Diyar-e Dil ~ Episode 7 Review

DeD coverCongratulations! Ladies, all of you whose akhiyans were udeek diyan, rejoice and baanto mithai kyonke Wali has galloped his way into the narrative with full on hero waley shashkey – aisi entry ke lagta hai ke haan waqa’i asli hero bhai tau yahi hain! Ab, let the games begin!

With the mubaraks out of the way, let’s rewind back to the begining of this seventh episode and start off with the Lahore track. I am enjoying the way Ruhi and Behroze’s story is unfolding and how we are getting to see the various facets of these characters. Though this couple is totally in love and share every little thing about their day with each other, there is a lot that remains unsaid as well. On his end its him missing his family and on hers its Agha jaan’s insults that resonate… all those less than complimentary things that were said about her family. She asks Behroze to share but then on the other hand does Ruhi really want him to do that? Were he to tell her that he wants to attempt a reconciliation again would she have the wherewithal to withstand a second barrage of insults coming her way?

Like it happens to the most well-meaning amongst us, Behroze and Ruhi find it easier to brush painful memories aside and focus on all that is happy and good – and what could be a happier occasion than the birth of a child. But again, it is precisely at these moments that those painful memories resurface again. The sight of Ruhi’s happy family brings to mind the loved ones who are absent – hence the phone call home. The strong rebuff, however, puts paid to all of Behroze’s warm and fuzzy intentions.

Gone for now is the sentiment and nostalgia, hidden away in in the darkest deepest recesses of his mind, all that remains is the ego – he is not Bakhtiyar Khan’s son for nothing. If the father can stand there, look his son in the eye and throw him out of the haveli then Behroze can do the same to Suhaib. That Bakhtiyar and Behroze’s hearts are breaking on the inside, even as they are being cold and cruel to those closest to them, is something that the world outside will never get to see. Mikaal Zulfiqar is outstanding here as Behroze and Sanam is equally impressive as Ruhi. I am really enjoying Farhat’s up close and personal study of the complexities of human emotions and Haseeb does well to get his actors to bring these very nuanced characters to life.

Back at the haveli, life has moved on for Suhaib and Arjumand as well. After the disappointment of last week I;m glad we got to see Arjumand and Suhaib actually talking and discussing their vision of a very different life for their children. It was great to see Hareem and Ali smiling for a change – what a difference that makes! With the waterworks on hold, it is so much easier to understand and empathize with Suhaib’s helplessness, pulled as he feels emotionally in two opposite directions. Caught in the war of wills between his father and brother he finds no where to turn.

In a very smart juxtaposition, amidst all that is so different, we get a subtle underscoring of the similarities in the two brothers’ lives. Much like Behroze, Suhaib too keeps his feelings from his wife. Where there is a lot of pain there is also perhaps a bit of guilt – of not having spoken up for his brother earlier, of living a luxurious life where his older brother has it rough, of having his children growing up with a sense of belonging – but again because his brother is so like their father, all his efforts to extend an olive branch get rudely shot down. And so pass twenty years.

Twenty years seem like a long time, but to hear Wali put it into perspective it all seems to have gone by in a blink of an eye. Where they might have healed with time, left unattended old wounds have continued to fester. All three men pretend, and perhaps after all this time even believe, that all is well, but as the precap indicates just one scratch and the wounds starts bleeding again. Will these family ever be able to put aside their painful past and forget and forgive each other and look forward to a happier future together or will the hurts of the past be handed over with interest to the next generation?

All in all this was a much better installment as compared to the really rough episode last week. There were issues with timelines – I was almost afraid that we’d have to get a specialist to check in on Wali’s stunted growth – and the uneven focus on the two couples grates quite a bit. Last week there was way too much focus on Arjumand’s pregnancy and this week we barely got to see her. That said, the strength of the writing, the nuances we see in characters, and the well executed visual narration makes up for a lot of rough spots and has me looking forward to next week.

Just realized I forgot to add about the length of the episode… 31:32 minutes?? Is this how HUM plans to extend it to 30+ episodes?!

 Written by SZ~


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  1. SZ, this week you won’t need any raincoats, as you’ve started with a good Wali line this time 🙂

    This episode to me was so much about one person (not him!) – mother/ma/ammi/mama!

    Consciously and subconsciously we imbibe so much from our mothers – the way we react to situations, the way we try to solve problems, good habits, bad habits… truly a mother’s role is so important and so much responsibility comes with it…a mother is like a sponge, a 2-way radio, a filter, a rock…wait a sec, I need to get out of my kitchen to type this…

    First we have the 3 men – Agha Jaan, Behroze, Sohaib. All the three of them hold their thoughts/feelings/emotions to themselves. None of them has shared anything with anyone else – not to one another, not to any other close person (eg Behroze to Roohi or Sohaib to Arjumand). A couple of weeks ago we already were talking about what a difference a mother would’ve made to Behroze, Sohaib and their interactions with their father and their spouses.

    Next we saw what the influence of a patient and caring mother on Arjumand when she was going through marital problems (let us put our thoughts on whether it was the right way to handle etc to one side). Arjumand’s mother has always tried to diffuse the tension in her daughter’s life, taught her to be patient and giving in her relationship with Sohaib and gave her hope that one day all will be well with her life. (Interestingly in Durr-e-Shehwar, it was the dad’s letters that did the trick, but I digress.)

    Finally we have Roohi – no mother figure to guide her. The only close relative she has is her bhabhi. And a bhabhi who has a knack of creating trouble by saying the wrong things which complicate the situation. Not the best influence in the world. With Behroze keeping his feelings about his family to himself and shutting her out, Roohi has no one else to vent her feelings about her sasural or Behroze. I don’t think she has shared anything with her bhabhi yet, but she is certainly spending a lot of time with her and attaches importance to her bhabhi’s views and opinions.

    Where a sensible mother would’ve asked her daughter to be more understanding and not push Behroze (who is extremely protective and touchy about this issue), where a mother would’ve tried to give some perspective and taught her to forget/let go, Roohi’s bhabhi blows even small issues out of proportion. We have seen Roohi trying to cover up for Behroze, but for how long? Already cracks are starting to show up between them, with Roohi feeling shut out and possibly betrayed that Behroze never shares nor lets her share her feelings about his family.

    So far, Roohi has been shown to be someone who harbours feelings in her heart and doesn’t forget much or lets go of past issues. She is also not the sort who will give people the benefit of doubt or show understanding. Wonder how these suppressed feelings of hers will influence her daugher? What views will Faara form in her mind about these relatives of hers? Given that almost all of it will be based on Roohi’s views and experience, it is not hard to imagine the picture in young Faara’s mind about her relatives on her father’s side of the family.

    Arjumand is now at peace and has started to move ahead, leaving her bitter start behind. While it is also true that Arjumand knew the haveli inhabitants all her life whereas Roohi’s first meeting was that horrible reception, the influence of mothers (or the lack of them) is something to think about…

    PS – Wali! Loved each and every word Agha Jaan said about him – how dapper did OKB look on horseback! Loved little Wali’s interactions with Agha Jaan – and the fact that little Wali resembled OKB (the eyes). OKB – you are a sight for sore eyes, welcome!

    • @VZ you raise a very interesting point about how and why Faara might grow up having hard feelings for her father’s side of family..
      I don’t think Roohi is the harbour feelings type of a person as such. she never got a chance to let it all out, otherwise we wouldn’t have seen her relationship with bhabhi..
      I hear ppl say ‘ falan ki zaban par na jao, un ka dil saaf hai’ and the counter argument ke ‘jab sub kuch keh diya tou dil mein kiya raha’,… Point im trying to make is ke Arjumand has taken out all her anger and frustration (jaise bhi, jis par bhi.. , /Sohaib was the punching bag lol) whereas Roohi never had a chance to. She’s got everything bottledup.. lava kabhi na kabhi tou phate ga.. i wonder how this will affect the future dynamics..

      • FA, I thought Roohi might be harbouring feelings because she keeps remembering Agha Jaan’s words. But I see your point – she is not always thinking about it, may be when she saw the pictures she remembered it and there’s a difference.

        You are right about Sohaib being the punching bag – Behroze on the other hand shut Roohi out, leaving her with no outlet for her feelings…here is where being occupied in a job would’ve helped Roohi – she might have made some friends, stayed busy instead of being all cooped up at home with no one to talk to…

        Also, Roohi in some ways reminded me of Farida of Humsafar – another strong female personality who was sidelined by her husband, kept the resentment in her heart (not sure if she shared it with Zarina even) and when the mauka was right, went for the kill…

        Do you think at some point it will come down to Roohi versus Wali with Faara caught in between? As I see it, Roohi is the strongest female character around so far (possibly turning quite negative), so I was wondering…

    • @VZ: you have put nicely as to how mothers play so much important role in son/daughters life.. And so agree with you.. We saw Yasmeen playing a soothing role in Arjumand’s life.. Whether it effected her immediately or later but it did and seeing the positivity in her it’s easy to see how Wali will be raised.. (She better be a good mommy 😉 but in case of Faara it will be so interesting to see.. Because both her mother n father are strong minded souls.. So definitely this will effect Faara positively.. But in regards to Grands.. That will be something worth to watch 🙂

  2. @SZ brilliant review as always!
    Mubarak ho!! Wali aa gya maidan main!!! lol.. I was also getting worried abt Wali’s growth issues. Aik saal mein itna bara!!!!??? and he rides when hes 18 mths!! aur tou aur he makes AJ say Behroze in a heveli where this name was banned!!!! wah miraculous baby he is indeed! I am totally getting the fascination.. lol
    This was the first episode I felt for behroze and Roohi. I quite enjoyed watching the complexities in their relationship. Farhat has done fab job here.
    It was interesting to see how Behroze misses his family, but he is keeping this to himself.. Why doesn’t he share it with Roohi? i think his ego has a big part to play in it, but there is also the fact that he knows the subject will hurt Roohi. How could she empathise, or sympathise with him for people who humiliated them. Not only that, she had already shown her displeasure in the past and he isn’t prepared to hear anything against his his family again.
    Again it was interesting to watch how Roohi probes him, but she knows abt the fine line she prefers not to cross. She knows abt his hurt, and his private thoughts but she wouldn’t say them out loud and confront him. She wants him to open up to her and share his feelings but she is also scared of opening up the can of worms. She has realised that Behroze has too much of an ego to open up abt his grief and she also knows talking about that will only cause more hurt. She finally seems to have come to terms with it and decides its best to burry those demons and pretend as if they don’t exist.. Agree with @VZ that mumkin hai eventually she will find her outlet with her daughter and perhaps share her feelings with her.
    I thought this whole sequence was done very nicely. Farhat explored the privacy and space of an individual within a relationship beautifully here. Don’t we all carry some sort of burden, that we feel that we feel we are better off keeping to ourselves and vice versa.. and how many times we prefer to stay silent and pretend that we are unaware of next person’s feelings.. and how many times we say things only to elicit a response we want to hear, but don’t go all the way…
    @SZ as you pointed out, juxtaposition amidst all the difference was very smart, and subtle. Sohaib must hide his feelings from his wife because of Arjumand’s past/ feelings for Behroze.
    My comment seems to be getting longer and longer.. but can’t finish without mentioning the meeting & why Behroze turned away Sohaib.. I like how you have compared this situation to how AJ threw out Behroze. I never thought of it like that. I also thought that it was all to do with him being his father’s son.. he recalls ‘agar tumhari ragon mein mera khoon hai..” he inherits the ego from his father and he is also a man of his words.. not only that, its perhaps his way of satisfying/proving to himself that he is indeed his father’s son.. & like you said in the process both father and son are suffering just as much.
    Now the bigger question.. what was it that Behroze left unsaid about Sohaib’s fitrat?.. that he was too weak/selfish to stand up for Behroze? Why did it take him so long to turn up? He is not man enough? or that he doesn’t cry enough??!!.. lol

    • FA – I liked your reasoning for Behroze throwing out Sohaib. Behroze was badly hurt by Agha Jaan’s words and knowing him, he will never want anything to do with the haveli clan, not even his bhai.

      Like you, I too was interested in that line about Sohaib’s fitrat – I took it to mean him marrying Arjumand at the drop of a hat, but I could be wrong here…

      • @VZ: yes i too thought in same way about Behroze getting rude with Suhaib regarding him marrying to Arjumand… Just to take brownie points from Agha Jaan..

      • @VZ @Rehmat mmm could be Arjumand, but Behroze didnt really care much for Arjumand anyway… however, I can understand him getting mad abt Sohaib not standing up for himself or anyone else for that matter, and going to any length in order to please Agha Jan & earn brownie points… Sohaib can help chup chup ke but can’t do it openly danke ki chot pe… Looking from Behroze’s perspective, that’s hypocrisy! In their culture, thats a question mark on mardangi.. lol..
        I think Behroze knows his brother has good intentions at heart but at the end of the day his ego is bigger than him… perhaps Behroze doesnt want any badmazgi in his/his family’s life..? He doesn’t want to expose his new family/child to that humiliation once again?
        Btw was it just me or the ‘mein mubarikbad dene aya hooon’ got on anyone else’s nerves? lol

    • @FA: quite an interesting comment of yours ..I totally agree with your point as to why Behroze didn’t want to share how much he misses his family.. I think Roohi just want that chapter to be closed.. She doesn’t want Behroze to miss them neither to discuss with her.. May be im reading her bit selfish but that’s what I thought when she look at those photos..

  3. Thanks for the review SZ, I knew it’ll be here to savour with my morning chai! Enjoyed it 🙂 But HumTV 31 mins? Disappointed 😦

    Mikaal Zulfiqar- he was the best thing about this ep! Loved his scenes, the telephone call and then his meeting with Suhaib. Just awesome!

    Aur SZ, my younger one (who was eagerly waiting for OKB’s appearance in the 8th ep- she’d calculated this on her own after what OKB had said) was totally perplexed as to why he made an entry in the 7th! Bechari itni pareshan thee ke entry shayed enjoy bhi nahin kar saki!

    Aur phir mera 8th ep ka guess acha raha na?! 🙂

    • @Afia: Haye!! Kiya maze hain tumhare .. subah ki chai and nashta haath mein .. please eat a paratha for me tomorrow .. thank you! 🙂

      Aww your daughters are such cuties! LOL @ counting on her own and coming up with the same answer as her amma wah yeh bhi acchi rahi! Haan, I too had been expecting him in the 8th (after being corrected, ahem 😉 ) but didnt you get the impression that he was rushed in to the narrative an episode too early? Surely they didnt go to all that trouble to find a child, who resembled @Obi so much, for just one scene? I have a feeling that the ep was hastily edited and we will perhaps get the rest of bachpan ka scenes in flashback, we know a lot’ve been shot from the BTS pics that have been floating around the ‘net…

  4. Just remembered- I was appalled at Roohi’s apology for not giving birth to a boy. I mean (wth!) what was the point of this regressive attitude? Apart from the fact that it’s wrong anyway. it by no means affects the story. Phir zarurat kya thee yeh kehne ki?
    I felt ashamed to hear such nonsense in front of my two precious girls, specialy in a drama they are eagerly watching 😦

    • Yes Afia , I hated that the minute she said it ,I mean , seriously , this obsession with a male heir will never cease !!!

      • @Afia: Ok, so to be very honest, after last week I decided to watch from now on with my brain set aside… I am very sad to say this, but i think gone are the days when every line, every frame was worked on and every thing had a rhyme and reason and teams actually cared and thought about the implication of each and every scene and line. Yahan, after what I have seen generally, and more particularly in the past two episodes, the general lackadaisical attitude towards detailing of characters (styling, clothes everybody is talking about, make up, editing, accents etc ) I have given up on expecting something that I can really gush about – SeZ, Talkhiyan, Pehchan, this one definitely ain’t….

        All that said, I’m really glad that you brought up this issue and opened it up for discussion. Yes, totally useless and easily edited out line .. what was the point? What if the baby had been born really dark or not “cute/piyari” or god forbid with special needs? Would she have disowned it? Do educated women speak like that? If the point was to remind Behroze of his dad, then I’m sorry but that point was already made when he Ruhi’s family entered with mithai and his missing family was like the elephant in the room … By the same token there was so much to do about Wali’s birth and the waris and pota ke I was wondering then what if Suhaib had had a girl… would Agha jaan have been similarly thrilled?
        As you said, @Afia, a totally uncalled for comment… and most def not a message that a woman-centered channel be giving out …

        What has been really heartening to see in all your comments is that even if I chose to focus only on the story, you guys were not gonna let things slide .. main tau muft mein nitpicker ke naam se badnaam hoon 😉

    • @Afia: uff that was so bad.. Exactly no need at all .. Pehle she says mujhe tumhe bache ki khushi deni thi.. Wasnt that gesture sweet enough.. Phir ye bolna mujhe tha k beta hota.. Argg.. :/

  5. Khanzada Wali, in all his princely glory has entered the wonderful canvas of this show….on a ghoda! xD I just can’t stop laughing at the whole horse business. I mean it in the kindest way possible of course but a ghoda? Seriously? Reminds me too much of Mair. Actually, I’ve just been counting very weird connections between DeD and ANC for the past two days…the ghoda entry is not helping 😛 Don’t look at me like that, I have exams coming up which excuses all of my thoughts 😐

    Coming to the episode, first things first – why in the world was this episode on a bullet train? Was it only me who felt this way? The scenes were cut and joined too abruptly. Minus the locha filled timeline the episode made sense but I wish we would’ve gotten some more time to let the scenes settle in properly. Urgh! Will they really give us 30 minutes episodes from now on? But why? It makes no sense since things are happening at jet-speed anyway.


    It gave me joy seeing Arjumand glowing and happy like that with her child. Her world seems to revolve around Wali now. And aaah…the thandak my dil got seeing Suhaib and Arjumand finally having found peace and content in their new life. Them talking about Wali was just all kinds of beautiful! FEELS AGAYI!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I wish we would've gotten more of their peaceful domesticity but can't do anything about that now…ye regret reh hi jaega 😦 But they are starting their life afresh where no bitterness of the past lingers.

    Then there's Ruhi who is still very much affected by the past. And rightfully so. She legit caught Behroze hiding stuff from her, choosing not to share whatever was bothering him with her, and what was worse for her was that he was doing all this for the family he left behind. The family which wronged Ruhi in the worst possible way. She has all the rights to be angry and displeased. Behroze has openly told her that he doesn't really like Ruhi mingling too much with her Bhabhi. Now to Ruhi that is just wrong and hypocritical. Whatever her family did, they at least forgave her and accepted her back in their life. Whereas Behroze's family haven't made any contact with them whatsoever and totally kicked them out of their life. Phir bhi Behroze is allowed to have sleepless nights thinking about his family but Ruhi is not allowed to share her day with hers? Just for this logic only Ruhi is rightfully justified to lash out. But she doesn't. Her displeasure with the situation lasts only minutes, at least in front of Behroze. Her love for her husband transcends her dislike for his family. But these things will affect her subconsciously and they will be stored within her. It's only a matter of time, and situations, before she bursts.

    It was wonderful seeing Suhaib keeping tabs on Behroze in his own discreet way. Not even Agha Jaan knows about it. Suhaib is really torn between the two worlds if I may say it. He can't openly rebel against Agha Jaan and forcefully bring in Behroze's mention in the haveli because the wounds are still fresh. But that doesn't mean he would just let go of his brother. Khoon ke rishte aise khatam nahin hote. He cares for his brother but he cares for his other relationships as well. That's why he didn't even tell Arjumand about his actions concerning Behroze because he knows that Behroze remains a touchy topic for her. Despite all the differences in the brothers, there's one thing that they share is that some feelings are better left secret. What's between the brothers is their business and not even their most intimate partners are allowed to step in the territory. These three men, Behroze, Suhaib, Agha Jaan, they are all tied by blood. Their blood, their business. And only they are allowed to deal with it or say anything about it.

    What I found the most fascinating was the similarity between the two set of parents. We have seen so many contrasts between the two brothers' married life in the past episodes, but when it came to their child, both the brothers had similar feelings. Humein kuch bhi ho, ye bacha khush rahe. Both of them completely in love with their children, wanting to give them all the happiness in the world, ready to make any and all compromise just to give their child the wonderful life he/she deserves. After all the differences, this similarity did strike the most.

    Behroze was rude with Suhaib, there was no need to be this rude to his brother who was utterly blameless in the whole situation. Suhaib has been keeping track of Behroze and it seemed like Behroze knew of that. Or agar na bhi tou it was a happy occasion, Suhaib had come to see his niece. He was so happy in his brother's happiness but Behroze's behavior was uncalled for. Just a few minutes ago he was remembering his father and for the first time, regretting being so headstrong with his father which resulted in him being estranged from his family. He has been remembering his brother for months. But when the very same brother came to him, congratulating him for the precious blessing of God, Behroze very rudely turned him away. "Main tumhein samajh gaya hoon.." What was that supposed to be? Does he really think that someone like Suhaib could've done all he did for something as insignificant as property and business? Does he know his little brother only this well? I loved Suhaib in all of this though. He took all of Behroze's blows well and still promised that he won't start hating Behroze because of his words. Inn sab mein ek Suhaib ko hi akal hai, buss. Baqi sab apni anna ke aage badhen tou kisi aur ka khayal rakhen na..

    • @mais. Yes Hareem as Arjumand looked stunning in scene carrying Wali.. These both parents will become rocking parents i am sure in each possible way 😉

    • @mais: mabrook! mithai kidhar hai? #waiting!

      And you are so right abt the Meyer almost-deja vu! The first time I watched I thought he was on white horse and started writing accordingly then checked and thank god they stayed away from that much of a cliche… also I think the ghora and @Obi might have a less intense chemistry here, ANC mein tau Misha bechari used to seem like a kabab mein haddi in the love affair between Meyer and his white steed. And then in AZ Aunn and Zara had the whole tabbar around them, Aunn never really got a proper chance to serenade his biwi with his besura ganas… ab finally here with the khamosh veeran haveli maybe we’ll actually get to see some romance happening between the two… kiya khayal hai?

      • Hahaha…intense chemistry between Obi and Ghoda indeed! But here bhi it’s established that Wali Suhaib Khan goes crazy when he sees ghoda, “ab nahin rukenge”…Allah khair kare ab, ye ghoda kisi ki sautan na bann jae xD A new twist to the doosri biwi trope, dusra ghoda 😛

        Tbh, I was quite put-off by Obi’s surma in ANC to really root for him. Plus, I had read the novel and I was a pakka Romaan bias so even seeing Mair made my left eye twitch. AZ was such a family affair that kya romance? My family used to sit around the TV and watch Daadi’s epic antics and that “Lathe Di Chaadar” BG music for Phupho 😛 That’s why I was double excited for OsMaya in DeD because they do look wonderful together and they do loads of chemistry between them. To see them, finally, in an serious, intense-ish love story….aaah! ❤ I sincerely hope we are not gonna get disappointed on that front, and judging by the promos I think we are in for a ride. *fingers crossed*

        @Mithai – wo tou maine saari pichle week hi baant di thi xD

        • @mais: your line: “Allah khair kare ab, ye ghoda kisi ki sautan na bann jae xD A new twist to the doosri biwi trope, dusra ghoda” – bas one word – epic!!!🏆👏

          Haan that surma, along with the scorching chemistry between the horse and his master, was a huge reason why I could just never get into the serial .. but that said, for me ANC remains memorable not because of the story or other cast but for Haissam Hussain’ brilliant artistry and the magical fairy tale world that he and his very talented crew and DoP Ilyas Kashmiri created, giving our screens a completely different The framing of scenes, the way the characters entered and exited scenes, the freshness he brought to the same old hill station scenery was magnificent. This was yet another occasion when I felt really sad that our TV industry cannot grow up and put their silly differences behind them and come up with genuine award shows that recognize and applaud artistic merit and out-of the-box thinking no matter what the channel.

  6. SZ, really sorry for just barging in and depositing my comments without a word of thanks or talking about your review. It was really late last night and I quickly put down some ramblings and left. Here is my reply to your review.

    Thanks for the Wali-wala intro 🙂 Filmy scene all the way, but hey, it worked! And I agree that the time line left me puzzled as well. I thought there’d be a 3-4 year gap between Wali and Faara. And based on what OKB mentioned, I thought he will make an appearance next week and we might get a few scenes with their younger versions.


    – I don’t think she believes that Behroze will try and attempt a second reconciliation – I think she just wants him to come out and say “I wish I was given a chance to explain” or “It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, I felt Agha Jaan might have been more reasonable” or some such. Just airing his views and the hurt he felt. But this is Behroze aka Agha Jaan the Second – no such dialogues will come her way…


    – This is what Sohaib caught on to, but you need know these men really well (like Sohaib does) to understand that what they feel and what they say have no correlation. Even these two men don’t stop to think about it. That’s just what they are…that’s why Sohaib is important – he is the pliant one, he is the understanding one, he is the one ready to compromise and adjust (and boy, what did they do to his character in the previous two episodes!).


    – Agree with you. The characters have depth and various shades to them, the team has done well to shine the light on those characters…


    – Hmmm, really naughty of Hum. I was watching it live and it took forever to start! And does anyone know if the ratings are good?

    I see your point about lop-sided tracks – one week it’s too much of Arju-Sohaib, the next week an overload of Behroze-Roohi. A bit of balance would’ve been nice…

    Going by the precap, Sohaib’s dialogue sounded ominous…does he really have to die to get these two together? 😦

    • Hmmm…agreed. Surma and ghoda notwithstanding, the show was a treat for the eyes. The mountains, the valleys, the picturesque beauty of the country. The team really did transform the world of today and took it somewhere mystical. Plus, the OST. Superb choice for the song as well. Javed Bashir’s voice remains my favorite and that mixed with the gorgeous scenes of the show. Uff…whatever the massive issues I had with the latter story, fact remains that ANC was one visual treat that has to be appreciated. Award shows ki tou baat hi na karen…kasmey, gaaliyan dene ka mann karta hai at the so-called award shows. Almost all TV industries in the world have at least one award show which works to appreciate and acknowledge quality work from all the channels (of course shocking biases can’t be taken away completely from them as well), when with Pakistan TV Industry get to have a proper platform solely dedicated to TV from all across the country? It’s such a booming and now internationally acclaimed industry, it’s only fair to have it promoted within the country more..

        • @mais. ROFL @ power of surma n ghoda chemistry…you are extremely hilarious.. But yes i agree with your comment.. Our awards should get better and not so obviously biased

  7. SZ, not sure what’s happened to my comment above, I can’t delete it either, but the bits of your review I was referring to have all disappeared, trying to repost again, sorry…

    SZ, really sorry for just barging in and depositing my comments without a word of thanks or talking about your review. It was really late last night and I quickly put down some ramblings and left. Here is my reply to your review.

    Thanks for the Wali-wala intro 🙂 Filmy scene all the way, but hey, it worked! And I agree that the time line left me puzzled as well. I thought there’d be a 3-4 year gap between Wali and Faara. And based on what OKB mentioned, I thought he will make an appearance next week and we might get a few scenes with their younger versions.

    “She asks Behroze to share but then on the other hand does Ruhi really want him to do that? Were he to tell her that he wants to attempt a reconciliation again would she have the wherewithal to withstand a second barrage of insults coming her way?”

    – I don’t think she believes that Behroze will try and attempt a second reconciliation – I think she just wants him to come out and say “I wish I was given a chance to explain” or “It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, I felt Agha Jaan might have been more reasonable” or some such. Just airing his views and the hurt he felt. But this is Behroze aka Agha Jaan the Second – no such dialogues will come her way…

    “That Bakhtiyar and Behroze’s hearts are breaking on the inside, even as they are being cold and cruel to those closest to them, is something that the world outside will never get to see.”

    – This is what Sohaib caught on to, but you need know these men really well (like Sohaib does) to understand that what they feel and what they say have no correlation. Even these two men don’t stop to think about it. That’s just what they are…that’s why Sohaib is important – he is the pliant one, he is the understanding one, he is the one ready to compromise and adjust (and boy, what did they do to his character in the previous two episodes!).

    “Just realized I forgot to add about the length of the episode… 31:32 minutes?? Is this how HUM plans to extend it to 30+ episodes?!”

    – Hmmm, really naughty of Hum. I was watching it live and it took forever to start! And does anyone know if the ratings are good?

    I see your point about lop-sided tracks – one week it’s too much of Arju-Sohaib, the next week an overload of Behroze-Roohi. A bit of balance would’ve been nice…

    Going by the precap, Sohaib’s dialogue sounded ominous…does he really have to die to get these two together? 😦

    • @VZ: No worries about the quick first comment 🙂 I usually always find 5000 typos in the review as soon as I publish it (I’m convinced its a conspiracy against me and/orwordpress has some gremlins that do that no matter how much I proofread beforehand) and so I was still editing when I saw your comment – and that too typo free! Talk about about being thoroughly impressed!!

      Hmmm… both versions of your second comment are here .. maybe it just took a while to publish?

      Re: ratings for DeD .. no, not as good as you would expect from a project this big .. its in the top ten but more towards the lower end … I would think Wali’s entrance and the begining of the real story will translate into a bump up for the serial.

      Re: your point about Behroze not attempting a second reconciliation, isnt that what that phone call to Agha jaan’s was, albeit in a weak, unguarded moment. Had Agha ji responded even slightly warmly Behroze would’ve been out the door in two seconds flat – new baby notwithstanding.

      Also on this issue @Atty: I would say that Behroze being nasty to Suhaib and turning him away (even though he had been really missing him before) I think Agha jaan’s very negative response to this second overture from Behroze had to have been the trigger for that implosive reaction…

      @VZ: your point about mothers and lack thereof was an interesting one and I agree with it, but again we are assuming that all mom’s are soft and gentle as Arjumand’s mom (and yes lets ignore that annoying to the nth degree reiteration of bacha hua and sab theek hogaya cliche) … and had Behroze and Suhaib’s mom been alive how much of a voice would she really have had in the presence of a man like Agha jaan .. I mean he barely listens to his brother, his BFF (Laila’s father) and they are men! Similarly for Ruhi too, yes she would’ve probably benefited from having a positive female guide in her life, but honestly, she could’ve found that kind of a support had she made the effort to find somebody else around her .. but she’s a dud who’s happy reading mind numbing magazines at home.

      And on this note, how annoying is it that our dramas typically show characters living in a sterile bubble … Ruhi was in school when she met Behroze, I’m sure she had friends there, but yahan tau aisa kuch scene hi nahin hai … I understand production companies dont want to add more characters but still it would add a much needed touch of reality.

      • @VZ: Sorry, just saw what you meant about the comment .. weird .. dont know what happened!

        Also, I still need to respond to your SeZ comment .. I havent been ignoring it, just need time .. meanwhile please continue sharing your thoughts on the discussions etc .. I was responding to @Afia above and said DeD ain’t SeZ, and honestly you watch that serial and read Hina B, Mahira, Nadia Afgan’s comments there you get a real sense of a wholehearted commitment to the project, not just from one person, but the entire team. Similarly with Talkhiyan, they all worked on that project with so much love and it showed on screen in the attention to the minutest of details and the cast’s comments on those reviews testifies to that …

    • @deeba: Hahaha!! I was wondering where you were – didn’t realize ke you were planning on making a hero[ine] wali entry to compliment hero sahab 😉

  8. Brilliant and honest review SZ… !!

    Bus ji ab Mubarak kher ho.. Aur Wali sahab apni magic wand ghuma hie dain 😉 beside Jawan Wali showes up to screen, other thing that was relieving was thought of seeing Behroze Sabzwari and Abid Ali in much more natural getups.. Uff that kala kola was so hurting eyes :p

    A bit slower episode but with more light on characters their thoughts and feelings.. Specially on Roohi and Behroze.. How i so want to know about these two.. Behroze knows when last time he shared his dream with Roohi, she instantly asked him to visit Agha Jaan and result was disastrous.. Now he knows it will do nothing except to hurt roohi and recall that day.. So it’s better to remember them secretly.. However thats the positive side of not sharing, the other side is what roohi thinks.. the comparasion she made was totally baseless.. He hides his remembrance of his beloved ppl who have nothing to do with Roohi.. Where as Roohi shares her pain and not being well with Bhabhi.. Hellooo..which obviously has to do alot with Behroze.. No matter how much they love each other.. IMO .she can easily forgive her family but can’t forget what Agha jaan said.. One can understand where she is coming from.. and isn’t how most of ppl are in real life too..
    Meekal and Sanam are doing absolutely great.. And what more awesome is buraahpe me bhi they are looking amazing;)

    The way Behroze reacted towards Suhaib was mean indeed.. But i also think he felt bad when he got to know about Suhaib-Arjumand marriage.. And somewhere along the lines maybe whatever Roohi said to him regarding Suhaib did strike a chord.. Precap looks disturbing.. After 20 years Behroze still is rude to Suhaib.. Not really good.. But the scene between brothers of scene of episode.. Specially what Suhaib said in return.. Love it.. Ali Rehman and Hareem are doing great too 🙂

    • Rehmat I was wondering aap ka Wali haazir aur aap kahaan gayab theen?

      Lol at the kala kola 😀 Yes now they look natural! But does Hareem have to look so elderly – I mean she must be in her early 40s only! Sanam’s look was better I thought.

      • @VZ: haha that was sweet of you but next episode me jab har jaga wali hie wali hoga.. App mujhe gayab nhn pao ge 😉

        Haan they look indeed unnatural.. Specially as @FA said Behroze and Arjumand… True Sanam looked slightly better.. But its still so better than kala kola LOL

        • Rehmat, FA, SZ – The characters after the time leap (Behroze, Roohi, Arjumand and Sohaib) look like they are in their doddering 70s. I think all the kala kola got over in the first generation itself 😀

    • @Rehmat ROFL @ KalaKola. Yes Abid Ali looks the part now.. but what do u say abt the poore chand ki chandni in these young parents in their early 40’s.. Im sorry but none of them seem to have aged gracefully lol .. They are same age now (perhaps younger) than how old Agha jan was earlier. Aren’t they all looking much older than him… Arjumand and Behroze look the worst! Sohaib slightly behind them.. Sanam’s sari pbbly rescues her to some extent.. but how many ppl wear kalaf wali saris in Lahore everyday like that?
      On a separate note, can someone pls tell me the secret Gilgit-Lahore route where one can leave in the morning and be back by evening??!!.. Behroze and Ruhi took that route earlier and this week Sohaib.. Aray bhai its Gilgit, Baltistan not Murree!!!! lol Seems like the team still thinks they are in Peshawar half the time lol

      • @FA: Hahahaha thats so freaking true.. They do look older for sure.. One of my phopoo in US .. She is in mid 40s and goodness she has aged so gracefully.. Balancing ki shadid kami he yahan per mere dost.. Pehle sab kala kala.. Ab sab safaid safaid..
        Thats magic route only DeD team knows 😉

        • Word. Who looks THIS old in 40s anyway? Aaj kal tou women in 50s don’t look that old. But haaye re Pakistani dramay…the methods of showing age on screen are still as same as PTV ka zamana. Aage se kuch baal safed kardo, glasses chadha do, dadi amma ke suit pehna do and voila – you got parents to jawan log. *sigh* I long for the day when there’d be improvement in the makeup department of Pakistani shows…shadeed zaroorat hai isski..

          • @mais: I dont know if you read Sanam’s comments on this issue .. dont remember if it was her interview on this blog or the FP blog, but somewher she did mention how limiting it is that production houses dont have the proper make up facilities to age an actor realistically and therefor all that the actor is left with is grey chalk … I have no clue where all the money that these production companies are earning is going, but can definitely say ke kam az kam wardrobe, makeup, attention to detailing par tau nahin ja ra ha ….

            • @SZ – I have read that IV and trust me, I was actually quite saddened to read that. It just baffles me, really, that even by 2015 most of our dramas haven’t quite cracked the age appropriate look for the characters yet. The actors which are actually in their late 30s/40s are all dressed and styled so wonderfully but no young actor who has to be part of the show post a leap looks realistic enough.

        • @Rehmat @FA @Mais: Spot on about the excess of kala kola in the older gen and the grey chalk in the younger gen of stars .. kiya kiya din dekhne par rahey hain!!! #taubah

  9. Best scene today was Kid wali asking Agha jan for water at night.. It was such a natural scene of love between daada and pota…
    Behroze was so unreasonable to Sohaib.. I hated him .. Apko pata hai k Sohaib ko tau SZ b kuch kahen tau me maaf nae krti, Behroze kia cheez hai ;-). On a serious note, till now i was looking at their sibling love similar to Tanhaiyan or Mera naseeb.. So it was tough for me to digest that scene.. Matlb Agha jan ka ghussa Sohaib pey kaahey ko nikaal diya? Ya vo ghussa Sohaib pey hi tha? Per kis baat pey? Cant b because of his marriage to Arjumund. When Behroze was not interested in Arjumund tau y does it matter k uski shadi Sohaib sey ho ya kisi aur sey… Only reason i can think of k Roohi ki baat ko dil pey ley liya Behroze ney.. And he may b thinking k agr Sohaib b inkaar kr deta Agha jan ko tau things could have been different. Agha jan dono beto ko ghar sey nikaal k kia krtay? Akelay ho k kuch time baad muaf kr detay shaed…
    Now as we have moved on to next era, i want to appreciate Ali Rehman on working hard on his dressing which gave exact feel of 80s.. His Tees in islamabad scenes, his skin tight suits, floral ties, dress shirts with old style collars… Sanam saeed’s styling was good too.. While Hareem and Meekal failed in 80s styling most of the times..

    • Atty, I liked that paani wala scene too, so natural! Also, Agha Jaan playing with Wali was so cute – see how grand-children bring out the kid inside grand parents! 🙂

      You noticed so much detailing of the costumes – hats off to you! Hareem’s kaftan looked so comfortable, but I agree, not so 80s 🙂

    • @Atty re the wardrobe: I agree Ali Rehman’s wardrobe was spot on! but I blame the director for not keeping it consistent. Why did we only get one character (or two tops) who had an accent and a time-appropriate wardrobe that related to 80’s. Isn’t it director’s job to keep these things in check? Although Ali Rehman’s accent and wardrobe worked on it’s own, it stood out like a sore thumb and didn’t quite gel with rest f the serial, which is a shame.

    • @Atty: To tell you the truth you were so much on my mind as I was writing this review .. and I thought aaj tau mein ne Suhaib ke khilaf kuch nahin likha and so Atty will not be naraaz and go to sleep happy and I wont have to drag out @VZ’s raincoat any more haha!! Bas dekh lo aap ke ghussey se kitna dar lagta hai mujhe 😉

      Yes, that scene was indeed very sweet and natural, magar dekh lo, kitni koshish ki ke not to use my bheja magar phir bhi in that scene, where the dada was playing with pota, all I could think of was Wali’s stunted growth :/

      Spot on about clothes, waisey, didnt Arjumand wear that one orange caftan throughout her pregnancy?

      Re: the Behroze/Suhaib scene I have responded above …

  10. @All: Thank you so much for keeping me entertained through a very long day! Loved reading all the great discussions and the very valid questions and issues you brought up.. was dying to respond earlier but couldn’t.. abhi bhi will have to do quickie replies ’cause I’m struggling with a very tight deadline for a grant, so will be back as soon as I am done …sorry!!

    Also, @VZ and all those waiting for a MeJ overview …Sorry! That too is halfway done, will finish it as soon as I am done with this grant.. don’t want to rush through it because I think there is a lot to be discussed there .. bas just give me some time .. thanks for your patience!

    • SZ, don’t worry, get your grant application done 🙂

      Re: watching DeD putting brains aside: I too have decided after last week that there is no point in analysing things in such detail, because the team hasn’t thought it through in such level of detail anyway, not like there are layers upon layers waiting to be unravelled. It is more like a light watch, so I will keep that in mind 🙂

      As Afia mentioned, the daughter-related comment made by Roohi was unnecessary and it did put me off, but like the whole Sohaib episode, it’s another thing that they’ve not thought much about and just put it out there.

      It’s a pity about the ratings though – whatever the problems, DeD is still a good watch, so I am a bit worried what everyone else (ie the TRP deciding folk) are watching? This might just be the excuse to stop giving us any decent play 😦

      • @VZ: To answer your question abt what are the TRP affecting people watching, here are the ratings ( acc to one site) for the first half of April. DeD is at number 4, up from no. 8 in the last two weeks of March …

        1. Dusri Biwi (3.5)

        2. Tum Se Mil Ke (3.2)

        3. Maryam (2.8), first week

        4. Diyar e Dil (2.3)

        5. Sadqey Tumharey/Mumkin (2.2), last episode

        6. Alvidaa/Malika e Aliya (2.1)

        7. Aik Pal/Piya Mann Bhaye (1.8)

        8. Khuda Dekh Raha Hai/Dil Nahin Manta (1.5)

        9. Kaneez/Aye Zindagi (1.2)

        10. Ishq Parast (1)

        (Source TV Kahani)

        Clearly these viewers have a whole other definition for what is “good” tv.

          • @Rehmat: Bas itni si baat? Yeh lo 😉

            and I’m on the same page as you .. this is how I feel pretty much whenever I watch these dramas:


            • @SZ @ Rehmat ROFL.. Yeh kia ho gya yahan! Mara mari ho gai yahan tou!… Yeh din aa gya ke doosri biwi ne marwa dya!!!.. tsk tsk

            • @SZ: thank you so much for fulfilling my wish :p itni khyal rakhne wali reviewer cum dost kahen mile gi.. Aur to aur apne app ko bhi 😉
              This image is amazingly true.. Hahah. Love it

  11. Welcome Wali!! I’m so out of the convos but wanted to give mubarak as to all you people, your knight in shining armor has arrived!
    Hope I have more time next week, it’s gonna take me a couple hours to read everything lol
    But yes a nice episode. Mikaal stood out and Sanam was also fab with her tricky character!
    Your review was hilarious SZ!!

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