Diyar-e Dil ~ Episode 12 Review

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As it turns out pichley haftey kaafi saari bongiyan maarne ke baad bhi Behroze ka dil nahin bhara and so today we got to see more of bhai jan in action. I am in no way condoning all that Ruhi said in this latest episode but will say that she had plenty of reason to be angry, but then again had she watched this clip beforehand she wouldn’t have been surprised at how it all went down… kyon ke it is all about keeping the dead (or nearly dead) happy.

Apart from Behroze and his tiresome me, myself and I rhetoric – mere paas waqt kam haimere bhai ki rooh ka sukoon, meri ghalati, mera faisla, meri beti, mera baap, mera bhateeja, meri biwi ki badtameezi – which pretty much spanned the length of the entire episode, and Ruhi who has been made to spout dialogues that make her sound like the nastiest person alive, even though what she is saying actually makes sense, there was little room left for others to make their presence felt.

But then again, when you have an accomplished actor like Abid Ali, with some of the best lines in the serial so far, it is no surprise that he makes each and every scene count. His warm greeting for his naraaz bahu, expertly covering up for the awkwardness at dinner, continued warnings to Behroze to not repeat the mistakes of the past, and finally the best scene of the episode, his conversation with Ruhi, where after putting up with Behroze for a bit he finally kicked him out.

Had Behroze been paying attention to what his father was actually saying , rather than being focused on how and when to butt in to the conversation, he would’ve  definitely picked up a valuable lesson or two from senior Khan sahab. The way Agha jan apologized – humbly owning up to his mistakes, generously extending an olive branch, and graciously requesting her to forget the past and focus on the present – is how Behroze should’ve approached this whole meri beti ki shaadi issue with his wife. But nahin. All we got was Behroze and his bull in a china shop approach and when all else failed he came up with the handy dandy talaq ki dhamki – what the what???

Yes, I am very annoyed by these characters that jump from one extreme to another. And on jumping from one end to another, wasn’t Fara supposed to be 18? Her speech and mannerism was in such sharp contrast to the confident way she handled herself back in Lahore. Maya looks the part, but her act as an eighteen year old is not convincing at all. Her questions to her cousin were rude. Yes, these people and surroundings are new to Fara, and she has been influenced by her mother, but surely there is no reason for regressing to behaving like a 10 year old. Similarly her wide-eyed manner when she asked Behroze about his arguments with Ruhi, or the way she sat at the table listening to him go on about his ghalati aur us ki talafi, all seemed weird for an 18 yr old, although it was a nicely done scene. And, about that scene, instead of watching Behroze reminiscing it would have worked far better if we’d seen it in flashbacks. If nothing else, Suhaib’s appearance would’ve given us a break from the tedium of seeing Behroze in almost every scene.

The few scenes where we were spared Behroze were those of the younger generation and a scene of Arjumand’s. Osman is effective as the mature, level headed, a bit too perfect (teetering close to bland and boring) Wali. Enjoyed the way he shut down Fara a couple of times and also tried to tell off Zarminey, so glad she refused to be intimidated. Mariyam Nafees’ Zarminey is fast becoming one of my favorite characters in this serial. In large part because she is perhaps the most natural out of all these unnaturally aging and regressing characters.

An on aging, I get that 21/22 year old Wali has had great responsibility thrust upon him at a very young age, but dressing in a style better suited to a much older man is not working. Infact, given the world of difference in the way Wali and Fara were dressed, he like an uncle and she like a kid, Wali actually looked pretty good standing next to his aunty Ruhi in the first scene of the episode.

Along with Zarminey, her mom Arjumand is another character I am enjoying, now that she’s done with her share of flipflopping.  I like that she’s been shown as a real person, someone who finds it hard to let go of older hurts but has enough of a sense of dignity that she will not make a tamasha of herself in public. Hence the heartbreak and pain remains confined to when she is alone and within the privacy of her bedroom – I so wish Ruhi’s had been a similarly nuanced character. Also the scene with her children was done very well, as was the awkwardness of the first meeting with Ruhi. Hareem is very good as Arjumand, just wish these actors had been aged well. As can be seen in the clip above, Atiqa Odho looks so much younger than Hareem and Sanam do in their aunty type 50 shades of grey avatars.

Overall, this was a better episode than last week in terms of building dramatic tension. A shout out to Haseeb Hasan and his DoP for that very nicely done visual of the wooden pillar between Behroze and Ruhi in the dinner scene. This is the kind of subtlety that I hoped and expected when I had read Haseeb’s name as the director for this serial, but apart from a few fleeting glimpses here and there I have been disappointed by this heavy-handed approach to story-telling.11311675_10152947966357106_247943935_n

Many among us had been waiting for the Wali-Fara track to begin, but now that we got their first scenes together, apart from that one line about his hunting, riding, swimming, and what not, there was nothing really that stayed with me.

In terms of acting Abid Ali is undoubtedly shining in a role that seems tailor-made for him. Sanam Saeed, is doing all that she can with her flat character. Her stiff body language, when Ruhi was in Agha jan’s room, was right on the mark. Mikaal is good as Behroze, just wish he had better things to say and do. Osman and Mariyam have great chemistry and theirs is the only pairing I really like in this serial so far. Maya Ali can do so much better than what we saw her doing today, hopefully as the character matures Fara will become more relatable and real.

Finally, as I sign off, can someone get the promo editors and the episode editors to confer with each other before airing promos and precaps that promise us things that the episode fails to deliver? On editing, can we please get better, more imaginative ways of cutting up long scenes? And what was that with the badly photo-shopped image of Suhaib?

Needless to say, for a serial that should’ve by now become an automatic must watch, the cons continue to outweigh the pros.

Written by SZ~

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  1. SZ, this is how I was planning to start my comments for this episode today. You’ve said it much better with that clip of Baseerat/Farida – a picture is indeed worth a thousand words…

    This is the story of two siblings and the loving bond they shared…sadly, circumstances meant that one of them didn’t have the time of the day for the other…they seem all set to contine to drift apart, but the (almost) death of one of them alters all that – the surviving sibling hastens to carry out the (almost) dead one’s heartfelt last wish – that their children should get married, preferably in double-quick time. Preferably without the consent of the surviving sibling’s wife. So here was the plan – emotionally blackmail the kid and bull-doze the wife’s feelings and protests to get the offsprings married.

    Watch the unfolding of Baseerat’s love for his sister, Farida’s evil machinations, Sara’s obsessive love for her cousin and Asher and Khirad’s unique journey…Woh Humsafar Tha…oopsy-diasy! Sorry, got confused there for a moment…

    I’ll leave some thoughts on the episode later… 🙂 Just wanted to say, Atiqa Odho is a sight for sore eyes!


    • @VZ: You have now officially convinced me that you are somehow able to listen in to my convos with this frnd of mine, who has the unenviable task of watching dramas with me and has to put up with my running commentary on every ep! #Scary #HowDoYouDoThat 😱

      But, yeah on a very serious note, @VZ, @Nashra and @DB: I totally agree with you … I am really really upset/angry/disappointed with MD Prod and the direction they have chosen… I dont blame the writer and director so much, because I have a sense of how closely Momina and her team are involved with their project every step of the way … and this is where the question of overall vision and the sense of the big picture comes in …

      Just yesterday I happened to catch a clip from the JPJ celebrations of the 10th anniversary of HUM, and there was the Boss Lady herself, Sultana Siddiqui being felicitated for all her efforts to empower Pakistani women through the dramas telecast on HUm TV … I am sorry, but that might have held true when they first started, but in the past three four years the quality has deteriorated so much, be it their stories, direction, acting, editing, that to now talk of HUM as airing empowering dramas is a huge joke. Yes, they have improved technically, as in picture quality, their use of technology to bring Pakistani dramas to a wider audience, and they have also empowered women behind the scenes, but what they depict on screen is a whole other world … I am actually angry enough to write a whole post, but honestly, we’ve talked abt it so many times that I have gotten quite fed up of listening to myself speak … but then again we get serials like DeD which really get me going again! And usually production companies tell us that they are doing x, y and z because channel ki demand hai, but what I dont get is that yahan tau channel bhi ghar ka hai ,.. I get that HUM is a corporate entity, and I get the need to make money etc, but hey, then whats the point of owning a channel if you cannot educate your audiences, change the visual landscape one drama at a time, not stupid enough to ask for a wholesale change, but surely one serial a quarter??

      And on the issue of educating audiences, what has been shocking to me, is not just what we are being shown, but its reception … Like you all I too am not condoning anything Ruhi said and did, (yes, like @DB noted, i get the need to have a handy dandy villain to beat up on) but I am surprised at the number of women on various fora who are condoning B’s behavior by saying Ruhi deserved what she got, accha hua Behroze threatened her, thapar lagana chahiye tha, she is insecure and her ego is getting in the way, she should just give in and trust B … and whatnot … This to me is the scarier part of how these dramas are impacting desi societal expectations on what an ideal woman should be … It was not enough that we cook khana and freeze it for hubby dearest, or clean bathrooms, but ab also nod your head to whatever he says, remember your child is never truly yours, its always the hubby’s, and dont you dare question his choices for your child’s life … agar sawal jawab kiya tau talaq ke liye taiyar raho …. what utter nonsense!!!

      And it is things like these that compel to continue writing and complaining, because at the end of the day, while it may not matter to the powers that be, I know that I have not turned into yet another one of those who see something untoward happening on the roadside and they just shrug their shoulders, say not my problem and walk on .. and then a few days later you’ll see the same ppl sitting in the comfort of their living rooms and saying uff kya zamana aa gaya hai nobody gives a damn about anything but themselves …

      *Gets off her soapbox now*

      (Sorry if you fell asleep halfway through this long essay 😦 )


      • SZ, 😀 at your first para… #justtoomanycoincidences 🙂 But that whole scene was so Humsafar that I felt everyone will have picked up on it. Oh, wouldn’t it be great if we could all one day virtually get together to watch an episode (of any play!) together with all comments-shomments thrown in?

        OK, begin rant:
        1. The concept of socially responsible programming is just fast disappearing, if not already disappeared. Serious issues like rape, domestic violence, etc are sensationalised. In the name of “light” entertainment, we get shown regressive stuff, female characters who’ve lost the power of thinking for themselves, and lessons on who and what makes a good biwi while the man of the house puts her in her place if she ever dares to raise her voice.

        Forget responsibility, where is the variety in programming? It’s all 24 hours of the same mind-numbing stuff – how often do we see a good play which maintains its quality from start to finish? Case in point: Goya. Just when we warm up to a story where the female lead has brains and a spine, we get dusri biwi + mazloom aurat on self-destruct mode. When we do manage to get something like Jackson Heights, the channel manages to make sure it is stretched to test the limits of the viewers (or as you put it in the finale review for JH, we get punished for watching shows like that).

        2. Re: audience reaction to the whole Roohi-Behroze saga. I think this came up in our discussion on MNYH. We are getting so used to a diet of regressive stuff, that it’s like being the frog in the pot of water that is slowly getting heated. Nothing quite shocks us anymore (swear words, unnecessary violence). We are being conditioned consciously and sub-consciously on what a woman’s place is, among other things.

        Coming to DeD, Roohi never stood a chance with the awaam, because the makers have taken away every bit of nuance out of her character. But it’s still spooky that people don’t think that she even has a point in her outbursts or how insane the whole plan of Behroze’s sounds or that Faara is Roohi’s child too. People are only seeing it from the point that Wali is getting married to Faara and Roohi is the villain stopping this holy matrimony – no one stops to think that in real life such forced marriages can cause so many problems which cannot be glossed over and the people involved don’t hop, skip and jump to a happily ever.

        I am sure many of those who read our comments here will go “oh, but this is just a play, why take it so seriously?” But at the end of the day, when we are getting these wrong/disturbing messages and signals in almost all of the plays, day in day out, isn’t it time we took it seriously as viewers?

        End rant. May be I just need to “chill”? Learn to watch light entertainment for what it is? Dil nahi manta…


        • @VZ: Re: your point about taking this as entertainment at face value, yes I;ve heard this way too many times to count. #BeenThereDoneThat

          But here’s where I got really angry just recently, when I saw the much hoopla-ed HUM Awards – supposedly a big feather in Pakistani entertainment industry’s cap that they had gone international. Take a look at the playlist of “entertainment” that they had put out for themselves and their A-listers: Bollywood Songs, pathetic wannabe performances at these bollywood songs (wth was Ahsan wearing with his chains and boots and Sajal doing PT exercises in a weird leggings, Saba wearing some strange contraption, and Shehroze messing up Bismil for me for ever and ever – there was probably a lot more but I had to switch it off at that point otherwise I’d definitely have had an aneurysm). Moreover, in the audience we had men and women wearing lovely glamorous designer stuff… I am not going to make the our culture vs their culture nor do I want to be the moral police…. but my point is MD and HUM havea very clearly understand the concept of entertainment when it comes to themselves, but talk about entertaining the audiences and out comes one roti mazlom aurat after another….

          If the idea was indeed to promote Pakistani dramas then they should design entertainment items that draw on their rota dhota dramas, try having fun with their sobby OSTs, and have a skit or two based on ST and Rasho’s thappars, ask Sanam Jung host the awards in as much a drab avatar as she donned in MSKSH, and have Samina Peerzada come up and accept her awards in SeZ’s naani and DeS’ avatar, after all isnt that what she was being awarded for …

          And if the point was to promote a softer image of PK, then I’m sorry but airing such dramas is not helping their cause …on the contrary what we are seeing is a reification of the same stereotypes that already exist in the media abroad .. and then we are surprised when we get portrayed negatively, a culture where multiple marriages and spousal abuse is de rigueur …

          #EnoughSaid #OKDone #NoMoreOutbursts


          • @SZ: yaar you always make me fan of yours all over again by writing such logical things… You indeed have a valid point on entertainment for themselves and for us.. I guess its far more easier to get entertained than to entertain ppl… Entertaining ppl is tough no.. And we can see from amount of roti dhoti mazloom aurat dramas we have…

            I loved your idea how they could have presented the awards lol.. Only wishes were horses.. Specially skit on ST n rasheeda’s thappars or parody lol.. That would have been indeed fun and to say creative…


          • @SZ the JPJ awards annoyed the heck out of me. For a show that had supposedly gone international to represent Pakistan, it was utterly embarrassing.. Why borrow from Bollywood? What does that say abt us? We are not even capable enough to put up a show without doing cheap chapas? where is the originality?
            I am so totally with you on presenting our own material… parodies can actually be quite a way of celebrating.. Ur comment reminded me of our PTV awards yrs ago which were much more entertaining and relatable.. here are some clips from from 1985 awards.. 20 yrs ago!!!.. (I wonder what will they say abt aaj ke halaat.. all of it is good fun but def check out the nazam at 07:00 on dramas.. It might as well have been written for pk drama ke halaat today…) #regression


      • @VZ- @SZ: just love to read you guys .. And no @SZ not at all fall asleep.. Keep writing long posts 🙂 I totally agree with what you both.. This is strange how people are getting it hard to read Roohi and finding it easy to hate her.. And even more amusing is when they say acha bhai ko tou maaf kardya .. Shohar k baap ko kyn nahin.. Isn’t it out n out clear that why its easy to forgive blood relations.. And why to compare such things.. Anyway I was so just disappointed with that Talaak threat.. And more that this was my favourite novel… Being butchered this badly.. I remember i was so shocked k SeZ is being dramatised because it was such a short story but we all know what we get was just sooooo more beautiful than novella itself ..

        its so irritating now when i know where the story will head.. And i so envy you ppl who havent read the novel.. They have that suspense k kya hoga kaise hoga.. I am just sooo bezzaaarrr.. From all this :@


  2. It seems the screenplay is tailor-written to portray Ruhi in a negative light – if I were in her place, I’d be terribly suspicious. I would probably think everyone is being nice to me so that I agree to my daughter’s marriage, and once the marriage will take place, everyone will get back at me through my daughter.

    I know this narrative is intended to take the story forward and of course, if Agha Jaan is no longer the villain and Arjumand is not acting as the Zalim Samaaj, someone has to step into the black shoes – and that’s Ruhi. But it’s still very unconvincing. Behroze should have patched things up between Ruhi and Agha Jaan first, and then initiated the whole rishta convo – but sigh! That was not to be.

    I think we are getting an overdose of Behroze to make up for his absence later on… LOL!


    • @DB: I soo get you, but seriously, agar thora sa nuance rakhtey tau ghiss na jaate 😡

      LOL at the reason for OD-ing on Behroze so true! Sad, no, that we as an audience have evolved si much that we can see through these tactics, but sadly our drama ppl still think of us as the bacchas who need to be spoon-fed mashed peas and carrots … and that reminds me, how your baby doing? I’m sure by now even she’s progressed to semi-solid and/or solid foods! 😜


  3. Good review SZ, you’ve said it all!
    The editing is choppy, promo editing it worse. Hareem’s doing ok in the role but her fluffed up cheeks are too distracting, along with the slow movements ala burhapa aa gaya hai. This aging bit has just not been right. Anyway I’m still looking forward to the fara-wali track even though each ep leaves me a bit frustrated.


      • Lol for sure, and the Hum ladies SS and MD will be patting each other on the back.
        Enjoyed your toblerone comment Annie. Umeed pe dunya qaim hai.


    • @Afia: LOL! I agree those cheek pads are ugh, if there are indeed any.. why dont you ask her … #GoldenOpportunity 😉 But I think they weer trying to go for a look that showed that she had put on some weight with the passage of time .. but yeah these aunties are so not convincing .. and socho we still have a bit of a time leap .. they’ll probably have all gone senile by then… can you imagine a tottering Ruhi fighting with a kanpti larazati Arju .. both still going on about mein kaise bhool jaaon .. and by that time it will be AJ saying mere paas waqt kam hai .. hahahaha!!!


      • @SZ: ROFL seriously you are on roll today…. Too good yaar.. Waise if we get to see you this hilarious on cost of such ridiculous episode.. Then ye tou bohat mehnga soda he mere dost 😉 LOL.. But just loving your humour:D


  4. Thank goodness someone else noticed that ‘freaky’ picture of Suhaib. It looked so real I thought it was one of those moving pictures and Suhaib was going to move his head and smile any minute.

    Farah is eighteen? Okay this is not me being conservative but apart from her school uniform does this girl actually own any salwar kameez? Although having said that, and this is not me being sexiest, but seriously Wali needs to get himself a pair of jeans and t-shirt and chill out.

    Oh one more thing, the haveli people may not be as conservative as Farah thinks but they are sort of traditional. Doesn’t Arjumand have to do iddat or something.

    I have this image of a guy in the editing room with reels of old fashion film and a pair of scissors and sellotape. Somehow he keeps accidentally cutting the start and end of each episode. I like this scenario more than the thought of someone sitting in front of a laptop who keeps hitting the delete key at the end of each scene. How else can you explain the amateurish editing?


    • @NKhan: High five my frirend!! I too thought it was one of those digital pics … seriously scary!! And now thanks to @VZ I also have this image of him popping out and giving zabardasti ke hugs!!

      Haina!! What is going on with the editing?!? Its the most amateurish work I’ve seen in a while .. I wonder if they decided that this was going to be an innovating way of cutting up scenes … agar aisa hai tau its an epic fail . Waisey after your comment, next Tues I will be imaging an old man nodding off at his desk and randomly pressing the cut key …

      And yes, agree with you on Fara and her jeans, here I am not even going to talk about the unflattering angles they’ve shot her in those jeans, but seriously, you would think that any semi-mature girl would have some sense ke shed should wear a shalwar kameez, or at least wear a shawl or a chaadar over her shoulder. After all even Ruhi, wicked witch of the west as she may be, she too refrained from appearing there wearing a red saree .. I think she should be applauded for wearing a somber colored saree and wrapping her palu ..tightly around her .. notice her in the Agha Jan’s bedroom scene .. but I guess she was so busy selecting her wardrobe she forgot to instruct her daughter as to the approporiate dress code .. or perhaps she gave her daughter credit for being an 18 yr old with some sense of her own #errorsthatsunkthetitanic


      • @SZ and @NKhan

        I seriously think this recent “trend” of Hum TV showing previews which never come is a deliberate marketing ploy. In the promos, they simply cut and paste scenes from several episodes, not the one which will air and whose promo it’s supposed to be – simply to ensure that viewers are misled into thinking that it will be a past faced episode and they tune in, increasing the TRP of the show.

        I completely fell for it this week. I honestly thought we will see Faara’s Nikah because they showed her as a bride. I was so mad at the end of the episode.

        BTW, they even did this with Jugnoo’s promo for this week’s episode…


        • @DB u r absolutely right.. This is some new strategy of Hum tv.. i never watch previews so dint notice, but heard ppl saying same things about Alvida promo


  5. oh and one more thing. Poor Farah. The whole haveli, even the servants, know about her upcoming Nikah to Wali. But no one has bothered yet to tell her.


  6. You summed up my feelings. This serial is too slow and has become too frustrating. I skipped the first half of it. Out of what I saw, nothing really left an impression but the Behroze-Ruhi showdown – which…bothered me, to say the least. Talk about reinforcing then double reinforcing patriarchy.

    He is the man, the husband, the father, and will do that he wants. She being the woman, the wife, the mother should shut up and go along with it. Because, you know, that’s what she’s ‘supposed’ to do. They’ve become a symbol of the conventional/stereotypical Pakistani – or should I say, South Asian – expectations and standards of marriage, and gender roles within a marriage, to me.

    We have been allowed no space at all where we could empathize with Ruhi, what with her being portrayed as the ultimate villain. Who’d want to look underneath the surface of a woman being shown as vile, vindictive and surly as her? We can take the easier way out and simply hate her because the writer saw it fit to strip the character of any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    Yes, she’s unwilling to be unbiased. Yes, she’s being extremely rude. And yes, she has got things wrong. But instead of trying to see through her exterior to the fears and doubts and anxiety any woman in her place must harbour, we are being forced to take her on face value, because the writer has decided for us to. Ruhi is a strong woman but her husband by all appearances does not think enough of her to actually try and convince her, to persuade her, to reason with her until she saw things clearly. But no, what does he do? He uses the ‘talaq threat’ – this all-powerful talaq wali talwar jo (according to our serials) har waqt aurton k sar par latakti rehti hai. This is hard to swallow, not to say unimaginative, and fast becoming a trademark FI move. Wife wouldn’t do as you say? Not to worry, talaq threat hai na!

    Just what message are we supposed to take from this? The only one I can think of is that strong women – the headstrong ones, the ones who wouldn’t automatically do as commanded, the ones that would stand up for themselves, the ones who make demands and ask for their rights (even if in a way not too right) – are bad, evil, plain wrong and need to be subdued by hook or by crook. And this TT of FI is crooked in the extreme.

    If Ruhi was a nuanced character, I’d have admired her for her strengths. And I would have thought of her as too much of a woman for a man like Behroze to handle. What a farce. I am sorely disappointed in Farhat Ishtiaq.


    • @Nashra: Is haftey ka DRNR comment award, complete with a trophy, aap ka hua!!! 🎉🎁🏆👏

      #WellSaid #YouSaidItAll..

      IAs you can see above, your comments, along with @DB, @VZ inspired two dhuandaar lambi taqreerain .. LOL! Now I think I’m being wasted here .. itni practice kar li hai ke I should go join a political party .. waisey bhi wahan taqreeron ke siwa aur tau kuch hota bhi nahin 😜

      #Gladtohaveyouback 🙂 🙂


      • @SZ hahaha talking of taqreerein & joining the political party, don’t forget to borrow the koti from Wali.. The kalaf-ed Wali with his hands on the back, in his koti, (complete with a romaal) reminded me of our politicians.. I swear, to me it looked like Wali was out on an election campaign lol.. ooper say ep started with Behroze’s endorsement pitch.. mera bahadur sher!!!???!!!!


        • FA – lol at Wali on campaign trail 🙂 And yeah, that bahadur sher wala comment – in addition to zimmedaar, blah blah blah, we now have this sher comment. And Behroze thought all this intro would impress Roohi? Yaar, wherever Behroze is working, I hope it’s not in the Human Resources department of that office!


          • @VZ haina! @SZ’s Wali/Lion-o avatar is apt! Who needs sword of omens when he has khandani Ilham ki special power.. lol
            ROFL @ HR department.. I think he must be selling life insurance all his life lol .. #hardsale #annoying… now it’s nearly time to cash his own so he’s working on his premium lol


      • @SZ: Thank you! ^_^ Hahah XD

        Apni nayi political party bana lein 😛 … aur hum sab ko uski membership de dain 😉

        Oh I was here all along – only, ghaibana taur pe – reading the reviews and comments every week. Can I just say, I love and enjoy them so. A thousand times more than I can hope to enjoy the serial itself.


    • @Nashra: totally agree with @SZ have come up with such an interesting points.. Like seriously we have allowed so space to understand Roohi.. How true is that…
      Im again coming up with novel bit (sorry for that) but I always found Roohi an interesting character there.. But they have ruined her making her all black like for me they ruined Suhaib:/


      • @Rehmat: About the novel – I compare it to the novel too 🙂 But I must confess, I never cared about Ruhi in it. Maybe because Wali and Faara were the focus there and we never did see much of her, as we have here in the serial. I would second VZ here and agree that credit for “infusing a lot of dignity” in Ruhi’s character goes entirely to Sanam Saeed. She has made me want to understand Ruhi. But yes, they’ve ruined the character, really.


  7. drama season right now is like that chocolate craving you have driving down the road and you spot a dollar store on the way so you can get out and buy some cheap chocolate to satisfy your craving. After eating it you realize what a terrible mistake you have made because it leaves that awful taste in your mouth. Then you go buy some water to wash it down.
    This drama has turned into that dollar store chocolate. Will it ever get to be a Toblerone, I doubt it.


    • @Annie: Hey!!!!! Welcome back! *hugs* You and your wit have been sorely missed as we go through this faaqa period ..

      And since you brought up chocolate and our dramas are no longer worth watching, check this out … Kit Kat Telcum Powder – and its a legit ad! And given their penchant for catering to the lowest common denominator, dont be surprised if 2-3 yrs from now (or perhaps sooner), our dramas start looking and sounding like this …


      • @Annie: that was awesome comment Hahaha too good

        @SZ: buhahahahah please mujhe batao ye kya tha… U know I love kitkat like anything.. I wonder ab mujhe ye ad kitna arsa yaad rahegi.. Tauba hahshs


  8. I was going to do a rant-ish type of post on this episode, because parts of it really made my very angry, but DB and Nashra have put it so eloquently, I will just stick to saying this: some of the messages (direct/indirectly implied) coming out of this play are quite disturbing.

    Whether it was Arjumand’s turnaround and apology (and Sohaib accepting it with all his alazarfi) on an issue where her anger was justified (and where her concerns were never addressed) or now in the case of Roohi, who again has very genuine grounds for her anger – in both cases, the girls are branded as immature and unreasonable, who will eventually come around (in Arjumand’s case, she already has, Roohi will follow suit in the last episode before curtains fall). The one who accepts her “mistakes” is an example of a “good” girl and the one who is not, is bad. As we can see from Arjumand’s monologues, her pain was never addressed – it’s just that she has learnt to deal with that pain in her own quiet way, whereas Roohi is lashing out. Arjumand has learnt to put up, Roohi doesn’t want to.

    I am in no way condoning Roohi’s rudeness, but that rudeness is where they’ve put the spotlight, not on the genuine fears and anger she has. The way things are going, I am worried that Faara will also become another such “project” that Wali will have to set straight. That’s what the men of the haveli are there for… Where is the give and take between couples, where are the grey shades in both husband and wife? Why are we being led to believe that Roohi alone is the black sheep, not Behroze? Sanam Saeed is infusing a lot of dignity in a character that screams villain.

    At least I hope with Wali-Faara they show both making mistakes and both learning to adjust/accept the other with their faults, etc. Going by this team DeD’s track record, I am not holding much hope. At least Agha Jaan was gracious enough to say sorry and try and talk some sense into Behroze…

    The only bits of the episode I enjoyed was the interactions of the younger lot. Wali’s cheeky retorts to Faara (Wali in typical older cousin wala mode) were realistic, so was Zarminey’s quick judgement about Faara’s nature, quite typical. Performance-wise, team lala-Zarminey is excellent. I do hope we see Mariyam Nafees in more diverse roles in the future, she plays Zarminey really well. OKB continues his good run with Wali – even when he is simply standing in the frame and the focus is not on him, he is constantly reacting to all that’s happening around him and his facial expressions are spot on. In the scene where he, Zarminey and Arjumand are discussing Faara (a very lovely segment), when Zarminey gives her verdict about baray baba’s family, Wali goes into this thoughtful mode – such little things give OKB’s performance a nice touch.

    Faara has had lots to take in, not to mention having to deal with her parents’ bickering and her mother’s caustic outbursts and moodiness. And then there’s the nikah which she doesn’t even know about – talk about things happening all at once… Maya Ali’s bored expression when her father was going on about Sohaib was just right, but her dialogue delivery is coming out like a 5-year old talking.

    SZ, I agreed with your point about promos versus what is shown in the episodes – quite annoying when they do that. And yes, Sohaib looked ready to jump out of the pic and give his only niece a zabardasti ka hug 🙂 Ageing issues – we’ve been ranting about those for a few weeks now – as you’ve mentioned earlier, Atiqa Odho and Hina Bayat give a pleasantly different image of mums with grown-up kids compared to the mums we see in DeD.

    And what’s the weather in DeD land? All the older men are in thick coats/shawls, Wali is usually in waistcoat + pocket square mode with an off and on shawl, Arjumand in shawl (just a walking stick is missing to complete her image) all the time, but Roohi is wearing a delicate chiffon saree?!

    As Afia says, it’s the Wali-Faara track that’s keeping me intrigued, plus a mellowed Agha Jaan and a feisty Zarminey make things look up a bit. Let’s see for how long…


    • @VZ: Hey 🙂 I really wanted someone to talk about this Arjumand bit. Her “turnaround” should be called a meltdown 😉 And after watching this over-filmi, dramatic piece of writing played out across our screens, we are supposed to do…what? Condone forced marriages, saying ‘baad mei tou sab theek ho he jaega’? *smh*

      I wondered about Arjumand still feeling the rejection of so many years past but you’re right, her pain wasn’t addressed – it was brushed under the carpet, sacrificed on the altar of her happy marriage with Suhaib. She was a wife yes, but before that, she’s a woman. So this is actually something real we’ve seen here. She may not be in love with Behroze anymore, but the wound given to her then festers still.

      And…you’ve made me see what I didn’t want to see. I think your hopes are going to be smashed. This is exactly what they’re going to do with Faara. I feel it. Wali is already not Wali, but this superhero out to save people and his best accomplishment would be saving Faara from herself. I am cringing already.


  9. Hello I have been away from the scene and I came back to this dull and boring episode.I have been waiting for wali but I am so disappointed in him;I was expecting a mature type of guy but the stiff look of OKB at times look so unnatural;I feel like saying thoda easy hojao 😀 Faara as you said she was a bit annoying in this episode;the way she walked;talked it was all very immature ooper se he pronunciation.Maya Ali need to work on her dialogue delivery.Abid Ali and Sanam Saeed were a treat to watch;I for one am liking Sanam as Roohi but yes I agree the too much grey on Behroze and Roohi has made it too artificial.I had high expections from DED and yes I am disappointed but I must say it is better than many other shows on tv so for now I am very much on board.:)


  10. @SZ: More Wali-Man Please!! 😀
    @afia: More VMs please!! ^_^
    Your Wali-Farah VM on Tere Bin is just… ❤
    Baaqi kya kehna hai sab touh SZ aur unke gang ne likh diya hai! Love you guys! *Going back to reading the earlier review posts*


  11. By the way, anybody know where @mais is?? We need her fab gifs and her refreshingly fun comments to lighten up this heavy duty discussion .. #KahanHoTum


    • I think mais is enjoying her vacation after her exams – may be we should sing a loud chorus of yaar-e-mann aaaaaaaa 😛


  12. Wow just loveeed your review. You were bang on.. And with that clip of HS .. That was like 🌙🌙🌙🌙

    Everyone have said pretty much everything and more better than I could have said… Till last week i was patiently waiting for older ppl to get aside and hero heroine to step up.. Knowing k ab story will move fast as Suhaib death was turning point but khuadaya i can only laugh on my khush fehmi k things will go fast track… Ye tou itnaaaaaaaa detailllll me dikha rahe he… I am almost an inch away in loosing my internet seriously.. Even Wali -Faraa cant make me excited.. Please dont kill me for this but these exact same feelings i had when i was watching ZGH.. #runs #pplcomingtohuntme 😉


  13. Loved everyones comment.. I think everyone has mirrored my feeling abt bulk of the episode.. Apart from that, what stood out to me:

    Agha jan : Now here’s a character who talked most sense this week! I cheered for him when he gave the shut up call to Behroze and finally told him to leave the room when Behroze wouldn’t comply.. But the best of all was the statement of the week : ‘Behroze tum meri tarah banne ki koshish na karo’.. AJ nailed Behroze’s issue there.. If this story was narrated in a more rational manner, I would have said Behroze is probably going down this route out of his guilt, trying to make up for his nafarmanbardari all those years ago, by trying to become like his father.. That’s also part of his way of prove to himself that he is back with his ‘asal’.. Sohaib wanted his father’s approval for everything, and now this is Behroze’s way of dealing with it.. He has lost his brother and he has realized that life is too short… He is an emotional wreck, so in that confused state of mind he is making all these hasty, irrational decisions…. but that would be too rational for DeD lol..

    mera bahadur sher : .. that reminded me of The Lion King.. If ever we had a Disney version of The Lion King in Pk Drama, it would be DeD – after all its all about the great ‘Circle of Life’ !!! – (in this case – history repeating itself, ppl making the same mistakes and transforming into their elders, taking place of the ancestors.. gaddi nasheeni and all lol) 🙂 We have two brothers, evictions, life in exile, deaths, the return, talking to the dead and all… Bass put all the situations in a bag, give it a good shake and viola! we have The Lion King – DeD
    We have perfect locations :
    Haveli vs Pride Rock (the majestic grey grey rock vs the haveli)
    River beds : where ppl see and talk to the dead….. lol

    @SZ like u pointed out, the pillar between Ruhi & Behroze : this must be second best moment in this whole drama so far.. First being drawing the curtains on Sohaib;’s life.. We need more of these visual narrations…

    I also liked the scene with Arju’s monologue. The afternoon sun flooding into the room looked stunning and somehow it mirrored Arjumand’s sombre thoughts..

    I just hope they sort their act out with editing of the ep and the promos.. they can’t even get the 30 sec precap right!!.. #saysitall #disappointed


    • Whoa FA!!! :O :O :O
      DIYAR-E-DIL = THE LION KING = FROZEN “Ghar chalo Behna” “Chali Jao yahan se Ana… Main kehti hoon chali jaaao”
      Yeap… I actually watched a complete video explaining how Elsa is actually Simba… but no Elsa is… dhang dhang dhaaaaang… BEHROZE!!! :O

      And I really like your thoughts on Behroze trying to deal with his emotions.
      Maybe that’s why he chose to forget what Suhaib said “ye aakhri khwahish subject to un dono ki understanding aur razamandi hai” What other explanation could there be.
      OMG ‘Aakhri khwahish’?!! :O It’s almost like Suhaib planned his death -_- :/


  14. Just had a quick thought – in one of the very early episodes, we were talking about the haveli being a character in itself…just struck me that all the visual imagery/symbolism we seem to so enjoy, are all haveli-related:

    1. Arjumand eagerly looking out of the haveli window waiting for Behroze (episode 1).
    2. Sohaib looking out of the haveli window when he was forced to marry Arjumand.
    3. Behroze-Roohi walking into and away from the haveli (meeting Agha Jaan for the first time).
    4. Sohaib drawing the curtains on his room window.
    5. Wali looking out of the window at night, remembering his baba-jaan’s words about Faara.
    6. The lunch scene in the latest episode, with a pillar coming between Behroze and Roohi.

    Just been so busy in the last couple of days, still this haveli point was haunting my mind 🙂


  15. My lovely friends!! Just to let you all know that I’m going to Pakistan as my father in law is not well.. Please pray for him !!! Will be away for a while!! Take care u all


    • @Rehmat: May your father recover soon, IA. Will def keep him in our prayers.
      And thanks for letting us know – we’ll miss you! Do try and keep in touch and khair khabar deti rehna – safe travels!!


    • Rehmat, hope your father-in-law gets better soon. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Have a safe journey and hope to see you here when you get back 🙂


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