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Thirteen weeks in and the mausam of this diyar remains as tempestuous as ever. The serial opened with Agha jan ripping into Behroze for his nafarmani. Abhi andhi baarish band hi nahin hui thi ke we witnessed Suhaib and his bhabhi bani biwi, Arjumand, blow hot and cold about their marital relationship. Barely had these two settled their differences ke it came time for Suhaib and Behroze’s aye-mere-bichrey-bhai-mujh-se-mil phase.  A zabardasti ka hug and a few senti lines later Suhaib opted to draw the curtains on his life story. Suhaib ki kahani kya khatam hui ke haveli bhar mein aansoo-on ka sailab aa gaya.

Such was the force of this post-Suhaib teary flood ke Behroze bhai bhi got swept up in it and jab hosh aaya tau he was in the very same haveli from where he’d been unceremoniously kicked out twenty years ago. Kuch afsos, apni purani harkaton par, aur kuch sadma, bhai ke guzar janey par, and that’s all it took.  The mantle had been passed. It was now Beheroze’s turn to take center stage and do full on garajna barasna.

Three weeks later, after succeeding in getting his only daughter nikah-ofied to his  nephew, bhai ki rooh ke sukoon ke liye, Behroze bhai jan is gradually winding down. Magar wait, don’t you dare think ab mausam khush gawar ho jaye ga. No! Not by a long shot! Going by the latest turn of events, Ruhi aunty is just getting Behrozestarted – keep your chhatris and raincoats handy!

I’m not quite sure how, what, when it happened, but by the end of this episode Behroze was well on his way to sainthood. All that we know is that bees saal ba’d he is khaali haath. Forgotten in these moments of martyrdom were the facts that he never really heard Ruhi out, had still not told Ruhi about Suhaib’s unsuccessful attempts at reconciliation, threatened his wife of twenty years with a talaq, and oopar se eavesdrops on every convo his wife hasand now he’s crying about kuch nahin bacha? 

It’s a good thing Wali is quite the catch: acchi shakalbahadur sher + beeba bacha = great rishta for any ladli beti, but seriously, who emotionally blackmails and steamrolls their only daughter into a zabardasti ki shaadi – aaj, abhi, aur isi waqt? It was bad enough when Agha jan was forcing Behroze all those years ago, but for Behroze to now turn around and do it to his daughter? What century is this man living in?

I do DED Ruhinot condone any of the nonsense that Ruhi was spouting, but going not by what she was saying but how she was saying it, I am Team Ruhi. The same man who pays heed to a random uncle ki beti, so much so that he turns into a new man over night, threatens his wife to shut up or else!?! And on that uncle ki beti, if she could be invited to the emergency nikah then why not Tajamul and his wife? What kind of signals does Behroze think he’s sending by not inviting Ruhi’s baap jaisa bara bhai? I don’t know about others but I sure would be angry about the non-invitation to my only brother and would be forced to wonder about the haveli residents’ intentions. And then Behroze wonders why she doesn’t trust him? Why should she??

Irregardless of how I feel about their characters Mikaal and Sanam are fabulous as the most dysfunctional couple ever. Sanam’s body language and her voice modulation give Ruhi the humanity her lines don’t. Similarly Behroze may be the sab se bara loser, but Mikaal gives this loser a vulnerability that his I-am-a-victim-watch-me-cry lines don’t. Their expressions in the nikah scene were spot on. Two parents, both wanting their daughter’s happiness but coming at it from polar opposite viewpoints. Haseeb Hasan does a great job getting those performances from his actors, and his execution of the nikah scene was very well done.

Haseeb has also done well with getting Maya to emote and express vulnerability; she was very good in the nikah scene and her later breakdown in the bathroom was very poignant. With her expressions and body language improving, Maya needs to continue working on her voice and dialogue delivery.

The weight of this new responsibility bears heavily on Wali and it shows. In the scene, where his barey abba droned on about is ko pyar dena aur woh khush rahegi (what is she, a pet?) Wali’s apprehension, him looking at this girl who was now his bride, curling his fingers around her hand – all were beautifully essayed by Osman. My favorite moment though was Wali’s quick scene in the bedroom, when Behroze left after firming plans for visiting Suhaib’s grave – in a serial filled with OTT tears and melodrama galore, this 10 sec scene was the first time I felt an emotional connect with a character of Diyar-e Dil.  And then *sigh* it was back to same old same old.

Oh, and before I forget… since when did Agha jan start speaking in that accent? Ek taraf Behroze has ilhams a la Suhaib and now his father is sounding like Suhaib of yore … anybody else thinking in terms of The Return of the Dead or some such?

Overall, not much else to report, except that aap sab ko bohot mubarak ho – nikah watery-eyed-woman-holding-facial-tissue-box-28854831khair-o aafiyat se ho gaya. I would ask you to pause and celebrate, but, as I said in the begining, there is no time for happiness. Going by the precap its now time for the Ruhi -Behroze showdown, and then in view of his graveside conversation, it will soon be Behroze bhai’s turn to join his Suhaib bhai– all I can say is replenish your Kleenex supply ASAP!

In terms of pacing, editing, and overall visual narration this latest episode was a vast improvement over the mediocrity that had marked the past few installments. In terms of overall approach to this serial, I continue to rue the absence of subtlety, nuance and subtext, qualities that have defined our dramas till recently. I sincerely hope this filmi-on-steroids style of storytelling is a one-off and not a harbinger of things to come.

Written by SZ~

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  1. I don’t know but I am looking at it from different angles, and I like the scenes between father and son (Bakhtiar and Behroze), sister and brother (Tajamal/Ruhi), and almost like all the other interactions. They are all very natural. Father/Son shots are soft, and play on real human emotions (loved it when Behroze came back to hug his father once again and asking for an apology once again).
    I think the drama is poignantly underlining the way our traditional decisions can carry on through generations without one realizing that we spoke against those very traditions when we were younger, and now we abide by them as we get older. the drama is also pointing out that we all yearn to go back to our roots (Behroze’s wish to be buried next to his brother) whether it is for love for our family or love for our birthplace. Ruhi’s outrage is definitely justified. I do think that their issues can be resolved with a better communication, and I feel that their daughter Faaraa will be that pathway to communication. Anyhow, I am enjoying the drama, and can’t wait for the next episode. Please please, no more dying!!


    • @NC I totally agree with you.I am enjoying this drama so much the story,dialogues,location,background score, everything,it is very soothing and relaxing(except Ruhina) unlike MNYH which has so much negativity.


    • @NC: Hello and welcome 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting. I agree on thise scenes, all were nice ones .. my problem though is with the way we are being these characters – each carrying a card saying :hate me I’m evil or love me Im a saint .. I wish they had gone subtle, given each character a nuance and the same serial would’ve had me in raptures … after all we loved similarly high on emotions stories like MeJ …
      I also agree with the cultural values bit, and they are worth preserving, but selectively, not aankh band kar ke all of them. After all times have changed and so many things that were acceptable then are no longer acceptable now, for instance back in the day girls did not go out to get educated whereas it is not so any longer.. so culture is always evolving in response to times ..

      Here in DeD, Behroze could’ve righted his wrong by apologizing to AJ, made his peace with Arju (which he did) but what he did not do was explain anything to Ruhi, did not take her in his confidence, did not bring Tajamul in to the picture. Why not extend the same courtesy to his wife and her family that he extended to his family. As it stands now, this all out black and white is not working, for me at least … but all that said, I think the actors are doing their best with whatever little they had to work with…

      Also, agreed Fara and W will be he path to reconciliation, but going by the long qabristan scene, I think that might be expecting too much …

      Re: no more deaths … lol this is Farhat Ishtiaq … two gone and who knows how many else to go LOL! But hey, worry not, we’ll all hold hold each others’ hands and pass out tissues.. we’ll cheer you up 🙂


  2. For many Ruhi is the villain coz she refuses to forgive AJ and forget the past. But didn’t it take AJ 20 years and a monumental loss in the form of his beloved son Suhaib to finally forgive his own son Behroze? Didn’t it take Behroze 20 years and the death of his beloved brother Suhaib to forgive Suhaib even though Suhaib was never in the wrong and over the last 20 years had made continuous effort to bond with Behroze? Now Ruhi, without being given a choice, has been compelled to come to the haveli where she was humiliated and banished from and is still in the dark about Behroze’s AJ and brother and in fact has misconceptions abt them coz Behroze never took the trouble of setting her straight and even though AJ has very humbly asked for forgiveness, but she assumes that’s coz of an ulterior motive to soften her for Faraa’s nikaah with Wali and she is fully right to assume that, refuses to forgive and forget in this short span of time and she gets labelled as the villain?

    Totally on the same page as you SZ and I am on Team Ruhi for the simple fact that they are so hell-bent on making Ruhi the villain, when others namely AJ and Behroze are equally at fault, if not more, and I guess they made it official by showing Ruhi stooping low and trying to manipulate Faraa by asking her to say ‘no’ for the nikaah, thus humiliating AJ and Behroze at the expense of using her own daughter for doing her dirty work. So SZ we need a badge for Ruhi too, for being crowned the ‘official Villain.’ Hehehe. And another reason for being on Team Ruhi is Sanam. For me Sanam portraying Ruhi is the saving grace for Ruhi as she infuses nuances to a character that is very easy to hate. How well she expressed her desperation and sense of losing control over the whole situation with her out burst at Faraa after the Nikaah, or her hurt when she conspicuously wiped her tears hearing Behroze talking about regretting his decision.

    BTW IMO both Behroze and Ruhi failed each other, but then that’s what happens in real life situation and we are let down by our own people and also I don’t think all is lost as both are reacting in the heat of teh moment. But since teh writing ia already on the walls, I guess we will not see any redemption in their relationship.


    • @Radiant @ VZ loving ur convo here..
      Team Ruhi it is for me too!! Yes, SS has def saved grace for Ruhi with the added vulnerability, the quiver in her voice and the human touch. Just wished her lines weren’t as harsh and crude.
      Re letting down your own ppl and real life : Defo, the more you love the more it hurts, and perhaps bigger the impact.. abb yahan they are both at fault and they have both let each other down.. (aik sair tou aik sawa sair.. behroze hid things about his family and roohi is way too harsh on them, Behroze ne talaq ki dhamki di tou roohi ne nikah pe inkar ki patti parhai.. ) Haan hota hai, esp in the heat of the moment, and yes there is hope for redemption.. (well if Arju / Sohaib’s relationship could be redeemed after the kaali raat, yeh tou kuch nahin hai 🙂 )… But that’s what so disappointing abt DeD.. We are seeing glimpses into some very interesting aspects of life/ human nature, but we are only getting some brushed over, half baked stories (within this saga) with solutions far from reality, buried under OTT melodrama..
      At the end of the day Ruhi & Behroze together make, what @SZ puts it, ‘the most dysfunctional couple ever’ (another award).. Despite of their love and affection that kept them going all these years, eventually it’s the lack of communication that has come back to haunt them… It would have been interesting to watch them resolve their issues. Had it been Dyar-e-dil-o-dimagh, shayad kuch soch samajh ke kuch redemption ki umeed hoti.. but yahan tou dil se hi sub sochte bhi hain – overworking the good old dil.. I think with going khali hath all of a sudden, Behroze’s dil is nearing its threshold…. DeD’s solution to bringing people together…. (Sohaib’s dil obviously had wayyy too much happiness to deal with all of a sudden instead lol)


  3. BTW i am ‘loving’ some of the solutions people have for Ruhi. But the ‘best’ one was that Behroze should divorce Ruhi and marry Arjumand and let Ruhi lead the rest of her life alone!!! Like seriously??? That’s it??? LOL


    • Radiant, I thoroughly enjoyed your comment, especially the part about how long it took for the blood relatives to forgive and forget and the unreasonable expectations Behroze has from Roohi.

      While watching the episode, I was thinking how it would’ve all still worked if they showed Roohi annoyed with Behroze for justified reasons – the haste with which the whole nikkah was put through without consulting her or Faara, Behroze putting Faara in a very very uncomfortable situation by emotionally blackmailing her, etc. They could’ve shown Roohi to be cold towards haveli folk instead of showing her to be stooping so low. It really annoys me how they’ve conveniently branded her the villain and with each passing episode she gets painted in darker and darker shades of black, while Behroze is putting Surf and Ariel to shame with his whiter than white persona.

      Re: no redemption in their relationship, you are right. Given that Behroze is all set to join his brother, we will see Roohi repent in the last episode for being so “unreasonable” when Behroze was alive. Everyone will conveniently forget how Behroze forgot to mention “minor” details like oh, let me see “I am dying because I have illness xyz” – he has omitted to inform any piece of info that would’ve helped people decipher his sense of urgency in his actions over the last couple of episodes…

      Sorry for jumping in, Radiant, but your points resonated with me so much that I couldn’t stop myself from ranting away… 🙂


    • @Radiant: Hahahaha!! Too funny! Though I disagree with so much thats being said generally about this serial, I love reading the comments and how much people are hating Ruhi and whatnot …
      Re: that comment … I think why bother poor Arju, she’s had more than her fair share of drama .. lets have B divorce Ruhi .. let her go live sukh chayn se ..and B should marry Laila .. do chaar din main dimagh thikane laga de gi!


      • hahahaha B should marry Laila.. Bass abb haveli wale should get ready for all kinds of calamities… like they say bahu chali khamba hila.. yahan tou sub kuch hil hila ke reh jae ga


      • Hahaha…the idea of Behroze marrying Laila suddenly seems very appealing…at least Laila ki baat woh ek baar mein hi samajh lega, jo baat Suhaib 20 years mein bhi nahin samjah sakta tha. 😛

        BTW another gem was that Ruhi was the root of all problems so she shouldn’t have been in the drama. And I was like yeah na Ruhi hoti na Wali aur Faraa hote. Then Behroze-Arjumand would have got their kids married to Suhaib-Laila’s kids and they would have been one big happy boisterous, full of hugs family!


  4. @VZ – LOL @Behroze putting Surf and Ariel to shame us with his whiter than white persona. And btw while watching the epi this thought struck me that now they have done away with the black shalwaar-kameez for Behroze, so he’s officially no longer the black sheep. LOL Bas now we need a pristine white shalwar-kameez for him to elevate him to the highest pedestal, but one still below Suhaib. 😉


      • @VZ and @Radiant: Its not just her black sarees, check carefully and you’ll notice her wearing sneakers under those sarees…. the lady had her running shoes on, literally!!


        • Ha! Didn’t notice that SZ – award for “best eye for detail” has to go to you 🙂 Awards ki baarish ho rahi hai yahaan aaj!


          • @VZ: Okay confession time …. I watched this on Tuesday . and the whole emotional atyachar and the never ending Ruhi and Behroze bak bak and the graveyard scene really put me off and so I decided to let this week slide by ..Meanwhile i read the various wah wah comments, bellyached abt DeD to my drama watching friend (her halo is becoming more radiant with every passing week, b/c of her patience with me), then bugged somebody else ke yahan aisa kya hai ji mujhe nazar nahin aata … then re-watched again … and because I was prepared this time around and had vented my frustration, I focused on a lot more stuff than I normally wouldve, and then cause I had re-watched I thought ab might as well write it up … so that’s the long and short of the totally random story of why I noticed those sneakers .. and haan I also picked on Sanam saying dhulan instead of dulhan .. which became all the more funny when you commented abt Ariel and Surf … must’ve been something about this ep ke it became about dhulan and dhulayee powder LOL!!

            And yes, with you guys on this being boring … Our convos are so much more fun than the episodes, and probably the only reason why I continue to write …

            Ok, here’s the screen shot of the sneakers ..


            • SZ, thanks for the screen-shot…and I thought you did decide to give this week’s review a miss, since you usually have one up by Wed morning…I thought chand aakhir nikal hi gaya 😉 (re: your reply to RJ in one of the earlier threads for DeD)…

              In a way, I am glad you are keeping up with this thread because

              (a) I believe you are among a rare breed of reviewers who tries to look beneath what’s being shown on screen and get to what’s actually being communicated, which are two very different things;

              (b) there’s a good bunch of people around here who enjoy picking up on the stuff that really stands out, I mean the really good bits and it’s such a joy to discuss those rare moments of excellence in this play – I wouldn’t have picked up on a lot of this stuff if I was watching on my own (and by now I’d have turned off DeD completely, may be binge-watched it after it ended, probably just to watch OKB’s take);

              (c) I get reassured every week that my mental health is reasonably okayish when I find that I am not the only one going against “popular” opinion about this play.

              So, in short – thanks for writing this up. Really appreciate it. 🙂

              I’m watching ep1 of Pehchaan just now and I love it. Will leave some comments on the right thread soon…


          • VZ i second dat. Kya nazar hai aapki SZ…hayeee and we r unnecessarily saying there’s no subtlety in the drama…ab isse zyada kya ho sakta hai. 😉


  5. SZ, thank you so much for your review. I liked your weather report 🙂 Adding my two cents’ worth:

    1. When I watched the Behroze-Wali scene, I knew you’d mention it in your review, because for me too it stood out in the whole episode (even Behroze seems to calm down when around Wali!)…plus OKB’s little touches like the way he clenched his teeth when Behroze left him, adds that extra polish to the scene…really enjoyed that part so much. I wondered what book Wali was reading in that scene (How to win over mother-in-law? How to get Baray Baba to slow down?) – may be SZ, you can use your good offices with OKB to ask? 🙂 Thanks!

    2. I wish they cut up and bury that shaadi ka jora that Arjumand wore and passed on to Faara – two brides have worn that so far and neither was happy (at least at the time of marriage). So they should make space for one more qabr and bury that dress pronto.

    3. Wali’s to-do list keeps getting bigger by the day/minute. At the moment his list reads as follows:
    a. Agha Jaan ki khidmat;
    b. Add-on item to Behroze’s never-ending emotional requests: look after his dil ka tukra, make space for his qabr at chosen spot;
    c. speak to builders re: new extension to haveli for baray baba and family to move into;
    d. remind Zarminey to go to school;
    e. check up on his mama’s emotional well-being;

    To me, it looks like this guy needs an app!

    Oh, and on Behroze’s request, I got this horrible premonition that we might get to see Roohi fighting to not let Wali take Behroze’s body away for burial at haveli grounds…the last thing I want is to see a showdown between Wali on one side and Roohi+her brother and Moiz on the other side over the body…I hope they’ll also spare us close-up shots of dead Behroze…

    4. I was hoping Arjumand would’ve reached out to Faara, given how she is the only one in the whole family to realise what Faara must be going through… but apart from Faara mentioning the bit about Arjumand passing on the ill-fated jora and giving her pyaar, we never got to see any bonding…

    5. Maya Ali was very good with portraying Faara’s confused/worried/scared state of mind – that mirror scene was a bit reminiscent of other mirror scenes (cough Humsafar, SeZ cough). OKB has already up-ped the ante for Wali, and with Maya giving me quite a convincing Faara, I am really hoping that once Wali and Faara take centre stage, we’ll get to enjoy the drama a lot more…


    • @VZ meri b kuch yehi situation thi us wasiat walay scene pey.. I could imagine Wali and Ruhi/Faara fighting over Behroze’s dead body


    • @VZ re the book : How to win friends and influence people.. (guy sure needs some real friends in life! – & alot of influencing in faraa/ruhi dept).. but how dare he ruined a book like that.. tsk tsk!!

      re Wali’s to-do list : abb aise hi tou we’re not calling him Wali-man naa! 🙂
      I really hope and pray we are spared that showdown over the burial..

      re recycled shadi ka jora : that seems to be the new thing in Hum dramas.. Mol has another dastaan-e-jora to offer..

      re Arjumand/Fara bonding : good point.. Arjumand is putting on a brave show but I guess she is still too raw on the inside to start bonding sessions. I think/hope we might see that once Faraa is back for good, settling in the Haveli…


      • FA – re: friendless WaliMan – you know how superheroes are always lonely 😉

        re: Behroze body burial business – the way the scene was set up, the makers surely have plans to milk Behroze’s death till all the rivers run dry, so I am bracing myself for impact…

        re: Arjumand being too raw – yes, that makes sense – she appeared very detached from the whole proceedings, so she’s probably still gathering herself together…


        • @VZ re milking Behroze’s death: Haina! Sohaib had been hinting for 2 weeks and we got 2.5 weeks mourning.. Behroze has been hinting for 4 weeks .. kam se kam poora chaleeswan ho ga! lol … #worrying


        • Re: Arjumand: Or perhaps it brought back so many bad memories of her own nikaah .. seriously, how cruel was that to have not only her son married to the daughter of a woman who took her place, but then to rub it all in with making her wear the same jora .. couldn’t they have gotten farigh Laila to buy her a new outfit from Lahore … Goya taught us there are no hospitals in Lahore, ab pata chala ke bridal fashions ke stores bhi nahin hain!!!


    • @VZ: Glad you enjoyed the mausam ka haal … fyi, this intro was inspired by your comment/query, last week or the week before, where you wondered abt the mausam of DeD… I had meant to respond to it then, but couldn’t then .. so here we are 🙂 🙂


      • Hehehe, thank you SZ 🙂 Love the way you store these little snippets in your head and write about them at appropriate times/places 🙂


    • @VZ: LOL!!!! Love the idea of an app!!! Lets see if we design one by next week !! Any ideas?

      Yes, that mirror scene was vintage Sarmad … glad they got “inspired” since their original take is clearly not doing the trick, at least for our gang here .. Going by other social media comments it seems like this another Humsafar or some such ..


      • SZ, hope your hectic weekend is going ok…

        Re: WaliMan’s app, I think we should give it a few weeks until we see more of him, then we’ll take it on, what do you say? Just now he is like chand chupaoing in badal – now we hardly see a glimpse of his character before the badals take over… 🙂


  6. @VZ nd @Atty – I too have the same premonition that u guys have, so seems that’s very much on the cards and I guess they did kinda make it obvious with behroze repeating a 101 times that he wants to be buried near Suhaib. 😦

    @VZ nd SZ – I had completely missed out or your guys reply in DeD epi.11 review. Happened to come across it when searching for the Pehchaan discussion. VZ are u ready for it? I watched the first ep a week back and it was a real bouncer, went above my head. LOL. Finally decided to continue with the second ep today and am already on ep 4, so decided to let u know. Already I am finding it so very engaging and so want you to join in. 🙂

    @VZ/ SZ – yes I have watched Malal and Jawad is my fav male protagonist from all the Pak dramas that I have started to watch since the last year. 🙂 Ah such a sensitive, mature and amazing guy and with Imran, it seems I really like him in some shows and indifferent in others and in Malaal he was totally endearing. I had some issues with Zenia, but overall she was fine too and I liked the growth they showed in Sarwat’s character. (Forgot the name).

    I have also watched DeS, and could actually so relate to Shahwar’s situation as a new bride and was actually saddened by how much Shahwar had to change herself to be eventually accepted by her in-laws and husband. And I know many loved the guidance given by Shahwar’s father, but I personally didn’t like it, especially when it was revealed in the end that he regretted getting his daughter married to Mansoor. Shandana and Haider were the contemporary couple and I liked how their marital issues were shown. Again something relatable. Haven’t watched SeZ, but it’s on my list.

    And I better not even start on ZGH or Kashaf else there’ll be no stopping me. LOL


    • Radiant – I was going to ask you about Pehchaan – I will start watching it tonight and will catch up with you in that thread in the next day or so.

      Malal is one of my favourites, such a classy play! Sarwat’s character was called Mahi. I love Jawad – the way they built up the relationship between Zee and Jawad was so well-done. And the way Jawad deals with Zee’s fears and his parents’ apprehensions, his relationship with Mahi and the dignity with which he handles Danish…Jawad is a beautiful character, well-written and well-acted by Imran Abbas. Just like the play so much, I can go on and on…

      In DeS, I liked Shandana’s story much more, liked her feisty spirit and her “normal” life – something we don’t get to see in plays these days – women are either too good or too mazloom or too evil – there’s no place for middle of the road. Will write more on DeS in the Pehchaan thread – SZ mentioned that there was a discussion in one of the episodes, when we get there, we can talk about our take on DeS too, what do you say?

      I am watching Mere Paas Paas, liking it a lot – once we finish Pehchaan, you can try and watch it – would love to hear your take on that too 🙂


    • @Radiant:You can check off the box for “Notify Me of New Comments” that pops up when you type a reply and you will get all notifs, making it easier to respond ..

      Re: Pehchan, I have another friend watching it these days, after I literally bugged her to death, and she was bored by the first one but it is now getting into it but still finds it slow… It is a very very subtly done serial and if you go to it after having your brain cells DeD-ened, where every thing is literally spelt out, it is a hard watch … but do read the reviews after every ep and join in the discussions .. we all learnt a lot after dissecting each and every line . nothing, not even one eyebrow raise happens without a reason ..

      And my prediction B dies or near death next ep, Ruhi’s evil stuff, Wali goes abroad, AJ sick then the same dialogues on auto repeat: mere paas waqt kam hai main W-F ko sath dekhna chahta hoon .. and the real story, aka W-F, finally starts .. ep 16/17 maybe?


      • SZ, lol at Ded-ened brain cells!

        Re: your predictions – didn’t OKB mention somewhere that there’s still a bit of time to go before Wali-Faara story starts – so may be not for another 4-5 episodes? So that makes it around 17/18, especially if we have all the body-and-burial-related fights? And we haven’t even heard from Roohi’s bhabhi yet (shudder shudder) (lol at your “Roohi’s evil stuff”).

        I am not sure how DeD is doing ratings-wise, if all these emotional atyachar is getting them ratings, then we’ll see protracted versions of these scenes/episodes I think. We seem to be in a minority here (like almost totally isolated) in being critical of the OTT-ness of this play, so if the play is getting the ratings, then this OTT-ness will be here to stay, not just in this play but also in other plays in the future.

        OK, begin yet another rant:
        To me, Farhat Ishtiaq’s heroines being these educated, well-qualified girls is a big part of their appeal, whether it was Khirad (postgraduate in Maths), Haniya (Civil Engineer) or Faara (Doctor), even Aiman of MHMD was studying for an MBA. I’ve heard that in her writing, FI does highlight this in a big way.

        But when these roles get translated on screen, except Haniya, their education is never the focussed upon – in the play Khirad never completed her course whereas in the book she did I think? Neither did Aiman. I don’t know if we’ll get to see Faara practising as a doctor or Zarminey and Wali completing their studies – I certainly hope they show this. It wasn’t clear if Roohi completed her MBA and it was a bit of a let-down that they didn’t show that aspect of her.

        End rant.


      • Ah ok thanks for that info. I was in fact going to ask if there was any ways we cld tag ppl in our posts.

        Also I am avoiding reading the reviews and comments before watching the eps. of Pehchan, as I want no pre-conceived notions., so will comment as I keep watching it ep. wise. 🙂


  7. Muddat se yahi armaan and all.. mubark ho to all the Wali Fara fans on the nikah!

    Call me crazy but although there were some milestones like the nikah and B/R separation, I felt this ep didn’t have much to offer. Same old Ruhi getting darker, Behroze getting crazier and his ‘dunya walo jaan jao I’m dying pretty soon’… I found myself bored this week..
    The only scene that I enjoyed and that stayed with me was the mere hath mein tera hath ho lol .. I totally tuned out Behroze’s prep talk to his newly acquired damaad (mein jahan bhi kahin bhi honga mujhe pata chal jae ga i.e. basically when i’m dead, I will know and I’ll come back to haunt u!! – note the end of this scene – the human chain-voodoo style lol).. Instead I found myself was fixated on the hands and Wali’s reactions.. The way he sharmao-es, and then slowly clenches Faara’s awkwardly placed hands on his own. Even Faara’s jhurjhuri, and the way her body reacts to Wali’s first touch (ok that’s the hopeless romantic in me coming out), her almost cringing and inching her fingers backwards as he fold his fingers around hers.. I thought both OKB and MA were fab n this scene.. So subtle yet spoke volumes.. But then it was back to DeD, and we got the zabardasti ke kiss, DeD style….
    @SZ ROFL @ Mein khali hath = Behroze sub se bara loser.. Love it!! Honestly he has totally lost the plot! He brought this upon himself. khud dao pe lagaya apna ‘sub kuch’ aka biwi beti.. won back his father, his place/future at the haveli, and the all important nikah done.. phir kaise khali hath? and then blaming ruhi? No matter how many Surf excel washed he is going through every week, he is certainly no doodh ka dhula!
    Oh btw we finally got to know the real culprit behind the 360 degree badla hua Behroze, his latest shenanigans and the nikah itself! It was LAILA!!! Honestly she is chalti phirti trouble! Pehli baat aain tou mukhtasir muhabbat, doosri baar ain tou yeh kuch hua, sohaib ko milin tou kick started the rishta talk.. abb brace urself for the damage after this visit!! lol
    Apart from crying ‘baba pleeasase!’ like a 2 yr old, I thought MA was much better this week, especially after the nikah. I guess now that she is nikaho-fied, she is acting more mature, more her age..
    re the return of the dead : Honestly that accent was so asman se gira khajoor mein atka!
    Was it just me or did Wali/okb looked cold (chilled to the bone lol) in the graveyard scene.. i thought he looked very pale, and there was something with the eyes..
    Can’t believe I had so much to say for an that i found so boring!!.. hmmmm..


    • FA, in that “mere haath mein tera hath” wala scene, I was thinking why Faara never got any words of advice – but it was refreshing nevertheless, otherwise girls usually get the whole “now this is your home and you are responsible for keeping everyone happy blah blah blah”, while this was more father-of-the-bride to son-in-law talk. I guess it is foreshadowing what’s coming – Wali will put up with a very reluctant bride I guess and patiently wait for her to turn-around…Maya-OKB did look the part of two strangers suddenly thrown together and their expressions were cute 🙂

      Lol at your Lailanama! She looked like a proper judge sahiba to me, only black coat was missing! She had this pleased expression on her face – umm, isn’t what she did called “meddling in other people’s internal affairs”? She will continue to be part of this drama – I guess we have the whole Zarminey’s wedding thingy to come yet…she might offer choice words of advice to Faarah next perhaps? Fight Wali’s corner for him with her? Maut, mohabbat aur (Laila kay) mashwarey kabhi bhi aa saktey hain!

      Re: being bored, I’ve been bored for the last 3-4 episodes yaar, I just want them to get going a bit more briskly, but with more than half the drama yet to come, I don’t think we’ll get any better pacing…


    • FA – you are missed on the Pehchan thread (ep 1) 🙂 Loving Sohail Sameer (I am watching him after Tum Meray Hi Rehna, lol!) – do join Radiant, SZ and me over in that thread if/when you have the time 🙂


      • @VZ awwww Thanks! I sooo wanna watch again with you guys! It was an amazing journey! I need to meet some deadlines and unlike DeD, one can’t do it chalte phirte, swapping windows.. one has to be in the zone for Pehchan. But now that you are tempting me…. hmmm 🙂


        • That’s so true about Pehchaan – it forces you to concentrate! Join in when you can, would love to hear your say 🙂


  8. It’s probably unfair to team DeD who’ve worked very hard, but the nikkah scene with all the men just reminded me so much of OKB’s Humsafar parody scene (the one where “Asher” gets slapped lol) and I just couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the DeD scene… 😛


  9. I am neither Team Ruhi or Team Behroze!
    They are both stupid, let’s get to Wali and Faraa, look way more sensible.
    Behroze is no way a saint, but Ruhi is very rude and tactless. Who would talk to their father in law like that.
    I would never support my daughter getting married like that but there are ways to talk to your husband who has supported you and gets along with your family for your sake and had left everything dor you.
    Seriously she kept taunting him and saying rude things , from even before she got to haveli. She didn’t even try to understand him
    Yes he’s extremely rash and stupid x 100 but he is guilty and upset , she could have at least shown some sympathy. She pushed his buttons even more.
    So I’m not on any team
    Let’s move on !!!
    Thanks for the funny review yet again, I like Maya and island acting and everyone else was also good
    Mikaal and Sanam are owning it even though the characters are annoying !!!


    • @SK: LOL!! Isn’t it crazy how unrealistic these two guys are??? Ruhi says the most horrible things ever!! Which sane person talks like that?? I thinks its extremely unfair to both B and R that they have polemic characters.. but I am team Ruhi on the principle that as a mother I would hate for my husband to suddenly wake up one day and flip out like that …

      ROFL @ “Maya and island” !!! Yay! Your typos are back! Now I dont feel quite as alone with my typos 😉


  10. Sz loved the review . I am enjoy everybody’s comments . I donot know what to say but time ke saath thoda bohot badlna chaheye. But it also depend on culture , how much you want to change . Thanks .


    • @Ranjan: Hey! Glad you enjoyed the review – thank you 🙂

      I agree, things need to change with time. Re: culture: Even though we often talk of culture as a static thing, the fact of the matter is culture is not a given and neither is it an entity handed down to us from above .. culture is no more than a group of people living together, leading their lives according to an unvoiced, implicitly understood social mores .. and just as we change culture changes too, gradually but it too evolves .. I know from my own experience the culture of Pakistan is now very different from when it was 20/25 years ago… similarly the US is a very different place from since I moved here … Yes, these are not overnight changes but nonetheless still there .. hence my surprise at Behroze repeating everything AJ had done so many years ago … even AJ told him to not repeat his mistakes .. but what to do . Behroze bhai is Behroze bhai 😉


      • Thanks SZ , I am so sorry if I have offended you. And you are right about the change too, with my experience I still follow certain thing , it will change but its going to take some time but canot say anything about my both the sons . Back at my home so many things has changed but certain cultural things are hard to change .
        Aga jan has changed his view with expirence ( death of his son ) but B is still the same.thnaks again but I honestly love your writings ,and I am enjoying it .


        • @Ranjan: Hey! LOL! No, no! Not offended at all.. why would you even think that?! I was just making a general common on the concept of culture since there was an earlier comments about culture as well .. my apologies if I came across as angry or rude since that was never the intention 🙂
          And yes, so right! At times it seems like things are changing too fast in the world around us and then at other times it seems like nothing is changing or will ever change – LOL!


  11. SZ Wali aur Fara ka nikah aapko bhi mubarak ho!
    It surely gave us the cutest damaad-sussar jori to grace television in Pakistan!

    So when I am trying to watch this nikah happen- my Lahori betian give a shout out- “Mama- yeh toh Dollar ka pointer hai” so instead of Fara, I am looking at the Dollar pen Fara is given to sign with 🙂 Yes my kids like stationery and specially Dollar ke pointers!


    • @Afia : Khair mubarak 😉

      Hahaha!! Trust you to be the one to comment on the cutest susar-damaad combo .. yeh tau socha hi nahin!

      And LOL there you go — aap ko aur aapki betiyon ko bhi ek medal milega for the sharpest eyes ever ..lagta hai paisey bacha rahe hain haveli walay .. after all so much kharcha yet to come!


  12. @All: Apologies for being MIA .. I am reading everything, just been busy with work and now graduations and baby showers and house warmings and whatnot … sab isi weekend – so please bear with me!

    Meanwhile, jus to give you a heads up, our next Q n A session is with Mahira Khan!!! I will try my best to get the post up by the end of this weekend, but jab tak main likhoon, aap loag apne sawaal taiyar kar lijeye …


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