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Sans the OTT waterworks and a much welcome muted filminess this was the first time an episode of Diyar-e Dil really worked for me. Done with the hurried pace of story telling in the first three weeks, this one was a relatively mellow installment where we zoomed in to see the aftereffects of the jhat nikah and pat rukhsati on the two couples. They might’ve gotten married on the same day, but the two brothers’ lives are as different as can be. The palpable love and warmth that marks Behroze and Ruhi’s new life is markedly absent in Subaib and Arjumand’s cold and distant marriage. Money flows abundantly for the younger brother and his wife whereas the older sibling starts off his marital life worried about tending to ghum-e- rozgar. As dissimilar as their lives are, however, a closer look reveals that superficial differences aside, a big similarity that underlies both these marriages is the brothers’ troubled relationship with their father – Bakhtiyar Khan.

The patriarch is stern, khandani izzat and waqar are his be-all and end-all, but underlying all that bluster is a father’s heart, a warm loving heart that refuses to heed the dictates of the rational mind. The most moving scene of the episode had to be the one where Agha jan dreams of his now-estranged son; this was Abid Ali at his best, doing full justice to Farhat’s written word and Haseeb’s directorial vision.

The internal struggle between the patriarch and the father is further forefronted when Behroze comes home looking for forgiveness and acceptance. Relatively lower pitched as compared to the full-on-in-your-face filmi treatment given to earlier similar confrontations, I found this one to be an effective scene, but one that went on too long as we got multiple closeups of each characters’ expressions.

That said, kudos to Haseeb Hasan for getting the best out of his actors and making this moment come alive with the appropriate tension and drama. Abid Ali was fabulous in his flat out refusal to even entertain Behroze’s plea – not even a glimpse here of the distraught father we saw earlier – and matching him every step of the way were Sanam Saeed, Mikaal, Ali Rehman, Hareem Farooq, no mean feat when all they had to rely upon were their facial expressions and body language. The scene with Behroze dragging Ruhi behind him as he rushed to leave the suddenly claustrophobic haveli behind him was beautifully shot and an excellent cliffhanger on which to end the episode.

Before all this though, we had some lovely moments with Behroze and Ruhi as they sat up their own ghardari. These few scenes filled in a lot of blanks in terns of explaining these two characters. Away from the angry glare of her brother, Ruhi seems to glow from the inside out. I don’t know what it is but I have never seen Sanam look as lovely as she does here. For his part, Mikaal ain’t that bad either and its easy to see them as a couple in love. The bit about the entitled khan sahab unknowingly volunteering for maro-ing jharoo was a great insight into the kinds of adjustments this young man will have to make from hereon forwards.

For her part Ruhi, too has happily given up a relatively comfortable, to say nothing of secure, life to begin a new chapter with her lover. She is the perfect mate as she encourages Behroze to reconcile with his father and despite her trepidation she accompanies him to the haveli. Her greeting there, however, is sure to have left a bitter taste in her mouth. It will be interesting to see what, if any, impact such a zabardast  munh dikhai will have on the way Ruhi remembers her first visit to her susral.

As for the younger couple, the longing looks on Arjumand’s face, when she sees Behroze walk in, betray her lingering feelings for her bachpan ka mangetar. That momentary slip aside, I am enjoying the way Arjumand has decided to deal with this forced marriage. Unlike her filmi hero of a shohar sahab she is no roti dhoti heroine and has no qualms in calling out her wimpy hubby. Ab jab shaadi kar hi li hai tau nibhao … what is the point in all those thandi aahen and lambi saansen? For better or for worse they are a couple so might as well accept that reality and move on.

Now that she has more to do rather than merely shed tears Hareem is doing an excellent job as not-quite-as-seedhi-as-she-appeared Arjumand. Suhaib, though, definitely needs to borrow a bit of spunk from his wife. As for Ali Rehman, I’m sure he’s doing a good job as well, but I can’t stand the woe-is- me’ing and am waiting to see something more from his character.

Above and beyond all Diyar-e Dil is Farhat back to doing what she does best – creating recognizable characters and weaving them into relatable stories, the kind that highlight the importance of family, uphold the value of relationships, and illustrate both sides of love – destructive and invigorative. Haseeb does full justice to the beautiful script and its his understanding of the subtle nuances that makes for a great viewing experience.

DOP Zaib Rao does a fabulous job in giving a visual context to the story unfolding on screen. The shot from the window, looking down on Ruhi and Behroze, as she talked about feeling dwarfed by the magnificence of the surroundings, the panning of the length of the walkway as they made their metaphorical long walk to the haveli, the shot of Behrioze dragging Ruhi behind him as he walked away, the shots of their humble abode, all added much to the visual experience which is now becoming a hallmark of this serial.

Tying all these threads together is Osman Khalid Butt’s very effective voiceover. So often we do things in the present without thinking of the long term consequences; Behroze was not wrong in doing what he did, Suhaib was perhaps not to be faulted as well, Tajammul thought he was looking out for his sister’s best interests, and Agha jan was a product of his times – all acted as they deemed appropriate at that particular point in time. Wali’s reflections, however, serve as a stark reminder of consequences that none had stopped to think about … the burden of atonement is now on this young man’s shoulder … will he be able to succeed in bringing his family back together again?

Looking forward to the next installment!

Written by SZ~

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  1. SZ what can I say about this episode ,no words , it is a treat to watch , I am enjoying this drama . Intense scene between Agha Jaan and Behroze . ( reminds me of Amitji in KkkG.) Sanum expression were perfect . Rohi and Behroze conversation was very interesting ,while soheil and arjumand not much talking, what a contrast between two brothers ! SZ wonderful review. ( I was waiting for your review) And why the guard call Behroze KHAN. Is it the tradition ?


    • @Ranjan: The guard called Behroze Khan sahab because it is his last/family name … also it is a matter of respect ..he comes from the Khan clan so calling him by that name rather than his given name ..


  2. Loved the review SZ- and like Ranjan, I too was waiting and checking 🙂
    Loved the ep too! Specially the last 10 mins… As u said, the whole cast is doing so well but Abil Ali is just fabulous – even when he’s throwing his maafi-mangta-beta out the door.
    Sohaib is tryng to deal with this achanak shadi as is Arjumand, and for the time being it entails staying out of the room for as long as possible. Dont think that’s such a wimpy thing to do under the circumstances. Trying to act all husband-like would be too fake/rushed.
    And you’re so right about a lot riding upon Wali- family togetherness and more!


    • What a tease you are Afia – family togetherness and more? These little bits about Wali are adding to the build-up – given that Goya is all doom and gloom these days, really want to see OKB in this lighter play…can’t wait…


      • Hehe VZ, it was too good to pass. blame SZ.
        Lighter? Well … maybe if they make some changes from the book…but yes, compared to the dark tunnel that Goya is going into, this would be lighter. (waise here’s hoping Goya comes out of the tunnel fast).
        Kudos to you for trying to learn urdu! Are you learning how to speak or the script as well?


        • I said lighter because Farhat Ishtiaq’s writing is never so dark – there will be sad events but never completely hopeless situations. Goya is another victim of the channel’s greed…episodes 1-10 feel like a completely different drama compared to what came after the accident. Such a let-down…and I don’t see any hope for it, how much ever I am rooting for Mohini to get well, can’t see it happening… saying all this with dil pay pathar 😦

          Thank you 🙂 I am learning the script, learning to read. I feel I am missing out on so much because I can’t read. I am trying to read all the drama serial names as practice 🙂


    • @Afia: Yaar, weekday work schedules do not gel well with reviewing dramas in the middle of the day .. hence the delay – but then other hand now, with relatively warmer weather, weekends tend to get busy with other stuff so Im not sure what the ideal situation would be ..all I can do is apologize :/

      Re: Suhaib: Hahaha!!! Clearly TV channels have it right – mazloomiyat def works!!

      No but seriously in response to your and @VZ and @Atty’s comments: As I said above in my review I’m sure Suhaib is worth all the sympathy and more but I personally have an issue with such characters, be they male or female, and so be it a Mohini from Goya or a Suhaib from DeD I am hard pressed to find a soft corner for these ppl ..

      And Suhaib doesnt have to act all husbandly, but not finding the wherewithal to talk it out with his now-wife-but-once-a-friend Arjumand is hard for me to swallow. This hiding his head in the sand approach is not cutting it with me.

      Arjumand on the other hand, as @Atty rightly pointed out, is not over it as yet either, and I mentioned that in my review as well, and she’s def doing and saying provocative things to not only torture herself and her hubby, but also to provoke a response from Suhaib .. so yes, its not moving on as we commonly understand it, but the way I see it she is definitely trying to shake up things, something i appreciate so much more than the constantly sad expressions we see on Suhaib’s face …so yeah for now I’m not feeling his pain, but am glad you all are (I know Im hardhearted but what to do main aisi hi hoon :/), becharey ko kaafi emotional saharey ki zaroorat hai 😉


      • Plz don’t apologize SZ! You’ve spolied us rotten… you’re like the friend who keeps on inviting us over and over again but doesn’t expect an invitation back…


        • @afia: Arrey! Aisa tau kabhi socha hi nahin … hmmm …. now that you put it this way, I do feel very used …chalo ab bas agle review pe chai biscuit aur samosey tumhari taraf se .. and haan please ensure they are fresh and crispy!


          • ROFL I always enjoy the DeD thread more than the drama, and it sounds like even more fun with the tea party on the side!! Bass next week i have to join early before all the nashta pani is gone! lol..
            While u guys are at it,can i add in my safarish for some chicken patties on the menu pls!!!!! lol


            • party on in a few hours 🙂

              Waise have been reading remarks about DeD being filmy, melodramatic etc but I for one have not felt it in that way…I mean it seemed to blend in with the story, characters etc. Never struck me as over the top until I read all your opinions.


  3. SZ, glad that you enjoyed this mellower installment. I did too. You can probably see that from the length of this comment 🙂

    I find Agha Jaan’s two sons have inherited two different traits of his – Behroze has his head-strong gene and Sohaib is all heart.

    I really have a soft spot for Sohaib – Ali Rehman’s rabbit caught in the headlights expression is pitched right. The total sharmindgi, the inability to even think about Arju as his wife, the relief on his face when he saw Behroze, the sulks, the staying away from his room…well done.

    Behroze on the other hand is the practical, get on with life type – it helps that he is in a loving relationship with Roohi whereas Sohaib has no one to talk to. It was interesting to see that in the middle of all the practical side, Behroze longs for the affection and approval of his father, just like Agha Jaan. All the men in the family have this emotional side to them, some manifesting it more than others. I wonder what the dynamics of the relationship would be if there was a mother present…

    Hareem Farooq has got Arjumand down just right. Sanam looked very nice and her clothes just suit her role really well. The haveli is a character in itself for me – it is like a silent observer of all that is going on…

    On a completely irrelevant issue – I am getting on decently with the urdu lessons you kindly pointed me to – but not all the lessons seem to be available – not sure if I need to get a book to complete the lessons (not very clear from the website) – just wondering if you had a clue? Thanks so much.


    • @VZ: Loved your analysis of this episode – very nicely done!

      I agree, I too wondered about the absence of a central female figure in this haveli and the difference it would’ve made to the family dynamics that we see playing out now .. I was also wondering about the kind of relationship Agha jaan had with his wife .. it is very telling that he thinks back to the time when his children were younger but we’ve never once seen him reflecting on his time with his wife.. it would have been very interesting to have that insight into this man .. was he always this hard hearted or was this a trait he developed over time, as a way of protecting himself from further emotional heartache (that is of course if he did have an emotional bond with his wife to begin with).

      Your observation about the haveli, being a silent bystander to all the going ons, is spot on and reminded me of this Amy Grant song…


      • SZ, the amount of time and care you give to reply to all our comments is just amazing. Thanks!

        The song you mentioned – I haven’t heard it before – it’s apt. I am sure if the haveli could speak, it would tell us a thousand tales…khair, we’ll settle for Wali 🙂 At least so far this show is giving us things to talk about warna these days we are going through a drought of decent plays…

        Thanks for the Urdu book reference, will get it.


      • @VZ really enjoyed reading your analysis!
        I too think the haveli has a character of its own. And it’s not just the haveli, its the whole valley witnessing it! These ppl (the khans of this haveli) lead a very open/public life.. It’s as if the mountains, the river, the valley are watching on as the drama unfolds in their lives… we get a sense of public display here… and then there are more private events within the char divari/ private rooms, that are more intimate,.. Big round of applause to HH and the DOP for capturing that.
        My fav scene from this episode had to be the B & R leaving behind the stone walls.. the steely colour..
        Im loving the visual story being told here!
        Actually now, looking back at it, the OTT- filminess almost adds on to that public announcement..(no im still not sold on the ott filminess, only trying to justify it to myself lol )


        • Thank you FA 🙂

          The setting has such a big impact on this story isn’t it? That haveli is huge, yet, after Behroze refused the nikkah with Arjumand, it starts to feels claustrophobic for the people inside – no solace for any characters there…at least not yet… Contrast that to Behroz-Roohi’s small house – their own little world…

          I take the OTT filminess as part of the larger-than-life display of emotions the characters (Agha Jaan and sons) have – live big, love big, cry big, laugh big…whereas Roohi and her family are more restrained…


  4. Hi, SZ. I love your review! Specially the way you ended it. For the most part, although I am following the serial, the extravagant filminess has spoiled it for me. The intense emotional drama just would not let up…goes on and on. This episode has given me some hope for the future.

    As far as Arjumand/Suhaib story line is concerned – I found Arjumand’s harkatein a bit too much (seems right crazy at times with grief) but I wouldn’t object too much coz it seems like it’s her way of coming into her own in the wake of her messed up former life. I wouldn’t fault Suhaib, either – in this episode at least. I alternate between thinking of him as a weakling and a man too considerate for his own good. When he doesn’t stand up to his dad it seems as if he has no spine at all. But when he gives Arjumand the space she is determined to show she doesn’t need – I think it’s kinda sweet of him. Sometimes I feel really bad for him, too. But I wish he’d grow some backbone, just a little backbone, so that I could feel justified in my feelings for him. Lol.

    What I am waiting for is the time the new generation would come in. OKB is a wonderful narrator – his voice seems like that of sanity amongst the raging insanity of life in DeD – so I am really looking forward to watching him as Wali. But more than that, I am looking forward to seeing a more subdued everything in the coming episodes *fingers crossed*


    • @Nashra: Hey! Glad to have you here on board with this one, filminess ‘n all.. Seems like we are very much on the same page, and like you and I think many of us here I too think the OTT filminess has taken away somewhat from the very strong story line.. the scenes are so powerful, particularly those with Agha jan that there was no need to go heavy duty with the music, the closeups, the garajna barasna, the glycerine, but what to do :/ And yes, like you I too found some solace in this episode ke shayad ab kuch normalcy aajaye and the intensity can be dialed down a bit .. let’s see.. as they say umeed pe duniya qaim hai… so dekhte hain 🙂

      Re: Wali: LOL!! I love how Wali is being built up,… almost as a messiah jis ke aaney se sub mushkilein hal ho jayen gi .. I remember a lot of hype about ZGH as a whole but never so much about a single character .. I wonder how much pressure @OKB is feeling right now?!
      The way Wali related comments are reading on social media these days it sounds as if ke agar Wali doesnt come out right it would be almost as bad as Pakistan’s unceremonious exit from the World Cup or some such! #NoPressure #JustSaying 😉


      • Hahahah 😀 I hope that doesn’t happen! That’d be too terrible. I really loved Wali in the novella and the expectations were already quite high. Now that he is set to be the one who’d smooth over all the tempests, succeed where others failed and save the day…all I can say is, let’s have him our screens already! 😉


  5. SZ! wonderful analysis as always, except for Sohaib’s part. Come on yar! U r too harsh on him. Give him some time, Aap b Agha jan ki tarah jaldi na machayen… Shukr hai Afia aur VZ ney Sohaib ko defend kr k compensate kr dia, warna mera dil toot jata. Coz He is my favorite character in drama till now..
    About Arjumund, i think she has not moved on either.. Those constant reminders “me bv hun tmhari” were actually her way of torturing herself and Sohaib..
    And that showdown between father and son was still very filmy, and as Ranjan mentioned reminded me of K3G..


    • @Atty: Hello ji! Long time! Hope all’s well on your end 🙂

      Re: Suhaib: Arrey bhai dil pe mat le yaar! Dekh ab what to do .. meri wiring bohot faulty hai, and my needle is stuck on Suhaib .. so till I find a solid reason to move on tab tak I;ll be stuck there only.. so for all our sakes I really hope that he is able to reconcile himself to the present state of affairs pretty soon ..

      Re: filmi: I agree, that has been a hallmark of this seial so far and we have all been hoping and praying ke we move on from that phase .. this week was filmy too but, as I mentioned above, relatively less so it was easier to digest .. but I do hope ke at some point the drama will remember its a drama not a film and start behaving so ..

      Haan, you and @Ranjan are right, it felt very Bollywoodish but now that you guys mention the film I see why it had seemed so familiar ..


      • @SZ! everything fine. And i may not be commenting but i m continuously reading ur reviews.
        Yar may be i can relate to Sohaib, as my dad is like Agha jan.. Professionally, he wanted us all to be doctors and 4/5 silently gave in. One who stood up for his own choice was partly because he could not score enough marks to get into a medical school…
        In Personal life, he does not want any of us to get married out of “khandaan”.. And again i gave in silently. My bro is trying his luck for 2yrs but abi tak tau faeda nae hua…


        • @Atty: Aww! hugs yaar!! Ok, now I can totally understand why you would root for Suhaib … isn’t it sad how our elders sometimes get so stuck in their ways ke they cant see beyond their ego and see how their dictates are making their loved ones so unhappy. I hope ke all said and dome you are happy with how life has turned out for you and I hope your brother is able to find a happy solution to his issues as well …


          • SZ! janab ye tau waqai ziadti hai.. maine apni story sensationalize kr k btae tau apko mujhse sympathy feel hui, jb k Sohaib becharay ka record lga deti hain.. even though maine vohi kiya jo sohaib ney kiya..


            • @Atty: That is precisely the point! Like you there are many others, including myself, who have probably gone through various versions of forced upon decisions by parents and we all carry scars…

              I think what is being largely misunderstood by many is that it is not that I am not getting Suhaib or understanding his story, it is the way the story is being told is what is a huge turnoff for me. The OTT .filiminess is not having the desired effect on me ….if only he would stop crying and looking like the male version of the mazloom aurat I would have fewer issues with him… I fully agree he has been wronged and is a victim here as much as Arjumand is or actually all four are in various ways (and I have said that throughout) .. My problem lies with the way Suhaib is depicted .. the way things stand now I prefer Arjumand to him because she spoke up (even though she was turned down equally harshly) and ab bhi she is equally devastated as Suhaib is, but with her we get to see a more realistic range of emotions – anger, resentment, loathing and disgust – something which is as yet missing with Suhaib…


  6. Hi SZ

    Loved the drama and your review. I actually read the last paragraph 3 times 🙂
    I agree with almost everything you said except for Suhaib being a wimp :). Go easy on the poor guy, it’s not easy getting married to a woman whom you have always thought of and treated as your bhabi.

    It’s very natural that they need some time to act like a normal couple.


    • @ kiranpdp: Hey! Seems like we cross posted 🙂

      Chalo ji Suhaib ke corner mein ek aur well-wisher ka izafa … haye!! Now I feel very unloved and mazloom .. koi hai jo mere saath hamdardi kare? 😉

      No, but all kidding aside, thank you for reading and commenting .. glad we’re mostly on the same page .. re: Suhaib: I think these convos are great fun as we all share our viewpoints and again its really a tribute to the drama makers that we are so engaged and are able to argue our cases for and against a particular character with such conviction … definitely the mark of a very well written and well executed serial!


      • Agree 🙂
        The writer has done a fabulous job at creating all the characters. If you look at the story from their point of view, you can’t point anyone out as a bad guy.
        Up till this episode I had no sympathy for Behroz but the way he was treating Rohi and helping her clean up the house…I realized why he was so adamant on marrying her. The guy is head over heels in love 🙂 I understand his side of the story now.

        But I still feel sorry for Arjumand and Suhaib, I just hope they can find a way to make their marriage work and soon.


        • @kiranpdp: Absolutely, I think Farhat has dome a fabulous job of showing us each character’s motivations, hence nobody is black or white and its easy for us to identify and empathize with one thing or the other in each of the characters ..

          Re: Arjumand and Sohaib: Allah rehem karey ga un pe .. waisey fikar not, doesnt Wali’s voiceover reassure you ke jo bhi tha jaisa bhi tha the pair did reconcile to have two children together!


          • SZ after watching today’s episode, I am feeling sorry even for Wali ( the unborn child ). Things are getting from bad to worse at an alarming rate between Arjumand and Sohaib.

            So this one decision made by Agha Jaan and Behroz is gonna affect generations of this family 😦


  7. Ah here comes your savior SZ. 😉 I am so on the same page as u regarding this episode. BTW lovely review for a lovely episode. 🙂

    OK I shall not dwell on Suhaib at all as I have already stated my stance on him and it hasn’t changed an iota, in fact the episode just reinforced it.

    Loving the attitude of Behroze and Ruhi. Yes they have made their bed and must lay on it, but I like the matter of fact way and without much fuss, the way they r tackling their situation and coming up with solutions to their little mundane problems and taking everything in their stride. Also they have each other’s love and r each other’s support system. It’s never easy going against the flow and making your own path, but Behroze is doing exactly that. He knows he’s not wrong, but at the same time he is consumed by the thought of having hurt his father and wants forgiveness and repents his anger. He realizes this and with Ruhi’s encouragement decides to reconcile with Agha Jaan and apologize, thus redeeming both Ruhi and him, as many thought them to be too selfish.

    The last scene was superb. Not at all dramatic, which it could have easily turned out to be. All were bang on with their acting. Abid Ali has been impressive as Agha Jaan nd Mikaal has really surprised me with his portrayal of Behroze who is quite a layered character. And Sanam just by her silence presence and body language tells so much about the character and you could see Ruhi straightening herself and taking in the insults of Agha Jaan with bruised pride, when it seemed she wld burst out! Also when Agha Jaan was directly insulting Ruhi and indirectly insulting Behroze, d 2 of dem kept exchanging glances gauging each others reaction and being each other’s’ silent strength.

    BTW I couldn’t help but applaud Behroze for having his say with Agha Jaan, in spite of choking on his words, his voice cracking slightly and being assaulted by a volley of insults, he held on to his ground. Whereas no body else has dared to stand up to AJ, not even his own brother who meekly accepts whatever AJ says. Also u could see how domineering AJ is, when Behroze in frustration says ‘meri baat toh sun lijiye?’ So it’s next to impossible to even put your thinking across AJ, yet Behroze tried his level best to do so.


    • @Radiant: Thank you 🙂 Yes! High Five! Finally somebody on my side LOL!
      Yes, I too really enjoyed the glimpse into Behroze and Ruhi’s lives, away from the drama of the haveli and her brother’s house .. Also like you enjoyed the final scene, and thought everybody did really well, just wish it had been a tad shorter and had less music but oh well … as they if wishes were horses …


  8. Yes an excellent episode!!!
    Abid Ali is brilliant as Aghajan, all those things he said are pretty much what most people would. Rishtas are given through parents and families, so from his point of view he was correct but the fact he was forcing Behroze on his choice is also wrong , but poor Ruhi the way she was insulted I don’t think she will forget.
    It’s hard not to feel for either side here, the good and the bad in all of them , definitely the hallmarks of a strong scrupt!!
    I thought everyone’s dxpressions were brilliant!!
    SOhaib syill loves his brother even after what he had to sacrifice, he was even happy when he saw ruhi, I feel so bad for him
    But yes SZ u have a point, no point running around being mazloom now. He made s decision that he would not upset Aghajan so be a man and deal with it no, Arjumand told him to stop the wedding but he didn’t so what’s the point of him giving her the cold shoulder! She definitely has more guys than him!
    Anyway loving this drama, can’t wait for more!!


    • @SK: Agree, all that Agha jaan said made perfect sense, and infact that’s precisely the reason why Roohi’s brother had been against this rishta to begin with, but I guess when both adults stick to their view point and nobody is willing to compromise then I guess such scenarious are bound to happen .. I dont think Behroze was the kind to rebel .. he was coming home to tell his father abt Roohi and there he was handed the nikah news .. and then as things unfolded he kept getting pushed into a corner so its easy to see where his rebellion was coming from …

      And the strong script is indeed the hallmark of this serial so far, ke Farhat has really made each and every character very relatable and real (continuous waterworks notwithstanding)… ab lets see how long it takes the two brothers to get over this huge family drama and see how they settle back into their daily routines …


  9. “Unlike her filmi hero of a shohar sahab she is no roti dhoti heroine and has no qualms in calling out her wimpy hubby.”

    Seriously?! Could you be any less objective. Name calling a character just because you don’t agree with ( or for that matter try to understand) his personality. You are a gifted writer and I really enjoy this blog, in particular the sawal/jawab segment and alphabet soup. But character bashing is not cool.


    • @Tz; Thehro!! Hold on with the anda tamatars .. let me get my safety gear on first! @VZ: please send your raincoat ASAP! ☔

      All kidding aside, you are clearly a huge fan of Suhaib’s and I respect that ..and if you think Im not trying to understand the character than that’s your viewpoint and I respect that too .. you are totally entitled to your opinion as I am to mine… If you are a regular reader of the blog then I’m sure you’ve read the glass half full half empty story that I have cited millions of times …

      Re: your point about my being “any less objective” allow me to say that I have never claimed to be that at all! Just look at the tag line of my blog “”Our” Take…. ” as in My + Your=Our … as clear an indicator as can be that our discussions here are all as biased as can be ..biased as in its all what we honestly think of a particular ep or a story or a character. and each opinion has as much value as mine… and I think you only have to look at our discussions just on DeD and you will find multitudes of opinions .. all equally valid and well taken …

      Also, to make a point about objective vs biased writing .. I firmly believe there is no such thing as objective writing. Even if I was to write a no-frills summary of the episode, without adding in what I think, it would still be biased in terms of what resonated with me so much so that I chose to mention it ..and it holds true for whatever we write, no matter the subject. Just the fact that we pick a particular topic to write on, selecting it from 1000s of others is an indication of our natural inclination or bias to that subject … so yes I dont claim to be biased, but I do think I am honest in my take, as in my what I like and dont like … Suhaib does not appeal to me at the moment, but this is not to say that I am foreclosing the possibility of ever warming up to him .. I didnt care for Arjumand in the first three episodes, but this one she won me over ..

      All that said, I am glad to hear from another silent reader ..I might not care for Suhaib but LOL definitely thankful to him ke us ki wajah se you felt compelled enough to write – ab I hope that we will continue hearing more from you, and if you enjoy certain posts why don’t you join us there.. trust me much more fun, anday tamatars ‘n all 😉


      • SZ, raincoat hazir hai…

        Dekhein dekhein – just a few words on Sohaib and all the talwars are out, wonder what will happen if you end up na-khush with anything Wali has to do or say in the drama… 🙂


        • @VZ: Thank you! Hahaha!! Us ke liye tau even an armor would not suffice 😉

          All kidding aside, as we’ve discussed before, I love how passionate people are about these characters; not only makes for great discussions but also offers us a chance to look more closely at the very high cost we pay as individuals to ensure the perpetuation and preservation of our cultural values .. I would love to see what everybody thinks about Agha jaan’s decisions from this angle .. all his actions are designed to uphold khandani izzat, his name and his word … but is all this really worth the high price he makes his children pay?


          • No at all the worth.. There are many ways to show unacceptance but this was all in all unfair to Suhaib.. He paid the most according to me n Arjumand too ofcourse


          • @SZ re Aghajan : I doubt that there is anyone who would say its all worth it.. but what we are seeing here is that he is also paying the price…


  10. Joining in quite late but sharing views over here is always fun thing to do.. Wah SZ behn app hamesha ki tarah cha gayeen… Love your review Yaar 🙂

    I agree the last scene was scene of the episode.. Though Abid Ali stretches quite few words when he plays angry agha jaan but that too look really impactful and those khoonkahar ankhen he shows to Behroze.. Ye tou behroze aur Roohi ki himmat thi k sah gayee.. Nhn tou koi Sohaib jaisa hota tou Manzar kuch aur hota .. LOL.. Jokes apart.. But for me SS n MZ facial expresssions n body language were just pitch perfecr.. I am really enjoying this dark chemistry between Agha Jaan and Behroze.. That dream sequence though it moved me but also left me confused.. Dream me behroze is saying k Suhaib is making Agha Jaan’s sketch.. Tou wasnt that memory related to Suhaib not regarding Behroze ? Or i am missing the underlaid meaning?

    Roohi Behroze make such a lovely couple.. Depiction is exact same as it was in novel .. It was like whatever i visualized in my mind, it translated on screen.. They both showed how nice they are.. Though mouqa nhn mila apni niceness show karne ka.. But it will be interesting to see their progression.. Where as Suhaib/Arjumand they are boring to be honest…enough to see rote dhote ppl.. Just a bit to share from novel.. arjumand name was Aamina in novel.. N no light was shown on her character so in a way its good we are getting more about these two.. Hope this meldrama tones down then i can equally enjoy both couples 🙂

    Aur Wali ki narration ki kya tou baat he.. This man has already won my heart in novel .. Yahan per bhi inki narrations have done magic 😉


        • I would second what Rehmat says – I think the original Agha Jaan was in Peshawar whereas the drama Agha Jaan has moved, so some updates to names I guess – as long as Wali is Wali, no one will complain 😉


    • @rehmat re the dream sequence: like @VZ i too think it was him recalling the past. Earlier we saw Aghajan’s human side waiting for Behroze to turn up and once again we get to see that soft side of him when it comes to Sohaib. For me it was a reminder that behind the bara khan persona at the big wedding, Agha jan is also a father of two sons at heart.. He feels for both of them.. After the big show off of a wedding, in privacy he connects with himself.. He knows all too well what he has lost at the sake of upholding the khandani izzat, namoos and waqar…


  11. Rehmat – I think that was Agha Jaan reminiscing about Behroz and Sohaib when they were children and not really his dream…and I think Agha Jaan has a guilty feeling about the whole Sohaib-Arjumand wedding thing and he was actually thinking about how much he means to Sohaib.

    I felt in a way it was Agha Jaan’s guilty feeling about forcing Sohaib that made him lash out against Behroz – of course he was angry with Behroz – but more than being angry at him, Agha Jaan held him responsible (indirectly perhaps) and held himself responsible too for Sohaib’s forced shaadi. Not sure if I am making sense here…

    I wonder if we’ll see Agha Jaan repent his decision seeing how unhappy Sohaib and Arjumand are and how Sohaib struggles to give Arjumand her rights as a wife. Sorry for the cliched reference, but a bit like in Humsafar when Ashar’s dad wonders if him forcing Asher-Khirad shaadi was a bad decision…


    • @VZ: Ahaan.. That indeed makes sense and if thats the case then Agha Jaan wins brownie point from me.. Atleast he is not thinking only about Behroze and is equally inclined towards Suhaib as well.. Because i always had this preconcieved notion that Agha Jaan was/is more biased towards Behroze.


  12. Although I havent read the novella, from what Im hearing, Im glad we r seeing more of the back story here.. something OKB said, Wali reacts differently to various characters Arjumand, roohi etc.. it made me wonder how these characters will evolve with time.. If one of these ends up becoming another Agha jan??
    After Agha jan, I am enjoying Arjumand’s character the most. How she is trying to come to terms with this situation.. Like @Atty and @SZ pointed out she is torturing herself and Sohaib and provoking a response at the same time..
    Interesting to see how all these different characters are coping differently, in their own ways. Well done Farhat for exploring various aspects of human nature! Aghajan whose ego and values are bigger than everything, even himself.. then we have Behroze the go-getter, roohi the go along-er, Sohaib the giving-up one, Arjumand ithe giving-in one with her I-couldnt-stop-it-but-ill-make-you &me -suffer-because-you-couldnt- stop-it appraoch ….
    oh btw great to have a laila-free episode! lol


  13. I really enjoyed this episode. I found the Behroze-Agha jan confrontation a bit filmy and over-the-top, but it helped to highlight an aspect of these types stories that usually gets short shrift: the impact that the decision to marry for love/choice has on your family, on your spouse’s family, and on your bond with both.

    Agha jan is the show’s most compelling character so far. His views on marriage seem a bit outdated for a family where everyone wears Burberry to dinner, but I guess it’s just another case of ghairat being of utmost importance. His reaction to Behroze and Ruhi felt totally credible though. He doesn’t wonder how his son could fall in love, only how his son could put love of one woman over love for his whole family. Behroze doesn’t regret his decision either, but it’s also obvious he never considered he’d be permanently estranged from his family. As for Ruhi, she sees only Agha jan’s cruelty, but he’s not entirely wrong when he suggests her family can’t be all that great if they’re willing to give her in marriage to an almost total stranger with apparently no family of his own. Of course he doesn’t know that Ruhi’s family was supremely unwilling to do this at first.

    As viewers, whose side are we meant to be on? Are we meant to favor the romantic ideal of Behroze and Ruhi or the dutiful ideal of Suhaib and Arjumand? Do you think it’s deliberate that–for all their reluctance to be together–Suhaib and Arjumand actually make a better couple?


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