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Sanam Saeed is undoubtedly one of Pakistan’s most talented and popular actresses today. Not only is she beautiful but after her standout performances in the immensely popular Zindagi Gulzar Hai and the critically acclaimed zgh6-2-e1373817233287Talkhiyan, Sanam has won hearts not only in Pakistan, but also India and in countries across the world wherever Pakistani dramas are watched.

Before these two career defining serials, Sanam had shown her mettle in serials like the stellar Daam, tumblr_lyl1azEnCH1r0ylhywhere she played the spoilt Fizza, in Mera Naseeb, where she was the strong and practical Shazia, and in Mata-e Jaan, where her Yamina found the courage to walk out on an abusive husband.

Then came Kashaf and Bibi and there was no doubt left that this girl was a strong e7ipitzactress and she was here to stay. Though Kashaf from Zindagi Gulzar Hai is more well known, for me personally, her Bibi from Talkhiyan remains one of my most favorite characters of Sanam’s till date.

Since then she’s appeared in a number of other serials like Kadoorat, Ek Kasak Reh Gayi, Shukk, and her most recent Firaaq. Unfortunately these serials did not to leave the kind of mark her earlier serials did. Kadoorat and Ek Kasak were disasters from the get go, but Shukk and Firaaq held their own beyond the midway mark and then went completely off205e7582fb516958042a68758b1aaf84track.

Notwithstanding the fate of these serials, Sanam’s Sania, from Shukk, and Payman, from Firaaq, were well received and garnered appreciation. Next up for Sanam is Diyar-e Dil, a mega-serial from HUM which has been written and Farhat Ishtiaq and directed by Haseeb Hasan and boasts a star-studded lineup.

img-kia-hai-jo-pyar-dil-mera-dhadkan-teri-tarang-housefull-teaser-677Alongside these serials, we’ve also seen Sanam try her hand at a double role in the comedy telefilm Kahin Chand Na Sharma Jaye, do a bit of the song and dance routine and play the glamorous vamp in Dil Mera Dhadkan Teri, and put in a guest appearance in the Bilal Khan starrer 551895-Dhaani-1369062709-286-640x480Tamana ki Tamana.

Other than TV, Sanam’s also done quite a bit of theater, both before TV and recently as well. Her outings in Mama Mia! Carnage, Grease, and Dhaani all have been received with a lot of applause and appreciation. These experiences in theater have gone a long way in helping Sanam become the fine actress we see today.

And where there is TV and theater how can films be far behind? So yes, Sanam has also starred in at least two Pakistani movies that have been publicized so far: Mah-e Meer, with Fahad Mustafa and Iman Ali, and Bachana, with Mohib Mirza.If all this is not enough, then our girl is also a model and has appeared as a backup singer in Coke Studios.

For a lady as popular and as Sanam is, we don’t really hear much from her on public fora and neither is she one of those maxresdefault (1)celebs who are a regular fixture on the am chat show circuit. I am, therefore, thrilled to announce that Sanam has agreed to being interviewed by DRNR readers and her fans. So here we go!

Share your feedback on her work, let her know of your appreciation and poocheye aap apne sawaal takey de saken Sanam un ke jawab!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The last date for posting your questions is Monday, March 16th 2015.20597-Clipart-Illustration-Of-Anxious-Hands-Of-News-Reporters-Holding-Out-Microphones-And-Recorders-While-Interviewing-Someone-About-An-Event
  • Post each question as a separate comment.
  • Avoid personal comments and refrain from rude questions and abusive language.
  • Please do not repeat questions that have already been asked.
  • Ask questions that you have not see asked in other interviews – this is your chance to talk directly to your favorite actress, don’t waste it in asking her the same old stuff. Kuch naya, kuch mazedar, kuch hat ke poochye!

Chalein ji, aap log socheye aur likhye apne sawal aur share kijeye apney khayalat Sanam ke baarey mein and I leave you with this lovely OST from Talkhiyan:

Written by SZ~ 


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  1. How do you react to the fact that there are so many of your fans in India after Zindagi Gulzar Hai

  2. What do you think the future of Kashaf & Zaroon will look like, taking the fact of all her insecurities about having daughters

  3. Portraying a memorable and iconic character like Kashaf is an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Do u agree?

  4. One of my friends often tells me that the void left in Bollywood by actors like Smita Patil, Shabana Azmi and Tabu can be filled by Sanam Saeed. Your comment please 🙂

  5. Bibi is one of the most heart- wrenching character you have portrayed. How would u describe Bibi and how would you rate her as a mother? And have u read ‘The God of Small Things?

  6. I know you love kids and have worked with kids in many of your dramas. How has your experience been working with them?

  7. Hello Sanam, Congrats on getting married! Lots of best wishes for your future life. After this new phase do you think your career will take backseat soon or will continue working like you’re now?

  8. I am your huge fan, but unfortunately haven’t seen another ‘good’ serial after ZGH. Firaaq and Shukk made me wonder were stories that were narrated to you and final product were the same or you were disappointed in both like your fans?

  9. Which genre of dramas/movies would you like to work in the future? are you satisfied with the content of our TV shows these days? can we expect to see you in bollywoodized role in future? or is it a no no?

  10. I loved your role in Mata e Jaan the most after Kashaf! One question which has been done to death but never answered is Have you and Fawad Khan been offered any serials together after ZGH?
    Please Sanam Reply 🙂

  11. I have been admiring your work back from days of “Sanam and Aneesa show” on Indus music. Loved and enjoyed your performance in every field. Does your performed characters leave mark or impression on you?

  12. First Saw U In The Worldwide aCclaimed Song JuGni Ji ( U Were So Attractive , especially tht yellow NaIl Paint ) Ok.. Leaving Behind.. All This Stuff… I Hve A Simple Question – When R U Coming To InDIA ??

  13. Name Any 3 Countries , Which u Want To Visit Before U Die !! ( I wish U Remain Immortal ) )

  14. How Far Will Pakistan Go In This WC 2015 !! Nd When will They won against India in WC !!

  15. Zindage gulzar ha drama is the best in my life. I like kashaf and her character she is so sweet and beautiful girl.I have no words to explain her character

  16. Y didn’t u give importance to the offer of film Raees? mahira grabbed that opportunity. Didn’t u like the character ? Waiting for reply 🙂

  17. Hi Sanam…I think you came to Mauritius to shoot for one movie..Do you like it here in Mauritius?? How was your experience?? Unfortunately I did not know when you came..wud love to meet you..Hope u come again..Take care:)

  18. Hello Sanam . I’m a huge fan from India . My question to you is : Are you going to work opposite Fawad Khan again in any project in the future ? You’ll both share a lethal chemistry !

  19. Dear Sanam , my question to you is : Will you be interested in signing any Bollywood film ? We need more substantial actors like you here!

  20. Dear Sanam , your acting skills are remarkable . My question to you is : Which has been the toughest character to play by far ?

  21. Dear Sanam , your acting skills are remarkable . My question to you is : Which dramas will you be doing in the future ?

  22. Hi anusha here, i come from the southern part of india.
    I totally admire your work .My question is why do you think pakistani serials are a great hit in India

  23. Hey Sanam, Iam huge a fan of yours. And i loved your chemistry with Fawad in Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Fans are desperately waiting to you and Fawad together. When will we see you both? Have you not been offered anything together after the super success of ZGH?

    Wanna see you both together…be it drama or films but really wanna see you n Fawad in future projects.

    Lots of love

  24. Hi Sanam..I am Isha from India..Me n My Family is ur huge fan..Kashaf is my idol..I hv seen ZGH innumberable times…
    From ZGH,any 1 cheesy line from Zaroon,that was ur favourite that time?

  25. Hello!!
    Congratulations for wedding. How r u doing? U r so beautiful(from inside also) n elegant. I m your huge fan. Today I m getting chance to ask question n I m totally blank n nervous ..n I have no such question , as a fan I know you don’t like to repeat yourself but please do more romantic n comedy roles,u have best timing. Could u share any prank which fawad did wid u, or any such “kissa” or “hansi mazak” which he use to do on sets. coz he look reserved. want to know coz your chemistry is mind-blowing so it was off screen also or…?. I hope I m not getting personal. might b after HSY I ask any another question … i’m sure 😉 Thank you! 🙂

    From INDIA

  26. …Hey sanam…hugeeeee fan of urs frm india…the characters u have played in various dramas which one is really u.with which one u relate the most in real life…

  27. Hello Sanam ! I am a huge fan of yours from India. I have loved your shows ZGH, Mera Naseeb and Yeh Phool Sa Naazuk Chehra that aired in India and eagerly waiting for Ranjish now. I have so many questions to ask. But before that, I have noticed that in ZGH and MN that your character is often given lines that seeks to imply that other women in show are prettier than you. So next time anyone says that give a blow right in their face, and say, ‘with love from India.’ 😉
    Here’s my first question for you, “What is, in your opinion, the best thing about being a woman?”

    • Ahahahaha “with love from India”
      So true I don’t understand the definition of beauty. I find Sanam absolutely gorgeous and beautiful.

  28. Third question, “Any one character of any drama/movie which you would like to play?”

  29. Fourth question, “What is the best thing you like about our South Asian culture?”

  30. Fifth and the last, “Any piece of advice you wish to give to your fans”

    And a big ‘Thank you’ for agreeing for this ‘sawal session.’

    Sukh, Shanti aur Samridhi bani rahe _/\_

  31. Any recent Pakistani drama or movie you wish to do or could have done the better than the person.

  32. Hello Sanam . You are an exceptional actress ! Out of all the characters you’ve played , which one do you think you relate the most to ?

  33. Hello Sanam lots of luv frm India.Hav u ever felt that u cud hav dun a role better that was offered to one of your contemprory?

  34. Namaste Sanam! In last few months since its release have watched ZindagiGulzarHai 14-15 times!! Is there a drama/play/movie that you hav watched countless times and have never got bored of it??☺

  35. Rate your chemistry with Adeel Hussain, Fawad Khan and Mikaal Zulfikar on 10.
    I love you with Adeel Hussain the most after Fawad. Now fingers crossed for Diyar e dil to comment on Mikaal,

  36. Again during ZindagiGulzarHai did you and FawadKhan engage in any singing session together? Felt that in jhulascene may get to see you singing!!

  37. Hi Sanam,
    As my fellow countrymen (Indians) have gushed above, we love your portrayal of Kashaf. Not that Kashaf was an awfully attractive character, but you owned it so completely that it is no longer possible to separate the two. Thats the hallmark of a great actress. Unfortuantely we havent yet (in India)seen your other work which quite matches up to your Kashaf. Now my question to you is that even without the Kashaf hangover you come across as a very independent no-nonsense kind of woman and a good role model for our young girls. Can we hope that you will filter out some regressive portrayals of women in your serials/ films? For instance, Mera Naseeb did not do justice to your strength of character.
    second question when do we see you in India?

  38. Thank you much SZ for this amazing chance 🙂 and also the thing i like most is you list all work.. And specially that theatre video.. Enjoyed watching that..

  39. Sanam, first of all.. Heartiest congratulations on starting new phase of your life. May Almighty’s blessings be always with you 🙂

    I became your admirer after watching your Fizza in Daam. I literally loved to hate that character.. How effortlessly you played that.. N from then on i always look forward to your projects.. Talking about being effortless.. I wanted to ask that playing such bitter roles like Fizza, Minah in Kadurat or Beenish in Dil mera Dhadhkan Teri.. How hard or easy is for you to absorb the character and also to keep the body language different from each character?

  40. Theatre, drama and now Films..each medium have something different to offer but which according to you gave you more freedom to express yourself or to experiment somthing?

  41. Hello Sanam! Now that people recognise you does it become difficult for you to do basic things such as travelling or going to market…how do you handle it?

  42. During Shukk promotional interview you said you rode a bike!! So do you like driving/riding on your own??

  43. do you have any habbit which you dont like but you cant leave it . All the best and you do your work perfectly.

  44. Assalamualaikum. You said that you couldn’t audition for commercials. But recently, you’ve acted in two commercials. Cooking oil one and Ufone. How did that happen?

  45. I don’t think anyone else can portray multiple characters at one time better than you, that’s why when I make a Pakistani version of Canadian hit TV Show Orphan Black, would you star in it? (It might take a few years LOL)

  46. from june 23 2014 you are having huge indian fan following, do you thought of it you will be such star in india, how does it feel.

  47. Hi Sanam, first of all congratulations for your wedding.
    I am a big, big, big fan of yours from India. In fact for me, you are The Best actor we have on television today. You brought Kashaf’s character to life. So much so that I used to watch ZGH whenever it was shown on Zindagi channel including d repeats throughout the day besides watching it on YouTube several times.
    I have watched you in different chat shows also n must say, you always came across as a very down to earth n sweet person.
    For me, Kashaf n Zaroon was d best onscreen couple on television in d recent times.
    Oh I can go on n on on but I have a couple of questions:
    -: If ever a sequel to ZGH is offered to you, will you accept it? (how I wish you will say yes)
    -: What really went wrong with Firaaq coz we were just loving Paymaan n all of a sudden the show took a nosedive?
    -: Last but not the least, when r we going to see you in India n bolly wood?
    Lots of love n hugs from a crazy fan of yours from across d border.

  48. Hi Sanam,
    Great fan of yours and really looking forward to Dayare Dil!!
    Obviously loved you in ZGH and you had great chemistry with Fawad. Really enjoyed your role in MEJ too Mera Naseeb and Daam.
    Coming to Firaaq and Shukk, I thought you did the roles very well but my question is was the story and screenplay that was narrated to you changed in anyway or any scenes added after it was on air?I know that dramas are dragged these days to increase rating but both those 2 Dramas started off so so well and were a treat to watch and then Kind of went haywire which was disappointing to see.

  49. Hello Sanam .Congrats on ur wedding!! Are you a director’ actor or do you improvise a lot on your own during scenes??

  50. A lot of acting institutes have mushroomed in past few days!! Do you think acting can be taught or is it an inbuilt talent??

  51. I find you extremely beautiful.And according to me you are in league of Kajol Tabu etc but do you think there is shortage of good roles for you as actor because many of roles for female is more about just looking good specially here in Indian Film Industry??

  52. For some strange reason I always feel good actors are equally good directors…. Would you ever direct a drama or movie if given a chance??

  53. Are there any specific Pakistani writers that you like? Would their scripts convince you to take on a project?

  54. Is there a preferred amount of work you’d like to do on a yearly basis or do you decide as offers come?

  55. Any advice you would give to drama producers and writers given the current situation of television?

  56. Do you read reviews and feedback from viewers when your shows air? How much of an impact does it have on you?

  57. You’ve come a long way and have become a great actress (Mashallah). I always enjoy your power-packed performances and hope to see you playing very distinct roles in quality programs in the future 🙂

  58. Are there any characters (that have already been played) which you would have liked to play if you were offered them?

  59. Hey, Thanks for agreeing to this Sanam and here’s wishing you happiness for the new beginning! (Aameen) =) Congrats!
    SZ, really appreciate the work you put into these posts. Thank you!

    Q. Did Sanam’s Shazia (Mera Naseeb) ever had the urge to tell her self-proclaimed ‘Pretty Sister’, “Bas bohot hogaya! Ayein bari Khoobsurat! 😒”?

  60. Q. If you ever get a chance to play ‘Cleopatra’, would you? (Psst… I think you totally should)
    I find you have the features to pull it off and if anyone from Pakistan plans on a theatre adaptation, I hope you play the part.

  61. So the much anticipated Diyar-e-Dil is finally here and from what I can tell, you’re playing the ‘other girl’, jiski wajha se ‘bachpan ki mangetar’ gets rejected and heartbroken. Bonds break, a family grows apart, and Wali becomes whatever it is that he has become. Basically the root cause of it all. :p

    Q. How does it feel to play a character so easy to hate and yet be able to convince your audience why Behroze fell in love with Roohi, something the novel doesn’t explore?

  62. @All those who participated: Thank you all for your wholehearted participation and your great questions – This post is now closed 🙂