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Diyar-e Dil ~ A serial I had such high hopes for and one that I had started watching with such anticipation, magar alas! Dil ke saarey arman Suhaib ke ansoo-on ke saath behtey behtey beh hi gaye. The few stubborn armans that were still clinging to the faint hope ke shayad ab kuch behter hoga … well, after today, mitti pao on those too. To be fair there were a couple of good moments, but unfortunately so deeply were these buried under the weight of the way beyond heavy handed and melodramatic narration that it was really hard to care about them.

Yes, the OTT theatrics really got to me today. I am very happy for all those moved by this never ending bin badal barsat, but I just kept looking at the time and wondering why these 37 minutes were going by so s-l-o-w-l-y. Did we really need to see closeups of every grieving family member, guest, servant, even the taza qabr?

I don’t know about Wali, but I was really irked by how every single member of the family asked him about Suhaib. Arrey people how could you miss the memo?!? Suhaib pretty much spelled it all out for you in episodes 8 & 9, magar nahin... everybody expected and wanted, no, needed a personal confirmation from the khandan’s iklota chashm-o chirag. Wali, my friend, I know you are W-Man ‘n all, but seriously you need to quit acting like the khandani khabru. All you needed was this one-update-answers-all type thingypost share empty facebook status vector clipart icon ztuts.comAb with your naye magar puraney barey baba threatening to kick the bucket as well remember there is a reason why Facebook and Twitter exist!

My annoyance doesn’t just end with the rona dhona. Also beyond me is why are judgments being imposed on us? Why are we being held by the hand and told who to hate and who to like – why not let us decide for ourselves?  If Ruhi is wrong for holding a grudge against a father-in-law who insulted her and her family and threw her out of the house, then shouldn’t Laila be painted in the same shade of black for holding a grudge against Behroze for so long? In fact Laila’s case for being black is stronger because unlike Ruhi, who has a legitimate reason for being angry, Laila has no leg to stand on! What the heck is she so mad about? Surely she’s still not upset about her weekend long dillagi? And where was she coming from when she accused Behroze of living happily at the expense of others’ khushi? How is she qualified to comment on either his or Suhaib’s married life? Or was she implying that she had an unhappy marriage? But then how is the state of her marriage Behroze’s fault? Nobody knew she was even in the picture!!

Chalein theek hai, logon ne kaha aur hum ne maan liya ke Ruhi is the villain, but then why is Behroze being portrayed as Mr Nice all of a sudden? Yes, Ruhi could’ve been more understanding, but then shouldn’t he shoulder some of the blame for Ruhi’s negative mindset? He never once told her about Suhaib’s overtures, never made an effort to keep his daughter in the loop about his part of the family – where is Behroze’s remorse in all this? And now we are being told Ruhi is the bad guy? Sorry, but not buying into this sudden turnaround. A few tears and senti lines and all is forgiven – back into the family fold with all the izzat due to him as the older son of the family.

Any other sensible person in Behroze’s place would take this as an opportune moment to pave the way for his wife’s izzatdar acceptance into the family. Magar nahin, yahan tau aisa kuch nahin. From where I’m standing Ruhi is right to be suspicious, haveli ke hawa paani mein kuch hai. First Agha jan, then Suhaib and now Behroze – all bitten by the same khandani bug of arranging shadis. Shouldn’t messes of the past be sorted out before future relationships get discussed? Have to say Arjumand is the sane one in the family – the only one who totally gets how insane the men in her family are! Yes, that scene, in the precap, was one of my faves today!

My other fave moment, actually in the episode, was the one very warm conversation between Wali and Behroze. I have to say in all this OTT-ness, Osman nails it as the very controlled Wali. But then of course Behroze had to go spoil the whole thing by inviting him to cry as well. Kya yaar! Har ek ka rona zaroori hai kya yahan? But that said, I have to say Mikaal is impressive as Behroze. Haseeb Hasan deserves a huge round of applause for getting Mikaal to go beyond the basics and deliver a nuanced performance.

Sanam Saeed is another one who is turning in a very understated performance as Ruhi. I wish this character had not been robbed of its potential complexities and rendered so uni-dimensional, but still Sanam does manage to do it justice and keep Ruhi interesting and somewhat real. Arjumand’s is another character that has been generally flatlined, but occasionally we do get to see some sparks, and it is to Hareem Farooq’s credit for making those moments count. Abid Ali is good overall as Agha jan, but I had a hard time dealing with the hysterics today.

Keeping in tune with the general mahol of OTT-ness, we had a blaze of red in the scene with Ruhi and her bhabhi, eyeglasses came and went at will, as did the shades of grey in the older generation’s hair. In all this the two things that remained constant throughout were: a)Osman and Mikaal’s perfect hair- not even one strand out place, and b) the constant blast of loud mournful music.

I am not going to go into my broken record mode and ask why 30+ episodes, but what I will say is that if we are expected to keep watching this for the next 5 months or so then please go easy on the heavy handed approach to story telling. TV is a visual medium and we get that there has been a death in the family, no need to hammer us on the head with 37 minutes of constant crying and sad music – we get it, we really do!

Hoping for a better episode next week!

Written by SZ~

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  1. ROFL @ FB status. Bas ab Wali shld take the cue. 😉

    I am really disappointed the way Suhaib’s passing away is being drilled into us…it’s literally forcing the viewers into sympathizing with it and all characters affected by his death. How about leaving it up to the viewers to decide how they want to take Suhaib’s passing away and whom they want to empathize with? Don’t know about the others, but it tends to have a reverse affect on me. Gosh I so hope that this drama does not set a new trend of melodrama and OTT-ness in Pak dramas as the essence of Pak dramas will be lost.


  2. Coming to the rest of the episode. I am so on the same page as you SZ. I liked the Wali-Behroze scene and Thank God it was not OTT. This is exactly how they should show Behroze coming to know about Suhaib’s life after he left the haveli, instead of some random, self-righteous person who he met once in his life lecturing him about the ‘kush’ life he lead as opposed to the bechara Suhaib who led such a ‘tragic’ life. Gosh dat Laila scene was so cringe-worthy really and seems more is to follow.

    Roohi has lost it totally and seems she just can’t seem to see beyond her humiliation and show some sensitivity in such a naazuk situation. Though I agree with you SZ and the fault lies with Behroze as much as Roohi as it seems Behroze has never enlightened her abt his trysts with his brother and she is harboring lots of negative misconceptions abt his family. This Roohi character could so easily have gone OTT, but kudos to Sanam for portraying her with so much of restrain.

    I also agree that it’s Arjumand only who sometimes make sense in this family and seems the voice of reason else seems the men in the family are hell-bent on history repeating itself, with such a haste to get Faraa and Wali married off. I don’t see how Behroze plans to pull that off, though I know he will, but guess his weapon is emotional blackmail.


    • Radiant, I am replying to your comment about Sanam S and Roohi’s character here. My guess (based on fb updates and the like) is that they’ve shot Behroze-Roohi’s scenes at the last moment and that’s why the Lahore segment feels a bit rough and unpolished to me, like they’ve rushed the scenes through.

      I agree with you that Sanam can convincingly play Roohi. And I think (hope!) the story moving ahead will give us some insights into her character soon. I do worry about the character though. Given that there is so much melodrama going on here, I hope Sanam gets the chance to keep Roohi realistic once she learns about Behroze’s plans for Faara rather than turning her into a banshee!


  3. Dont know about others, but after watching DeD i have become even bigger fan of Sarmad khoosat.. yeah, u read it right.. Sarmad khoosat!
    I can imagine the potential of OTTness in Humsafar. Phuppo ko cancer, baap ki blackmailing, sarah ki suicide attemt and list goes on… but all credit goes to Sarmad for keeping everything real and relatable..
    Mujhay tau yehi problem lg raha hai DeD k sath.. Sorry if he is reading, but Haseeb sahab! ap hamen bilkul achay nahi lagay…
    and now i remember, maine Ahista Ahista pey comment kiya tha k i m dreading about DeD coz same director will direct the much anticipated show.


    • @Atty good point! SK kept things under control and although i was rolling my eyes at the emotional blackmail, it still felt relatable.. yahan tou everything seems to be getting out of hand.. sigh!
      Even Mehreen Jabbars’s MeJ.. Aabi’s death was a shock and the mourning went on for quite a while but I was touched and really felt for everyone.. With DeD 2nd ep dedicated to Sohaib’s mourning, I was bored like anything! ..


    • Atty, we probably did not mind the OTTness in Humsafar (yes, there was a lot of rona dhona – for several episodes it was all about Khirad crying and Asher being, well, stubborn). The reason we didn’t mind it was because:
      – the rona-dhona related to the leads but here, the rona-dhona is about the previous generation and all this drama feels like they are just stopping us from getting to the real stuff – the Wali-Faara stuff…
      – 22 or 23 episodes of Humsafar but here 30+ episodes, so more worrying when we think about the potential for dragging stuff unnecessarily…


  4. I love your reviews SZ and I always wait for them after watching the drama!! Today’s episode was really veryyy disappointing. >,< They went too far by imprinting Suhaib's death on our minds.. I mean YES we get it he's dead now move on please!! the part where Behroze asked Wali to cry on his shoulders was hmm pretty awkward.
    Also I don't get why Laila's character and reappearance was even necessary like who is she come in between the brothers :/ Looking forward to a better episode next time.
    Btw I am so unaware of what OTT-ness is?..Someone pls tell 😀 😀


  5. Once again SZ, thank you for your sane review. Again I have read other reviews and felt am I the only one not so smitten with this episode? OMG what is it with the sloooooow sloooow pace. Please can we have some action. My husband commented that the slow pace of this drama was now the same as Indian dramas and all that was missing was the camera focus on each character’s face. No wonder they can spread this to 30 episodes. We were joking that it would take episode 13 for Behroze to get Farah and Roohi to come to the haveli, another two episodes to convince Roohi and finally perhaps in episode 16 we may have the nikah between Wali and Farah and then the STORY CAN BEGIN.

    I know for many it’s a crime to criticise the Wali in this drama but seriously…his father just died…his beloved grandfather is in hospital…but not a hair out of place. Perfectly styled gelled hair. Reminds me of how in some dramas, both Pakistani and Indian women are regularly shown getting out of bed first thing in the morning with perfect eye make up. Same with Behroze, he forgets to charge his mobile but not the hairspray.

    I found the scene where Behroze says to Wali to cry on his shoulder forced. After having such a slow pace and showing every single emotion, Wali is given about 3 seconds to cry on his baray baba’s shoulders. That was a quick rona dona.

    I am glad you are defending Roohi. Remember she was the one who encouraged Behroze to try and reconcile with his father and visit the haveli. But then Agha Jaan insulted her and her entire family on the one occasion she met him. He said she was from a ‘neech khandan’. When Behroze and Roohi returned…a conversation should have taken place in which Behroze should have explained to Roohi that his Agha Jaan was a good man at heart who has let his pride take him over. By not having that conversation where he could have defended his family, Behroze has let 20 years of bitterness build up in Roohi. Yes Roohi is now a negative character…but she is human and is a real person negative character, not one those silly scheming women usually have in our dramas, who are evil and scheming for no reason.


  6. Ooooh…I could legit hear shots being fired in the BG as I was reading it. This is brutal, vicious, hilarious, and I loved it.

    The episode was okay-ish for me. Rather than the complete package, there were like only three moments that stopped me from totally rating this episode as below average. More on that below, pehle just a little assessment that I came up with which stems from my drama binge-watching experiences: this is an episode which makes sense and will be appreciated more if someone marathons the entire show rather than watching it live like we do. Because last week was pretty heavy duty, quite emotionally draining. And the audience had those drained effects with them for one week till this episode aired. Following up an already emotionally draining episode with yet another emotionally exhausting one…yeah, this wasn’t the brightest decision to be made. In context it makes complete sense. A key character has died who was woven in the lives of every other character of this canvas. There is grief, shock, and the resulting after effects of the departure. This episode showed very in character and real reactions of the family members after a sudden death which shook them all. We got to see some reaction from everyone and that was necessary to be shown and established before moving on to the other phase of the story. It’s just that DeD is not a daily drama or even has the two episode per week format that having two consecutive OTT drama episode will be allowed without complains. It’s weekly and audience do want to see some progress in the story. The episode was by no means a drag or illogical or out of place…the flaw in it was that it didn’t have some lightness or story progression to counter all the crying that took place. It was exhausting.

    But khair, this is just me speaking and I am no expert of the working of media. Now to the episode.

    Ummm…kya bolun, kuch hua hi nahin xD Hahaha 😛 Okay, now that Suhaib is gone I personally wasn’t very interested in the emotional drama that was going on and I watched the episode with a bit of an emotional detachment. Which kind of made all the rona dhona and chati peetna too much for me to handle with a straight face. The most randomest of shots made me laugh and that is not a good thing xD In fact I am still laughing at some of them. The good thing is that the entire episode wasn’t an unintentional comedy circus for me. The Wali-Behroze scene was beautiful! Last week I was talking to some of other DeD fans and we were discussing that a scene with Wali breaking down because of the grief is must needed and we got it here and seriously, I have no complains. It was perfect till Behroze said the, “Aao mere kandhe pe sar rakh ke ro lo” wala dialogue which made me totally go, “no..please, shut up. you are ruining it” but thankfully he said it at the end of the scene and by then the very impressed impression of the scene was made. Obi was very good in the episode. Wali is just so soft spoken around the elders, even his crying is done within the limits of izzat o ahteram. Which is seriously such a contrast with all the rest of the characters that it becomes more prominent.

    The other bit I liked was Wali and Agha Jaan in the hospital room near the end. Wali consoling AJ and asking him to relax, with such a parental and caring tone…I really liked that. It immediately reminded me of the bit from a few episodes ago where AJ was shown as hugging a young Wali to sleep. And now the roles have reversed and Wali is doing with AJ with all the kindness and genuine love and care…

    I don’t agree that Ruhi is being shown as a villain too suddenly, the hints were always there. When everyone was saying the logical thing that Behroze is shocked by his brother’s death, Ruhi and her Bhabhi were the only ones cooking up haveli ke drama khichdi and what not. Ruhi hates Behroze’s family more than she cares for Behroze’s state. For the first time Behroze talked to Ruhi about his family and her response was, ‘tum wapas ajao.’ Acha behen, aap mahaan ho. She is so anti-haveli that it took her two days to lose faith on the husband who has done literally everything for her. Her tone when talking about AJ was jaahilana, her theories about Suhaib faking his death completely rude, and the worst part was her not even giving her husband the benefit of doubt. It took her daughter to state the obvious, “phone ki battery khatam hogayi hogi..” She was so ready to turn against Behroze just because he rushed towards his father and brother whom he hadn’t met in 20 years and he neglected to immediately contact Ruhi and Farah. If she hadn’t forgotten AJ’s taunts towards her, how can she forget Behroze literally spending entire nights remembering his brother and father? Did she really think Behroze didn’t care about them? Ruhi always had shades of negative within her when it came to Behroze’s family and this is the situation where she gets to really show them. Granted, her anger is justified. Behroze aisa gaya ke palat ke khabar na li…she has every right to be mad at the haveli peeps for taking away her husband like that. But when the very same Behroze called her and talked to her in that broken tone, rather than her first instinct be to show support she actually asked him to come back? Knowing that his father is in still in critical position? It’s not about how Ruhi was behaving in regards to her father in law and brother in law…it’s the way she treated her own husband that was wrong. Anyone having to do anything with the haveli and Ruhi will be harsh on them, phir bhale wo apna shauhar hi kyun na ho…

    Farah had more sense than her mother. She was confused about her father’s sudden flight but she at least had enough sense to understand that Behroze was grief strucken at his brother’s death. Her convo with Moeez was actually good, where she confessed to not being able to understand what took his father dashing to the haveli when his family was here. But she didn’t put it against her Baba…

    Woah! This came out super longer than I expected it to! :O Just last things, Behroze’s sudden love for Suhaib, ‘wo mera sab kuch tha’ were just empty words because he legit did everything against those words in these twenty years. Laila being all passive aggressive with Behroze was so gooood! Kisi ne tou sunai usse…I think Laila has the right to say it because she is a family friend that Feroz could’ve kept her in the loop about the happenings at the haveli because Agha Jaan clearly didn’t keep much from his friend. Precap is darn interesting! Things finally move ahead! It’s a facepalm moment to see Behroze making the same mistake as Agha Jaan did which started the whole chain of events in the first place. I hope Arjumand bhi Behroze ko khari khotti sunaye, the words which give Behroze a reality check are like music to my ears..

    P.S – Are you dropping the show? Please don’t do that..I really like discussing it here 😦


    • @mais so good to have a like-minded person.. First our love for Sohaib, now things u said abt Roohi and about Laila khari khari sunaing to Behroz.. U really said it all.. Bs merey me itna lamba type krnay ki himmat nae hoti..
      Qasam sey i was so happy k koi tau hai jo Behroze ko aaina dikhaye.. I was expecting Arjumund to do that.. But i can understand her position, ek tau she moved on, doosra she is in a state of grief.. Hope to see some taakra between them next week..
      About Roohi, theek hai AJ’s words hurt her, per aisa b kia.. His own brother threw her out of house, unko tau ek mulaqat me muaf kr diya.. And she very well knew about Behroze’s love for his brother. She has seen him restless for 20yrs… Someone said k Behroze should have made efforts to bring Ruhi back to haveli, actually this was her chance to make an effort.. But vo tau ultay track pey chal rae hain.. Behroze bol raha hai k kal bhae ko dafnaa k aya hun, aj AJ critical situation me admitted hain, aur Ruhi ka response “bus tum wapis aa jao”, matlab k seriously??
      Aur bhaabi k tau kia hi kehnay, kia kia ideas nikaalti hain.. “shaed maut ka drama rachaya ho”.. Moiz came across as the only sane person in that family.. I liked him more than Wali for now… Agay dekhtay hain


      • @Atty – Haha, i have this ardent love for long replies 😛 And yes, feels nice to be echoing someone else’s thoughts around here warna tou I feel like I’m always of another tangent altogether 😛

        I don’t think Arjumand is still holding a grudge against Behroze after all these years but she definitely doesn’t want anything to do with as well. His rejection had shattered her completely and it’s not something one can easily forget. Meeting him after all these years might just make her burst. Anyway, I welcome it. Behroze was Arjumand’s biggest culprit and it’s only right for him to be at the receiving end of whatever Arjumand has to say to him. Filhaal Arjumand nahin tou Laila hi sahi..

        Even Tajamul told Ruhi to cut Behroze some slack because his brother had just died but the two ladies were in no mood to listen. Chalo Ruhi has a solid reason, ye Bhabhi ko kya masla hai? It was a matter between Ruhi and Behroze, relating to Ruhi’s in-laws but Bhabhi was actually adding fuel to the fire in the whole matter. It took Ruhi being admitted in the hospital for her to realize that maybe she was wrong in walking out of her brother’s house like that and having no contact with them, it took Tajamul seeing a distraught Ruhi to forget their issues…can’t the same courtesy be extended to Behroze? It could take his brother dying and father having a heart attack to realize that not meeting them for 20 years wasn’t the brightest decision in the world but na ji…Ruhi ki dictionary mein it’s nothing short of betrayal. The way Ruhi was reacting, it was as if Haveli people had been trying to lure Behroze back home by various lies and dramas for years when in reality it was just the first time Behroze got a call from the Haveli.

        Of course fault lies in Behroze for never confining in Ruhi. Despite them being happy and married against all odds, their marriage isn’t the most ideal one because they have zero communication when it comes to the biggest issue which silently lurks around them un-discussed – Behroze’s family.


  7. SZ, I am going to post a comment only on Wali now, will discuss the rest separately later.

    It felt like finally I am starting to get a glimpse into Wali with this episode and this is what OKB’s Wali came across as:

    – responsible and efficient
    – loves and cares for his family, puts them before his own welfare
    – respects his elders
    – sensible, trustworthy
    – has immense love for Agha Jaan, can’t bear anything happening to him
    – very polite and calm, usually keeps his emotions in check, doesn’t speak out of turn

    I really liked how in the middle of all the noise around him, he was this efficient and calm person holding everything and everyone together. There are many elders around him but he has quietly and without drama taken charge. Yes, he did cry, but this was a well-done and much-needed venting. It also served to establish his emotional vulnerability, for all his outward calmness.

    I know we are all looking for the promos-wala Wali, but there he is always shown with people of his age group or younger, whereas here he is among all the elders and his demeanour will of course be different, so I am happy with the way OKB has marked out this difference.

    So we have this calm and polite Wali now. I am sure Faara will nudge and poke until a different Wali comes out (she is a little pressure cooker isn’t she 🙂 )- and my hunch is that when calm people like Wali have outbursts, then it will not be pleasant at all to the person at the receiving end. Not sure what Faara might do or say, but it must have something to do with Agha Jaan for sure, because what came through in this episode was the very special bond Wali shares with his AJ.

    SZ, was it in last week’s episode that you mentioned about Wali always coming second in his father’s affection line-up and how he might feel about that? I think his loving and affectionate relationship with AJ is very much like the love Sohaib had for Behroze, so there’s no way Wali would’ve ever felt he was second or be insecure about it. But will the same Wali be secure about Faara, given someone like Moiz is around?

    In short, loving OKB’s Wali, understand where he is coming from and looking forward to seeing more shades of this hallmark Farhat Ishtiaq hero character.


    • @VZ I second that!
      RE Wali’s Character : That was the only thing that made any sense/stood out in this ep.. Interesting point abt the elders/his generation.
      RE AJ : I was so switched off by all the rona dhona by this time that I wasn’t registering anything.. too busy counting the tears for trp.. btw @SZ any idea where is ded after Sohaibs death on trp charts?.. surely itne ansoun ke baad tou trp chart bhi sharma gya hoga!


      • FA, thanks for liking my Walinama 🙂 To me, everything else was blurred and only Wali was in focus – I liked how his basic nature was established, rather than being told how zimmedaar and blah blah blah he is. And hats off to OKB for getting the essence of the character across 🙂

        Lol at trp ka sharmaana 😀


    • VZ – You beauty! Such a wonderful post about Wali. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I don’t think Wali has ever felt any insecurity when it comes to being loved in his haveli. Suhaib and Arjumand really did stand by their words that they will give Wali a normal and happy life. Plus, he is Agha Jaan’s very own “jaan” and the feeling of love between them is very mutual.

      As for the promos wala Wali, we have already gotten a hint of that in his first episode where he scolds Zarminey for being impatient. Z knows her Lala so all she did was a very cute, “Waah waah, aaj kis khushi mein danta jaa raha hai mujhe?” but Farah will an entirely different game altogether. That girl can’t stand anyone even indirectly taunting her, how will she deal with someone actually ordering her to do something? Wali is the kind who is not used to hearing no and he gets irritated when someone does things against his wishes specially when he tells them not to. Farah is the kind who is so strong in her opinions and decisions that she can’t stand anyone even slightly commenting on them snidely. These two have all the markings of being a thoroughly entertaining ride.

      About Moeez…you’ll see what’s in store for us when it comes to him 😛


      • Rehmat, mais: so in the middle of all the emotional drama, they have managed to get Wali’s character established and from both your responses, they’ve actually done a good job. It was critical that they do justice to Wali and I am glad they’ve done that.

        I hope now we’ll actually see some of the “real” story start! And I’ll keep an eye on Moiz, mais 🙂


          • VZ – Wali getting all this establishment as a character was what salvaged the episode for me. Else tou, as it has been mentioned many times, the episode had nothing going on. So far they have done good justice to both Farah and Wali as far as introductory set-up goes. I just want their story to start now! #impatient

            Rehmat – Ya know, I don’t have much hopes from Ruhi now. Initially I was really pleasantly surprised by her character with all the contrast of goodness and the inherent evil which resides in all of us. But that was before she got in touch with the haveli. After that encounter, she always gave off more negative vibes than positive when it came to Behroze’s family. She’s good and fine when she is miles away from Agha Jaan’s name but just the mere thought of AJ has her spewing flames in all general directions. I don’t think this has been thrown to us out of the blue, ye aisi hi thi and aisi hi rahegi. Whatever they have shown of Ruhi in the drama, it’s not different from the novel. Ruhi’s character has always been like that only..


  8. Thats how they have made this 30+ episode drama… Show and tell each and everything with a Hijaee.. I will start from last scene.. Sach sun’ne ka hosla he n all that.. N here i was like ok shoot start now.. N dhushhh episode ended .. I mean Wth this was no even cliffhanger kimd of thing to end the episode.. Scene tou properly khatam karte :/

    And all that melodramatic scenes and background music.. I actually felt kisi poorane zamane ki movie dekh rahi hoon.. And ahaa aj tou i was spot on two scenes #patonback .. First when Arjumand goes hysteric and asks about Suhaib (like really) from Wali.. I was ab tou ek chamaat para Wali ko..n tadaaa there she goes hitting on chest.. Poor Wali.. But man OKB looked so cute in that topi.. Haye masoom sa bacha.. Then when Behroze sympathise with Wali n i wad waiting for this line k tum bilkul suhaib ki tarah ho.. And next moment he says that.. 😄 .. Noticing such irrelevant things were proof of how i was watching the episode.. Unmoved and uninterested ..

    But i guess this how things will be till Wali-Faara track starts.. Which i assume still 2 or 3 more episodes.. Or more.. Have to say this Abid Ali, MZ and OKB were amazing.. And amazing se mujhe yaad aaya.. Wali ke baal kitne perfectly set the.. Jaise humare goody goody se shareef bachon ke baal nhn hote.. Bilkul set

    I found Ruhi justified when she said 20 saalon me kabhi poocha nahin.. How would she know if Behroze never told her k Suhaib used to come .. Baat tou karta ya samjhata phir bhi aisi harkatein karti Roohi tou hota k haan She will never understand.. I am now waiting for Roohi-Faara to come to Haveli.. Kuch fireworks tou hoon 😃


    • @rehmat I know Roohi is hurt but come on someone died and his father is in hospital. She could have at least shown some support. Seriously, her husband is depressed and she says wapis Ajao!! No support nothing. I’m sorry but yeah families can never be dissolved, obviously if your brother dies you will go whether they were talking or not talking. She should at least understand that point, other than that yes its Behrozes fault for not telling her suhaib used to visit and how much he misses them.


      • @SK: haan i know there she was rude.. But only when she mentioned 20 saalon me tab i thought she was right.. Baqi ofcourse the phonecall was insensitive,…


    • Rehmat, lol at Wali’s shareef bachchon wala set baal 🙂 And yes, he did look cute in that topi, but I could almost see him waiting to laugh out when Hareem was going on with the chest-beating – reminded me of his vlogs where there used to be a lot of such slapstick stuff – can’t wait to see his parody of DeD already (if at all he gets the time to make one!).


  9. @SZ
    Hope you are well. Thanks for elaborate Review. Despite high production value and stellar cast, I find this drama boring right from start. Perhaps because there is hardly anything new in here.
    Beautiful locations, high picture quality don’t compensate for weak direction.
    This episodes particularly blatant and OTT.

    Is it only me or someone else feels the same.
    Young and old….,all the characters are so so so slow, Why? Body language se har kirsar ok patient Lagta hai. It’s their slowness which annoys me more. Not looking forward to next Wednesday.


  10. @SZ
    Hope you are well. Thanks for elaborate Review. Despite high production value and stellar cast, I find this drama boring right from start. Perhaps because there is hardly anything new in here.
    Beautiful locations, high picture quality don’t compensate for weak direction.
    This episode was particularly blatant and OTT.

    Is it only me or someone else feels the same.
    Young and old….,all the characters are so so so slow, Why? Body language se har kirdaar ik patient Lagta hai. It’s their slowness which annoys me more. Not looking forward to next Wednesday.


    • so trueee. i mean behroz sounds more weaker then agha jan when he was asking for food to AJ. and even in last episode too Arjumund’s lehja was soo thakka thakka.


  11. Agreed on OTT and cry fest all over again, I stopped listening at one point due to the repetitiveness of the crying from every person lol
    I hope the wali Farah track starts soon, this episode was just okay.
    Walibagaya Behroze as you mentioned was v good .
    I think Roohi is overreacting, sorry to say
    But there are something’s you just don’t say when someone dies. Yes Behroze is at fault too but his brothers just died whether they were friends or enemies, death can make you realize all the things you did wrong and the mistakes you made etc. He is mourning, she should have shown some supprt at least, I mean he’s her husband, he left everything for her but you can’t totally forget your family
    What I think from all this is they don’t have a strong relationship
    Behrize just kept everything to himself and in someway he is at fault, to drive her this wAy, but I still think the things she said were very cruel!


    • @SK u have explained it in best possible way.. Yehi tau prblm ho raha hai mujhay Ruhi sey, k chalo pehlay tau jo ho raha tha tau she was justified jo us ney Faara ko bola about her paternal family.. But deaths pey tau sakht sey sakht insan b purani baato ko kuch time k liye bhul jata hai…
      And u mentioned Behroze keeping things to himself.. Even for that Ruhi is to be blamed partly.. B started keeping things to himself after R bad mouthed abt his Father and brother.. B said sorry for his harsh reaction next morning, but R never apologized for those bad words… She never made a move tau B kia krta? Remember jb B ney AJ ko khwab me dekha, she immediately told R and then haveli sequence.. But later on jb us ney Sohaib ko khwab me dekha tau instead of telling R vo uth k S ki pics dekhnay chala gya (*cheesy scene).. Just c the difference.. Those few words made him cautious, he dint want to listen them again…
      But no matter how unliked, those words remained carved in his mind forever, he mentioned them to S later on… This much influence her few words had on him


  12. Hi SZ. Suffice to say that you’ve said all that I was thinking about- no need to repeat. But I think you’ve given up totally on this show, but I still have (high?) hopes 🙂 Yes there are a lot of things out of place par umeed pe dunya qaim hai.
    I did notice the reds ki bharmar in that scene- maybe HH wanted to let us know that the death in B’s family had no effect on R’s family but it was too in-your-face.
    And when Wali was made to cry toh I thought “Chalo yeh bhi ab!” but I did like the taya-bhatija scenes.
    As Atty said, when I watch this show, I keep wishing Sarmad Khoosat had made it…I’m so missing his artistic sensibilities.


      • @SK: So funny you bring up MJ, just last night when I was watching I couldnt help but comparing accidental Aabi to Wali and how perfect these two good boys were … also was comparing an absolutely stunning HB as Aabi’s mom and these old-young-old women we see here. And ofcourse how real everything was in MeJ … remember all the hatefest of those days and the daants I would get every week LOL!


    • @Afia lol @how forcefully v r picking up any available artistic corelation, Sohaib’s parda giraoing last week and ur observation of overload of red in Ruhi and co… I m sure drama makers never thought that way… Ye hamari adaten Khalid sahb ney kharab kr di hain Talkhiyan aur Pehchan dikha kr…
      Uf kaaaaash SK had directed this play!


  13. @mais and @atty I m totally with you guys,
    Ruhi keeps on reminding that haveli wale log jahil hain, she was the one being biggest Jahil, cant believe she is an MBA.
    Laila was needed, to make Behroze realise that Suhaib had somthing for her Suhaib sense of duty made him marry Arjumand and not money, as Behroze thinks.
    “mera whoa sub kuch tha”:Behroze, what shall I say no words, after the way he treated Suhaib on his every visit, he was not even courteous.
    Wali sahib ki beard and hairstyle “kisiney unka eak bal bhi banka nahin kya”


  14. @SZ: i forgot to mention how awesome your review was and that fb update was literally hilarious… You are always at your creative best… Agreed with your each and every word.. N its so relieving to read such post 🙂


  15. SZ, first of all, thank you for the review, I can understand how close you are to the point of breaking all contact with the haveli people a la Behroze The Young 🙂

    When I was watching the episode I remembered a dialogue from a movie where Shah Rukh Khan asks Kajol and her mum, who are both crying bucket-loads, “aap logon ki ronay ki beemari kya khandaani hai?” – how apt for the inhabitants of the haveli (except Wali, I’ve waxed eloquent on OKB’s take above, but let me say it again, it was pitched really well and I hope he’ll maintain that controlled performance).

    At this stage, just as you said, I can understand where Roohi is coming from, but I wish they’d play out her character with a bit more nuance – they could’ve avoided making her say some of the harsh things she told Behroze. I can see how unsettled she is by the whole turn of events and how it reminds her of what she always knew (that she could never replace Agha Jaan and Sohaib in Behroze’s heart), to show her as heartless was a disservice to the character. But this is where I have a problem with Farhat’s writing – remember I told you her writing is not very nuanced? This is the sort of thing I meant. I had the same problem with Sara’s character in Humsafar. Why shouldn’t we keep Roohi’s character grey rather than black? She can still be a spanner in the works but for justified reasons.

    Coming to Behroze, I actually liked that they kept him grey rather than white – he seems to never be able to handle more than one set of relatives at a time, he mis-handled his wedding news, he never apologised to Arjumand for the harsh let-down, his handling of Sohaib’s meetings were justifiable neither to Sohaib nor to his wife and daughter, his sudden decision to get Faara married to Wali in haste, etc. Him falling in love with Roohi or marrying her were not wrong decisions, but the way he’s handled his most important relations leaves much to be desired. To be honest, Behroze has single-handedly caused events to unfold at every stage. Do you feel that he has been painted white? I didn’t feel that way – he has been messing things up forever now and nothing’s changed.

    Re: Laila’s outburst – I believe she is there to purely add to Behroze’s guilt that will finally goad him into deciding to get Wali married to Faara. Her indignance actually made me think what double standards she has – wasn’t she asking Sohaib to stand up to Agha Jaan and not give in to marrying Arjumand? Here’s someone who’s done that and look how she sunao’s him? It’s easy to be judgemental isn’t it?

    Re: Arjumand’s reaction to Wali+Faara – I don’t have much hopes – she swung from really depressed to totally impressed with Sohaib really fast, toh yeh kya badi cheez hai? Plus, they showed Wali accepting the proposal, so there’s no way she’d hold out for long, logical reasoning not withstanding…

    Re: Aabi vs Wali – I think Wali will have the chance to show a lot more spunk. Aabi was docile, I think Wali will have a lot more range of emotions to work with…fingers crossed, because I believe OKB can deliver…

    Chalein, let’s see what happens. I have a strong feeling that the next gen may be a lot more fun, with all sorts of fireworks and not this OTT rona-dhona. Given that it’s actually Wali and Faara’s story, I’d like to wait and watch a few more weeks to see what things look like with Wali at the helm…


    • @VZ Re Laila- i dint feel any contradiction in her behaviour.. Then she wanted Sohaib to stand up for his own choice, and now she was saying k us din jis ney apnay liye socha vo hamesha khush rahay aur jis ney doosro k liye socha un k hissay me dukh aye… Yeah, dukh wali baat 20yrz baad ajeeb lagi coz Sohaib told her clearly that he and Arjumund r very happy…
      Bus is baat sey thand parh gae dil me k chalo koi tau realise krvaye Behroze ko k Sohaib was selfless, and Behroze was selfish no matter right or wrong


      • Atty, I didn’t feel Laila had any idea about Behroze’s life to judge that he was happy. I understand she was speaking out as Sohaib’s friend, but she only knows one side of the coin – but I see your point – friends usually are biased 🙂

        I believe that Behroze was not selfish – he was just incapable of handling his relationships. At any given time, he can only keep one person happy: either Agha Jaan or Roohi. He doesn’t have the knack or tact to take both along with him. In the process, he ends up angering one party or the other and he himself also ends up unhappy. He is really a right mess!


    • @VZ: reg: Behroze never be able to handle more than one set of relatives’.. I must say you are reading Behroze very much right because almost lines likes this are mentioned in novel too 🙂


      • Rehmat, that’s what I felt about Behroze you know, I quite pity him in a way – so when he said Sohaib uska sab kuch tha, I understand that and didn’t doubt the sincerity of those words… and also when he said “tum merey liye bohat aziz ho Wali”, it was to Mikaal’s, OKB’s and the director’s credit that this line didn’t seem out of place, even though Behroze was meeting Wali for the first time.

        Mikaal has really exceeded my expectations – I rate this as one of his best performances because he has a bigger range of emotions to show…

        Are you liking Sanam’s performance? Does she match your image of Roohi?


        • @VZ: I am so glad that you are taking his character as it is; as it was meant or mentioned in Novel.. Yes MZ is doing really well..I so agree with you on sincerity of words.. He meant it .. Infact i also liked his Salman Ansar in SeZ.. Dont you think he is director’s actor..

          Totally Sanam matches Roohi of my imagination.. When i got to know about cast and the characters they were playing..SS was only one at that time that i thought will be perfect for Roohi.. she has that grace and attitude at same time what Roohi requires.. But just like SZ said k she shouldn’t be imposed on us as negative or like you said why to portray her totally black.. Roohi’s part in novel was pretty much more comparatively and i thought they will show her n her thoughts in good way but 10 episodes down we havent known her as such as we know Behroze,Suhaib and Arjumand.. Which is unfair.. No?


          • Rehmat, I agree that Mikaal is definitely a director’s actor – I liked his Salman in SeZ, but his laa was not very good, I gave up on that show very quickly!

            Yes, Sanam is good and she adds credibility to Roohi’s character. I think we were talking in last week’s episode about how both Wali’s and Roohi’s characters are not fully explored yet. This week we got some insights in to Wali, now slowly we’ll get to see what drives Roohi as well, at least I hope we do. I think she will come into her own once Behroze passes away, as then she will have Faara’s full attention. Also, she will be Faara’s only parent and given how young Faara is, Roohi will be the one making decisions on Faara’s behalf. Then we will hopefully see her in full flow. I think Sanam can give this a good go, she has the potential.

            Rehmat, I am not liking the harsh things they made her say today – I do wish her insecurities were brought out in a more subtle way. She is fully justified in her resentment, it could have been expressed in a more realistic way, otherwise it looks like she can wear a T-shirt saying “I am the villain”! This is wear they (production house) are playing to the TRP households, where everything has to be black and white and fully spelt out in detail… 😦


            • Rehmat – sorry, typo in the last line: this is where (not wear!) they (production house) are playing to the TRP households, where everything has to be black and white and fully spelt out in detail… 😦


            • @VZ @Rehmat – I started watching DeD only coz of Sanam and initially when I came to know that it was mainly the story of the characters played by OKB and Maya, I was resigned to the fact that Sanam didn’t have much of a role. But the promos, OST and even the montages/ posters showed otherwise and that really raised my hopes. But since the past 9 or so episodes I have been feeling cheated regarding Sanam’s part in DeD. Her role has been pretty random and her character as Rehmat pointed out has not as well shown as Suhaib, Arjumand and Behroze and I am just hoping that it has been kept under wraps as I suppose Roohi will come into prominence after Behroze’s death. Still her character should have been better established.

              As far as performance is concerned, Sanam has aced it whenever she has got the scope. Even in the scene where Behroze takes Roohi to meet Agha Jaan, she had no dialogue, yet by her expressions and body language she portrayed her feelings and how Agha Jaan’s barbs were affecting her bang on. She has been playing Roohi with a lot of restrain, though this is one character that could have easily gone over board. Roohi tends to over-react to situations, which could have become OTT, but Sanam does not overact and has given a very controlled performance. When she’s being a strict mother to Faraa, there’s a cutting sharpness to her voice, but it never gets screechy or shrill. Her eyes throw daggers and her face show anger, but no contortion of facial muscles, no exaggerated gestures yet she portrays her emotions strongly, but with a lot of subtlety Her acting is very nuanced. Also for her no over-exaggerated slow gait or slow talking to show herself as a woman in her 40s. Yet she does not come across as seeming too young to be Faraa’s mother. She really has a knack into getting into the skin of the character.


  16. @SZ Thanks for a refreshing fun review for an ep that was such a boring snoozefest and crying galore.. Another roti dhoti ep in memory of our rota dhota dearly departed Sohaib.. ROFL@ the fb status! Indeed his nazuk dil couldn’t handle the scary prospect of no more aansoo baha-ing lol

    Honestly the only thing that made sense to me in the entire ep was Wali-man’s character shaping up. @VZ described Wali spot on!..OKB I liked and we finally got to see some light into his character. rest of the ep was pointless!
    And the other character spelt out to us was The Wicked Witch.. Why did they have to paint her like that is beyond me! I get her anger and fury, her disappointment and ache, but why paint her few too many shades darker and turn her into the cold-hearted witch from Narnia? An auntie Farida type ghunni would have been much more interesting to watch/unfold onscreen. The mindless farigh auntie taking advice from an equally farigh bhabhi was so odd!
    Although Meekal is impressive and so are Abid Ali and Hareem, the way the ep shaped up their individual performances added zero impact overall for me.
    The Wali Behroze scene (the bit that was sandwiched between the zabardasti ki sandwich and the zabardasti ka hug) was the only bit that I liked in this ep, that gave an insight into Wali and zarmina’s brought up and explained why Wali is so comfortable around Behroze,( and also provided a glimpse of difference between Wali and Faraa). The way he was offering pakoras to AJ when Sohaib had mentioned Behroze a few weeks ago didn’t say how much he actually knew/cared about Behroze.
    I was sooo looking forward to Behroze Arju takra but @SZ like u said dil ke arman sohaib ke asuon mein beh gaye!.. that would’ve added some spice to this bin badal barsat ep.
    The precap is def more interesting than the ep itself!
    So by the looks of it Wali-man’s secret weapon/power will be ‘ilham’ that he will be getting in tarka from his baba and bare baba! Can’t believe after Sohaib, Behroze is also warning us in advance with his ilham .. ‘mere pas waqt kam hai?!?!?!? ‘ hoenstly!!!!???!!
    Also can’t believe Behroze is going down the rishta route! how absurd!! Yes arju seems the only one who seems to have learnt something from experience.. Abb iss baar kitni chalti hai aik aurat ki is haveli mein – lets see!


    • FA, that was one fun comment to read 🙂

      And regarding your last line – not in a million years will a woman’s voice be heard, but at least I will be glad if Arjumand speaks up instead of quietly swallowing this decision, but then she did speak out the last time too…


  17. I was just wondering while reading reviews on other sites that they were thinkig Okb was stiff and not comfortable with the role..

    I dont know how but i just agreed to what @VZ analyzed Wali’s character n that Okb is doing perfectly awesome as what role requires..


    • Rehmat, you know that I haven’t read the novel and my impression of Wali is entirely based on how OKB is portraying him. And from what I saw, he has conveyed the essence of the character really well. I really liked that he played Wali with a lot of restraint and control, because I think that’s how Wali is…and you and mais seem to be happy with his character too, so from the point of view of those who’ve read the novel too he seems to have got the character right, isn’t it?

      Stiff and uncomfortable? I didn’t feel that at all. Could it just be that others around him are giving the full-on emotional melodrama effects that his quiet and calm portrayal is coming across that way? I think his Wali is fine 🙂


      • @VZ and @Rehmat: I agree with you ladies. I too think OKB has nailed Wali, but I too am surprised at that general feeling. Also many think Sanam is failing as Ruhi. Could it be that these two are the only ones underplaying their characters in a serial where everybody else seems to be in a race to outdo the other when it comes to OTT theatrics?


        • SZ, yes, that’s what I felt – with everyone around them shrieking and crying, these two characters have been played in a controlled way (what a relief!). But that doesn’t seem to have gone down well? Also, as I mentioned in my Wali post, people are looking for the promos wala Wali – but here he is seen with his elders and OKB has actually done a good job in differentiating Wali with his elders versus Wali with his age-groupers.

          Given how the reviews on these two characters are so far apart, I also wonder what message the actors (Sanam, OKB) will get out of this? They might not know whose judgement to believe…


  18. What’s happened to SZ? May be it’s time for some DeD-style pyaar: warning: emotional content ahead – anyone who is still recovering from last Tuesday’s DeD episode, please look away now!

    SZ, aap kahaan hain? Aap humein aur aap kay blog ko is tarah tanha kaisey chod sakteen hain? *insert glycerin overload here, accompanied by loud, wailing music*… ek comment likthay thay toh forran jawab likthin thi, aur aaj – aaj itney sarey comments lekar hum sab aap kay rah dekhrahein hai, aur aap kyon nahi aateen? *insert chest-beating here* humein jawaab chahiye SZ behen, humein jawab chahiye *insert fainting here*…


    • ROFL..@VZ ur hillarious
      i think @SZ is still recovering from tuesdays glycerine overload.
      I think we should blackmail sohaib and behroze style.. Abb ke hum aisi tarkeeb karein ge ke bhagti hui jawab do gi.. (U certainly dont wanna embrace itne cheezy comments sgain lol)… Aur Hamare paas waqt kam hai.. ( weekend aa gya hai aur agla Tuesday tou bass aane wala hai)
      Chalein @SZ Yaar e mann aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭


      • Lol FA – yaar e mann was an excellent touch!

        We should give SZ a zabardasti ka hug and zabardasti ka sandwich as well when she turns up 😀


        • Hey, hey! You ladies are the best and so funny!! Thank you, nawazish karam shukriya for all the zabardasti wala pyar and the sandwich and hug the loud aaaaaaaa …ROFL !! Sorry for being MIA .. was ghayab because I had to turn in my third grant this month and then loooooonnnnggg meetings .. bas mat poocho :/ khair after all that read these comments and honestly you guys are the best tonic and sar dard ki dawa a girl could ask for! Thank you!! 😘


            • @VZ: Hahaha!! Didnt we both say we were more Behroze types? So yeah, that haveli wala pyar would have me running a 100 feet away in the other direction 😉


      • @VZ – @FA: ROFL that was super cool… Im sure @SZ will do taubah for being MIA again… She will be like kuch bhi karke hazari de dungi bus ye mat karna.. Too much to handle 😂😂😂


    • @VZ laughing so hard @insert chest beating here… hahahahahaha
      @FA yaaaar e mann at the right time..
      uf u guys r hillarious


  19. I so agree with you. Was it really necessary to show each and every character going into histrionics? I felt so sorry for Wali who had to face the same hysterical behaviour from every character. Why was it necessary to show each and every one crying/ shriekingi/ wailing??First..Behroz beside the corpse, “Wali Sohaib mujh say naraz hogaya hay….then daughter…bouts of crying and shrieking_followed by Arjumand …. hysterical sobbing and wailing: l” Wali tum baba ko chor aye? Kyoon ?”…. zarmeenay forgets about her own drama and starts to hold on to her mum. Laila rushes to get a glass of water (the remedy for every ailment…remember when sohaib fell on the floor instead of calling someone, Arjumand starts forcing a glass of water into his lips …a very dangerous thing to do actually- to an unconscious person..)

    Then poor Wali extracts himself and goes to Agha Jaan… same question ” tum sohaib ko dafan kar aye?? I mean please… this is taking the whole tragic death thing to a new level. Then the hospital scene: Barray baba mein aap kay liye chai laya hoon. Aap piyen …please meray liye ( instead of ‘ meri khatir’) aur dekhein mein sandwich bhi laya hoon ” all said in a hushed husky tone ( who talks like this yaar…can’t baray baba see that he has brought sandwiches too? I think the TV dramas are now getting a bit too filmy. Suddenly the wife who has been a support and love of his life turns into a bitch ??? He never included her in his thoughts, never told her about sohaib’s efforts… Does not make sense. While all Farah does is to talk in a hushed monotone to indicate she is a simple innocent soul .. and then decides to go to the movies while her Chacha has died a day before…
    I am sorry I think this episode was just drama/ masala/ fake tragedy rolled into one … and it is sad that each director feels that for the success of a serial one HAS to make sure that everyone cries!!! And the cherry on the cake is that Behroz who lived all his life doing what made sense to him turns into an Agha jaan and decides to do Nikah of his daughter without consulting his wife and daughter!! P L E A S E!! What crap is this??? I so agree with you.. why are we forced to like and dislike? Suddenly it is bad to be true to one’s love and marry her? And we are supposed to condone the behaviour of Agha Jaan who actually sort of forced Sohaib on a almost incest lke behaviour? He thought of her as a sister and bhabhi? and now we have a new Agha jan???


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