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When a serial has 25+ more installments yet to come it is hard to go wah wah after the 5th episode but to give credit where credit due it must be said that Diyar-e Dil is shaping up to be quite the serial. After a loud OTT opening this MD Productions- Haseeb Hasan- Farhat Ishtiaq project is gradually settling into a rhythm uniquely its own. Yes, there are issues – the background music is still overpowering, some scenes could do with tighter editing, and I continue to be exasperated with the wiring of a particular character – but all in all this one seems to be getting better by the week.

Picking up seamlessly from Agha jan’s absolutist stance – disowning Behroze and literally throwing him out of the family fold  this latest episode focused on how the various  family members picked up the shards of their shattered dreams and hopes and opened a new, and a hitherto unexpected, chapter in their lives.

As the patriarch, the one who made the gut-wrenching decision to cut out his eldest son from his life, Agha jan is by no means happy or satisfied with himself for doing what he did. Nonetheless, even though echoes of happier time ring in his ears and he is haunted by memories of his two sons together, regret and second guessing is something he keeps very private, hidden not only from the world at large but also perhaps from himself. Hence when his brother absolves him of doing any injustice to Arjumand, Bakhtiyar Khan stands his ground. This is not merely the matter of Behroze choosing Ruhi over Arjumand, more importantly this is a question of his older son disobeying him, daring to look him in the eye and refute his directive – how dare he!

As for the recalcitrant son in question, Behroze, he is very much a chip off the old block. On the surface he is very happy with Ruhi and has no issues adjusting to the demands of his new life, but when by himself he too is haunted, the loving embrace of his father and brother now a thing of the past. Could it have been handled any differently? Would he make the same choices were he to do it all over again? Such are the thoughts that occupy him, but there is little he can do to make amends now – he knows his father too well and he loves Ruhi too much. Why is it that elders sometimes put their loved ones in such impossible situations? Why is it always my way or the highway?

Very confused and so very near the surface are Behroze’s emotions that they spill over at the slightest of provocations. His mixed emotions come as a surprise to his beloved wife. For Ruhi, not being privy to his complicated family dynamics, it is a very simple clear cut case of a brother standing by and watching the older brother get thrown out by their dictator of a father. To her husband, however, such a bald indictment, no matter how lightly said, is as good as a heavy handed insult and she gets shut down immediately.

Thankfully, though Behroze might be his father’s son he is also a man with his own mind, thus he apologizes for his harshness. But more than what anybody else can say or do its Behroze’s own ambivalent feelings towards his father that are brilliantly essayed here. That scene of him at the hospital – a time when he most needed his family around him is the time when he is the most alone – is the family to be blamed for his being alone or is he to blame for his being cast adrift?

And on assigning blames, Suhaib, the unwitting victim in this clash of wills between the father and his older son, it is hard not to feel his predicament. Were it me in his stead, I would end up hating both, father and brother, but clearly Suhaib is a bigger and better person than I could ever aspire to be. His pain, at losing his beloved brother (dharein mar ke rona notwithstanding), resentment and frustration, and even the need to take time to wrap his head around his new marriage to his previous bhabhi-to-be, are all very real and understandable.  That said, the fact that even after two months he is not able to carve out some kind of a tenuous working relationship, not necessarily of the marital kind, is a bit hard to fathom. Yes, Arjumand was not making it easy for him but there seemed to be no engagement on his part at all. I am not quite sure how he thought he was going to spend the rest of his life, but this kind of a head in the sand approach was definitely not pointing to him looking for any answers at all.

What Suhaib thought, or how he was going to handle the situation, all such discussion became moot the moment Agha jan re-entered the pictureIt would be easy to blame Agha jan, not that he walks away blameless, but the crassness with which Suhaib handled the consummation of his marriage was something that came as a complete shock and a disgusting one at that. The way he demeaned her as his wife and insulted her as a woman is not how rational adults deal with situations. Agreed, his father pushed him but surely there were better ways to deals with the whole situation with more finesse. Yes, he was forced into this marriage but so was Arjumand! Going by the precap it is completely understandable to see how a very soft and shy Arjumand turns into a bitter, angry woman, at war with her unborn child, her husband, her ex-fiance, his wife, her parents, her father-in-law, the list is never ending.

Diyar-e Dil is as much a story of a father and his two sons, and their very complex relationships with each other, as it the story of the two bahus, Ruhi and Arjumand. I love how all the character graphs are shaping up and the women and men are all getting equal screen time, each individual story just as important. Kudos to Farhat Ishtiaq for bringing us such a vividly etched out story of human relationships, where everybody is equally right and wrong, depending on the lens with which the story is being viewed. Haseeb Hasan does a fabulous job ensuring that the nuances of every character are highlighted equally.

Abid Ali was fabulous in the opening scene – the father might ache but the patriarch is satisfied with his decision. Sanam and Mikaal are great as Ruhi and Behroze, all their scenes together were very nicely essayed, but the hospital scenes were particularly outstanding. Ruhi’s reconciliation with her brother was very well handled and contrasted very nicely with Behroze’s isolation from his family.

Beautifully juxtaposed against Ruhi and Behroze’s happy marriage, despite all the financial and emotional challenges thrown their way, is Suhaib and Arjumand’s more comfortable but ultimately meaningless marriage which can be described as anything but happy. Hareem Farooq is impressive here and I am really enjoying her take on Arjumand’s character. as she transitions from the once shy, romantic girl to the now bitter woman. Suhaib is quite the unlikable fellow, but Ali Rehman is doing very well at playing this not quite so mazloom mard. I will happily admit to being totally turned off his character in the past episodes, but with this latest twist we finally get to see him doing more than sobbing his heart out. Not quite what I had expected from him, but it sure does make for an interesting twist as we wait for the next episode.

Looking forward to more fireworks next week.

Written by SZ~

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  1. I started visiting this website recently. Ur reviews are always great. This was another great episode of dayar-e-dil. Initially for me the only attraction of this drama was Sanam saeed. I love sanam to death but now i love Meekal too, he is also doing a great job. sanam & meekal make such a wonderful couple that i wish they were a real life couple:) Their chemistry is the highlight of the serial. For me Ali rehman is the only weak link of this drama. And i really dont understand y only he in the whole family has this annoying pashto accent ? Anyways i am really looking forward to the up coming episodes especially how the character of Ruhi shapes up & her chemistry with behroz. (Btw i want to see more cheesy romantic scenes between them, i know u will hate me for this ;D ) Keep up the gr8 work SZ !


    • @U.M: Hello! Welcome aboard 🙂
      LOL! Why would I hate you for liking cheesy scenes! I am a big sucker for those – I still swoon over the Ashar Khirad scenes – but they have to be done well!! Lets see what they have in store for us here 🙂
      Re: the bad accent – I think we all talked about it for the fist two eps or so and then just gave up on it, but yeah I still can’t see why the dir, decided to go with only one of the younger characters speaking with that accent and that too which comes and goes….
      Re: Sanam and Mikaal: Haha! I think their characters are such that here they look very good together. I dont know if you saw their EK Kasak… serial, but it was really bad! Nothing or no one could save that one!
      Ab will look forward to hearing more from you on every ep … please feel free to join in our convos and make a whole bunch of new friends in the process 🙂


  2. Thanks for the review SZ ! Woah 5 episodes in and still going great! that doesn’t happen very often;does it? I hope it remains like this.I didn’t like Mikal in his first two scenes with SAnam but as you said the hospital scene was fabulous;he made it up for me.Sanam Saeed as usual was very good;her scenes with Behroze Sabzwari were a treat to watch.I am liking ALi Rehman and Hareem.I always thought that Arjuman dwould accept this marriage much before Suhaib but clearly I was wrong.Though I understand her pain;she is alone and no one seems to understand her sufferings.I am so eager to watch this couple’s progress.Abid ALi as usual shone;he is a class apart.All in all a good but could have been better as you said with tighter editing and a slow BG,I am so on this ride and already looking forward to the another episode.Having said that I missed OKB.’s voice over ;(


    • @Ruba like you I wanna see how this couple progresses from this all-time-low! Looks like they won’t be able to get over this one for quite some time…


    • @Ruba: Haina! Dekho kiya zamana aa gaya hai … we are surprised when we get five good eps in a row! Ab dekhtey hain if it can survive till the 10th ep – aaj kal that seems to be a point where most serials lose their way big time … fingers crossed for this one!

      Re: S/A: I don’t know how a woman can ever put such a traumatic start to a marriage behind her …. what I am waiting to see is how she rationalizes this and who she chooses to blame for her predicament: Agha jan? Behroze? Ruhi? Suhaib? This is an important question cause it determines the future of her relationship with not only her husband but also shapes up the mindset of her children…

      LOL!! I love how all of you are so ready for Wali to make an appearance!


      • @SZ I read ”children”’?? mm so Wali is not an anokha ladla? Does that mean S&A will get over this, or will they carry on with a dead-end, khokhli marriage like many desi couples do?
        Re Who will she blame? : good point!.. For now it’s Suhaib topping the list.. & Up till now she could only get her frustration out on him.. but mumkin hai with time, once she is able to move on, she might shift more of his blame on others, only to allow herself more breathing space…can’t see that happenning for a long ime though… again something OKB said that kinda hinted towards Wali’s estranged relationship with Arjumand..


  3. I don’t know how i feel about this show. As a t.v. show it is good. Nothing new in the story so far but still fast paced and beautifully shot. But when compared to the novel, it definetely lags behind. Mostly because apart from the fall out between father and son, nothing is like the novel. The novel was a lot less melodramatic and had amazing moments. This is my biggest complain against the show. They missed out on a brilliant opening scene. Plus i am not sold on some characters. In the novel, there were no such charcters as arjumand and sohaib. Plus it seems like maya ali and osman kb will play next generation which i don’t think was necessary. the original leads were closer to sanam’s and mikaal’s age. So i don’t know why they have to be aged up? Okb and maya ali could have played existing characters in the novel. These are my reservations about the show. Hopefully since farhat ishtiaq is the writer of the show, she will only improve her work. I will watch the show just for farhat ishtiaq and sanam saeed and okb. Btw still not forgiving the makers for robbing us of an amazing opening scene.


    • You’re so right about that, great opening scene, not seen here…hopefully will be well done when the time comes to show it. But the sense of curiosity one had will be gone.


    • @umeazhaan: Hey! Long time!
      Re: the novel vs the serial, what I have realized over the past few yrs is that it is useless to compare the written text with the visual narrative, otherwise it makes for annoyance and frustration because they are two completely diff things … I dont know about others but I for one hate the fact that I already know so much about whats coming next, but then again when things dont unfold the same way it makes for even more annoyance … so now Ive stopped thinking about the novels altogether and just watching this as something new, which it is in the sense that we dont have any of this in the novel …

      On that note, I have no clue why these channels think we are so desperate to see all novels being made into tv serials. I understand they think they have an inbuilt audience for popular novellas but so much depends also in how it is dramatized .. I really wis channels would get these writers to write original scripts .. Farhat is still writing for digests, why not have her write straight for TV instead… she would be infintely better with an original script in her own genre rather than trying something totally diff like Rihaee, which I personally think was a mess in terms of script.


      • You are right about not comparing novels and shows. They are both different. the reason why i am a little critical is because, its one thing to come up with same characters and stories. It just means you are lazy. Its different thing to have a perfect material and then infuse it with zabardasti ka rona dhona nd the damsel in distress characters. But i assume they wanted more drama for t.v hence arjumand and sohaib’s track.


  4. Thanks for the review SZ!
    This would have been a good ep had they not messed up the Arjumand-Suhaib scene. I mean I know S is obedient/spineless (take your pick…or a combo of both) but he in no way looked the kind of person who’d do zabardasti with his wife. So it all stopped making sense to me- bad direction, bad editing? Or maybe the writer decided to change his personality type all of a sudden? Not appreciated 😐


    • @Afia @Rehmat I think it was the wimp factor finally shining through big time!!! Hadd hai waise!! yahan unhon ne kaha aur bete ne kaha ‘jo hukm mere Agha!!!’!!!??? lol
      That was really poorly done!! #NotImpressed
      It’s such a shame because I was finally beginning to understand (and somewhat feel for) Sohaib..

      Having said that, for such a horrid sequence, I thought Ali Rehman was really good hiding behind the door and not looking up, and to top it all getting Arjumand to say it out loud for him.. Making Sohaib look like a total loser! No? lol


    • @Afia: Haha!! you know when that last scene happened, even as I was totally disgusted I couldn’t help but be amused by the thought of how all Suhaib supporters would respond to this …. dekh lo, mujhe to yeh banda pehley din se garbar lag raha tha 😉


  5. Thanks for the lovely review SZ and for opening up this space 🙂 There were some surprising turns for me in this episode, some not so surprising.

    First of all, my heart went out for – wait for it – Wali. It’s one thing to know that your parents think of you as a cherished, loved and dear gift and quite another matter to know that you are a by-product of something both your parents would like to completely forget…well, may be he will never come to know and all may be reconciled between the parents by then, or may be not, the way things are shaping up between Arjumand and Sohaib. All roads lead to Wali eh? 🙂

    The opening scene between Bakhtyar and Bedaar was quite insightful – this is exactly the sort of relationship Behroze and Sohaib might have shared years down the line, had Behroze married Arjumand. Bedaar’s quiet submission and loyalty to his brother are a mirror image of what Sohaib feels for Behroze…the story of two set of brothers and what might have been…

    Also intriguing was how much the trio of Agha Jaan, Behroze and Sohaib hold their thoughts and feelings about one another to themselves. Behroze doesn’t share these feelings to even Roohi, Agha Jaan’s thoughts are only privy to the haveli walls and Sohaib’s audience is the empty valley. Behroze giving Roohi a piece of his mind when she started the tirade against his family was also a good point – no one can enter that sacred space…waisay, any married person will completely agree that ranting against in-laws to one’s spouse is just a complete no-no – you suddenly realise that blood is thicker than water…

    Although I was sad at Behroze-Roohi’s loss, I knew that was coming, because of the chronological order of the births, so no surprises there. But it was a nice touch to bring Roohi’s brother back into the picture and I am guessing that the bonds between Behroze-Roohi and her brother’s family are going to be strengthened over the years. That boy Moiz – woh kahin Wali’s competitor toh nahin banega – though he looks about 10 years old and there will be another 4-5 years before Faraa will be born? Hmmm…

    Again, the juxtaposition between Behroze-Roohi who are in a loving relationship and looking forward to their child but end up losing the little one and Arju-Sohaib – no love, but a child on the way – drives home the point about no couple having everything.

    Now Arjumand-Sohaib have taken me by surprise – I was expecting these two (always pliant, always adjusting) to slowly start getting used to their new relationship, but things are going from bad to worse. After Sohaib’s “Beeeehrooooze” cry for all the valley to hear, he seemed changed. He is now harsher with Arjumand in every way. Until now,Arjumand was using words to provoke him, now it’s Sohaib’s turn to take out his badhaas on her. It is as if he was telling Agha Jaan – “you want me to marry, ok then. You want me to take this marriage forward, as you say so.” This harps back to the point SZ that you’ve been making – parents forcing their will on their children. Agha Jaan is getting Sohaib to do his bidding, but there is no soul in Sohaib’s relationship with his wife…and for all his heavy handed-ness, Agha Jaan can never be the one infusing that soul. May be the child, once born, will be able to do that?

    We, from the East, carry more emotional burdens than many in the West – as parents we feel we have to pass on our culture and values to the next gen and as children we need to meet/exceed parents’ expectations – well, some of us don’t and then what price do we pay for that? I am a bit of a Behroze myself, so I completely understand the feeling of guilt that he carries around. You do want to please your parents, but sometimes you stand up for things you believe are right and end up hurting them. And you live with that guilty feeling until all is forgiven and relationships are mended…

    Sorry for such a long post…just had to rant and rave 😉

    PS – I’ve bought the book on Amazon, it’s coming in the next few days 🙂


    • @VZ: kya kehne apke drama predictions per reg:moiz, wali ka competitor tou nhn hoga.. I am impressed 😀 .. Havr to say again but just love your comment.. 🙂


      • Thank you Rehmat 🙂

        Oh no, so was I right then? Oh, that’s why they’ve been showing that kid..hmmm…but he’ll be at least 14-15 years older than Faraa right? How many problems is Wali going to solve! 🙂 Bohat mushkil safar hoga uska…#walimadnesss…


    • @VZ: Loved your detailed take, and LOL never apologize for the long posts – ranting and raving, and woh bhi dil khol ke, is very necessary! 😉

      I completely agree with your point abt Wali, and I made a similar point as well in response to a comment above, and yes he might never come to know, but more importantly will Arjumand ever be able to forget? And by the same token, Ruhi too is another one who has resent to resent Agha jan and perhaps by extension Suhaib, as she let slip to Behroze, and after her miscarriage pehaps will hold her in-laws a bit more responsible.. So now the interesting thing will be to see how these two mothers deal with their resentments and grievances, how much they let go and how much they hang on to and pass on to the next generation …. As you’ve very astutely pointed out, the two brothers are not ones for sharing their inner most feelings, both have effectively shut out their wives, and over time it wouldn’t be surprising if the wives too stop sharing their frustrations and feelings with their husbands (A is already at that point) .. and again this leads us to the children …in trying to repair their relationship will the two men commit the same mistake their father and uncle did? And if so, how will the next gen deal with their parents diktats?

      Love the point you make about our culture and our expectations of our true! I think we;ve talked about this before as well, and I too am a Behroze… but after what happened in this latest episode, I wonder if anybody would want to liken themselves to Suhaib?!


    • @VZ thoroughly enjoyed ur comment.
      Re Bakhtyar & Bedar : I was thinking along the same lines. Although Agha Jan has kicked out his son for his own ego, but a part of it was in the name of his brother. And I wonder if history will repeat itself and we will get to a point where Behroze and Sohaib will be reliving Bakhtyar and Bedar, offering/sacrificing their children for the sake of salvaging their relationship…
      Re the men not sharing their feelings : Very interesting point. If only they had vela BFFs lol..jokes.. But on a serious note, isnt that also a gender thing? We don’t usually find men (especially in our culture) talking about their feelings…I think its a male-ego thing..
      @SZ We were discussing absense of their mother last week. I can finally see the reason behind leaving out that mother figure today. Arjumand is the only one out of the four who has a mother and a father. Although she can’t speak up much infront her dad, Arjumand can speak her mind with her mother, and now that Ruhi has made up with her brother, she has an outlet too. That leaves Behroze, Sohaib and Agha Jan who have nobody else to turn to. If there was a mother figure we would have seen Agha Jan discussing stuff with his wife at times (like we see bedar and his wife – not that her voice makes much of a difference), or atleast Sohaib finding solace with his mother (rather than ro ro ke aansoo ke darya bahane ke). If she was around, maybe the ana ki diwar would have come down much sooner..
      The brothers are not used to speaking to anyone else especially when it comes to talking about family matters. Behroze pbbly didnt want to make roohi feel uncomfortable/responsible either, and now that she has spoken about her feelings towards his family, he will be more reluctant to do so. Sohaib, on the other hand, will be too busy saving his face after today, let alone talking to her..


      • FA, yes, the absence of a mother (or a mother figure of any sort) has made such a difference. The way men in that family have their feelings all clammed up – don’t know what will happen when the dams break!

        SZ, FA – The impact of the guilt and sadness Behroze and Sohaib carry is going to definitely impact the next generation and the kind of kids they’ll raise and the expectations they’ll have from them. And as SZ pointed out, what if the next gen decided to rebel? Interesting viewpoints…

        And then there are the ladies (Roohi, Arjumand).

        Roohi has been shown to have a lot of spunk and doesn’t mince words (eg her direct approach with her bhaijaan re: Behroze). She also seems quick to jump to conclusions (not wrong ones, looking at the issue from her point of view). She also seems to be someone who will not change her mind about her conclusions – ie Agha Jaan and Sohaib are the bad guys according to her and she’ll harbour these negative emotions about them for a long time to come. It is also true that she won’t have a chance to see any different, given how far she and Behroze live and the non-existent interactions between the families. Now whether her bhabhi adds masala to the khichdi pakaoing in her head is to be seen…


      • @FA – VZ: absolutely loved the point of mother impact in their lives… And from here on i am so looking forward how roohi/Arjumand have their impact on Faara/Wali/Zarmena and what fathers have to do in raising them..

        Oh how i so wish i didnt knew the story… 😦


  6. Hi SZ,
    Once again a thoroughly entertaining review 🙂

    I kind of agree with everything you said, only thing is in this particular episode ” I WANTED TO KICK SOHAIB “. I mean, what was he thinking ? Be a man. Agha Jaan nay Kaha shadi ker lo, ker Li, Agha Jaan nay Kaha Arjumand ko Biwi ka rutba do to Biba bachha chal parra shadi consummate kernay. I was so mad.

    As for Rohi and Behroz, yes I felt bad for them for losing their child but at the same time Ruhi’s brother has forgiven her. Hopefully life would be a bit easier for them from here on.
    But I couldn’t help but notice,it was after losing their unborn child that Rohi finally realized that they have actually hurt so many people. Maybe it was their bud-dua. It makes me wonder would she have ever taken a moment of reflection to think about all the people they have hurt if she didn’t lose her baby ?


    • @kiranpdp: Hello ji! LOL! Can I just say I am loving how all Suhaib supporters have turned their backs on their guy! 😉 Kidding! I know right! I mean I was never a fan of the guy but this was completely a whole different level of bad!

      Re: Ruhi and bud-dua: You make an interesting point, but I would ask if they did anything wrong to begin with? Behroze tried to reason with his father, infact thats why he had gone there in the first place, but his father had conveniently arranged the nikah date without asking him …and then when he tried to reason with him AJ refused to listen, he went to Arjumand’s parents, they refused to listen, he tried to talk to Ruhi’s brother, he refused to listen. Even after they got married he took her to introduce her to AJ but again wohi my-way-or-the-highway … basically the guy did everything he could. magar koi sunnay ko taiyar hi nahin tha…. I think if we blame Behroze and Ruhi then we must lay an equal portion of the blame on the two sets of elders as well …. I mean if you want your children to behave like cattle and be herded wherever then why send them away for education and why not get them married as soon as they reach adulthood … Given that we no longer are living in the 18th-19th c I think adults ko thora flexible hona chahiye, we will never know what all Behroze would’ve agreed to had AJ listened to him ..


      • Technically, no they didn’t break any rules but honestly speaking Behroz did have a pretty good idea about the background he came from. He knew if he refused to marry Arjumand, things would get messy and complicated for her. I am also pretty sure he k ew how she felt for him, if only he had called off the engagement sooner and not rushed into this marriage.

        Yes everyone refused to listen to his reasoning but rushing to Rohi’s house and putting her in a complicated position also didn’t help things. If you ask me, is banday main sabr bilkul nahi hai 🙂

        He unintentionally ended up hurting his own family but I do blame him for the position he placed Rohi in both with her brother and later with Agha Jaan.

        As for Sohaib, after all is said and done, he is Wali’s father, so I have to cut him some slack 🙂 . But for now, I am still mad at him.


  7. Great Review SZ!!
    Omg don’t get me started about Suhaib, yes he’s given a huge sacrifice to please his father but what’s the point if he can’t even make a little bit of effort, as you said Arjumand was forced too! He could have at least become friendly with her and made her comfortable
    What was that at the end? wow I couldn’t believe it.
    He’s probably made her bitter and scarred for life!
    Anyways the hospital scenes were superb, loved Behrize and Ruhi there, the final scene with him again thinking about Aghajans words was superb. I don’t think Behroze seems like he will ever get over it, he made a decision but really didn’t contemplate the severe repercussions and it’s obvious he still loves and misses his family very much.
    This drama is getting more deeper and intense, loving the character graphs and already looking forward to next week.
    Everything has been so well that its a treat to watch!


    • @SK: Agreed!! Yes, given he was the submissive kind it was inevitable that he would find himself in this situation, but the way he handled it was so so uugghhh!!! Surely iot wouldnt have killed him to have waited for a day or so, taken her out for a nice dinner, built up a rapport, got her some flowers,wooed her a bit, restored her confidence in her womanhood a bit ( he knew she was shattered after Behroze’s rejection) and then taken the next step … not make such a huge mess … uff!! Im getting angry all over again! 😡


  8. Excellent review SZ.. Your analysis makes drama more interesting to literally ..

    And when i thought that this episode would be slow or boring going by the precap last week.. It proved me totally wrong.. It was so interesting and actually happening.. Sanam Saeed have rock the role of Roohi.. she looks stunning.. And her acting in hospital was just flawless.. No ottness no dharain marna.. She did it so beautifully.. Lady you won my heart.. Since now Roohi have reconciled with her brother and she knows bhaijaan ne bad-duain nhn dein and maaf bhi kardya he.. I think she will eventually start comparaing k see bhaijaan accepted my apology but Agha Jaan has just thrown out and from here she will starr having bad feelings about him.. Lets see how her character progresses..but bhaijaan coming into scene made it more interesting.. I really felt for Behroze.. He wanted to be a loyal partner which he became but in turn he couldn’t become obedient and faithful son.. The last scene was so heart warming.. How he wanted his family beside him specially Agha Jaan ..

    Agha jaan is perfectly playing the role of handling puppets according to his desire.. Suhaib shadi karlo, Ji Agha Jaan.. Suhaib; arjumand ko mohabat,wuqat do..Your wish my command Agha Jaan… Abhi isi waqt deta hun.. I cant believe that was utter disgusting.. Na aao dekha na taao.. Just did it.. I am so annoyed k howcome Suhaib can be so ruthless .. After Wali..for me He was one likeable character in novel but this have made him so unpleasant..this woman Arjumand.. Kya samajh rakha he isko.. I found her so justifed in precap.. And this makes upcoming episodes full of fireworks..

    I must say an experience director can make Farhat’s stories entirely amazing.. So much that you both separately enjoy novel and drama with full satisfaction.. Humsafar, MeJ were great examples..looking forward!


    • Rehmat – you mentioned MeJ – did you feel the play did justice to the book? I haven’t read the book but I’ve heard so many fans raving about it. I have seen the play and I thought Haniya and Ibad looked very uncomfortable with one another until Aabi …you know…Sarwat Gillani was excellent in the Karachi scenes, but somehow her chemistry with Adeel did not have that zing…may be someone like Imran Abbas would’ve had a better chemistry with her?

      Humsafar was cleverly directed and somehow all the elements of the play clicked (though I disagree with Sara’s suicide issue). Sarmad Khoosat is a an intelligent director and he knows how to translate the writing to the screen.


      • Yes definitely the play did justice.. And totally second you that Hani-Aabi had zero chemistry in drama though i loved Adeel Hussain as Aabi and Sarwat as Haani but as separate individuals.. Together they were mehhh.. but keeping this issue aside rest of the drama was just great.. Specially when Pakistan track started.. It was like i never could decide that i cried more reading novel or watching those scenes.. It was brilliantly depicted..

        Haan regarding chemistry.. With Imran Abbas could have been cool but imagining IA as ibaad dosent strike a chord hehe


      • @VZ Re MeJ: I read the novel after watching the drama, and I found the screenplay better. For me MeJ was what it was for Hajra and Aabi – the parent-son bond, and you don’t really feel that in the original story. Ufff as a mother myself, the ‘jan lo meri jan meri jaan, meri jan hai tu’ abhi bhi makes me go all teary 😦

        Im glad Farhat has shaken things up a bit here too..


  9. Everytime i read rants about novel, i want to download and read the novel immediately… But then i wont be able to enjoy drama, as i know myself, it will spoil my visual experience.. Phir sochti hun agr drama utna acha na hua agay sey tau??? Main ek achay novel ko parhnay sey b mehroom ho jaun gi…
    Barhi confusion hai bhaee!


  10. Rehmat, Afia, other fans who’ve read the novel:

    Was Sohaib’s character different in the book? Was there any detail about his character? Thank you for any insights…

    Farhat Ishtiaq did mention she has gone back to some older drafts of her novel for the play…


    • @VZ: there wasnt any detail on young Suhaib..and kher detailed tou older Suhaib ka character bhi nh tha but just light on his character in narration or thoughts.. Different ka cant say because novel didnt have any mention of young Suhaib..

      Haan i also read that but if this new twist of Suhaib was in older drafts then i am glad she didnt add that in novel..


      • Thanks Rehmat. OK, so may be he will change and become more caring towards Arjumand in the future – at the moment it just feels he is going through all the stages of grief – anger, denial, etc etc. The pair of them need a good counsellor, but hey, we’ll never get that here…


        • I hope so he changes but then this act of his have left me disappointed 😦 or may be im going fast .. Let story progresses n see where Suhaib stands then


    • VZ, As Rehmat said, not much insight into him. But it did say that he was cooler, calmer than Behroze and Agha Jaan (who were both similar in nature). Wali was supposed to have inherited his father’s nature. There were other referances show S’s caring side but that’ll be telling too much, too soon.

      But now that FI has changed his personality somewhat (with this dhamaka of a scene ;)- can’t say if Wali is gonna be like him or not! Maybe they show Suhaib redeeming himself, or maybe it’ll stay a loveless marriage. Dekhtain hain.


  11. Ladies, thank you for keeping me so entertained all afternoon. I was stuck in long boring meeting and you guys were fabulous in how you kept me from nodding off! Abhi have a class next so won’t get home till much later so but keep the convos going. I’ll chime in as soon as I am home.
    But before I go, @VZ hold on to the MeJ thoughts … I have a throwback review in the works so let’s discuss it all then 🙂
    @Atty: Novel mat parho, serial ka maza kharab ho jayega…
    More later!


  12. SZ wonderful review. I enjoyed the discussion . Poor Sohib :(. Hospital seen and last scene was very touching. At lest Ruhi could talk to her brother, but Behroze has nobody. @ Rehmat I loved your comment. Aaj maza aagya. The scenery is breath taking .hopefuly sohib and arjumand eventually fall in love . SZ in pehchan there were steps they showed and there was a reason behind , here they are showing the long path which lead to haveli does it mean anything ? ( or may be I am wrong ) just this is st k on my mind .


  13. @SZ thoroughy enjoyed the review as always and this week I can say I quite enjoyed the episode too! 🙂
    (Minus the very crude consummation sequence,) I think Farhat is doing what she does best – telling a tale of emotions and relationships, and nicely translated by HH
    If it wasn’t for the outcry saying thats not how Sohaib is supposed to be, I would be comparing it to the aunty farida 180 degree turn around moment lol.
    Re would behroze have made same choices if he had another chance? : I dont think he questions that at all. He is happy with Ruhi now and he would not have given her up, ever, but I think he wonders how he could have done it differently. But the reality is there was no other way..
    Re my way or the highway: Why do adults do that? be ware!! its a trick question : Whether its their way or the highway – usually its a loose-loose situation.. Adults like to use it as the trump card – called the ultimate farmanbardari test..infact its beating down into submission tactic (for baligh bache), which backfires in rebellion, if it fails!
    I think in this case Behroze had done too little too late. For a bachpan ki mangni he never ever complained about, in a family set up like theirs, he rebelled at the very last moment. There was no time for Agha Jan to offer him a way out.. In his panic, he was too quick to use the trump card.. it didnt quite work..Agha jan bhi bazi haar gae… . behroze had to bid his farewell and walked out to catch his queen of hearts…lol ..
    Sohaib fell for the trick.. he chose Agha jans way, but he’s had to loose some too..
    sorry i dont think im making much sense here lol


    • FA – bingo, the point you make about Behroze leaving it till the last moment. I think he will have many years to think through these scenes again and again…

      In all this, Arjumand has been failed by all the men – her own father and Agha Jaan gave no importance to her feelings, Behroze could have let her down gently, he did not do that…and finally Sohaib…#letsnotgothere …


    • Haan totally agree with you on Behroze being a turtle in expressing his wish… to him it seemed the right time to tell agha jaan about this.. But even then if he would have told earlier.. I dont think Agha Jaan could have offered him any alternative.. He only expects faithfulness from his sons.. He isnt that kind of friendly father upto yet…


  14. such lovely discussions here, please excuse me while I shamelessly barge in.

    Regarding Suhaib, while I do agree that the consummation happened a bit out of the blue and left a bad taste in the mouth, allow me to say I do understand where Suhaib is coming from. The way I see it, this guy has forsaken all his will and now is only living by fulfilling the commands of his father. Yeah, band thoda melodramatic hai, apne Agha Jaan aur Bhai se completely different, but is that a bad thing? I don’t think so. Neither do I think that just because he is very quick to hang his head in obedience at Agha Jaan’s every order, that makes him a weak man. When it comes to Suhaib-Arjumand relationship, I personally blame both the parties (which, imo, is great because there’s no such thing as complete black & white when it comes to situations. everything is seeped in grey) Suhaib is the guy whom I feel jisko alfazon ke nishtar kha gaye. Everyone mentioned that Agha Jaan told him to give Arjumand the haq of the wife and blah blah blah, but Agha Jaan also said something else,

    “Kya rishte nibhana bhool gaye ho tum?”

    “Kya tum mujhe mere bhai aur bhabhi ke saamne sharminda karna chahte ho?”

    When Suhaib gets to hear words like this after everything that he did, how else was he supposed to react? And let’s not forget and Arjumand also overheard enough of the conversation to get the gist of what Agha Jaan was implying. So while what happened later that night might be unpleasant and uncomfortable, it wasn’t an act of zabardasti. I have enough faith in Suhaib’s character to know that he isn’t that blind in his obedience for Agha Jaan.

    Suhaib’s major flaw is that he is too absorbed in his own tragedy to realize that someone very close to himself is going through the same thing. If he lost his brother, there’s a girl living with him who lost her basic self respect. Arjumand was denied every right as a human. She begged and pleaded and threw tantrums but she wasn’t paid attention to. Now all she can do is suck it up and live with it. Throwing acid words at Suhaib is what gives her momentary peace. But Suhaib either hears what she says and not what she means or he plain ignores her words. Both of their strategies about their relationship need some major makeover.

    I had theorized at some other forum that Ruhi might have a miscarriage so seeing that theory come true was a good moment for me as a viewer. I was wondering how Tajamul would accept Ruhi back in his life and FI wrote the whole situation wonderfully. I agree with what was said above, about Ruhi’s resentment towards Behroze’s family. She might start comparing her “neech, ghatiya” family to that of Agha Jaan’s shaan-o-shoukat wala khandaan. When her brother can accept her back in his life after seeing her go through all this pain and feeling of guilt for going against her brother’s wishes, Bakhtyar Khan tou is a father. Can’t he forgive his child? Can’t he find it within himself to let bygones be bygones and out of fatherly love, accept his child back with his happiness? I feel now the chain of events will make Ruhi slowly and steadily hate Agha Jaan which will ultimately set the stage for the later generation.

    P.S – How marvelously good are the ladies of the show? Arjuman tou is my jaan and Sanam Saeed with her brilliant portrayal of Ruhi is making it hard for me to see her as the future negative character of the show!

    P.P.S – bit of a late warning but I do tend to write lambe rants xD


    • @mais. Most and always welcome.. The more the merrier:) I agree with your take on Suhaib being too absorbed about himself that he have forgotten about Arjumand.. That she is also going with same mess or even more..

      But i do believe Suhaib after hearing those ” rishte nibhana bhool gaye ho.. ” he would have first thought about starting his relationship on friendly basis.. Discussing the situation with Arjumand..she was her friend,cousin first then would be in bhabhi… He didn’t have to go such fast track..

      I always assumed from the untouched track of Suhaib-Aamina (Arjumand) in novel that since Suhaib was always this sweetheart and caring guy that after marriage he with his polite nature won his wife’s heart and they made a lovely n happy couple.. And thats why Wali has to be this sweet.. But ofcourse that was my assumption the way I wanted it to be…

      Oh yes indeed ladies are indeed doing terrific job 🙂


      • @Rehmat – thanks for the welcome ^_^

        Despite my thatten marta love for Suhaib, this is something that I can’t comprehend as well. Episode 1 showed Arjumand and Suhaib sharing a very friendly, comfortable relationship with each other full of banter and nok-jhok. Even after that when Arjumand came to Suhaib and taunted him for readily obliging to the elders’ wish about the marriage, it was hinted that they have this rapport where they can share stuff with each other. But now that is not the case. Arjumand can take all her frustrations out on Suhaib and he only listens. Wo bhi words on the surface and not what is actually being said. I think after listening to Arjumand’s words for so long, he has come to believe that she truly is so disgusted by him that any chance at being friendly with her would only instigate her further. Hence his whole strategy of live and let live that he has applied.

        The novel had so many things just skimmed through. We got the descriptive gist of all that happened in the past but we never truly spent time with the characters. We got to know them from someone else’s narration. This made it easy for us to apply our own interpretation on the character e.g. Suhaib and Arjumand’s married life. But seeing a whole different and detailed interpretation of the characters, I personally enjoy it. There are so many shades to all these characters and situations that one gets truly engaged in the plot being unraveled. Allah maloom ye kab tak chalega but these 5 episodes have given us plenty to talk about which is great. Regarding Wali, ye tou even I am interested in! Because Wali in the novel is a mix of both anna and sweetness. I believe his anna will come from his mother and the caring nature will come from his father. Of course, it would kill me to see him having anything less than a perfectly loving family but whatever happens in his childhood will ultimately shape him up to be the man he becomes. Aaah! Wali! AB TOU AAJA!! ❤


        • hahahaha … Aaaja tenu ankhiyan udeek diyan!!!
          After this build up he better live upto it!!!.. lol..
          Wali wins the award for the most anticipated character ever of our dramaland – bila muqabla!


        • @mais. Definitely so agree with you that drama is giving us more to know about these characters and that too in detail and what makes it more exciting is we tend to read different perceptions of characters on this blog ☺️ ..
          Hahahaha you know it makes me so happy that Wali ke bohat chahne wale hain 😉😀


    • @Mais: LOL! No need to apologize or ask for permission – anybody who thinks our discussions are lovely is always welcome to join in 😉

      Enjoyed reading your comment – and again you fit right in, clearly non of us are shy in expressing our thoughts here 🙂 The only I would’ve disagreed with you on was your viewpoint about Suhaib, but @Rehmat, you’ve written everything I had thought about, and so beautifully too .. thank you!


      • @SZ – thank you! I must say I do love the way you write your reviews. I didn’t necessarily agree with what you say (hence my delayed entry here despite me really enjoying the show), but the comments section here is wonderful. And waise bhi everyone is bound to have different viewpoints and interpretations. As long as everyone is civil and accepting of it, what’s the harm? Hope to be more involved here soon 🙂


        • @mais: Appreciate your honesty 🙂 But dekh lo, you dont have to agree with me at all – and ab tau I have @VZ’s raincoat on permanent loan (I hope you aren’t expecting it back anytime soon 😉 ) so feel free to come and share your opinions .. you’ll always find a like minded friend or two here – bas zara anday tamatar par haath haula rakhna 😉


  15. @FA – Hahaha, that is such a perfect line to represent all of us fangirls who desperately await Wali’s arrival! Now I get what Obi means by the pressure, he isn’t even in the show yet and all eyes are on him.

    @Rehmat – No kidding, I am seriously going to distribute sweets (virtual) when Wali is born. Tadap tadap ke ye weeks guzare hain…a mere glimpse of the chotu Wali bhi will make me a happy soul! You know I was severely disappointed when I found out that the show is a linear narrative with 30+ episodes! Been waiting for OsMaya as WaFa ever since the project was announced…wo wait and then ye linear narrative ka wait alag! But thankfully the show’s presentation hasn’t disappointed so far. It’s entertaining enough for me to anticipate every episode. Wali and Farah ki proper entry ke baad tou dhamake honge hi honge but tab tak bhi kaam ache se chal hi jaega 😛 Ab buss hamari nazar hi na lag jae xD


  16. SZ – I thought you mentioned earlier in the post that all Sohaib’s supporters have gone silent – see, we are slowly emerging from the woodworks where we crawled a week ago 🙂

    Mais, Rehmat, Afia – yaar yeh kya aap log novel parkay hum logon ko teasers dey dey kar you guys are making us (the non-readers/can’t readers/don’t want to read just now-ers) more and more curious…now the drama Wali better live up to the novel-wala Wali…

    One question to all those who’ve read this and other Farhat Ishtiaq’s dramatised novels – which (if any) hero has lived up to the image you had in mind when you read the novel?


    • I’ve only read Humsafar apart from this, that too after ep 19 or so had been aired….but yes, Ashar was awesome in the novel (but he had the advantage of being imagined as Fawad Khan so huge bias there) and awesome on tv 🙂


    • @VZ: oh that’s an interesting question to ask.. I have read all novels of FI.. To me personally FK was perfect Asher.. Was bit disappointed when got to know AH will play Aabi.. But he was awesome.. MHMD never liked tht novel so it didn’t bother me who plays Haider.. But again AS was really nice.. N recently MZ is perfect Behroze what i always imagined ..


      • You know Rehmat, when they show the shot of Behroze walking away holding Roohi’s hand (in the DeD titles), he looks majestic – fits the part well. But I find his expressions are, how can I put it, quite limited? I was expecting a strong performance from him in Laa but that play was a disaster. He was ok in Subh ka Sitara, but personally Adeel was better there. Sorry to digress.

        It is to FK’s credit that he got us swooning at a not-very-strong character. But then he is very very talented and has tremendous screen presence 🙂


        • @VZ: Uff! MSKSH ki tau baat hi na karo!! WTH was that??? Gaye, machli, and what not! It actually inspired a really long rant against the depiction of women in our dramas :/

          I agree, MZ is not the best one we have out there, but he tends to do well when really pushed by a director. He might’ve had a very small role in SeZ but I thought he made quite an impression there.

          Laa was what Zidd has become now – take an excellent writer’s work, throw it in a blender with all kinds of colorful random bits and pieces, let it swirl around for a bit, and out comes something that is neither easy on the eyes nor easy on the stomach…


          • SZ, Subh ka sitara was such a disgrace – and it was a team of women who made that? Romaisa haunts me even now when I see chaddar may lipti mazloom girls being taken advantage of by their families (and these girls are dime-a-dozen these days!). Not a single woman was allowed to be sensible in that play!

            I agree about Mikaal in SeZ. The non-chalance with which he treated Falak, his equation with Tabinda was well-done. Sarmad Khoosat directed him well and got out a believable Salman out of him.

            I don’t watch Zid, the promos I see are enough to put me off. I liked your description of Laa, sad but true…ooh, that description makes me go all queasy…


            • @VZ: Re: MSKSH: I agree, and can say a lot in response your comment but raat gayi baat gayi; lets just take a moment and offer a silent prayer … I think that bechari departed serial needs a lot of duas to RIP .. 🙏


        • @VZ: oh acha… To me i find him quite similar to Behroze i read in novel.. So yea matter of imagination 🙂 haan MSKSH me both the character n actor were strictly ok.. Adeel’s Zeeshan was more realistic in nature n he played that brilliantly.. True about FK.. Actually i dont know why but FI heroes always make me think about FK.. Charming, romamtic, caring.. You name it.. N FK fits perectly for those but then baqi ache heroes ne kya bigara he 😉 tabhi i then started liking Adeel as Aabi..


  17. @VZ – Yikes, sorry! I’ll try to tone it down now. Imma just concentrate on the now from hereon…cuz ye intezaar bohat zyada hai 😥

    My mother tou already announced, “I can’t see this Osman guy as Wali at all!” She’s a big DeD novel fan. As for me, it’s really hard to imagine a Pakistani hero as FI’s novel’s hero. She writes them all in such glory, like straight out of a western contemporary romance. So it all really comes down to the portrayal. Like, Adnan Siddiqui would’ve never been my choice for Haider in Mere Humdum, Mere Dost. My exact reaction was o.O when I found out he was playing Haider. But I think he did a wonderful job in the show and really played the part convincingly. Similarly, I was a bit taken aback when Obi was attached to DeD, back when we didn’t know who was playing whom. Though when he posted his pic as Wali, I was like, “Okay, he looks good enough.” And when the promos released, it wasn’t hard to see him as Wali. So yeah..ultimately it just boils down to the presentation and the acting of the actor playing the role.


    • Oh, was Haider much different then? I thought it was one of Adnan Siddiqui’s best works – having seen him in doosri biwi plays all the time!

      Your comment about Farhat Ishtiaq’s heroes – I’ve heard so many others say it too, especially after Mataa-e-Jaan. I guess Aabi in the novel was very different…it’s never easy to portray a very loved novel character, isn’t it – so many expectations…One pair that worked for me was the lead pair in the movie Love Story – they matched my imagination and one of my favourite couples 🙂


      • Yeah, Adnan really played the role of Haider amazingly. MHMD is one of my fav novels, it’s my go-to book whenever I’m bored or something. I am just very fond of Haider and Adnan was never one of the actors I never really paid much attention to despite his works. Haider was part charm, part maturity, part angst, part fun; he was such a perfect man. So much of the story was really dependent on Haider and Aiman’s chemistry and relationship and the drama really did justice to that.

        MeJ’s novel I didn’t like that much so drama nahin dekha 😛 Though, I believe the most impossible to portray hero of FI on screen is Sikander from Jo Bache Hain Sang Samait Lo. Doubt that it would ever be dramatized but still…he was someone I could never imagine properly. FI has very less amount of realism when she writes her protagonists…Pakistani nahin lagte. More like mainstream Pakistani nahin lagte. They are the kind of people one reads and goes, “ye tou kitaabon mein hi hote hain” 😛


      • @VZ: Re: MeJ and Aabi, I think the worst thing that could’ve happened to that play (apart from the fact that the lead pair had zero chemistry) was that it aired a week after Humsafar, Ab as you can imagine expectations were sky high and everybody was looking for a HS deja vu. To make matters worse it was made public (FK confirmed it himself on JPJ) that FK had been offered Aabi’s character and eventually had to decline because of visa issues … so as you can imagine nothing AH ever said or did was ever gonna be good enough .. I dont think anybody couldve stood up to the Ashar/FK craze that was sweeping viewers at the time .. HS was an absolute phenomenon and I dont think MD/HUM realized the full extent of it till much later .. had MeJ been released later, it would’ve gotten a diff reaction. not a stupendous one like HS, but not the straight out bashing it got from viewers, I reviewed it weekly then and i know fully well about the comparisons that were being drawn for every scene and every dialogue.

        Re: Ashar and the diff b/w novel and play: To begin with Ashar was older by quite a bit in the novel. he was in his early/mid 30s and she was in her early 20s, he had two younger sister who were married and he was a workaholic dry kinda person, hence the constant references to boorha shohar, bore shohar, Also unlike the slow romance we saw in the serial, in the book the marriage was consummated as a duty, they had a relationship but a very matter of fact, stick to the basics.. none of this being friends with Sara or hanging out with her, giving him a somewhat softer edge. Also, the age diff explained his insecurities with Khizar so much more clearly. The fact that FK played Ashar with so much charm made everyone overlook issues like why she called him boorha, bore, or why he was insecure about his relationship with Khirad vis a vis Khizar. To put the whole thing in context, consider the fact that Faisal Q and Sanam B were initially being considered as a pair for Humsafar (FQ has said it many times that he was offered the Ashar character), as Ashar and Khirad, and from there you can well imagine how much difference an actor makes to the role and the right casting can make you overlook so many details…


        • SZ, thanks for all the info on MeJ – I watched it much much later and I wasn’t aware of all these comparisons with HS – unfair in my opinion, but I would say it was a poor strategy to telecast another FI novel so soon after HS, but whatever FI novel came after HS would’ve had the same plight I guess.

          I will wait for your MeJ throwback thread to write in detail about Aabi and co, but here are a few random thoughts: Adeel Husain was quite good and sold Aabi to me – he has this quiet charm about him and a lovely, soothing voice that went well with his character…and MJ even made him sing! 🙂

          Haniya was a mixed bag – in theory I think she is a great character, what she did was so touching and her whole equation with Hajra and Uzair was beautifully told and enacted in the play. But Sarwat and Adeel had such cold vibes – sorry don’t mean to extrapolate anything here, but their scenes together seemed really forced. Given how Haniya’s decision was the outcome of true affection, love and care Aabi gave her, their love story had to be strong and for me it wasn’t.

          Hina Bayat’s ashen face as Hajra and her love for Haniya and Aabi (“Aabi, Mama ki jaan!”) was beautifully portrayed.

          Re: Humsafar – thanks for the novel-related info – very interesting what/how they’ve changed! I was not at all happy with the way Sara’s character ended (these days we see this happening in so many plays right, left and centre without any of the writers/directors thinking about the consequences of such an end, khair that’s a separate topic altogether…)

          The casting info was interesting, didn’t know there was so much to HS! I must have been living under a rock. I can understand what a difference it makes to have FK playing Asher! It’s also a bit scary to think how much we are willing to forgive when the person making those mistakes has a beautiful face.

          PS – I will leave some comments re the Urdu book through the “contact us” section, not sure anyone else will be interested 🙂


  18. Hayeee much as I’m loving the drama it’s still not sitting in or maybe I’m just judging it too harshly when comparing it to the novel I loved the soundtrack which pushed me into reading the novel.
    Haaa the unspoken scenes between the lead makes the heart skip a beat or two I hope the can bring it into visuals


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