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After the low point of last week I was keen to see how Team Diyar-e Dil would resuscitate Suhaib,  and had been looking forward to some chalo lets-clear-the-air type of baatein, kuch maafi talafi, kuch pachtawa, magar … haye mere armaan …. yahan tau aisa koi scene hi nahin tha! There was some silent reflection, but the words that came out of Suhaib’s mouth belied any such notion or a sense of wrong doing. Ulta chor kotwal ko daantey was the phrase that kept coming to mind as the watched this 6th episode unfold. 

Arjumand, who’s sense of self had been violated in every which way possible had every right to be angry, resentful and frustrated. But rather than anybody hearing her out or lending emotional support all she got was an earful from her mother, about being more respectful towards her cousin who was also her husband, and later a daant from her beloved shohar sahab about keeping private things private – chalo ji, yeh bhi achi rahi Suhaib sahab! Clearly there are no Mr Sensitivity 2015 or Husband of the Year awards coming your way any time soon. 

So far so good. I was totally feeling Arjumand’s pain and sending tons of best wishes her way; magar yeh kya?!? Arjumand, et tu, Brute? I get that the birth of a child is a life altering moment and changes one’s perspective on how one looks at things, but aisey? More than being annoyed/angry at the turn of events in these fictional characters’ lives I am aghast at the messages being sent here – basically all of Arjumand’s rightful anger and disgust has been easily brushed off as waqti josh, a young girl’s jazbaati response to a difficult situation and/or temporary insanity, take your pick. Who cares if she was forced into a marital relationship against her will…  bas aik baccha hua and all is miraculously fixed – really?

Apart from one lame main tumhari fikar karta hoon there was no nothing else from Suhaib. Had it been any other character I would’ve taken this one sentence as an incomplete but still a semi-apology, but coming from a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve – cries at everything like there is no tomorrow and says long drawn teary-eyed goodbyes to a girl he met just a couple of days ago – this was certainly not a plea for forgiveness or a show of repentance, or an izhar-e muhabbat, no matter how you spin it. And given her earlier, rightly justified, anger Arjumand’s 180° degree about-face makes no sense at all. Needless to say this entire turn of events is an absolute no-go for me.

If in all this I have to look for a brighter side all I can say is that though all these scenes were painfully long, mercifully this whole garbar ghotala was over and done with today – I could not have stomached another serving of this distasteful mess. If the purpose was to show everybody living happily ever after then why even go last week’s disgusting route – why not show a gradual reconciliation? But since they did go the former route then Team Diyar-e Dil could’ve and should’ve handled this situation with much more sensitivity and finesse.

On the other side of the metaphoric tracks thankfully the other pair’s life is moving along on a more even keel. With her brother back in her life and her husband’s temporary job becoming permanent after he clears his MBA with flying colors, Ruhi and Behroze are on cloud nine. There life seems to be perfect – but wait, kabhi kisi ko mukamal jahan milta hai kiya?

While Ruhi pines for a child, Behroze misses his family, more than that his brother. For his part, Suhaib is not the world’s best hubby, but if anybody were handing out awards for Mera Bhai Mera Dost then Behroze and Suhaib’s jori would’ve won hands down. No, wait, perhaps they would’ve faced competition from the Bakhtiyar and Bedaar Bakht pair. But for now Behroze and Suhaib are in perfect sync – sharing the same dream and missing each other not just in ghumi but in khushi as well.

Had I not been left with such a bad taste in my mouth after all that went down today, I would’ve been happier and congratulated Hareem on nailing it as Arjumand this week, and – yes, haven’t forgotten – handed out mithais to all Wali fan-girls as well… but for now, behno, rukhi sukhi si mubarakbad qabool kar lo. Aap sab ke chand ka zahur ho gaya hai!  

Hopefully, by next week I’ll have gotten over this huge disappointment and will be back in a better mood – but for now this is it from my side…

Written by SZ~

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  1. I was soooo excited after this episode k discuss kiye baghair mujhay neend nae aa rae thi.. Thats y at midnight i have been roaming here and there on DRNR for last 2 hrs k abi upload ho ga review… BUT pehlay 2 paras ne excitement ko aag pe paani ki tarah bujhaa diya hai. Apki sui phr sohaib pey atki hai?? Anday tamatar tau nae, ap k paaon pakarhnay ko tayar hun main. Plz leave him alone! Ab tau Arjumand ney b keh diya hai “main auro ka ghussa tum per nikaalti rahi, per jo hua us me tmhara qasoor nae tha”.. Hamari nae, Arjumund ki hi baat maan len..
    Ab mujhay neend aa gae hai, baqi kal


    • @Atty: LOL,sorry! But its not about Suhaib it’s about how they are depicting and easily justifying zabaradasti and zor in a marital relationship – be it Suhaib or Behroze or even if it had been an Ashar or whoever – this is plain wrong and not the message that any serial should be giving out … I’m sure you were thrilled about how seamlessly things moved on, and trust me I would’ve been too… but this kind of a sudden U turn is not how things should’ve been done. And if they had to do this, then they shouldn’t have shown the disgusting events of last week.


  2. U r hilarious SZ, Ur reviews are always so entertaining. I really want to give suhaib a tight slap, i never liked this hypocrite. If he really loved his brother then y didn’t he contact him. if he was so scared of his father 2 do that then he could’ve easily done that when he was away from Agha g studying in some other city.
    Aur aapko rukhi pheeki si mubarak ho, aapka Wali aa gaya !
    Although i luved OKB in his youtube videos but i don’t like him that much in tv dramas . Not a fan of his acting but still i am happy for you, ur wait is over 🙂


    • @U.M: LOL! Is baar tau honestly wasnt trying to be funny – but kya karoon bohut ajeeb sense of humor hai mera 😦 But glad to know you too were not happy with the turn of events and not buying this all of a sudden sab theek hai act…

      And hahaha! no Im not a wali fan girl … but will be happy when some semblance of normalcy returns to the story …abhi tau kuch ajeeb ho raha hai … hopefully it will all fall into place with the younger generation – fingers crossed!


  3. SZ, from last week’s promo, I was expecting Arjumand to be heading towards a full and proper depression…and to me all her actions and words pointed that way in this episode up until that sudden U-turn! Having dealt with both pre and post-natal depression (effects that lasted a good few years), I know that Arjumand’s situation couldn’t have just turned around like that. It’s one thing that counselling and medication are hardly ever mentioned in our plays (especially the mainstream ones), but to show her miraculous recovery was indeed hard to digest.

    Sohaib did start mending bridges with her, albeit very slowly and subtly (not his style, I know!). He did start caring for her. We would’ve bought the change in their relationship if the change wasn’t so sudden on Arjumand’s part. Her whole apology speech was about how she kept punishing Sohaib for what was not his fault. Well, I agree that their shaadi was forced on them, but Sohaib was also running away until Agha Jaan pinned him down last week. So this whole Sohaib as the wronged/punished one was unfair to Arjumand herself! Yes, Arjumand did keep going at him with her barbed words, but Sohaib’s solution to this whole marriage thing was to withdraw into his shell and completely ignore the lady in his life until… So in my eyes, both made mistakes and if Arjumand was apologising, then I did hope for a semblance of an apology from Sohaib too – if not an apology, at least a wistful expression of this is not how he imagined things to turn out, let’s move on, etc.

    But then, this is Pakistan, this is an old traditional family and this was around 20-30 years ago, so men apologising is probably not going to happen that easily – I am floating on pretty thin ice here, but this is how it makes sense to me. This also goes with Arjumand’s mother asking her to mind her words rather than understanding/supporting her. But I do believe that the whole “blame the girl for everything” and “once there is a child all problems will disappear like fog disappears in sunlight” type messages are very stereotypical and wrong. Even when the child born is Wali 🙂 (sorry, just kidding).

    To cut a long story short, the team took 2-4 weeks to build up tension in Arjumand-Sohaib’s relationship, they could’ve unwound that tension more gradually.


    • @VZ: 👏
      Spot on! And yes totally in agreement about the way they’ve handled the situation here and rather than spending time building up the tension by iska rona us ka rona they couldve spent that time showing a gradual build up of their relationship … or if they had to do all this then shouldn’t have left things the way they did last week …

      Yes, agree with the fact that they both made mistakes, and like you I also waited for something .. in fact I was literally cheering him on and would’ve totally forgiven him for everything, much quicker than Arjumand ever could! But nahin, got nothing!!

      I also agree with the culture bit, but still within the walls of the bedroom he could’ve said something.. we saw Behroze apologizing last week, even if it was just to cheer up Ruhi and not meant to imply something deeper, and if he being from the same culture could do it then surely Suhaib, who is supposedly more sensitive of the two could’ve at least forced himself to look remorseful, if not a sorry

      Also, completely agree with your point about lack of counselling or emotional support. I gave up on that a while ago in our serials, but this is a whole other set of issues they’ve just opened and then carelessly shoved under the rug … this was the perfect opening to send a subtle but unequivocal message about what a marital relationship is and isn’t … and oopar se we get the girl apologizing and the guy just standing there giving her a benevolent, jao main ne tumhen maaf kiya look??


      • SZ, re: Behroze apologising versus Sohaib not apologising – I did cross my mind – I put it down to the difference in the dynamics of a couple’s relationship when they live alone vs living “at home”, in a joint family. Living alone teaches you to do so many things you never imagined doing at home – just look at Behroze’s learning curve, something Sohaib’s never had to do, sensitive or not.

        Agree on the missed opportunity – this is where the writing leans towards fluffy than solid…I also know that quite a lot of viewers would find Arjumand’s apology perfectly normal, acceptable and indeed required(!) for them to make a fresh start as a couple – tells you about our social conditioning. Farhat could’ve used Sohaib’s character to give us a more progressive viewpoint.


    • @VZ: haan totally agree with you k they could have actually give time to Suhaib Arjumand first in starting relationship and if not that.. Tou atleast reconciling me time de dete.. Suddenly it started feeling that Suhaib cant express very well infront of Arjumand.. Which is a sad affair ..

      Oh n yes about your point on counselling and meditation.. It would be so great to see these things being implemented in our dramas.. A constructive approach i must say


      • Yes Rehmat, they’ve not redeemed Sohaib’s character – wish they had… Baby Wali was extremely cute and adorable MA! He looked all just-born too – usually we get a doll or a 3-month old passing off as a newborn in our dramas!


    • @VZ i always enjoy your analysis. Agree with you on all accounts.
      The birth of the baby could have been an important building block in the reconciliation process, (because now they would finally have something in common, something they can cherish).. unlike the magic wand solution we got to see today.
      Since Faraa is still not born, they could have taken that time to build up to the final reconciliation.


      • Thank you FA. Yes, the reconciliation should’ve been gradual and it wouldn’t have been unnatural to show Arjumand-Sohaib getting closer when they have the common link of their child. That way, we would’ve found it easier to stomach the changed relationship between the two of them…


  4. SZ what i love about your reviews.. You actually analyze the situations deeply and so amazingly and that gives us commentators good space to add in our thoughts easily… So huge thank you 🙂

    The first scene of episode made me wonder k Allah aur kitni baar sun’na parega k Behroze ka naam nhn sunu ga.. But kher to move on.. Was enjoying the khatarnak mood of Arjumand and bheegi bili mode of Suhaib.. Until n unless Arjumand ne aisa uturn maraa n i was like no wayy maan .. Matlab he k hadd he.. Just before delivery a bell rang n she all started feeling guilty.. Aur Suhaib.. Uff kuch tou munh se bolta.. He looked like a scared baby..even after delivery bhi.. .. But shayad ab next episode me hie bolega.. #disappointed… I like the fact that they are still showing the contrast so very well.. One was so dishearten on miscarriage n other was actually praying for that..

    Behroze n Suhaib actually bhai cum friends lagte hain unlike Bakhtyar and Baizaad.. Unfortunately They so give impression of boss n employee..anyways love the missing scene of brothers.. And ofcourse the first introduction of Baby Wali.. 🙂


    • Rehmat, your point about the contrast in the situations is spot on! Lol at the boss-employee comment – it’s true, also they belong to the older generation so elders were held in awe more than peer-type relationship I guess…

      And baby Wali has entered with his magic wand – first problem solved, his parents’ relationship with one another is mended 🙂 What an entry!


    • @Rehmat: Aaj tau everybody is coming up with excellent points and insights – loving this!

      Love your contrast and compare between the two bahus and the brothers ki jori! Wah! 🏆

      I love how everybody is thrilled abt Baby Wali, I dont remember any fictional character jis ke paida honay pe saari duniya ko itni khushi hui ho!!

      OKB’s status on this is hilarious! Check this!



  5. Suhaib instantly falling in love with Wali just by looking at him…I was a puddle of mush in that moment. AND ARJUMAND WAS HAPPY! SHE WAS SMILING!!! ARHAIB PATCHED UP!!! GAAAH!!! I AM JUST SO HAPPY!!!

    When Arjumand asked for Suhaib during pain, I thought ke koi galat baat na karde. But she totally made me wanted to hug her. I knew it that she was doing all this hatred drama as way of showing her displeasure and she doesn’t mean it. “Main ais rishte se jitni bhi nafrat karoon lekin ais bache se bohat mohabbat karti hun..” I JUST LOVE THIS GIRL, OKAY?! And her apologizing to Suhaib for troubling him and the sheer horror on her face…”Aisse meri koi baddua lag gayi tou?” And Suhaib sitting with her and consoling her ke kuch nahin hoga, and holding her hand to give her strength…MERI FEELS!!!! Day Dreaming

    AND POST THE DELIVERY!! When Yasmeen leaves them alone and I FINALLY saw the glimpse of episode 1 wala Suhaib! “Oye, khushi ke mauqe pe rota kon hai?” That teasing and that casual tone…and Arjumand laughing and saying ke khushi ke ansu hai. And them being totally in love with their kid! WALI!! TU BADA BAKHTAWAR HAI!! Thank GOD he became the bridge between the two, just like we wanted. I just can’t..AAYYIIEE! And precap mein the kid Wali…AND FARAH BHI AGAYI!! Allaahhh! PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT EPISODE!!!!


    • @Abanti: I’m glad you enjoyed this episode 🙂 I;m sure @Atty will be thrilled to read from a like-minded viewer – main ne tau kaafi disapoint kiya hai us ko :/

      But yes, all said and done I;m glad this whole sordid mess is behind us and hopefully there are happy times ahead, with Fara’s birth and the two brother’s reconciliation 🙂


      • @SZ hahahaha! I read her msg on ur fb link first and pressed like instantly… Aur abi yahan ap ka reply parh k im ROFLing…
        Actualy mujhay aj kal time nae mil raha detail opinions denay ka warna last episode pey b likhna chahti thi. I’ll try to write some thoughts tonight


        • @Atty: Dekho kitna khayal hai mujhe aap ki hurt feelings ka – see I’m not all that bad 😉
          Sure, no worries, jab bhi time miley araam se jawaab de dena, bas zara anday tamatar par haath haula rakhna, @VZ ka raincoat ghari ghari drycleaning se kharab ho jayega!


    • @Abby – jigraaa! I didn’t know you were going to post this review here as well xD I thought you were just going to post this one of FB and YT 😛 Khair koi nahin, I do stand by all these feels that the episode gave me ❤

      Intellectual wala, proper review I will just give later I guess..for now live with maa feeelzzz! B|

      (Abby posted this review of mine on various websites after getting my permission)


  6. Lol I was so expecting this review… I know you too well!! Because I know if something bothered me it would double bother you lol
    I’m gonna have to agree with VZ to try to explain it. She put it well about the time and culture of men not apologizing. I mean I even thought when Arjumand apologizes then Suhaib would and he would have a heart to heart with her coz like u said he cries buckets everywhere else lol so hes a sensitive guy
    If they were gonna go that route though they should have not had Arjumand get so emotionally charged up about the whole thing and then do a 180 uturn in the hospital!
    Apart from that ruhi Behroze scenes were good
    And I liked how everyone’s was getting on with things but the brothers still had that connection and missed eachother.
    They also told us Laila got married which was good to know. At least she got on with life after her ek din ka mohabbat didnt torment her that much lol
    Anyways at least Wali is here and Farah too next week!
    Looking forward to the next phase!


    • @SK: ROFL! You know me well, no doubt and I am glad I did not disappoint 😉 But now I’m seriously thinking I shouldve started with Wali ki mubarakbad and the Laila (haha!! I was so upset I totally forgot to mention this other piece of good news! ) ki khabar and then eased my way into saying oh haan yeh kuch ghalat tha .. phir then @Atty would’ve been happy and you woud’ve asked me if I was feeling alright LOL!

      Yes, Ruhi Behroze scenes were good and like you all I too am thrilled ke shukar hai with Wali there is light at the end of this phase of the story .. and yes, like you glad its moving on and Fara born next week ..Btw, wont it make us all feel like total ammas when hamarey aagey paida huey bacche start romancing each other? #just saying!

      And I am on board with VZ’s explanation, but then find it hard to explain how and why Behroze made that apology to Ruhi to make her smile .. both brothers, same background and same shehr ki education .. so why the difference?


      • Because behroze actually is in love with his wife, and isnt the typical cultural guy as he didnt go with the flow and acyuy went against culture made huge decisions to be with her? So I could accept he is different There are always exceptions lol
        But then again maybe FI wasn’t even thinking that and just wanted the story to move on lol


        • @SK: Agree, i always find that we tend to think and rethink and try to rationalize and understand situations a bit too much .. but that said, I think its a good thing that we are discussing this issue seriously ..


        • @SK – SZ: Suhaib’s apology would have been more easier for him if he had that friendly relation with Arjumand.. He was just so numb in that scene.. But yes regardless of friendly/unfriendly.. When ur wrong in something U are wrong n You should admit it with dil gurda …Ab agr Agha jaan bolte maafi k lye tou phat se mang leta maafi..


          • Rehmat – “b agr Agha jaan bolte maafi k lye tou phat se mang leta maafi..” – that’s such an apt description of the Sohaib we’ve been getting…


  7. @SZ fab review!! I was actually enjoying the build up, up until the hospital scene that came out of the blue!
    @VZ i agree with you. They were both at fault, and they both had very different ways of dealing with this situation which was very interesting to watch.. But then the mess from last ep and the turn around simply didnt make any sense.. Like SZ puts it ke if it was gonna go all hunky dory like so tou what was the point of going down that rather disgusting route.
    As much as i was enjoying Arjumand letting out her frustrations and her tana bazis, bhige joote 👠👞👟👢👡 of waris and so forth, Sohaibs : Yeh mera bacha hai.. Danto-ing Arjumand were winding me up good and proper.. it was all leading to a very intense emotionally charged relationship.. But then the hospital scene left me totally confused and disappointed…
    Its actually quite disturbing to see a character like arjumand aplogising, without Sohaib making any positive move, let alone any acknowledgement, aplogy tou door ki baat. Chalo if it was ‘oh i might die, better do kaha suna maaf’ type apology tou phir bhi samajh ati hai..
    I do, however, get the love for the baby and how arjumand has come to love the baby, and her fear of the bad-duas affecting the baby by this time. Although she had made out she had stopped that as part of obedience to Sihaib, it was a mothers love gradually increasing as the baby moves/comes to life inside her. I would have liked to have seen sohaib playing a part in the redemption process too-gradually.. Not just the bachcha ho gya factor doing the magic just like that..
    Again like SZ says only positive that came out of this mess was Wali ka zuhoor, and that it was all over and done with in one ep..
    Waise, Reading some of the comments on the previous thread im a bit concerned abt apne wali ji.. i am hoping wali doesnt take after his dad… 😳


    • @FA: you are too good yaar.. Lol @ bhige joote.. Ummm hope Wali takes only good things from this father.. N not such phatuu pans that his father is practicing ajkal


  8. SZ great review. For me Arjumand asking for sohaib and then apologizing was too quick, I was thinking slowly they will fell in love . Baby’ was very cute .
    Both bothers are very close that is why they are missing each other in good times and bad times. ( I have gone through this when I came here nobody from my family here and no phone only letters .)


  9. Hi SZ, Enjoyed the review. You’re right, the flip flop of emotions was sudden. Like I’d said on the last review, the sudden change in Sohaib’s personality didn’t make sense. Similarly Arjumand’s sudden change also didn’t. None of this was required…wonder why the writer/director wanted to go down this path… Disappointing messages being sent to the masses to top that.

    But inspite of all this I enjoyed the ep. Hareem was great. Waise when she started apologizing etc, I thought yeh toh zaroor mari childbirth mein….seemed to be building up to that. Happily surprised when she didn’t!

    Just a thought I had while watching this ep (and many other shows for that matter)- Actors, male and female naturally try their best to look great. Face, hair, clothes- just wish they’d look after their teeth as well….seems v ungainly when in a close shot, one sees crooked/blackened teeth 😐


  10. So just read Farhat Ishtiaq’s explanation on another site, saying that this was not rape inside of marriage at all and that both S and A knew that they had to relent eventually and that’s what they did. She claims A’s anger came out of a sense of shame at the changing dynamics of her rishta with S. After y’days ep, I’d been thinking that maybe I’m reading too much into it, but A’s reaction was sooo strong ke mein phir sochti nahin yehi hai…


    • @Afia: Thanks for sharing that 🙂 It clears up the issue on the writer’s end and her intentions when writing, but I;m sorry thats not how it came across on our screens … In my review and in my other comments I have never used the word rape, but that it was zori zabardasti cannot be argued and he seemed to have moved on a lot quicker than she did, and even when she did, it was not only miraculous – baccha paida hua and sab theek – but also showed only her apologizing. At that point, or even earlier when he scolded her for not taking their issues out of the bedroom, or he said that lame main tumhari fikar karta hoon, even one sentence from him saying something like it was not just your fault but mine as well, would’ve sufficed …the way it was depicted here is entirely the wrong message to send and I continue to think it could’ve and should’ve been dealt with sensitivity and finesse….


      • @Afia: thanks alot for sharing.. N totally agree with @SZ… Jahan 30+ episodes hain.. Wahan ek aur episode to show things in more fine way would have helped us viewers to understand characters thought process n this track more easily… I m glad there was no such thing being intended but jo dikhta he vo bikta he sadly enough..


    • Afia, didn’t realise that the issue has raised such a storm that FI responded!

      My bone of contention with the whole issue was Arjumand’s sudden turn-around and asking for an apology. She completely disregarded her previous, legitimate anger and frustration at being forced into a marriage without her consent and being forced to take that marriage forward. This marriage was consummated not because of any love or affection on either of their part, but because Agha Jaan ordered Sohaib to do so. Arjumand spoke up about her shame because of the circumstances surrounding the conception of her child.

      FI’s response here indicates that Sohaib did not pressurise her, rather, their relationship was forced on them both. But that does not in any way reduce Arjumand’s justified anger nor takes away the fact that she was wronged. As a viewer, I am asked to forget all her outbursts as trivial and believe all is hunky dory all of a sudden?

      Anyway, I think the team hasn’t really realised how the whole thing comes across on screen. Irks me when they sort of throw these things at us without being a bit more careful about how it comes across/what messages they are putting across.


      • @Afia Thanks for sharing FI’s response.
        Like everyone else I’m sorry but I cant buy that. I can understand that that wasn’t how she had intended for it to seem, but on screen it certainly didn’t work.
        We cant just blame Agha jan for pushing for the consummation of marriage.
        I know they r two entirely different leagues, but here I go anyway : In Humsafar we also saw Asher’s dad bringing this up. The way elders dealt with the aftermath of the nikah was nothing like this. The couple got the room, elders hinted but that didn’t mean Asher, who was another biba bacha (or Khirad) jumped to obey their command and so forth. We gradually got to see a connection developing. In contrast, here we see Agha Jan ordering and Sohaib goes into his ‘jo hukm mere aqa jan’ mode.. Its this behaviour that is extremely disturbing. And the bigger question here is : Did we really need to see all this detail on screen? I found that whole sequence quite vulgar, especially if it added no value/purpose to the overall narrative (or if it didnt have any significant msg). We never really got the consummation detail as such abt Asher/khirad relationship and yet it was affective.. Why here? why the focus on consummation in our dramas generally..?
        And if they were to go down this route and raise sensitive topics like these then it’s the writer’s/producer’s responsibilty to use it responsibly, not just to gain the TRP..


        • Now let me state my thoughts on consummation issue..
          One thing which always irritated me in dramas or in real life situations k ek couple apni shadi sey khush nae hai, they r clearly unhappy but kuch din baad pregnancy ki news mil jati hai and they gradually grow towards each other.. Mujhay nae smjh ati k jb khush nae hain tau consummation tak baat kaisay gae? Then comes a situation jahan dono me se ek khush nae hai. In that situation i blame men more than women.. Women r egoistic enough/self respecting k agr husband is not happy tau they will never force them to proceed to next step of wedding.. But males aisay q nae hotay? They force their wives even if poor lady is not ready for it.. And i always thougt k un mardon ko apni desires pey itna control b nae hota k thorha wait kr len??
          So i was happy k Sohaib rather gave in to Agha jaan’s orders instead of his manly desires…
          But honestly i wanted to overlook those 2 scenes, i agree to FA they were not required, and i think hum ney unneccassary importance dey di hai itni discussions kr k…
          And those who said k Sohaib koi dinner arrange kr leta pehlay, or any other step of affection towards Arjumund… Yar Arjumund ki baaten nae suni thi sb ney.. The way she was continuously taunting and pricking him, aisay me banda duty puri kr sakta hai Romance nahi… Ap logo ko kia lgta hai agr Khirad wohi kr rae hoti jo Arjumund kr rae thi tau hamen Humsafar ka romance dekhnay ko milta?? Kabhi nahi! In that case Asher b sirf duty puri krta Dad k order pey…
          Aur @SZ u said k this conveyed a wrong msg to society k zabardasti shadi kr do, ek bacha ho jaye sb theek ho jaye ga… Think it this way! Forced/arranged marriages hamari society me boht boht common hain.. These dramas r actually a hope for large percentage of population k dont give up! Romance sirf love marriages me nae hota, arranged marriages me b pyar develop ho sakta hai. Exact reason why Humsafar touched so many hearts. Ppl loved watching how husband wife start loving each other after marriage.. Warna hr dramay me zbrdasti shadi, shadi k baad larhaeyan, aur phr talaaq se society me hopelessness barh rae thi


          • @Atty: Enjoyed reading your comment and can see where you are coming from, and am glad that you explained your POV so well … as you can see from the many comments here everybody has their own perspective so its good to see such healthy discussions, which might seem unnecessary and redundant in terms of how they relate to the drama as such, but I think they are important in how they open a window into so many dark, areas of our culture that are perhaps never discussed publicly. As a rule we like to dismiss issues under the rug .. out of sight out of mind .. so in that way I think as long as we read each other with an open mind its all good…

            Re: you comment: I completely agree with your point about the high percentage of arranged marriages in our desi culture, i,e, marriages which happen because of emotional blackmail, familial force etc, and so yes in that way its good that these dramas hold out the hope for a happy-ever-after …

            My issue, is not the arranged marriage etc, it is the way the sudden turn around was shown .. I can understand that that was not what the writer intended and that’s exactly what you’re saying as well and we understand that intellectually … but the way it was translated on to screen fell short of conveying the intentions of the characters and the overall feel of the story… and that’s where the critique comes in … we all know that in the long term this is a minor issue and there is a lot more to the story than this, but the fact that a major production company, and a woman oriented channel could put out something like that is very disappointing. Had such a thing been shown by say an AnB or aired on ARY I dont think there would’ve been any discussion at all, at least not from my side …


  11. My proper wale two ( very long) cents..

    I, personally, loved the episode. I think it’s my favorite till now. Though it did make me wonder if that’s the pace they are going to go with then 30+ episodes are more than enough to show the story of not three but six generations. Oh well, at least FI and HH ki ye baat tou sahi nikli – “no drag whatsoever”.

    Maybe I was still too much under the very impressed after-effects of Ek Kaanch Ki Gurya ke I found Agha Jaan’s sadqa khairats, “ghar ke darwaze se koi khali na jaen” type inayatein as very profound. Not in a positive sense of course. Matlab, look at this man’s sheer ability to say something and then stand true to it. He said to Behroze that he couldn’t care less how he manages to live his life and you see AJ doing just that. Strangers can get pait-bhar naimatein from AJ’s threshold but the son of the house is no less than kicked out of the house with hands empty of any money or blessings. AJ is truly one man not to be taken lightly.

    Oh, and what was with the super random mention of Laila’s marriage? xD Khair…acha hua ke shaadi karke chali gayi piya desh. I was under the slight impression that she might’ve become some sort of kantaa in the course of events but meh…jis toofan mail ki speed se drama chal raha hai wahan pe sab kante udd gae 😛

    I loved the little detailing of Ruhi’s character. The way she is so biased towards her maika. And the way she does get effected by her Bhabhi’s words. The bit in the kitchen when her Bhabhi indirectly taunts her that Ruhi is doing all this aish on her husband’s kamai, dekha jae tou it makes no sense. Behroze is Ruhi’s husband. Ruhi is the ONLY family Behroze has. Behroze LOVES Ruhi. Ghar kaisa bhi ho, Behroze keeps Ruhi like a queen. And Ruhi should be happy, proud, and very defending of that. But the way Ruhi remained silent and had this guilty look on her face that she was doing something wrong, living a comfortable life on her husband’s halal ki kamai…it is telling of the mentality of Ruhi. The Bhabhi was obviously slightly jealous of Ruhi, seeing the treatment she was getting in her house. But Ruhi doesn’t get that. She easily got affected by the taunting tone of Bhabhi. This and then in the later scene, when Ruhi talked of her pregnancy and how “Bhabhi ke kaha hai..” that she ought to get her check up done…Behroze was mad that his educated wife, the woman he so unconditionally loves, she is getting affected by the words of her Bhabhi who really shouldn’t interfere in their life. But Ruhi instead of getting her husband, got defensive of her Bhabhi. This shows that Ruhi is someone who gets easily influenced. Tell her anything in loving tones with caring caresses and she will accept it all.

    Except that, nice to see Behroze moving on with his life. The “sone ka chamcha” line really hit home. He might’ve taken all the hardships with a smile on his face but hardships are still hard regardless.

    Now the person/situation/relationship no one seems to like here but I love so much…and unashamedly so! Which I’ve also noticed ke buss yaheen bash hoti hai, generally tou people really like.

    Last week’s precap had me scared – Arjumand shouting that she hates herself, Suhaib, and this child in her womb. But the actual scene was all kinds of love. She finally voiced her frustrations without any lagi lipti or ishaare baazi. She said what she felt. She hated herself because of the way she was turned into some worthless thing by the people around her. She was a puppet, made to move according to people’s wishes. Agha Jaan, Baba, Ami, sab ne jo kaha wo ussne kiya. She had some hopes that Suhaib might not do that do her, he might consider her as a human, treat her with respect, sit down and listen to her woes so she could move on. But ussne kiya nahin. He treated their marriage like a boj, jabar, zabardasti; the worst part for her was that he could get himself busy with other things while she was left to live with the effects of it 24×7. Depressed tou bandi kab se thi but this unwanted, unneeded pregnancy made her blast. And it made Suhaib realize the actual gravity of the situation. He took her words initially as some frustration that she would get over with…but she finally told him how much he had disappointed her. She had only wanted her rightful love and attention from him and ye hi do cheezen he never gave her. How could she love anything after all this treatment?

    But at least he brought changes in his behavior. From thereon he did start treating her as a person. Not once but twice we got the scene where he clearly told her that he was worried about her, not the child she taunted him for.

    “Main ais bache ki nahin, tumhari baat kar raha hun.”

    If the pace would’ve been slower and we would’ve gotten more moments during the pregnancy, I am sure it would’ve been clear that he did start taking care of her. Not in the whole haath pakad ke chalna aur being overtly dotting, because she has made her disgust about him too clear for him to try something when she’s already on the edge of things. The lack of maafi talafi while odd from someone like Sohaib, I don’t find unnatural. What happened to all of them was a huge event, if Arjumand can get legit depressed about it…why can’t Sohaib’s character undergo a change as well?

    Regarding Arjumand’s behavior before the delivery, again there wasn’t anything unnatural about it. I don’t claim to be an expert on woman during pregnancies but from the general knowledge that I have, it’s like a zindagi-maut ki halat. And plus, Arjumand isn’t the kind who would cross any line in doing the harm. She is a very wordy person. For instance, after Behroze rejected her, she wished to be buried or given poison to by her parents. Extreme words but not once did she try to do anything like that. Why? Because she knows that it’s wrong to do. Similarly, when Suhaib called her to his room. She was disgusted but she didn’t refuse. Why? Cuz she knew what he was asking for wasn’t wrong or unethical. He is her husband, no matter how unpleasant, and a husband asking for his wife in night…aaj hi padha hai shariat ki kitaab mein ke aisa kuch galat nahin hai aismein and a wife doesn’t have the right to reject that. Khair, that’s another argument. Point is that Arjumand openly cursed the child in front of Suhaib to voice her constant displeasure and disappointment that she had from him. But come the decisive moment, and she panicked. She apologized to Suhaib because she realized that Suhaib had indeed started taking care of her phir bhale hi bache ke liye hi sahi, and she very rudely rejected any and all of his attempts to start a peaceful relationship with her. She was worried, like any sane person would, that what if her curses did come true and this child which she carried for nine months got to face the consequences of her disappointment…begunah ko usske gusse ki saza mil gayi tou? Wo bhi apna beta? She did confess that she loved this child…isn’t that a very motherly thing to do?

    Beherhaal, Wali agaya and thank GOD meri umeed pe khara utra. Aaah! Pardon my feels but THE SCENE WITH SUHAIB LEGIT FANBOYING OVER HIS SON WAS THE MOST PRECIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL THING EVER!!! And the happy parents all happy and patched up! Epi 1 wala Suhaib bhi mila..with his “Oye!” wali teasing AND SHE WAS LAUGHING AND CRYING AND SO HAPPY AND AT PEACE!! Jo mere dil ne jamalo daala hai iss scene pe wo koi mujh se pooche! My Papa was watching the episode in repeat telecast and I happened to come in the room when this scene was on and he had this HUGE smile on his face seeing chota Wali. Bada bakhtawar bacha hai ye…and they chose a legit newborn for it and adlahdaslkjdh! I JUST HAVE ALL THESE FEELS!!!

    Waise, inconsistency zindabad! Pura show Suhaib addressed Behroze by his name and then hallucination mode mein Behroze bana Lala 😛 Not that I mind, I hope every young sibling in this show keeps addressing the older brother has Lala :$ *sigh* the brothers missing each other but anna ki deewar 😦


    • @Mais I enjoyed reading your comment ’cause we got a bit of a break from the big issue 🙂
      I liked the opening where Agha Jan was getting on with his everyday affair.. and eventually thats what this ep was about.. donon bete barsare rozgar ho gaye and finally jaise taise everyone got back on track with their lives..
      re Laila’s shadi: All I can say, jaise mukhtasir muhabbat hui thi waise khatam.. but more so it reinforced Sohaibs quick turn’around in such affairs.. easy come i say.. lol
      re Ruhi: Acha i might sound nitpicking again, but wasnt she studying with behroze? Un ki parahai likhai, naukri chakri ka kia hua?? lol khair idk if its just me but I’ve found Ruhi’s character the weakest/ hollowest so far. You raise a good point : she gets influenced easily. So far she is chup chap on behroze’s family.. I wonder if its the bhabhi who will play the machis..
      The bromance: I think DeD has set another standard for bhai-chara.. Waise tou Behroze ka naam lena mana hai haveli mein, then how comes Agha Jan has turned a blind eye to all the framed photos??! lol btw I too love the ‘Lala’..My daughter started that off a few yrs ago when she couldnt take her cousins name pply.. abb now he is poore khandan ka Lala lol..


      • @FA – thank you…the word count was round 1400 words…assignments ke tou 400 words bhi nahin hote mujhse xD

        Laila’s shaadi was too out of the blue for me, really. I honestly thought we were done with her when she leave so when her name was mentioned, I was really surprised. But I guess what you say is true…her attachment to Suhaib and vice versa wasn’t that big of an affair anyway. I think it was all just showed to reinforce AJ’s treatment of Suhaib’s obedience wala love. AJ says, “Chodo.” and Suhaib leaves that thing to never return to it. That’s what’s been happening since his childhood..

        As for Ruhi…maybe she was Honors ki ladki while Behroze was MBA ka ladka? 😛 Their uni love story is very shady. Because it seemed like they had zero conversations there. How else could Behroze fail to tell her about his bachpan ki mangni with Arjumand? Otherwise I find Ruhi quite fascinating so far and SS is a lot to be credited for that. Let’s see how she shapes up. This Bhabhi doesn’t sound or look like a great well wisher for Ruhi, ho na ho aag yaheen se lage gi.

        Lol, I was telling my younger brother during the last scene that look at Suhaib-Behroze’s love for each other, do you love our eldest brother like this? He hit me on the shoulder as his reply while my mother frowned at me xD Yaar ye Bakhtyar Sahab ki puri family psychology mein hi locha hai…one screams in the middle of the mountains as a sign of tragic love, other wakes up in the middle of the night to watch his brother’s photos as if teenage ke mashooqa ko yaad kiya jaraha hai while Agha Jaan is all chilled N|

        My best friend gets called Lala in the house though she’s the youngest and a girl. Never told her that but I found it very adorable ^_^


      • @FA- mais. Regarding Lala.. My little niece wanted to say khala to one of my cousins but ‘kh’ she couldn’t pronounce tou khala se she became Lala 🙂 ab every other Khala in our khandan is Lala 😃


      • FA, ” I wonder if its the bhabhi who will play the machis..” – loved this!

        In my opinion, Roohi needs to go to work – you know what they say about empty minds…

        By the way, is there any working woman shown in any of the dramas currently on air? Jackson Heights was probably the last one where the female leads had jobs…Goya started off strongly and then Mohini…well, lost cause that one…in all our dramas, women of all sorts of age groups are sitting at home…what a disservice to all of us working/studying… 😦


        • Agreed 100%! Why would any woman these days sit at home doing nothing? Especially when most men in drama’s nowdays have a second wife…😋. I am a big fan of Saba Qamar. Digest writer showed how much any woman can change the course of her life when she can provide for herself and suport other people. Although I did not like Izteraab for the story Saba Qamar’s caracter was very strong. I am afraid however that most women shown in our serials these days are not even slightly smart and this trend keeps increasing.


  12. Mais, just a quick word. You said: “Now the person/situation/relationship no one seems to like here but I love so much…and unashamedly so! Which I’ve also noticed ke buss yaheen bash hoti hai, generally tou people really like.”

    No one here is bashing the relationship that Sohaib-Arjumand share, nor is it true that it is a relationship no one seems to like here. On the contrary, there is quite a vocal group of supporters for both of them here! I think all of us appreciate the difficult situation they were in when the nikkah was forced on them. The problem is with the way their interactions have been handled. Amongst other things, we all want to see a more vocal Sohaib, a more expressive and caring Sohaib (towards Arjumand) and I think we will get to see a softer side of his relationship with Arjumand from now on, but the way this change came about was so sudden and that’s what people (including me) have a problem with.


  13. @VZ – I do apologize if this sentence sounded a bit harsh but I haven’t been here since the start so I don’t know much about who holds what sentiments about this particular bit about the show. I only said what I had observed in this thread and the previous (and skimming through the others). Once again, my ignorance requests to be forgiven. I only said what I had felt the general opinion about them was here. Of course, I would love to be proven wrong. Maybe the intentions got all lost in the translation while getting to me, because I have mostly seen snide remarks, direct/indirect taunts about Suhaib, and a very biased dislike towards him.


    • Thats what i love about this blog that people feel free to express their opinions and tends to agree with disagreements 🙂 i personally liked Suhaib so much in novel that his mere mention made me highly emotional.. But the way its been translated on screen i was like haye aisa tou na tha.. But ofcourse i shouldnt be comparing novel n drama.. N take the things as they are.. And this is making me bit careful about Wali too LOL


    • @Mais: Lo behen aapki mujrim haazir hai … de lo jo saza deni hai 😉

      No but seriously, as @VZ said nobody is against any character or their relationships here – waisey sochne ki baat yeh hai ke fictional characters se ya unki rishtedari se dushmani kaise ho sakti hai??

      Actually the thing is that we discus everything to the nth degree and in that we agree and disagree and so if you are just skimming it might seem like bashing or snide comments or taunts, but actually its just a discussion among all of us as friends with mutual respect for each others’ opinions and the threads are actually all long continuous convos as you must’ve seen so by the end of the day sab ki equal tareef aur burai hoti hai you’ll see supporters for all characters and actors.. but if you are scanning thru it might seem one is getting bashed or taunted more.. but khair aab aap aa gayi hain tau Suhaib ka palra to kaafi bhari ho gaya hai .. to say nothing of how happy @Atty must feel 😉

      But all serious stuff aside, mujhe yeh fikar ho gayi hai ke if Wali ke abba has so much support tau jab Wali sahab barey hongey tau kya qayamat dhayen ge!!! Forget about hte pressure @Obi feels, mujhe tau apni nanhi si jaan ki fikar ho rahi hai!! #mainpareshan #needanarmour haha!

      and keep your comments coming be-fikri se… I find your comments so much fun to read and love your lurve for this serial!!


  14. now I am a tad bit embarrassed…raat ke 2:30 baje main zara zyada hi senti hogayi thi 😐 I guess new place and perpetually moody/emotional/senti me is just not a good combination. Uwaaan..I wanted to be the cool person here…well that plan didn’t work out well >.<

    so lemme just revert back to my old tactic of skipping by the broken glass with the perfect, "I didn't do it" expression on my face and forget all of this ever happened…lalala~! ^_^

    @SZ – Real talk, now even I am getting worried about Wali. My love for Obi aside, promos wala Wali seems drastically different than novel wala Wali. Main tou hoon hi shallow tou uski Pathani wajahat dekh ke flat hojaoungi aur "Ji Aaqa, Ji Huzur" keh ke fangirl karna shuru kardungi per agar kuch zyada doses ka gadhapanna hogaya tou apne hi alzaf se uske bakhiye udhaadne mein mujhe bada dukh hoga #seflyfe ;(


    • @mais: awwww!!! ab aise mein tau ek bara group hug banta hai 😀 you are now very much a part of the cool gang here so bas no more tension … Hahaha!!! love your tactic!

      Re Wali/OKB: ROFL! Ab, I don’t know if I’m waiting more for the miraculous Wail or for your first comments when aapke hero sahab makes his pehla full fledged appearance 😜 #waitingforlovefesttobegin


      • @SZ – aawiiieee…I love hugs. I am realizing that I am one of the very young ones here…and you guys are so chill and cool *sniff sniff* thankkk youuu!! ❤ ❤ ❤

        Hahaha, seeing the mess I became when my eyes fell on the chotu Wali…Wali in his full glory will pakka se turn me into an incoherent mess of fangirl trash xD But yaaar! Kya karoon! Mujhse nahin hoti meri feels control. Hayyee..Wali! ❤


  15. Thank you for the good review SZ! I always enjoy reading your reviews and the perspective you share on the drama developments. I have 1 major question in regards to most drama’s I have been watching. Why do they show that all girls go to University only with the purpose of getting married? Do they all have to sit at home suddenly and be lame after they get married? Till now I do not like Ruhi one bit. Why is she letting her husband do all the struggling? I have seen the same thing in countless drama’s that after marriage all women suddenly become stupid and I think Ruhi will probably go that route too seeing how she cannot read her bhabi. Drama’s that show sensible women are too few. What are your thoughts on this?

    I am not a fan of Hareem’s character either… I really hope Maya Ali will bring some more depth to this drama.

    Btw when I have time I try to watch drama’s you’ve reviewed in the past and I haven’t had the chance to see then. Currently finishing Sannata and your reviews for this drama are out of this world! It’s a brilliant drama and your reviews make it so worthwhile to watch..☺


    • @Seher: Hello, welcome aboard! Thank you for reading and commenting – much appreciated! 🙂

      LOL! After all the daants Im getting about making issues out of non-issues main kya boloon? 😉

      No, but seriously, you are absolutely right, and actually when I saw Ruhi reading the Akhbar-e Jahan and wondering abt her second baby that was my exact question as well (unfortunately that thought never made it to the review because I got side tracked by the other stuff) and @FA and @VZ are making the same point as well (in the comments above). If I’m not mistaken Ruhi and Behroze met while studying so I have no clue why she’s not working … if not an MBA, she must at least have a Bachelor’s so I too am equally puzzled and again disappointed……

      And speaking in broader terms, yes the women we are shown are generally so uni-dimensional that you wonder abt them … all the women I know, even housewives have so much else that they do, not just abroad but in PK as well – as in they are involved with charity stuff, not the socialites wali charities but real stuff. or busy with their household duties and trying their best to happy healthy productive children, magar TV par tau aisa kuch nahin dikhatey … this was the question I had raised in a post you can find listed as “Women in Pakistani dramas” in the Special Posts section. Also, on this issue check out the telefilm Drama Fever, which presents an extreme case of all that goes wrong when a bright woman is bored with way too much time on her hands – you can find the review with the link for the telefilm under the “Women’s Day Post” under Special Posts….

      Re: Sannata: I;m so glad you are enjoying that serial .. we loved it here! And yes it did drag and stuff but it was really something hat ke. Sadly, though, as seems to be the fate of such serials, it didn’t quite catch the public’s attention. Thank you for enjoying the reviews – I had a great time writing something very different from the run of the mill write ups and we had very fun discussions on those threads … Do feel free to add your two cents there if you have thoughts you would like to share ..

      and please do continue to share your thoughts and join in our convos … it is always fab to read astute insightful comments and as you can see we are a pretty discussion happy bunch 🙂


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