Alphabet Soup ~ The ABCs of Pakistani Dramas ~ VII


Maa ke pairon taley jannat hai
Maa ki dua janaat ki hawa
 Magar mere paas maa hai 

Yeah, yeah, pata hai these are cheesy bus/rickshaw type quotes insert-11magar is waqt these are the only relevant ones I can think off the top of my head. But, wait, do we really need others to tell us what a central role mothers play in our lives? We know, for children there is no one more special than their mothers. A mother’s yes means the sun and the moon, and no matter how old we get we still turn around to seek our mothers’ stamp of approval.


But wait, does this mean all mothers are cast from the same mold? Do they all look and sound the same? Are they all equally loving, benevolent and altruistic?

Naah! I see you all shaking your heads. Ji bilkul humaray dramon ne humain kuch aur sikhaya ho na ho, kam az kam yeh zaroor sikhaya hai ke maa’on ki bohot saari types hoti hain. Check these ones out:

Maa Gumshuda = Totally clueless types14089874089d60e-original-1
a) Fizza’s mother and mother-in-law, Muhabbat Ab Nahin Hogi
b) Romaisa, Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara
c) Hadi’s mom, Alvida
d) Bi jan,  Zawar’s mom in Ahista Ahista

Himmat Ho Tau Samney Aao = Iron ladies
a) Tayi ji, Laa
b)Maa ji, Firaaq
c) Begum Nawab, Sultanat-e Dil


Haye Meri Maa = Those who fret and cry like there’s no tomorrow
a) Mrs Tareen, Daniyal’s mother, Laa
b) Rahila, Numail’s mom, Tum Mere Hi Rehna
c) Gaiti and Kiran’s mom, Rishtey Kuch Adhooray Se
d) Malka, Noor Afroz’s mom, Kaneez

Mummy Jani = Totally chilled out/socialite/hifi aunty22
a) Asma, Mohini’s mom, Goya
b) Mehrunnisa, Falak’s mom, Shehr-e Zaat
c) Nabeel and Zeeshan’s mom, Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai
d) Shaista, Sikander’s mom, Kankar

Maa Tujhe Salaam = PhDs in ghanchakar planning to the nth degree
a)Afia Begum, Mera Naam Yousuf Hai
b)Rashida, Sadqay Tumhare
c) Khala Khursheeda, Gar Maan Reh Jaye


Acha ji, tau this was just a sampling of the mom typology our dramas m-is-for-mother-free-alphabet-coloring-pageshave introduced… ab you know the drill… come up with your own categories, pay tribute to your favorite TV mom, or perhaps you’d like to share the names of TV moms you’ve hated the most… matlab ke aap ki soch hai

Rasm-e duniya bhi haye, mauqa bhi hai, dastoor bhi hai, aur M se Mother’s Day bhi hai, tau bas ab ho jayen shuru and lets acknowledge and appreciate our TV moms – maaro taalis, bajao seetis, and phenko some anday tamatar – kyonke in maa’on ke baghair tau na hero ki is duniya mein entry hoti hai na heroine ki… yani ke amma sahiba hain tau hamara drama hai, warna tau bas hawa pani par guzara hai!

Collage (5)

Wishing all you ladies a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Their is a recent trend of shareeef Sotaili maa…
    JH= Amina sheikh
    Mera hum dum mera dost=ZQ
    Mera naam ha yousaf = yousaf ‘s mother
    I am bad at remembering names Soo…


  2. Happy Mothers Day!
    What a wonderful post!

    OK first of all i wanna send a salam to the actress playing some of the most memorable maas in our dramas.. Hina Bhayat.. From her Hajra in Mej, to Bibi Janam in Tum h ke chup.. to zaroon’s mom.. to Aunn’s ammi… Hina Ji u won the DRNR award for best actress playing Maa!!! (all types under her belt! lol )

    ill be back mith my categories..


    • @FA: soo agree with you on Hina Bayat playing all types of mothers.. She is jussst so matter a good maa, selfish mother or overly caring mother ..😃


  3. Maan qurban
    (pls note i stayed away from calling this category Maan ‘Sadqay’ lol – thanks to Rasheeda! ) – Maan who would endure anything and everything.. jo khud ko bhi qurban kar de.. (yes seriously, I’m starting with a serious one 🙂 – meri mamta umand umand ke aa rahi hai aaj lol )
    – Khirad, Hareems mother, Humsafar
    – Hajra, Abi’s mom Mej – Moqa nahin mila warna – matae jan/ mama ki jan… she was the maan qurban type!
    – Bibi Janom Tum Ho ke chup : The grave scene still gives me goosebumps.. literally qurban..
    – Bibi in Talkhiyan
    – Arjumand, Wali’s mom, DeD.. (bass wali ki khatir aik lamhe mei sub kuch bhula dya!.. she needs an entry here lol )


  4. Meri maan-o : Naseehaton se bharpoor..
    Mehrunnisa’s mom / Falak’s nani in SeZ
    Kashaf’s mom in ZGH
    Maaji in Firaaq
    Laila’s Mom in Pehchan (jaisi taisi advice.. there were non stop naseehatein..)

    Beti ki maan :
    This category is the most popular category and always gets the TRP vote! –
    – Kashaf and her mom in zgh
    – Daagh (I cant remember the name of the character)
    – Aiman’s Mom in Mere humdum mere dost :
    – And so many more they are churning out where I only see the teaser and never return..


  5. @SZ Ok let me add some mothers to your category : Maa Gumshuda
    – Numm had aik se barh ke aik gumshuda maas.. From Wali’s Mom who had literally lost the plot to Neelum’s mum who didnt have a clue to Neelum herself – who had went to London on a cruise and left the newborn baby with the the only motherly character (which was rather grey actually… )
    – Sanam’s mom in Zidd
    – Sham’s mom – Amreeka kia gain, wapas ana hi bhool gain!


  6. SZ this is absolutely hilarious !!!!! Sabe se achha PhDs in ganchakar.( I canot stop laughing , my husband came from downstairs asking what’s wrong with me . ) you make my evening and tomorrow . Thanks SZ


  7. @FA you are so true about Hinaji . I still canot ferget the grave. Scene , Hinaji is the best.
    In Oos JO JO’s mom Sania Saeed
    Adhoori aurat Ayesha Khan ( very caring mother for her daughter )
    Happy Mothers Day !!!!!!!!


  8. Wah wah.. Too good bhayee.. I like how according to things going you comeup with letters.. Pehle A-awards then M-mothers.. You rock yaar 🙂 n i lovvve that heart shaped collage.. All amazing mommys n their bachas..

    Maa tou maa ajkal second mothers bhi are kafi cool n not so zaalim..
    Haniya from Goya
    Yousuf second mother from MNYH

    Most coolest mothers.. Jinko dekh k mujhe apni amaa yaad aagayen

    Shamim Hilali character in Silvatein.. ( gosh forgot her name)
    Nusrat in Coke Kahani..


  9. Happy Mothers’ Day SZ!
    Really enoyed this. You have am amazing memory- I can never remember characters’ names so long after a drama has ended. Mazaydar lists.
    Needless to say my mind is a blank and I can’t think of any fun thing to say- Super mom se mujhe toh sirf Khirad yaad aati hai (aur dad se Ashar)!


    • Lol Afia Ashar has to make an appearance some how!!I would definitely go with Khirad!! HS probably had the two most extreme moms in it, khirad as super mom and Farida as the unbelievable evil joker mom, honestly she was just one of the worst ever


  10. Cool post!!
    Happy Mother’s Day to all of you:)
    I don’t know how you remember character names either, I have to think a little about this one
    Will be back lol


  11. Hope you’re all having a fab day today!

    Check this Mother’s Day video – its hilarious!
    Also note their categories that come at the end of the video ….. lagta hai Eros people have the same kinda sense of humor we do!


  12. Nice one SZ!

    The first thing – I mean category – that came in my mind was

    Maa-r Dhaar Award
    1. Rasheeda – honestly, she could not have given more thappars to poor Shano
    2. Aamir’s mother (Gul-e-Rana) in Mere Khuda. Honestly the way she beats up her married daughter, it’s more hilarious than horrifying.
    3. Saba Faisal in so many dramas (Mere Khuda, Aasmanon Pay Likha) – thankfully she’s more Dhaar than Maar 😀

    Most Typical Maa-fused Drama Title
    1. Meri Maa (typical)
    2. Maa (Even more typical)
    3. Maaye Ni (LOL!)
    4. Maa aur Maamta
    5. Maamta

    Honestly, our drama writers can come up with something original related to mothers instead of the typical Maa, Maamta, Maaye Ni, etc as the title of the drama on motherhood.


  13. Was reading through the categories and just been grinning 🙂

    Okie, here are some additions:

    Firecracker mum (drops bombshells in children’s lives):
    1. Farida from Humsafar
    2. Zeeshan’s mum from Subh ka sitara.
    3. Rasheeda from ST.

    Emotional atyachaar mum (whose middle name is “emotional blackmail”):
    1. Afia, Danish’s mum from Malal.
    2. Adeel’s mum from Dil-e Muzter.
    3. Khirad’s mum from Humsafar.

    Maa na hokay bhi maa (characters who’ve given mum-like support and love):
    1. Durr-e-Shehwar’s dad.
    2. Zara from Daam, she was effectively Mano’s mum.
    3. Nani from SeZ (ok, nani is mum’s mum, but still).
    4. Mrs Imtiaz from Goya.


    • Chalo bhayee – itnayyyyy saaray logon ki Maa ban-na wasool ho gaya!!! Lol
      Thank you all for your appreciation of the many “maa”s that I have played. They have all been very special to me in their own way but like most of you my favs are also Hajra, Bibi Jonum, Husna, Afia and Khursheeda. But one other Mom is also close to my heart – Sana from Ishq Gumshuda. Like it’s name it’s one of the “gumshuda” gems of Hum Tv but definitely not one to be forgotten.
      Hope you all had a great mothers day – here’s wishing you super mom’s a great year!!


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