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Let’s begin with a moment of silence and offer a ba-jam’at dua for the dearly departed Suhaib: May his soul rest in watery-eyed-woman-holding-facial-tissue-box-28854831eternal peace and may he be spared the unending tears he was made to shed in this world – Ameen!!

With dua fateha out of the way, lets put aside the by now much used and abused tissue box, and look back all that went on this latest installment of Diyar-e Dil.

That Suhaib would die was not a surprise, it was heavily hinted at in the previous episode, but the melodramatic manner in which his death was stretched out over an entire episode was a hardly necessary. Yes, it was sad ‘n all, and though I agree with the sentiments and lines, I am not convinced of the need for long drawn melodrama, first with Arjumand and then with Agha jan? Why not cut that short and add in a scene with Wali as well? Perhaps that picnic? It would have been nice to a have one last happy visual of Suhaib with his family. And then of course, in true filmi fashion, that most important phone call was left till the next morning, ensuring that all and sundry knew ke bas ab bhai jan ke chal chalao ka time aa gaya hai sirf chand ghanton ki baat hai….

In all the senti-ness the one moment that really stood out in that lambi siyaah raat was ironically the one sans the 11256514_10153844614338662_481972499_ncrying or emotional lines – when after returning from Agha jan’s room, after having set things right with his family, Suhaib came in quietly and pulled down the shutters or rather apni zindagi ki kahani par parda gira diya – this is the kind of narrative subtlety that I had hoped for but find woefully lacking in this full on Lollywood inspired mode of filmi story telling.

What I did enjoy was how the emotional connect between the father and his two sons was highlighted. Behroze might’ve turned away from Suhaib’s outstretched hands but it was not as easy to turn his back on the memory of Suhaib jesting about his own death. Similarly, the scene where he couldn’t sleep while Suhaib was in pain was a very nice woven into the screenplay. Also enjoyed the moment when Agha jan was so perturbed by his younger son’s emotional outbreak that he was compelled to put aside his ego and give in to Suhaib’s request to forgive Behroze.

Agha jan’s phone call to Behroze was beautifully done, and the reaction from the other end was spot on. The last couple of scenes, the milaap of the the long-estranged father and son, was really well done – I will admit to being moist-eyed at that moment. Abid Ali is an actor in a class all by himself, but the real surprise has been Mikaal and the way he has gotten into the skin of his very difficult character, someone who keeps his emotions and feelings to himself. For Behroze to finally fall apart like he did and lose it completely at the sight of his devastated father was really well done by Mikaal. Sadly though where his acting is spot on the stiff hair is so off ke bas nahin.

I can only wonder as to how much more impact Suhaib’s final moments would’ve had if his scenes earlier had been underplayed a bit. But to give him his due Ali Rehman did justice to Suhaib and was a lot better here than in his previously forgettable outings. For her part Hareem played the supportive, and later grief stricken wife very nicely. That scene with Hareem and Mariyam was very well done. They say to not speak ill of the dead, but kitna accha hota if there had been even a fleeting acknowledgment of those earlier difficult moments in Arjumand and Suhaib’s marriage, but nope, apparently all was truly forgotten. In any case that whole qissa is literally dead and buried now – or is it?

Whereas Suhaib and Arjumand, those most affected by the whole trauma of the past, seemed to have well and truly moved on, poor Laila is still harboring resentments. For a love story that barely lasted two days, I have no clue why Laila is still holding on to the bitterness? Was she involved in a bad marriage? Will wait for more to unfold in this track, but for now I’m not buying into her story.

Left pretty much by the wayside was Ruhi and Fara’s track. That scene with Fara and her friend was totally out of sync with the mood of the episode, although I did applaud Fara chiding her silly twit of a friend for her nonsense. I can see why a scene like that was necessary, but I felt the overall narrative needed something more in keeping with the overall mood, or there should’ve had been some proper sequencing between that scene and those preceding and proceeding it. Sanam had only two scenes, but I liked Ruhi’s underplayed concern for her husband and that she was worried enough to not want him to travel by himself. But seriously, Ruhi, bibi, you need some real friends in your life – this bhabhi of yours is no good, I tell you!

tumblr_mtq0w0aRtB1rmkupgo1_500With our badshah-e jazbaat’s track coming to an end the stage was set for the parda kushai of Prince Charming – enter Wali sahab, minus the white mare plus the white shalwar kameez. 

In a family where everybody cries like there’s no tomorrow, thank you Wali for keeping your emotions under check. It is really interesting but where we have gotten an insight or two about the other younger characters, Wali has so far remained closed off. We have no clue what he thinks of his family drama or how he understands and rationalizes the way he has always come second in his father’s affections – the top spot was always reserved for the exiled brother. So yes, Osman Khalid Butt’s Wali may come off as stiff and controlled but after today I think those very things are key to understanding the character’s emotional makeup. For now Wali is gradually easing into the role that fate has prescribed for him. Responsibility rests heavy on his young shoulders but worry not Wali  – we have you all prepped for all the challenges that lay ahead of you!

Wali manLooking forward to the next chapter in this jazbaat se bharpoor saga of dil and dilwalas!

Written by SZ~

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  1. I loved this episode, I cant remember when I cried so much watching a TV drama…Agha Jan’s phone call to Behroze, that was just brilliantly done. Suhaib was such a loveable character, I will miss him.


  2. Some highs and some lows in this episode..
    For the first time i m impressed by Meekal in a serious role, otherwise i wanted to limit him to ufone ads.. Agha jaan ka maan jana was very well done, and most of the credit goes to Abid ali sahab..
    Things which put me off were Ruhi’s “main bhaijan ko kehti hun sath jayen”, behen uski haalat dekh! Ap tau hr waqt bhae bhae krti rehti hain, unka bhae marr gya per begum ney mayyat pey janay ki offer tak nae ki..
    Wali got enough time to change his clothes after coming back from hospital with dad’s dead body.. No wonder death box was lying alone in a room with white chaadars. Baqi sb b kaprhay change krnay me busy hon gay..
    And last shot was a nightmare.. Khudaya so OTT.. Sohaib ki naak me cotton daal kr kafan b pehna diya


    • @Atty: Yes, after SeZ this is the first time that I have been able to take Mikaal seriously as well – warna to as you rightly say nobody can sell Ufone better than him….

      LOL @ “behen uski haalat dekh!” Too funny! Actually though to me it made sense that she did not feel comfortable enough inviting herself to her inlaws house, considering the way she had been thrown out the one time she’d been there… but then she didnt want him to go alone all the way .. pehley hi raat ko soya nahin tha (and the fact ke tension se uske baal kharey ho gaye they) so I took her bhai lo jayen in that way … but khair I just loved reading your comment 😀

      And hahaha!!! Kya sahi tajziya hai aapka re: Wali and his clothes and I’m soo glad I’m not the only one who found that last closeup ghastly!


    • Atty, your comment was such a fun read! I hated the way they showed the body etc.

      What did you think about the dragged out bits – I think they only missed Sohaib saying goodbye to the family cat/dog/horse, Behram/Gul Khan/etc.


      • @VZ: Nahin nahin, he forgot to say goodbye to his bacchas as well – or at least we didnt see it… wouldve been nice to see him pass on the mantle to his son and some dialogues like beta aaj ke baad mere aansoo tumhare huey – use them to good effect .. every time you dont know what to do, just go back to the basic and let the tears flow … yeh nuskhha kabhi mat bhulana ..#workslikeacharm #everytime!!


        • hahaha! I was actually hoping we’d get a Sohaib walking to his sleeping children, putting the chaddar on them and switch off the light 😀


          • @SZ – Ae behn, Allah maafi jo Wali ka tear-fest dekhne ko mile 😐 Wali-Man is made for other things, not crying. Wo rulata hai, rota nahin.

            @VZ – That would be creepy. If my parent walked in my room at adhi raat ko, I’ll simply panic. Obedience and love aside, raat and room’s privacy makes a person free and there are somethings our parents rather not know about is, specially during that time. Aage aapki imagination #cheeky


        • @ SZ ,VZ , mais. Hahahaha shukar its so relieving that andar se Wali kitna hie apne baap per gaya ho.. Bahar se he is not a rotlu.. N much like apne Chacha.. Thank goodness for that :p


        • @VS @SZ ROFL@ passing the mantle.. i would’ve liked to have seen a wali sohaib scene actually.. Infact the picnic wouldve been apt.. but instead we got sohaib back in aghajans lap.. that went on forever!! .. dunno abt anybody else but i was all teary there – laughing my head off!!!


          • FA, that scene did have me in splits too, see below for how far I went with my imagination 😛

            That such an emotional scene was played out that way was quite off-putting. I mean, I am happy to wait patiently for OKB to put out his DeD parody, there’s no need for the director to take that on!


    • @Atty Yes the last shot was such a turn off! waise why the wooden coffin?.. and yes why was it lonely.. woh bhi ooper kahin..
      RE roohi: I agree with @SZ.. I thought that was rather nice of her t worry abt him. She knows she’s not allowed to enter the the haveli and turning up at such an event would’ve been quite upsetting for everyone..It’s not just aghan jan but also Arjumand.. She obviously doesn’t want to relive the horror and humiliation she faced all those years ago. It’s too painful a memory.. Offering to go herself could’ve been more chaotic for him and wouldve made it more awkward and difficult for Behroze to reunite with his family.. this way he has a better chance….Im glad she didnt turn up, Warna uff the double drama in the haveli and the OTT filminess wouldve been way too overwhelming…! I say one step at a time is good move!


  3. *cries*

    I WANT SUHAIB BACK! It’s been really long since I last cried like this watching TV. Aisi halat hui hai kal tou ro ro ke…I was totally curled up in my chair, clutching the two remotes to my chest, and just washing my face with tears while watching the episode. Suhaib is one character I instantly fell in love with when this drama started and my love for him has only grown. Ali Rehman was consistently fantabulous in his portrayal and gaaah! I will dearly miss him. I actually DO miss him and just the thought of Suhaib no longer in the picture pains me. He was the best thing in DeD for me and now it’s gonna be hard for this show to bring someone else closer to that level. Wali-Man…feel the pressure increase more on yourself.

    The episode was perfect. For once I felt the pace was settled and we didn’t unnecessarily rush through things like it had happened for the past two weeks. The Farah college bit..haha, it was the second part of the scene which was abruptly cut in last week’s episode. A bit unneeded but it did give further insight to Farah’s character so I’ll just take it as they give me. That aside, I loved how the whole episode was completely Suhaib centric and we got to see his last moments with his wife and father. The genuine warmth and love he shared with Arjumand, how his bond with her had only strengthened with time, them having proper communication…it made my heart happy. Yeah, initially their marriage was a whole pile of trouble but they did come out of it, even if it took the most desi cliche of a kid bringing them closer. They had promised each other to let the bygones be bygones and they stood on their word in these 20 years of marriage between them. They were the ones who actually did move on. Whatever frustrations Arjumand got from Suhaib in the beginning of their marriage, their conversation made it clear that later he compensated for it with so much love, attention, affection, and respect that she forgot all about it. This I believe is the beauty of relationships and I guess the right way to treat them. What is truly the need for remembering and bringing up difficulties of a marriage when the bigger part of it has been filled with nothing but undivided attention and love?

    Khair, Suhaib’s scenes were treated with such an ominous air that one didn’t have to read the novel to find out beforehand that his end was close. His bit with Agha Jaan in the room was amazing. For the first time in twenty years, Suhaib completely broke down in front of Agha Jaan. It was the little boy rushing to his father, a child’s first hero, and crying because the trouble was too much for him. For the first time Suhaib refused to give in to AJ’s stubbornness and matched it with his own. Nahin buss, abhi maaf karna hai aapko Behroze ko. ABHI bulana hai usse. These years had already made AJ realize that he was too strict and disregarding when it came to making decisions for Suhaib and then to see that very son crying helplessly because he was tired of trying to build the bridges back…Agha Jaan’s ego might be a huge, unbreakable wall but he’s legit moum when it comes to Suhaib now. The best bit was how AJ didn’t immediately give in and still found reasons and ways to show his anger at Behroze but Suhaib didn’t take any of it and apni manwa ke hi chodhi. And then their farewells…soch ke hi dobara rona shuru kardungi. The hug and the kisses..there was this warm genuineness in the entire sequence. The years had brought the father-son closer and the whole scene was proof of that.

    Afterwards tou it was completely Abid Ali’s show. My goodness, what a splendid performance. The broken and shattered father of a son who died way before his due time. Also, major kudos to Mariyam and Hareem. The scene with the crying and scared Zarminey coming to her mother for comfort and Arjumand hugging her daughter so tightly as if that would take the hurt and loss away…brilliant. Complete and utter brilliancy that was. Behroze’s restlessness found a reason in the worst of phone-calls. He heard his father’s voice after years and that too to get the news of his brother’s demise. Behroze mechanically forgetting everything with only one thought in his mind, “Agha Jaan ke paas jana hai…Suhaib ke paas jana hai!” was spot on. He totally forgot his own family for the one he left behind. Ruhi and Farah were shaken seeing his state and I guess more shocks are in store for them.

    While I did understand and appreciate Wali’s composure during the entire tragedy, seeing him too composed actually didn’t sit well with me. Despite being young he had enough sense to be calm enough to forget his own grief and care for his family which was legit breaking down. But then again, he IS young and itna bhi koi Wali-Man banne ki zaroorat nahin thi 😦 Though all my complains vanished in that last split second look on his face when he takes Behroze to see Suhaib’s body in the casket. There was this raw and naked grief on Wali’s face which made me instantly feel connected to him. Obi nailed that look. There is just so less of Wali that we really don’t know what’s the deal with this guy, his character is very much in my head right now rather than something I have personally seen. Gaaah…his ghoda hasn’t yet entered the maidaan and it makes me more impatient for his character. He was the only one in the young generation who got an entry with a bang (on a ghoda) and yet he is the most closed off character as you put it.

    Muaaaah :* to you for taking the Wali-Man out of the comment section and making it official in the review xD Wali ko ghode pe dekh ke bada dil khush hota hai mera…mera anokha laadla, jo ghode ko apni biwi ka sautan banaega :$


    • @mais: behen tissue box aap ke liye hi rakha hai .. please aansoo ponch lo 🙂

      Oh!! Yes, you are so right – indeed that Fara scene was a continuation from that last week’s horrible chemistry scene – good catch! and it was so randomly added in .. thats the thing that gives this serial a very rough look, koi bhi scene kahin bhi chipka dete hain .. even this scene came out of nowhere, ab I hope they dont have another two min scene let over that will make its appearance in the next episiode #notlookingforwardtothat :/

      On the whole thoroughly enjoyed your comment … more than the episode actually …lot more insightful and better articulated than what we saw on screen! #shaabash!

      And muahs back .. yes, Wali-Man ki entry to banti thi, now if only the dramey wala Wali takes his lead from Wali Man and own the episode 🙂


      • @SZ – I know, right? The scene placement of this show is really weird. The whole college scene would’ve felt better in the last week. It would’ve given more context to Ruhi dotting over Moeez and Moeez/Farah’s equation, Erum being annoyed by it etc. Plus, it would’ve made Behroze’s reaction to meeting with Suhaib more prominent. Here he was, preparing to go to Singapore and go on with his usual life and bam, Suhaib came with his ominous talks and Behroze literally lost all his sleep.

        Hahaha, that is such a compliment for me :$ Thank you #blushes

        The more they stall revealing Wali in detail, the more the anticipation rises. Which is not always a good thing because then things often fall flat when the moment actually arrives. Urgh..would hate for that to happen -_-


        • mais, like you, I too am worried about such a huge build-up for Wali.

          Was Faara such a mooh-phat in the story? I like her spirit though. May be Wali will have one more project on his hand – to make Faara express herself with a bit more softness? 🙂


          • @VZ – Oh, Farah’s mooh-phattness is one very integral part of the story. I do hope they include the scene where her mooh-phattness is addressed because it’s my favorite scene in the novel. Farah is as Behroze puts her, “Jo dil mein, wo hi chehre pe” and since this is a story of dilon ka palatna so…you get the gist.

            I like the way you are more or less spot on about Wali’s projects at hand 😛


            • @mais; I agree the munh-phatness is a Fara’s USP, but the way Maya is playing her she is coming across as annoying and irritating, there is nothing endearing about her. I would’ve liked to find myself rooting for her, as in haan thori badtameez hai par kiya larki hai sab keh deti hai, but here I only feel annoyance and keep waiting for the scene to end . :/


    • @mais. Yes indeed that last frame of Wali was really something to watch for.. And i love your love for Suhaib and the enthuaisim u show in every single episode.. Fun to read your comment 😄


      • @Rehmat: Sometimes I get embarrassed for being too into the show and legit bleeding feelz for it while everyone carries on with such mature discussions. But then I’m all, “chuck it, daffa karo” and continue killing the waves (maujen marna) here 😛 I am slightly unabashed when it comes to showing love :$


  4. Array Asher sb move aside!!!! It’s suhaib time now….Best son, Best brother, Best husband, best father with no dark side….


    • @Asma: LOL! bas halo ki kami hai 😇 😇

      And my apologies, couldnt get back to you on the DeD thread last week … but I was layghing as I was reading and huge hug to your son – he sounds so cute! And waqai .. how dare you disturb his nap time #badmommy!! 😱


  5. Loved the ep (minus some hiccups- wish we’d seen the picnic, wish wali would loosen up, wish Laila would return to from whereever she’s appeared).
    Abid Ali was fantastic- love watching him. Ali Rahman was great as well and so was Mikaal. What a treat to see their scenes.
    Suhaib will missed 😥


    • @Afia: Haina! For somebody who was in Suhaib’s life for a couple of days and in the haveli for about that much time as well, she sure has a attitude! Did you see the precap scene where she was annoyed with Behroze for not recognizing her .. arrey bibi that weekend Behroze had so much drama going on in his life ke how would he remember a random guest!


      • @afia @ SZ Re Laila: Uffffffffffffff!!!! that mukhtasir muhabbat will haunt us for a while! Btw when did they promise their bachas shadi? Like u said marne wale ko baksh dena chahye, but honestly Sohaib ne kuch sabaq nahin seekha zindagi main! Good thing Arjumand had some sense warna tou uss raat yeh rishta bhi tae ho jata!! lol


  6. SZ, like Afia mentioned last week, I too am enjoying your review with my morning chai 🙂 And yes, Ameen to your first para.

    But first, can I put out a request to all the directors in TV drama-land out there? Please please avoid extreme close-up shots of dead bodies – first Aabi of MeJ now Sohaib. The whole opening the box thingy was just un-watchable.

    SZ, like you, I enjoyed the parda girana sequence a lot – like in one of the earlier episodes we had Sohaib looking out of a haveli window. But I agree with you – such visual imagery and subtle hinting is more the exception rather than the norm here.

    Re: Sohaib – I appreciate showing us a man who wears his heart on his sleeve. Usually we generally see the strong, silent types, the ones asking us feeble aurats to get it together, the ones who brood silently alone, etc., so Sohaib made a change from all that. But, the Karan Johar-esque crying and the fits of hugging – well, it made the whole thing a bit of a caricature for me, like that scene where he was chipkao-ing with Agha Jaan. I liked their dialogues, but the whole hand in hair thingy was not my cup of chai. I was imagining Sohaib’s beard coming off in Agha Jaan’s hands or some such irreverent thought.

    And dragging on a whole episode to milk out every single tear in every single household was a bit too much. At the end I was just so impatient for them to move on. And I am seriously worried about Behroze’s health – this guy is terribly sleep-deprived, I hope he doesn’t leave us soon like his brother, he looks really ill…

    What I did like was how (just like you mentioned), they’ve kept Wali under wraps. And not just Wali, they’ve pretty much kept Roohi quietly underplaying as well. I sure hope that when the time comes, Wali and Roohi will have some aces up their sleeves to deliver.

    And I agree with you re: Wali’s body language, he is the more controlled one in the family. In the hospital scene, it was interesting to see Agha Jaan’s restlessness against Wali’s quiet stand.

    A shout out to OKB for that scene where Behroze met Agha Jaan – the look of curiosity in Wali’s eyes was spot on. I really like how he reacts to all that’s happening around him, whether it’s at Zarminey’s white mare request or this week as a silent on-looker in that key scene.

    SZ, sorry for not replying to your comments from last week’s episode. Your Wali-man idea is really good!


    • @VZ: hey hey! Back to home base? Arrey no worries abt replying to comments, it life and it often gets gets crazy and and I know I’m behind on your SeZ comments … I have so much to say, but I love reading your insights and loved your A-Z idea! So keep penning your thoughts … They always take me back to a time that will always remain special .. don’t know if I mentioned this before but SeZ is the reason why this blog exists, otherwise I had pretty much said good bye to blogging…

      And thank you, thank you… now I feel a bit less crazy that I am not the only insane person who was not swayed by the OTT emotional atyachar .. Like you I too understand and get the character on paper, like I am totally in agreement with the way you and @mais describe the character, but the way hes was played is really caricature like as you put it,,, and LOL! love the way you described the Suhaib AJ scene … it was just soo out there, pretty much on par with that bromance hug last week.

      And I dont remember the nitty gritty but I think Behroze is around for a bit … remember he shares his dad and bro’s genes so he will do his share of rishtas also before bowing out, if he does so at all..


    • @VZ: yaar i so like how you are spot on for some of the things that might happen im future 😉 and a big ROFL on your imaginations on AJ – Suhaib scene.. I so wish me ye scene tumhare saath dekhti.. Hahah


      • Rehmat, that will be lovely na if we could all watch at least one episode together?

        Arrey, so what was I spot on about? Usually all my predictions are for the “dark side” hehehe like Moiz being Wali’s competitor 😦

        I do wish they get on with the story yaar, they tested my patience last night. There was nothing earth-shattering there that they dragged it on and on. It’s coming up to episode 10 and while I don’t have a problem with directors taking their time, this last episode definitely felt dragged out a lot. It was as if they were milking the tragedy for all its worth, I lost my patience at that.


        • @VZ – Buss yehi bohat hai aapke liye that your predictions aren’t completely off the mark. Ab kya sab bata den? xD

          We still have 21 episodes left of the drama and once it a while, a settled episode like this doesn’t hurt. Hopefully the next episode will have more happening than this. For me the episode was perfect because Suhaib deserved a proper, looooooong send-off like this.


          • mais, Rehmat – accha jee, no clean-shaven OKB. 🙂

            And yes, once the story progresses, you guys and Afia do keep the discussion going on the book vs the play. I am sure we’d all love that.


            • @VZ: I am with you on Wali’s growth being visually marked with a progression from a clean-shaven boyish look to a more mature bearded look 🙂 The way it stands now it seems like Omar from Goya has walked into DeD as Wali… thank God they didnt have Wali make his entry wearing that black leather jacket @OKB had worn in the last ep of Goya … from the promos it seems like that black jacket does make an appearance here.


          • @ VZ: hahahah exactly agree with @mais. Sab batadein hain.. Bare maze arahe he 😉 it did dragged yaar.. I felt last week episode was literally dhaka dene wali…

            Yes would love to keep the discussion ln book keep on going 🙂


    • @VZ ROFL @ AJ Sohaib awkward scene.. Honestly the whole hath and baal thing was sooo off & the angle it was shot from was really odd! I honestly couldn’t register the lines I was too busy laughing lol
      ANd some of the lines were really out there too.. ‘kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai’.. agha jan aap mujh se khush hain?? Well jate jate mian sohaib prove kar gai he was living for his tareefs literally..


  7. SZ, are you still up like Behroze in the middle of the night?

    Yes, I am back home now and no, I didn’t know that SeZ was the reason you started this blog. I will keep writing there, I love SeZ and the myriad layers that story has and the way that story was told on screen. Don’t worry about being behind on my comments!

    Re Behroze, oh, ok, so having made his own choice regarding his life partner, he is now going to become rishtey-wali aunty? 😦

    I like the little messages coming through Faara – something positive, eh?


    • @VZ: yes finishing up some work then off to bed – almost done 🙂 lol please no, dont compare me to Behroze.. my hair is a complete mess but nothing like MZ’s baal khare

      And yes, I like what Fara’s saying, just not agreeing with the way shes talking … last week too she had things to say to her cousin, but it was all done with so much badtameezi ke should’ve gotten some serious daant had she been my daughter, I was so glad Ruhi daantoed her good .. so yes, Farhat has gems here and there but its all buried under the aansoo-on ka sailab…Hopefully with Uncle Suhaib out of the pic we will go through a much needed dry patch – like literally!


      • @VZ- Hmmm…maybe I am wrong and gonna go borderline racist with this comment but aren’t Pathans very open with their emotions? There was this novel I read by Faiza Iftikhar and it was also on Pathani/Haveli background and there the characters were like this as well…reverently holding their elders hand and kissing them. Maybe I had that in my mind because I felt the AJ/Suhaib scene was wonderful and very in character of these two as Suhaib is the one more close to the family values and traditions.

        @SZ – ouch, “aansoo-ka-sailaab”…it pricks a bit but it’s true xD With Suhaib out, maybe the glycerin will be used less now. A fellow human had drilled in my head that crying is a very natural process and one shouldn’t be blamed for crying, and I used to retort all the time, “But ITNI crying?!” seems like the tables have turned on me 😛 But seriously, I am rather looking forward to the more hotter emotions to come in play now, the ones where mistakes are made. Like Behroze’s showdown with Agha Jaan in the second episode, something like that. Ruhi has been sidelined for a while now and I can’t wait for her to get in the picture. Her and of course, Wali jo ab tak talwaren hi tez kar raha hai per KAR kuch nahin raha.

        As for Farah and her badtameezi, I actually love it 😛 It gives her character a more young and unpolished edge of reality. We being older than her character’s age know she’s wrong with the way she talks but she in her head is right because bolne wale ko sunna bhi padega. This kind of attitude gives us temporary sukoon but long-time khuwari because people don’t forget the tones with which they are spoken to. I get a feeling Farah ka ye attitude usse kafi papad belwaye ga..

        Re: Suhaib’s match-making service. I love this guy, I really do, but his constant rishta talks had me rolling my eyes. Wali and Farah I get because he was going through the typical “rishta jodo, dooriyan khatam karo” mentality but choosing some guy he met for the first time for his young daughter? That didn’t sit well with me and I am so GLAD Arjumand stopped him right there and then ke khabardaar jo Zarminey ke rishte ki baat bhi ki! She’s young and studying and there’s no way she will get into this rishta jhamela before the appropriate age. There’s the spunk in Arjumand which was missing last week.


        • mais, I think we just cross-posted. 🙂

          I don’t see your comment as racist at all. Well, I agree that Pathans are all heart. But the way the scene went on, I was getting all of these ajeeb o gareeb images in my head – like the beard coming off in AJ’s hands or Wali jumping out from a corner and saying “mujhay bhi hug chaahiyay” etc. I didn’t mean to undermine that emotions in that scene, just the way it came through was funny (only in my head!).

          On that account, I was also imagining Sohaib’s ghost haunting that haveli and giving random hugs to unsuspecting inhabitants of the haveli 😀 #lostmymarbles.

          I did enjoy Arjumand putting an end to all talk of rishtas etc.

          Interesting to hear your views on Faara – and love the tantalising hints you drop for us along the way 😀 (“people don’t forget the tones with which they are spoken to”)… She comes across as immature to Wali’s matured nature. But yeh Wali ka nature kya hai, we are yet to see that.

          As you put it, “Wali jo ab tak talwaren hi tez kar raha hai per KAR kuch nahin raha” – all this build-up and finally meow meow na ho jaaye.

          And now here’s a very important question – do you think OKB should’ve been clean-shaven to look the right age here? 🙂 #toomuchtimeonmyhands…

          Missing the rest of the gang today, FA, Rehmat…where are you guys?


          • @VZ – Oh god, the images in your head are hilarious! xD I’d better not add something to them because I wouldn’t be able to see the scene in the same light again 😛

            I am trying to not be all spoilery about the story 😛 It’s a conscious effort. Just taking the story one episode at a time and mixing a bit of knowledge from the novel and then talking about it. It’s fun for me, really. Knowing the most of what’s going to happen but still being in complete shadows as to HOW it will happen…makes the experience more engaging for me 😀

            I do hope Wali is not the most perfectly perfect guy because of his maturity. The humane nature of doing both right and wrong make all the characters of DeD. While Farah does seem like the one who will make mistakes because of her immaturity or headstrong personality, Wali seems too understanding to do any such mistakes. But then again, Wali with people around his age is totally different. He has this very authoritative/demanding relationship with his sister which comes out when it’s just the two of them. Rather than being the dotting, caring, “meri behen meri jaan” kind of a guy he’s more loud, demanding, “you better listen to what I say young lady!” person. I sincerely hope Farah’s bagair lagi lipti rakhne wali personality pricks and prods him enough that his calm demeanor cracks. There’s a reason I am so looking forward to them! #MainBesabar

            Aaah…the dreaded stubble question 😛 Umm…yeah, the stubble/beard does make Wali look older than the age but then, there are 20 year old guys around me who’d rather keep a stubbled face than a clean shaven one. I, being a super shallow person, admire guys who totally rock the bearded/stubble look. There is a reason why Obi has so whole-heartedly accepted the “Chitti Bandari” title for himself because him clean shaven is not a very handsome sight xD At least not for me. Before him as Wali I’ve only liked for his wit, humor, intellect but here he looks the part of a intense hero. Yeah…at this point maybe the chikna look would’ve been more character appropriate but that would’ve made it so hard for me to take him seriously, even if later he had gone for the stubble look. So yeah, I am in favor of the stubble. He looks…hot :$ #MainShallow


          • Heyy guys… Hahah @ suhaub’s ghost haunting n giving hugs.. Tauba.:D i think Wali sahab bhale time le lain to make his talwar taizz but i think we wont be left disappointed.. Atleast from the promos it doesn’t look like that way.. @mais. U know its so hard to control not to give spoilers but the way you put it is really good..

            Oh no .. No clean shaven look… He looks this way so better.. haha


            • @Rehmat: promos wale Wali ne jo mujhe feelzzz di hain na, wo tou buss…poocho hi mat #dreamy
              Mature, obedient Wali sar-ankhon per gimme the smirking, sneaking, harsh, restless, tadapta hua Wali and watch me break records of fangirling here xD (provided, as VZ said, “meow meow” na hojae..)


          • @VZ awwww aap ne yaad kiya! 🙂 Been caught up with work. Can’t believe I’m so late joining the party! So much fun to read all the comments tho.. Apologies for sounding repetetive.. I’m adding my two pence as Im reading along/.. aagey chal ke dekha tou its in old story lol
            Re OKB clean shaven/bearded look : I like the bearded look, but I’d rather they hadn’t made out he was 19/20 yrs old bacha. I thought the rolled up sleeves and the waistcoat gone did take a few yrs off this week. last week he looked like he was nearing his 30s.. The way mais, Rehmat and Afia have created a mature persona for him, a clean shaven Wali might not have cut it.. but then again most of our superheroes are clean shaven lol
            @SZ haan too much of a goyaa hangover though..


        • @mais: yes! I too was thrilled when Arjumand cut Suhaib short .. honestly banda kuch tau apni past se seekhey … magar nahin … ka daftar khola hua unhon ne so jo mil gaya us ke saath apne bachon ka rishta jor diya .. he didn’t even ask about Laila’s family etc, bas jhat se decided ke Ibad was suitable for his daughter.


          • @SZ – In the novel Ibad was Zarminey’s cousin but here since they didn’t show Arjumand’s siblings, I liked how he got connected to the story as being a close family friend’s grandson. But Suhaib tou totally hatheli pe sarson jama raha tha! Theek hai he knows Laila and her father, but he has no other information about Laila’s husband and his family. Aise hi ek mulaqat mein liking the guy for her daughter to marry? They could’ve shown Laila approaching the family some time later and officially asking for Zarminey…mana kon karta? As I said, Ibad being Agha Jaan’s dear friend’s grandson tips the scale in his favor. This was the only thing I literally couldn’t digest well. So glad that Arjumand ne Suhaib ke ghodon ko break laga di and didn’t allow her daughter to come even near the suffering Arjumand had to go through.


            • @mais. I was surprised on the fact when Suhaib said to Laila k hum apne bachon ka rishta saath me karainge n she said tumhe yaad tha.. Yani k they already had decide that n it seemed like k chlo humari shadi na sahi.. Bachon ki karain ge.. Hadh hoti he… :/


          • @SZ ROFL @ That sequence got me soo annoyed!
            @mais thanks for sharing that from the novella.. Interesting!. Abb yahan that mukhtasir muhabbat ko itna tool mil gya hai.. #annoying
            @Rehmat haina! when did they promise that??!!! That was sooo wierd! infact #creepy


  8. “but the melodramatic manner in which his death was stretched out over an entire episode was a hardly necessary”

    Thank goodness, thank goodness for your review SZ. I have read another review and thought is it only me that feels this way. I am sorry but I just have to be harsher than you are regarding this.

    Halfway through the episode I thought does Suhaib have terminal cancer or something that he is hiding from his family and so knows the end is near? I mean who at that age talk’s like that…only grandparents and people of that age talk about death and what happens after they die. Suhaib may have been a father to an adult son but he was much too young to talk that way. Was the cause of Suhaib’s death confirmed…sorry I must have missed it. The whole situation was more to do with the story overall than actually how character development.

    On film (Tv and movies) if a character is walking and there is a banana peel in front of them and they will slip on it in a few minutes, the camera will for a split second show the banana peel to the audience who will work out what is about to happen. In this episode of Dayar-e-Dil the director/producers decided that showing us the banana peel was not enough, obviously the audience is too stupid to put 2 and 2 together and realise the character is going to slip. No here the banana had neon signs and arrows pointed at with the words ‘character will slip in a few seconds’

    The whole situation with Suhaib was over-done and stretched. A better scriptwriter would have treated the audience with respect and been more subtle about his death. The scene between Suhaib and Arjumand was beautiful, minus the (unnatural) references to death, it would have been very good. Again the night time conversation between Suhaib and Aga Jaan was beautiful but went on too long. We the audience again should have been treated with respect because we know, we know, we know what Suhaib wants and about Aga Jaan’s pride…did we need to have it spelled out to us like A, B, C.

    The last five minutes I have to say were gold. From the moment Aga Jaan phoned Behroze and Behroze rushed to the Haveli. And yes I cried.

    By the way does Arjumand know that Laila and Suhaib had a romantic link?


    • @NKhan: wah so interesting to read your comment.. I agree these drama makers do test audience intelligence.. Like literally spoon feeding.. Bhaye humare pass dimag he and we feel happy to use that.. But they dont let us :/
      No i dont think Arjumand knows.. Suhaib might have shared with her if she remained her bhabhi only.. I think that way…


    • @NKhan: I have to confess I had my raincoat on hand as I writing this review.. because I too had read the various comments on FB and twitter and I wondered if i was the only idiot who was laughing as i was watching and using tissues to wipe away tears of mirth…. and yes so agree with you at the ABCD approach to storytelling here, and then channels/producers pretend to be surprised when after watching 20 serials like this the audiences reject anything remotely resembling subtle.

      I actually wanted to recommend Talkhiyan and Pehchan to you last week, but didnt get around to doing so. But yeah, if you havent already watched them, then please do … I think you will see that its not that good content doesnt exist, or that talented writers and directors are extinct, its just that the fate of such projects is already decided before they air and so they come with almost zero publicity and on little known channels and then of course you add in an audience used to these ABCD dramas and these “art” serials are DOA. Sannata was another serial that was really different, but that suffered from dragging etc ..


        • Yes! Agree with you …Hated Zidd! What a sham! Never made head or tail. Maya Ali was pathetic in it and the story dragged on aimlessly.


  9. Aameen… And Took a deep sigh on how good people leave us early.. That was me when i read the book.. Literally heart broken when Suhaib died.. This time round i was looking forward on how they will picturize the first big twist.. I have to say FI writes beautifully emotional scenes and if actors ache hoon tou kya tau baat he.. I became really emotional during Aghajaan-Suhaib scene .. Mainly because of AJ.. The way Abid Ali had moist in his eyes and also eyes turned red when he said ok to call Behroze.. That was just so natural.. I thought that akar he showed first time was just to keep his bharam… Else he too wanted from heart k unhe koi literally force kare.. Thats what i felt.. Plus it was kinda payback time for AJ to Suhaib for all those years that guy have done for AJ.. But that scene went on n on n on.. Shaba Khair me be they took good 5 or more mins.. I was like ok good night and good bye.. Jao bhayee. Aage barho…

    SZ i really loved how you give meaning to visuals.. That curtain dropping off i took as buildup for whats coming up.. But wah now i read it tou makes even more interesting n so true.. Ispe yaad aya bhaye k its been ages to see someone sleeping without makeup.. Ahhh thand pargaye ankhyuon me.. Watching Arjumand n Roohi without makeup in bed scenes was too good.. Kabhi kabhar natural n simple hone me koi buraie nhn seriously..

    And the scene which made me cried was last one.. Amazingly beautiful.. Such a heart warming moment.. Poor AJ ko dono beton ka saath saath hona nahin mila.. So far AJ, Behroze and Roohi are same as what i imagined these characters to be.. Meekal was just superb in portaying Behroze ..
    But why to show coffin scene.. Ya chlo dikhado..hume chehra dikhane ki kya zarurat..

    To me it seems like another leap will happen.. Then we have to see our Wali man in action.. Till now happy focusing on boorhe loug 😉


    • Rehmat, first major twist? 🙂 wah wah 🙂

      Lol at the looong good night scene – well, you know my take on that don’t you 😉

      Agree at the no-make-up at sleep time look. But what’s with Roohi’s sometimes grey, sometimes black hair? May be she has bi-polar hair? (sorry no offence to anyone suffering from the disorder) 😀


      • @VZ: hahaha bhayee Roohi is ajkal best friends with Bhabhi.. Who i am sure have given her idea about using this sasta kala kola.. Roohi begum used it foran se n since it was sasta tou foran se utar bhi gaya 😉 kaisa LOL


    • @Rehmat: LOL Why is AJ poor? He was the one who banished his son from the haveli and then again rejected Behroze’s second and third attempts at reconciliation .. I just felt sorry for Suhaib that bechara rota rota guzar gaya … he’d have been thrilled to see his family reconciled.. but then again if he’d seen everybody happy and together there wouldve been no reason to cry and rone ke bina jeena bhi kya jeena .. hence this was a good time for him to kick the bucket. #RIPSuhaib


      • SZ, re: clean-shaven to bearded Wali – hai na, I thought a progression like that would’ve been nice. Much better than all kinds of ageing items used in the play just now – from kala kolas to Behroze’s very strongly glued and gelled hair to random white hairs and specs coming and going.

        By the way, was that Laila’s dad who was with Agha Jaan when Behroze came home? If so, he is someone who hasn’t aged one bit. I would like to know his diet secrets 😉

        You are so right about Wali and Omar Hashmi being doppelgangers – were they shooting the plays at the same time? Not only are some of his jackets recycled but even his shirts are. Now I hope that fox/tiger beachwear shirt from Goya doesn’t make an appearance. Tauba!


        • @VZ: As to the rest of your comment, yes, that was Laila’s dad, and haan he hasnt aged at all.
          Re: Goya and DeD shooting simultaneously, thats a question for @OKB to answer. Baqi as far as repeated clothes go, @OKB has a long ways to go before he gets to a point where such a video is merited …


          • Hahaha, SZ, you have done a great job with this compilation! I toh only remembered Mahira’s leopard print dupatta making an appearance time and again (and was it one of the dupattas used by dadi in Aunn-Zaara?!)

            Re: OKB’s shirt – was that a fox or a tiger? Or was it a morphed thingy? It was err unique…!


          • Chalein, at least now I know it was a fox. Sartorical choices are fine, but please #burnthatshirt…it doesn’t belong on a beach, doesn’t belong anywhere in the textiles world.

            Thanks for all the dope – SZ, you have your finger on the pulse of this industry 🙂


      • @SZ: aray poor he became after 20 years na jab He finally decided to forgive Behroze.. AJ must have felt k chlo ab dono bete saath honge but kya pata tha suhaib apne hie aanso’on ki taab na la sakega and daare fani se kooch karjaye ga … 😦


  10. A beautiful episode but a spot on review with some amazing acting!!!
    But yeah did go on a tad bit and Suhaib
    What was he 80 years old that he kept talking about death and then boom!!
    God and they showed the coffin too omg that was too much!!
    @rehmat lol Shabba khair went on forever lol so agree
    And no Pathans may be emotional and Jazbati but I have not see them cry like that they portray an opposite very macho image from my experiences in relatives so I think this was just a Suhaib trait lol
    I also loved the Wali expressions when AJ and Behroze met, that was a lovely scene:) even though Behroze looks close to 60 instead of 40 something lol
    Anyways SZ great review as always, hopefully the cry feat is over now lol and we can move on


    • @SK; LOL Poor Suhaib, he must had a strong intuition na 😉 And lol Behroze seemed like the same age as Agha jan and Laila’s dad, actually he had more grey than the senior actors! And that coffin shot was not only disturbing but I was thinking later that there are so many kids who watch these serials with their parents and can you imagine how traumatic that closeup mustve been for those unsuspecting bacchas! 😱


  11. @SZ – Aaah…I forgot which gif I wanted to post last week so ainvayi, try ke liye linking you to this one that I made last night for my blog. The Suhaib feels were too much T_T

    Since you are online, give me coding lessons so I can freely spam the thread with my gifs xD


    • arey ye kya? :O No need for codes, direct link se hi gif post hogayi! Marte marte bhi Suhaib mereko khushi de I can post gifs aaram se! #HoJamalo


    • mais – yeh kya, smiling Sohaib? That’s almost an oxymoron 😀 Surely this shot is not from DeD – sach batao!


      • VZ – Sach kehti hun…ye DeD hi hai. Pehli episode mein hansa tha, jab wo jawan tha. Phir tou uski rooh hi budhi hogayi. Hayye! Mera Suhaib!! 😥 Mujhe doraba rona aaraha hai 😥


        • Oh ho, what have I done 😦

          Let me magically revive him for you – jaldi say youtube the first episode – is that better? *hugs*


        • @mais: Awww!! Please dont cry!! Ab tau I dont even have tissues to hand out 😦 Not only do ppl happily plagiarize lines from reviews and post as their comments on various websites, but is baar tau my tissue box was also stolen along with some of you guys’ comments as well :/ #tsktsk


          • Plagiarism for a play discussion? Chalo, learnt something new today! Didn’t know comments were so out of the world that they had to be copied out #puzzled…

            SZ, did you get your grant application in? And you were asking about my job – yaar, I am just a lowly paid academic, one of my colleagues was going to an education fair thingy and had to drop out at the last moment, so I went in her place to Mauritius.


            • @VZ: check it out on reviewit – its easy to pick out the comment b/c of the pic 🙂

              Re: grant, yes thanks for asking, all done sat on it for a bit and submitting it later today, and starting a new one tonight.. these are for a non-profit where I work.
              Aah! A fellow academic! High five my friend! Been there done that .. i dont know about you, but the claustrophobic ivory tower mahol and the dirty politics really got to me and so I eventually walked out last year… And since then the one big thing I really do miss is the travel .. socho If I’d known you last year, we could’ve potentially met in London, Oxford, Cambridge, who knows 🙂


          • SZ, did see the copy-paste. How sad are these people?!

            I agree about the atmosphere in academic environment – I used to fret and fume about these things, but now I just focus on the students and I really enjoy the teaching aspect and that’s it.


            • @SK: Oh haan! that was pretty out there and then Hum FB page admins went a step further and copyrighted it as HUM TV property… I remember having to talk to MD abt it #whatadrama #taubah!
              Waisey weren’t you the one who’d caught that guy? #PuraniYadein


            • SK, SZ, which drama was that? Given that there are not many websites doing this sort of drama review, why are ppl doing this, knowing fully well they’ll get caught?! As it is, it is annoying when they use pieces of music without any acknowledgement (Humsafar for eg)…


          • @mais @ VZ @ SZ @Rehmat hahahaha uffff Sohaib will be remembered for his tears for years to come!! lol … He sure did complete the ansoo quota for the entire project singlehandedly .. seriously strong contender for the ansoo/nalka award for DRNR award and the only male to make it to the category! #acheivement
            Re Copy paste: #tsktsk #unbelievable


            • @FA: hahah haan true aur kisi ko rone ka mouqa hie nh dya.. In this way indeed he surely deserves this award.. #taaliyan


  12. Nice review,
    Ruhi, somehow it looks like she is not in love with Behroze, she looks very unattached and unconcerned almost robotic…I don’t know is it the role or it is Sanam Saeed to blame.


    • @Maria Sia: Hey! Since they’ve changed the story around quite a bit its kind of hard to say for sure whats going on .. but I think part of the reason why Sanam/Ruhi looks so detached is because everybody around is wearing their heart on their sleeve and its all so in your face, ke if Sanam underplays Ruhi, or rather plays her like a normal everyday person, she sticks out like a sore thumb in a khandaan filled with melodramatic ppl … Moreover we’ve not really been privy to her private thoughts etc, I think its the same way with Wali as well … both characters that we’ve really not seen much of so far .. as @VZ said, lets see hopefully with the passage of time they’ll get more screen time and ew will get to know them better 🙂


  13. @VZ – Awww! Support ka shukriya! No need for YouTube, all the episodes are downloaded and saved in my PC 😛

    @SZ – ….what? Gaah..plagiarism and internet are like Jai and Veeru, can’t have one without the other. One’s death will end this bond, seriously. Let them be, they can copy our lines but not our intellect and in the long run it’s the latter which counts B| #MainHoshyaar


  14. SZ . Nice review , I didnot like the coffin scene ,I was shock to see that closeup . Do male show that much emotions ? ,I know it was his son but it was loud and scary for me ,may be I am Over reacting .


    • @Ranjan: LOL! Dont know whether one can group all males together and say what they do or dont do … but yes, when talking of DeD it is easy to say that the older men of this family have no problems in expressing their emotions, Wali is as yet an enigma, lets see what he does or doesn’t do 🙂 #LikeFatherLikeSon?


  15. v emotinal episode;( bOhT se sences dekh kar rona a gaya;(…sohaib merne se pehly apne sab piyaron se lambi guftago karta hay,,,specially agha jaan se puri raat aik chooty se bechy ki trha lippat kar batain kerna,,,I really liked that Sence,,,(y)or sohaib ki baat sunn ker agha jaan ka behroz ko phone kar k hawali balwane Wala andaz acha laga,,,:)
    that was best sence jab aagha jaan behroz ko phone kerty hain,,or phone sunn ker behroz ka jo reaction hota hy,,that was beautifull sence,,,:;(


  16. @SZ perfect review! I came across some of the comments on twitter etc and i was really surprised! My daughter happened to be with me when I was watching this ep (she has no clue what was going on in this drama).. We had such a laugh together!! And with the AJ /Sohaib cry baby scene we were literally in fits!..(bit embarrassing actually because she was like mama what r u watching!!?!!)… So yes,phew! I was glad to see there are like minded ppl here.. Thoroughly enjoyed all the comments!!
    But what surprised me was after laughing my head off I found myself all sombre at the end with tears rolling down my cheeks… (not the laughing too hard types but the real heart wrenching ones).. How did that happen??!!
    It was the AJ Mikaal phone call that set off my tears #moodchange
    I thought Mikaal was fab! from his pareshan haal/ bechain scene in the car to his overwhelming reaction at the haveli.. It’s gotta be MZ’s personal best..
    The curtain scene I liked! I was like sohaib ji abb kooch karo – finally – after 2 eps worth of build up! I also liked the scene with Behroze on the way to haveli. The anticipation and pareshani on his face spot on! but they forgot abt updating the car back to the future – (or present.. dunno why it reminded me of the car from Back To The Future.. )
    re Ruhi’s bhabhi: aren’t they next door neighbours? (the maid mentioned they live amne samne or something)… but it doesn’t come across like that.. the formal aana jaana and phone calls etc..
    I think that’s where this serial lags.. They seem to go into extra irrelevant details, but fail to keep up with it and/or weave into overall narrative, from Sohaib/Arjumand shadi consummation to wali’s age to this.. I thought Laila & the mukhtasir muhabbat too was an extra but woh tou kuch extra hi entries maar rahi hain.. (so far all that seems pretty bekaar too..) hope there is a valid reason for all that for she is annoying the hell out of me.. waisey how could they start the ep with her!? #fatalerror.. no wonder I couldn’t get into it till much later on.. not looking fwd to seeing her in next ep.. 😦 why choose her to spell out the obvious to behroze..?! #disappointedalready 😦
    Speaking on the opening the whole was so off! btw what was Sohaib reading?
    Someone mentioned Ruhi’s kale sufaid baal.. It was Behrozes mostache (and baal) that had me wondering.. from blonde to brown to ash to outright sufaid..
    Waiting for Wali to drop/rip his underplayed kurta persona and unleash the Wali-man! lol… but i have a bad feeling they will wait another ep or so before we see much of that 😦 abhi not looking forward to more laila.. (they couldnt have done a worse job with the precap if they tried.. opening and closing the ep with Laila… #sigh )


    • FA, it’s good to hear your take 🙂

      First things first: Sohaib was reading the book: Little Children by Tom Perrotta. I like these “readers” on TV – OKB was also reading some interesting books in Aunn Zaara, in Malal Zee used to read on the train – so realistic, na. We also get a chance to know about some titles that way. I remember I got the book on American History after watching the scene in Malal where Zee and Jawad meet. Yes, I am officially crazy that way 🙂

      Laila oh laila laila – she doesn’t bother me so much, but her looks (the ageing) is completely off like she’s a girl playing dressing up. I didn’t think we’d see her again, but I guess with 30+ episodes, a four weddings toh banta hai I guess. We might actually end up seeing her as Zarminey’s saas (shudder shudder).

      You are right about Ruhi and her bhai jaan living close by – last week with all the visits and everything it did seem like they were at least in a different neighbourhood.

      Lol at Wali ripping off his (starched and neatly pressed) kurta. I hope he actually rips off that fox shirt instead #goodriddance #ekteerdonishaan 🙂


    • @FA: bohat daer kardi mehrban aate aate 😉 was waiting for your comment… N it was worth the wait 😀 … I think still 2 more episodes to have a full fledged Wali… Abhi tou oldies will take some more time.. :/

      Haan that was really not cool to show Laila again.. As @mais said Feroz’s grandson was enough to seal the deal why to show these extra scenes. And i totally agree with you k they have gone to extra irrelevant details.. Which has nothing to do as such with story..

      Hahaha yaar Roohi apni bhabhi se late night gossip karahi thi..;) so phone call was more appropiate LOL


  17. Chalo dukh se ya outright hilarity se, fact remains that Suhaib’s death did make everyone cry 😛 Koi dl mein roya, koi phoot phoot ke roya, tou koi pait pakad ke roya…impactful character done just right. *Sigh* I miss him so much… 😦 The tears have now turned to thandi aahein for me…bada yaad ayega.

    But, let it be. Let go and move on, move on.

    Waise, was anyone else distracted by Behroze’s phadhphadati hui white shawl? He looked like a white Batman to me with his shawl trailing behind him…ladies don’t use the duppattas as much as the focus is on the men’s shawls 😛


    • Hahaha @mais. Sachi me when Feroz asked Wali to take him us time pe tou i was like abhi ye shawl ko kheench k side pe dae marega .. Itni tou Lehraah rahi thi unki shawl. :p


      • Abhi tou Wali ko shawl peheni hai. This Khan family passes the shawl like a legacy. I mean I was having dinner today and I literally burst into giggles remembering this bit from the promo where Wali totally sets the pallu of the shawl over his shoulder like a nazuk haseena and I kept laughing for at least half a minute straight. My mother got worried that maybe the exams finally made me lose my mind.

        This bit to be specific:

        …I have seriously got not life left 😐


        • Yes, my dear, life now revolves only around a certain 4-letter character! Bechari auntyji – she should realise that only Wali can make you lose your mind 😉

          Lol at the nazuk haseena – see those who have been complaining about OKB’s stiff portrayal should just take a look at this #karegaWalisabkiboltibandh

          Waisay, love your hard work 🙂 Make some more of these 🙂 There are some good ones in the promos…


          • @VZ – Mumma is so used to my crazy antics that she doesn’t even bother with me right now. I have gone to her crying over the end of one show or the other. Pehle she used to get worried but now she looks at me and goes, “Hero marr gaya?” Aah…mothers! ❤

            Obi hasn't had his moment yet. Round off maar ke 4 hi tou scene milen hain bechare ko ab tak, proper wale. When the episodes will be more new generation centric, that would be the time to actually judge if he is stiff or not.

            Giffing is so much fun! My tumblr is full of DeD stuff 😀 Let me hunt up more from my previous work xD

            @FA – See, superheroes need sidekick and a vehicle and Wali-Man is pakka Pakistani so two in one ghode se kaam chala leta hai. Laal chadhi will bring censorship issues so we can ignore that but a shawl/cape tou must hai xD

            Thank you…just two more to go! The fun here keeps me sane, it's a nice break from all the studying…


            • @mais: thank you for keeping this thread so happening and cheery, warna tau aap ke dearly departed ne koi kasar nahi chori thi depress karne mein!

              And sending you tons of best wishes for your exams!



        • @mais 😂😂😂😂 thats hillarious!!!
          Love it! Wali-mans shawl/cape.. 😉..
          Keep these coming aur haan good luck with ur exams!


  18. Had been away for a while and in fact hv not watched from the 5th episode, but have been reading your reviews and loving them. 🙂

    Just an observation. DeD from the onset has been running on 2 parallel tracks – the haveli track involving Suhaib, Arjumand and to a lesser extent Agha Jaan and now of course Wali and Zameena and the Behroze- Roohi track involving dem and Roohi’s bhai-bhabhi and Fara. I don’t know if it’s deliberate on the part of the makers, but the first track has been a tad too filmy, unrealistic and melodramatic and being liked by many. Whereas the second one has been more realistic and both Behroze and Roohi’s characters are more layered and complex and so is their relationship and it’s easy to self-righteously dislike them, but I find their characters more relatable. Also the first track reminds me so much of the Indian soaps, though of course not to that level even, warna from people’s reactions, we would already have plans for Suhaib returning from the dead. LOL

    Pak dramas on Zindagi TV took Indian viewers by storm coz of their very realistic portrayals and story and I sincerely hope Pak dramas continue being realistic, subtle and natural and don’t go the Indian way.


    • Hello Radiant – I liked your Lahore vs Haveli point.

      In my opinion, they’ve taken the title of the play a bit too seriously in the haveli – it’s all heart out there 🙂

      I love Sohaib’s character – but it’s the way they’ve visualised and shot his scenes which does his character disservice.
      He is someone who wants to have his family around him, he is a peace-maker and puts his own wishes aside to maintain harmony in the family, he is understanding and sensitive. But what I see on screen is him crying bucket loads, roaming around the valley shouting out his brother’s name, sobbing some more into his hanky, giving unexpected totally random bear hugs to family members, etc etc.

      To me, Sohaib on screen appears one-dimensional, whereas Behroze seems more put-together (even if he is just pretending to be strong!). By showing Behroze’s struggles initally (getting a job, losing a child etc), they made him more realistic and relatable. They’ve shown Behroze’s bonding with Faara whereas we only saw a very brief glimpse into Wali-Sohaib’s relationship – not sure if we’ll get any flashbacks or ghost Sohaib talking to Wali… Behroze’s character is certainly better developed on screen than Sohaib’s one-track lamenting for his brother. For example, if they had taken time to show how he mended the initial marital problems with Arjumand, we would’ve got to see a more rounded persona. What do you think?


      • @Radiant – @VZ: you both are really spot on.. Haveli track indeed became melodramatic to the core.. Suhaib in the book was really likeable and someone whose death can even made strangers cry…such he was with golden heart.. But i hate to say this the Suhaib that was visualized ruined my image of Suhaib.. Not that this takes away my liking of real Suhaib but still..

        Where as Behroze is just pitch perfect as in what i made picture of him and how he is visualized.. Even Roohi too as compare to Arjumand..

        Haha at ghost suhaib talking to Wali.. U never know 😉


        • Rehmat, thanks for the input from the book, you know I love these little glilmpses! 🙂

          Like FA said, we were more amused by that Sohaib-AJ scene than sad/emotional. Whereas when AJ calls Behroze, it is really touching and has the right impact.

          This is where I feel Farhat’s writing needs to be carefully handled – her men are caring and loving, but if they are not translated well on screen they can end up being caricature-ish. I had this problem with Aabi’s on-screen persona as well. The way he was constantly either bringing flowers or cooking for Haniya – couldn’t they have shown some variety in portraying how caring and loving he was?!


          • @VZ: Just read your comment and thought it was interesting that you brought up MeJ (yes, I remember that I have a looong overdue review ). I was recently re-watching for the review, and it is so funny to watch it with DeD running simultaneously. Check out Hina Bayat as Hajra, mother of Abi (much older than Wali and Fara are supposedly) and she is so stunning looking there, nothing like the at-times tottering Arjumand. Also, I was shocked to see similar dialogues – Yamina after her miscarriage/abortion to Haniya: mujhe saza mili hai because I hurt your feelings, almost verbatim what Ruhi says to Behroze after her miscarriage. And of course the inevitable comparisons between the two directors as they handle the mutli-track story, the sound design, their approach to various characters, the way they portray emotion and drama ,, and you dont me to tell you who wins hand down!

            Also, re: Aabi and romance, actually all that was exactly how it was in the novella… and when I had initially watched n reviewed it, I, and almost everybody else thought it was all OTT and cheezy, but wow, watching it again, after having watched so much OT stuff, it all seemed so normal, well almost!

            Ok, ji, now back to work….

            Oh, haan you’d asked abt the serial the review was plagiarized from, it was of an early episode of SeZ and some silent reader had happily copy pasted my entire review with his name on it, on the SeZ fb page as his own comment, and the FB admins liked it so much they highlighted it etc and then happily put a HUm copyright sign next to it … eventually, it was all sorted out…

            Also on the SeZ finale review, check out @Annie’s comment… she had some lovely things to say as well .. actually quite a few comments on the various threads of that serial were very thought provoking …

            Ok, ab def going back to work! Enjoy your chai and nashta 🙂


            • SZ – first, thank you for patiently replying to my comments – I appreciate your time and effort 🙂

              Next, a question on manners/protocol. When replying to someone here, I always start with their names directly, but I’ve noticed you add an “@” symbol before their name – is that like a nicety or is that the way people are addressed in blogs etc? Thanks!

              Re: MeJ – please take your time with the post, no hurry at all. We are all juggling lots of things here, so I completely understand!

              Hina Bayat is really so beautiful MA! In MeJ, her transformation from the initial episodes to the final few was so well done. Aur yahaan toh already haal hai buraa – Rehmat hinted at a leap in DeD’s story, I wonder what Arjumand and that generation will look like then! They might overtake Agha Jaan in age, judging by their looks…

              Re: MeJ vs DeD (where comparisons permit, like you’ve mentioned) – I call Mehreen the undisputed queen of multi-track story-telling. Whether it is Doraha, Daam, Malal, MeJ, JH, Aur Zindagi Badalti Hai, so many others … she has demonstrated this so well time and again. Plus her choice and use of music – so appropriate and never too much, makes it such a pleasurable experience. I love the fact that she is never judgemental, but gives us a story and asks us to draw our own conclusions. As I mentioned to you in one of the other threads, I haven’t seen any other work by Haseeb Hassan, so I don’t know if he generally goes for this sort of an approach (OTT on emotional stuff, quite in-your-face story-telling, not very subtle) – but then again he gives us a parda giraana scene, so don’t know what his style is. I will try and watch Tum Ho Kay Chup – it’s on my list for a while now.

              MeJ – I didn’t realise that all the romantic bits in the drama came straight from the book – if so, doesn’t it reiterate my point that what works in a book won’t necessarily work when translated as it is on screen? For eg, if Farhat had written “Aabi Haniya kay liyay roz phool laya karta tha”, then showing Aabi getting her flowers all the time is not quite the way to translate that, is it? To me, more than cheezy or OTT, I just felt there was lack of imagination in the way these bits were shown. Also, Sarwat and Adeel did not have the chemistry unfortunately. I would go as far as to say Adeel was fine, but Sarwat just looked so uncomfy with the whole romance bit (she even looked annoyed in some key scenes) that I found it hard to buy they were this so-in-love couple. I am not sure if the casting changes that you mentioned brought on this thanda relationship. The interesting thing is, once Haniya was in Karachi, she had wonderful chemistry with Aabi’s parents!

              Re: SeZ – I will look out for Annie’s comments. I am just reading your take at the moment and re-watching some of the episodes – I keep them open side by side so I know exactly what you are explaining about 🙂

              Sorry, writing way too much here, digressing from DeD. This is becoming one long thread!


          • @ Rehmat – u too have read the book…lucky you. I for one am all for spoilers and all and in fact that is how I usually watch a show, especially Pak dramas. Whenever I am recommended one, I end up reading the story on Wiki and den watch it and it’s the same with DeD…Have read all spoilers and know the novel story, but of course would never know how the characters have been etched without reading the novel.

            Hopefully from now onwards we will spared the melodrama and get back to the subtle and realistic portrayals that I so relish. 🙂


      • @ VZ – Ah so u have read the novel. Yeah They should have toned down Suhaib’s emotions a bit and in fact some other haveli melodrama too. Guess it’s d surreal place and out of the world beauty of the haveli locations that made the unreal too 😉

        LOL @ Suhaib’s ghost and here I was just thanking my stars that it’s not an Indian soap, else we wld have had Suhaib retrun from the dead.

        Agree with your take on the characters of Behroze and Suhaib and again Arjumand and Suhaib living a happily- ever-after after their initial revulsion to their spousal relationship, seemed abrupt. Whereas the one major glitch in Behroze-Ruhi’s relationship, the insulting manner of them being banished from the haveli by Aga Jaan and coz Behroze discouraged Ruhi from d onset to say a word against his family, d awkwardness created by the unresolved issue and in Ruhi’s case, I guess, the resentment only building up more over the passage of time has been shown in a subtle manner.


        • Radiant – I haven’t read the story, so I usually ask mais, Rehmat or Afia (the resident expert trio on all matters DeD) for what’s in the book, not so much for spoilers but to see how they’ve adapted the story for the screen 🙂

          I think that unsightly scene of dead Sohaib must put paid to all hopes of resurrecting him! Of course he can always come back as a ghost and distribute random hugs to haveli people…

          Re: Roohi, you are absolutely right – the day she’ll get the chance to vent, I wouldn’t like to be at the receiving end! What do they say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” – would seem to suit her isn’t it? Plus we don’t know what masalas her bhabhi has been putting in her head, in these last twenty years or so, the resentment must have marinated quite well 😦


          • I actually await the moment when Ruhi will burst out. She never got the chance to! We have been mentioning it that Arjumand took out all her frustration while it was fresh in her so when it came to her moving on, she did so with a clean slate and heart. But with Ruhi, when it was the right time for her to take out her frustration at the right person i.e. Behroze, she was told to basically shut up and not say a word against his family. That was adding insult to injury. Though one has to give Ruhi some massive credit that despite never liking the subject of Behroze’s family or the way he kept secrets, she never allowed that to become a big obstacle in their relationship. She did get angry and annoyed but that was always short lived. Which doesn’t mean that it’s completely gone, it’s just waiting for that perfect moment to come bursting out like a volcano. Wrath of twenty or so years, when that will burst the causalities will too many.

            Agree with @VZ about the Bhabhi factor. Bhabhi is a total outsider and while Ruhi might have vented to her for some ease, she totally would’ve taken in some of Bhabhi’s “golden” advices in as well which would’ve increased the resentment.


      • I totally agree wid u on dis..
        they didn’t do justice to Suhaib’s character…i would hv loved to see Suhiab n Arjumand’s relationship bloom..gahhhh too bad:-(


  19. I agree. Let’s hope they don’t do this. Too much of melodrama does ruin the naturalness of the serial. I loved Sohaib’s character and so feeling depressed about his departure. Who do I look forward to now? KUB is just not my cup of tea. He is too stiff. Needs gallons of flexibility! I was impressed with MZ’s acting in this episode. He was GOOD! I suppose the credit must go to the Director. Have never been impressed with Maya ali’s acting and here again she is mediocre. Her school girl scene was most irritating. Just making two plaits makes you into a teenager??? SS looks great in saris and I like her character. She plays it down and seems mature and in control. DeD is one of the better ones from HUM. Was very disappointed with Zidd and Ahista Ahista.


  20. @SZ – d’awwwwwwww!! *hugs* I sometimes feel that maybe I show too much of my over-enthusiastic, fangirl, bleeding feelss wala avatar here but everyone here just makes this place so warm and welcoming that my feet just can’t find the break pedal (of course I don’t know how to drive so maybe this analogy isn’t the best xD) so I just go all out here..ab bhugto mujhe 😛

    *sigh* Dearly departed indeed. Still, departed. I honestly never expected to actually love a character and performance so much. That is the reason why it hurt the way it did, despite knowing what Suhaib’s end was going to be. But I’ve shed my tears for him. Now with my semester se azaadi inches away from my grip and some major new story developments in store for DeD, I’m rather excited about what’s going to come next! 😀 Let me confess, the reason I started watching this drama in the first place something else. To be precise, this:

    I seriously can not wait for their track to start ❤
    (feel free to tell me anytime if I'm overdoing the gifs xD)


    • mais, first of all, best wishes for the exams. Remember Wali and co – all straight As and Stanford and everything – take inspiration 😉 #justkidding #nopressure

      Love your gif – thanks 🙂 These two have some colourful exchanges! Love both their reactions to one another 🙂


      • Yikes, that is too much pressure for my nanhi jaan xD Just giving my best, baqi sab Allah pe chod diya hai. Just one more to go…I can almost taste the freedom…

        I seriously hope that it’s just a trailer for these two and that we get loads more of feisty interactions between the two ❤ I keep re-visiting the promos from time to time to get all these feels because I am seriously hoping to get an OTP with all kinds of shades to them… #dreaming


  21. Afia mentioned in one of the earlier threads for DeD how Behroze, the na-farmaan beta was dressed in black when he left the haveli, while Sohaib, the farmabardar beta, was dressed in white (in that episode).

    Just to note – when Behroze returned to the haveli, he was in white 🙂


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