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Mahira Khan ~ Our guest today needs no introduction. For millions of viewers worldwide, Humsafar and the sizzling hot jori of Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan – she the innocent Khirad to his smoldering Ashar – became the reason for tuning in to Pakistan dramas, many for the first time and for others their first serial after the iconic Dhoop Kinarey, Tanhaiyan and other serials of that era.

Humsafar was followed by Shehr-e Zaat, and Mahira Khan’s Falak became the cynosure of all eyes. Falak made us think, compelling us to go to dark places within us we would rather not acknowledge even to our own selves. Falak was proud, she was arrogant, she was spoilt, she was many things … but underneath all the initial glitz and glamour and the later emotional turmoil and spiritual angst, there was always fragility and vulnerability, and it is to Sarmad and Mahira’s credit for understanding and exploring this angle, making a very complex character become very relatable, perhaps a bit too real and close for comfort at times. Falak was Mahira at her best, so far.

Way before all these accolades came her way, however, Mahira began her career as a VJ on Aag TV.

This VJ-ing stint was followed by her feature film debut in Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol, and then came her first serial, Mehreen Jabar’s eminently forgettable, Neeyat. After Neeyat came Humsafar, and the rest, as they say, is history.

After Shehr-e Zaat, Mahira took a long sabbatical and returned to TV with a talk show TUC- The Lighter Side of Life. The chat show hosting stint was followed by the recently aired serial Sadqay Tumhare. Since her return, Mahira has been hard at work and has no less than three major films in the pipeline.

Of these, Momina Duraid’s first feature film Bin Roye is first up as it is slated for an Eid-ul Fitr release. Here Mahira re-unites with her Neeyat costar Humayun Saeed and the movie also features Armeena Rana Khan in a pivotal role. The recently released trailer and song videos have caused quite a viral stir. Written by Farhat Ishtiaq, Bin Roye will be released later as a serial as well.

Mahira’s next film to release will be Asim Raza’s Ho Mann Jahaan, co-starring Adeel Husain and Shehryar Munawwar.

Rounding off the list of Mahira Khan’s upcoming films is her Bollywood debut in Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani’s Raees, where she stars alongside A-listers like Shahrukh Khan, Nawazudin Siddiqui and Farhan Akhtar.

With Bin Roye slated for release in about a month’s time and Ho Mann Jahaan also gearing up for a 2015 release, Mahira is very busy these days juggling a very full schedule. Despite all her commitments, though, she has very graciously agreed to our request for this interview with you all.

Ab, here is your chance to interact with Mahira Khan, show her your appreciation and ask the questions you have always wanted to ask her.

Please remember:

  • The last date for posting your questions is Sunday, June 21, 2015.
  • To make this exercise worthwhile avoid asking stuff already been asked in other interviews.
  • Don’t repeat questions already been asked by somebody before you.
  • Post each question as a separate comment.
  • Avoid personal comments and refrain from rude questions and abusive language.
  • Do not post your questions on twitter!! You need to post them below if you expect an answer. 

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  1. Hey Mahira! I want to ask you, when will we get to see you and Fawad Khan on screen again? 🙂 Love you!!!

  2. Hey Mahira. I am Laiba. I just wanted to ask one thing and that is, do you recognize any of your fan? or remember the name of your fan. Please tell us his or her name. xD

  3. Hii Mahira! First of all Ramzan Mubarak. Secondly, I’d like to ask that what’s that one moment with Shah Rukh Khan you always remember.
    Lots of love.
    Laiba Naveed. 😊
    -your biggest fan

  4. hi mahira.. u r soo beautiful.. how would u like to celebrate ur next birthday?and can u post a pic of srk n urs from raees set … is this true u had a dinner with karan johar?..this news was published in a filmfare mag.. karan fawad n mahira bond together… hope its true,… much love….

  5. Were you required to lose weight for hmj?if yes then shooting is finished now can you plzhmjplzzt your health back?plzz we want the absolutely stunning healthy glowing mahira from the bin roye videos back? 😦
    For gods sakes sz dont delete this comment

    • @someone: Asking the same questions in five/six different ways while using different names is not helping your cause.

  6. Do you regret rejecting any project?
    Do you regret taking any project?
    Who is the best actress on TV right now according to you? (Veteran and new)
    Is there a particular project that you wish you could have done but were not offered?
    How was the ‘Raees’ experience?
    Which movie did you enjoy doing more: Ho mann jahan or Bin Roye?
    Favourite Tv show? (American/British)
    Favourite band/artist?

    This is my mother’s question:
    Did you introduce SRK to Farhan Saeed? :’)

  7. Hey! umm…Where do i begin? so many questions, so many doubts but just leaving the rest apart i just wanna ask you wether you think that talking to your fans is a waste of time, I mean do you like talking to them or do You think that It`s a part of your career?
    And I always wanted to tell you something, The word “Perfection” describes you!

  8. Do u know your fans collectively call themselves “MAHIRIANS” ?
    If yes thn hw u felt when came 2 know abt this ?
    If no then now u Know,How do u feel now?? 🙂

  9. You hv so many crazy fans out there.I m one of them undoubtedly.
    U must hv come across so many crazy stuffs done by your fans for you..
    Did you do any such crazy thing for any celebrity you were or are a big fan of,ever??
    Pls share wth us.

  10. What is dat feeling when u meet ur fans??
    Any recent memory related to a fan you would like 2 share wth us pls?

  11. We all fans know u r a grt mother.But these days u r too busy.
    How u manage to spend time wth ur son Azlan??

  12. Your favourite Memory from each project u did till date?
    I know all projects wl b difficult bt still as much u can share with us?

  13. What was the first scene of Humsafar that you shot in which you were present alone, and what was the first scene that you and Fawad shot for together?

  14. What does your list for the sort of roles that you’d like to play consist of, and what is your ideal role that you absolutely hope and wish to play someday?

  15. From the scripts you’re currently reading, have you liked or considered any to be doing? Can you tell us anything about your upcoming projects post Ho Mann Jahaan and Raees or will you be taking a break?

  16. Momina also mentioned that you become very attached to the characters that you play and that they stay with you. Knowing that, do you think you would ever be able to portray more darker/gray shaded characters or ones that are outright negative? Would you take it as a challenge?

  17. For all the years that you’ve been on television/part of the industry, from being a VJ to an actor, how have you changed over the years and what about you remains the same?

  18. Any decision that you look back at and want to be able to change in terms of your career? A project you left, a project you did, etc.

  19. Do you watch your dramas once they air? And do you ever happen to think like, I shouldn’t have done this in a scene or I should’ve played it like this… basically later on thinking of ways to improve it… are you self-critical about your performances?

  20. While shooting Neeyat, what were your expectations from the drama? Did the thought of it performing poorly ever cross your mind? What attracted you to the project, Mehreen Jabbar as a director or the script itself? I’ve heard the drama also faced a casting change and Humayun stepped in last minute to save the day… were you intimidated to be working with an established actor like him at that time? How bummed were you with the outcome, and if given a chance now, do you think you would’ve played Aaila differently or done it better than how you portrayed her originally?

  21. How crazy is your upcoming schedule? Promotions, shoots, etc. Will you be shooting anything in the last quarter of the year? Heard you’re also going to be shooting for Raees in August… will you be getting a chance to go on summer vacay at all?

  22. From the recent Bollywood or Hollywood movies that you’ve seen… or even from books that you’ve recently read, any particular role that you wish you could do?

  23. How do you face setbacks and are you able to learn and grow from them, and bounce back? Any regret of a missed opportunity, ever?

  24. Noor Hassan mentioned in Jago Pakistan Jago that you used to sing on Humsafar sets… do you recall a particular song that you sang and what was the set atmosphere generally like? Any pranks played on or by you?

  25. Any plans to work in a comedy or a romantic comedy or would you be continuing with the more serious roles for now? Would you be interested in working on a telefilm?

  26. What does your do not or your on-screen limitations list comprise of? Basically what is it that you will never do onscreen?

  27. Any advice that a co-actor has given you for your personal/professional life that remains with you even today?

  28. What’s an edge or advantage that you have compared to your contemporaries and a disadvantage?

  29. You’ve mentioned that you enjoy writing. Have you ever written a script or a story so far, ever, and do you still write journals to Azlan? Also, any immediate plans to step into production?

  30. What is the ideal amount of work you’d like to do on a yearly basis? One film, one serial, or do you just go with the flow and decide?

  31. Have you dyed your hair for Ho Mann Jahaan or dyed your hair generally recently… also will you be promoting Ho Mann Jahaan?

  32. When you work on a specific character, how hard is it to keep the body language, the delivery, the small nuances different from the previous? Do you completely become that character?

  33. Last question, which is literally only for good fun [you don’t have to answer this lol] but considering where Humsafar left off, do you think Hareem’s plea of having a brother to play with would’ve been fulfilled ;)? [ps, please don’t hate me for posting 42 questions] love you!

  34. Ramadan mubarak mahira!
    in ur real lyf wht do u think u resemble wid falak khirad aila ayesha shano or saba? or u r only mahira at u live without azu when u go to abroad for shooting for 20 to 30 days n how he live without u?

  35. Mahira m ur craziest fan n can die for u well thnx for wishing me on ny bday can u plx send me a.big jaduu ki jhapi?

  36. U’ ve done many projects n u’ve got luv frm all of them bt as mahira which one is ur fvrt?
    Love u xxx

  37. Rate ur acting out of 10.
    BR or ho mann jahan.
    Shano or khirad.
    fawad or adnan.
    acting or hosting.
    Ur biggest fan

  38. Ur fvrt song of atif? Plx share ur selfie wid atidf or azu.can u plx say one word for me ur die hard fan.

  39. u have done many dramas humsafar shehrezaat neeyat etc but which one is your favourite? plz tell

  40. share any moment wid shah rukh khan during Raees and also share ur experience in India
    luxxxxx 🙂

  41. u danced for the first tym in movie BR was it difficult?share ur a morning show UJP atif said tht u knw how to play guitar. is it true? n yes who won tht luddo game u or shoaib malik in tuc the lighter side of life.
    Take care Mahira,
    luv for u n azu xxxxxxxxxxx

  42. mahira say something about the best day of ur life
    plzzz say something about meee on twitter plxxx :/ @TheFaryaAbbas
    mahira lotssss of love ❤ for u and azuuu luv u guys luv ur acting
    🙂 byeeee
    Ramadan Mubarak
    May Allah's blessings shine upon u always 🙂

  43. We all know u r inspired by Bollywood Dhak Dhak Gal #MadhuriDixit ^_^
    Pick one of her movie in which u would lyk 2 share screen space wth her??

  44. It’s been heard dat in Humsafar u as Mahira never ws in favour of Khirad going back to Asher..
    So if given a chance 2 write it urself what wd Khirad according 2 u hv done in Humsafar if didn’t go back 2 Asher??

  45. If not Humsafar then what??
    Where would Mahira be?
    Well i m sure u still would hv got ur way coz Talent is not bound 2 anything.. 🙂

  46. First word that crosses ur mind seeing d following names:

    Momina Duraid
    Fawad Khan
    Humayun Saeed
    Shahrukh Khan
    Madhuri Dixit
    Rahul Dholakia
    Your Fans

  47. If u were given 2 offers and had to pick one which one would it be?
    (1)PTV uncommercial drama with strong script alongside Noman ijaz
    (2)karan johar film with average script alongside fawad khan

  48. Have you ever been offered any project opposite Hamza Ali Abbasi ? Is there any chance of you guys working together ?
    Lots of Love xxx

  49. I wanted to ask that where do Azlaan stays when u go to events abroad or even when you go to the shoots ?!

  50. Assalam-o-alaikum
    me zindagi me phli bar cinema jaongi
    sirf apki film dekhne #BinRoye

  51. I Tried to stop myself from asking this but trust me! I`m going crazy! I really wanna ask you this:
    does making people happy make you happy as well, i mean just for a moment?
    Cause you can make anybody dance all day long by just replying one of their tweets.
    And hey! All I ever do is making up plans of what would i say when i meet you. and once i saw you and……….I fainted…………..God! I curse that day 😦 I cried for the first time
    But it was worth it! Looking at you for real, i could cry a million tears for that.
    Arent i being too emotional. Yeah……..I better stop!
    Can`t wait till you answer my questions. Damn! now I`ll have to count every second till 21 of june 😛 well here i begin …………1………………2………………3…………………..4 How long will it take exactly?(Never-lasting) 🙂 ………………… I completely adore you!
    Did i just say that? *FAINTS*

  52. In ur LSA chat with fans u said noman ijaz,samina.p and bushra ansari were your favs.but in a recent interview you said you were not a fan of anyone but srk.Why so?:(

  53. Which character is your personal favorite? khirad or shano? and which was more difficult to do? falak in shehr e zaat or shano in sadqay?

  54. If we see your filmography, you have taken up mostly love stories. Do you want to get out of the zone now? Will we see you doing any out an out negative character in the near future? or maybe doing a comedy film?

  55. If you get great script which has an amazing part written for you & you really want to do it, but it demands you to do bold/intimate scenes, will you take it up? Are you open to all kinds of scenes a script demands or you like to draw limitations on doing certain scenes?

  56. If could adopt one characteristic from each one of your characters, what would you pick? characters played by you so far are: ayesha(Bol), aila(Neeyat), khirad, falak(SeZ), shano(Sadqay), saba(Bin Roye), manizeh(Ho mann jahan)

  57. If there comes a point where an amazing drama directed by an experienced director & an equally good film directed by a relatively new director, come to you simultaneously but you can do only one; what will your choose? drama or film?

  58. There are pros & cons of stardom. You get immense love & blessings but also get judged for your every move. Does it irritate you sometimes? Do you think life was better as an ordinary person? You are an youth icon. Do you feel pressure sometimes for the responsibility you carry?

  59. Your life is literally divided into two parts i.e. before & after humsafar. How was the ‘before humsafar’ mahira like? Was she the same person as we see her now?
    How’s life changed after humsafar? How does it feel to suddenly be a nation’s sweetheart? How do you feel when you are just roaming around & you hear screams ‘OMG mahira khan’? does it sometimes bother you especially when you are with your son or close friends & people come up to you for pictures? Does azlan gets annoyed too?

  60. What makes you happy in life? in general. (apart from spending time with azlan, drinking chai & eating chocolate ice cream. i know your obsession with ice cream lol)

  61. The aquafina commercial with you & fawad came as a huge surprise to us fans. When were you two offered the ad? before humsafar was aired or after it became a blockbuster? How was the experience to work with fawad on a commercial? different from doing a drama?

  62. Mahira… we love you !!!! Xx ..
    just wanted to ask that when will we get to see you and fawad back on screen? If there are no plans; then please plan!! Cz we are waiting from last 4 years….. love you . Lot’s of love to aazlaan.. please pist a selfie with him..;)

  63. Hey mahira i just want to know whats the reason that u n Fawad are not seen in another drama????

  64. Sharukh Khan or Fawad Khan?
    Alia Bhatt or Emma Watson?
    Sarmad Khoosat or Adnan Malik
    Holllywood or Bollywood?
    And I`ve also got a request to make, please upload videos for your answers too, you can bring a smile on thousands of faces by doing that 🙂

  65. Your guest appearance in ‘Manto – The Film’ has me excited to core. Could you share a hint of what you upto in this film.?

    That little glimpse of yours from movie is driving most of us curious n nuts at same time 🙂

  66. With what we know you, there is lot that you carry home emotionally from the roles you portray on screen. Would you ever wish to play negative, dark n evil character? Will you be able to give your 100%?

    I really doubt. You can’t be bad. It’s just not you.!

  67. Hi Mahira!! I’m your huge fan. I just wanna ask ’bout your upcoming projects. Are you doing any new Pakistani movie or serial?? Would we ever be able to see you with Fawad Khan again??
    Anxiously waiting for your reply. Thanks! Loads of Love.

  68. Hi Mahira! there is a scene in Humsafar during which you slipped badly. I never get which scene it was. Can you point it out more precisely?

  69. Good luck for Bin Roye Mahira.
    as Fawad was thought of playing Irtiza’s character at first. What was your reaction when you came to know that he has been replaced by Humayun Saeed( no disrespect to Humayun Saeed intended, just asking being a huge Fawad Khan fan)

  70. Do you think that if you and Fawad Khan work in another project that project would be able to beat humsafar craze?

  71. Hi Mahira, big fan since Humsafar and you did well in Bol. I wanted to ask which actors would you like to work with both in lollywood and Bollywood

  72. Today is the last day to submit our questions…i thought for a week but ended up with no questions..because there are so many things i want to tell you
    i would write it down all that you should know…so here it is
    MAHIRA KHAN – Through The eyes of ‘Mahirians’
    This is to tell you that we all love you .. like LOVE in real sense NO MATTER WHAT…whether its a hit or a flop ,broom or a mop (sorry i’m not a poet at all)..we loved you yesterday we loved you today and we will love you even till the end….
    we adore you! you make us proud..
    what an actor you are!
    but this is not the only reason we love you we love you for the kind of person you are …your simplicity, your divinity, your modesty, your childlike innocence, your lady like elegance,your modesty,your kindness,your down to earth nature…..we all want you to know that you are BEAUTIFUL!
    you do justice to your name…you define your name ‘mahir’ ….you are an expert in what you do
    you are ‘MaHEERA’ our ‘heera’ our Diamond…very special, very rare and very very precious to us
    Thank you for yourself, thank you for being you..thank you for making us better human beings …whether it was Ayesha, Aaila ,Khirad or Shano …. every character that you played taught us something ..Thank you for that
    Thank you for adding that extra and most needed spark into our lives…Thank you for making it Beautiful,,just like you yourself are…Thank you Thank You Thank You so much !

    we said a prayer for you…and we know he must have heard….
    ….we asked him to send treasures of far more lasting kind…..we asked him to be near you at the start of a new day to grant you health and blessings …and friends to share your way….we asked for happiness for you and your family but it was peace and his loving care we prayed most of all


  73. Hey Mahira! =)
    Appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule for DRNR readers and your fans!
    Once again Thank you SZ!
    Seems like you two have a lot of work to do! 😉 😛

    Q. Okay so my question is regarding Falak from ‘Shehr-e-Zaat’, a very complex character with many stages of growth throughout the serial, and very well-played might I add.
    Assuming, had you not played the role, which actress (of today or the yesteryear) would have been the perfect choice in your opinion?
    Did you ever wonder so, or do you have such ‘what ifs’ of your own? Please share a few with us if you do.

  74. Q. Now coming to ‘Bin Roye’-the film, could you define ‘True Love’ from Saba’s perpective.