Alphabet Soup ~ The ABC’s of Pakistani Dramas ~ VIII

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When you meet someone for the first time there is an initial awkwardness: Kya boloonkya na boloon… agar kaha tau bura tau nahin lag jayega woh merey baare mein kiya kehen ge  mera mazaq tau nahin urainge. We might not admit to them publicly, but deep down we know all of us grappled with such self-doubts and insecurities.

Phir, as the relationship develops, baat cheet ka silsila zara aagey barhta haiaap se tum ki stage par aa jata hai. We are no longer awkward around each other, there is a certain familiarity, an ease of conversation that builds up. Thora bohot hansi mazaq… an occasional testing of boundaries, but kahin na kahin the fear of being judged still remains.

Moving forward, tum se tu ho jata hai and you are truly comfortable. You know you are with friends and yahan kaisa dar kaisa khauf. Doston ke saath sab chalta hai… in apnon se kya parda – are your new mantras in life.


Oh, aap loag confuse ho gaye kiya?

Arrey nahin bhai, no need to get confused. Main nahin bhooli ke yeh alphabet wali post hai, and you are expecting me to talk to about the ABC’s of dramas not the ABC’s of relationships. Mujhe yaad hai. Aap pareshan na hon. There is method to this madness – trust me!

The point being that today’s post is only possible because after being friends for so long we have gotten to know each other enough ke ab aap janab tau khatam ho gaya, sharma sharmi bhi jati rahi hai (you guys all know I can’t type without a million typos), tau bas ab rakh rakhao ki koi zaroorat nahin honi chahiye.

We know each other well enough to know what kinds of dramas we like, what issues irk us no end, and who are the actors, directors. writers who can do no wrong in our book. Aap se tum par tau hum aa chuke hain, ab itney arsey baad, ek doosrey ko qareeb se jaan leney ke baad, tum se tu tak jana banta hai boss.

Ab aap poochenge yeh kaise hoga…. how_do_i11

Simple si baat hai … when you are really comfortable with somebody you lose the fear of judgement. The notion that somebody will laugh at you for your choices or tastes is left by the wayside when you are with friends of the close kind. So bas janab, aaj hum baat karenge apne G=guilty pleasures waley dramas ke barey mein.

ec06bcb7ef1647f9a3cc9af1c93d3b8fGuilty pleasures are no ordinary pleasures. And guilty pleasures waley dramas are no ordinary dramas. No, not at all! These are the ones you wait till you are alone to watch. The kind that you will never ever admit to knowing the name of, forget acknowledging you’re watching, when you are in one of those Bagwati types of pseudo-intellectual social situations. In short, these are the dramas that you hate to love and love to hate, as in they are so bad they are actually good. light-bulb-moment1st

Aha! See, now you get it! Itna mushkil nahin tha na?

Chalein I’ll begin with a couple my guilty pleasure dramas and you guys follow suit.

Here we go!

Muhabbat Ab Nahin Hogi
This was one of those where every five minutes or so I would reach down and lift my jaw off the floor. Starring Jibran, Armeena Rana Khan, Ali Rehman, and so many others, this was like a chalta phirta ishtihar of an utterly senseless commercial potboiler. I could try to tell you what all happened and did not happen and how it was all beyond crazy, but no point. WordPress ki space limit khatam ho jayegi magar is dramey ke qasidey khatam nahin honge.title-copy

Tum Mere Hi Rehna
Honestly, for this one I have no clue why I watched. I am no Mikaal fan, neither do I care for Kiran Haq or Urwa magar bas … After watching a horrendous first episode I would tune in every so often to see if it got any better. Behter tau kiya hona tha, lets just say it ended up being quite the eye opener as to how ridiculous our once relatable dramas had become. Shuja-Hyder-OST-Tum-Meray-He-Rehna

Rishtey Kuch Adhurey Se
This was another crazy one. A saga of two sisters and their confused marital status: Which sister was married and which one was not… kis behen ka nikah hua aur kis ki rukhsati. This mumbo jumbo of serious religious and legal matters was something that made no sense whatsoever. I followed this one out of morbid curiosity, tuning in every so often to see ke dekhen aakhir yeh oont kis karwat baithta hai.


So these were my confessions … ab your turn. Remember, this is not about how many intellectual and serious dramas you’ve watched or whatever; this is about having fun, being honest and showing sportsmanship. Isliye bas ab ho jayen shuru!

Oh and for those who did not get it as yet … our guest letter for this post is G! letra-g-smileys-colores

Ji, ji, g as in guilty pleasures, g as in ghanchakar dramas – the kind that play with your head so much ke you cannot help but watch them and dekhne ke baad you go: o.m.G!!!!


Written by SZ~

20 replies

  1. Lol 🙂 good post SZ!
    I’m (not) guilty of seeing a whole lot of dramas that u wouldn’t care for at all and I enjoyed them 🙂 Infact dramas which are otherwise artistic and thought provoking are sometimes soooo depressing that I am scared of watching them- talkhiyan wins that race, pehchaan a close 2nd. So I’d rather watch Mere Meherbaan than these!
    But to get to ur list- there was this drame with ahsan, mikaal, ayesha khan n moonal sheikh which was awful- wish I’d never started that! Ab toh naam bhi nahin yaad raha. Came in Hum.


  2. Oooh this is a good one SZ. I have sooo many guilty pleasures keh bus nahin… Okay here are some of them which have now ended:

    1. Piya Mann Bhaye: This drama serial starring Ushna, Sami Khan and Rubab Hashim reinforced almost every stereotype possible but I watched it every week – if only to find out how it ends.

    2. Mere Khuda: This was a complete khichri with so many characters and plotlines that it was hard to keep track of it. If someone is learning how to edit drama serials, they can watch this one to find out how NOT to do it. Useless scenes were included and important ones chopped off. What made me tune in? Oh, yes, I wanted to see how they conclude it. No surprises there, it was an incomplete ending.

    3. Dil Nahi Manta: I stopped watching after there was an overdose of sappy scenes of Huzaifa and Shanzay. The story was all too predictable after that – Shanzay will die and Suhaina will come back in the picture. But before that, I watched it every week.

    These days, my guilty pleasures are:

    1. Paiwand: I don’t know WHY I am watching a drama serial in which one wedding has spanned over five painstakingly slow episodes – and even the storyline is too predictable. I guess it’s Sana Javed and Gohar Rasheed!

    2. Jugnoo: After KPKP, I haven’t laughed this much at a weekend serial. It’s a crazy drama and nothing in it makes sense… Still I watch it!

    3. Aye Zindagi: This is another kichri drama with too many issues packed in one serial. However, it has some strong side characters like the father who refuses to send his daughter back to a Susraal of loonies and a mother who takes a stand for her daughter-in-law because she knows what it’s like to have a husband who doesn’t trust you. Yep, it’s slow, and I forward a lot. But still…

    4. Nikaah: Although I can predict how it will end, still I watch it off and on.



  3. Hehehe, SZ, guilty is the right word 🙂 Here is my list:

    1. Nikaah – there’s not an iota of anything worth talking about but I continue to watch it – just because I like to watch something on a Sunday and this is the best(!!!???) available these days. The silver lining is, I think this is going to end soon…

    2. Tum merey hi rehna – ’nuff said 😦 The OST was nice (Shuja Haider’s fab voice)…

    3. Mehram – I know, I know…sigh…


  4. Lol this is so funny!!
    I haven’t watched as many lately but there was this one I watched s while ago about 6 months ago and I really don’t know why I watched it all but my family said its so good and after about 4 episodes I was like OMG typical,nothing new, zalim Samaaj I am trying to think of the name coz see that’s how good it was that I can’t even remember the name lol
    its annoying the heck out of me not knowing the name but I finished it all in all it’s lameness the rich guy and I can’t remember his name either ( I think he was the actor who’s wife died iin real life) falls for the drivers daughter she gets kicked out of his life by zaalim family so a mix of humsafar a bit of mzzb thrown in and all in all she takes all this crap from him but takes him back in the end. But she wasn’t quite Khirad that she pulled it off so I endded up rather queasy afterwards LOL and no I still haven’t rembered the name after this long rant maybe SZ will help me lol


    • Ok so the lead characters names I do remember :Paras and Eman lol
      Anyone watch that drama lol. Paras’s sister was straight out of a star plus drama, she was so bad it was just funny lol


      • @SK I think ur talking about Darbadar Tere Liye lol.. One of my guilty pleasures too.. have no idea why I watched this… lol


        • Yes that’s it!!! Thank You I was racking my brains, that must of been a mixture of a billion dramas, it was so bad but I just kept watching lol


  5. @SZ what a fab post mere dost!
    Subah subah admitting to guilty pleasures.. lol
    OK let me say DRNR has been my guilty pleasure for a while. I would never admit in public that I’m so crazy abt our pk dramas ke I’m an active commentator on a blog.. sorry.. but thanks alot for this space where I can totally be my crazy-self and let out my steam, drool shamelessly over our heroes, and add small print to crazy holiday brochures for dramaland destinations.. I feel right at home with all you guys #grouphug
    Acha.. back to the post.. I have to admit I binge watch all kinds of rubbish after its finished.. usually finish it in a few hours fast forwarding the heck out of it.. so i’ll add my real guilty pleasures here, the ones that I watch on regularly/weekly basis and tune in mindlessly for no apparent reason.
    Muqaddas : Yep.. its so bad ke its good lol.. the pk attempt to a thriller – thriller ke abb konsi nai bongi marein ge.. lol .. I checked it out initially because of HB and then got secretly addicted to this lol
    Alvida : Another one of my current obsessions.. No head or tails here to why ppl are behaving the way they are.. but I still tune in every week religiously..
    Mohabbat abb nahin hogi : This one is special because I had a partner in crime.. I used to watch this with a friend and we both held our hands and laughed our heads out.
    Mehram : Like @VZ said I know, I know lol
    Rishtay kuch adhooray say : Chalo @SZ u admitted u watched it too lol.. woh kia tha yaar! but admittedly i did tune in every week just to see kis ka nikah hua aur kis ka nahin.. #whatajoke

    Gosh dil halka ho gya!!! …. lol


    • FA, I was going to ask if anyone was watching Muqaddas – I was quite tempted because it being advertised as a thriller and everything, plus Hina Bayat looks gorgeous, so is it not any good?

      I watched a bit of Alvida, but it was such a crazy alternate universe thingy that nothing made any sense, think I left it just after episode 3 or so… let me know your verdict after it finishes, I’ll binge-watch if it’s decent…

      Oh, Mehram – that was all kinds of crazy, right? I was almost on watching it on auto-pilot – never knew why but I’d just watch it out of (bad) habit 😀

      Loved your point about DRNR being your guilty pleasure 🙂


      • @VZ well theres a reason why i call these guilty plearure 😉
        Muqaddas is the worst crime thriller ever! Its so bad its almost comical.. Like how the hell did they manage to kidnap a dulhan from a mansion fully loaded with all kind of security lol.. But they have managed to create some suspense not just in kidnapping but some secret connection/history with the dads.. Baqi HB looks stunning, but thats as far as it goes.. Her character is just as crazy as the rest of it lol .. Why am I watching it? Maybe because its fresh.. Not the same old same old…
        Alvida: again has no head or tail.. Characters flip flopping, making the most stupidest descisions.. And then literally going crazy.. Loaded with wth moments.. Yep watching it out of a (bad) habit 😁
        Mehram was a mad one alright!! Lol from the love at first sight with the burqafiied eyes, to maulvi sahabs fits, to the electric fix to the whole secret nikah to the ex bhabhi business.. The crazy parosan agony auntyji and her zabardast mashwaras.. And the good for nothing friend.. List is endless..😳
        #howembarrassing 😳


        • Lol, your comment on Mehram brought back some memories! Nothing, not a single thing made sense, yet I watched it…I was thinking that if one of those TRP boxes was installed in my home, Mehram and Nikaah will be on top of the charts…may be this is how all the dusri biwi dramas get TRPs – otherwise normal, sane people like us too end up watching these dramas – sometimes out of boredom/nothing else to watch/time pass/just plain curiosity and then get hooked/whatever…

          I’ve started watching Mere Paas Paas these days – I quite like it, though the scenes in the men’s gym are a bit bizarre!


  6. Such a fun post Sz!!! Thanks for giving me the term guilty pleasure bcz story Yeh ha ka 45 min of drama watching time mera Mian sb bi mja nai Bulata ka Yeh ab drama dekh rai ha Yani no go area ha apna kaam khud hi kr lo!! Aur begum drama kon sa dekh rai hoti ha Nikkah (why??), ayee zindagi, paiwand, muha khuda pe yaqeen ha and another one starring gohar rasheed and Zena bakhtiar. Tu guilty tu mein hoti hn ka kia Farigh drama dekh rai hn 😛


  7. Lol..nice post Sz! And nice comments everyone! Ok usually if a drama has someone I like in the cast I keep watching and actually looking fwd to each episode….here is the list:

    – Silvatein – this drama was hopeless but it had Aamina Sheikh and Adeel Hussain and the latter was the only person who was sensible everyone else was absolutely brainless in this drama, I watched it till the end and cursed alot too…😕
    – shukk: this drama started out alright but got bonkers pretty soon and then it would just not end…every time I thought I had seen the last episode, a friend would tell me nahin abhi baki hain dost..
    – mujhe khuda pe yakeen hain: I truly believe Ahsan khan is a good actor…but the drama’s he chooses are quite horrible….this was the worst direction I have seen…it could have been a decent drama but alas…
    – Recently I watched Na katro pankh mere. This drama had no actual story, but I loved Saba Qamar and had a crush on Danish Taimoor…it was quite entertaining.
    – Current guilty pleasure: Shart ….senseless drama but keep tuning in☺


  8. Lol great post …kafi arsay baad is thread per ay aur bohat enjoy kia aur haan ab tak k soup articles mein ye mera fave hai 🙂

    bohat ghor-o fiker k baad bhi mujhay aisa koi drama yaad nahi aa raha jo main nay poora dekha ho aur wo is category mein fit ho sakay bus kuch episodes dekh lin jaisay BM baad mein chor dia isi tra aur bhi…pta nahi apni is khoobi per mujhay khush hona chahiay yaa preshan…lekin ab main soch rahi hoon aap logon ki di hoi list main say kuch try ker k dekhoon ta k next time main bhi apna hissa daal sakoon 🙂


  9. Hey SZ
    Interesting topic….hmmmmm …let’s see .
    Ive seen plenty of waste of time dramas but my all time favourite is Rukhsati .
    wackiest drama ever,Abid ali as Hafeez was a crazy character and then there was Apa bi , I don’t know her real name but her character had me in fits .most bizarre story …..


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