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Of all the serials on air at this point in time, Diyar-e Dil is probably one of the few with a well-plotted story and richly nuanced characters. Farhat Ishtiaq’s story is not new per se, and I have my share of yeh kyon aisa hai aur waisa kyon nahin hai, but what makes this one a good watch is her study of human behavior, her in depth understanding of emotions and their complexity, hence while we see 50 shades of grey (actually literally as well, but more on that below), there is not one black or white character to be found here, all are equally flawed. Moreover, as a writer, she gives her characters the luxury of telling their own story, allowing her audience to see things from the vantage point of each particular character. So yes, two thumbs up for Farhat and her writing here.

Picking up from Wali’s last week’s phata poster nikla hero entry, we were introduced to the rest of the younger generation in this latest episode. Zarminey, Mariyam Nafees, is Wali’s laadli younger sister. Fara is Behroze and Ruhi’s only daughter, and her cousin, Moiz, Ahmed Zeb, now has two younger siblings as well. What was interesting was even with the younger generation around this is still a story very much about the older generation. Checking in with the two brothers it was remarkable how similar their lives were, at least from the outside.

Twenty years down the road, both are leading happy married lives, both financially successful, share the same chichora romantic genes, both proud parents, and both remarkably indulgent when it comes to their daughters. Behroze more so than Suhaib. The two wives, Ruhi and Arjumand, despite what Ruhi told her daughter, appear to share remarkably similar views on parenting, reprimanding their daughters whenever and wherever they sensed excessive behavior, and pushing them to do well academically. Also, similar was the fact that both seem to have nothing else to do in life other than wait on their husbands and children. Arjumand and her Suhaib ko coat pehnana and Ruhi’s waiting around to order chai, nashta for her husband, both wives looked like they had walked out of some 1960’s Lollywood movie.

But look a little deeper and there were differences galore. Arjumand, once rejected and humiliated, seemed to have come to terms with her past and moved on, or so it seemed today. Ruhi, on the other hand is still stuck where she was all those years. With the incidents of the past left undiscussed between them, both she and Behroze find themselves standing exactly where they were twenty years ago, on the issue of his family. While both are happy and honest with with each other in all other ways that count, Behroze is unable to look Ruhi in the eye and come clean about Suhaib’s visit, and Ruhi too is unable to stem the flow of venom that spills out of her mouth when Fara asks about her paternal family (took her 17 years to ask?).

More than anything else though, it is Suhaib’s visit to his office that offers insight into how complicated a man Behroze is, and how difficult it must be for him to not reach out and clasp his brother’s extended hand. The difference between this more controlled meeting and the explosion we saw the last time was remarkable. Had Behroze been as hard-hearted and cold as he pretends to be, this meeting would not have gone as long as it did, and neither would he have accepted Suhaib’s present for Fara. His stricken expression at Suhaib’s mention of his death said a lot more than words ever could. So yes, there’s been a lot of change over time, but for a man like Behroze, I don’t think Suhaib’s invitation to return is what he’s waiting for…. it’s the sound of his father forgiving him that he really needs/wants to hear. This, though it ran on forever, was the best scene in an otherwise very average episode.

Acting wise, Mikaal and Ali Rehman were the show-stealers, and Sanam a very close second. Her scenes with Maya in particular were fabulous. Maya Ali has come a long way since her one-note Aik Nayee Cindrella and Aunn Zara days, but there is plenty of work still to be done. Her Fara was flirting with overacting throughout, actually crossing the line in quite a few places. If Maya is really serious about working on her craft then I would highly recommend she think about elocution/enunciation, voice modulation lessons. Here, and in Zid and Mera Naam Yousuf Hai, her lisp, flat dialogue delivery and pronunciations are severely hampering her performance. Maya’s partner-in-crime, since their Aik Nayee Cinderella, Osman’s was an entry that many were waiting for, and while I thought he had Wali’s body language down pat, the respectful youngster looking for his elders’ approval, overall his two/three scenes left no impact at all. I hope with time Wali perks up a bit and Fara can tone it down a notch or two, otherwise we might well be left with a khoda pahar nikla chuha type situation.

Despite the fact that the all important story box is checked off here and I am intellectually engaged, emotionally, however, I am yet to connect with the visual narrative, underwhelmed is perhaps a better word choice here. Uneven division of the story between the two tracks and slap dash editing is becoming a regular issue. Even as I enjoyed the scene between the two brothers, and Mikaal and Ali Rehman gave it their all, all I could think of was how terribly long that scene was, and this despite the fact that it was broken up into parts. The Ruhi and Fara scene, though important and necessary, seemed randomly sandwiched in-between the two halves and did not look like it belonged there organically. The continuously playing back ground score continues to be a huge turn off and the way the way the actors have been aged adds another check in the cons column.

As a production house MD is well-known for their attention to detailing, and for them to not have invested as yet in proper theatrical makeup, choosing instead to go the cheap route and adding tons of whitener and handing out eyeglasses to age their characters is quite ridiculous. Likewise for their earlier overuse of Kala Kola. Mikaal and Ali both looked like they were in their 60’s, Ali’s wardrobe in particular looked like Suhaib had raided his grandfather’s closet. Similarly Hareem too seemed all out of sorts as the old aunty. Sanam was the only one who had aged well, but she too couldn’t escape the bane of eye glasses, and I can’t think of any ladies who automatically start wearing sarees the minute they hit forty. The younger generation, on the other hand, had it relatively easy, although Osman did not look like the 19 year old he was supposed to be, similarly Maya, though she looked young with her fresh scrubbed look, definitely did not look 17. Ahmed Zeb too did not look 24 or so. In short, the age math was all really off.

Overall an average episode, with a couple of great scenes, but nothing that I am planing to go rewatch again.

Finally, before I sign off, a quick question for you all: What did Zarminey want for her birthday? Was that a white mare (or mayr as it sounded) she wanted? If so then why refer to a she as a he? Or was this white mare an exotic bird, because Arjumand referred to her daughter’s love for birds?

Written by SZ~

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  1. Hey SZ
    great review as always.
    You r so right , this is the only drama on air aaj kal which is worth watching.
    doesn’t mikaal z /behroze look like anil kapoor a lot ? ?
    I was also confused about the mare , seems like the name of a bird I guess as the mom explained later .


    • @Deeba: hmm hadn’t thought of the resemblance but now that you mention it, MZ’s hair was strangely poofed up in quite a few scenes (the grey spray doing it?) and so perhaps thats why the resemblance, but LOL ab I’ll think about it next Tues and let you know 🙂

      Haha! OK, so it was not just me …lets see what others have to say about this mayr business!


  2. Great review sz…
    Would u mind telling me a bit more about waali’s character. … you have read the novel .. of course.. do u think okb was the right choice? ?


    • @ankita: Hello 🙂

      Yes, I have read the novel a while ago and honestly dont remember the specific details. Moreover as you can see from all the comments there have been quite a few changes made to the original storyline so perhaps its best that you enjoy this one on its own merit rather than spending time comparing it with a novel , which has been modified quite a bit.

      Re: @Obi being a right choice for Wali, I had read the nivel a while ago, long before all this, and didnt love it as much as some other readers did, so didnt have a particular person in mind as I was reading it. Has I read it recently I would’ve been happy to share it with you. That said, @Afa, @Rehmat @mais, all have recently read it and all these ladies seem to be happily anticipating seeing @Obi as Wali in action.

      How come nothing from your end as to whether you’re enjoying the serial or not? Are you liking @Obi as Wali?


      • Thanks sz for your reply.
        My opinion about the drama would be not so honest.. as I m a blindly in love with obi… that’s why I asked for your opinion. . .
        I have seen d-e-d on you tube .. not on tv … m frm india u see.. and love.each and every pakistan serial drama and everythingeverything… specially the way they carry a limited storyline for like 20 episodes… and the same actor performing such diverse characters… love it..


        • Hello Ankita! 🙂 I’ve read the novel long ago but did skim through it again recently when the drama started airing. As far as Obi playing Wali is concerned, I wasn’t too convinced when he was announced for the role (that was then the show was in its production stages) but the promos of the show changed my mind. He certainly looks the part. Gora, chitta, angrez tou wo hai hi so that takes care of Wali’s Pathani background. My mother though isn’t convinced and she’s the bigger fan of the novel in the house 😛 We still haven’t seen much of Wali in the drama as this was only Obi’s first episode and Wali still has some time to come properly in the thick of the things. Obi has the potential to really nailing Wali because in the drama he will be explored more than he was done in the original novel if the teasers are to be believed. There are just so many shades to him, Wali is a different person in each of his relationships. It’s certainly a tough job for an actor to sell a character like him convincingly. Obedient son, proud man, boy in love to a man who hates the one he used to love; then there’s anger and slyness with sprinkles of harmless mischief scattered throughout. Aaah…! Kya nahin hai ais bande mein? ❤

          So yeah xD Anticipation is really high when it comes to Wali and Obi is in the pressure cooker of expectations 😛 But this is just me speaking from my opinion about Wali found in the novel. Do watch the drama and take Wali in one episode at a time, there seem to be changes done to his character here in the drama. I am already separating the two Walis and eagerly waiting for the dramatic interpretation of him..


          • @Ankita: like @mais. I too was bit like k oh okb will be wali.. Ummm not sure.. But when teasers came i was happy n content at the way Okb took over Wali.. So yes loooking forward to see him.. But again i totally agree with @mais that enjoy Wali and his different layers as it comes 🙂


            • @rehmat. Me too Waiting to unveil the okb version of waali… this gives me goosebumbs…


  3. ROFL @ phata poster nikka hero entry.. Im glad they did that ghora entry last week because this week tou faaraa seems to have taken away Walis thunder lol. I think apart from us finding out zabardasti about his farmanbardari and zimmedari (he has grown up enough to order lemon green teas yay!!! Lol) , we didnt find out much about Wali. Im sorry but so far the kalaf shalwar kamiz with waist coat ain’t doing it for Wali much apart from putting on a few years..
    I guess this khandan seem to have aging genes lol.. Sub ke sub apni age se bare lag rahe hain lol .. Khair hpefully once Walis story kicks off his character will also pick up.. revisited the teaser promos again and seems like theres plenty coming our way.. #fingerscrossed lol
    Re the sarees : three ladies in sarees woh bhi in lahore??!! .. Saree overload.l!!! . And speaking of which i thought we had seen end if the mukhtasir muhabbat laila..??!!! #outrage
    re 50 shades of grey characters : Im totally with you (on both accounts) . Apart from the grey baal, I am thoroughly enjoying all the complexities in their behaviour especially the older lot (bacha lot has yet to show their emotional side).. Especially Brhroze and Ruhi.. alot of Behroze said to Sohaib last week made more sense in this ep.
    Why Behroze didnt lash out: hes now used to these surprise visits by his brother every few months.. Re why he’s still not letting go of it : it was agha jan who had kicked him out of the haveli and cut the ties, it’s only fair for behroze to expect him (his father) to fix it.. No? I think part of this resolve is also to do with that he also doesnt want his family (beloved wife and ladli daughter) to get hurt again by his khandan.
    Re moving on: i think they have all moved on their own way. Just like ruhi and behroze are pretending to have forgotten abt the past and leading their lives on their own but still hurt enough to actually forgive and forget, Sohaib still has the mein bhai ko le ke aoon ga hangover and Agha jan still has an ego big enough ke despite him missing behroze and his daughter chupke chupke, a bare mention of that part of the family means change the subject and offer pakoras to defuse the situation… I think they are all pretty much they all were all those years ago.. The only person who has changed dramatically is Arjumand.. not only has she got an ati jati hunchback and terrible aging issues, all her spunk seems to have gone missing too … Her valet services reminded me of downton, anna and mr Bates lol
    Ok jate jate, although visual narrative isnt generally compelling here , i did like the use of the wall of frames. Compared to havelis picture frames of the ancestors and khandan, behrozes house has only three people on its wall – the only family they’ve got.


  4. Hello, hello! Yes, Zarminey asked for a white mare, the little brat.
    Re: Wali’s scenes, as you mentioned the narrative is still quite focused on the older generation. It’ll take a couple of episodes before Wali’s character takes more prominence. Thank you for appreciating the body language; here’s hoping I give you more to write about in future episodes!


    • @aclockworkobi lol & the little brat.
      Looking forward to Wali’s magic that everyone’s holding their breath for! For two weeks, paida hote hi bechara wali has been busy fixing ghareloo probs and giving the full on hero entry… I guess this week he needed the some rest 😊
      U mentioned wali’s approach to different characters in the interview.. Got to see the babas beeba bacha.. Looking fwd to the rest!


    • @Obi: Hey! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

      Aah! Thank you for the clarification re: Zarminey’s farmaish … ab agli baar I’ll come straight to you for clarification – bekaar mein spent a half hour googling for birds called mayrs/maers/myers!

      Re: Wali and waiting for his appearance: reminded me of this Ameer Minai classic:

      sarakati jaaye hai ruKh se naqaab ahista ahista
      Sliding away from the face is the cover, very slowly

      nikalataa aa rahaa hai aaftaab ahista ahista
      Coming into vision is the sun, very slowly

      P.S. Your thoughts on Wali-Man? 😜


  5. Yes this drama is the only drama worth watching at the moment. But I am finding it terribly slow moving. Each episode is less than 35 minutes long. Each episode has shown us where the characters are in their lives but story-wise nothing has really happened.

    By the way I though THIS EPISODE would have made an excellent FIRST EPISODE. If we had not seen the previous 7 episodes – during Suhaib’s and Behroze’s meeting it would have intrigued us to know why Behroze left the haveli. And after seeing Wali, Aga Jan we would have wondered why Roohi thought her in-laws we jael lok when to the audience they came across as quite educated. Now that would have made things interesting. Then somehow through the next couple of episodes the back story could have been revealed. For example we would find out that the childhood fiancé Rohi referred to was actually now married to Suhaib.


    • NKhan, that’s such a nice point you make about using this episode as a starting point – it would have certainly piqued our interest a lot more…


    • @NKhan: totally agree with you on drama being really slow.. And interesting point if this would have been first episode.. Along that lines i was thinking that also it would have been awesome to start drama as novel started..


    • @NKhan: Hello, welcome aboard! Lovely to read another perspective from another new friend 🙂

      I agree, the pace is slow, as in things happen but its uneven and kinda all over the place, last week we got a sudden jump and then this week it seemed to have a never ending scene and then a couoe of scenes that went nowhere, so yeah I hear you. As @VZ said, it dies seem a bit of a slapdash affair in that there a quite a few rough edges which could’ve been ironed out had time been spent on polishing the final product.

      Re: this being episode 1: I like your idea! Yes, it would’ve worked very well as in the parents’ issues wouldn’t have been that long ago and we could’ve potentially had an interestingly told old but new story.

      But you know this simplistic, linear mode of story telling, adapting popular novels into drama serials or repeating hackneyed formulaic stories, all are a part of this current trend where the audiences are taken as mindless idiots who need to be spoon fed every single detail and told everything 500 times before we understand it, hence we see lines and scenes repeated variously in serials, and if by chance its not an adapted story then go to the FB page and the whole synopsis will be there… I see it as laziness on part of the media industrialists (producers, tv channels, marketing ppl, content heads) as I call them and their efforts to deliberately dumb their audiences.. and then when anybody questions their content, as I have done quite a few times, they have a very standard answer: this is what the audience wants …

      Ab yeh kaun poochey in se ke audience tau wohi dekh rahi hai jo aap ne un ko dekhna sikhaya hai … you cant raise a child in a black and white world and then get upset or pretend to be surprised when the said child cannot recognize and appreciate color :/


      • @SZ, I actually don’t watch many Pakistani dramas because story wise it’s the same old, same old. But your comments about media industry treating the audience as stupid is sadly true. Reading what you said about linear story telling, can you imagine if these guys made Dhoop Kinray today! OMG instead of Zoya’s father saying a few lines to her about a grandfather she never knew she had and who had left his wife and daughter to live alone and had now left her a house…..we would today have just 8 episodes on the grandparents story before we even saw Marina Khan as Zoya.


  6. It’s the same every time. Every show I love always gives me the urge to slap the editor. As much as I loved the episode (I have watched it twice already :P), the editing left me on the verge of wanting to pull my hair out. What was that scene with Farah in the college? Ya tou dikhate hi nahin ya dikhate tou full dikhate. She is talking and thaa, scene khatam? I was watching on TV and that sudden break made me flinch. Technical team, why so sloppy? #creys Rest all you said, the scenes were haphazardly put together. Transition between the scenes tou have been the issue since episode two…I am just waiting for the day I get used to it (I won’t. I abhor messy editing)

    Ruhi was the only lady who aged gracefully. While I loved Behroze’s hair color, that is not something a man in his 40s would be seen having in regular life. Suhaib did look 50 with his look and clothes but hark…this heart doesn’t care. Most of it is due to Ali Rehman’s superb portrayal of Suhaib. This guy is legit love. Fangirl bana diya hai mujhe ❤ Arjumand though…dadi amma bann gayi 😦

    How freakin' ADORABLE was Zarminey!! I breathe for sibling relationships on screen and her rapport with her Lala had me ahaklsadhsakldhasd! I loved how both Z and Farah were shown as the young, carefree, ghar ki ronaq type girls. No khamakha ki maturity or dunya jahan ke dukh with them. The episode showed similarities between the two girls. How they are more close to the men of the family (Z with Suhaib and Agha Jaan, Farah being Behroze and Tajamul's laadli) but have this respect for their respective mothers' authority. But even that doesn't stop them from being their carefree age. Farah's "ghardaari" ends at serving water or juice and Z will do anything but spend her days with her books. Farah tou totally won me over with her "3rd division wala BA karke shaadi tou nahin karni na.." taunt. Aaaah, she is just as I imagined the young Farah to be. The one who retorts on the spot without any lagi lipti. Kahoge tou sunna padega types. She wouldn't actually initiate the biting remarks but her replies would be vicious. I am drawing hearts all over her if one cares to see xD

    Wali ki tanhai, ghoda, aur pahaad xD There wasn't much of Wali in the episode but it was enough to at least leave some impression on me. I really liked the scene between the men of the haveli where Wali voiced out his wish to go to Stanford but then said he would do what Suhaib wishes him to do. It's not much and maybe it's just me but the little bit of Wali saying first what he wants and then following it by accepting his father's wish, it shows the difference between him and the girls. Where the girls can get away with wanting what they want, Wali is the one who willingly accepts whatever he is given. I was glad that Agha Jaan was there to see the conversation between the father and son. Whereas Agha Jaan never really thought much to ask Suhaib what he wants and despite having the guilt that he's taking away the choice from his son, AJ ordered what suited him the best, Suhaib has a more open relationship with Wali where Wali doesn't step back from voicing out his wishes.

    I personally don't find any issues with Ruhi or Arjumand spending their days waiting for their husbands and worrying about their children. Theek hai progressiveness ka zamana hai but being a housewife is also a full time job. It's not like we were told that had great ambitions to begin with that seeing them being reduced to as housewives will leave a bad taste in the mouth. Arjumand is the only lady of the haveli and haveli people have to care not just for one but so many families. Ruhi has this house to take care of; while Behroze is away doing mehnat mushaqat to provide a better life for his family, it becomes his wife's job to give him a comfortable house environment where he can rest. And that takes a lot of energy and devotion.

    Undoubtedly the best part was the Behroze-Suhaib scene. Ali Rehman steals the show once again. God, I will miss him so damn much! Behroze indirectly taunting that Suhaib got all of their father's property by some makaari was something I didn't like but I guess it's just Behroze saying whatever he can think of to turn away Suhaib. And Suhaib bhi treats it like this. I loved how throughout the meeting both of them were more or less in control of the situation and stuck to their arguments, when it was time to go Suhaib totally broke and hugged his brother desperately. He has such a dramatic flair in everything he does, ab tou Behroze ne bhi bol diya 😛 I slow clapped when he said that his wish is to get Farah and Wali married, subject to their understanding of course. Behroze ne kheench ke joota marna tha Suhaib ko in that moment xD Loved in inclusion of the line which Suhaib says that Farah will naturally lean more towards Agha Jaan's family. The oozing confidence this man has in blood ties really hasn't changed since day1.

    Differences, similarities, and a lot of unsaid just waiting to erupt. The story as a whole has nothing new to offer but I would be lying if I say I am not wholly invested in it. The characters are really making this show and there's just so much more to come! Eagerly looking forward to the future developments. The story still revolves around the older generation so the young generation still has to wait to really take the center stage. Abhi unka maidaan tayaar nahin hua..

    Just one thing, YE LAILA WAPAS KYUN AYI?! :@

    SZ – Behn, maaf karna if this came out more as a counter-argument post than a review xD But kya karoon…I like most of the things you don't and chup rehna aata nahin mereko xD


    • @mais re zarminey : yes!! I liked her too! She looks familiar. Is this her first play? Oh btw u compared girls and mentioned Faras limited ghareloo skills. Apni zarminey was making apple pie from scratch – starting with picking apples! Difference hai kuch lol
      re ladies waiting at home for their husbands: im with you on the role of a housewife etc but yaar dont u feel ke aaj kal our dramas (in general) have taken this role to another level. Number of scenes/dramas with the first sign of marital bliss being the pressed shirt, ‘mein ne kapre nikal diye hain’ or ‘bathroom mein aap ke kapre hang kar diye hain’ .. Looks like in our dramaland abb dil ka rasta istiri aur hangers se ho ke guzarta hai.. 😉 .. If men feel half as annoyed as a woman does when ppl tell her how to dress/what to wear, tou i totally feel for the desi mazloom shohar! Lol
      Re the college scene: haan woh kia tha!?
      Re sohaib’s wali/fara proposal : that actually annoyed me! What was he thinking!!!!??? Abb that would only wind up Behroze! No?.. Although he stressed on ‘subject to xyz’, for someone jo chacha ki beti se rishte ki maar khaya hua hai , this is def a sore topic for Behroze!
      Oh btw what extra ordinary exams results harr jagah!! destintions & first positions and straight As.. Pehle behroze now moiz and zarminey.. Wah!! Ya nahin tou phir 3rd devision.. No middle ground!?!? Lol


      • @ FA: This is the first time I am seeing her as I am not a huge Pak drama buff so idk…but she really does seem new. It really doesn’t matter, she is so cute in her role! :$

        Re: the girls being similar. Of course they are not 100% similar. Farah is a kitabi keeda who is shown studying all the time and she runs away from house chores stating the reason ke main tou padh rahi thi. Whereas Zarminey would rather try out various cooking experiments than study properly (phir bhi straight As laati hai…ye dimag mujhe kyun na mila? xD) What’s similar is that both get scolded by their mother on these things and they both are their respective fathers souls. It’s nice to see them similar yet different. Makes me wanna see their interactions. How will Z react to sharing the spotlight of being the only granddaughter of the house? Will she be comfortable sharing AJ’s constant and unconditional love with Farah?

        Re: the housewives. Now that you say it, trend zyada hi chal gaya hai. Ya tou the Biwi will be full phohad or she will be full on efficient. Waise yaar..ek baat hai, Pakistani dramon ne mera tou shaadi se dil hi kharab kar diya hai 😛 There’s no natural, ‘today’ portrayal of married life in the dramas found generally. Yeah, today’s generation has changed and progressed but sab ab itne bhi shaitaan nahin hue hain. Doosri Biwis, shaadi kisi and ishq kisi aur se, divorces which happen at the drop of the hat; in the race for TRP they have made a mockery out of the marriage. Agreed that I am not a huge fan of marriage in the first place but seriously, tv dramas aren’t helping much anyway..if it’s a housewife tou she will spend the day holding hangers and serving food, if it’s a working woman so she won’t pay attention to her house. Or the ever famous “mazloom bahu” trope. Annoying, really.

        Re: the proposal. I just found it hilarious. Matlab, look at the audacity of Suhaib. He was all, ‘I know you don’t like seeing me or the haveli but i’m so gonna make your daughter my bahu. Ukhaad lo! B|” Behroze’s reaction was apt, his anger was spot on and justified. In one way Suhaib did threaten and insult Behroze’s role as a father by hinting that he will take Farah away but the things he has been listening every time he visits Behroze…bitterness is only human.

        Hahahaha…toppers ka khandaan hai. Stanford jaenge, MS karke job karenge, straight As lenge, doctor banege…lekin akal thodi kam hi payi jati hai yahan xD


        • Mais, FA: completely agree on the abundance of toppers… Koi toh normal hota lol…

          Isn’t Wali the sort of cousin who will be the bane of all the other children in the vicinity? You know the one who will be great in everything they do and will have a heart of gold and will be held up as a shining example to the rest of us mere mortals?

          Mais, it reminds of our conversation that Farhat Ishtiaq’s heroes are superhuman…OK, now I am imagining okb with his superman outfit and okb’s trademark wink and smile #ivegonemad…


          • Hahaha @vz wah!! from magic wand to superhero this is getting better and better 😂😂😂 ..
            New desi superhero from drama city : is it babas fav? is it dadas fav? No!! Its Beeba-man! ..
            ROFL @ the cousin/ ‘Bane’ .. (Gosh! DeD is beginning to sound more like ‘The Dark Knight’ or should I call it ‘The Beeba Knight’ lol).. Good thing hes only got one cousin, woh bhi in halat mein….
            Okb in superhero outfit and his trademark wink #epic 👍


          • bwahahaha! VZ, true that! Superhero Wali indeed. See, his entry in the world made Arjumand and Suhaib find peace in their relationship. He’s the kind of hero who has been doing good since he was hours old. You can’t get better than that xD Though look at his efficiency. He takes interest in the zameendari AND the factory AND he wants to be a lawyer. Matlab, waah waah. Mera aisa cousin ho tou main durr se hi usse gaaliyan dun. The comparisons would make any child hate him.

            Waise, Obi did mention that he would make a spoof on this show right? I hope he actually makes Wali a superhero cuz god, that’d be epic. Beeba-Man on the Ghoda! Wearing a kala coat and finance ki files haath mein, khandaan ka gham dil mein. Waah waah! Tasavur se meri tou aankh mein ansu agaye #NautankiMode


            • @VZ @FA @mais. ROFL you guys are hilarious 😃 haha @ beeba-man.. And mais. Your description made me in fits.. 👏👏 Farhat’s every hero is almost like this but Wali is seriously one exceptional.. Intelligent, itna obedient, solid and romantic, caring,.. A super hero indeed 😉


            • Ok, ladies so all your comments abt Wali the superman had me and a friend going all bonkers and this is what we came up with:

              It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s …


              A huge shout out to my friend in need who is a friend in deed as well – thanks, yaar 😘

              P.S. Yes, we know he’s kinda bechara looking at this point, and suit kuch dheela hai, magar abhi he is a work in progress….


    • Mais, totally agree with you w.r.t housewives! Working women have a super tough job but I don’t appreciate it when being a housewife is trivialized.


      • Exactly. Having a degree doesn’t necessarily mean that the woman has to do a job if she is not interested in it or if she can afford not to. And if a woman is more inclined towards wanting to get married, have kids, spend her day taking care of the house tou problem kya hai? All respect for working women who wish to prosper in their careers and jobs, #WomenEmpowerment zindabad but housewives don’t have it easy as well. Even if a woman is thrust into being a housewife or willingly chooses this life, fact remains that it’s not some walk in the park. And they should be respected for doing it with all honesty.


    • @mais. Totally totally with you on Zarmeney and her relationship with her Lala.. She was amazing 🙂 and you are right on how AJ felt that he never gave Suhaib or Behroze such freedom of doing whatever he liked


    • @mais: You are hilarious, such a fab addition to our crazy gang here!
      When I got to the end of your comment I had to laugh, arrey behen meri, we are very much on the same page, the only difference is you’re emotionally attached where I am still detached, baqi to I so agree with you about random scenes, and haan wth was that chemistry ka paper/teacher scene??


      • @VZ – okay, that is nice to know xD Hmmm…my reviews do come more from a personal space because I’m like crazy obsessed with this show atm. Allah maloom if it will stay like this in its long run or not but for it’s very much there and intact 😛 So you said, that’s our point of difference :$

        Haan! That scene! I was like, “Ab kuch aisa bolegi Farah which will really shed more light to her inner workings and philosophy in life. Waah waah, maza ayega. Character dissection karungi!” but what we got had me o.O It was like dangling a Pepsi ka thanda glass in front of me and then taking it away. Ab tak chidd horahi hai mujhe! :@


          • @mais: LOL!!! DeD se emotional attachment ne kaafi asar chora hai aap par!

            Waisey, Im perfectly fine with the SZ/VZ typos, just make sure ke tareefi comment is directed towards SZ and baqi aagey aap khud samajhdar ho 😜


  7. Hello from sunny and serene Mauritius! I am on a very short break, but couldn’t resist popping over to say hello 🙂 SZ, I read your bechainy with the various bits that are not working, this project feels a bit rushed and if they polished it more, we could’ve had a top notch play. Let’s see if it gets better…

    Just caught up with the episode… from the make-up issues and the ridiculous glasses [none of them have long sight vision in those lenses, so what’s with the sudden attack of shortsight?!], to the onset of hunchbacks, it was a bumpy transition to bees saal baad.

    This episode was essentially setting the scene or the calm before the storm strikes next week. We’ve talked about filmy bits in this play, but I found this episode very theatrical – you know when we go from one scene to another, the curtains come down while the set gets changed? It felt like that a bit. I could almost feel the curtains go up and down when they showed us the various vignettes… SZ, is that what you mean when you talk about the editing? I personally didn’t mind the theatrical presentation, much better than OTT filmy!

    How did people find the bromance bit – I honestly didn’t see Sohaib’s hug coming and from Mikaal’s expression, neither did Behroze!

    Wali didn’t have much to do or say, but I do wish we don’t get told how responsible and good he is – I want to deduce that myself. This was one of my pet peeves with ZGH as well. But one thing about OKB is his screen presence. In a frame with him and others, my eyes are drawn to him. Bodes well for Wali.

    FA, your comment on this episode was fab!

    SZ, sorry for my haphazard comments, just not finding the time put down my thoughts coherently.


    • @VZ hey!! Aray wah! In Land of sugar & smiles!! Maze karo yaar!…
      Re the hug: how could i forget that! U know that reminded me of st’s jhappi lol.. Bass thuske ki kami thi.. No wonder Behroze is worried abt his reputation at work!!


      • FA, thanks yaar, it was work that brought me here and then I added on a couple of days to have a supermini break 🙂

        Re: Sohaib’s hug: Mikaal’s expression was like “whoa, hang on a sec” 😀 Add to that all those dialogues about dil dhadakna or dhak dhak karna and the scene turned a bit hilarious 😉


    • @VZ: hey.. Good to know that you gave yourself a mini break too.. 😄 haan i totally agree with you that it kinda spoil the interest level by telling so much about Character again n again.. Same here even i didnt see suhaib’s hug coming itni achanak se LOL

      @FA: hahaha @ behroze being worried about his reputation at work..


  8. Hey SZ !
    Another wonderful spot on review;Kaise mere dil ki baatein likh leti ho 😀 I agree about almost eveything you said. but I still find it difficult understanding Mikal’s expression.I feel it is either “too much” or “nothing.” I so agree about Maya and OKB.OKB has somewhat disappointed me.:( May be we were expecting too much and I really hope he would improve.About Maya it is high time she works on her pronunciation.She is not playing a “bubbly girl” for the first time and she always plays it in the similar way;having said that it is the only drama on air these days with some good performance and very well written and equally good directed.


  9. Hi!
    I thought Zarminey wanted a “white mate” but it must be “mare” if OKB says so… Yes some of the scenes were a bit awkward (apple picking, pie banana hai, white mate chahiye, OKB’s opening dialogue) but khair, MZ’s scene with AR saved the day for me. Also liked the fact that Behroze actually gave Fara the presents. I thought shayed office mein hi chor jayega. And you’re so right about Maya Ali’s issues, hope she works on them. Waise the ages/looks of the younger lot didn’t bother me at all but the older women were too cliched.

    For Fara-Wali fans :


    • @afia: “white mate” ! Uff you are hilarious! You literally had me in stitches there as I read that … lol yaani ke Behroze tau muft mein badnaam .. here this young lady wants a mate, but not just any random one, but a gora chitta one, and woh bhi dadaji dhoondh kar den – wah wah subhanallah! #AnokhiLadliKhelanKoMaangeChaandRe


  10. Excellent review… Enjoyed reading it.. And had a good laugh @ chichora romantic genes.. Haha how true.. Is umer me bhi..

    Oh well this one was such a slow episode and few of the scenes were totally useless to add in.. That said i always adore father daughter relation.. It just melts my heart and seeing two such dadys made me super happy.. I very much enjoyed Maryam Nafees’s Zarmeney more as compare as Maya’s Faara.. She was perfect zarmeney and Since novel showed only married zarmeena.. So it was amazing to see her relationship graph with all family members.. And equally excited to see Wali and Zarmeena beautiful sibling chemistry.. And to think of it this would be OKB’s first sibling relation onscreen.. Pooe Mayer,Aunn and Omer tou aklote hie reh gaye.. Though Omer ki behn sahiba baad me daryaft huein but that relationship was remain untouched…

    Oldies ki tou kya baat karain… They have moved on physically but not mentally.. Except of Arjumand .. Brothers scene was indeed scene of episode.. Loved it.. The way behroze reacted on just mere mention of death by Suhaib.. It said it all how this man is controlling himself to not give up on his ego.. And how he so also wants to talk with affection to his brother, his friend.. I am afraid behroze might get late in doing so 😦

    I am all waiting for that Solid Wali.. Who exactly knows how to make things right with utmost confidence and attitude. Itni si jhalak me tou he only appeared As Humara, Apka aur sabka Raaj Dulara Wali Suhaib Khan.. 😉


    • THIS IS SO DARN PRECIOUS!!! Afia! I loved this so much! Gaaah! Now I am all the more excited for their track to start! ❤ ❤ ❤ Eeeps! Please tell me you will continue VMing on them once their track starts? You are so good at it! Loved the way you worked with such tiny tiny scenes and everything was so perfectly matched…the beats, the lyrics. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS!!

      Do you mind if I share this on my tumblr??


      • Thanks Mais 🙂 you made my day-filhal morning! Yes plz share it. The ones I made before this were with stills, also on dailymotion/youtube.


  11. Yaar, ladies, high five you all!!! You make my 5 hour long meetings so fun as I keep laughing at every comment – thank you!! 👏👏

    Ok, just a quick clarification, re: the housewives issue: I hope you are not reading my comment in the review as being against housewives – cause I am certainly not doing that. These days I too am working from home, so I count myself as a housewife for all practical purposes, and waisey bhi have been one in the traditional sense for a number of years so trust me I know all the hard work that goes into it. My issue, as I have brought up several times in the past as well, is the way housewives are depicted in our drama serials, or when every thing that is wrong on TV is blamed on “those mindless housewives” who supposedly want to watch the OTT 24/7 rona dhona.

    Coming to this specific instance I object to the problematic stereotypes being promoted here .. as in to depict a good marriage they show the wife making her husband wear a coat, one sleeve at a time mind you, knots his ties, or hangs around the house gossiping with a maid and only springs into action when the hubby/children return home. Why can’t they think creatively and find other ways to show a good, healthy marriage, Why not have them discussing a movie they both saw together, or discuss a news article, or talk about other everyday things that spouses share with each other.

    My particular irritation in this regard with Ruhi stemmed out of the fact that earlier her husband was struggling to make ends meet financially, and this would have been a beautiful opportunity to show Ruhi perhaps giving tuition at home,if she wanted to work from home, or teaching in a nearby school, if she felt comfortable outside. Why cant they show a woman can help share her husband financial stresses. Of course later with children etc, children would have been her first priority, but earlier it made very little sense for her to sit around reading magazines and waiting to get pregnant. In Arjumand’s case the scenario is very different, because the family background is such that she would not be working outside, that totally understandable.

    Hope that helps clear that confusion … 🙂


  12. SZ another wonderful review. Love to read the comments. Both brothers scene was very touching. And when Suhaib talk about death the reaction of Behroz says so much . Ruhi and Behroz are still stuck at old times . While suhib and AJ has moved , but both mothers are I guess same raising the daughters. I like the name Zarmeney so beautiful, is it Persian name .? Without glasses also you can show that you are aging ,now days very few people with grey hair ,(lol) most so them they color so why in drama They show like that . I am really enjoying this drama .


    • @Ranjan: Hello, glad youre still on onboard and enjoying this one 🙂

      Re: Zarmina/Zarminey: Yes the name does have Persian roots and some Arabic as well and the name means: precious/lovely gold… or simply put something very precious. Hope that helps!

      Re: their glasses and hair dyes .. what to say …. maybe ladies in HUM TV land grow old that way!


  13. @Rehmat: Talking about FI’s super heroes, you are forgetting our Accidental Aabi (as @Annie referred to him once 🙂 ) Us se ziyada beeba bacha kaun ho sakta hai! In the serial at least had some grey shades and rebelled a bit, but novel mein to he was a total super shareef super smart super everything!!


    • @SZ: accidental aabi.. Haha good one.. And waqai accidental literally bhi aur rationally bhi .. You are right he was such a beeba bacha but he was all Sugar.. While Wali is Sugar and Spice ..;) you know what i mean.. He is rock solid seriously and that makes him my favorite-est hero of FI 😀 i loveee my Wali-man.. 😉


  14. SZ – OH MY GOD!! Wali-Man makes an entry in all his chaddi..UHUM! Pathanzada glory! But bhala hai bus sirf ek Ghode ki kami hai…Obi without the ghodas ab jachta hi nahin mujhe 😛


    • Hahaha this is epic.. Wali-man sounds more stylish.. You and your friend chaa gayee 😀

      @mais.. LOL.. Chaddi tou me ne notice hie nhn ki ..i was so lost in his muscles :p haan ye thora different hojayega na our wali man coming on Ghoda.. 😉


      • Ghoda is to Wali-Man as…Robin is to Batman (I am so bad at comic superheroes xD), There has to be a Ghoda for Wali, you just can’t do it without it. Otherwise khulli na-insaafi hai ye. Ghoda tadap jaega apne Wali-Man ke bagair.


  15. SZ Great review! It’s amazing how you were able to articulate exactly what I have been feeling watching this drama. Up til now I have not been able to connect to any character yet. This episode especially had a lot of filler scenes and I felt I was watching a Pakistani version of “Khabi Khushi Khabi Gham”. I actually called up some friends later to find out if it is like a common practice now to help your husband get dressed. We really need to stop being inspired by Indian content.

    Really hope the story picks up, for now nothing in this drama feels realistic. Sanam and Mikhaal have no chemistry whatsoever. I do not know if the story has to show that they are just pretending, but the dialogues between them also give the impression that there has been no growth in the relationship in 20 years. Anyways I was glad to see Maya Ali’s performance today, she does seem to be adding some life to this lifeless drama. Looking forward to the next review 🙂


    • Hahaha AMAZING yaar.. This is absolutely just according to our requirements.. Specially @mais ki 😉

      @SZ: brilliant work yaar.. Wonder if DeD would have thought about this creative idea.. LOL.. From super hero to super man to beeba man to wali man.. Matlab iss blog ke ideas check karain app 😀 love it


    • @SZ ghori!! Ahem… Hahahaha
      I think zarmeeney is planning the kick off party for waliman’s (wali man) next adventure with her mare.. Thats what his barat would look like :



    • This is perfect and EXACTLY like I envisioned Wali-Man to be! Wali-Man tou Wali-Man, even his ghoda is all majestic. SZ! Tussi great ho yaar! shahi tuntuna, ye magroor style…hawa ko cheerta hua, khandaan ka gham dil mein samaye…farmanbardari ka cloak odhe, Wali-Man agaya hai, Agha Jaan ke dukh durr karne.

      *echoes of Wali-Man ring in the pahaads*



      • @mais: phew! glad you gave your thappa of approval to this version 🙂

        Also, all credit for this image goes to my friend, this is all her mehnat 👏🏆Main ne sirf post kiya hai


  16. Ahhh maza agia review and comments prh ka wali man, accidental abhi. Hilarious… I am laughing so hard that my son sleeping with me shouted ” i told you sleep” anyways a request to u @Sz Yeh sb comments kisi trha hum tv ka content dep/Creative dep ko prhwa Daan and told them this is the level of maturity and observation of your audience.Hmari creativity ko audience ki demand sa challenge na Karan…


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