Diyar-e Dil ~ Episode 2 Review

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Agha jaan main yeh nikaah nahin kar sakta ....

The second episode of Diyar-e Dil was an elaboration of the aftereffects of Behroze’s shocking refusal to follow Bakhtiyar Khan’s diktats. The louder the older man roared the straighter the younger man stood. Unafraid to speak 11088956_10153714613958662_638446198_nhis mind, refusing to give in to the emotional blackmailing and unfazed by the threat to cut off the purse strings, this was no ordinary young man. In all his bluster Bakhtiyar had forgotten who he was talking to – Behroze is very much his father’s son. Both men equally intransigent, not ready to give an inch, the word compromise nonexistent in their dictionary. The phrases hamara faisla and main kathputli nahin hun, used11087555_10153714613593662_660516982_n quite a few times today, were an accurate summing up of the mindsets of the father and son. Though it went on for a tad too long and the loudness and dialogues was very reminiscent of ’70s Lollywood melodrama, the dramatic showdown between the father and son was one of the two best scenes of the episode.

No matter how much Suhaib tried to convince him otherwise, Behroze was done being told 11084606_10153714613703662_654817529_nhow and when to breathe. His father had ordered him out of the house and that’s exactly what he did. Where Behroze has inherited all of father’s obdurate tendencies, Suhaib is the complete opposite; he’s the one on whom falls the burden of  maintaining calm and status quo. But as Arjumand and Laila both rightly pointed out, couldn’t there be a middle ground in how the two brothers behaved – one stubborn as a mule and the other as spineless as a 11079169_10153714659273662_1762442049_njellyfish? I have to say I found Suhaib quite pathetic in his whimpering acceptance of Agha jan’s decision. Arrey bhai, even the roti dhoti Arjumand put up more of a fight then you!

On Arjumand, I’m no fan of weepy women, but in comparison to Suhaib she certainly seemed to have her act a lot more together, to say nothing of having a stronger sense of self. Afsos, ke the concept of women being more than commodities seems to not yet have reached Agha jan’s ears; no quicker had Behroze walked out he 11088123_10153714613528662_77372953_nwas busy planning his niece’s marriage to his younger son. That Arjumand’s parents too were willing to go along with this rishta clearly indicates that this family is not just living in a remote area but their way of thinking is equally out of touch with the times. Hopefully by the time we get to the second generation haalaat kuch bada gaye hongey …. till then I’m registering my annoyance at Agha jaan and his hamari izzat hamara waqar hamara faisla type ideas.

And before I move on from the happenings in Skardu, I am so glad that Haseeb chose a very scenic location for the 11081711_10153714612313662_275198347_nconversation between Laila and Suhaib. Do people really fall in love that quickly? Even for a very filmy serial this situation was way too filmy, magar yahan bhi Suhaib sahab fail. He couldn’t stand up for himself, couldn’t stand up for the woman he considered a bhabhi and now he failed his lady love as well – way to go Suhaib! Laila, my friend, trust me you’re better off without this wimp!

If the attempt is to paint Behroze as the black sheep (appropriately dressed in black) and Suhaib as the angelic son (complete with his white wardrobe) then I have to say it is not 11076032_10153714659233662_245012123_ncoming across as such. I wish they had given Suhaib a bit more of a spine, at this point despite the director’s best efforts – the shot of him looking out the window was stunning – I am not buying into this character’s angst.

In Lahore, after his experiences with weepy men and women, it is easy to see why Behroze is attracted to a strong woman like Ruhina. Sanam Saeed is very good here. Her expressions and the modulation in her voice shows how far she’s come as an actress. This second showdown though very different in tone and feel was just as effective as the first one. Book-ending the episode, these11079789_10153714611413662_576069818_n two were the best scenes of the episode.

The manner in which these two ostensibly similar scenarios were handled speak volumes of Haseeb Hasan’s intelligence as a director and also mark the maturity of the writer, Farhat Ishtiaq. Here it was not about preserving familial honor, khandan ki izzat, but this was about Tajammul sahab’s sister’s honor. He was not about to give her hand to the first person who knocked on his door. Though age wise he does not fit the character of Ruhi’s brother, Behroze Sabzwari showed his class as an actor in this scene. Compared to the unleashed fury of Bakhtiyar’s refusal Tajammul’s was a relatively more sedate 11081690_10153714613263662_674439067_nbut equally firm response. My one disappointment in this scene was Zohra’s role as the typical lagai bhujhai karney wali bhabhi. Kiya tha agar yeh bhi kuch finesse dikhateen tau ….

As things stand now, for Behroze and Ruhi it is a refusal from both sides, lets see ke agley haftey yeh oont kis karwat baithta hai. 

All in all, this was a smoother second episode. I am enjoying the pace with which the narrative is unfolding and the screenplay flows quite well. I am liking Osman/Wali’s presence as the narrator of the story, adding a bit of a twist to otherwise linear story. I have reconciled myself to the filmi-ness so am going with the flow for now, but 11084471_10153714659213662_1897866564_ngiven that a film last for a maximum of three hours and this one has a run of 30+ episodes I am quite wary at this point. I hope that once things settle down in the story that we will get more of a drama like drama. I had complained about editing last week and am happy to say it seemed much more even today. Now if only someone could work on  the background score, it was particularly intrusive in the second showdown.

In terms of acting Abid Ali, is perfect as the over dramatic Bakhtiyar, right down to the tapping of his fingers when particularly agitated. Behroze Sabzwari was equally great. It is good to see Mikaal the actor make a comeback 11074922_10153714659268662_1613065361_nafter sleepwalking through quite a few serials. His emotional response to Bakhtiyar’s wrath and his entitled bewilderment at Tajammul’s put down was beautifully essayed. Sanam Saeed continues to impress. Hareem is a pretty face so far, and I am looking forward to seeing her do more than shed tears. Ali Rehman is yet to make a mark as Suhaib, but I am glad to see that the accent has been ditched, or at least I didn’t notice it today.

One final note before I sign off, could someone please, please check spellings before putting up sub-titles. I have long since given up on angrezi, magar yahan tau Urdu bhi ghalat hai!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Hey SZ:) So good to see the email announcing this review in my inbox. Just finished reading the novel last night so am having kind of a Dayar-e-Dil hangover. Thanks for letting the feeling continue …
    Before I forget, I liked the li’l bit of scene showing Wali sitting in a chair thinking of the past, shot from above…Apologies…the Wali fan in me is getting excited about a small scene:)
    I think Suhaib has more spine than you credit him with. Infact in some ways he’s a stronger person than Behroze. It’s not easy being farmabaradar, but for him it’s more important than having his own way. Hence the total obedience.
    Is it really 30 eps or more? yikes…plz Humtv don’t stretch it so much 😦


    • Aur haan, I thought my 9th grader’s urdu spellings were bad but seeing this subtitle just reaffirms the observation that urdu reading/writing in Pakistan is on a decline.


      • @Afia: LOL! Forget about the content shown on TV, ab tau in spellings se bhi door rakho bachon ko 😉

        On a more serious note .. this is such a sad commentary on the state of our education; we’ve all noticed bad english, spoken as well as written, and ab Urdu bhi, and that too on a major channel .. one would think kisi ne tau dekha hoga magar I guess either nobody cared or nobody realized .. :/


      • Sorry to bother you Afia, at some point when you have a bit of time, would you mind doing a transliteration of some of the nicer bits of the novel for souls like me who can’t read urdu? I completely understand if you are pressed for time…thank you!


        • VZ since u ask so “nicely” (cleverly advised SZ!), I’ll surely do it 🙂 inshallah soon. Waise this novel is only 118 pages long so the drama is bound to have a lot added on.
          Having net issues here. Dua karo jaldi theek ho jaye!


            • @VZ: Afia is an integral part of the blog – one of the founding members you might say, since hers was the very first comment ever on this blog .. and since then shes gone on to become our DRNR celeb spotter in Pak.. if you read through the older posts you’ll read of her up close and personal meetings with FK (thrice now i think!), her conversation with Hina B (read what HB said about her character Afia reminding her of our Afia!) and OKB and HH, and aur tau aur even her b’day cake pics went viral a couple of years ago! So yeah, this lady is quite the celeb in her own right.. isliye have to be very proper with her 😉 Naah, just kidding! Afia is an absolute sweetheart and we are all very fond of her here..

              As for online Urdu resources .. I googled and this seems to be the most useful site .. check it out see if it works for you ..


            • Np VZ 🙂 SZ, sharminda na karo yaar. This blog is all yours and you’re the heart n soul of it.


    • @Afia: Apologies for the typo in the original published piece, where I had mistakenly typed in ep 3.. hopefully that didn’t cause any confusion… All this drama watching is clearly making my head spin 😉

      Yes, I too am enjoying the OKB bits, and the fact that he can actually emote in his voiceovers makes a ton of difference… Im thinking of so many other contemporaries of his who literally make a qeema out of their lines! Also liking how he’s shown from afar .. hopefully aatey aatey camera nazdeek aa hi jayega!


      • Camera nazdeek aatay aatay 15 eps na guzar jaen…but seriously I think he might make his appearance in the 8th ep…aapka khyaal hai?
        Yes, the review of the ‘3rd ep’ had me a bit confused…I thought I’d been sleeping through a week but then I discovered SZ is thankfully human 😉


        • @Afia 8th ep? why? arrey yaar abhi tau Sanam and Mikaal have to go through their story and Suhaib and Arjumand have their funda … I think 17/18 would my guess if they continue with the linear story .. if they get more innovative hen they could start paralleling the past and present and then it could be earlier .. but I dont think that is likely to happen .. so abhi door door se kaam chala lo .. hopefully by ep 8 it will have come closer to focus in on his face .. kiya khayal?

          Haha! that hurt! Mere typos nahin dekhey kabhi ..I tell you the day I typo free sentence will be the happiest day of my life!


      • SZ, thank you so much for the web link. Will definitely have a go 🙂

        Re: Afia’s comment on Hina Bayat’s character Afia – wow! But Afia, your namesake has already made an appearance on-screen – in Malal, Shamim Hilaly’s character (Danish’s mother) was also called Afia 🙂


          • Thanks Rehmat, I love Malal, I know almost all the dialogues by heart, especially Jawad’s 🙂 Can’t believe we had 15-episode dramas just a few years ago! Now they drag every decent thing like a chewing gum 😦

            I know it’s completely irrelevant here, but I just wanted to mention Hum is showing Shehr-e-Zaat again at 9 pm Mon-Thu. I know it’s all available on youtube, but TV ka mazaa kuch aur hai na 🙂


            • @VZ: One of our other friends from from UK also mentioned to me recently abt SeZ showing there .. and that got me so nostalgic ke I re-watched and went back and read all my reviews and the discussions we used to have … that was one heck of a ride and we all really bonded as a group over that serial! I so miss those days. Kiya yaar, yeh channel waley bhi na .. all seem to have gone totally cuckoo in this mad rush to make money 😦


            • SZ, there was no reply button next to your comment, so leaving my reply here.

              I watched SeZ when it first aired here last year and I was totally floored. The quality of the writing was very good, but the translation on-screen of such a difficult subject matter was brilliant! Sarmad is a very intelligent and gifted director indeed. It was a wonderful experience to watch it and deeply moving. I think about some of the dialogues even now, it has remained in my head long after the play got over.

              I can’t imagine that just within 3 or so years the quality of dramas has become so bizarre – something like SeZ was a hit, so why did they stop these efforts? There is so much re-watch value in those plays, even the channel keeps re-airing all them, so why not support producing more of these? Now it feels like everyone from channels to writers to actors are all stuck in the same rut.


        • Wah VZ, you have a great memory! thanks 🙂
          Btw I have been rereading DeD, looking for passages to write but didn’t find any till page 50 :)…It’s basically written from the point of view of the younger generation with referances to the past either in thoughts or dialogues. So if I write any of that it’l be telling you the story before it unfolds. If I find something approprate, will write. Behroze and Roohi’s romance is not written about in detail- just the fact that they married against the will of Aga Jan.
          Similarly, it’s just btw mentined that Sohaib liked a classfellow….no further detail. (FA, you were wondering about this…) It’s set in Peshawar, not the Northern Areas.


          • Thanks Afia 🙂

            Regarding the passages, looks like it is written in flashback? So yes, why don’t you pick an appropriate point in the drama to write some? There’s no rush, we are in this for the long-haul 🙂 Thank you so much for helping out!


          • @afia thanks!! Chalo good to know atleast they didnt have such a retarded mukhtasir muhabbat in the original story! Lol liking a classfellow makes so much more sense! But in glad they picked out such a stunning location.. Just wished they were consistent with the sights and sounds.. But chalo i can live with that!! 😬


  2. Sorry I can’t read urdu SZ (I know :-(). Could you please, pretty please, translate the sub-titles for me if it’s not too much trouble? Thanks!

    I liked Sohaib – it is never easy to be caught between two strong-headed people and there is not much he can do at this stage – if he refused, it would escalate the issue and cause Agha Jaan further distress and he would never want to be the cause of that. I liked Ali Rehman very much – he showed the vulnerability and helplessness of his character really well I thought. It’s a different matter that I am more of a Behroz than a Sohaib, but I understand where Sohaib is coming from. Personally, I feel Agha Jaan should’ve been shown the mirror, but Sohaib is just too gentle to be the one doing it.

    Loving little glimpses of Wali we are getting – he sounds sensible and sane 🙂 Or that could just be my love for OKB coming through 🙂

    Hmmm…30+ episodes, eh? They are asking for a lot of time from me – I guess costs have to be recouped…sign of the times we are living in…


    • @VZ: Below is a transliteration of the Urdu subtitles … in very clunky translation these couplets talk about the ecstasy and agony of an all-consuming love .. the kind which is uncontrollable, heedless, bitter as poison, akin to being pulled from two extremes, demands all of the lover..

      Kabhi ‘ishq ki aag mein jal kar tau dekh
      Is ki kaRwahaT aur shoreeda-sari ko mehsoos tau kar
      Waqt ki chaki ke paaToN mein pis tau sahi
      Aur phir bas usi ko dekh
      Is se naata rakh …usi se ‘ishq kar kyonke-
      ‘Ishq woh zeher hai pi le tau qarar aa jaye.

      Hope this helps!

      No, its not just you, I too am enjoying the little glimpses of Wali and the gradual introduction to the kind of man he is 🙂


      • Thank you so much. It’s Rumi’s poetry and it’s beautiful! I would so love to learn to read urdu so I can read the story (not much of a suspense-liker 🙂 but I wouldn’t know where to start! Any good online resources you can point to will be gratefully received. Thank you 🙂


        • @VZ: Glad to be of help 🙂 Re: Urdu, I was laughing as I read it because I paid my way through college partly by teaching languages, and wouldnt you know Urdu was one of the languages I taught,,,begining with he basic 101 to the 4th level urdu lit etc .. so if you happen to be in the Boston area, would be happy to tutor you 🙂

          But seriously, you want resources for learning Urdu or for reading the novel in transliteration .. cause there is no transliteration as far as I know, but if you ask @Afia nicely she might do some passages for us like she did for Humsafar… and if you;re looking for Urdu lang resources I can look for those ..


          • I live far away from Boston, in a little island called UK, so face-face tutoring with you is out 😦 Thanks for the offer, it’s very kind of you 🙂

            Could you point me to some Urdu language resources on the net, that will be a real help, thanks.

            And now I am off to beg Afia to ask for some passages hehehe 🙂


  3. While watching the starting of the 2nd episode I had the exact same thoughts, that isn’t this too melodramatic for a Pak drama? But guess they are showing Aga Jaan and his family as larger- than- life kind. I concur with your take on Suhaib ( hv yet to figure out what exactly his name is)! He needed to take a stand for himself and hypothetically speaking if I were forced to do something like this I would end up resenting my father and brother for life, so better to earn the ire for a while than live with resentment and regret throughout my life. But guess I am gong way ahead and would just wait and watch how this progresses further. 🙂

    BTW Abid Ali as Aga Jaan was impressive and matching him step by step was Meekal as Behroze. Both the confrontational scenes were telling- one so melodramatic with everyone’s emotions running high, the other much more subtle and restrained but d underlying tension very much evident. And lastly, got a better glimpse of Sanam as Roohi and she was impressive as usual without having much of screen time, but making her presence felt.


    • @Radiant: Yes, very much with you on this ep being a nod to all those larger than life Lollywood Bollywood movies – complete with slapping the disobedient son 🙂

      The character is Suhaib and the actor playing him is Ali Rehman, you might have seen him in Rishtey Kuch adhoorey se and Muhabbat Ab Nahin Hogi ….

      Ah! finally, you agree with the gist of what I was trying to say thank you 😉 No,, but seriously I guess they were going for one self-centered headstrong brother and the other a person who tries to keep the family together, even at the cost of his personal happiness …and I guess we’ll see these themes play out later, but I guess wanted to see a bit more nuance than we saw here .. ab lets see what happens from hereon forward …

      Yes, I too liked Sanam here,.. looking forward to more of her here 🙂


  4. Thanks for the review SZ! I for the one didn’t like Mikaal in the scene with Ali Rehman;I found him doing “over acting” he was very dramatic there;though I agree what you said about Suhaib but I think the writer is just trying to say that these two brothers are completely opposite;they have immense love for each other but having brought up in same household with same norms and values it has effect them both differently.Sanam Saeed and Behroze of course we expect nothing but the best from them and I am so glad they never fail to deliver though yeah Behroze doesn’t suit in this character but I too liked his firm response.OKB is having his effect at least on me 😀 The thing that caught my eye in your review was this is going to be 30 + episodes that I am really afraid that this would be another example of dragged stories I hope its wouldn’t be the case.


    • @Ruba: Haha!! I love this! Seems like we have a vast variety of opinions on these characters and the fact that we are all so absorbed in this saga and making up our minds about who we like and who we dont bodes well for the serial .. haven’t seen this for a while so its great!

      But yeah, absolutely, that’s exactly what the write and director have tried to establish, and I guess that we all have taken sides is a sign that they have succeeded in doing just that, so a pat on the back for Haseeb and Farhat … but yeh zaroor hai ke I wish it hadnt been so in your face .. I personally prefer the more nuanced approach but seems like DeD is going for the filmi loud approach, so lets see aagey kya hota hai ..

      LOL! lagta hai OKB ke kaafi fans hain yahan 😉

      Re: the 30+ eps …I think we are all equally wary, but if you think about it, if a single generation story is stretched to 26.27 eps tau phir tau yahan we have two generations .. so is lehaz se I guess they can justify the length .. and Haseeb did assure me that they would try their best to not let the pace slack so I’m holding on to his word for now 🙂


  5. Till now, Sohaib is the best thing in this drama.. Ali rehman is acting very well. And i actualy missed that accent today.. It suited the background, get ups, and haveli look..
    With one son leaving the house for a girl, surely Sohaib could not stand firm on his spine and right away say no to this totally predictable idea of Agha jan..


    • @Atty: I agree the accent worked in principle and said so in my last review, and I wouldn’t have had a problem if it had stayed consistent 🙂 Baqi I wrote in the comment below …

      Haha! haan predictable to sab kuch hai yahan, reminded me so much of Lollywood and films where Agha Talish would throw his nafarman son/grandson out of the haveli and all this would be accompanied by loud music, tears, echoes, thappars .. sub kuch jo yahan bhi tha..

      And abhi tau its only the second ep, who knows I might end up liking Suhaib as well 🙂


  6. OK, so lagta hai I’m alone in my unsympathetic views about Suhaib 😉 No, but seriously, I get what yo guys @Afia, @Atty and @VZ are saying, and on paper I agree with – not easy being caught between two hardheaded people as @VZ said, and as I mentioned in the review, that visual of him looking out the window was stunning and that one shot did more for his cause than his lines and tears did .. My problem is his OTT senti lines, mein tumhare baghair kaise jiyoonga ( to his brother), and the declaration of muhabbat to Laila were so out there ke it was hard to take them seriously. Add to that his nonstop tears … put the two together and they lost me as a viewer… I know that the director and writer were aiming for two stark opposites to establish character traits but such extremes were difficult for me … I just wish it hadn’t been as melodramatic as it was made out to be. Also were this is in the 1950’s – 1960s wala era I would buy into the guy breaking out into tears and feel his anguish and believe that he fell in love in the span of a car ride, or if I were reading this I would not have the 1980’s ka visual in front of me and I would be able to go with the flow, but when you watch it on screen it is a bit difficult to think 1980s mein aisey bhi hotay hain ..

    That said, I am not happy with the other extreme as wellf.. wish that had been tempered as well … but the fact that we saw Behroze in a situation other than te haveli, where he was not able to stomp his feet and walk away, kind of evened it out for me, and made it more palatable .. Like @VZ said, I too wish that somebody, preferably, Suhaib had shown the mirror to Agha jaan, we know he would’ve been shot down, but so what koshish tau karta..

    Khair, it is only the second ep.. and 28+ more to go .. so lets see .. and I am actually thrilled that we are disagreeing on how we read the various characters .. always a good sign in my book that that characters are well-etched enough for us to feel for them and root for their pros and cons .. so lets se fingers crossed ke this one stays the course … 8 months is a very long time!!


      • @Afia: Chalo ji, tussi te qissa hi muka ditta … chalo no more talk of Suhaib’s jellyfish like tendencies 😉 Btw when I was writing abt Suhaib I was reminded of another jelly fish, apna chotu from Silvatein .. yaad hai us bechare shareef bachey ki kiya durgat banayi thee us ki biwi ne! Socho, how fun this serial would’ve been if Arjumand had some Natasha like tendencies!


    • I agree with you – the fact that we have different view points on the characters means the show has hit its mark so far. Once we are at the half-way mark-ish, those who’ve read the story can perhaps comment on how the show vs the book has shaped up.

      OKB as Wali has cast a mesmerising spell 🙂 It was a very good idea to have him narrate, it’s another thing that’s keeping our interest so far 🙂


  7. Just like @Afia i too ended up reading the novel again and oh bouy it never fails to make me cry (yes im highly sentimental :p).. Specially whenever i read about Suhaib Bakhtyar Khan.. I really felt for him..someone torn so badly between Brother and father… But yes since this episode was mostly about Behroze and Agha Jaan.. Suhaib’s character looked bit weepy today but i am really hoping upcoming epidoes will do justice to Suhaib… OKB’s Wali is doing great in narration.. And one can feel softness in his voice and this makes me think Wali is so on his father 😉

    I loved last scene between Meekal and Sanam.. They both complement eachother so well.. It was nice to see Roohi as a strong minded girl…n also liked the little moist in meekal’s eyes during first confrontation scene.. No doubt 33+ episodes look sooo long but looking at these 2 episodes.. Everything seemed rightly paced.. So hopefully no dragged parts..
    And a brilliant review SZ 🙂


  8. SZ enjoying the drama and the scenry beautiful ,no words . Like you are reading the the nice book and you donot want to end . Abid ali is the best.
    What is the meaning of Diyar e dil, hamari waqar .and thanks again. For giving me the link for northen pakistan . I loved it and still I looking another link in detail . So beautiful, it’s all nature that we have to enjoy and let other enjoy peaceful.


  9. Just finished they book and loved how each and every character is portrayed. I am sooo looking forward to the drama now. I think they hit the mark with casting. Each and every person is made for the role.


    • @Maveh: Hey! Thanks for reading and commenting .. would love to heat more of your detailed take as the story unfold further .. hope you’ll join us in our weekly convos 🙂


  10. Sorry for the mia but looks like im the odd one out here! Lol
    Idk with the promos, the fantastic persian ost, & the stunning backdrop i was expecting more tum ho ke chup type feel.. Bit more culture and colours of the stunning gilgit baltistan.. Somehow i felt a bit let down 😞
    We got two characters with accents and that too aate jataey.. The rest had lucknow ki urdu.. The trolley case.. Im just not feeling it.. 😞.. I mean i liked Ali Rehmans accent but why only him? How comes he has an accent and his brother doesnt? Arjumands mum doesnt either.., bakhtyar and his brother…. It seems inconsintent.. A bit hit and miss..
    But i have to admit i thoroughly enjoyed the review and discussion!!
    Wali im liking.. But @SZ @afia na karo!! 8-18 eps before we get to see him!!!!! And 30 + eps!!!!!! Zulm hai yaar!
    Re Sohaib: yes he is weepy and teary and our mazloom kamzor ‘mard’ but i can understand where hes coming from.. What i dont understand is the mukhtasir muhabbat!!!???!??! I mean hadd hai! That was so out of the blue! Why couldnt they show that also had an affair goung on for sometime, afterall they were both in islamabad.. I hear that there r things added to the 118 page novella to flesh ot out.. So is Laila an additional character? Did they have a mukhtasir muhabbat in the original story too?
    And where is the original story set? Also gilgit baltistan?
    Im a sights and sounds kinda girl and so far major attraction for me has been the location.. I like farhat and how she deals with the emotions if her characters ..early days for that i guess so im looking fwd to that… ( hope they dont skim over that like they did with the mukhtasir muhabbat.. Yes here i go again.. u can tell how much that annoyed me!!) . And going by everyone who has read the original story , seems like there is a story here so def looking fwd to that!
    @SZ Oh btw yes SeZ is on here and im loving it! This time planning to watch it with ur reviews! 😉 too busy these days but will def catch up on those!


    • @FA: Der ayad durust ayad 🙂 LOL, great between you and @VZ perhaps we can start up another convo there and maybe we;ll get other SeZ watchers to join in 🙂

      Re: DeD .. lol! good to know you have complaints too .. just in another direction .. chalo good we can have an interesting convo when the next ep airs 🙂 And yes, plenty of emotions here .. dont you worry .. 30+ eps worth 😉
      All I am thinking now is by the time this ends it’ll be Fall with Winter just round the corner – ugh so tired of the snow this winter … sorry just needed to vent!


      • @SZ SeZ discussions sound like fun.. Just give me a few days to recover from my busy life last few weeks.. Ill b with you!
        Im def not sold on DeD yet but the convo got me going.. So looks like ill be with u guys here Lol


  11. @VZ: Haan, there can be only 6 nested comments in a particular thread, hence the missing reply button and the reason why I too have come down here 🙂

    Re: SeZ … you know many people found it very preachy and boring and didnt like Mahira in it and though it did well eventually it was never a huge hit ..also there was controversy around the time the serial ended so it ended on a bittersweet note for all those of us who loved it .. if you enjoyed the serial I would highly recommend that you go through the SeZ thread .. we had a lot of interesting convos as we all talked abt the way it touched us on a very personal level, in a way very few serials ever succeed in doing .. And that was also the start of our relationship with Hina B and we heard from MK, and Nadia Afgan on the various threads… Its one of the very few older review threads that I always enjoy reading 🙂

    Re; the dramas being in a rut, you know that old song na “Sab se bara rupiya” so bas thats what’s happening here .. I think I had responded to you at length as to what brought about this change in the industry and how the industry’s biggest hit – Humsafar – turned into one of the biggest causes of the industry’s present day state of affairs ..


    • SZ, thank you for pointing me in the direction of the SeZ thread, will definitely have a look. I didn’t realise it wasn’t a big hit. For me, it was personally very impactful – Falak’s journey, her reactions, her realisations, the way people around her react to her journey…I can go on!

      There were lots of messages in the play, but nothing was pushed down my throat forcefully…I was going through some personal lows at that time and constantly questioning, you know the usual “why”, “why me” etc. I know it sounds a bit silly, but there are so many dialogues which resonated with me and helped me at that time (though I am far far away from the point Falak reached in her journey).

      If anyone else wants to re-watch and/or join the discussions too that will be perfect 🙂


  12. Sorry am even later to the convo!
    Will try to be early next week lol
    Loved all the discussion, looks like will we can discuss like the old days of ZGH Bilquees kaur etc
    I enjoyed the epi yes was a little loud filmi style agree SZ but I think is it not set in like the 80s? Also it prob matches the personalities of the more traditional culture and that is why it was a big deal Behroze breaking the engagement.
    So the kicking out of the house I got but having the other son marry her omg! I definitely agree with you there suhaib was too wimpy , he even said he sees her as a Bhabhi and then basically accepted it.
    Well let’s see everyone is raving about him, i get he is calm and respectful but sacrificing your life I don’t kniw about that!
    Keep up the reviews, loving them!!’


  13. So I’m finally watching this, and I think there’s something wrong with me. The show is SO beautiful, and the production values and quality of acting (particularly from the older actors) are uniformly high. But the plot so far is kinda…boring? It all has this “been there, done that” feel to it. I couldn’t even muster any sympathy for Behroze taking a stand for love over money/honor. On the heels of SeMM, I’m also a little weary of Mikaal Zulfiqar as the angry, young iconoclast. I kinda wish he’d go back to being the morally questionable Shamrez-type character from KPKP.

    Also, Sanam Saeed is amazing and doing a really nice job here, but there’s something slightly off about the way she pronounces certain words and that just takes me right out of the scene. For example, the way she says the name, it sounds like Bheroze instead of Behroze. Minor detail, but I have an ear for these things, and it kinda bugs me, lol.

    Two episodes in, the only things I love unequivocally are the cinematography and Osman Khalid Butt’s gentle narration. Please tell me it gets much better/interesting soon.


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