Diyar-e Dil ~ Episode 3 Review

DeD coverEven as this latest episode was a study in contrasts – the funereal atmosphere at Suhaib and Arjumand shaadi juxtaposed against the palpable sense of joy at Behroze and Ruhina’s wedding – what stood out for me was the similarity in the expectations and approach of the older generation.

Ostensibly Agha jan and Tajammul have nothing in common, but a closer look reveals many similarities. Both pushed as hard as they could, hoping and wishing their threats to disown would work, but cut through all the blubber and you see the immense affection they have for their younger charges. Their love is unquestionable but its the way the elders chose to show their love that has the younger generation protesting. Had there been an attempt from either Agha jan or Tajjamul to reason and deliberate, things might have turned out differently, but the my-way-or-the-highway approach has hackles rising.

For their part, Behroze and Ruhina held their ground. Suhaib and Arjumand, on the other hand, could not find the wherewithal to stand up to their elders. Despite their hearts not being in it, they gave in to familial pressure and went ahead and signed the nikah papers. Had the elders been more accommodating and less stubborn would things have turned out differently? Is Behroze wrong or is Suhaib right? 

Farhat Ishtiaq and Haseeb Hasan’s Diyar-e Dil is an exploration of all that goes in the realm of the heart, where logic and rationale are secondary to that which emotions rule as right. Both brothers are following the dictates of their heart, the difference lies in what they hold more important – for Behroze it is the right to live life on his terms, for Suhaib, family and traditions trump everything else.

What is lost in this story of preserving patriarchal honor and valuing traditions is the voice of the individual. Behroze protested for his right to choose but was summarily dismissed, which gave rise to his rebellion. Suhaib’s admittedly weak pleas fell on deaf ears. Arjumand protested as best as she could but ultimately the will of her elders prevailed, even her protests to Suhaib fell on deaf ears. Ruhina, too, though she may seem as guilty as Behroze, in many ways is as much a victim of circumstances. From the minute Behroze announced he had left all for her, she has found herself pulled in two different directions. Her brother’s intransigence pushing all the wrong buttons for her entitled lover.

For her part, writer Farhat gets full marks for essaying the various facets of human nature, and as a director Haseeb does complete justice to her writing, where we see discernible shades of grey in every character. Even Agha jan, the most iron-willed of them all has a softer side. That said, I have to say this full on melodramatic approach is not cutting it for me. At a time when even movies are moving towards subtlety and nuance, this choice to return to circa ’70’s Lollywood, complete with loud music, is incomprehensible.

As an episode this was as predictable as they come, we knew from last week where the story was headed so there were no real surprises in all that unfolded here. What did surprise me was the relatively slower pace of the narrative and the long scenes. Behroze and Ruhi’s scenes though insightful in terms of Behroze’s khuddar nature were devoid of any chemistry and that hug was as awkward as can be. The final sequence with Mikaal and Sanam in white laying in bed, brought up way too many unflattering comparisons with the iconic Ashar-Khirad and Zaroon-Kashaf scenes. Given that they had only known each other for the length of one car journey Laila and Suhaib’s emotional farewell scene left me totally bewildered.

What did make a strong impression was Abid Ali’s performance as a despot with a heart. In a character that could easily come across as one note, Haseeb and Abid bring us many layers. He may appear unfeeling and callous and expect other’s to unquestioningly comply with his wishes, but underneath it all he’s also a father. That scene where Agha jan waited for his ladla bara beta to return was beautifully done.

Among the younger lot, Hareem is doing well as Arjumand, a dutiful daughter but with a mind of her own. Ali Rehman’s Suhaib is a softer, easily pliable man, and while I can understand the character I find the filmi emotional atyachar approach a bit too in your face. Given their contrasting personalities I am interested to see how this pair evolves as a couple. Sanam and Mikaal are good individually, but as a pair they lack the sizzle that one would expect from their characters.

The precap promises a more happening installment next week so am looking forward to what happens next…

Written by SZ~

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  1. Shukriya for another great review. Completely agree SZ.
    Abid Ali was fabulous. Yahan tak ke even my I-like-to-have-opposing-opinions-to-mom teenager surprised me by declaring that she loves Agha Jaan! Aur yahan I thought she’d hate the character for controling the loves of his kids.


  2. SZ, enjoyed reading your take on this instalment. Abid Ali was outstanding. Hareem Farooq’s take on Arjumand was good as well. Farhat Ishtiaq’s girls have this strength of character and Hareem did do justice to portraying that.

    To me, the weakest link is Behroz-Roohi as a couple. I just find them boring. On the other hand, I would like to find out what happens to Sohaib-Arjumand. I am glad Laila is out of the way, that whole Sohaib-Laila track felt a bit forced to be honest.

    I hear you on the whole melodrama approach, may be we’ll see things getting toned down as we go along. I can’t see Wali (or rather OKB) going all out melo – I strongly believe we’ll see subtlety and nuance 🙂


    • @VZ: From your lips to DeD gods’ ears … I too am holding on to the hope that as the gen next comes into play we’ll see less of the melo and more of the drama… fingers crossed!

      Re: Behroze and Ruhi: I think @Radiant has hit the nail on the head . .where we’ve seen so much of Suhaib and Arjumand, and therefore feel for them, we’ve not really seen much of Behroze and Ruhi at all … we have no clue how they were before this stress, jab ke we’d been privy to Suhaib’s happy go lucky nature and Arjumand’s shy adoration from afar for Behroze before they were told of the nikaah .. jab ke Behroze was greeted at home with the nikah news when actually he had come home to tell his fathre abt Ruhi .. its almost as if we’re being presented B/R’s characters as being the bad guys as it were … for me they are the more intriguing of the two pairs, maybe because I am interested in knowing more abt them, whereas Suhaib and Arjumand have been pretty well explained by now .. lets see where they all go from here …


      • SZ, thanks for replying. Re: more vs less of Sohaib-Arj vs Beh-roohi, I beg to differ.

        I see the point you make about portraying B-R as bad, but to me they are just boring. There is no chemistry between them (just my view). Even if their history was shown, I doubt they have the spark in the first place for their romance to make an impact.

        I’ve had the same issue with couples like Ibaad-Haniya of MeJ, who had loads of screen time together but whose chemistry was non-existent. Whereas in a play like Daam, Junaid-Zara had very few scenes together, but the chemistry was palpable.


  3. @SZ I am back 🙂 I have to admit though the speed at which I got on to the DeD sawari was due to OKB’s sawaal jawab so all credit to him and of course you. Since I am new to DeD let me start by saying I love the cinematography..and I miss home 😦

    I had loved the OST earlier but it was used quite effectively during the episodes. I have seen a few performances by Mikail (how can I forget SJ’s rona dhona play) as well as a bit of Laa and it looks like Behroz is the perfect role for him to show his skills..he has improved as an actor and I am liking the portrayal of Behroze as much as i did that ‘subah-sitara-god-knows-what’ play.

    Abid Ali was fabtastic especially like you pointed out in the scene when he is waiting for Behroze as well as walking down the corridor. Very nicely acted moments and captured beautifully on the screen. I like the pace of the drama, there are enough out there that need to get over asap!

    I haven;t found anything nice in Ruhina’s character so far. If I may say so, i thought SS hasn’t done as good a job (yet) as i think she is capable of. The scene with her bhai looked too ott and not natural. And what was that hug about? Of late there is too much of bed scenes and I admit, Kashaf & Zaroon have spoilt it for me…and oh yeah Asher & Khirad too 😉 I also have never liked Hareem too much in the past but I like her subdued performance and could actually feel for her.

    I am liking the younger brother. Such a contrast in personalities and quite fabulously portrayed so far. Everything looks good and I hope the play doesn’t drag on for me to lose interest because that will be quite disappointing.

    Looks like I will follow this one. Shukriya once again.


    • @AK: Welcome aboard ji – chalo OKB ke sawal jawab ka aur kuch nahin tau ye faida tau hua ke they got one more viewer for the serial 🙂

      Re: Sanam and the OTT scenes: I’m sure you’ve already noticed ke so far yahan kuch bhi subtle nahin hai …If Ruhi’s scene with her brother was OTT tau Suhaib holding his brother by the arm and crying buckets at the darwaza was pretty out there as well.. so I guess most of us have taken the filmi-ness and heightened emo-drama as a given for now and hoping ke it tames down some … warna at least mere liye tau follow karna mushkil ho jayega .. And not to defend Sanam or anybody else but I do think, as I just responded to @VZ above, that to be fair to her and Mikaal we really havent seen much of them at all .. I thought she was really good in that scene in the first ep with her brother when she goes to tel him abt Behroze and Mikaal was really good when he just stood there while his father ranted ..but then the two post-wedding sequences were particularly blah… and for that I would say they were just awkwardly filmed and edited … remember the wedding night scene in ZGh and the finale scene where K wakes up to find Z in her bed, and how much more effective they were.. But all that said, its only the third ep and 27+ more to go .. so a looooong way yet to go!!!


      • Haha yeah kaun bhool sakta hai un scenes ko! Tabhi tu yeh hazam nahin huwe 😜

        The scene i was refering to was Ruhina with her brother when Behroze was there. I actually liked the earlier one where she approaches bhai to talk about Behroze. Having 2 older brothers myself, i had nothing but admiration for it. 😊

        Having read other comments, looks like we have another Wali who is going to win us over 😁😁 Looking forward to that track.

        P.S. Missed the blog… Had even forgotten my password that’s how long its been 😁


      • Re OTT-ness : for me that’s watching in repeat mode of mein kaise jionga / hum kaise jienge / tum kaise jio ge/ mein kaise jion gi… and then the pick of the lot : mukhtasir muhabbat…
        re the bedroom scenes : I have to agree no zing there at all.. Totally with u @SZ abt HS and ZGH & how those scenes were so intense.. but then theres the FK factor.. He can romance a pole remember!!! lol .. There were more fireworks between wali and mj in Numm than there were sparks here..
        Having said that so far I haven’t watched OKB romance (like seriously romance – FK style).. So a huge challenge for OKB.. (im going by all the comments that there’s alot of romance in the story…)


        • @FA hello hello. Kiya haal? Finally koi tu FK supporter aaya 😉 Jo maza FK kay scenes mein hai woh aur kisi main kahan? 😉 Look forward to more “zing”. I found the hug awkward as well. The promos promose more chemistry so keeing fingers crossed. But in my mind FK has spoilt it for me 😜


  4. I liked how they showed the contrast between the marriage of the 2 brothers. Everything is just the opposite and even the drama involved. One so melodramatic, with tears and shouting galore and then of course the fainting and all and on the other hand the very sedate, underplayed marriage where even d dramatic parts have been considerably toned down.

    BTW IMO the Suhaib-Arjumand angle has been developed very well. From the first episode itself right from the easy banter of the bhabi-devar, to the childhood flashback of the brothers and Arjumand to Suhaib’s meeting Laila and his feelings for her to his obligation in accepting to marry Arjumand to Arjumand’s revulsion at marrying Suhaib and everything in between has been taken care of very well. Whereas the Ruhi-Behroze angle has not been that well shown. Without even showing them together once even as flashback, we were shown both being rebellious and outspoken to elders in order to marry one another and then Behroze meeting her and putting forward his intentions of marrying her to the brother and the with a lot of apprehensions from the brother’s side the Nikaah taking place. That’s aboit it! Their story has just not been focused upon. Anyways the scenes of B-R were cute. Nothing OTT or anything as such, just a sedate, understated romantic moment between the two, with a moment of regret/ guilt and a moment of practical considerations for their uncertain future thrown in for good measure.

    Also I am going against the flow, but I am still not sold on Suhaib. OK fine he’s a gr8 son, making huge sacrifices for the love of his father at the expense of his, Laila’s and Arjumand’s life coz he’s no Behroze, but then at least try to live with that instead of cribbing about only seeing darkness in his future and never being happy again! But having said that my heart really goes out to Arjumand as it’s a double humiliation for her, being rejected by Behroze and then being forcibly married to Suhaib and I did feel bad for Suhaib in their scene together too.


    • @Radiant: I think you make an excellent point as far as comparing the screen time that the four characters have had, and pointing out that we have seen far less of the Behroze Ruhi couple as compared to Suhaib and Arjumand .. lets see if that changes now that we are over the initial frenzy of shaadi haan and shaadi na …

      LOL no you have me in your corner 🙂 I too like the B/R couple maybe a bit more because though I understand where Suhaib is coming from I can’t relate to his martyrdom .. had he been played a bit more subtly I would’ve gotten him totally but for now he’s a no go for me .. but then I do like Arjumand and wish that she was marrying a more assertive man.. so itll be intersting to see how they get along together as a couple, because for all her sweetness, I think Arrjumand has more of a spine than her hubby dearest does…


      • Oh yeah I am totally allergic to the so-called martyrdom and guess that’s why the very thought of watching Indian soaps put me off! LOL Arjumand at least shows some spunk and makes an attempt however feeble, to stand up against the dictatorial farmaans and subtle emotional blackmailing of Agha Jaan. 😉

        Also couldn’t help but notice the irony of it all. Agha Jaan ordering the womenfolk to deck Arjumand in all the finery for the wedding and making the wedding a grand affair, but only thing lacking were the free wills of the bride and bridegroom and on the other hand Behroze lamenting that he could not arrange a dream wedding for Ruhi with the finest bridal wear and ornaments and yet the happiness evident in both of them. Let’s see how long this status quo remains.


  5. Great review as always.. I too loved the contrast between both the couples and thank you for mentioning the similarity in behavior of older generation.. Totally agree with you.. As much as they love their son/sister.. Their ego dosent allow them to see beyond.. Abid Ali was excellent specially in the scene you pointed.. V.touching and heart warming plus the OST make the scenes more effective..

    In terms of these two couples.. I wanted to know more about Roohi.. We had a tid bit of Arjumand, Behroze and Suhaib.. But roohi ka just saw two scenes before marriage and that doesn’t shows some clear picture of her personality.. Atleast to me.. Just got to know she loved her nephew.. Not k they should have shown every detail but some more light on her characteristics.. Wedding sequences were just awesome.. A great reflection of what ‘opposites’ are.. Mikal and Sanam have become so better after their Ek Kasak reh Gayee.. I found them v.nice.. Its just the hug was so forceful as ek dum se yaad aya ho k aray hug bhi karna tha.. Oh cmon..that was funny actually.. bed scene was indeed a dejavu.. Specially it reminded of ZGH..

    Hareem as Arjumand was fantastic.. The scene where she is literally screaming not to get married.. No matter how melodramatic it was..she acted her part really well.. One could feel for her.. Suhaib n Laila.. Tauba I thought their mukhtasir love story was ended last week.. but chlo is hafte qissa muk muka gaya.. Ali portrayed Suhaib with such bechargi.. What I found so amazing is nobody is right and nobody is wrong… Its matter of making choices at right time or wrong time and how we react to those.. So where I understand Suhaib’s dilemma..i feel for Behroze too.. All in all quite happy with the pace.. Bus is tarah Wali ki narration sunne ko milti rahe tou maza doo-bala hojaye 😉


    • @Rehmat: You know this has never happened before, but such anticipation fpr one character – kiya hoga if I don’t like Wali and dare say bad things about him …mujhe lagta hai ke phir tau tum aur @Afia mil kar meri pitaee karoge .. perhaps I should plan my long overdue vacation around that time .. kiya khyal 😉

      LOL @remembering the hug .. yes, what was that?? Totally random! Ashar and Khirad held hands twice, maybe thrice in the whole serial and their chemistry was sizzling hot .. Zaroon and Kashaf OD-ed on holding hands but even they didnt have to hug to prove their passion for each other .. I have nothing against hugging, but at least make it not so awkward and weird!


      • So SZ you have also not read novel? I feel like I have missed out lol, all I’m hearing is Wali wali wali lol
        Yeh jab Ayega?!? Afia and rehmat have built him up so much we don’t dare say anything lol


        • @SK nh nh don’t do that.. Ab it’s like itna build up karlya he agr aisa na nikla tou.. Blog pe kaise aaongi 😉


      • @SZ: and what if we have to plan something to avoid your pitaie k itna wali wali kya.. Aur nikla ye 😉 but seriously man i so agree with you the passion which Asher-khird shared without even hugging at once was classic.. (though i so wanted them to hug in hospital scene) but yes that was random thing ever


    • @Rehmat I had forgotten about Roohi/ nephew scene.. To be honest what more could we find out about Roohi.. It was established that she cares about her family and that she had fallen in love with Behroze… Thats all that matters to the story… right? I’d rather that they didnt waste time on showing B/R romancing in university etc.
      ROFL @ qissa hi mukk gya.. i think secretly i didnt want to see more of B/R because that might have meant seeing more of Laila and sohaib too.. lol


      • @FA: it was only established that.. Like Haveli me tou v could see hareem ki feelings uski apni zabani, her flashbacks, her thought process in a way… And both brothers had their fair share of showing what their nature is or how do they think or react.. But yahan ka roohi ka first scene we saw talking to her brother about behroze n next morning dinning table scene.. I don’t want flasbacks of B/R uni romance but just what roohi thinks.. Or may be im getting impatient LOL.. they might show her character more properly in upcoming episodes 😀

        Hehe uff L/S track was lamest thing seriously. Hadd hai bhaye..


  6. I completely disagree on one point and that is chemistry between Meekal and sanam, In my opinion they have a sizzling chemistry. They are looking amazing together. Sanam is the only actress we have who can pull off romantic scenes so gracefully without looking cheap. She captures you like an octopus. For the first time i am loving Meekal’s acting, i am really looking forward to their scenes together in up coming episodes.


    • @UM: Hey! Pehley tau can you please clarify if you are our old friend UM? Aga aap nayi UM hain tau then welcome aboard, we hope you will continue joining in our discussions ..

      Re: Sanam and Mikaal’s pairing, if you’ve read my last 2 reviews then you know I like them as a pair and actually think they are both doing a good job here .. what didn’t work for me was the post wedding scenes . .which for me were just plain awkward and this, as Ive said before has a lost to do with the way the scenes were shot and edited .. but again, thats just my opinion .. as is clear from these comments we all are reading the characters variously and liking and disliking various things which actually is a good sign in that we are feeling so passionately abt these characters already – and its only the 3rd ep – not bad!


  7. Thank you 🙂 Ah I agree about Abid Ali he stood out.I am glad Farhat has written Behroze-Rohi Suhaib-Arjumand story in detailunlike her novel;I am looking forward to see how these couples would evolve.Hareem i am surprised ;she was too good here;I felt the pace was slow;they could have showed the nikah and all in first half;that Arjuman rona dhona went on and on I just mean they could edited it tighter.otherwise a good episode with OKB’s voice in background.:)


    • @Ruba; Seems like we’re on the same page wit this ep 🙂 And re: OKB’s voiceover: Haha! Lagta hai kuch log kaafi intezar kar rahe hain 😉


  8. SZ . Was very good episode , two marriages so differently done ,it’s show their personality. Abid ali is the best , when aga jaan is waiting for Behroze that scene was so touching. How Arjumand and suhaib will do as a couple?
    This weekend I was watching indian movie “Listen Amaya” and I was thinking about you that I wish I could discuss with you . Sorry for the side track . Thanks


    • @Ranjan: Hello! Glad you’re enjoying this one 🙂 Re: Arjumand and Suhaib: I guess we’ll see over the next few weeks as to how they’ll do as a couple – lets wait and see…

      Thank you for thinking of me when you were watching that film .. I haven’t seen it as yet .. will add it to my to-watch list 🙂


  9. Great review SZ, you definitely have that knack of not missing anything, always fun to read!!!
    Also loved the contrast of the two weddings!
    Enjoting the screenplay and nuanced characters. Probably felt bad for each one of them, even Agha jan! Abid ali was brilliant in the scene all have mentioned!
    Enjoyed everyone else’s acting too
    I really don’t know how Arjumand and suhaib will get past this
    It’s so reminiscent of MSKSH -Awkward with a big fat capital A!!!
    Can’t believe how Aghajaan did this to them, kinda sad that it’s alwats sbout what people will say, when will leave that mentality behind and slso the fact that childhood engagements shouldn’t be shoved into the kids, Im pretty sure it must be less common now , but that is just horrible that you can’t say no without being the black sheep !!!
    Poor Arjumand, the fact that somehow her life is now ruined coz her fiancé ditched her. I hate culture!!!
    Anyways rant over, so when is Wali coming?!?


    • @SK: So fab to see our regular convos, which had become so very irregular in the past year or so, back on track, and reading everybody’s individual take is always so much fun 🙂

      Re: Arjumand and Suhaib: LOL! Yaar, they might not be lovers, the till death do us part kind, but they’ll be ok .. they have to be – warna Wali kahan se aayega!!

      LOL! I have read the novel, a long time ago but I’m not as gaga as these two ladies are .. and just so that you know the novel doesnt have all this stuff that we are seeing now .. most of this was referred to in the flashback mode or in passing .. so this is all new ..

      Re: Wali kab ayega: I think he should come soonish warna @Afia ka tau haal kharaab ho jayega … did you read on the OKB thread where she was ready to throw Ashar off the pedestal and replace him with Wali!!! Taubah taubah yeh zamana bhi dekhna tha .. tsk tsk !!! 😉


      • Yaar I’m a sucker for romance hence the pagalpan but yeah, you all might be badly disappointed. For one, the novel was short and sweet and drama much much longer. so we really need some good people working at it to keep the intrigue alive. Aur Ashar was iconic , but he had the good fortune of having zero expectations attached with him- atleast from me. But Wali ka toh mujhe idea hai ab (no pressure OKB :|).
        Aur SZ, don’t worry about patilay hurled at you, if you say a word against Wali- I’ll just stop reading the reviews 😉


        • @SK: Haina! Exactly my point! Waisey I have no clue I’m fighting Ashar’s case ’cause way back when I had called a big clueless tool LOL!!!


  10. Read so many comments on the hug, so giving my 2 cents. LOL. I found the hug cute. As far as the awkwardness goes, I suppose it was meant to be that way. The awkwardness wasn’t between the couple as such, as much as the situation they were in. As soon as Behroze enters he notices Ruhi sitting on d edge uncomfortably and then itself he asks her why she was sitting there? Guess Ruhi did feel it awkward that they had to start their marriage life in such a manner at someone else’s house. And Behroze too was regretful as he hadn’t exactly envisaged his wedding with Ruhi is such a stark manner. Guess the hug was to break the ice.


    • @Radiant: you are so cute and I love your explanation .. but can’t buy into it – haha! It was just the way they were sitting and talking and ek dum se, like @Rehmat said, it was as if somebody remembered oh they need to hug. It was very clunky, like middle school kids hugging, very awkward ..but again maybe thats my gora side speaking up .. chalo dekhtey hain aagey kiya hota hai


      • Hahaha…i better quit when the going is good 😉 But no seriously I hadn’t given too much thought to the hug, guess that’s my Indian side speaking up, knowing what not goes on in Indian soaps in d name of romance and intimacy, so the hug hadn’t registered otherwise, and now when so reading so many comments on it, it got me thinking and I just interpreted my way. LOL


        • Haha!! Arrey nahin bhai .. ab that you’re here you’ll see we nitpick over details and pulling each other’s leg and for the moment @Afia and @Rehmat are being teased big time for their Wali infatuation 😉 Are you also getting ready to join them and sigh over @OKB when Wali makes his formal entry?


  11. @Afia and @Rehmat: LOL! thanks to your Wali Wali refrain I’m already hating the character. Yaani ke had hoti hai … sahab aaye bhi nahin and people are throwing Ashar off the pedestal and talking about quitting saalon purani dosti … much as I am waiting for @OKB here magar …. #tsktsk #dostdostnaraha #bewafazamana 😱😢


  12. I have to admit I feel like the odd one out here.. I’m enjoying the convos on this thread more than the drama itself.. But its early days and we are still waiting for ”Wali”.. ( i dont think we have waited for any character this eagerly as long as i can remember lol)
    I cant see the sparks between B/R yet.. Count me in the bedroom-scene-was-flat-&-the-hug-was-soooo- out-of-the-blue side..
    I like how Farhat writes about the emotions of her characters, and how we got to see a glimmer of that in this ep.. My fav scene was Agha Jan delaying the Nikah and hoping for his son to turn up.. Seeing that human side of his made this ep worthwhile for me.
    @SZ totally with you about the filminess and why go down this route when film r moving towards subtlety and nuance.
    I thought the scenes were long and pace was much slower this week. The entire ep could be summed up in Wali’s one line..
    Re B/R not getting enough screen time : As much as I agree with the logic, Im glad we were spared that! If anything for @Afia’s and @rehmat’s sake (& mine lol) who would much rather see Wali sooner than viewing some flat romance or mukhtasir muhabbat wale car journeys.. If it was my way I would have edited that awful journey out altogether!
    Ok there was one line that Laila got this week that also summed up the two brothers and their approach to life’s big descisions quite nicely.. behroze is good at nibhaa-ing muhabbat while sohaib is all about nibhaai-ing his rishtas..
    Hareem I liked too. Although she fainted and all the rona dhona, somehow it worked for me..unlike alot of other filminess that went on.. lol
    Re voice of individual: defo! It seems like everyone seems to have put up a fight (except maybe Sohaib) but the honour and traditions prevailed.. Although B/R seem to have got their way for now, they have also lost their rishtas/families. They have all lost something along the way.. Agha jan & Tajammul are no exceptions..
    the precap looks good and its the first time I am excited after the drama started airing. I think (read hope) the real story will pick up now. How Arjumand and Sohaib will get over this mess (bit like ashar & khirad who were forced upon each other??? ) , and how the B/R will build their lives from scratch. How one couple has everything under the sun but love and harmony between them, and the other has just that! …And how Agha jan will deal with losing his son (#flashback MeJ and Hajira & hubby/Abi track )


  13. ok jatey jatey : i wanna give out the ‘light bulb award’ to Hareems dad this week! ”Hum ne bohot jaldi tou nahin kardi??!!!”????!!!! like really???!!! Id say bohot jaldi khayal aagya aapko!!! lol


    • @FA: Great idea!!!

      Bas aaj se tumhari duty hai to pick a weekly DRNR LIGHT BULB 💡 AWARDEE for every ep of DeD ..
      Waisey I have a feeling ke jaise jaise story aagey barhey gi you will have a tough time selecting just one winner .I can already see so many potential contenders here 😉

      Looks like after Numm this will be our serial to have a lot of fun with .. dekhtey hain kaun kahan kiya or kaise gul khilate hain …..


    • @FA: hahaga and vo light bulb on bhi tab hua when beti behosh hui nhn tou vo bhi na hota.. But hareem’s father is such a miskeen person .. No..


  14. Well OKB has won me over with his very endearing Q&A session here and I guess this is the first time I am liking a celeb without having seen his work :), but I am still on the fence about Wali. Don’t want to be put off by him beforehand, as already have read quite a lot about him and he’s sounding a paragon of virtues and the best thing to happen to Pak dramas. So now am avoiding reading too much about him. I fear my expectations are just going to sky-rocket and also don’t want to end up getting turned off by all the praises being heaped on him, without giving him a legit chance.


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