.

    AJ himself is in denial as he isn’t ready to accept that Ruhi is still bitter and refuses to have anything to do with the family.

    Also IMO Sanam was outstanding as the hysterical, distraught Ruhi who at some level know it’s her fault, but is in denial and feels helpless as she can’t undo whatever has transpired, especially between Ruhi and Behroze. She had to bring in a lot of emotions into play and she was bang on with her portrayal. Maya as Faraa was brilliant too, barring her child like voice.


  14. @All:
    So we complain about the TRP meter wali awaam all the time but check these ratings … seems like the awaam too is rejecting this tearfest … did HUM/MD miscalculate awaam’s capacity to shed tears?

    WEEK (24,25).
    1. Alvidaa (3.5 avg i.e 4.4 peak TRP).
    2. Ishq Parast (2.7 avg).
    3. MOL (2.4 avg).
    4. Karb-Hum Tv (2.2 avg).
    5. Kaneez (2.2 avg).
    6. Rang Laaga (2 avg).
    7. Muqaduss (2 avg).
    8. Mera Naam Yousaf Hai (1.9 avg).
    9. Paiwand (1.6 avg).
    10. Mumkin (1.2 avg).
    RATINGS are from;

    According to thus page DeD has a rating of 1 which makes it no 11 or so …



    • SZ – thanks for this!

      There’s good news and there’s bad news I guess. When I see a show like Ishq Parast getting almost top billing (given that Alvida ended this week, it might just make it to number 1), it makes me want to bang head/pull out hair/you get the picture… I don’t know many of the other shows (themes), but I am surprised MNYH is at 8, given the dramatic storyline and star cast/crew like Imran Abbas, MJ, KuR Q.

      Mumkin, which I believe is DeD’s competitor, is just about sneaking into the top ten – so that’s what TRP box loag are watching on Tuesdays at 8. That’s quite a coup I believe – I wouldn’t have thought that this show had a chance against DeD. So clearly, tear-fest is not working, rubber-banding and chewing-gumming are failing and giving jaw-droping levels of screen -time to the story of parents/grand-parents/random strangers (hello, Laila!) is also being rejected – on that count, I am happy if the channel/people behind key decisions are getting pulled down a peg or two. Sorry, that’s so mean, but I am just so mad at them ruining it so far… As you pointed out in one of your posts SZ, the packaging said Wali-Faara and when we opened the box there was all this non-stop crying from the previous gen and what not – 15 episodes down and my patience is wearing extremely thin…

      They could’ve easily done a leap post the nikkah at least – instead of showing all this Behroze death business so close to Sohaib’s death, we could’ve got this in flashbacks – but hey, who’s listening 😦

      Unless they move the story to focus on the leads, give them some sensible dialogues, be more crisp and not dilly-dally over the previous gen, this project is likely to continue slipping. And that will be a shame, because this project had lots going for it 😦 #disappointed…


    • @ SZ

      Thanks for sharing the ratings. I cannot believe some of the dramas in the top ten like Karb. Even more surprising is Ishq Parast which methinks is a bad rendition of Chup Raho by Big Bang Entertainment. I am also surprised to see Paiwand in top ten. This is such a BAD copy of Humsafar meets Aasmanon par Likha.I watched a few eps and it is like torture. It is soooooooooooo slow and repetitive, and check out Hassam’s mother’s avatar of Fareeda Aunty. LOL! Big Bang Entertainment needs to revamp its content department asap


      • @DB: Why are we surprised? What other alternative options do audiences have?? And why do we so very easily blame the TRP wali awam for this top ten .. I see all this as channels ka kiya dhara .. a serial like DeD should’ve been our alternative go-to … but look at how we are being tortured to death (literally) … do you blame anybody from switching way from it and watching Mumkin? Had DeD not been stretched out to 30+ and had viewers not been misled by false/misleading marketing it was sure to have done well .. but ab tau yeh haal hai ke even the most ardent supporters of the serials are fed up ..

        Going by the same token, look at how well a loophole filled serial like Muqaddas is doing. Even I am now catching up on it because it is mindless thriller and offers a change from the typical gharelu serials ..

        @VZ asked about why MNYH at number 8.. I would say its commendable its even there, and all credit to MJ and her team, because here a majority of viewers switched off after the first few eps of the thrice copy pasted frame story.

        Our awaam is not rocket scientist material and will always reject serials like Talkhiyan and Pehchan (a given since those are for niche audiences) but give them a a fairly well made mainstream commercial play, I think they respond, not always but generally do. Look at the success of Aunn Zara. Similarly ST, despite what HUM TV might lead us to believe, was not the mega success it should’ve been despite the big names attached to it; look at how a MSKSH flopped and conversely how well Digest Writer did.. Mol, which is purportedly offering a different option to audiences is doing well as well.. Awaam is only choosing from what they are being offered…

        A couple days ago an industry-insider posted a FB status expressing concern over how vulgarity was triumphing over moral/family values .. his post generated the typical responses: TRP awaam does not know better, ratings are skewed, how difficult it was to make good stories in these conditions etc .. and my response at that was why posit this as a simplistic vulgarity vs family values debate… the issue is not just about preferring one over another, it is about the complete package – content, direction, acting, length of the story, marketing, editing, the whole kit and kaboodle.

        In today’s scenario, a person like me, who would by default choose to watch a DeD over say an Ishq Parast or a Karb or Mumkin, is now left with no option but to switch off my Pakistani TV mode and opt for the latest season of Suits or Game of Thrones or what not. For those who want their daily drama fix, our channels leave them with no option but to switch to whatever else catches their fancy, something that moves along fast.. as I said above, our awaam is not the kind most likely to find the cure for cancer, hence they dont really care about the content … and in this situation a production company like Big Bang is really raking it. Rather than blaming the awam or the TRP system, It is up to the more established production companies/channels to re-examine their priorities – profit or content?


        • SZ, re your last line: profit or content – I believe with a well-made (intelligently made and packaged) drama a channel can actually achieve both, if only channels stop being lazy in churning out one clone after another of “hit” formulas.

          As it stands, it’s only channels to blame for this state, because producers are ultimately at their mercy I guess. This is where I would have expected a channel like Hum to take the lead, but they seem to have lost the plot just as much as the others. Now with the “revival/re-birth” of Pakistani cinema (given some of the movies that are going to be released, I’d rather it was called a still-birth), if that’s going to be where the money is, I can’t see channels changing track in the near future.

          I totally get that channels are commercial entities and like any company out there, they’ll want to make profits. But why is it that I am feeling duped? Why do I not have a choice of viewing material? I don’t resent them making profits, but I do resent the cost at which those profits are coming.

          The backbone of Pakistani dramas has always been the stories/writers. But these days I believe it’s the channels’ marketing teams that dictate plot lines, so where’s the place for creativity? Even respected names like MJ, Mohd Ahmed saab are not spared. May be if something like Mol works, then it might convince channels to try and give us something different+better?

          Coming back to DeD, if only the channel will wake up and smell the coffee, but I am not so sure. I was very disappointed with the tone of Farhat Ishtiaq’s interview (not sure how much of it was dictated by the channel). I wish this TRP business can drive home the point that we here are failing to get across and leads to some soul-searching.

          Protesting about the storyline and treatment of the characters here, I’ve often felt that those of us who comment here are like those small, motley groups which put up a protest when there’s a G8 or whatever summit is going on – we can shout all we want, but we will never be heard. At least I hope that the TRP box people’s verdict will make the channel sit up and take some (positive) action.


          • @VZ: ofcourse they can balance both, but sadly corporate greed will not allow them to do so .. I would be happy with, and in fact am pushing for, at least one serial a week that is “non-commercial” where the channel pretty much says ok we’ll take a hit on this one … and if they continue to do so on a sustained basis, there will be a change, not overnight, but eventual. At this point that whole segment of the audience is sitting t home watching UK/US TV shows or Bollywood parallel cinema … Hum and Geo actually already have the perfect setups where they can air these serial- Hum Sitaray and Geo Kahani – if its a good serial ppl will watch … after ppl did watch Aunn Zara on a no-name channel (at the time) like APlus.

            Re: the TRP awam making them sit up … thats what I had hoped for, but this status (that I was referring to above) was an eye opening indicator for how the TRP awaam has now been turned into this easy go-to where every failure is assigned to them and the majority of the commentators follow suit with their morally outraged comments .. and no, Im not saying that TRP awaam is the be-all and end all and should be the sole determining factor of what goes on air (for those who might read my comments in that light), rather I’m asking for channels and producers to take a hard look at themselves and see where they are going wrong …. I commented similarly on the post late at night, and I dont know what happened in the interim, but when I woke up that post was deleted… so yes, we may not be heard and nothing may come out of our shouting and screaming, but I can tell you there are quite a few listening in and intently at that …

            Re: holding the channels and marketing depts responsible, lets take a look at hum which owns the whole deal and so if anything they are the ones to effect a change. Similarly AnB and Geo to some extent .. BiG Bang has an arrangement with ARY but it not that big a player at that .. MD, AnB are two producers who can effect change, one serial at a time, but rather than them taking a chance, its independent producers like Pivot Production (Talkhiyan & Pehchan) who are taking risks by trying to bring change … and so when you take their example you can either call them mad – for taking the risk- or you can call them the mavericks who really want to bring in change and are walking the walk unlike the bigger producers who are merely talking the talk and channels who are happily holding HUM aur humaray awards and awarding mediocrity. I dont think any of us will be surprised when team DeD sweeps the HUM awards next year …


            • SZ, interesting that your post got deleted…too bitter a pill to swallow for the parties concerned…

              Re: pushing for, at least one serial a week that is “non-commercial” – forget niche ones like Pehchan, see what they did with Goya? We can dream on, I guess – in this current climate, I don’t hold much hope. I would love it if channels can actually give us at least one or two mainstream, commercial plays which are not this formulaic recycling with no thought put in whatsoever, but they are just too lazy and uncaring of their audience to do that.


          • Interesting convo.. So this is what I missed out on! :).. looks like u guys got tired of talking abt ded too lol
            @SZ Suits over DeD any day!! I was just catching up today and wow!!! I so didn’t want it to finish!!! Unlike Ded when I kept checking ke aur kitna reh gya.. I was so bored!!
            @VZ ROFL @ still-birth! mmmm i do believe it’s not quite a still birth lol.. Digressing here, but i think our cinema did re-start with some hope; with hatke topics and we saw some new genre, but I think if Bin Roye does turn out to be a success, we will only see our cinema going back to the dark ages with the romance and domestic/family, and ultimately the same old bechari aurat themes (same regression-story that we are seeing in our TV dramas ). We got Khuda ke Liye & Bol that set the trend, then more recently we got waar, Na maloom afrad, dukhtar, Josh, even OKB and Hareem farooq’s horror movie .. Not to say these movies are out of this world and they are def not masterpieces, but atleast we saw a change of direction, which was refreshing… but abb I’m worried that Bin Roye will take us back to same old pyar, shadi, bache route..
            Acha while we are on the cinema ,topic when we were growing up, cinema was not a place for women and def not the shareef khandan ki larkiyan (or atleast that’s what we were told 🙂 )…. apna koi khas experience hai nahin because we had only one screen in Islamabad, woh bhi bechari band ho gai thi.. I grew up assuming that the typical cinema-goers in pk were mainly men.. Now we are def seeing more women going to the cinema, more educated, more affluent class, generally a more refined audience .. so I’m assuming it’s not our typical drama/ (TRP) audience.. It will be interesting to see how Bin Roye will do with this new audience.. Would love to hear what other think…
            I think I’m beginning to talk non sense.. over and out lol


            • FA, I mentioned still-birth because have you looked at some of the movies lined up for release this Eid? There’s some really creepy/sleazy stuff there in the name of comedy and what not. The only hope I have is Hareem’s new production, written by OKB – it’s a romcom I believe, so expecting fun stuff there. Bin Roye is directed by Shehzad Kashmiri, so we’ll get some lovely visuals, but story-telling? Hmm, not his strong point. But people will definitely watch that one, and overseas the movie will rake it in for sure.


  15. @All: So I watched this latest episode and just wanted to bang my head against the wall … I have plenty to say, but most of it is the same that we’ve all already said a million times, so am not gonna bother reviewing it ..

    The one “new” thing I do want to say about this latest episode is that DeD is ushering in new lows as far as regressive ideas in Pakistani serials go .. What the heck was Ruhi going on about mera beta nahin hai … ab hamara kya hoga … and gari kaun chalayega??!!! I get that someone up there decided that Ruhi was going to be the villain .. theek hai bana lo us ko villain, but for god’s sake dont make her mouth those horrible horrible lines!!! Bad enough she said them once when Fara was born but to say them again?? And they tell us this woman is an MBA?? If not that then she’s def a BBA !! Is this how educated women talk???

    Also they talk about DeD as being all about family values … and try as I do I can hardly find any family values here… we’ve had the older son thrown out for “daring” to choose his life partner, we’ve had another son forced to marry a woman not of his choosing, we’ve had Arju and her kali qabar ka andhera (love how adroitly the team side-stepped the issue of marital rape by showing Arju walking into the room of her own accord) , and then an all too convenient amnesia as to what all happened that night .. baccha hua (and that too a beta) so all is forgotten (way to go team DeD) … husband feels no need to apologize .. time passes and very conveniently Suhaib dies after planting the seed of his “brilliant idea to keep the family together and driven by guilt and swayed by the words of a woman whose name he dudnt know before that day, Behroze forgets his own experiences and being utterly selfish emotionally blackmails his daughter into entering into a nikah to a man she knows nothing about … when wife dares to question the decision she is threatened with a divorce ..and now this latest ep we have Agha jan turning into a martyr and questioning why he cant be forgiven for his “ONE ghalati” ??!!?? Its a good thing Arju is the forgiving kind and a good thing that Suhaib was the not the kind to hold grudges, and that Behroze made a 180 degree turn and forgot how his father slammed the door in his face on more than one occasion. and a great thing that Ruhi is behaving like the wicked witch of the west hence her very real complaints carry no weight … dont know about you all but from where I am standing uncle ji has committed more than one ghalati … DeD may be about many things but it aint promoting family values …


    • As I was telling @VZ on another thread, I was so bored of it last week ke busss… I honestly didn’t think I had anything to say other that what we’d been saying for weeks.. same old same old ke i thought kehne sunne ko kuch raha hi nahin… but I’m glad I just popped by and had fun reading all the comments.. DRNR you guys rock! Ded ko bhi mazedar bana dya lol
      @SZ I’m with u on this one.. kia bakwas hai yaar.. I think with every episode it seems to be going step backwards.. Abb khatam hote hote we will be in stoneage..
      Nothing in this drama makes any sense any more.. from AJ’s aik choti si ghalti jo sub ne/kisi ne maaf (nahin) ki, to all the non-stop talking to the dead, directly on the qabar, through the windows, diaries and over internet/special satellite signal.. the irrational dialogues, characters going all over the place.. more & more safaid jhoot (Wali going to see his dost (infact doston- more than one..).. who is he kidding really?!!!???! lol)…. and wth was that smirk/wink in the precap.. that was OKB, not wali!!!.. aur rubber band stretching ki hadd ho gai hai! Abb im so bored ke I really don’t care any more.. And the funny thing is it seems like they have so much more content/scenes/footage to play with ke khud unko nahin pata nahin ke abb agla kya chalana hai.. or perhaps they are mistaking precaps for bonus material, scenes that will never actually appear in the ep.. grrrrrr!!!


      • FA, am so glad you commented, was missing your comments ka tarka 🙂

        lol at ending up at stone age…yes, DeD is regressing that fast…

        When I heard Wali talk about his doston, I remembered you only! To me, that scene where Wali takes his horse out, riding alone, stood out (in a nice way).

        That window in the haveli where everyone from Wali to Agha Jaan seem to “connect” with Sohaib – it was interesting the first time around, now that’s getting too repetitive. Remember how we were talking about the haveli being a character in itself, etc – what high hopes we had…I hope we don’t have Arjumand going and standing at that haunted window next.

        And talking of Arjumand, she seems to have blended into the haveli’s wallpaper – what mundane dialogues they give her yaar…

        Maya Ali’s Faara is too bland for my liking, there’s no spunk in her characterisation. I’d have thought Faara is a spunky girl, opinionated, strong-willed, getting all the wrong impressions about her father’s side of the family, but here she comes across as unsure (hiding under her duvet from fear of being kidnapped by Wali, come on, what is she, 4?) and quite boring actually. The way they’ve translated her doubts/fears/worries on screen is very literal – director to blame?


    • SZ, the only thing I wanted to mention about this last episode was Wali’s T-shirt – it came as a breath of fresh air (I wasn’t enamoured by the motifs, but still it was a refreshing change) and it did wonders to age him down!

      Roohi’s dialogues were a shame. Just don’t want to even think about what she was saying – I was just thinking how MJ manages to show something progressive even in a patriarchal set-up and here we get shown such regressive thinking in a so-called “modern” woman like Roohi, just to paint her blacker than black…


      • @VZ Re new movies: I haven’t really seen any of the other stuff coming out.. But as for BR, yes visuals look fab and more so MK looks stunning!!.. but I was more thinking about the storyline.. its the same ghisi piti 2 sisters saga that our dramas have explored to the death… abb if this is a hit just imagine all our dramas turning into films.. we will get devar bhabhis, and the saas meri sahelis all over again…
        See after Waar we got 100 trailers of waar lookalikes.. abb after BR we will get tons more of this… (hope not!)
        Re the Tshirt: u liked? After the precaps/promos I honestly thought they would fast forward it a few years, send Wali to Stanford, and the change of wardrobe would reflect that new era/mood.. But we got change of wardrobe thrown in ainwaein!!.. ded style – no reason no rhyme.. See in Pehchan we saw Laila’s wardrobe change and that was so beautifully linked with her personality and the overall narrative.. yahan tou it makes no sense.. yes he looks younger and much better in these than those horrid kotis.. but my question is if they were to change his wardrobe like this anyway, why not keep it consistent and start this off from the very beginning? Either Wali’s ki delivery to these remote areas in the mountains took forever but either way it makes no sense to me.. Abb dekho women of DeD are going back to stoneage, and Wali is getting younger.. there’s something seriously wrong with the timeline here!!! lol


        • Re: new movies, some of the movies that are being touted as “family-oriented” are…let me just say they don’t appeal to me.

          Re: T-shirt saga: yes, you’re right, a change of style (clothes/hair) would’ve made sense if they’d actually thought this through and introduced the changes when Wali returns from Stanford, whereas at the moment he is more traditionally dressed. Or vice-versa, he could’ve started out on T-shirts and switched to more traditional wear as he got older.

          As it stands, Wali is alternating between someone who is in his late 20s to someone in the early 20s within few scenes – it’s almost like that TV show “10 Years Younger”. In one of the earlier episodes we were discussing if it would’ve been better for Wali to be clean-shaven at the start and then post the leap, to grow a beard. But this shoot has taken 7-8 months, so may be it wasn’t practical to mark Wali’s coming of age with that sort of a thing.

          And don’t even get me started on Faara’s clothes. Not sure whose job it is to think about the overall look of each character, but at least for the leads they should’ve paid more attention.

          But there is a bigger issue here, as you say – things happen for no rhyme or reason. We saw this with the older characters’ ageing, their make-up, their clothes. Like you mentioned – Pehchan, even SeZ – the way Falak’s wardrobe changed through the play was quite nicely done.

          DeD – well, there’s a rough-and-ready feel to this play, like things are randomly floated around, whether it’s dialogues or looks or characterisations. While these would’ve been minor irritants if the play was of a different standard, here, as it stands, these things add to the soreness of the viewing experience.


    • @ SZ
      I came here to vent and realized I’m not the only one…

      So what the heck is happening here? It seems every week Team DeD reads our comments and goes back to insert deleted scenes in the episodes just to annoy the heck out of us poor souls who dare criticize their mega serial which is bound to fetch them so much money from Zee Zindagi when it finally purchases their 30+ masterpiece.

      Phew, that felt good!

      But honestly, I cannot imagine the screenplay was written totally by Farhat Ishtiaq. She cannot possibly write such derogatory lines for Ruhi. I am sure the content department of Hum TV has inserted stuff in her original script to stretch it out. And if they have, she should lodge a complain. It’s bad enough to see Ruhi’s very justified concerns being portrayed in an unreasonable manner – now we have to watch her beta vs beti dialogue and see Moeez sucking up to her? And why are Moeez, Ruhi, Tajammul and co getting so much screentime? Enough! Just let the main story start already!


      • DB, SZ sorry to jump in.

        I agree that the script doesn’t sound much like FI’s work – her words are hidden, buried deep inside this play. Not sure if even Wali can get them out. And I am not sure she would complain about it, given how MD Productions is making her script into a film and I think there’s one more novel of hers that’s being turned into a drama. Just reading her recent interview has put paid to all hopes.

        It’s a travesty that the channel, writer, producer are all women and this is what they are putting out to their audience.


        • @ VZ

          That interview was more of a – how do I put it mildly – promotion for DeD so it read exactly like one of Hum TV’s reviews of its own drama serials 😀

          Agar story ko lamba karna hee thaa tou Wali-Faara kay track main kuch additions kar daitay. I wouldn’t have complained! 🙂 Yahan tou 15+ episodes kay baad bhee sirf background story chal rahee hai!


          • DB, the Hum TV reviews are a class unto themselves – totally grammar-free to boot.

            At the moment it looks like Wali and Faara are side characters. They keep throwing morsels of their scenes at us in the promos to hook us (like the scene right before their nikkah). In the actual episode, their scenes are shown for hardly a couple of minutes. Why oh why can’t we have some solid scenes? God knows whose brilliant mind is at work here – back story for 29 episodes, hmph!


  16. Having watched the 17th episode not once but twice, I am wondering if something is wrong with me. I mean, this is the point where I was supposed to jump up and down, pump my fists, and say: Yessssssss! The main story has finally started. The older generation has taken the back seat. The lead characters finally got some much awaited screen-time. And we can finally look forward to the upcoming episodes…

    BUT… and this is a very big BUT… I was left with a feeling of: “Wait… What just happened?” Picking up from where we left off last week, Ruhi asked for financial help, thwarted Faara’s attempts to call off the whole thing, and emotionally blackmailed her into accepting the dada ka paisa. So far so good.

    But wasn’t Faara scared stiff that Wali’s “goons” might kidnap her? So did she have a temporary memory loss the minute she stepped into Wali’s Prado and answered him back? I won’t say I didn’t enjoy her wisecracks because I did – but they seemed totally out of place. It was like Faara had suddenly morphed into Zara and Wali into Omer Hashmi. No kidding! I half expected Faara to say something about Prince Mayer also. The whole sequence had a strange air about it. It was enjoyable but totally out of sync with the broader narrative.

    It is interesting because I was reading the novel last night, and the characterization of and changes in Faara seemed so much more coherent there. Yes, she was scared stiff of Wali but she only got the confidence she did after becoming a doctor. That’s when she realized her fears of getting kidnapped were unfounded. It seems incredible that in the drama, she was so scared on one hand that she couldn’t sleep at night, and when alone with Wali, when I would have expected her to be on her guard and not say anything controversial (lest his gunmen jumped out of nowhere to kidnap her), she went ahead with her rude replies.

    Wali did seem genuine with his offer of friendship and it was a sweet moment – but it is unfortunate that I was looking more closely at the chicken jalapeno and Wali waving his debit card, hoping he didn’t pay for the soft drinks and mineral water that never materialized. Likewise, later when he was smiling at Faara’s photos and uttering a string of adjectives, I had a vague image of him downloading these from DeD FB page. And what was with that tie when leaving for work?

    In an otherwise eyebrow-raising episode the only thing holding my interest was the acting, especially the chemistry between OKB and Maya. They do make a good on-screen couple and probably it’s the only reason I am still watching DeD. If anyone other than these two was playing Wali and Faara, I’d have given up a long time ago or probably not even bothered. That and Abid Ali’s fabulous portrayal of Agha Jaan!


    • @DB haina!!! Well here we have yet another 2 for the price of 1 drama.. It was like watching another drama altogether!
      Fara tou faraa even wali!!! We never had never seen that fun /chichora streak in him before.. The winking and the banter…the sudden wardrobe rehaul.. Like u said it was like watching aunn zara uncut lol
      Had it been the first ep it would have been intriguing, perhaps even fun.. But as it stood it was completely out of sync and made zero sense!!!
      Btw The whole talking to the dead through the window and the laptop/satellite connection is getting on my nerves big time too!!


      • FA, did you feel that Wali’s demeanour was out of line with his previous run-in with Faara? To me, it felt consistent with his “I like riding blah blah blah” dialogue with Faara. He enjoyed exaggerating the whole feudal role to Faara and watching her shocked expressions then. He seems to be in an older cousin mode with her more than anything else, until she kept pushing him on that rishta comment, and suddenly there was this other Wali for a second – the one we’ll see more of, I’m sure.

        I liked how keenly he was observing Faara when she was on the phone with Agha Jaan – watching her behaviour with him, given how rudely her mum talks to AJ.

        By the way, that comment from Zarminey about how Wali was going to manage the hajaar kaam coming his way, so reminded me of OKB’s 7UP ad…


    • OK, with that out of the way – phew! feel so much better!

      Thank you ladies for hitting all the high points of what all happened and did not happen in this latest episode .. I thought of reviewing this week but I dont know … kuch feelz hi nahi aar rahi … its such a hodge podge mess, as you guys put it so aptly a BOGO deal … kahan se aa rahi hai aur kahan jaa rahi hai yeh kahani sab kuch samajh se bahar hai .. Though he looked very dapper in the suit,OKB’s lavender (?) tie and pocket square – valeemey ke dulha as a friend put it – was a bit too much for me to handle and it all went downhill from thereon for me ..

      At this point forget about Wali and Fara, there are plenty of people sighing over them, Im so much more interested in Zarminey and Wali scenes .. their track is the only one that has – so far – managed to resist the bipolar tendencies of other tracks in this serial, and Maryam Nafees is now on my very short list of actors to watch out for .. I seriously think she’s very good and very natural .. baqi sab tau wohi same old same old …

      Oh and @FA: so with you on being done with the talking to the dead .. and not only that but also done with these dhamkis of dying .. what the heck is going with those??

      Where’s @VZ this week? @NKhan bhi ghaib hain and @Nashra? Ladies, missing your take!!


      • @SZ did you get chance to read other reviews about this episode where people are talking like ” We have all been waiting to see the boyish Wali grow up and become the Wali Sohaib Khan ” or “i felt that it was too much fast episode” !!!!
        i am confused much confused. are they reviewing drama episode or the novel.
        i mean waist coat and shawl wala wali was no where looks like Boyish wali aur fast tu ……
        Rest for me the episode was no different to previous episodes as all you have mentioned no rhythm, no continuity in emotions


  17. Aap ne pukaara aur hum chale aaye… Had a bout of viral fever, so I just caught up with this week’s episode.

    From the start, this has felt like a rough and ready project – it looked like Hum was in a massive rush to get this show on the road. And this week’s episode just reinforced that.

    As DB pointed out, there was such a big, sudden and completely unexplained jump in Faara’s character – did she have some super-fortified Complan that she went from being 4-year old, scared under the duvet Faara to having lunch in a completely empty restaurant with her potential kidnapper? (Where do they find these uninhabited places to eat? Last week Moiz and Faara ate at a similarly empty restaurant too. Spooky!).

    That said, I will take this new and improved Faara version 2.0 over the earlier Faara. Much better dialogue delivery, the exchanges were interesting and the chemistry with Wali was good to watch. Was this part of the original novella? The writing seemed much better. And in the last scene with Moiz, she reverted to her older version so the character is not coming together well.

    At least Wali’s characterisation is consistent – I think it is to the director and OKB’s credit that Wali’s relationship with each of the other characters is well marked-out and each of those links are maintained consistently so far. He also seems to have inherited his father’s (and Behroze’s and Agha Jaan’s) genes when it comes to keeping his feelings to himself, only Zarminey seems to nudge him to open up about Faara and that too only to a point.

    Wali though seems to have raided Omar Hashmi’s wardrobe for his office + bank work. Walimay ke dulha is such an apt description. His college style was a different story altogether. That college scene felt like another patchwork in this patchwork quilt project. As it stands, the play is lacking a cohesive narration and somehow the scenes are not well-knit together.

    FA – I thought of you when Wali’s friends made an appearance, lol.

    Arjumand’s character is someone I had high hopes for in the initial episodes, but she seems to be completely wasted these days – will she come in later with some better dialogues and add something to the narrative instead of being a wallpaper character? Lala-Zarminey scenes continue to work well, the banter, the bonding is on an even keel here, as you too pointed out SZ. Mariyam Nafees has performed really well, very natural and consistent week after week.

    As FA was pointing out in last week’s review, the lack of detailing/care in stuff like clothes, make-up (Arjumand/Ruhi ageing) and “look” of the characters points to the rushed approach to the project, which is a shame.

    And even someone like me, with no technical knowledge, could see how badly edited the episode was – cuts in the middle of scenes, or scenes starting randomly, ending abruptly…

    In short, if I could, I’d erase my mind of all the previous 16 weeks’ memories I definitely would. At least it feels like this week the story woke up from the comatose stage it was in. There are still fractures and wounds, recovery will take time, but at least it feels like it’s alive now.


    • Just wanted to thank all you ladies for your insights…I am glad there are other sane people watching this senseless drama and highlighting all the right flaws, many I had not even noticed (wali’s wardrobe etc….I just keep wondering how he does his hair. I mean that scene would maybe be more interesting than half the episode).

      Uptil now I feel like this is a very bad version of Aunn Zara. I agree although Fara and Wali’s scenes were the highlight after some very bad episodes it felt out of character for both of them. At this point I have no clue where this drama is going. Seems to me Ruhi will be the big villian in this love story? What is this drama actually about….I am clueless


    • @ VZ

      I cracked up over Faara Version 2.0. Pity the upgrade didn’t last long and she went back to version 1.0 in the last scene with Moiz 😛


      • Thanks DB. May be it’s the way they’ve shot her scenes – the ones shot in that Lahore house are particularly grating…and it’s impossible to believe it’s the same Maya Ali in Mera Naam Yousuf Hai – credit to the director?


        • Definitely… A good director can make a world of difference.

          RE shooting of scenes: Honestly, even though I am not much of an expert here, I can tell that different scenes are shot in one go in one location and then the editing process has made a complete mess of it. Like you said earlier, not much time given to post production in the rush to put it on air. Reminds me of Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan in so many ways…


    • @VZ: *Hugs* Khair Mubarak! Hope you and all DRNR gang members who celebrated Eid had a fabulous holiday ❤ ❤

      So so sorry for having gone MIA.. but here's my dukhi dastaan: first my laptop charger blew a fuse and I kid you not it took me almost ten days to find an appropriate replacement – #firstworldproblems – although have to say the complete break from my laptop was really great after I got over the initial weirdness of feeling like I the world had come to an end, and since then have been down with a long drawn migraine that refuses to go back where it came from short, not a happy camper 😦 And then ofcourse these dramas dont help either .. ek se barh kar ek!

      Khair ab I've given my head a strict talking to, so hopefully it will behave and cooperate and I will try have Yousuf's finale review up by tonight and follow it up with a few other pending reviews #fingerscrossed ..

      So that was the story on my end .. how's everybody else been??

      P.S. Hope your viral fever is all gone and forgotten and you are enjoying the summer … How are you enjoying the "lighthearted romance" of the younger generation of DeD .. and how about that war of words between the sister-in-laws?


      • SZ, hugs to you too…

        I am sorry to hear about your migraine – it’s not pleasant at all, so I do hope yours has calmed down. Thank you for asking about my fever, I am all ok now, just catching up with all my work 🙂

        Hmmm, DeD and the supposed “clash of the titans”: I could not join the countless fans who were impressed by Arjumand’s put-down. The reason? Well, the makers have branded Ruhi the villain of the piece and she is being set-up (for a long time now) to take anday tamatars from various characters/fans of the show. Given this obvious set-up, I am finding it an uneven battle, so I am sorry, I can’t really rejoice at this. Ruhi’s character has been reduced to a farce, so it was more like a one-sided thing. As it stands, Ruhi has just about stopped short of adding laxatives to Agha Jaan’s tea. I wish there had been a lot more thought put into Ruhi’s characterisation, then this exchange could’ve been really meaty, because these two women have a lot to say to each other.

        And to be honest, when Arjumand went on about Behroze not deserving her, to me that showed how much of her hurt still remains within her – she has (may be) forgiven but not forgotten Behroze’s act of abandoning the mangni. It was probably the first time that she actually voiced her hurt (though it came out more like she’s gotten over it and is not bothered anymore).

        These characters – Arjumand and Ruhi – are quite rich, but the way the whole concept has been watered down and the characters reduced black and white, has taken away any chance we may have had at understanding these two complex women. Just imagine the angles and depth we would’ve got had someone like MJ handled the script!

        Tajammul family will continue to plot till the second last scene of the last episode I am sure and then Ruhi will just happen to overhear them?

        Re: “light-hearted romance” – haven’t seen any 😦 All I have seen is Wali being over-the-moon and Faara upping her badtameezi quotient with each passing episode. I didn’t quite understand why Wali is so impressed with Faara, but chalo, may be mohabbat moves in mysterious ways, so I’ll take that at face value.

        OKB is fab, he’s continuing to give us a nuanced and realistic Wali and I am happy to see him get more screen time. Agha Jaan’s scenes with his grand-children was nice too. Maya Ali is expressing the conflicted Faara reasonably well (though she is nowhere near her MNYH standards). Her on-screen chemistry with OKB is a big positive that is making me believe in the Wali-Faara love(!?) story…Mariyam Nafees’s Zarminey is really shining, just wished she had more scenes…

        Faara is rejecting Wali in every way and has expressed it quite clearly every single time, so I am not sure what miracle is Wali hoping for, which would change Faara’s feelings towards him? She is in the same situation as she was 3 years ago, so unless the rukhsati happens and Faara has a change of scenery and gets to know Wali and the rest of the faimly first-hand, she is not going to change her mind.

        Again, this is where the story’s translation on-screen is not working for me. I guess the novel would have had some lines like “Wali tried his best but Faara kept rejecting him” and the like, but to translate that on-screen without appearing repetitive and tiring is not easy.

        Next week, Tajammul and co are probably going to end up killing the duck that’s laying golden eggs by asking Faara to file for divorce and ask for her share of property. Wali will be getting angrier by the week I guess, leading to lots of fireworks between him and her.

        But overall, why is the drama as a whole leaving me so under-whelmed? I am not able to articulate it, perhaps you and DB will be able to hit the nail on the head.

        Sorry for the long rant SZ…


        • @VZ: First off, this line of yours: “Ruhi has just about stopped short of adding laxatives to Agha Jaan’s tea.” is epic!! 👏😂 And secondly .. sshh!! dont go around giving more ideas to the makers! You know there are still 10+ eps more to go isliye kuch bhi hosakta hai!

          Re: Arju and Ruhi, I am so with you on this .. the two actors acted their hearts out, and Hareem and Sanam were so good there, but…. 😔

          Yes, I too felt it was less about putting Ruhi down and more about Arju finally getting a chance to vent – something Arju had never got to do before – and even in that I felt her words were more intended for Behroze rather than Ruhi .. after all dumping Arju, and so crassly at that, was the now-sainted Behroze’s fault … Had she said all this to Behroze bhaijan I would’ve been the first one to do cheer her on, but unfortunateky at that time Arju’s bolti was made band because Behroze brought up Suhaib’s akhri khwahish .. so her anger now seemed not only mistimed, as in late, but misplaced as well …

          Also Arju’s lines about tumhari beti meri bahu blah blah .. again it was weird she was saying this to Ruhi, ’cause it was not like Ruhi had gone begging there for the rishta .. infact the whole jhagra started when Ruhi went against the rishta .. so yeah not quite sure what kind of rewriting of family history is being done here, but jo kuch bhi hai sab ghalat hai .. and actually from where I am seeing it, its definitely looking like it was not just Behroze, but Arju still has latent anger about Suhaib as well .. had she been as happy as she claims to be with Suhaib then why this constant bringing up of the past.. and then it was so childish to pass a comment abt Behroze and Ruhi’s married life because none of them had been around to see their happy life together ….

          Re: Ruhi and her uni-dimensional characterization and now Tajjamul and Co. joing in … bas ab what to say … 😢

          And yes! I too am failing to see the romance or the light heartedness .. after last week’s ep and seeing everybody gushing abt the Wali-Fara scenes I was left wondering if I was the only moron who was not getting this epic masterpiece 😳 That said, like you I too think OKB’s doing a fab job with a not so fab-ly written character, And now that her childish lisp and slow manner of speaking is gone, Maya is so much better. Her chemistry with OKB is a given, but no matter what these two do, or how good they are together their characters are just not working .. and no all these situations and lines are all new ..there was nothing like this is the novel … perhaps @DB or @Afia could explain the differences better .. lets see of we hear from them ..

          Re: the serial leaving you underwhelmed … lets just say you’re not alone there are plenty of us out there who feel the same way ..For me its the writing that’s the biggest culprit here, I find it really mediocre, the plotting of the story, characterization and the dialogues all miss the mark, but having read Farhat’s work in text, I dont think its her per se, rather I feel there has been a lot of dictation given to her by the people in charge and changes worked in keeping TRPs in mind.. ab yeh alag baat hai ke even TRP awam is rejecting this mish mash of a serial.. acc to the latest TRP charts, Mol tops the list and DeD is nowhere to be found in the top ten ..


          • SZ, you’ve put across so many valid points here.

            Yes, I think that Arju does have some suppressed anger against Sohaib – pity they never quite explored her feelings properly. That point of hers about Behroze regretting his marriage was actually silly because the issue on which Behroze-Ruhi had such a big disagreement was something Arjumand herself was not quite in favour. If anything she should’ve been with Ruhi in principle on that issue – given how strongly she felt about zabardasti ke rishte and childhood mangnis. But the makers are simply playing to the gallery by pitting R vs A, without a care in the world about the characterisations.

            So the trp gang is watching Mumkin. I don’t blame them, because as it stands, DeD is a mishmash – neither it is properly exploring relationships and their complexities, nor it is a proper love story, I really don’t know what it is…


            • @ VZ

              Check out latest rating. DeD is nowhere in the top ten

              WEEK (33,34,35).
              1. Mol 3.5 avg.
              2. Mohabbat Aag Si 2.9 avg.
              3. Muqaddas 2.5 avg.
              4. Duaa 2.3 avg.
              5. Mere Dard Ki Tujhai Kia Khabar 2.1
              6. Tum Mere Paas Raho 2.1 avg.
              7. Tumhari Natasha 2.1 avg.
              8. Kitna Sitatay Ho 2.1 avg.
              9. Karb 2.0 avg.
              10. Ishqaaway 1.8 avg.


            • Thanks DB, just want to say thank God for small mercies. I am travelling at the moment, haven’t watched the episode…

              If DeD is being handed out a fate worse than classics like Karb, then what to say… It’s only viewers like us, looking out for some decent entertainment, have lost out.


  18. Just wanted to ask everyone here, is there a Roman Urdu transliteration of this story? I’d like to read the original because what is unfolding on the TV screen is making me go: what the…?


    • you watched it too? I havent watched yet.. but now you and DB are upping the interest quotient from -10 to a .005

      nope, no transliteration as far as I know .. sorry! @Afia is on vaca, but can request her to do a synopisis or something when she gets back .. and Im pretty sure whatever has happened today, that has goten you and @DB so worked up, was not in the original


      • SZ, there were threats of violence, of all sorts. From Wali. I always associated FI’s heroes with dignified responses, from whatever I’ve seen in her plays. I have problems aplenty with Asher, but even he never threatened Khirad this way. May be age is catching up with me? May be I am getting too touchy? I didn’t like hearing what Wali said. I’d rather his dialogues were worded differently…watch and let us know your impressions…thanks!


      • @SZ @VZ i havent watched it yet but my oh my!! After all this excitement I am considering giving it a miss afterall… 😂😂😂 … Infact I think last week and the promo pretty much did for me..
        But seriously, after mnyh looks like we r into a very dry spell… 😳 .. Weve had it bad recently but i dont remember being this bad in a long time!… Anything worth watching pls let us know.. Warna all the million and one dramas that have started on hum all look so sooooo bad!!!! Yuck!


  19. On OKB’s Facebook page, there’s a comment from a viewer who was not very happy with the way Wali’s character is shown to be behaving. OKB has replied to that comment, giving his interpretation of Wali…


    • @SZ and. @VZ disappointing episode. It is hard for me to do the Roman translation for u bcz of my routine and 2 kids.although I would love to do. But this I tell you that their was no “pistol” or “6 Golian” in the whole novel. What technique wali used to convince Farah I can tell you here if you guys say bcz wo spoiler ho jai ga and log naraz na ho is lia not writing now


      • Thanks for your reply asma. I was surprised to see a Farhat Ishtiaq hero saying all that. Looks like these are extra additions.

        Did Wali ever see Faara with Moiz in the novel?


        • @ VZ

          I cannot believe I missed this thread completely.

          Okay so the gentlemen Wali Suhaib Khan in the novel versus the drama serial’s gun-brandishing violence-threatening giving-gangster-vibes Wali Suhaib Khan… where do I begin to explain the difference between these two polar opposite characters?

          In the novel, Wali was a thorough gentleman. He saw Moiz and Faara in the restaurant but he never went up to them or said anything to them at the time. Faara did realize he was there and she was scared he would come over and make a scene. But he never did that. It was much much later towards the end of the novel when Wali and Faara had a heart to heart convo that he admitted to her that “Uss din tum merey dil say utar gayee thee.”

          The only time Wali ever told Moiz off was when Agha Jaan and Wali came to see Faara after receiving the legal notice (it wasn’t Arju and Agha Jaan as shown in the drama). At that time, Moiz said something (similar to what Zohra had said) and Wali told him off saying that he has no business to meddle in their family affairs. Novel’s Wali never brandished a gun, used language like “merey haathon zaaya ho jaye ga” or kidnap Faara. He simply asked her to meet him and then laid out his conditions for the divorce.

          The drama serial is also failing to wow me in any way because of all the masala-fied melodramatic scenes and dialogues which were completely unnecessary. The serial would have been more popular IMO if it had stayed true to the novel in terms of characterization.


          • @DB Thanks for sharing that.. See thats sounds much more palatable!
            I did end up watching it afterall.. and all I can say is that rahi sahi kasar bhi nikal ga! First of all I was so disinterested.. it was like going round and round the same old! Aur jo naya hua wo purane se bhi gya guzra!
            I wonder why they couldn’t stick to the original story.. Nothing and noone makes sense to me anymore.. They all seem to be in a wonderland jahan there’s nothing rationale any more!.. They might as well be painting the roses red and a bunny rabbit keeping time and magic portions to make ppl big or small.. but I guess that would be too kosher lol.. I mean we had Sohaib and Arju’s shadi and the kali raat, and now all this.. This is getting from bad to worse!.. and for ppl to justify it ke it was not the writer’s intention, and to say that Ded has given women voice is utter rubbish! grrr!!!!! #WhyAmIStillWatchingThis


            • FA, what have they done to this story yaar, I was hoping that with all the big names, from crew to cast, this would be the best choice of drama around. Can’t believe how the channel/prod team have so carelessly and irresponsibly thrown issues at us in this play. Systematically stripped characters of all nuance and in some cases, dignity of response too. And now this new avatar of Wali, completely uncalled for. So disappointing. Vexing. Your hashtag is on point FA…

              Missing Rehmat’s comments. Wonder what she’ll say about this cowboy Wali?


          • DB, many many thanks for the novel vs drama Wali. I was so worked up after watching the episode last night that I was hunting high and low for a transliteration. I couldn’t believe that a hero of Farhat Ishtiaq could do and say what drama Wali did and said. Your write-up clarifies my questions, thanks.

            Seems to me that the makers have managed to butcher several characters (starting with Sohaib) in this drama, sadly not even Wali was spared. I have been reading comments on various fb pages, where those who’ve read the novel are surprised, not pleasantly.

            What is quite disturbing are the comments, from some reviewers and some members of the public, that Wali’s actions are justified given the circumstances! Talk about reinforcing regressive and wrong ideas! Shame, of course, on the channel people who are delivering such an irresponsible product, but what’s got into all these others, giving free passes to threats, violence and what-not, by the hero no less! Just dismayed…

            Even Mere Humdum Mere Dost, for all its poor story weaving, managed to keep Haider’s character loyal to the original story, and more importantly, kept him dignified. Here I won’t be surprised if we get treated to a Wali-Moiz fist fight next, just before the manhandling and the kidnapping…

            The tragedy is, OKB could’ve played the novel’s gentleman Wali with ease! The character was all there in the original story, the actor is fully capable of bringing it to us on-screen, may be left to himself Haseeb Hasan would’ve delivered it to us, but HUM had to play havoc in the middle! #Disappointing…

            I wish Farhat Ishtiaq will do some soul-searching about what’s happened to her story. She can defend all these changes all she wants in public, and her admin team seem to be in la-la land too, but at some quiet time, I hope she will think through whether this was worth it… I have no such hopes from the channel and MD though.

            SZ, sorry your WaliMan needs updating: his cape can go. Instead, please give him some cowboy boots, hat and guns in both hands. Horse tau pehle se hai hi… 😦


            • @VZ: Give me a few … in the middle of something now but am working on a write
              up … lets all vent there since we all seem to have plenty to say .. #holdyourhorses 😉


            • @ VZ

              Yep, even Sohaib’s character in the novel was completely different. He was portrayed as this loving caring Chacha and yes, once he had the idea that he wanted Faara to be his bahu, he discussed it with his WIFE. Unlike the drama sequence where everyone but Arjumand knew his aakhri khuwaish. From the novel, Wali told Faara about this:

              “Papa mama ko woh tasweer dikhatay keh rahay thay keh woh larki unn kee bhajeeti hai. Iss ka naam Faara hai aur woh ussay aik din apni bahu banayen gaye. Apnay Wali kee dulhan banayen gaye.”

              And here is the part about Wali telling Faara about the day he saw her in the restaurant with Moiz:

              “Main tumhein pehlay bhee uss kay saath dekhta tha. Tumhari zindagi main uss kee ghayr mamooli mudakhalat mujhay khalti bhee thee. Tum apnay hospital main mujhay ignore karkay uss kay saath chali gayee tub mujhay bura zaroor laga tha par tum say nafrat mehsoos na hui thee magar tumhein uss kay saath itnay khush khush, hanstay muskuratay, bohot bay takallufana andaz main dinner kartay dekh kar merey dil say tumhein apnanay kee har khuwaish khatam ho gayee thee. Meree taraf nafrat say nigah uthati yeh larki kissi ko itni muhabbat say dekhti hai.
              Main haq rakhta tha, mera tum say rishta tha keh main tumhein haath pakar kar wahan say khenchta hua lay jaon. Tumharay iss aashiq sadiq ko do char theek qisam kay thappar aur ghoonsay raseed karoon and tumhein apnay ghar main qaid karkay kahoon: “Khabardaar yahan say bahar qadam nikala tou tumhari tangein tor don ga.” Magar mera tum pay haq jatanay ko bhee jee nahin chacha thaa.
              Uss roz tum merey dil say utar gaye theen. Uss roz tum mere nigahon say bohot neechay girr gayee thee. Yeh larki kissi say saath bhee zindagi guzaray magar main issay apni zindagi main ab shamil nahin karun ga…”

              There is a lot more but you get the picture…

              I am shocked that FI has actually made Wali say all the things he did NOT say and more.

              Let’s see how this plays out next week….


            • @VZ: hey 🙂 aww thank you yaar for missing my comments:)i just came back from Pakistan yesterday.. Haven’t watched DeD after Suhaib ‘s death lol. But reading all comments here makes me feel good k shukar nahin dekha..but when it comes to butchering Wali’s character phir tou dekhna must he.. I will be back once i watch last week episode..:)


    • @VZ, @DB, @FA: So sorry! Continue discussing here .. I’ve been trying to write but somehow its just not happening .. I’ll keep my draft open and one of these days it’ll come together .. #pakkawalapromise


      • SZ, please don’t worry. We’ll get more “stuff” thrown at us next week, this show is bent on throwing surprises at us every week. Even Lucky Luke comics don’t have so much action in them.


  20. DB, I am replying to your message here…

    Thank you, thanks a lot for the passages, it’s very kind of you to share this 🙂

    Wali’s words reflect his state of mind in a very dignified way, something I can identify with a Farhat Ishtiaq hero. And you feel his pain and anguish, but everything is expressed in a controlled way. His changed attitude, from being hopeful in love to feeling heartbreak when he sees F with M, to completely giving up on F, is expressed so well.

    Why could they not have picturised it faithfully?! God knows whose brilliant idea it was to change his characterisation!

    In the drama, they’ve been talking of death and murder all along, from Arjumand asking Sohaib to kill himself in episode 3 or so, to the death of the two brothers to Roohi’s “martey dam tak” dhamkis to Faara’s “mar jaungi magar iss rishtey ko qubool nahi karungi” to the latest Wali cowboy Khan’s daawa about killing F, M, the waiter serving them food etc etc. What they forgot to add was, the makers were at the same time butchering key characters and killing off all our hopes of catching a decent entertainment.


    • @DB Thanks again for sharing that!
      @DB @VZ @SZ I think in a broader sense it would be ok to show dhamkis, assaults and kidnappings etc .. At the end the of the day we can’t say you can’t show that on TV because unfortunately these things do happen in our society.. but what bothers me is that they are being passing and perceived as ”normal”!! .. We are still supposed to root for Wali and at the end of the day Wali is/will remain the ”good guy”… I do wonder if and how there will be any effort made to redeem Wali’s character after this? Surely it will be another Sohaib/ kali raat incidence that will be brushed away under the carpet… ded style!
      What has been more worrying and really troubling me last few days is people defending this and especially the ”out of context” excuse.. I mean context or no context, this behaviour is not acceptable and def not plausible! We can’t say that it was ‘ok’ for wali to do this because of xyz… If we start using that excuse then there is no limit.. whats next? honour killings will be acceptable?..
      I feel it’s a very lazy and careless approach and very dangerous indeed, and I have to say that FI is no KUQ who wouldn’t let anyone else meddle with her script.. so we can’t just blame it on FI .. Yes she might have made that error to start off with, but where was everyone else? why didn’t anyone else pick up on this before it was aired? director, producers, channel walas.. there is an entire team behind this project and they all let that bypass…


      • FA, I am with you on this one. Yes, violence happens and fairly regularly at that in our society. But when violence is brought into a show like this, with all the big names in production,writing and direction, I expect it to be shown responsibly. I believe the DeD team had a choice here on how to portray Wali’s (justified) frustration at the situation and his feelings of being betrayed, and anger at Faara not giving their relationship any respect whatsoever. It is disappointing that they chose this way, when the book presented a less ballistic solution, which would’ve worked here. I feel that they’ve made a mash of things without bothering to think through the implications.

        There is a big danger in showing a hero saying/doing anything violent – as you rightly pointed out, the issue is how will he be redeemed? When a villainous character does/says such stuff, the hero is expected to put him straight. But who will bell the cat when such behaviour is displayed by the hero?

        But then this is DeD – issues will be randomly floated around, characters will flip like pancakes and all will be forgotten/forgiven. It’s only souls like us who will be left scratching their heads. They’ve done it with Arjumand, with Roohi, Behroze, Sohaib, now Wali. Only Agha Jaan’s character has been shown to change with time for solid reasons.

        If the reason behind showing this side of Wali is to demonstrate that he makes mistakes, he is not perfect, etc then surely there are other ways to get that point across?

        But as usual we are in a minority here, trying to dissect stuff when the rest of the world (mostly) is happy with Wali taking down Faara a peg or two. I’ve heard the “context” argument and I’ve also heard the “but what about all that Faara is putting Wali through” argument as well. There’s also the “oh, but he’ll never ever go through with his dhamkis” argument. None of these justify Wali’s actions/words. Book-wala Wali is a clear example to show that it’s possible to deal with the situation without resorting to cowboy tactics.


  21. Yesterday i watched promo for next episode and my instant reaction was RIP Wali.. Phir watched last week 6 Goliyon waali clip and i was like this is not Wali.. No.. Nope at all.. The character i loved and admired have lost everything.. I was waiting for Rock solid Wali.. But if this they gave us in form of solid then nothing more disappointing.. Thank you @DB for sharing those excerpts from novel.. And making me recall how a gentleman Wali was.. Drama people dont have to show Wali like this to make audience believe that he was angry,frustrated and hurtful… I am There will be more ways to portray those feelings.. While keeping the main qualities of character intact…

    In novel the way Wali treated Faara was simply amazing..he never ever raised voice on her..gave her silent treatment and we got it that he is not happy with her.. Even Faara realized by herself not Wali forcing anything on her and that was much more justified.. I agree with you @VZ that showing anything like this comes with responsibility and I literally can not believe how FI can write all this #shocked.. Your example of MHMD was bang on.. As much as I disliked that novel.. Haider’s character was one thing that was written same way in drama as it was in wasnt ruined at all..

    I don’t know if i will watch further the remaining episodes and will continue to get upset but one thing is sure this all have cause severe dissatisfaction in adopting any novel and making to drama.. Its so hard for me to forget how badly i wanted to see Wali-Faara track to begin.. :/


    • I just watched this week’s episode and to say that I am vexed with this is an understatement. Under what pretext can the writer and the makers of the show justify this “hero”? The way Wali took Faara from her home was unimaginable – I would’ve believed this was a badly made 80s/90s bollywood movie, where the villain is dragging the heroine from her home and the hero will come any moment to save her. Alas, this is what we have got in the name of a hero. Shame. No matter what an obedient son, grand-son, brother blah blah he might be, I don’t want this hero, take him away. Give us someone decent, someone we can hope to at least see in the world of make-believe…

      I wonder what else we will be shown in the name of “old-school”, “melodramatic” and the like? Of all the people, I am most incensed at the writer – how can she write something which goes against the grain of the main character? How can she allow Wali’s character to be ruined? Forget about Faara doing some soul-searching, it’s time FI did it.

      I remember, in OKB’s sawaal-jawaab here in DRNR, he was worried about his take on the character – he need not have feared, because what he is playing is not Wali at all – this Wali is nothing like the book-wala Wali. In fact, though the play masquerades as DeD, it seems to me that all the key characters have been changed so much, that what we see on-screen are only namesakes and nothing to do with the novel’s characters.

      And nothing, yes nothing justifies what “Wali” did or said today.


      • I am feeling SICK at the reaction of the viewers. Most of them think Wali was completely justified in doing what he did. Faara tou Faara, did you catch how he shoved the elderly maid aside? What was that all about?

        SZ, I do hope this episode makes you complete your review and post it. 🙂


        • I just watched this after a 3 week break!
          I am shocked. What a disgusting portrayal of Wali
          The comments are indeed unbelievable! Apparently that’s what pashtoons do , brandishing guns at their wife telling her they will kill
          Her and threatening her
          This is racist and bias and this was apparently not in the novel so it must be something to do with the TV channels churning this over dramatic crap to audiences who love seeing Dramatic OTT stuff and women being mistreated especially by Pathans . Yay win win for Hum TV
          I mean seriously
          Which Stone Age is Wali from? They have ruined his character!


  22. Cant agree more with you @VZ and @DB.. Highly disgusted.. I saw Wali clip only to see if it was a actually misleading promo.. But ofcourse how could it be.. Wali was indeed reacting like jaahil :/


  23. @All: I am so so sorry, have been very pressed for time so been unable to write all that I want to say… but then again you all have said everything that I have been itching to write .. this is all so so wrong on so many levels:

    a) Reinforcing seriously problematic stereotypes – gendered, ethnic, socio-economic, urban vs rural;
    b) Normalizing violence against women;
    c) Equating a helpless woman’s resignation to her willing consent (in the case of Arju and Suhaib and the writer’s breezy expln re: Arju’s willingness, she came to the room of her own accord)
    d) Reducing women to objects that are owned and discarded at will (meri biwi ho meri marzi main jo chahe sulook karoon);
    e) Denying the woman any kind of agency whatsoever (she keeps saying no, infact has said it repeatedly but not once has it gotten through to Wali).
    f) A woman’s right to ask for a divorce has been turned into an absolute mockery .. Wali has repeatedly told her that he will not “allow her to be free of him”;
    g) Justifying Wali’s cave-man/alpha-male behavior by putting forth the reasoning that this is all somehow okay because she is is “legally wedded wife” ..
    h) Turning the seriousness of a divorce into a joke by having men hold that over their wives’ heads as a threat – Baseerat in Humsafar, Behroze in DeD

    While all this wrong what is really disturbing is the public response and the rationalizing thats going on to justify and excuse such behavior ..

    Thanks to our erstwhile TV channels we’ve gotten so used to explicit and OTT displays of violence and abuse that this kind of more insidious abuse is not registering as problematic at all, infact people are applauding this and egging Wali on, as in yes Fara deserves this, any ghairatmand mard would do this, rah rah Wali mard ho gaya ..

    There is a lot of hooha also being made about the use of the term “rape culture” and I would just like to point out that ugly as it maybe, the reality is that whatever is happening here is almost exactly how one would describe a culture ridden with rape supportive beliefs about women and the issue of their consent.

    And in talking about culture, lets also not forget that our dramas are being watched by a global audience. On the one hand we scream ourselves hoarse about hamara culture yeh and hamara culture woh and complain about how others portray us in less than flattering light and then on the other hand we go ahead and cheer men who openly threaten others in public, carry revolvers on their person, and have no issues mouthing lingo like thapar lagaoonga, and munh tor doonga, zinda garh doonga, goliyan utar doonga … we really dont need any outsider to come malign us .. we are happily doing it on our own!

    Thank you HUM TV, MD Productions, Momina Duraid, Farhat Ishtiaq, Haseeb Hasan, and to a lesser extent the cast, for redefining what family values mean in terms of Pakistani dramas. #RIP wholesome and meaningful entertainment.

    I will, when I find the time, hopefully write all this up more coherently and post as a formal post but other than that I have now officially washed my hands off of DeD … #DisappointedAndHow


    • SZ, agree with every word you’ve written here. This is one rare space where we are all unanimously acknowledging how wrong these depictions are, warna everywhere else, from reviewers to viewers to cast, the majority view seems to be justifying Wali’s actions #unbelievable…

      DeD has left me feeling ashamed at many levels, your post lists them quite eloquently. I feel let down as a viewer…


      • @ VZ

        Honestly, all the tareefi views and reviews have left me astounded – I honestly was wondering if something is wrong with me that I cannot go all wah-wah over Wali doing what he did. And there is more to come next week what with the haunted house and all. I do hope Farhat Ishtiaq doesn’t dramatize any more of her novels. She cannot write a decent screenplay that’s for sure.


        • DB, I take it that all this haunted house nonsense is not in the book? They haven’t left any kasar in destroying this experience for the viewers. All in the name of TRPs.

          I am very disappointed in Farhat Ishtiaq. How much screenplay is hers, I don’t know, but even if she hasn’t written these instances, she should’ve objected to the way things have been portrayed. She already has another novel in production I believe.

          Re: reviews, the less said the better – the sudden boom in the drama industry has been matched by a fall in standards across the board – from writing, production, acting to reviewing. As someone totally unconnected with the industry, I can vouch for this fact, without any bias.


          • @ VZ

            This nonsense wasn’t in the novel AT ALL. It mentioned only that Wali met Faara, spoke to her, she agreed to his condition, and then she went to collect her things and they went together by air. They didn’t speak much on the way. Apparently, this wasn’t masala-fied enough for MD Productions.


            • @VZ: novel was totally opposite of what we are watching in drama….everything was written and shown to us in such a decent manner that you cant help but love the characters.. Here is alll rubbish..

              Reg: another novel in production.. I have read that novel and i am already terrified to think vo kaise visually presented hoga .. I wish i could share the plot line of that novel LOL


            • I thought as much – all this haunted haveli stuff seems completely out of line with the mood the characters are supposed to be in.

              Who knows whose brilliant “vision” this is! From the TRPs SZ posted a while ago, it looks like they are not in the top 10. If they had given us a decent play, at least it would’ve ended the drought we are in. Par nahin, they had to spoil the experience completely for us.

              In the novel, Faara had already completed her studies, and look at the situation here – who cares about studies and stuff, not quite crowd-pleasers are they?


            • In the novel not only Farah completed her studies. But a lot of struggle has shown regarding zarmina’s studies also. She got married in between studies but got supportive in laws and she completed her MBBS. Pr yahan positive message ko highlight krna ki bjai ulta violence dekha rai hn. Ajeeb hi hn :@. I am surprised that all this is writhen by FI pen and if not then she should not remain silent.


            • @asma: I am not home so can’t give you the link, but do Google farhat ishtiaq and hip and read her interview there. She talks about being given complete freedom to write as she wished, and also says that she added in more drama to the script for the serial and fleshed out characters as well ( I’m paraphrasing her from memory). She’s also provided an explanation of sorts for the kaali raat scenario … So after all that I don’t think there is any doubt left that she has written this … I think producer, writer and director all bear equal responsibility for this mess, not sure if they see it as that though.


    • I totally missed this entire thread of conversation! Since everyone here has expressed eloquently all the outrage I have equally felt at the mutilation of a novel and character I liked, I don’t have much to add, except for registering my complaint officially.

      The one thing I identified the Wali of the novel with was his controlled, detached nature. That was also his approach towards finally dealing with his farce of a marriage with Faara. Now that that is done away with for God knows what reason – I really have no desire to continue watching this serial. The abuse being passed of as romance disgusts me. The violence being passed off as ghairat sickens me.

      This narrative has no coherence and no consistency – it contradicts the very idea it has been pitching to the viewers since the beginning – the idea that was justified in the novel but looks completely ridiculous in the serial: “Wali is not what Faara thinks he is” but it turns out, he is exactly what she thinks, this man who has discarded everything civilized in favour of being a cave-man. This gun-touting desi version of a macho man who knows the one way of “putting a woman in her place” is totally unacceptable but sadly, a lot of the viewers have happily subscribed to it. Can’t even begin to express my (futile) anger at that.

      To end it all, I wish the writer would stop dramatizing her novels. She really should. She ruins even the reading experience for many as we can’t go back to those same novels and still feel the same about them. But I just now I read the comment about Jo Bache Hain Sang.. Allah khair kare, what more is left for us to see?


      • Nashra, the writer is not going to stop dramatising her novels – on the contrary…

        Re: detached, controlled Wali – I was so hoping to see that gentleman Wali on-screen, but alas – this drama Wali I think kidnapped him also on gun-point and is himself now masquerading as the real Wali…


      • @Nashra: Hey! Sorry yaar, DeD has been so painful to watch that its difficult to watch in one go .. and then phir us pe review likhna even more so … so we’ve just been hanging out here venting away … also to my mind, my not reviewing it is my way of protest … I honestly I have no clue what kind of enjoyment people are deriving from this OTT saga but I know its all a wash for me, and ab tau after this latest episode I;m not even gonna bother watching.
        The only people I have some sympathy for is the actors, particularly OKB, Hareem, Mariyam, and Maya in this latest ep, who’ve really put in a lot if effort, but all to no avail .. and in even their case it is surprising that nobody considered this side of the picture seriously, may be tey did and may be they to got hte rationalizations we are reading … who knows.. Moving on, hopefully all will be more careful in selecting future projects ..


        • @VZ: Lol 😀 That’s exactly what I wanted to see as well. He was cultured and like you said, a gentleman, and it isn’t exactly like we are inundated with such male leads on our TV. That would’ve been welcome. And the serial is such a terrible fail for this reason alone ..

          @SZ: Good thing you didn’t, SZ. It does not deserve to be reviewed. It isn’t as if they have presented a layered serial even remotely consisting of nuances and depths that a review like yours would’ve explored for us viewers. It’s all hit-you-in-the-face kind of melodrama – overly simplistic and superficial.

          About the actors, I think they should begin considering a little before taking up such works that only succeed in, as you said, reinforcing the existing stereotypes and normalising them (as if they aren’t already quite accepted). Acting out such characters – without any apology, i.e. – can even amount to a tacit endorsement. I’m particularly disappointed in OKB. Maybe he should’ve read the original novel first, thought what he was agreeing to? Anyway, maybe we shouldn’t expect so much 😉


    • Posting one question and answer from that interview. Read and be hairaan folks:

      Is the drama based completely on the novel or are there differences?

      FI: There are some differences, but they are very positive. I wrote several drafts of this novel back in 2006. while adapting I took some scenes and situations from my earlier drafts of the novel.(They were never a part of the published novel). Interestingly Momina and I think on the same wavelength.she came up to me once and said Farhat, it would be great if the story had this and this and I said, that is what I had written in the earlier drafts and we just used those. In the novel ,there were flashbacks here the story is very linear.

      Now we have a very strong linear story and I have strengthened the characters even more. I have really enjoyed this script and it was very difficult for me. There are so many characters and each with their feelings that I had to do justice to the feelings of all the characters. Enjoyed the difficulty as I had also challenged myself.


      • And one more gem:

        How was your experience working with Momina this time around?

        FI: I love working with her.She is a great person. She gives me full creativity and freedom which is very essential for the writer so I was very happy. I did everything I wanted to and as I wanted to. I had the havelis scenes planned out but was a bit scared ke it might be too much, but Momina made it happen and exactly like I had imagined it. My connection with Momina is very strong. We have the same thinking and same romantic nature so it’s a lot of fun working with her. Before I started writing Diyar e Dil’s script, Me and Momina discussed the story for many days and then I started writing it. Even small details like wardrobe were taken care of. The one thing I really love in this drama is that we have shown the beauty of Pakistan. People would want to come and see Pakistan for that and InShaAllah tourism zaroor barhega. Humara mulk itna khubsoorat hai, hume use dekhana chahiye and we did that in Diyar –E- Dil.


        • Thank you VZ for sharing these fab answers. I think there is not much room left here to shift responsibility from one to another .. All are complicit. And going by all the public accolades look forward to a whole slew of similar dramas, all bursting at the seams with family values, and promoting our beautiful country and praiseworthy cultural traditions…


    • From the tone of this interview, I somehow don’t think all the points we raised here will ever be thought about or any self-analysis done or any responsibility taken – if responsibility was truly going to be taken for the stuff we are seeing on screen, they would’ve taken a different route with the story in the first place. They’ve gone into this with eyes fully open…

      DB: re: Wali shoving the house-help lady – not only was that unsavoury (to say the least), the tone and manner in which Faara spoke to that lady was also so rude. Totally unnecessary, they could’ve depicted Faara’s feelings in a better way. 😦


      • @ VZ

        Believe me, this is also one of the “positive additions” to the screenplay – in the novel, Faara simply handed over a month’s salary to all the servants and told them not to come from the next day. There was no badtameezi and/or taking out frustration on them. She lived completely alone for 15 days before Wali contacted her and asked her to meet him. Why couldn’t this be translated on the screen? We at least could have been spared from seeing the maid being abused and shoved.


        • DB, what to say, just #facepalm… Don’t understand how FI could’ve ruined it so. Shudder to think about how this was picturised and what made the (educated, intelligent, sophisticated) cast agree to do these things…


    • I was so annoyed with Ded that I wasn’t gonna type the same old same old again this week… but @VZ Thanks for sharing this!!! Gem it is!!!!
      I’m hairan and def more pareshan!!!!!!… Abb agar yeh culture aur romance hai in donon khawateen ke khyal main and if they had actually discussed wardrobes tou future of dramaland is bleak indeed.. the lethal duo sounds like aik sair tou doosra sawa sair! dil ke armaan ded ke darya ke sath beh gai… #NoHope…

      I am all up for showing a bit of culture and sights & sounds… yes cinematography was nice and Baltistan looks pretty, but tbh I saw the same location looking absolutely stunning with more authentic cultural connections in another not so big a play (rok lo aaj ki raat ko).. From the aate jaate accents, to some very troublesome formula wardrobe ( esp sari, talcum powder and glasses = ageing), stereotyping race, let alone all kinds of other major flaws and concerns – Ded is a total khichri! (which they tried to spice up and serve as haleem and it turned out to be a case of oonchi dukan pheeka pakwan! …These were the some of the basics they couldn’t get right from day dot!
      Honestly Ded has won DRNR biggest disappointment of the year award which means Best Drama of the year in Hum Awards lingo….


  24. And according to DeD Facebook page,.. Wali-Faara scene was best scene of episode.. Phir tou baat hie khatam hogayi.. #saddening

    @FA: lol @ oonchi dukan pheeka pakwan.. Spot on!


  25. I mean, it takes some guts to say stuff like the changes made in the drama are “positive”, characters have been “well-fleshed-out”, “strong linear story” etc!

    Here’s an idea – they should sell some merchandise to go with the show: a new dictionary for starters, where “positive” actually means more regressive, “well-fleshed-out” means completely stripped of nuance and so on…We at DRNR definitely need a copy, because as FA says, the biggest disappointment in our books = best HUM play ever, lol.

    I am wondering if we are living in some alternate parallel universe, where we are the only ones finding faults and feeling shocked at the stuff thrown at us, almost all of the rest of the world seems to be going wah, wah at this.

    Re: the kali raat saga, FI explained it on another review site that “No it wasn’t rape…[…]Because rape is zabardasti My hero can never do that But Arjumand went willing”.

    Hear, hear!

    So we can see another parallel now: Wali also will not do any “zabardasti”, Faara will go to the haveli of her “own free will”, no matter that she was kidnapped at gun-point to “listen” to Wali’s offer. Kya yaar…


    • @VZ and @Nashra: I think our drama has officially gone to the dogs with this one .. chhe ki chhe goliyan utar gayeen hai hamarey mashhoor-e zamana Urdu dramey ke seene mein …

      Anyways, moving on …

      In other news Manto teasers are out and I just shared them on FB and they are AMAZING!!!! Do check them out!


      • SZ, I can see the “Kya Hoga” video, but with the others, I can only hear the audio, is it something to do with my settings?


        • @VZ: I checked with a friend in London and they are playing fine on her end . are you on your phone? sometimes that makes a diff too ..


          • No, I am not on the phone, but this new version of Mozilla has been giving me trouble. Will try Internet Explorer. Sorry for the trouble.

            “Kya Hoga” was superb – ah, missed this talented combo…


            • Not at all! I am so so excited by these teasers that i cant wait to discuss them – finally something worth talking about … doing my research as we speak .. keeping my fingers crossed for a “first look” post.


            • SZ, I could watch them fine on Internet Explorer – apparently something is wrong with my flashblock add-on.

              Thanks for sharing these videos, looks like a lot of hard work has gone into them. It is lovely to see so many talented people some of whom have practically disappeared from our screens (I certainly don’t blame them). I have a lot of belief in SSK’s talent, let’s all hope this works…looking forward to your “first look” post SZ…


    • @ VZ

      RE audience reaction, I was just telling SZ the other day that if someone like Agha Ali was playing Wali and someone like Sajal or Sumbul playing Faara, no one would have made any justifications for the violence. They would all have condemned it and it wouldn’t have gone down with them quite so easily.

      Also, a viewer made a very thought provoking remark on the HUM page – she said if we think Rameez of Alvida was wrong in taking away his wife forcefully, then we should consider Wali as wrong too. Why do we say Rameez is wrong and Wali is right? Dono nay aik hee kaam kiya 🙂


      • DB, that’s so true that saat khoon maaf if committed by a beautiful face.

        Re: Alvida, believe me, I’ve read comments saying Rameez was absolutely right in his actions and the wife “deserved” that… 😦


      • @DB – @VZ: Rameez had the licence of being psycho still he was called wrong.. Yahan ek normal, acha bhala banda is doing such things and ppl can get tired to praise him.. 20 episodes down and melodrama khtam ko hie nhn araha..

        I just thank GOD that FI didnt add those initial drafts in novel.;)


  26. @VZ: You know I was just having this convo with someone the other day, where this person was going on about how Pakistani actors are abandoning TV and going the Bollywood route yada yada.. and I told her essentially the same thing you just said: why would anybody sane want to play the same character 500 times, and not only that but have the same character get more extreme each time around .. Fawad Khan has said the same thing too when asked if he would continue with TV…. Given the present day TV drama world scenario I would not criticize any actor for looking to films, Lollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood, wherever .. after all if we as viewers are fed up of the same old, think of how boring it must be for them to play the same characters on a loop..


    • SZ, I will never understand this “abandoning” argument. Good artists will go where there is work, like the rest of us in other professions. Also, exposure to other places of work can be a good learning experience for someone who is keen on honing their skills. So if we want to see good actors in our TV dramas, simple: give them good work. What a dull phase we are going through these days – there is simply nothing worth a proper watch on TV. DeD was the only show I was following post MNYH, see where that’s gone now…

      I remember Hina Bayat explaining how she was feeling vexed with the scripts she was getting in one of your older posts. Imagine a project like DeD: channel + prod house + writer + director all must have looked so good on paper and see the execution… I do sympathise with anyone trying to be sincere and put in honest work in this scenario, but I’d certainly understand if they want to look for pastures new…


      • @VZ: i am replying to your comment on Pehchaan thread here.. Because I seriously had to LOL it was such a funny bit that you shared reg. the song hahah.. 😀

        And reg the episode.. Uff it seems more like a comedy to me.. First kidnapping then haunted house and bachon jaisi harkatein karna…Novel wali Faara was far more sensible than this and Wali was wayy mature.. This was start of novel where he offers her contract of 3 months and you won’t believe how amazing that start was.. And i was so surprised to see how Faara was behaving with AghaJaan..because she had to start showing her good heart atleast infront of AJ.. Oh bouy why am i still watching LOL


  27. I have tried to share these lines from novel about how Wali initiated the contract offer..

    Ander phone ki bell baj rahi thi, aur vo be-hasi se bhethi Kiyaari me khile naye phoolon ko dekh thi magar phone per jo koi bhi tha vo itni jaldi himmat haarne ko tyar nahin tha..Phone ki musalsal bajti bell-ain use apni bardasht se bahaar hoti mahsoos huien tou na-chaar uth kar ander chali aayi

    Hello – khasi be-zaari se us ne hello kya
    Vo un dino aisi hie chirchiri aur bad-mizaj sie horahi thi
    “Main Wali bol raha hoon” … Hello, hi aur salaam dua ke bagair ye faqraa uski samaa’ton se takraaya
    Ooh.. Uske hoont na-gawaari se bharpoor andaz me sukre

    Vo is waqi dunya ke kisi bhi fard ki awaaz sun’ne ko tyar hosakti thi, siwae is ek shaqs ke,
    Uski zindagi ki har uljhan, har pareshani, aur har museebat kiwaja yahi ek shaqs tha, vo us se nafrat karti thi, vo waqai us se be-panah nafrat karti thi. Is dunya me kisi cheez ki kami nahin hoti agar vo wali suhaib khan us me na hota ya kam-az-kam faara behrooz khan ki dunya me tou na hota

    ” Main tum se milna chahta hoon “uske kuch kehne ka itezar kiye bagair vo foran bola,
    Naye saal ke is pehle din jo sab se pehli awaaz us ne suni, vo us shaqs ki hai us ke chirchirepan aur ghuse me kayee guna izaafa huwa..

    Vo faara hie baat karahi he, ki tasdeeq ke bagair jo do touq aur hukmiya se lehje me us se jumla bola gaya us ne uski tabeeyat ko mazeed mukadar kardya,

    Phone per us se zindagi me sirf ek hie baar baat huwi thi magar vo makaar insaan uski awaaz ba-khoobi pehchanta tha ” Lekin main tum se hargiz milna nahin……” Us ne intihaei sakht lehje me kehna chaha magar us ne uske inkaari jumle ko mukamal karne nahin hone dia

    “Main tum se divorce ke silsaley me baat karna chahta hoon, phone per itni lambi baat nahin hosakti, behtar he mujh se kahen bahaar milo”

    Ye call agar gair-mutawaq thi tou ye baat us se bari mutawaqa

    To be continue lol


    • Rehmat, what a dramatic start to the novel! Just love the start, I keep re-reading it, lol. And I like the way FI has given us some intrigue, you want to know more about the characters and why they are at this point.

      Also, it is interesting to see that there are many things are what Faara feels (for example: Agar koi dhamki us ke lafzon se NAHI jaahnk rahi thi tou us ki nighaohn se zarur chalak rahi thi..), whereas in the drama, they’ve made Wali actually enact it out – so he actually gives her dhamkis, drags her around, etc etc – very literal and also very crude.

      If you remember, the drama is also in flashback – the first scene we saw was Faara walking away from a table where Wali was sitting – my guess is, it is towards the end of the 3-month period. I wish they had maintained a past+present type of story-telling, then it would not have given us this tired/stretched impression and kept up the interest. Here, we can all see where the story is going to go, it’s all become predictable.

      But the linear story-telling is just one of the many problems this drama has. I can’t understand how it all go so haywire from the story to screenplay?! Apart from Agha Jaan and Zarminey, they’ve destroyed the essence of the other characters. I just wish I had the money and the clout to produce a good drama. And of course, a channel to telecast it. This drama experience is so frustrating.


  28. Vo us ke ser par ek aasaib ki tarah tou pichle 6 saalon se musalat tha magar guzre 6-7 maa(months) us ne jitni azze’iyat aur jitni be-chaini me guzaare the, aise me use lagne laga tha ke ye shaqs kabhi uske peecha nahin chohre ga

    “Theek hai, kahan milna he” use aisa lagne laga jaise uski mayoosi aur puzz-murdagi ek lakht hir kuch kam hui he

    Then its all details.. Cut to point

    “Tum divorce chahti ho” me tumhari ye khuwaish poori karne k lye tyar hun”

    Saans rok kar us ne hairat aur be-yaqini se use dekha.. K vo itni asaani se use chorrne k lye tyar hojaye ga, ye tou jaise koi khyal wa khwab ki baat thi.. Aise zaalim aur mutakabir loug kitne anaa parst aur khud sar hote hain…

    Again skipping some part

    “Lekin us k lye meri ek shert he.. Youn samajh lo, main tumhare saath ek deal ya ek agreement karna chahta hun.. Agar tum mere saath ye deal ya agreement karna chaho tou me tumhe har tarah yaqeen dilane ke lye tayar hun k tumhe tumhari hasb-e-khuwaish azaadi ka parwana de dunga.. Nahin tou tumhari marzi he.. Main zaahir he.. Tumhe majboor tou karoonga

    Agar koi dhamki us ke lafzon se NAHI jaahnk rahi thi tou us ki nighaohn se zarur chalak rahi thi..
    “Main kab tak tumhe latka kar rakh sakta him, main kitna tumhe khuwar wa zaleel karsakta hun, ye tum achi tara jaanti ho.. Uski nigahon ka ye dhamkata taasur vo pehchan sakti thi

    Then the dialogues are exact same as in drama but look at the buildup.. After this she respectfully goes back home, pack her stuff, tries to call roohi but roohi didny answer her phone intentionally and ask her cousin to receive call so khala nooren receives the call n says roohi is sleeping so faara then pass over the message to her.. Which she didnt want at first place..


    • Rehmat, thank you, thank you so much for this, it’s very kind of you.

      Ah, it feels so good to read this, because this is like a conversation between two decent people, trying to sort out a messy situation, unlike what we are seeing on screen – tauba! The whole “haunted guest house with dog” bit was a continuation of all that has gone wrong with this key sequence of the story.

      As DB has mentioned earlier, if they had stuck to this characterisations, we could’ve had a good drama on our hands. But nahin, HUM people wanted masalas and tarkas and finally made a mess of the whole thing, but it seems it is getting the TRPs so our voices have no value…

      In addition to all the violence which is so unpalatable, what annoys me is the complete lack of nuance when it comes to characters like Arjumand, Roohi. I frankly didn’t like how Roohi has been portrayed so black and how Arjumand is all white – why not explore the strengths and weaknesses of both characters? Khair…

      I thoroughly enjoyed the book parts, thanks to you and DB 🙂

      Re: why we are still watching this: may be because (a) there is nothing else to watch; (b) the actors are still doing a decent job, given all the problems with the script and visualisation by the director; (c) we are ever-hopeful souls who keep hoping the real Wali will be seen soon and all this violence/threatening rubbish will end…


      • @Rehmat thank you so much for the translation, enjoyed it very much. No doubt FI is a fab writer, I wish they had just stuck to the essence of the characters and the past present I feel would have really worked here and made a fab drama.
        @vz you hit the nail on the head as to why we are still watching LOL


      • @VZ and @SK i am sooo really glad that you both enjoyed it.. Will try to post relevant part of novel in next episode too 🙂 its more fun that way na.. We could then see the difference the character graph in book n novel.. Hahah @ youe reasons VZ as why we are watching it.. True.. 😀

        And also see faara first informs roohi then goes to haveli while drama me araam se pohnch k she informs her mother.. While i was writing from novel.. I was observing novel was also in much detail only if they could have stick to it..why wali have to actually act out every thing and why faara have to behave like kiddo everytime..


        • Thanks Rehmat, I’ll look forward to your novel posts 🙂

          Yes, Wali and Faara are more mature in the novel, but in the drama – let’s not even go there.


  29. SZ, I wish you’d review DeD…arrghhh… I just want to read your review, which will hit the nail on the head about all the stuff that’s bothering me about this drama, stuff that I am not really able to articulate…I know, I know, sorry, it’s just that the 4-year-old in me wanted to say this out loud…

    FA, are you still watching or have you given up on our khanzada’s antics?

    DB, would love to hear your thoughts on what’s been happening…

    Rehmat – did you catch yesterday’s episode, what did you think?


    • @VZ: ufff na poocho.. I am annoyed with DeD.. I watched yesterday’s episode and i was literally like what bakwass thing i am watching… What was that Wali saying to Faara.. Apna huliya durst karo.. So not done.. Ab she cant wear what she likes to.. And every time throwing tantrums to faara.. Duhhh he is actually proving her right..


      • Rehmat, yaar this drama Wali only knows one way to get things done where Faara is concerned. I don’t know what will make Faara fall in love with this guy.

        Moiz has also joined the dark forces that inhabit that Lahore house – wonder why?? Story would’ve still worked if he didn’t turn into the greedy guy. But then, in a drama where the hero doesn’t behave like a hero, what hopes for a “villain”?

        My hubby was saying why are you giving so many gaalis and still watching this show…true.


        • @VZ: even i don’t understand why they have to show moiz like this… Isnt Roohi enough as a bad villain that they have to turn moiz into greedy person.. There wasnt such thing in novel about his character..even if they want to add some details but then why this..

          Haha.. Oh indeed true


    • @VZ: I had decided a few weeks ago that I would not review this one to mark my protest and I still stand by that decision, but since you brought it up I watched the ep and below are my ramblings… echoing your feelings and also sharing my general take on the serial and frustrations with it …

      For your own sake, i would highly recommend you stop watching, or just watch to enjoy the acting .. and do as I am doing .. watching a lot of older stuff and some stuff that’s just come online …
      Here’s a link to a stellar movie Dukhtar, which was released last year, and is in my opinion the best of the current lot of Pakistani movies ..


      • Sorry SZ, I understand your stand against this show, so I shouldn’t have asked you for the review, I was just at my wits end. Really sorry for the trouble…will keep my inner 4yo under check 🙂

        Yes, your point about watching for the show, I take your point. Almost finished watching Pehchan – will leave some comments on that thread. Will try and watch Dukhtar soon, thanks for the recommendation.


        • No no it’s totally fine 🙂 I know exactly how you felt when I went to watch it and hence the long comment/lecture that ensued. So yes, DeD is a mess all around, but I don’t know if I should be directing my ire at the team or the aam junta that is eagerly lapping all this up … But either way you look at it this is the end of subtlety and meaning and subtext in our dramas , as FI herself said that viewers are reading too much into the drama ( when commenting on the arju and siyah raat situation).. As @asma said be prepared four five years of ded wannabes …


    • @ VZ

      The previous episode (# 22) was really disturbing. I hadn’t honestly expected the haunted house sequence to be so pathetic. Did Wali really have to stoop so low as to use a dog to make Faara acquiesce and follow him to the guest house? And what was all that about pushing and shoving and locking her? @SZ was so right… It’s Arjumand and Suhaib’s tarbiyat that is in question here, not Roohi’s. Faara did badtameezi alright but what Wali is doing is a million times worse. I have read other reviews and comments which say the dog was so cute (blah blah) so it seems (almost) everyone has missed the deeper implication of what such a portrayal does to the psyche of the viewers. I am shocked that many female viewers found this acceptable – and as I told @SZ this has a LOT to do with the fact that it’s OKB – if it had been Agha Ali or Junaid Khan, everyone would’ve cried foul and said this is wrong. Right now, it seems Wali can do no wrong – it is Faara who will ultimately be shown as “coming to her senses” and “realizing what a great husband Wali is”. They might even throw a half-baked apology to appease viewers like us but what use is it?

      I have also read a lot of comments saying stuff like: Wali had no choice, no other option, Agha Jaan was ill, the inner jaagirdaar and so on and so forth. The only “trouble” is, the circumstances were exactly the same in the novel – so how come Wali in the novel retained his dignity and behaved like a sane well-brought-up educated person? How come he never commented on Faara’s wardrobe, dictate when she should receive phone calls, or say stuff like “main tumhari jaan layloonga”? He actually took the phone to AJ’s room when Tajammul mamu called…

      Faara saw all her fears unfounded when she went to the haveli; she realized that the stereotypes she had believed in simply did not exist. The drama serial has completely messed up in this area – it has reinforced all the stereotypes the novel had broken…

      I honestly cannot believe Farhat Ishtiaq called it her best script. It has to be the worst… And what good is promoting tourism when the main thing the drama serial is promoting are negative stereotypes?

      Phew, that felt good.

      I’ve been so mad. It’s almost like some wannabe screenplay writer decided to write for a remake of Pride and Prejudice and messed up Darcy’s character – made him a joker or something… Ugh!


      • DB, thanks for your comment. The whole dog scenario was horrible to watch. Yes, FI has the guts to come out and call this her best script and what not. Plus most of the reviews are praising the show sky-high, plus the TRPs are looking good – who cares about being responsible? But she has lost my respect.

        I agree with your Darcy analogy – what a gentleman he was when Lizzy said no to him (and he reiterates later on that if her answer is still no, he will understand and not trouble her). Now that’s a hero I can understand.

        There is plenty of justification floating around for Wali and it’s definitely riding on OKB’s persona. Like SZ mentioned, we have become so immune to this sort of language and behaviour it seems…


      • DB, as I was watching that haunted house sequence unfold I wondered why the team ded thought anybody would find such a silly sequence amusing/ cute/romantic and whatnot … But lo and behold as it turned out ppl did find it all if the above .. Clearly it’s the few of us here who are in the wrong because clearly everybody is getting it 😥

        Also a point which is really bothering me is why are we calling fara a strong woman? Where has she ever shown any strength of character? All she does is take the path of least resistance and does not cry .. But then is not crying and doing badtameezi our standard for how we judge strong women? Really really troubling…


        • Hey..I’m jumping in the middle to comment on this one (Faara being a strong woman)

          I think the novel, among other things, also showed how Faara found her feet, after all the emotional blackmail, coercion and manipulation by both, Daddy and Mommy dearest. The one scene which truly captured that turning point in her life was when she decided to go with Wali of her own free will; that was her taking the steering wheel of her life into her own hands. When she made that decision (all on her own, for the first time ever) she let go of her desperate need for her mother’s approval and by doing that, she matured – more than she had in years. I think it was then that she started to come into her own.

          This is yet another important aspect that was happily butchered by the writer when she decided to introduce that dragging-by-the-hair/kidnap-at-gunpoint plot change. So Wali kidnapping her instead of her going to the haveli of her own choice took away all residues of character strength for this one character. Now where in life has this woman taken a stand for herself, made any decision on her own and done things her way? Who (in real life and in their right mind) would want others to determine the entire course of their life? IMO, this major deviance from the original plot has proven to be a failure on so many counts. Even if not for other things, I believe this one misstep single-handedly would’ve mangled the story and the characters beyond any recognition.


          • Nashra, didn’t Faara take charge when she filed for the khula? Reading Rehmat’s transliteration shows how they’ve butchered Faara on-screen as well…

            Also, novel Faara did not go vacationing in the middle of what must have been her final semester at med school. If they are feeding 99% rubbish ideas, can they not at least show 1% positive stuff?

            Travelling on work like crazy these days, so don’t have much time to write lots, but I keep popping in from time to time to read all the comments on what seems like the only sane place where DeD is concerned.


            • @VZ: Yes, absolutely! But I felt that her the decision for Khul’aa – even though based on her own disinclination and hatred towards Wali – was made much, much easier coz she had the complete approval and encouragement from her mom and mamu’s family. But when she went ahead with Wali’s “deal” she did it entirely on her own, for the first time going against what was expected/wanted from her, with zero backing and no one to fall back on for support if it didn’t work out.
              And you’re right, Faara never did that in the novel, she actually behaved like a normal & regular med student. Her studies were done by the time Wali waltzed into her life. As the novel says, she was a “qualified doctor” when the meeting happened.

              I’m going off on a tangent here but does anyone else think the timeline of events in the serial is a bit skewed? I never brought this up before coz it didn’t seem too important. But wasn’t it that Wali got into undergrad program at the same time Faara got into medical college, right after both their fathers died? Which is kinda odd..considering they have a 2 year age difference (it was 4 years in the novel).

              I’m sorry, it’s idiosyncratic, I always fixate on age-related consistency issues in any story 😉

              Yaar, this is our ‘Flocking Point’ – y’know, for us birds of a feather 😀


        • Hey SZ
          I wanted to write this next week but Internet was giving me so much trouble.
          Okay, the first word that comes to my mind when I think of DeD’s leading ladies

          Arjumand: bitter / cold
          Ruhi: insecure (the less said the better)
          Faara: stupid / immature

          The word ‘strong’ or ‘inspirational’ doesn’t remotely cross my mind. Problem is, as @Nashra said in a comment below, Faara’s strength of character was shown in the novel beautifully but it is totally destroyed in the drama. Did you catch that horse scene in Ep # 24 yesterday? Also, what was that outburst about? They show Faara doing some introspection and then yelling hoarse about Agha Jaan’s jhooti muhabbat? It made little sense.


      • “Faara saw all her fears unfounded when she went to the haveli; she realized that the stereotypes she had believed in simply did not exist. The drama serial has completely messed up in this area – it has reinforced all the stereotypes the novel had broken…”

        This. This. This.

        @DB: You gotta mail this to FI. How can we all see what has gone completely wrong with the story and she can’t, it being her own work and all? Or was that another writer who wrote the novel and a different one who wrote this debacle of a drama? What if it was some other screenwriter – not FI herself – who had wrecked this story? Would she have raised hell over it then?


        • @Nashra: There are quotes from the writer above, I think @VZ had shared them, which certify that it is she herself who has added in these bits …


  30. Sharing some bits from novel…

    Jis jagah vo aagayi thi, wahan aana koi aam baat na thi. Laakh vo khud ko pur-itemad aur Bahadur zaahir karahi thi magar ander se kuch nervous tou thi.

    “tum akar fresh bhi huiwen ya ye Wali tumhe utha kar seedha mere pass le aaya? Wali! Ye zarmeena kahan he? Kahane ka time horaha he. Us se kaho, sadoo (servant) se khana lagwaye”

    Vo khase khush aur pur-josh se nazar arahe the. Yun jaise koi bohat khas- al-khas aur gair-maamoli ahmieyat ka haamil mehmaan un ke ghar aagaya tha aur un ka bus nahin chal raha tha k us ki kis tarah khair madarat karen

    “khana lagwao beta! Aur sadoo se poocho, kuch dhang ki chez us ne pakai bhi he k nahin. Meri beti aayi he. Is ke shaayan-e-shaan nihayat shandar dinner hona chahiyae”

    Wali, Zarmeena ko bula kar le kar aaya tha aur ye tamam kalaam usi se horaha tha.

    “app dinning room tak jaane me thak jaayenge Agha jaan! Me khana yahin lagwalun?” Zarmeena, beti aur shaayan-e-shaan dinner dono ke zikr ko mukamal nazar andaz karti sirf khana lagwane ki baat ke jawab me boli

    Faara, Agha jaan ke bilkul barabar me bhethi thi magar vo yun baat karahi thi jaise wahan Agha jaan ke ilawa agar koi he tou use nazar nahin aaraha

    “lagwalo lekin phir sab ka yahin lagwao. Me ajj apne bachon ke saath khana khana chahta hoon. Mere teeno pooti,poota mere daayen,baayen mojud hon. Hum sab saath beth kar khana khayen. Ek perfect family dinner” Zarmeena ser isbaat me hilati chali gayee.

    Then there are some details that drama didnt have.. So cut to point

    Ye waqai ek perfect family dinner hosakta tha agar is me vo mojud na hoti vo yahan ek outsider thi. Use musalsal ye ahsaas horaha tha ke kisi be-takluf se ghareelo dinner me vo zabardasti shaamil hogayi he

    “tum kuch bhi nahin lerahi beta? Kya khana acha nhn lag raha? Tum raat ke khane me kya leti ho, bata do, zarmeena vo banwa kar le aaye gi” us ne apni plate me thore se chawal daale hue the aur unhe chamach se yahan wahan ghuma rahi thi. Agha jaan ke khene per vo foran chonky

    “me le rahi hoon Agha jaan! Khana bohat maze ka he” us ne apni plate me thora sa saalan aur salad bhi jaldi se shamil kar liya.

    2 maheene qabl aap jin logon se saaf saaf aur bilkul waaz’ye un ke mun per ye keh chuke hon ke aap un se shadid nafrat karte haiin aur un ke saath kisi bhi tarah ka koi taaluq nhn rakhna chahte phir un hie ke saath beth ker khana khaana, be-takluf se ghareelo qism ke mahool me use se sab bohat ajeeb aur khasa awkward lagraha tha.

    Then its flash back of how faara demanded divorce when AJ and wali went there

    Peechle 6-7 maheene agar us ne sakht azeeyat aur mushkil me guzaare the aur Aaj vo yahan mojud thi. Jin logon se vo nafrat karti he, un hie ke beech..

    Waqai insaan apne baare me, apni zindagi tak ke baare me kabhi koi daa’wa nahin karsakta , koi peshan-goi nahin kar sakta, kya aaj subah tak us ne socha bhi tha k aaj raat ka khaana vo kahan aur kis ke saath kha rahi hogi..

    After dinner –

    Agha jaan ne faara ko dubara apne pass bula kar bitha lya tha..

    “abhi ho na mere pass? Abhi jao gi tou nahin na?

    Wali ki taraf uski pusht thi aur wali ki taraf dekhe baghair hie us se un ke sawal ka isbaat me sar hila kar jawab de diya tha..

    “lekin tumhari house job? Tumhare kaam ka harj tou nahin hoga beta? Unho ne mutafikar se lehje me agla sawal kiya. Us ne Nafi me sar hila dya..

    “ Agha jaan ! Aaj ke lye itni baatein kafi hain. Apko ziyada bolna nahin he, pata hai na apko?” zarmeena uth kar un ke pass aagayi aur tanbheei lahje me is tarah boli jaise unhe nahin use suna rahi ho.

    Baaz baatein kahi na jaayen, rawayoon se samjha de jaati hain. Vo yahan se uth kar jaayen kahan? Us ne pal bhar socha..

    “faara bhi thak gayi hogi, use iska kamra dikhado. Apne portion me akele shayad ise dar lage, aisa karo Behroze ka kamra, faara ke liye theek karwado”

    “Me faara ke liye kamra theek karwa kar aata hun Agha jaan!” Wali jo khane ke baad se soofe pe hie bhetha hua tha, ek nazar zarmeena ko dekhta soofe per se uth khara huwa…

    Vo Agle second kamre se baahar tha, 10-15 minute baad vo ander aaya tou baraahe raast usi se mukhatib hua,

    “aajao Faara!” us ka lehja taklufaat ka haamil hone ke bawajud Ikhlaq liye hue tha bilkul aise hi jaise aap kisi mahmaan ke saath ikhtyar karte hain. Ye ikhlaq bhi shayad is agreement ka hisa tha..

    “jao beta! Aaram se jaakar sojao. Ab InshaAllah subah mulaqat hogi. Is waqt ye hitler ki nani mujhe zyada bolne nahin de rahi. Kal subah hum dada poti dher saari baatein karen ge”

    Bister per laite se unhon ne uthne ki koshish ki tou vo Khud aage barh kar un ke qareeb jhukk gayi. Laite laite unhon ne uska chehra apne dono haathon me thama aur us ke maathe ko bari mohahat se chuma..

    “meri beti mere pass agayi he, aaj raat mujhe bohat sukoon ki neend aaye gi” vo khamoshi se un ke pass se hath gayi..

    Wali darwaze ke pass khara us ka intezar karaha tha. Vo us ke saath kamre se bahar nikal aayi. Uljhe hue se andaz me vo bohat ahista ahista chal rahi thi. Us ne wali ke saath zeena tai kya, vo ek kamre ke saame akar ruk gaya

    “kisi chez ki zarurat ho tou inter com per gul khan se keh dena” vo darwaze se pultane laga tha

    “ek minute wali!” us ke pukarne per vo muta’jib se andaz me mura. “agha jaan samajh rahe hain, me un ki beemari ka sun kar tumhare saath ayi hun”

    Then its exact same scene we saw in episode..

    “ab is mozu (topic) per tum mujh se ek lafz bhi nahin kaho gi. Jo baat mere aur tumhare beech he, vo ab kisi bhi andaz me duhrahi na jaaye. Ye meri pehle aur akhri warning he”

    Bohat sakht aur be-lachak lehje me vo awaz daba kar is andaz me bola , goya use ye khadsha ho k kahen us ki awaz kisi aur tak na poohcn jaaye, vo forran wapas mur gaya tha

    Vo us ki baat maan kar yahan kyn aayi? Us ke ander yukdum hie phachtawae sar ubharne lage

    “faisla karne ke lamhe me hamesha apne dil ki awaz suno” pehli baar is baat per amal kya tha aur pehli hie baat munh ke bal gir pari thi

    Vo be-shuk kisi bhi qeemat per is na-pasandeeda tareen aur zindagi per azaab ki tarah musalat rishte se jaan chura lena chahti thi, magar mohabat ke jhoote drame kar ke hargiz nahin.

    Ye us ke miyar se bohat kamtar darja ki baat thi. Ye bari ghatiyaa aur neech si baat thi. Vo itni jurat rakhti thi ke jin se nafrat karti ho, aalal-ailaan un se izhar -e-nafrat kar sake aur jin se mohabbat ho tou us ka bhi ailaan kar sake.

    “tumhe 3 maheene Agha Jaan ke saath ek bohat mohabat karne waali poti ban kar rehna hai”

    Use Wali ke alfaz yaad aaye. Tab us ne in lafzon per is soch ke pesh-e-nazar ziyada ghor nahin kiya tha ke ye sab yunhi ek dikhawa aur jhoot he. Darasal tou Agha jaan bhi is saare mansoobe se waaqif hain, haan us ke saamne zaroor la-illmi ka dhoong rachaayen ge. Bohat buri tarah uljhi hui aur maztarb vo kamre me aagayi.

    Barson pehle , us ki paidaish se bhi bohat pehle, kabhi se uske daddy ka kamra raha tha. Yahan wahi furniture aur wahi sab saaman rakha tha jo barson pehle us ke daddy is zair-e-istamaal raha tha

    Yaheen isi kamre me mummy aur daddy ke beech jhagra hua tha, vo is jhagre ki aaini shahid thi, khouf se thar thar kaanmpti us jhagre ke dooran vo bhi tou yahen mojud thi. Yahi koi 6 saal pehle ki shaam thi. Yahan is bed ke qareeb mummy kharen thi

    Cut to flashback where roohi says “kya faara ka nikah”…
    And everything that happened following behroze death..

    Vo raat ke muqable me is waqt khud ko zyada pur sukoon aur zyada behtar mahsoos karahi thi. Apne yahan aane ke faisle per pachtane aur uljhane ke bajae is waqt vo ye soch rahi thi k sahih ya galt jab vo yahan aane ka faisla kar ke yahan aachuki he tou ab use baa-waqar andaz me apne is faisle ko nibhana chihaye

    Breakfast scene
    Raat Agha jaan mojud the aur apni guftagoo se mahool ko khushgawar bhi banae hue the, tab un logon ke saath khana khaana itna mushkil lagraha tha, is waqt tou dil chah raha tha yaahan se uth kar bhaag jaaye

    Dinning room me mukamal khamoshi thi aur isi khamoshi me wahan rakhe phone ki bell zara zyada se zor se ghonji thi

    “hello” wali ne uth kar call receive ki thi

    “tumhara phone he” , doosri taraf jo koi bhi tha , uski baat sun kar kuch bhi jawab diyae baghair yahan tak k hold kijiyae tak bhi kahe baghair, receiver ek side me rakhte wali ne use italaa di

    Us ka chehra bilkul be-taasur tha vo andaza nahin laga paaye k ye call kis ki hosakti he..

    “faara! Mere khuda!, tum kahen paagal tou nhn hogayi ho” Vo moiz tha

    Same dialouges in episode..
    But during and after call wali totally ignored her unlike what we saw in episode :/


    • Rehmat thanks so much , today I saw it and enjoy so much. You are so wonderful ! I am so thankful to you because I donot know Urdu and there is no translation in English. By the way I am enjoying humsfur novel in English .


  31. Rehmat, thanks a lot for this, I really enjoyed reading this. You are really kind to take time out for this. 🙂

    The novel is such a refreshing read, but the drama has stripped almost all characters clean of class, nuance and subtlety. Everything in the drama is quite “in-the-face”, very literal and many times very rough-cut.

    Wali – The drama people have made Wali’s character very different, reducing the character’s impact, because of this constant attacking/bickering mode he is in. Even in this latest episode, I thought Wali made the most impact when he walked away silently after Faara taunts him, instead of going blah blah blah all the time. In the novel, he seems to be quietly in control of his emotions and the situations. Drama Wali, if he continues his tirade, even Gul Khan will stop listening to him.

    Arjumand’s character is another sorry tale.

    When Arjumand was scolding Zarminey about her behaviour (refusing to have lunch/breakfast with Faara), Arjumand was saying that her daughter shouldn’t be the one disobeying Agha Jaan’s requests/orders, as she is not Ruhi’s daughter. Basically indirectly being displeased with Faara for wanting a divorce from Wali. But when Arjumand herself was being forced to get married to Sohaib, she spoke against it and also asked Sohaib to speak up against it. And she took such a long time to accept her relationship with Sohaib, all that kaali raat scenario, etc. So if Faara is so against her nikkah with Wali, wouldn’t it be better to let her go, instead of blaming her for disrespecting Agha Jaan’s wishes? Does she want another girl to go through this kaali raat scenario? Of all the people, shouldn’t Arju be the one to understand Faara? Apart from that one interaction where Faara said she wanted divorce, she hasn’t really known Faara has she? Why is she then judging Faara so harshly? Don’t understand these dialogues and how they match Arjumand’s character.

    Of all the characters, Agha Jaan’s is the only one that seems to be consistent with the novel and Abid Ali plays it really well. You can see the transformation from the early episodes to now. Mariyam Nafees as Zarminey is also good. But somehow that verbal spat with Faara was not very classy. I would’ve preferred her glaring quietly at Faara.

    Ah, so Moiz was not the greedy person in the novel? It seems like they’re determined to change all the characters to be worse than the novel, but I don’t understand why…khair, that seems to be the flavour of the play…

    By the way, they are now proudly displaying TRPs on fb (and kept conveniently quiet when DeD was not in the top 10), so the target audience likes this (or is watching it like us, lol).

    Thanks once again for all your help Rehmat.


    • @VZ.. I am glad you read and enjoyed it.. Even i too like to read and see how differently they have made.. Haan you are spot on about Wali.. He seems to be so composed and doesn’t talk to Faara unnecessarily in novel.. Even in scene at restaurant where he catches faara and moiz.. He just stare them angrily and leaves the place without making any scene .. Here too we see no any mention of dupata pehno, dhang ke kapre stuff.. Its so straight and subtle.. But drama Wali is literally acting like it loud..

      Haan true about Zarmeene.. I haven’t translated her part in novel because she was shown married n with kids in novel so almost every time she is mentioned..her kids are mentioned too.. But anyway there too zarmeene gave her silent treatment..

      Reg:Arjumand.. Ahh what a character she is becoming.. That superiority in her voice when she said tum roohi ki beti nahin ho… She is just so double face.. Dil hie dil me even she doesn’t like Faara to be here and didn’t have dinner with her.. Atleast Zarmeene say it loud n doesn’t keep in heart.. She haven’t move on from Behroze-Roohi thing i guess.. Thats why she cant keep faara in her position.. She is not looking at Faara like a normal girl but as behroze n roohi daughter..I always imagined her a bare zarf ki narm dil khatoon.. Well these characteristics are surely in her but somewhere they are lost..

      Lol.. Yes Moiz bechare ko aisa banadya… May be they wanted to show that Tajamul’s whole family is like this.. Greedy that is…

      Hahaha @ proudly displaying TRPs… Bus yaar ab more people must be watching because of Wali-Faara track taking main stage.. And rightly said about kuch tou hum jaise bhi honge 😉


    • @ VZ

      The novel never mentioned explicitly that Moiz was greedy. However, Roohi realized that he’s after Faara’s inheritance and that had to be the only reason he would marry her “divorced” daughter.


  32. Thank you so much Rehmat for writing down those lines.its so refreshing to read them.
    @Vz yes i also notices TRPs shour on fb. ab khair hi ho in upcoming drama’s because apparently channel wala’s still can’t get over farida aunty and khirad’s character. God knows Wali, Fara, ruhi and arju kay duplicates kub tuk dikhna para ga.


  33. @Asma: Well said! Indeed ab agle 4 saal tak DeD duplicates hi dekhne parenge 😦

    @VZ: I totally get your frustration, but you know as I was watching this latest ep I kept thinking how veryreflective this was of the societal attitude towards life in general in Pk these days, where given the prevailing law and order situation its pretty normal for ppl to talk abt guns and shooting all without batting an eyelid .. and what is seen outside and on the news media on an everyday basis is then internalized and normalized to the point that lines like “main tumahri jaan le loonga” or “main tumhen khatam kar doonga” or “main tumhen mar daloonga” dont seem upsetting at all … after all there are worse things happening on the outside, is how it is all rationalized. Also we know for a fact that the story is going to have a happy ending so that all violent speak then gets re-framed as verbal sparring or simmering sexual tension and what not …. But yes, in the real world out there, this is precisely the kind of lingo that is deemed as verbally abusive and I have personally worked with clients in helping them get restraining orders for such “threats” and “harassment”.

    Chalo I can get the teens going all gaga over this kind of “romance” but honestly I am at a loss to understand how the seniors – producers, director, writer – have put all this nonsense out and are actually proud of this and then on top of that we have people describing this as a flawless script, masterpiece and what not, and saying wah Wali this and wah Wali that … I am thrilled for OKB because he has put in a stellar performance but as far as the character goes I am seriously concerned as to the social impact of such a description of what our heroes should look like .. I am not saying that he should be a goody two shoes .. but how about having some restraint and dignity … I dare Arju to shut him down and saying tum mere bete ho Ruhi ke nahin … b/c from where I;m standing at this moment actualy Ruhi’s tarbiyat of F is so much better than Arju’s tarbiyat of W …

    Also, with this there is another issue that is raised: Why is it the mother who is solely responsible for the daughter’s tarbiyat? Whenever there is something good about F, Behroze gets credited for that .. but one silly comment and bas bechari Ruhi ki shamat aa gayi … And again thanks to Farhat’s not so brilliant characterization Ruhi has been turned into 50 shades of evil.. but lets go back to W-F’s nikah time.. why was Ruhi the bad guy then? All she was doing was looking out for her daughter’s well-being and had Behroze taken the time then to bring her into his confidence taken his time with explanations all this wouldnt have happened, but somehow now the past is all forgotten … Just because they are dead Suhaib and Behroze have been turned into angels and Agha Jan is conveniently sick so he’s forgiven for all his past mistakes as well …

    Arju on her part suffers from amnesia or some kind of a mental block ( maybe because of the fact that she watches all the dumb HUM TV saas bahu dramas ) and seems to vent her anger and frustrations on those who really are not deserving of her anger .. first it was Ruhi and now her daughter .. What is the point in venting to them .. why not do all this in front of AJ who is actually the cause of all this mess … It is to him that she shouldve said no I dont want to have my rival’s daughter as my bahu … Hareem Farooq nails it as the stately Arju but strip off all the accouterments and all you are left with is a meesni woman who cannot really come and say openly what she needs to say …

    The only way Arju and Agha jaan’s present behavior makes sense is if we did not have the past info and if the serial had started from ep 20. Then we could’ve (I say could’ve because even then I would’ve had issues swallowing the stark black and white) taken this turn of events as they came and not questioned it .. but the problem is that the serial did not start at ep 20, it started it at ep 1. So then my question is: if the past was so unimportant and we are to now things as they are, then why did we need 18/19 eps dedicated to the past???

    Another huge disappointment is in how women have been portrayed here … Ruhi was educated, but she did nothing except read magazines and then later become a willing pawn for her evil bhabhi’s machinations, Arju too does nothing but watch TV and seethe on the inside and F is supposedly a med student but somehow we see her studying even less than a high school kid .. shes the type who signs documents without reading them and then turns around and blames her mother for abusing her trust … and she’s also the one who knows fully well that she is legally wed to somebody else but still happily offers her hand to somebody else .. and now shes missing three months of school to sit and spoon fed her grandfather in order to prove how much she loves him?? I shudder to think of all the patients who go to her for their illaj!

    Zarminey, Mariyam Nafees, is an absolute delight, but again she too is another med student who has way too much time on her hands to indulge in this nand bhabhi politics,,,

    As for the male characters, well, we’ve talked at length about the two brothers (thankfully now deceased) but Wali is another one who makes no sense… where does he have the time to pay attention to any kind of business when he is always either in Lhr, or in transit to and from Lhr, or at the haveli, or settling matters with Fara? Did he ever finish his studies? As @DB had said the other day, it is because of @Obi’s acting skills and persona and his prexisting chemistry with Maya Ali that ppl are lapping this up .. I doubt if this tirn of events couldve gone down as easily had it been Sajal and Shehzad Sheikh or Mawra and Agha Ali or Urwa and Junaid Khan….


    • SZ, thanks for taking the time out to watch and comment.

      LOL at Arjumand and her penchant for Hum dramas.

      Both you and DB have mentioned OKB’s charisma/personality/acting skills which has got the audience going wah-wah over Wali. It’s definitely true. He is a relative newcomer, so I am not sure if he would’ve had the clout to stand up against such a “vision” for Wali’s character. Someone like FK or Imran Abbas may have that kind of power. Or may be he bought into the vision, I don’t know.

      I guess in this business, it’s the producers and channel who have the clout, who can bring the change, but DeD’s success means that we can forget about any positive change, we will move towards more regressive stuff (if that’s possible).


  34. Hello all !
    First of all let me tell u i jst love reading ur posts @SZ n discussions btwn u all !
    Okay so i’m going to write smthing i hope i dnt sound irritating !
    Its only uptill last yr i was so ignorant abt pakistani culture or drama industry but whn i heard 1st time ki pakistani dramas are going to be telecasted in india i was like – if indian dramas r so pathetic wht new things pakistani dramas would hv!! it would be more regressive n conservative !
    (i’m sry but therr is no intention of hurting any1) but i’m happy that i was proved wrong by very1st episode of ZGH (kashaf’s character i saw – n i realised i ws wrong) !
    It was then n now it seems i’m equally familiar with pakistans’ industry as i’m wid indians’.

    n fir me DRNR se bhi wakif hui !
    n i must say tab se me agar free bethi hu to DRNR ki post padhti hu!
    n these week i came read MNYH finale review thread n this 1
    read ur all’s point of views !
    U all discuss dramas beyond its story
    for eg strong women charactetisation, take on domestic violance n etc n i must say i’m fan of u all ! Muje itna achha laga aap sabke views padhke ! jaise meri thinking n my take on this kinda topic was reflected in ur discussion ki bs maja aa gaya, maine khud ne us topic pe jyada socha !
    May be we are living far apart but our thinking is so alike on those sensitive issues of our society !

    Okay – now i explain why i wrote very 1st paragraph ! jis baat pe aap sab ka discussion yahan ho raha hai ! ki trp ke chakkar me what we r shown ! but let me tell u the condition here in india is worse !! milna-bichhadna of leading pair, compulsary vamp in every serial who has nothing to do but trouble heroine , nonsense open consummation non consummation talk, melodrama, perfect obedient ever sacrificing bahus n wht not !! n that too 5times/ week !! here also , some indian serials starts off well but then after few months in goal of reaching the target of running serials for yrs n decades they too join the crowd !! n more surprisingly most hopless shows tops trp charts ! then who are watching this?!! example at my home only –
    Like my mom said me when i asked ki” ye kya kuchh bhi dikhate hai tv pe n aap dekhti bhi ho” she said ki tv pe mind fresh karne ke liye 1-2 serials to dekhni padegi n its serial only , watch it after puting ur brain aside n forget it !!
    But is this the condition nw ki kuchh soche samje bina entertainment ke liye dekhna hai to dekho , hum to tv pe yehi dikhayenge !
    nahi its nt me n i realised nor any of u can watch drama n bt accept it phir wo kuchh bhi kyon na dikhaya ja raha ho !
    India we actualy hv two streams general entertainment n youth shows !! but evn in youth show u get same story with different cast pacakging in most cases!!
    And so ur dramas seems more sensible (atleast the ones i’ve seen) n i wish ki it maintains its own flavour n own way always !!

    Sorry for my typing mistakes in advance :p


  35. Thank you so much Rehmat for posting bits from the novel! It’s really very kind of you…and enjoyed reading it a lot!


  36. Okay, I just can’t stop myself from sharing this with you all. What did I just read?!

    “Wali held his ground & never crossed the line of decency with Faarah even after being pushed to the limit. Wali showed that it takes a lot to be a man & he proved to be a gentleman throughout.” (from a review on DeD, episode 24)

    Wait, he “never” crossed any lines? And he was a “gentleman throughout”? And he showed what it is to “be a man”?

    Apparently, being a gentleman entails shoving the house-help aside in your rage, dragging your wife through the house, locking said wife in a ‘haunted house’, threatening her with murder and mayhem and just behaving like a maniac in general.

    I officially want to bang my head against the wall.

    Wali just can do no wrong in their eyes, can he? As @DB pointed out, if it wasn’t for OKB would the viewers still have gathered in multitudes to echo the sentiments of the reviewer above and not just watch but like, approve, love and pay homage to Saint Wali?

    What exactly is the ‘Pakistani’ idea of masculine behaviour? What is it to be a man? Could someone clarify this please – once and for all?

    These dysfunctional beliefs regarding masculinity are products of a very, very flawed romantic imagination but don’t people realize how completely regressive these ideas are? And the damage they cause in real life? I am so thoroughly disgusted by this tale being pitched to us in the name of a perfect fairy-tale romance. What was the writer thinking? Was she even thinking before she penned this down?


    • @Nashra: Have you read Manto’s Toba Tek Singh? If you have then you surely will remember how beautifully Manto questions the insanity of Partition by locating the story inside a mental assylum.. and all those brilliant conversations between the various inmates … . tau bas qissa yeh hai ke ke these days i too feel like I/we am/are residents of that asylum looking from inside out at a world going crazy and turning back in to wonder why we are the ones on the inside….

      So. I feel its not just the writer or the director or the producer or a particular reviewer… its everybody … go check the comments on Youtube, FB pages, twitter, tumbler… everybody everywhere is waxing lyrical and is full of praises for this serial and then there is us .. ab soch lo hum ghalat ya saari duniya ghalat???

      P.S. If this entire comment makes no sense then its all Manto’s fault because he has been on my mind the last couple of days 😀


      • Wow, that’s a pretty apt analogy you just drew. I’ll totally accept that, makes so much sense lol. We, going against the overwhelming mainstream opinion, would totally appear to be insane to those in majority but little do they know, sometimes the ‘insane’ are more sane than the ‘sane’ ones 😉

        Speaking of Manto, I have yet to watch the teasers you uploaded on the fb page. Stupid internet connection. But quite excited for that, since I have read a few more of Manto’s stories recently.


    • @Nashra- I also read that review and THAT exact sentence made me want to bang my head against a wall. WOW are they watching a different drama


  37. Wow.. Did Faara actually said Wali ne kabhi zabardasti nahin ki.. Abhi kal hie tou zabardasti ghore pe bithaya tha.. But no that wasn’t zabardasti that was Wali ka ghusa jo k justified tha.. Gosh. 😕. This is such a nonsense thing going on..


    • @ Rehmat

      I think Faara had a bout of amnesia there – she forgot she was dragged out of her house, locked in the guest house, and of course, the horse ride from hell. LOL!


  38. so finally faara’s magic has started to work.. as much as i was looking forward for zarmeene-faara patch up.. it was so flat ..why this is sooo bad like really bad. i know by now we should be done with complaining but cant help coming here and venting it out 😀


    • They’ve just made a complete mess of it @Rehmat. That scene where Faara sees Wali praying was a major turning point in her negative perception of him as a person. Instead, it just turned into a complete self-absorbed moment for Faara.

      And can she PLEASE stop sobbing and whining? It’s getting on my nerves. She cried in the novel yes but never in front of Wali – and why should she? She hated him, wanted out of the marriage, and all. Honestly, the characterization is all messed up here.


      • Dear Rehmat and DB – I’ve been busy at work and not managed to catch up on the last few episodes. But managed to catch the latest promo where Faara is asking for forgiveness… From Wali’s attitude, I wasn’t sure that he’d ever apologise for his behaviour…And Arjumand was going all saas-y about Faara…what a waste of Arjumand…

        What is this scene with Wali praying?


        • @VZ: there is this scene where AJ agains gets heart attack after he clarified his position to Faara.. After admitting to hospital.. She sees Wali praying and her image of Wali suddenly changes.. I will write that excerpt from novel for you to read and see how nicely it was done there.. But here she sees him and starts crying and like @DB mentioned a complete self absorbed moment..


            • @VZ: i am extremely sorry for sharing that bit of novel so late but here it goes 🙂

              Raat ka ye akhari pehr tha, Vo ghahri neend sorahe the aur vo kaye ghanto se taktaki bandhe unhe dekhrahi thi. 4 January ki ye ek nihayat hie sard raat thi. CCU me mukamal aur bharpoor heating hone ke sabab sardi ka koi asar na tha.

              vo kursi par baghair kisi kambal ke sirf apni shawl lapait kar bheti thi aur zara si bhi thandak mahsoos nahin horahi thi. magar CCU se bahar koi heating na thi. use Wali ka khyal aaya. Vo us thand me yakh basta corridor me kisi bench per bheta hoga, vo aahistagi se baghair koi awaz paida kiye uthi aur parda utha kar Agha jaan ke cabin se bahar nikal aayi..

              vo poora corridor tae karti, Wali ki talaash me nazrain ghumati rahi, ye corridor aage daaien aur baayen mazeed do corridors me ja kar khulta tha.

              us ne daayen taraf dekha, wahan dur dur tak sanate aur khamooshi ka raaj tha, baayen taraf nazar daali, jahan vo taweel (long) corridor khatam horaha tha, wahan sirf ek madham sa bulb roshan tha aur bulb ki madham roshni me use Wali nazar aagya tha..

              Corridor ke ikhtataam per jahan jakar mazeed koi kamre nahin the aur mehz ek deewar thi , wahan vo deewar ke saamne jaaye naamz beechae namaz parh raha tha. vo khamoshi se bilkul dabe qadmon chalti us ke paas agayi. vo sajde me tha, jitni daer se vo use dekh rahi thi, vo sajde hie me tha. itna taweel sajda.. vo tou us se ye kehne aayi thi k ab tum andar chale jao, me bahar bheth jaati hun, magar vo sajde se sir uthaega tou vo us se ye baat kahegi..

              vo wahen us dewar ke saath taek laga kar Wali se chand inch dur zameen per bheth gayi. sajde me jhuke uski peeth halke halke hil rahi thi, uska poora wujood hole hole laraz sa raha tha. vo roo raha tha..

              us taweel sajde me vo roota Allah se apne dada ki zindagi ki bheek maang raha tha..

              Betahasha ameer takbeer dada ke lye, doulat, jaayedad ki khatir, apna career, mazeed aala taleem aur kamiyabiyan chor aaya tou bohat ahsaan kya. kisi ghareeb, be-aasra wa be -saahara dada ke liye sab kuch chor ka waapas aaya hota tou baat bhi thi.. ye Soocha karti thi na vo Wali Suhaib Khana ke baare me ..

              khud apne garebaan me kabhi jhank kar dekha tha.. vo tou ghareeb kya ameer dada ke pass bhi ek agreement karke aayi thi, Jab vo ameer Dada, us jaisi ghustakh, badtameez aur khudsar larki per musalsal apna paisa luta raha tha tou Wali Suhaib khan tou uska bohat farman-bardar aur chahtaein lutane wala Poota tha ..

              Vo America shouq se bheta rehta, apna career banata rehta aur saath hie yahan se ameer dada use usi tarah paisa bhijwata rehta jaise khud-garz aur be-has Faara Behroze Khan ko bhijwaya karta tha aur Wali Suhaib khan , Faara hie ki tarah koi ahsaan tou nahin mera haq he keh kar use wasool kiye jaata..

              kye ye zaruri tha ke Suhaib khan ke bache us ki tarah farman-bardar aur saadat-mand houn ge aur Behroze khan ki aulad us jaisi ziddi aur sarkash? Rishta ek hie tha magar bohat farak tha.. Faara, Wali aur Zarmena me.. Dada ne teeno poote pootiyon per ek hie tarah chahatein nichawar ki thein.. teeno ko ek hie jitna chaha tha magar vo dono bhai behn us ki tarha ahsaan faramosh aur khud garz na the..

              vo Dada se sache dil se mohabat karte the, ek pooti unhe mout ke mun me dhakel rahi thi aur vo dono use mout ke munh se nikalne ki sayee karte din raat ek karke us ki teemadari karahe the..

              Naukron ki ek fouj ke hote us ka parhaizi khana Zarmeena apne haathon se pakati thi, use dawa khud daiti thi, kisi ko dikhane ya mutasir karne ke liye nahin . apni mohabat , apna farz aur apni zimedari samajh kar..

              Jo Faara se sirf is lye nafrat karti thi k vo us ke dada ko dukh pohncha rahi thi aur se Wali jis se vo nafrat karti he , jise vo jaayedad ka lalchi samajhti he, vo use is lye talaaq nahin daita kynke vo jaayedad me batwaara nahin chahta..

              us apne (medical ) daakhla form (admission form) per dastakhat (signature) karte AJ se kaanpte haath bhool gaye, vo haathon ki kapkapaahat aur larzish ke sabab dastakhath kitni mushkilon se kar paye the. daakhla form me un daskathon ki itni chaan pathak na hogi magar bainko aur degar maaliyati idaaron me har baar hoga..

              agar us ke saath joint account holder khud na bane the, Wali ko banaya tha tou is lye ke un ke dastakhat me farq aasakta tha aur laazman aata.. degar har jaga bhi us ke dastakhath ko yaqeenan kaar-amad is liye banwaya gaya tha, qanooni haysiyat isi lye dilwayi gayi thi k likhte aur dastakhat karte un ke haathon me musalsal larzish wa kapkapaahat raha karti thi..

              Use (wali) kisi ki mojudgi ka ahsaas hua tha ya yunhi us ne sajse se sir uthaya tha, vo usi tarah zameen per deewar se taik lagae ghutne per sir rakh kar bhethi use taktaki baandh kar dekh rahi thi..

              Faara ne dekha ke uska pura chehra aanson se bheegha hua tha. din bhar me us ne ek bar bhi use hawas khoote na dekha tha, us ke chehre per tension aur pareshani ke aasar 2 , 3 baar zarur nazar aaye the maga vo saara waqt khud ko aur apne saath mojud doosre afrad ko sambhale raha tha..

              Aur us waqt ALLAH ke huzoor sajde me sir rakh kar zarozar qataar rota vo ek mukhtalif insaan nazar araha tha. us ne apne chehre per dono haath phairte tamam aanso saaf kiyae aur aahista awaz me use poocha

              “kiya hua?”

              “kuch nahin..” nafi me sir hilati vo wahen bheti rahi

              “tumhe bhook lagrahi ha? kuch khao gi?” ye sawal vo us se raat bhi ek baat pooch chuka tha, us ne phir nafi me sir hiladya..

              us ke wahan bhetne per koi aitraz kiye baghair vo dubara namaz parhne khara hogya. use ibadat me mashgul dekh kar vo wapas andar agha jaan ke pass agayi ….


      • @DB: Seriously yaar… It is indeed messed up.. That moment of Wali praying they easily copied to Faara praying and Zarmeene’s turn over.. Exactly it’s getting tooo much of her crying and top on that poor crying.. Uff that scene where Wali tells her about that place Behroze and Suhaib used to play… Gosh i was about an inch away to bang my head.. They have actually made the mockery of this novel..


        • What I don’t get it is why they changed the entire sequence with Zarminay? What happened in the novel and what ultimately led to a change of heart on Zarminay’s side could’ve easily translated on the screen. Oh well, another one of Farhat Ishtiaq’s “positive additions” !


          • DB, please don’t dangle carrots like “what happened in the novel” and “entire Zarminey sequence” in front of poor souls like me who haven’t read the novel, lol. Zara khulkay batayein please 🙂


            • LOL @VZ

              In the novel, Zaminay warmed up to Faara only gradually. In the drama, it took only two scenes & maybe a day or half for Faara & Zarminay to become besties. It looked as unnatural and unconvincing as the rest of the details in this drama…


            • Thanks DB. I am not going anywhere near the drama. I can’t believe a creative person can do so much damage to her own work.


        • Sorry Rehmat, I am replying here…First of all, thank you so much for this transliteration – what a well-written scene and what logically written sequence! Mazaa aagaya 🙂 The signature parts were so true, one of my friends’ father had so much trouble because of his signature not matching in his bank – he had a nerve-related disorder and the bank made a lot of fuss… Coming to DeD, I don’t know how a person who wrote this could write the really poor screenplay, and be proud of that at the same time! She has really disappointed me…

          Sorry, I have been late in replying to you, I’ve been really busy at work and didn’t visit the page. There are so many things I want to read up on, especially the Manto interview, but I’ve been struggling to get a sensible chunk of time to visit those pages.

          I’ve stopped watching the show a few weeks ago, so don’t know what new records they are breaking on-screen. Actually I am not watching any shows now, not a single one – nothing seems worth watching…


          • @VZ: Totally with you on not following/watching anything religiously these days .. given how crazy busy lives are these days its always an effort to make time to watch and given the type of stuff coming out these days one might as well spend those 40 mins going for a walk or reading a book or listening to music .. these dramas are def not worth the high blood pressure they induce after a watch …

            And speaking of high blood pressure inducing dramas … you have to watch the latest ep of DeD, not because its so good but because its so bad its good. I went back to my review of the first ep and I had called it filmy then, but now i realize filmy is not quite the right description… this is a whole other league. But then ofcourse that’s just me .. the soaring TRPs for this latest ep proves that such dramas are here to stay. But do watch this ep and lets discuss this .. its really funny in a very bad way …

            In one of my comments on DeD, I had noted that this drama introduced a new low in Pk drama standards and after watching this I am totally convinced that bar one or two random exceptions the days of quality TV are gone .. and gone are also my expectations of anything sensible from MD/HUM …


      • Yaar Faara’s/Maya Ali’s bawling is getting way out of hand. I watched a complete episode for the first time in ages and I actually counted: she turned into a blubbering mess, like, 5 times for sure IN ONE EPISODE. To top it all, she feels a compulsive urge to talk while she’s sobbing – and I feel a really powerful urge to smack her so she can just let it out and then speak like an adult. Also, why does she have to latch onto the neck of the first person she sees in the midst of her crying bout? This time it was Wali and before him it was Moiz. All her reactions are so impulsive and immature. She just comes off as an unsettled young woman – too juvenile to even bring to mind any of the quiet dignity that the novel’s Faara had. Then there was Zarmeenay’s becoming best buddies with Faara – it was such an about-face and seemed so totally un-gradual that I just couldn’t buy that, like numerous other things in the drama. Plus, why on Earth did they get Faara to play the scene that was Wali’s in the first place – the one where he prays for AJ’s health? God knows she gets enough chances to sniffle as it is, why take the scene that revealed Wali’s softer side and hand it over to Faara? It was totally unwarranted.

        I just wish it would end already, this mess!


        • @ Nashra

          What makes it worse is that Maya Ali can emote pain very well – she doesn’t NEED to utter all these (useless) dialogues like “Main kitni buri hoon; kitni buri beti hoon; kitni buri poti hoon.” She could just as well have SHOWN her anguish rather than talk about it. I forwarded all her crying scenes. And it’s not like I missed anything important LOL! But what a mess Farhat Ishtiaq has made of her own novel.


          • @DB: That’s exactly what I said to my sister about Maya Ali. The dialogues, those dialogues…arrghhh! They are straight out of some melodramatic Bollywood film of the 70s. Who the hell even talks like that? FI seems to have been under a heavy influence of some cheesy, sentimental tripe whilst rewriting (read: destroying) this story.


  39. The LAST thing I would expect coming in this drama is the last scene of the promo of next episode. Disgusting!! Khuch tu grace baqi rehna datay….


    • @Asma: After every ep I think to myself ke this has to be the worst ep ever magar sadly the following ep proves me wrong as to how low our drama standards have gotten, and tp think this is supposedly the best one of the lot!
      I am thrilled for all those who are enjoying this and praising DeD to the skies, but for me with this one here Pakistani dramas have lost the plot completely. As an industry leader methinks MD should really go back to the drawing board and refigure this whole art of storytelling and drama making again, also they should send special thank you bonus checks to OKB and Maya Ali for whom most of the younger crowd is watching …


      • @ SZ @ Rehmat

        Chalo bhai, Wali tou Wali, Moeez is also on the kidnap-Faara team. Tou Moeez aur Wali aik hee kishti kay sawaar (with Caesar in tow)? Ugh!

        And of course Roohi HAD to overhear her ladla bhajeeta to understand his ulterior motives. Novel kee tarha intelligently tou woh kuch figure out kar hee nahi sakti thee.

        Just when I think this drama cannot stoop lower, it surprises me…

        And @ SZ of course, Faara kee taraqqi ho rahi hai. Har episode main cooking graph ooper jaa raha hai. Green tea, omelette and now fried fish… What’s next? Gaajar ka halwa?


        • @SZ @DB

          All it’s going to take Faara to redeem herself before Wali, my friends, is her exemplary cooking skill. Fish, halwa and whatnot. Oh and of course! Having a ‘daactar’ bahu with prowess in the kitchen..chaliye jee, Arju ka ‘dil jeetne’ ka band-o-bast bhi khud ba khud he hogaya.


          • @Nashra @DB @Rehmat @FA @Asma @Afia: What the what was this latest episode all about??

            Why was Ruhi behaving like a lost child in the Kumbh ka Mela: Ab kahan jayenge? Ab Kya karenge? Meri Fara se baat karwa dein? Not that she ever had her act together but this was her sinking to an all new low …

            Why was Moiz channeling all Lollywood and Bollywood villains at the same time? And then after a whole day with him and him having spelt out his intentions very clearly our masoom nanhi heroine asks him: kya kar loge tum mere saath .. maar hi doge na mujhe …. seriously, Fara?? Kabhi koi Hindi.Urdu film nahin dekhi??

            And now Tajjamul has joined the rank of all the other characters who have displayed symptoms of early Alzheimer’s … did he just remember that Ruhi was his sister? Wasn’t he the one mooching off of his sister’s money all these years? Did we need that sanctimonious lecture to Zohra where he tried to shame her for her mamta while hating on his sister??

            Then bechari Zohra ji: No matter what time of day,… even at 4 am her sarees are immaculately pinned and hair perfectly done … poor Tara Mehmood, shes so fabulous and I have no clue why she signed up for such a DOA character. Even Sanam Saeed for that matter, her recent project choices have been abysmal to say the least ..

            And Arju: WTH does she do with herself the whole day … I know our begamats dont do much in PK, magar yahan tau us se bhi kharab haal hai … at least those begums go shopping and visit tailors, magar yahan tau Arju bibi has a closet full of the same outfit in six or seven colors that she rotates .. baqi sara din shes like a teacher taking attendance … natasha banaya? Wali kahan hai? Utha kyon nahin? AJ ki medicines ka time ho gaya hai?? Seriously, woman, get a life! Woman go join a kitty party or something!

            Fara: In se mileye hamari home grown medal yafta buddhu … hasnt learned her lesson after her last kidnapping, again leaves the phone behind and just walks out … I mean I knew the girl was nuts and was sure about it after she said she was gonna cook cook fried fish for AJ, when he’d just returned from the hospital after his umpteenth visit, but this time around she took her stupidity to a whole new level .. gets to a construction site with no hospital in sight and our almost-a-doctor heroine spouts gems like mama kahan hain .. yeh mujhe kahan le aaye hain .. wah!!! What brilliant lines!!

            And finally Wali sahab: Though OKB is only one who seems to have some kind of a hold on his admittedly bipolar character but even his Wali is showing signs of fraying at the edges .. after all living with his crazy khandan must not be easy … and so at the sight of Moiz with Fara he takes a pause to rewind back to the long-winded lectures of his dead susar sahab … it was only after he has reassured himself ke susar sahab would be ok with him fighting that he springs back into action and punches Moiz .. ab yeh alag bat hai ke slow motion punches dont carry the visual punch a normal speed punch would isliye the whole sequence came off looking like a bad farce … wonder who chose to go the flashback & slow-mo route with this sequence …

            What an absolute mess!!!


            • @ SZ

              I had PROMISED myself I will put all my brain cells on mute before watching this week’s episode. Seriously. But then my buried reviewer’s “what the what the what” got the better of me.

              Filmy is definitely an understatement – I half expected some “dush dush” sounds to come when Wali punched Moiz. In typical Lollywood style, the sound to come after the punches were already delivered. But what to say? Some more “positive additions” by Farhat Ishtiaq. And of course considering #DiyareDil was trending on Twitter, this episode will definitely get Hum TV the TRP they want.

              RE Arjumand
              This character is so loserish. I know a lot of people have written this already but I can’t help repeating it. Did Arju learn nothing from her own experience? Why is she on Faara’s case? Faara was never rude to her… She has already apologized to Wali for her rudeness. So what’s Arju’s problem? “Main divorce dilwa kar rahun gee.” Arjumand has some of the worst lines in this serial.

              RE Faara and Wali’s characterization
              I think Farhat Ishtiaq really lost her grip on her characters BIG TIME which is why they keep doing things that are out of character.

              So Faara has supposedly learned nothing even after so much contemplation – oh wait, she was too busy crying… Why didn’t she just grab Moiz’s phone and throw it over the ledge? I was so hoping she’d do that, LOL!

              And Wali Sahab apparently did not have the Susar flashback when he himself was dragging Faara through her house and she was screaming for her Baba. Honestly, when that scene with Behroz had happened, I was SO SURE it will be used as a flashback sometime later. And here it was… And how stupid of Wali to throw Moiz on the floor exactly where his gun was…

              I can go on and on but you get the picture 😛


  40. @DB: LOL!!! Good to know Im not alone in banging my head against the wall on this one!

    Re: Susar flashback: Look, I’m sure susar sahab to is pretty fed up with this constant recall business .. bechara he is dead after all! Also, he’s having too good a time partying with all the hoors up there so he makes an appearance only when he is taking a break .. also earlier Wali had never called on him .. yahan tau he literally paused midstep to get ijazat!

    Re: Fara not learning anything: Seekhi na yaar! She remembered to wear her chappals this time around.. I guess pichli baar ki kidnapping se sirf ek yahi sabaq seekha us ne .. oh wait, she also remembered to wear a shawl … apparently after living in Arju’s company for however many days she’s picked up saasu ma’s style statement as well! 😉

    Kya yaar this is worse than a farce… OKB has talked about a parody of DeD but I wonder aisay show ki kya parody hogi … yeh to khud hi ek bani banaayi hui parody hai ..


    • @DB: and talking about reviews and reviewers.. I was checking today and realized I hadnt reviewed any drama since July – the finale of MNYH!! I might as well say goodbye to the blog and call it a day :/


    • Haha @SZ don’t get me started on the Saasu Ma’s style statement… Or for that matter “Mama’s” style statement. Aren’t they tired of wearing the same clothes in so many scenes?

      It’s interesting how the powers-that-be behind this serial have given absolutely no time (in all these 30 episodes) to any meaningful interaction between Wali and Faara – first they were fighting all the time, then Faara was crying all the time, and so on and on…

      And the way Faara and Zarminay became besties, it made my head spin…

      Lagta hai Arjumand kay saath bhee maamla aisay hee theek hoga. Fatafat. Imagine if Agha Jaan tells Arju: “Achi saasein itni behes nahi karteen” (to make her go back on her words – just like he did years ago). We already know Arju won’t be able to take a stand on this for long…


    • @SZ – @DB Hahahah you guys are hilarious.. Totally spot on… Cant agree more with you guys.. And how true when you say k ye bani banayi parody he.. FI have indeed lost it in terms of characterisation infact everything.. Why was it so hard to keep the characteristics intact.. I am sure even they would have fetch the ratings.. They itself were so amazing.. But bera gharat tou karna tha na


  41. Friends, I watched (just the) latest episode and the play has only sunk further in quality terms. MD and co have opened a Pandora’s box here – move aside doosri-biwi/saas-bahu, welcome physical violence, dragged, illogical storylines, cliched dialogues, and characters without spines/vocal chords/brains. Wah, just for this MD and co need some special awards, in addition to the ones we’ll see them picking up. I just can’t believe (I’ve said this so many times now) that good actors like Sanam Saeed, Hareem Farooq and others have been wasted on a project like this. Just disgusted with what I saw on screen this week.

    I think these are what the characters reading/watching/listening:

    Arjumand – only HUM shows – har pal saath…
    Roohi – Lost Cause. Sorry sorry, she can’t read or write or pull herself together or use her brains.
    Tajammuls – Crime and Punishment
    Faara – Cry Me A River
    Wali – Pyaar Ka “Punch”naama (geddit? geddit?)
    Agha Jaan – Grandpa’s Great Escape

    MD and co – Money Money Money…


  42. This episode was literally disastrous.. From start till end.. If the opening scene made me cringe then the ending scene made me realise that even drams could be made to C grade movies.. Yaani k faara was in such a rush that she left the cell and then saying AJ ko me phone karke bata dungi.. Height of stupidity.. And now i know why they had to show this moiz drama only to make Roohi realize her mistakes.. because she is a hopeless case and wouldn’t understand the true intentions of ppl if its not spelled to her.. Kya bakwass he yaar.. And Arjumand.. I always thought after leap she will be no more.. But tauba he mujhe samajh nh arahi what good her character is adding to story.. Like @SZ said just to keep check on attendance may be.. And the climax scene.. Faara tried to run twice both time she fall.. Hahah like cmon guys don’t actually test our limits.. And that dramatic background voice of Behroze was soo bad.. I mean is episode ki jitni baat ki jaaye kam he..


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