Jackson Heights ~ Episode 27 ~ Finale~ Review


Mubarak ho! Saat mahine lage but bilakhir yeh taxi aur is ke sawaar ba khair-o khoobi apni manzil-i maqsood tak pohonch hi gaye, and did so in style I might add. Even though our cab drivers (read producers/channels) opted for the painfully circuitous route, the ending made the journey, potholes ‘n all, worthwhile. At a time when, despite claims to the contrary, mainstream serials rarely focus on the lived experiences of the common man, engage meaningfully with dark subjects, push the envelope in terms of issues explored, and most importantly shy away from experimentation and innovation, Jackson Heights was a serial that dared to be different. Staying within the parameters of commercial storytelling Vasay Chaudhry, Mehreen Jabbar and Six Sigma brought us a very fresh take on the very stale same old.

Like so many other serials, Jackson Heights too was a story of an abusive husband and a victimized wife, but there was a world of difference in the way their track was handled. Though Salma was a victim in every sense of the word, and nobody would’ve questioned her had she chosen to go the glycerin and woe-to-me route, to her credit not once did we see her pitch herself as the quintessential bechari mazloom aurat. Quite the contrary. For me, Salma was the perfect embodiment of grace and dignity, a poster girl for what it means to be a survivor and a strong one at that. Her return journey, towards a happy life, was not an easy one but determination and love for her step-daughter kept her plodding forward.

Salma’s equation with Bhatti was one of the most mature relationships we’ve seen onscreen in a long while. Unlike the candy floss love stories that feature leads with no other ghum in this jahan ek muhabbat ke siwa, Vasay and Mehreen brought us a hat ke grown up love story; not once did Salma and Bhatty sahab talk about lafaani muhabbat and pehli nazar ka piyar, and thank the lord for that. What we did get instead was a bond that grew out of a shared sense of loneliness. She had her trials to bear and he had his fair share of sar dards. As they opened up to each other they there was a dawning realization that somehow somewhere along the line they had changed, evolved as individuals, no longer the same people they had been when they left Pakistan. And if they had changed then wasn’t it time their old aspirations and expectations change as well?

Salma helped Bhatti realize that much of his unhappiness was his own doing. His reason for coming to America had long been addressed, he’d made more than enough money to live a decent life in Pakistan, so why then was he living a martyr’s life? An easy enough question with very difficult answers, the kind that required painfully honest introspection. It was Salma’s unquestioning faith in him that helped Bhatti make very hard decisions relatively easily. As long as there was a strong woman by his side his domicile did not matter – their being together was what mattered.

For Salma, on the other hand, life was not quite as simple. This was not merely a question of walking out on a bad marriage, which was hard enough given her cultural grounding. Unlike Bhatti, she had Imaan to think of, a child she had brought up as her own. Her staying back, when Sikander expected her to leave, and her refusal, to go to Pakistan with Bhatti. was a point where Salma truly earned my respect. Yes, this is what character growth is all about, and my girl had truly metamorphosed into a woman of strength. She no longer had anything to prove to anybody and she was done with having the men in her life tell her what was good for her. The child on the other hand was a different issue altogether. It was only when Iman freed her from her promise to stay back that Salma chose to leave. Choice being the operative word here. She walked out when she was ready – her heart and mind both in sync. Where many serials talk about empowering women we actually saw it happen here.

And on choices, Michele’s was another track where once again we saw a woman making her own choices – we can argue about how wrong or right they were, but the fact remains that till the end she truly did live life on her own terms. Rizwan had always been around, he was dependable, well-to-do and made no bones about his interest in her, perfect husband material some would say, but hamari pyari Michele!

Hiding behind the drab colors and a brusque exterior, was a hurt and scared, but a still hopeful woman. Hurt because her previous marriage had left her scarred; scared because she had trusted someone once and see how that turned out for her, and hopeful because she was unconsciously waiting to be swept off her feet, why else would she not accept Rizwan’s proposal?  As it turned out, while jalaibee Jamshed was by no means her knight in the shining armor and she did end up getting hurt once again, the fact that we actually saw a woman in her mid-to late forties being depicted as an individual in her own right earns Team Jackson Heights a huge round of applause, from me at least.

When was the last time we saw a middle aged woman who was not just there in the story because she was a maa or bhabhi or bahu? The way these women are depicted it is as if they are mere props without any desires or ambitions of their own other than those associated with their husband, brother or children. In sharp contrast, not only was Michele an individual in her own right but she commanded, not demanded, the respect of those around her and wielded quite a bit of power as well. No matter how much Rizwan tried to persuade her otherwise she stuck to her guns and chose her own path.

Like Salma, we saw Michele evolve throughout this seven month journey as well. The woman we saw walk away in this last episode though alone was not lonely. Selfish and self-centered as he had been, in his own way Jamshed helped Michele lay her inner demons to rest. Empowered now rather than merely wielding power like before, Michele was back in touch with who she once had been, a woman not afraid to live and love. This new Michele was reflected in her choice of brighter clothes and noticeable makeup. Rizwan can wait as long as he wants, I don’t think Michele is now going to look back, she has well and truly moved on. 

As their leading ladies moved on, our two resident bad boys Sikander and Jamshed were left with a lot to chew on. These seven months had been quite eventful for them as well. Sikander might’ve turned over a new leaf but the damage he had inflicted on his family for so many years is not the kind that fixes itself; his work, trying to build a bond of trust and affection with Iman, has just begun. Jamshed ended this journey as a more honest, wiser man; the lessons he learned here will stand him in good stead in the new journey he’s just begun.

A multitrack story Jackson Heights had a lot of characters that walked in an out of the narrative, the various tracks intersected, overlapped and paralleled throughout, and it is to Vasay and Mehreen’s credit for keeping all the this coherent and meaningful. There were loopholes for sure – the insurance and zevar gaffe was a big one and I am yet to see an abusive man come around like Sikander did, without any professional help – but overall I thought for the most part it all gelled well together.

In terms of writing, I found it to be an intelligent script and particularly enjoyed the mirroring of Bhatti sahab and Jamshed’s track, so much of the bhanja’s story provided a very sharp insight into mamu’s story of fifteen years ago. Domestic abuse and battered wife syndrome are very serious issues and these was woven very well into the story without turning it into a documentary. The May-December romance, between Jamshed and Michele, was another topic that we don’t really get to see too often, and I thought it was handled pretty deftly, not turning it into a sleazy, cheap relationship. Overall what I really appreciated was that all characters walked away with dignity and grace, with everybody getting a second shot at starting over. I don’t think it happens quite as smoothly in real life but I liked the optimism at the end of a very emotional finale.

In terms of characters and actors, undoubtedly Nouman Ijaz as Bhatti sahab was the epicenter, the heart of Jackson Heights. I have yet to see an actor who can impart so much meaning to every single hain, haan, each delivered very differently from the previous one, and he said it so many times in each episode!  Truly Nouman sahab you are in a league all your own. And if Bhatti sahab was the heart then Salma has to be the soul of this serial. Aamina Sheikh turned in a stunningly understated performance as the oft beaten but never defeated Salma – fabulously done!

Marina Khan, my one true love and the reason I started watching dramas in the first place, reminded me why she was special all over again. To shine so brightly in a character which started off as colorless as Michele’s, is by no means an easy feat, but Marina made her character come alive: her fears, hopelessly blind infatuation, dawning realization, heartbreak, and quiet determination, all emotions were meticulously essayed. Adeel Husain and Ali Kazmi deserve a huge round of applause for opting for roles other than those of the stereotypical lovesick hero. Both made superb baddies and it was heartening to see them sink their teeth into their very different-from-the-run-off-the-mill characters. Also glad to see Ali Kazmi back on Pakistani TV after a long hiatus, ab please dobara ghayab mat ho jana!

That I can see so much worthy in this serial is all credit to Mehreen Jabbar. Only she could’ve pulled together a dream team like this and narrated a story like Jackson Heights. The DOP, technical crew and the rest of the cast all put in their best and their labor shone through. Why the serial did not do as well as it should’ve, is a question the producers and Urdu 1 need to reflect on. Why take on an offbeat story and then subject it to TRP norms? If TRPs were what the channel wanted then they might as well have stuck to the typical dau biwiyon ka ek shohar formula, why stretch this story?

I remain a very vocal advocate of this serial, but even I found it difficult to sit through some of the past few episodes in one go, the very lax editing made scenes drag on forever; so many of Jamshed-Rizwan scenes seemed like preschool kids fighting over a favorite toy. Earlier on in the serial too we had quite a few episodes with repetitive and reiterative scenes. Throughout the seven months on many occasions it felt like the channel was out to punish us, the fans, for daring to enjoy a serial that they perhaps would rather not have aired at all.

Like has happened in the past with serials like Talkhiyan and Pehchan, I am pretty sure that the next time we ask for something different on TV, the non-ratings of this serial will be handed out as the excuse for churning out the same old. But here’s my question to the media industrialists: Why hold the awam responsible? Woh tau wohi dekh rahen hain jo aap ne unhein dekhna sikhaya hai. You can’t feed people daal three times a day, seven days a week, for years on end, and then wonder why your rarely served qorma gets rejected by the masses – aur yahan tau qormey ka bhi hashar nashar kar diya channel walon ney!  

Why not save the long-winded formulaic serials for the masses and allow niche/off-beat dramas like Jackson Heights to run their requisite length of 18 or so episodes? Put them on midweek if you wish, but at least allow such serials a fighting chance to find their audience – had this one not been messed around with, I’m pretty certain it would have fared much better.

All said and done, for me Jackson Heights was one of the better serials we’ve seen in recent times, could’ve should’ve been among the best, but sadly it was badly let down by those in charge of the final cut. The eventual outcome should, however, not be allowed to take away from the effort that some of the brightest and most talented names in our drama industry put into making a serial which fulfilled all criteria of what constitutes meaningful entertainment. Thank you, Team Jackson Heights, yeh taxi ka safar yaadgar rahega and you guys will be missed, hain, haan? haan!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Thanks for elaborate I depth Review. At start I REALLY loved this drama. It was refreshing to watch mature story line. But there were too many filler episodes, repetition ad nauseum. Channels/Ratings ruined this potentially superb drama. But I feel the writer is also responsible for various obvious flaws in story and characterisation.
    I was a great great fan of this drama and I was hugely disappointed, am still bitter about it. Some consolation is that it had decent ending. Wish it ended 10weeks ago.
    Nauman Ijaz and Amina Sheikh were absolutely brilliant. Marina Khan had few good moments here and there. But NO thanks to Mehreen Jabbar. Person of her calibre should be more assertive. Once again thanks for brilliant reviews, and I know you loved JHs. Sadqey Tumharey has gone off the rail. Wonder if will dare to write FINAL review on battered and molested ST.


    • @Farah S: I hear you, there were many who got very frustrated with this so you’re not alone in feeling this way .. I on the other hand enjoyed it warts ‘n all, so its al about individual perspective.. waisey difference of opinion makes for a more interesting world 🙂

      Re: ST, LOL! Its not about daring, more that I’ve been very pressed for time since the past few months so jo serial chhut gaya woh chhut gaya .. if I do manage to catch up before the finale I will write it .. dekhtey hain 🙂


  2. What would I watch now ?? That was my question after the episode … Loved this serial and loved every bit of it , the direction, story, pace , acting, cinematography , editing, …everything … It was a pleasing to eye serial , superb performances by our actors . This is the kind of drama WE are proud of and boost about it Kay humaray serials Achay hotay hain … Relatable, believe able with aesthetic sense … Mehreen Jabbar , Vasay, and there whole team deserve respect and praise … Shabash !!!
    Loved your detailed review , it was easily a 27 episode review itself :)))


  3. Thank you SZ, loved the review. Like Sheema, I too loved every bit of JH…infact even the parts that some people thought dragged, I still liked it all. It was just totally different from anything else on tv. Not that it should be liked for only being different. I loved the characterizations and yes, Bhatti Sahb is myultimate favourite (Nouman Ejaz is awesome, all respect to him!) and he would be incomplete without Aaminah Shaikh’s Salma! How fabulous was she.
    Thank you VC for this gem and thanks specially to MJ for letting us into the JH ki dunya. It’s great to be living in the times of such talent. Will miss the show…


    • @afia: I will say that the dragging annoyed me at points but not once did I question the quality of the product or felt disconnected from the narrative.. Also, given that you have children at home, presumably watching with you, don’t you appreciate that not once was there a moment where it felt uncomfortable to watch with family.

      No matter what anybody thought of the serial, credit should be given to MJ and Vasay for keeping the serial free of less than savory words, kamina and khabees, for instance. Also we were thankfully spared scenarios that make you question if it is indeed PK TV you are watching. I usually watch by myself but even then there are points where I am just plain disgusted … Chup Raho being one such example where just two episodes in, the constant focus on Sajal’s neckline and the highlighting of her brother in law’s disgusting fantasties was enough to turn me off that serial for ever and ever ..

      JH you will be missed 😥


  4. Well welll well Tank you SZ for the detailed finale review;I agree with you whole heartedly especially with your last paragraph;Channels and producers please it is a high time think about it;the race of trps is killing some otherwise very good shows.Coming back to Jackson Heights for me it was AAmina Sheikh and Adeel the reason I statred watchinh this and I can’t believe it had been going on for 7 months.but 3 to 4 episodes in and Bhatti sahab became my most favorite character.He indeed was the gem of this story;Marina too was fab,and Adeel Hussain I am so glad he chose this role,he once again proved his mettle;he was so real even I used to get confused that he could be serious with Michelle 😀 and yeah I agree this Jackson Height would stay in my heart for a long long time .and lastly as request can you please arrange ques answ session with Adeel Hussain?


    • @Ruba: I totally agree with you re: Adeel Husain .. unlike his other contemporaries he’s experimented continuously .. all his characters have been vastly different from each other, no mean feat considering how little variety there is on tv these days … and here too he was fabulous .. that last pone call to mamu was beautifully done … and I loved all his scenes with MK … and Bhatti Sb to Bhatti sb hain .. can’t imagine anyone else doing such justice to that character …

      Re: interview with AH .. will add him to the wish list .. dekho kab mauqa milta hai 🙂


  5. I am probably going to get a lot of andey/tamatars for what I am about to say, but hey, I have a raincoat on, so bring them on!

    First of all, I really loved the ending – I never wanted Michelle to end up with either Rizwan or Jamshed – she was never in love with Rizwan and we know the deal with Jamshed. I also liked that she was in a happier state, willing to forgive, forget and even help Jamshed. For lots of people, it’s Bhatti saab’s character that’s the star attraction or even Salma, but to me, it’s always been Michelle. Marina superbly portrayed the hurt girl (from her failed first marriage) who learns to let go of her fears, embraces life and finds the strength to move on.

    And Adeel Husain was just spot on with his performance as Jamshed – the bright-eyed guy, the reality hitting him in the US, desperation turning into ruthlessness forgetting himself in the process and the final realisation – superbly portrayed.

    Adnan Jaffer’s character sadly had very little meat, wish he had better lines too, but he was convincing in his role (bar the chaste urdu accent!).

    But there are many issues that stop me from wholeheartedly enjoying this play.

    – Instead of dragging the plot on Michelle getting fooled by Jamshed for 12 or so weeks, I wish we saw a bit more of how she overcame the setback. Jamshed vs Rizwan was all boys’ locker room talk and repetitive at that.

    – Bhatti saab’s character slowly getting elevated to the rank of sainthood – and his very unclear financial situation (from not having $1,500 to giving away thousands to louts).

    – Wish we had seen a more balanced view of life in the US – it’s not all doom and gloom and life in some ways is easier, some ways harder (like anywhere in the world). I understand the motivation to show that it’s not a bed of roses, but they ended up painting a darkish image of desi life in the US. Some of it was because of poor research (eg Sikander’s hospital fees), others because of dramatic licence (eg the whole Sikander gun drama). It would’ve also been nicer to show the support system in the US (eg Iman could’ve called 911 or Salma-Sikander could’ve received counselling).

    Sorry, didn’t mean to go on and on. I completely agree with you about the channel forcing the makers to stretch this forever. If a show does well, it’s stretched, if it doesn’t, it’s stretched too, to recover costs? So either way we as audience have to bear the brunt. Your dal vs qorma example made my tummy rumble 🙂

    For me, this was a cab ride that I hoped to enjoy a lot more. But the cab driver (MJ) was forced to take me the longest route possible, thanks to roadworks (Urdu1). Thank you so much for your detailed commentary and insightful reviews which kept me company on this long ride!


    • @VZ: LOL!!! Why would you need a raincoat? All you’ve written is already in my review so rest assured ke at least meri taraf se no andey tamatars 😉

      As I said above, at times it felt as if we, the viewers, were almost being punished for watching this one .. hence the torturous dragging out of scenes and repetition. Re: the research issues, I agree with your points and have mentioned those as well, the gun disposal point I totally forgot but yeah that as well, but here I would say that these gaffe would not have stood out as much had the serial been tightly edited… but the way things progressed it was hard to not get caught up in all that was not working …

      Re: Bhatti and sainthood … I didnt see that happen till the very last episode, actually even then he was in pity party mode during the phone call with Salma .. and I was really annoyed with him when he took Salma’s unquestioning compliance with his divorce and travel plans as a given. I wanted to hit him on the head then …. and I know there were a lot of Bhatti fans who were annoyed with my annoyance with him .. but hey charming or not the guy was a chalta phirta ishtihar for a desi chauvinist. The question of money or lack thereof, I remember saying very early on that that unpaid lawyer’s bill had nothing to do with monetary shirtage and more to do with just plain forgetting to pay the bill .. and this was reiterated in that same ep, I think, when he also forgot to pick Mark from school. And this is precisely what Salma had pointed out to him .. that him not going to Pakistan had nothing to do with him continuing to stay in the US for the sake of earning money … he had saved up plenty in the fifteen yrs he’d been there .. this issue, to me was a hall mark of subtle writing, where not everything was spelled out, but theway hte scenes followed each other it was clear where the writer was headed and I also liked that hte screenplay did not tell us what to think .. it was left to the viewers’ discretion…. I think here it is to Noman Ijaz’s credit for playing his complex character so beautifully that it allowed for multiple interpretations, something we hardly ever see any more …

      Re: the 911 call, I think Aamina explained the reason for not showing the 911 calls ..that’s what the Team thought, we of course can always think otherwise 🙂

      Re: Marina: No arguments there.. she’s fab!!!

      Re: the daal/qorma: Hahaha!! You got it! 😉

      Thank you for being a humsafar on this safar .. wish it’d been a smoother ride, but khair I still enjoyed it so much more than the randomness that’s being aired on every channel these days :/


  6. Loved it! The finale was nicely wrapped up with hope and optimism Shen for all parties!
    Yes it was a little dragged, yes it got a repetitive at times but you know what I still kept watching as it was still interesting and so dofferent from all the other Common themes dramas.
    This was like a breath of fresh air, it was so different and had enjoyable characters especially Bhatti Sahab he was the best of course!!!
    But yeah Salma Jamshed michelle all were really good and memorable, they owned their characters and I felt for all of them come the end, even felt bad for Jamshed lol!
    I know there was some flaws in terms of American laws and the insurance issues, but hey which drama is always so factually accurate or 100% realistic!!! I mean dramatic license and exaggeration is always gonna happen in dramas or films I live in America too , but some people seemed to have got really offended about it, I mean really it’s not a factual documentary about american legal policies lol do they made a couple of mistakes, doesn’t take away from the story and writing.
    Anyways I liked it, and thanks for reviewing it, loved your end Haan!
    Great job team JH!


  7. Hi SZ, to introduce myself, an Indian fan of ur reviews and Jackson Heights was the first show I began watching while it was still playing in Pak, after watching the already aired ones on Zindagi here..LOVED UR takes on JH epis! its a special show with a thunderous star cast and a legendary director and writer and yes if not for the epis dragged between epi 20-25, it would have been a great show..but still a good one..

    Have personally been a Michelle Jamshed shipper and somehow really enjoyed all their scenes and their journey of evolution together…just like M, I too never thot that J was as bad as he was made out to be..or became during his stay in US..and wanted to pen my feelings on M and J and their unconventional track here..if its ok..

    rewinding back a bit – when it actually started with a kora kaagaz jeevan of M..she was successful, she was in control, to an extent of being a control freak and never greeted “cordial” with him, but never let him come close to her inner walls…they shared breakfasts, they made small talks..they shopped together – kehne ko toh hastey they, boltey they, but there was a duniya inside M which she never wanted to explore with “:R” and most of all she was punishing her ownself..more than anyone else..locked herself 10-15 years back, on the way she was manhandled..and refused to let go of it..It was just this –

    “Naa koi umang hai, naa koi tarang hai, meri zindagi hai kya, ek kati patang hai”

    On the other Jamshed was more happy go lucky who was charming, had a girlfriend, was street smart enuf to protect his naani from randoms of his relatives..and was ambitious..but again..he never shared anything with his trophy GF ex – his pain of a traumatic childhood..except for impressing her around..his source of timepass..Just this-

    “Awara hoo, awaaraa hoo..ya gardish mai hoo aasmaan ka tara hoo..”

    MJ meeting each other was the case of opposites colliding – monochrome meets a rainbow scenario..but both having their own share of grievances and being mistreated in the past in common

    J laying his attention on M – was definitely a case of “ek ajnabee hasina se yu mulaqat hogayi..”

    and so was M’s – “ladka badaa anjaanaa hai, sapna hai sach hai, phasana hai..?”

    yess he saw the ulterior motives more clearly..yes he wanted her all – her restaurant, a fancy lifestyle through her money, a permanent citizenship in US, a cushioned perfect life..but what he missed out on “becoz of his dreams” is that he dint realize till the time he lost her..he wanted “HER”..as well

    his master plan borne out of the “perfect dreamy life in US” was in complete control till he saw others trying to vy for M’s attention..and it includes adnan…anybody who tried to take her under “confidence” – would face his wrath – because subconsciously he knew that person was drawing M away from him..and the minute R entered- his smooth plan crashed completely – coz he was just not thinking from his brain but his heart..if he wanted everything in place and secured himself better, he should have taken R under confidence and should have kept him in his good books – that was the smarter decision and call..but he was insecure, jealous, and most importantly afraid of losing M..and now its reiterated again and again that all his actions of driving R away and getting in a brawl with him – were not about breaking his dream life with US..but about breaking “his dream life with M in US..”

    as for that perfect ending to MJ..what to say, words still fall short..yes he hid the truth from her..and lied multiple times, – that was the fact..but the real deal was that YES HE DID LOVE her as well..and that was enuf for M to live her life ahead…without any guilt, without any berating that she trusted the wrong man – how much I love that half confession – OH GOD all those proposals in the past, all the ILUs, all the romanticism has become so much more beautiful..he knew she would never come, he knew he had lost her forever, he knew he had wronged her, but he also finally KNEW that he did fall for her! YESS! this is from J to M..

    “Tujhse mohabbat kartey hai jo, kaise karey hum isko bayaan..
    Tu jahaa jaaye, mehfoos ho, dil mera maangey bass yeh dua..”

    now M…and why she never thot of R the way she did of J..is perfectly brought out from the pink shirt gift incident…R gifted it to her, and mayb he gifted many more such bright puppy love stuff in the past too..but M never wore it “just becoz it was gifted to her from R” not even to keep his heart..and if she refused, R stopped pursuing her too…he never pushed her out of her comfort zone..never tried to persuade her..J did – he gave her that impetus – push the envelope, feel alive, feel beautiful..

    I remember once what R had said to his sister..he had told her that only he can stand a wierd woman like M..he thot there would be nobody in this world who would like M the way he did – “overconfidence” at play – and was he doing M a favour by liking her? but here came a guy, who just dint like her, but showered her with unprecedented love and attention..and fearlessly romanced her..not caring about consequences of what restaurant wale will think if he marries her, or what his family back at pakistan will think either…

    M was evolving and rediscovering her “college girl” self..felt young again – and for this alone – she would never “HATE” J..he brought her real self back..whatever manner adopted..and for that – M gifted J his real self back too with that envelope – they dint reveal what was in it but J broke down bad after that..coz when M did give him back his life and a chance to achieve his dreams, he knew M would be gone forever too

    and how much M knew J..she dint join R to mock J for trying to reach her..ohh ohh when she said that “koi hasega mujhpe, par shayad tum itne burey insaan nahi the, jitney yahaa aakar bane” only she understood the real J the way he understood the real M..

    and when she stopped J short of telling her anything further about his feelings – god the way marina performed ..michelle was choking..she knew if she stood one more minute there – she would be breaking down right there but she chose to walk away..with her dignity, love and self respect all intact

    AND this summarizes M to J –

    “Saamney nahi par, dil mai raho na, baatein hai dil ki, ye, dil se suno na”..

    what a fabulous Michelle-Jamshed Alvida moment!


      • Hey @rainbow, awesome insight. As a Pakistani, I hate most of the dramas being played. JH was one drama I loved watching and I agree with all your points.


    • @Rainbow: Hey! I am so sorry! I thought I had responded to your comment way earlier but abhi just saw ke I hadn’t .. my bad!

      Welcome aboard and lovely to hear from a new friend 🙂

      Enjoyed reading your take on the Michele Jamshed Rizwan traingle, complete with songs – almost like a VM but a textual one rather a visual one! Thank you for sharing your thoughts so melodically 🙂

      Hope we will continue hearing from you on other threads as well…


  8. Jackson Heights became more dear to me when I started reading your reviews… They were so honest, and what would i call as fantastically analyzed.. Specially your review on Survivor and battered wife syndrome was just classic and worth reading.. So a huge Thanks to you for writing beautifully always and so does this finale review is justified and spot on 🙂

    Right from 1st episode JH was becoming my hot favourite week after week.. The excellent story by Vasay, superb direction by Mehreen with such a dreamy cast has no way of going down the hill..though it dragged to a point where i was JH I seriously love dont make me to hate you…but those dragged episodes bhi kher se i watched as it was only sensible drama airing…But never the less.. When End is this awesome and superb.. You tend to ignore such things easily:)

    It was amazing to see for a change no sobbing women and lallu men.. We saw two women of strength who on their journey became stronger… I loved how Salma always had Emaan as preference.. Sikander was no where.. Its easy to say oh cmon lady move on..jee le apni zindagi but thats what the last monologue hit us hard.. K jab zameer aur dil mutmain ho.. She came to Bhatti with all past baggage being burried and with clear n happy heart… Dosent it makes much more sense and logical.. Aamina Sheikh was pitch perfect as Salma.. The phone call scene where she sheds few tears when Bhatti asks k ap khush hain.. Uff that was killer moment.. The way she became vulnerable.. Wanted to hug that beautiful women.. And then when Eman made her free.. There are only few serials where crying like this make you cry with them.. Too good just loved it…

    Michele on other side.. Showed the amazing strength.. She never take the soug of being used and ditched.. Instead she analyzed the situation and saw Jamshed with more open n positive perspective..and i am glad she asked to make dua for her.. Yes michele my dear you did it so right.. The last scene between M and JJ was loveliest scene ever.. Though the envelope touch was classic and to me it seemed she got JJ admission in University… Marina Khan naam hie kaafi he.. From her stern look to blushy look to that heart warming smile.. She is actually treat to watch..

    Adeel Hussain and Ali Kazmi are the hottest villains on our telly… Michele ko tau latu hona hie tha..;) Jamshed and Sikander no matter how much they were badmash.. I couldn’t hate them 😛 uper se the actors take on their characters was soo brilliant k only thing you do was either praise writer/director/actor or pray k such human beings should be dour dour 😉

    Last but not the least one n only our Bhatti sahab.. Nauman Ijaz is just magneficient..bhatti kabhi itna mazedar na lagta if it wasn’t NI.. I particularly loved how in one episode while talking to Michele he says zindabsd ji zindabad.. When M agreed for Jamshed to stay over.. The body language during that scene was so flawless.. Tht aajazi was just super…,his hain haans were always entertaining.. And yes that scene where he translates song in English.. Hahahaha hilarious.. Writer sahab bohat khoob.. Uper se it was delivered by NI the ace actor what else you expect:)

    Oh yes before i post comment.. Bgscore was just marvelous.. It easily made me forget that this song has already been used at OST for uff ye mohabat.. But this song was in different league.. The wow use of bgscore is one of the MJ charm…

    My fridays would be no longer same but here’s hoping MNYH stay its course 🙂


  9. SZ I love how you analyzed in detail , thank you so much .this drama was so close to reality. I have to admire you for writing about battered and domestic abuse. You explain in so much detail. It touched my heart. I enjoyed it so much ,was like breath of fresh air. Marina khan was wonderful. Thank you so much about asking question to Mahreen . That was really a big surprise for me . Loved it though , thanks again.
    Mae looti Gaye Dolan ,,,,loved that song .


  10. OMG! just completed the series! I absolutely loved it! I always always knew Noman Ejaz was a good actor, but he just took it to another level. I couldnt believe how he pulled off this role! And my love for Aamina Sheikha has only increased bc of this serial. The finale had me balllllllling. You are so right about the hain haan, haan. Perfect timing, perfect tone,every time. Kudos to everyone in the serial and behind the scenes, esp Mehreen Jabbar for bringing another excellent story to screen. Not one actor fell short in my opinion. And as for the dark perspective of coming to the US. well its about time someone addressed that, bc that is the reality for so many. Do pple realize how many mbbs docs are driving cabs in the US?! Anyway, I digress. The serial was amazing and has left me lingering in thought. Thats when I know its a good drama…like Thalkiyaan, which I still think about. 🙂


    • @Masooma: High five my friend! We do share similar tastes 🙂 Haina! This one was indeed something special, and had they not dragged it, it might well have been one of our classics… And yes, Nouman was excellent, and the rest of the cast showed us why they were worthy of being called a dream team … loved that AH and AK took risks and opted to play baddies.. and as you noted Aamina was brilliant, totally de-glammed but still luminescent. As for Marina, she has a permanent place in my heart 🙂

      Haan, it did show the underbelly of the immigration situation, but I guess not many wanted to see so gloomy a picture .. but I for one thought Vasay’s writing kept the script pretty lighthearted despite he fact that it was delving into some very dark areas ..

      Don’t know if you’ve alreadt read these, but we did do a Q & A with Aamina about her character Salma, and she was fabulously detailed wit her answers .. a great read if you are still in the JH mode .. Also did a Q & A with Vasay Ch where he answered questions about JH and his other projects as well … do check these out under the interviews section… another Q & A with MJ is halfway dome, as in she has the questions and is in the process of responding to them ….

      Oh, and why didnt you send in ques for Sanam Saeed for Talkhiyan .. she is another one we’ve asked questions, and she too is in the process of responding …

      What else are you watching these days?


      • We definitely have similar tastes! That is why I always try your recommendations 🙂 I just read the Aamina Sheikh interview. I just love her. She has such a sweetness about her, and I really think she is one of the best of our generation. She and Noman played so well off each other. She seemed genuinely charmed by his character 🙂 I wish somebody would have asked her the question, how was it like to work with him, esp as Bhatti saab. There seemed to be such an apparent good vibe.

        Not currently watching anything, just wrapped this one up. I was going over your list of MJ dramas, and it turned out that Ive watched so many of them and didnt know she was the director until now. No wonder I enjoyed them. Ive seen, Malaal, Vasl, Pehchaan, Mata e Jaan, Daam, Ghoongat, Neeyat, Coke Kahani, and now JH. There were only a few that I hadnt seen and plan to check them out 🙂 Let me know if you have any recommendations.

        As for Sanam, another actress I love…I blanked, couldnt come up with anything 😦 But will check out the interview for sure!


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