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For those of us watching Diyar-e Dil, Arjumand’s character has inspired at lot of debate and discussion. Whether we agree or disagree with how this character responds and reacts to various situations there is no doubt that Hareem Farooq has brought Arjumand alive in a way that makes it hard to ignore her as just another simpering, submissive woman living in the male dominated mahol of Agha jan’s majestic haveli.

Though a recent entrant in the world of TV serials – as Sajeela in Mere Humdum Mere Dost, Saman in Mausam, and Ayesha in the recently concluded Dusri Biwi – Hareem is not really a newcomer when it comes to acting. She started off with theater, honing her craft under the eagle eye of the legendary Anwar Maqsood in stage plays like Pawnay 14 August and Aangan Terha. 2013 saw Hareem make her film debut with the horror film Siyaah, where she scared the heck out of me with her character Zara.

Hareem’s experience with theater and film stood her in good stead 11102749_684355481690335_6410652513186199084_nwhen she made her debut on TV; her confident outing earned her the Best New Sensation (Female) Award at the recently held Hum Awards in Dubai.

Most recently Hareem’s been in the news for co-producing Janaan. Written by Osman Khalid Butt and directed by debutant director Reham Khan, this movie is described as a romantic comedy about a Pakhtun family.

As is obvious even from this very quick bio, Hareem Farooq is very unlike the bechari type characters we’ve seen her portray on TV so far. Whether this is by design or happenstance is something we now have a chance to ask the lady herself.  And with this I invite you all to use this opportunity to give feedback and ask interesting and fun questions, the kind you’ve always wished somebody would ask. Koshish kar key avoid the usual type ke sawal takey mil saken kuch mazedar aur masaledar jawab. 

Finally, a few housekeeping issues:

  • The last date for posting your questions is Monday, June 8th 2015.
  • Post each question as a separate comment.
  • Avoid personal comments and refrain from rude questions and abusive language.
  • Please try to not ask questions that’ve already been asked.

So bas ab aap kijeye sochna shuru aur likh bhejye apney sawal takey de saken Hareem unke jawaab!

Written by SZ~


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  1. Your performance in Diyar e Dil is too good! I love your character! How was it working with Ali Rehman? You guys have adorable chemistry.

  2. Hi Hareem! Good to see you doing so well in this industry in a v short span of time.
    Could you tell us a li’l bit more about Janaan- the movie you’re producing. I’d heard of Reham Khan’s and OKB’s connection with it but didn’t know you were attached to it too… Good for you!

  3. I’ve seen pawnay 14h August, but didn’t know you’d been in it. What character were you?

  4. What school/college did you go to? Apologies for boring others but Islamabad being my shehr, I’d love to know waise hee 🙂

  5. I was very intrigued with your character Ayesha in Dusri Bivi. I strongly felt Hasan was the “villain” there and not Ayesha – somehow I felt all her actions were justified because she was the one who lost her baby after the brouhaha caused by Hasan’s Dusri Bivi and her ex-fiance.
    Did you feel that the script was “unfair” towards Ayesha and all her troubles caused by Hasan? If you were to write its ending (from Ayesha’s perspective), what would it be?

  6. Did you personally feel that Arjumand shouldn’t have agreed so easily to Wali and Faara’s rishta? (I agree it was needed to move the story forward, but I’d love to hear what you felt about it.)

  7. SZ, many thanks for kindly arranging this. Hareem, it’s very gracious of you to agree, thank you 🙂

    My first question is about Siyaah. How did you get involved with the movie? Can you tell us about your experience while shooting for it?

  8. How did the idea of producing a film come about? Was that something you always wanted to do?

  9. Hi Hareem, loved you in Diyar e Dil. Suhaib and Arjumand’s chemistry took all of us by surprise. You seem to share a good rapport with Ali off screen too. Do you know him before the drama? If yes, then how?
    And also update us about your upcoming projects?

  10. Can you tell us a bit about your acting background? What made you chose acting as a career? Did you always want to be an actress? Who gave you your first break?

  11. Hi and salam.
    I want to ask what is your stress buster ? And do u take stress. I m loving u as Arjumand suhaib khan.

  12. Thankyou @SZ for this amazing opportunity 🙂

    @Hareem: I literally enjoyed your take on Sajeela in MHMD… when saw the promos for MHMD .. I was actually looking forward for your track.. You were phenomenal .. And then as Arjumand.. A character that was just mentioned in novel.. You have done great juctice to it.. No wonder you deserve The Best New Sensation award.. Congratulations 🙂 keep working awesomely and good luck for all your future work..

  13. Do you like to write? If yes, then what do you usually write? Do you have any plans to write for any film or drama projects in the future?

  14. I’ve seen only diyar-e-dil of yours and its fabulous !! Arjumand is an awseome character, You did justice to it. Looking forward to more from you. 🙂

  15. Hi Hareem, you are very talented and has taken the Pakistan TV industry by storm. My whole family loves you. Keep it up 🙂

    I want to ask about your future projects? Anything in pipeline with Ali Rehman Khan? You guys have an amazing chemistry in DeD. I would love to see you opposite Hamza Ali Abbasi. Lots of love ❤

  16. Assalamualaikum. Huge fan! Your acting in Mere Hamdam Mere Dost was amazing. Especially in the scene where you threw Junaid Khan out of your apartment. Was that scene hard to do? Or you completed it in just a few shots?

  17. Since you’ve worked in a horror movie, have you ever had a supernatural experience yourself?

  18. Hello Hareem
    Congratulations on winning Best New Sensation Female in the recent Hum Awards !!!
    I do like your acting esp in Mausum and Diyar e dil.
    Doosri Biwi was difficult to digest , I hate these one man /two wives dramas.

    *What is your personal opinion about men like Agha Jan in DeD ? Don’t you think such dictatorship shouldn’t exist ?

    *Would you have wanted to rebel against your marriage to Sohaib. ? If yes how ?

    * who is your favourite bollywood & Hollywood actor?

  19. @SZ thanks arranging this and huge thanks to Hareem for accepting!

    I’m enjoying your take on Arjumand in DeD. I like the feisty streak in her. If it was in your hands, is there anything you would have differently? (with the character or situations)

  20. What was your take on the consummation of marriage scene and making up with Sohaib minutes before delivering Wali? It caused quite a stir. Did the onscreen portrayal come across how you perceived it?

  21. I thought Siyaah was a great attempt for a horror movie. It was pretty scary and I had to watch something light and comical to distract myself afterwards. You were fab and the lil girl did an awsome job. I’ve read about after effects on ppl working on such disturbing projects. How did you deal with it?

  22. Good luck with your movie. A romantic comedy about a Pakhtun family – with Riham Khan and OKB.. sounds like an interesting project. Any particular inspiration behind this movie?

  23. What you consider is you our best performance? Your favourite project you’ve worked on so far?

  24. Hi Hareem, My question is that how different was the experience of doing theater? and which one you find more challenging as an actress theater or TV?
    looking forward to the answer thank you.

  25. Hello!!! Well no questions as such, just want to appreciate your acting skills, there are a very few people whom i like, you are one of them. I have become your fan. All the very best for your future ventures. Good luck. 🙂

    bsssss apppppp dramay kaii bharrrr pardaaaa kar liya kare or bheee achiii lage giiii….

    well no question as such..:)..
    just wanted to tell u how much i love you!..:*
    You Are Awesomee!!..<3..
    loved u in dusri biwi , mausam and now diyar e dil.<3.
    you are my favourite..<3..
    best of luck for the future..:* :* :* :*
    love youu..<3..

  28. do u think you can better play serious role even tho ur look doesn’t support it really ??

  29. AOA Hareem……..i am ur HUGEST fan ever 😀 …..u r sooO Beautiful MaASHALLAH ❤ :* …!!!…I love ur every everything……I wish to meet u someday…..I am just crazy, I do ur publicity as well as ur projects publicity everywhere….. I saw all of your work and inteviews too 😀 …..you do kamaal ki acting….LUB uUu AaAlOoOotTtt.. :* :* ……….tell me about ur fav singer n song….(u haven't told till now )

  30. Hey hareem !assalam o alaikum pretty lady !your performance as anjumund just outstanding! Epic! Ah well tell me what’s your any birthday gift that you liked most n happy birthday once again

  31. I heard that u r doing another movie after siyaah…….what is its name???…..and heartiest congratulations on winning best new sensation award…U REALLY DESERVED…!!……nd plz ap social media pr active hoen….thora bht like hamza abbasi 😉

  32. and receive my best wishes on ur recently passed birthday…..Allah apko bhhhhOOott kamayabian de aur apko or apki family ko khushian de (especially ur mother,she is v cute lady)…AUr ALLAH apko mujhse milaye (being a lhri i still WISH to meet u somewhere,someday…….main hi karachi ya isl chali jaon gi……bss ap milain sai….phir choron gi ni apko 😉 🙂 :* ….alot of LOVE from ur pawnay 16 years old FAN (blkay pedestal fan…desi)….sorry for these chawals….mujhe apki sis or father dekhnay ka b ishtiaq hai bht……ap itni successful hongi I.A k someday u’ll win best old sensation as well 😀 …..acha acha kaam krti rhye ga…..aur mujhe yaad rkhiye ga……kiu k millun gi tu main zaroor apse….. I.A

  33. U as sajeela ;hot and classy..as arjumand;blunt and emotional..I haven;t watched all of your serials but i definitely admire u alot..
    Can u tell me about ur education?

  34. From mausam to doosri biwi and now Diyar e dil .. U have improved a lot as an actor …really liking u in DeD the way ur character shaped up was done brilliantly by u 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 me and my SIL are ur big fans …. Now want to see u doing comedy what’s sayyy?? All the best for ur future projects …. Lots of love ❤️

  35. Feryal here 🙂
    Hareem why are you so beautiful ??
    Please do this question answer thing on twitter someday 😀
    which new projects are coming of yours ??

  36. I first saw you in the trailer of Siyaah and really liked you. When I got to know that you were going to be a part of Mere Humdum mere dost I was so excited! And you were phenomenal in it. 😉

    I have quite a few questions to ask you ;). Firstly, what is your most favourite genre ever?

  37. Thirdly, Is there any novel in whose adaptation for television you would love to work in?

  38. Pleaseee replyyyy 🙂 Who is your favourite co-star? And your favourite drama?

  39. Ur such a nice actor MASHALLAH… Loved ur acting in Dusri Biwi and Ofcourse in Diyar e Dil as well… I want to ask when will i get marry… Ur favourite Color,movie,dress everything… Ur favourite Co-star? … Ur education? Why did u join Showbiz Industry… And And We love u sooooo much… We r twins sisters…. Our name is Madiha & Wajiha… Please reply us by calling our names… Thankyou

  40. Ur such a nice actor MASHALLAH… Loved ur acting in Dusri Biwi and Ofcourse in Diyar e Dil as well… I want to ask when will u get marry… Ur favourite Color,movie,dress everything… Ur favourite Co-star? … Ur education? Why did u join Showbiz Industry… And And We love u sooooo much… We r twins sisters…. Our name is Madiha & Wajiha… Please reply us by calling our names… Thankyou

  41. what is your date of birth? what are your future plans about life?from which theatre u started ur acting?

  42. Most difficult scene to enact between Arjumand and Sohaib? (p.s. can you please tell Ali Rehman that all of us miss him as Sohaib! and how we would love to see more of him onscreen, thanks in advance!).

  43. Amidst the likes of Saba Qamar, Sanam Saeed, Sanam Baloch, Aamina Sheikh and Mahira Khan. Who is your most favorite and why?

  44. Do you think people who have done theatre gives them edge performance wise as compare to people who dont have theatre background?

  45. plz tell me ur skool name nd college/university as well………aur ho sakey tu address b bta den… 😀 wanna meet u……plzZzZzZzZ……. 😦 nd i am confused about ur fb page….jo b official hai wo btaein…. ..And plz tell me ur views about the item songs trend in Pak movies nowadays…..nd do u want to do any such roles in lollywood aur bollywood???….my advice is that never do such things bcoz its not our culture…….btw ap aisi lgti ni hn but plz i want u to do very good nd full of respect work….BCOZ I LOVE U 🙂

  46. AOA hareem api..
    i called api because im only 12 years old..😁😁😁😁
    anyways I loved your acting in diyar e dil..<3..
    luv u alottt…
    i wish to meet u one day..<3..:*…
    luv ur smile.<3.
    keep smilling..<3..
    may allah bless you
    ma you live longggggggggg..<3..:*..

  47. Hi hareem 🙂 u r my most favorite beautiful gorgeous actress love you :* :* :*
    Mera sawal yeh hai ap Ko apna aur Ali rehman khan k sath koun sa scene favorite hai ?

    Arjumand suhaib best superb couple :* :))

  48. hi hareem,,,h r u?…i like u so much and your acting,,,,i want to see u again with AHSAN KHAN in new drama,,,like MUASUM,,,will u do work with again AHSAN,,,waiting ur reply,,,,?

  49. AOA hareem api..

    anyways loving your acting in diyar e dil..<3..
    luv u alottt…
    i want to meet u one day..<3..:*… i am confused about ur fb page….jo b official hai wo btaein plz….
    luv ur smile.<3.
    keep smilling..<3..
    may allah bless you..<3…:*…
    ma you live longggggggggg..<3..:*…

  50. AOA hareem api..
    i said api because im only 12 years old..😁😁😁😁
    anyways I loved you as saman in mausam and loving you as arjumand in diyar e dil..<3..
    luv u alottt..<3..:*..
    i am confused about ur fb page….jo b official hai wo bta dein plz….
    i wish to meet u one day..<3..:*…
    luv ur smile.<3.
    keep smilling..<3..
    may Allah bless you
    may you live longggggggggg..<3..:*..
    i don't have words to explain my love for you..:*.. ..<3..
    P.S sorry for the over-commenting…
    it's just that i'm confused in what to say and what to ask.

  51. Hi Hareem! I first saw your performance in Siyaah and it left me dumbstruck. I remember my mother telling me ‘ye larki bohot aage jaye gee’ and it’s true isn’t it. Among the stream of new actors, you are probably the only one who actually knows what acting is and you know how to bring the emotions on your face, imprinted on your expressions. Keep up the awesomeness! Here are my questions:
    Do you regret doing any project till now?
    Which venture is closest to your heart?
    Any future plans of doing a movie?
    Name a personality who you feel is the biggest reason behind your success.
    Are you satisfied with the current standards of our dramas? If not, where do you think we need improvement?
    Which male and female actor has been the most enjoyable co-star?
    Is there a director on your wish-list?
    Favorite book?
    Favorite Pakistani drama?
    Favorite American/British tv show?
    Is there a project which you wish you could have done?
    What is your theatre experience?
    Favorite Broadway play?
    Any advice that you would like to give to those interested in theatre direction/acting?

    Haha hopefully those weren’t too many.
    And a shoutout to SZ for arranging this!

  52. how was the experience of diyar e dil ?
    how was the experience of working with ali rehman khan and osman khalid butt ?
    i am confused about ur fb page..could you plzz plzz give me the link of the official page ??
    Hope you will answer..<3..
    Love You Hareem Api.<3.
    I said api because i'm 12..😁😁..
    hope you don't mind..<3..
    i wish to meet u one day..<3..:*…
    luv ur smile.<3.
    keep smilling..<3..
    may Allah bless you
    may you live longggggggggg..<3..:*..
    i don't have words to explain my love for you..:*.. ..<3..
    Love Youuu..<3…<3…<3…:*…:*…:*…

  53. Harenm ji I am big big fan of you I think I have never girl relented like you and I admire you per far menace at highest level of aprisiation and I prey for very good life full of happy Ness …hassan khan

  54. AOA….
    Hareem u r sooO adorable,lovable,beautiful,cweet,sweet..the beautiful girl especialy acteress i hve ever seen..I jux love u…U r my only fav actoress…
    Aur MASHAALLAH apki acting is simply WOoW…!!!….ur acting in aneg role in MHMD was Akheer…..nd lUb u in MAUSAM n DeD….
    tell me about ur accident…how it happened??..do u still remember that scene??nd do ur arm still pains???
    Who is ur best cousin?
    Is ur sister or any coz also interested in acting?
    Your latest crush?
    best place to meet ur fans??
    Fav young Pak acteress??
    …Any of the Hareem Farooq pages are not verified…plz verify ur oficial page nd stay in touch with ur dieheart fans like me as much as u can plz…receive alot of love from me and Bestest wishes also….And pay our Salaam to ur friends nd family especially ur sweet Mother n Father,sis too…STAY BLESSED DEAR ❤ LOVE ❤

  55. Just curious that do you still intend to run a social welfare organization? Its something that you mentioned a while back and i am wondering that what are your long term goals now.

  56. Now that you are producing films, will you also be producing TV dramas? If so, what kind of TV projects would like to back – commercial or slightly offbeat/ experimental/artsy?

  57. In Diyar-e Dil we are seeing you and Osman as a mother-son pair, would it now feel awkward if you guys were to be offered a project as the lead pair? Did this thought, that you might not be able to work together as a couple after DeD, cross your mind when you were signing this project?

  58. Do you find that the only kinds of roles available for women in TV dramas represent two extremes: the sweet – read allah miyan ki gaye/ mazloom/helpless/naive – or the negative (for instance Ruhi in DeD), neither of which portray the real woman who lies somewhere in between… and how frustrating is this for you as an actress with fabulous roles like those in Aangan Terha?

  59. Dear All… thank you for your questions and comments .. this post is now closed and I will forward these questions to Hareem.