Mera Naam Yousuf Hai ~ Episode 1 Review


Mera Naam Yousuf Hai, written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, directed by Mehreen Jabbar and produced by Sadia Jabbar, opened its account on a very strong note on APlus today.

The story begins with Yousuf leisurely sauntering in to the Rohri railway station only to see his intended train slowly 11056971_10153662659333662_1625173290_nchugging away from the platform. Running as hard as he can, he just about manages to grab hold of the handle bar of the last compartment and pulls himself aboard. What follows is as filmi as can be, but it is to Mehreen Jabbar’s credit that not even for a second did my mind wander. Birds flying off of the train, lackadaisical jharoo wala, hands being washed at the nalka, stray dogs, ladies waiting at the platform, men offering prayers – right from the get go every frame bore MJ’s signature.

If MJ is the very able captain of this ship, Qasim Ali Mureed is very much her co-captain in how he has captured1957450_10153663138603662_525205906_n and conveyed the ambiance, providing a stunning visual context for what promises to be a very colorful love story. Not only was the station sequence and the train bogey beautifully shot, but even Zulekha’s house was lovingly captured, and the attention to details was noteworthy.

In terms of the story, there are quite a few similarities, as in types of characters and plot points, between what we saw here and in the ongoing Sadqay Tumhare, but since this is only the first episode I am hoping that as the narrative progresses we will see a very different story emerge. For now, I thoroughly enjoyed the sharp writing and the strongly etched characters.

On characters, we have quite a few here, but it is to the writer, director and the 11040240_10153662729123662_1960051843_nactors’ credit for introducing these characters so efficiently and effectively. Yousuf, is a struggling singer, an idealist, a dreamer, and most importantly a romantic – pehli nazar mein pyar hogaya type. Zulekha, on the other hand, seems to be a more pragmatic girl. She has a close confidant in her younger sister. Her father, Noor Mohammed, appears to be dictatorial and a stern disciplinarian, but then you meet his wife, the deliciously conniving and underhanded Afia begum, and you get that bechare maulvi sahab tau waisey hi badnaam hain! 

11040322_10153662729333662_791115815_nContrasted against Zulekha’s parents are Yousuf’s parents. His father, Wajeeh Ahmed, is easy going and supportive of his only son’s ambitions to make it big as a singer, whereas his mother is more concerned about her son’s seeming lack of future prospects. Rounding off this family is the very sharp ten year old Mahrukh.

Like Sadqay, here too the hero has a vela BFF who listens with11026637_10153662658718662_1346830686_n rapt attention as Yousuf pours his heart out. Interestingly enough, its her name, Zulekha, that seems to have captured his imagination more than the girl herself. Nonetheless, whether it is her name or her pretty face, by the end of the episode Yousuf is convinced he is in love with Zulekha; so much so that one day he follows her home, knocks on her door and informs her: Main aap ko bataney aya hoon mera naam 11040240_10153662729098662_1922130084_nYousuf hai. 

As a hook this was a very effective exit line and has me looking forward to more next week.

Despite the fact that I do not like the writer’s constant romanticizing of his heroes’ less than stellar behavior, I thoroughly enjoyed this first episode – and this has a lot to do with the way the story has been translated on to the 11051086_10153662729363662_1382210026_nscreen. Even though both Maya and Imran have other projects on air, I found them a lot more believable here. Waseem Abbas seems to be doing the same character on repeat these days – here’s to hoping Noor sahab has a bit more nuance. Among others I enjoyed the two girls playing Zulekha and Yousuf’s sisters. Towering above all though was Hina Bayat as Afia. Of all the actors, I thought she was the one who did complete justice to Khalil sahab’s writing – relishing every word and delivering it just so.

In terms of technicalities, the producer Sadia Jabbar deserves a huge round of applause for standing by this project and not cutting corners, at least not obviously. Lighting was fabulous and so was the cinematography – the opening train station sequence in particular was beautifully captured. Collage7The editing was tight and the narrative was well paced. And yes! The sound design was excellent, specially in the first scene where the music was coordinated with the Yousuf and his headphones. Otherwise too I found the background music sparingly used and mercifully turned down – thank you so much for sparing my ears this time around. And finally, kudos to APlus for uploading the HD version of the episode right away –  much appreciated!

All in all two thumbs up Team MNYH – great start!

Written by SZ~

Mera Naam Yousuf Hai ~ Episode 1

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  1. the first episode was very cute, the chemistry is cute between maya and imran. imran couldemotee more with his eyes. the drama would be a cute love story it has potential to get intense and tragic but that all comes down to how well imran and maya can convincingly act and express thier expresssions. over all the first episode ended on a good note looking forward for more. if future episodes keep getting better then we have another pyaray afzal hit for us as it is written by the sameman who wrote pyaray afzal 🙂 imran is doing fine so far his character yusuf reminds me of ‘khuda aur mohabbat’ days.


    • @sara: yes, I too see great potential in this story, lets hope we are not disappointed!

      Agree that Imran and Maya look good together but like you I too hope that I hope that hey can act better than they have been in their past few serials– fingers crossed that this ep has not flattered to deceive!

      Hopefully, this one will stay the course and we will continue meeting weekly on this thread 🙂


  2. Hi SZ 🙂
    I am on board with this play, okay maybe it’s a bit too soon for this kind of commitment but what to do, I am a hopeless romantic 🙂
    I am just a sucker for cute love stories and this one seems to hit all the right notes, at least for now. Have to admit, I am not a huge Imran Abbas fan, rather I am on TEAM MAYA but since these days we are facing an acute shortage of good dramas, I have decided to give this one a try.
    I loved your review, thought it was a bit brief ( or maybe that’s just me ). I also loved Hina Bayyat. She has played the ” Heroine Ki Mummy or Hero Ki Mummy ” too many times but never like this 🙂
    Waiting for the next episode already 🙂


    • @Kiran akhtar: Haha!! You’re sharp – you noticed! Yes, this one is a shorter review, by about 200 words.You’re right I usually write never-ending long winded reviews, but honestly I didn’t find anything really worth talking about in terms of the story, which was quite predictable. What I did like, and talked about, was the excellent execution of a very average opening ep (writing wise), which elevated it to make it something different than what we see everyday …. Im hoping that as the story unfolds we will have more to discuss 🙂

      I am so with you in terms of being wary about going gaga this early on – we’ve all had way too many disappointments recently – but lets hope and pray that the rest of the serial lives up to the promise of this great first ep.

      HKB is a fab actress and yes, you are so right, she is putting a whole new spin on her mummy jaani avatar, Btw did you see her as Khala Khursheeda in Gar Man Reh Jaaye on Express …. the serial itself ended on a very disappointing note recently, but if you havent already you must watch her in that – she’s amazing!

      Looking forward to many more convos on this thread 🙂


  3. SZ, I was looking forward to your review of this play 🙂 Thanks!

    I have a problem with KuR’s writing, his writing is filmy even in the most realistic of situations. He writes beautiful lines, I get lost in the lines, but later when I think back, I wonder about all the unrealistic bits and pieces within which he has packaged those beautiful lines, which takes away the pleasure of repeat-viewing -is it just me? Not to mention the usual tragic endings 😦

    I must admit this is a very different genre coming from MJ – the play has all her distinctive style stamped all over this episode. Camera work was superb and MJ knows just how and when to use music in her plays. Well done!

    Loved Hina Bayat – she brings out each character she plays really well and this is again no exception. Wasim Abbas – one more angry girl’s dad character? 😦 The rest of the cast were good too, Imran Abbas is convincing as the romantic guy, very different from his other character in Alvida.

    All in all, fingers crossed, let’s hope we are not disappointed…


    • @VZ: Hey! How’ve you been? Hopefully this drama will be a good one, if for no other reason than just so we can continue meeting weekly 🙂

      I actually dont mind tragic endings as long as they are justified and make sense within the context of the story, but that said KUR does seem to like his tragic endings a bit too much … lets see what happens here and hopefully it doesnt end in tragedy for tragedy’s sake.

      I agree with your take on KUR and his filminess and so far I have never been compelled to re watch an episode ( mind you I havent seen PA, I’m basing this on what I saw in ST). Also, not quite sure if this what you were referring to, but while I find his writing beautiful I feel it lacks subtext, as in what you see is what you get .. all the depth is in these lines ., I found the same thing in ST as well. There was so much talk about the spirituality of their love, but had it not been for the lines I would never have thought the same based on what we saw…. khair, lets give this one a few more episodes and then re-visit this topic. Finger crossed for a equally strong second ep!


      • Thank you SZ, I am well. I don’t follow Goya, so I didn’t comment there.

        Yes, bingo – you’ve understood my point about KuR’s writing. I think I am like a cow, I like to watch something and then chew on it for a bit 🙂 So far I haven’t been able to do that with KuR’s writing. It’s beautiful in that instant, but gives me nothing to go back to. In that respect, Umera Ahmed’s writing has that re-watch factor for me.

        I am watching this mainly for MJ – I think she puts up a mirror for her viewers to see and in a responsible, non-judgemental way, that attracts me to her plays. Yes, let’s hope we get a strong second episode.


  4. Thank you SZ! You are always so kind and generous with your appreciation. MNYH was a pleasure to work on with Khaleel sb’s amazing dialogue, Mehreen’s sensitive direction, Qasim’s fabulous lighting and camera work and Sadia Jabbar’s strong support for this project. And how can I forget my wonderful, adorable cast (Maya, Mizna, Faizan, Imran, Azam, Shazia, Waseem sb, Mansha, Behroz, Seema and everyone else who I had no scenes with yet conveyed positive energy) and crew (ADs, audio engineers, technicians, editors, makeup artists, wardrobe designer and manager, production managers, project head, drivers and spot boys) – this wasn’t just Team MNYH – it was the MNYH family!! A lot of heart and soul has gone into this project – we just hope it lives up to our viewers expectations 🙂


    • @Hina khwaja Bayat Always a pleasure to read ur lovely comments here. Glad to hear about the MNYH family! It showed in todays ep..
      Thoroughly enjoyed your scenes, esp the convo with ur sister, and the 5 kam 420.. . Looking fwd to seeing more of rang barangi Afia begum…(so long as she doesn’t turn out to be a rashida lol)


      • @FA: haha hopefully not… One of the promo scene shows she stopping Noor Mohammad to slap her… So seems a different one *wishful thinking * lol


    • @hina khwaja bayat: Hey! Lovely to hear from you – thank you for reading and commenting. Glad to know that this was a happy set and it definitely showed here in the first ep, Thoroughly enjoyed your Afia… love that you have a very colorful wardrobe to compliment your equally colorful character! Agar maulvi sahab 420 se panch ziyada hain to Afia begum bhi kuch kam nahin lag rahi hain … I wonder how many lies her family told in order to get her married! Looking forward to more of Afia and her sharp tongue!

      Oh, can you please help with the names of the two girls who played the two sisters… was Mizna the one who played your younger daughter? And who played Mahrukh? I so wish A Plus had matched character names with actors’ names making it easier for us to acknowledge the efforts of these talented youngsters.

      Here’s to hoping the serial stays its course and is not dragged out just because we are all enjoying it!!


  5. Let’s hope they don’t drag this as sadqay started off great and is just dragging. I enjoyed the first episode.


  6. Finally watched the first Epi and it was jus so fresh and different…I LUVED it how it was introduced with the train scene…I didn’t know the train scene will be the first scene…it gave such a different feel to the show…clever work mehreen…as usual today was the intro of characters Epi but what caught my eye was the execution and direction and screenplay
    the Epi was shown in an unique way…something I never saw in ny pak shows first Epi…the Epi gave a very positive vibe to the viwers and mehreen scores there with distinction

    All characters were introduced today but in a beautiful way…nothing over the top but simple convos and we understood who is whom …nice work there again

    Special mention to the casting…apart from the amazing leads the supporting cast of the show is also no less …all r great actors jus perfect for their roles …ALL N ALL MEHREEN IMRAN COMBO IS BACK WITH A BANG AFTER MALAAL


    • @abanti: Hey! Thanks for commenting … glad you enjoyed the first ep … indeed, the train station sequence did add a lot of spark to the way the serial opened .. and yes, this is vintage MJ. That said, for the serial to work in the long run the story has to offer something diff otherwise even the best execution and the best actors cannot a serial make .. so lets hope and pray that we have good things in store for us over the next few months,

      Hope to hear more from you as the serial continues 🙂


  7. Looooved it!..
    After KR’s ST going down the pan, and MA’s very disappointing Zidd i was a bit unsure but im glad MJ chaa gai hain yahan! It has her hallmark! The cinematography is stunning. The writers lines r fab but feel toned down and sound so much more real here.
    The train & station sequence was stunning! the way ppl in the train were going about doing whatever they were doing , while IA made his way forward to the front, was captured beautifully!
    I agree with you KRQ’s heroes r the sarak chap chokra types, and their ‘less than stellar behaviour’ is questionable, but u gotta give it to them they are all wafa ka paikars!!! lol .. very rare to find these in our dramas these days lol.. perhaps thats why they do end up gaining the popularity..??
    I was thinking, going by the track record, we as desi women like our wafadar men.. the more the wafa the more the love we shower on them.. from ashar to afzal.. we tend to forget & forgive their old ways like we did for zaroon… or their lowly behaviour like we seem to be doing for khelu mian…
    Yousuf is chaloo no doubt.. and just as much taroo.. but dekhein naam pe hi fida ho gae yeh! Abb iss ko kehte hain wafa lol .. one woman man! .. ive got a feeling mian yousuf will go a long way lol.. Although i do like the notion of falling in love with the name and how they were destined for each other, & it was captured and narrated beautifully here, i do wonder how much real / original substance we will get to see in this love story..
    We had the maulvi sahb in PA, and here we have another, although not as mazedar a character so far. Afia Begum sounds like loads of fun though!..I just hope she doesnt turn out to be another Rashida – fingers crossed! ..
    Yousuf’s sister also reminded me of Afzals sister from PA, (although she was much older).. but i thoroughly enjoyed the affection and young girl’s performance here.
    Like you said alot of similarities but seems to have a slightly different pallete so far.. Looking forward to next week.. Dekhna yeh hai ke will Zulekha fall for the name too?


    • @FA: Exactly! Though MJ and KUR belong to completely differnt school of thoughts as far as aesthetics and artistic sensibility is concerned, but I feel that here she has managed to do what Ehteshamuddin could not do in ST, i.e reign in the writing… but again, to be fair this is only the first ep, so why dont we hold off and re-visit this issue in 6-7 weeks.

      Re: KUR’s heroes being wafa ka paykars LOL! Ok, I’ll give you that .. but my problems starts way before they become wafa ka paykars … I would love to hear others’ take on this issue, but as a mother I am horrified with the thought that no matter how much my daughters might ignore a random stranger he is still gonna feel entitled to strike up a convo on a platform and ask their names, or follow them home and randomly show up on the doorstep…I think maulvi sahab was spot on when he told Yousuf off in the train .. kaash zara aur daanta haota!

      Kidding aside, we already have a huge problem with eve teasing and chichora guys not taking a no as a no and continuing to force the issue and chatting up girls .. and then to romanticize all that and show that guy as a hero is hugely problematic … and here I have to say thank god for the filminess which allows the writer to get away with penning such scenarios .. had it been some other writer I think we would have heard a lot more outcry about this ..

      As for Zulekha falling for Yousuf’s name .. hmm she doesn’t really seem like that kind of a filmi girl, but again KuR ka script hai anythng is possible .. dekhtey hain 🙂


      • @SZ re KUR’s heroes: I’m with you on this all the way. Romanticizing such behaviour is rather disturbing. I found the same issue with ST too.
        Funny u mentioned the maulvi sahab.. last time i remember travelling on a train was 20 odd yrs ago with a barat. (mind u the trains still look the same! lol.. Goes to show the halat of our railways..) anyway maulvi I remember my dada being constantly on edge – much like the maulvi sahab. lol.
        Re filminess: I didnt think of it like that, but u r right! its KUR’s filmy style of writing/dialogues that lets him get away with it..
        re outcry; I hear there’s been an outcry about the name/title already? Interesting what they can get away with and what they can’t!
        re zulekha falling for the name: I think she is pretty filmy but perhaps not enough to fall for a name.. (plus im sure she must have met loads of yousufs.. zulekhas are harder to come by lol ).. Mumkin hai she will use yousuf to get out of the other proposals to start off with, but she will get involved and fall in love eventually.


  8. Always a treat to read your reviews:)
    I absolutely and throughly enjoyed the first episode.. The train scene was just so beautiful.. Everything that you mentioned and scene inside the train.. The dikham dikhi was presented so very nicely… And then later how Yousuf told the rest of his journey to his friend… An excellent way to gel up scenes..this made it more interesting.. With MJ as a director what else you expect, except the brilliancy..

    All the actors that were introduced today were spot on with their characters… But I personally loved HKB.. The fluency she had while delivering dialogues was beautiful.. Oh and i love the outfits.. Thank goodness no short kurtis.. The opening song was beautiful and OST ka tou kya kehna.. MJ’s serials have this extra charm of ost and perfect balance of bg score..

    All in all a super duper hit episode and here’s hoping for a Happy ending and undragged drama 😀


    • @Rehmat oh yes, lets hope no dragging!!!
      And btw forgot to thank Aplus for posting the HD vid so promptly!! It was such a treat to watch such fab camera work in the quality it deserves. Please keep that up.. and hopefully no delays like we used to have with Pehchan.


    • @Rehmat: With you all the way, and yes! I too loved the clothes and so loved the bright color palette, more so because its been such a dark and dreary winter here .. and on that, loved, loved the sunshine and how warm it made me feel!

      Ameen bolo .. please!! 😉


  9. Ap na tu mera Dil ki baat likh di sb ki sb!!! Just to add that hopefully this love story will not lose its charm as sadqay tumhara did to me… Looking forward an intense love story. Great job by Mj and all the cast so far!


    • Hello @asma: welcome aboard 🙂 chalein good to know we are on the same page as far the 1st ep is concerned .. dekhen aagey kiya hota hai … umeed hai ke is safar mein aap ka saath rahega … looking fwd to many more convos with you 🙂


  10. I was very excited for MNYH and Dayar-e-dil..
    In MNYH, i was actually looking forward to how 2 completely different drama creators (MJ and KRQ) will manage this project together.. Enjoyed this cute episode thoroughly.. No tension, no deep analysis required, plain and simple narrative of a cute love story.. Gave me Humsafar feel.. MJ! i love you.. U r The best!
    bus ek tension ho rahi hai abhi sey, how m i going to relate to same actor doing different characters in 2 dramas side by side.. Imran in Alvida and MNYH, Maya in MNYH and Dayar-e-dil (plus deleting her not-so-good character in Zidd from my mind)


  11. MNYH has all the right names so we had huge expectations which so far were met 🙂 Imran and Maya look good together and though they had two scenes but I can see chemistry between them;First episodes pace fast and every single scene has something to offerT.his unlike writer’s and director’s previous shows has a different producer;so I really hope that they would maintain the pace throughout;and wouldn’t fall in the race of having 20+ episodes just for the heck of it.


    • Very nice show. Imran is very humble. Looks like it was a nice experience shooting for this show (as Hina Bayat mentioned above). Thanks for sharing this video SZ 🙂 Fingers crossed for a nice experience in the next 20 odd weeks.


  12. Hi SZ . I loved to read your review. Everything look so good . And in right place. Only thing I donot like to see fighting and blood . Like ST. Imaran look so innocent ,the train scene remind me of my traveling in train in india. So good and I love the way he is siting down . We use to do the same thing when we had to travel 6 hours in train to reach home and that to fast train . So sorry for side track. Love this play . Henaji is wonderful to watch . I like long dress .


  13. Really enjoyed the first ep and waiting for more…though I did miss some scenes in between coz Ammi wanted to see ST (however much it drags…) will have to check those out on the net.
    SZ, is this the first ‘afia’ on tv? honoured that HKB plays her 🙂


  14. I watched the episode and read the review. I must say you do justice to the serial. Absolutely loved the first episode, Mehreen Jabbar is a fine director and Khalil sahab is gifted; it comes as no surprise at all. Despite knowing that, I was enthralled by the details in Zulekha’s house, Afia begum’s steadfast character and the cast in general. Let’s not forget about the soundtrack ❤ Can't wait for more!


  15. Wow! What can I say except that I am humbled by your generous words!! Yes Afia – I did think of you as I played her (honestly you are the only Afia I know) and No, she is not a Rasheeda! But thats all for now folks – not telling u any more 😉
    I’m glad you all are enjoying the colours because Mehreen and Sadia were kind enough to let me decide on my wardrobe which Bisma executed very well. I saw Afia as a spirited woman, conservative yet bold and the best way to bring that forth was through colour. We were also mindful that the interior was generally dark so colour mattered for all of us.
    Maya and I were really looking forward to working together again but the surprise package was Mizna Waqas (Hajra) and Faizan (Wali) who incidentally is Parveen Akbar’s son. We truly bonded 🙂 Mahrukh is being played by Mariam, a smart little girl that I did meet on set but had no scenes with.
    I agree that Khalil sb’s style is filmi but then don’t we all love films?? We did try and keep it simple and straightforward and let the dialogue do the talking. Personally I felt that MJ and KRQ complimented each other because they are so different – it struck the right balance for us as actors. I hope it continues to keep that balance for our viewers too!
    Keep watching – we look forward to your reviews, analysis and comments. Stay blessed!


    • Omg Hina, plz don’t kill me with your humility!! Seriously are you for real? It’s so big of you to even mention that you thought of (nacheez) me…I’m totally floored, beaming, bragging (to my bemused hubby n kids)- my kids’ reaction to this – “Mama, you’re born lucky!”
      Bohat Shukriya!


  16. So I’m gonna keep it short as my previous comment had some mishaps submitting!,
    I also loved the first episode! What a visual treat, I love films so the filminess is fine lol and am a sucker for love stories , so far so good!
    @SZ re hero stalking our heroine definitely not cool but i doubt his intention it’s bad or evil in anyway, and true in real life you would think omg he’s a loser but will have to accept it for dramas sake,and in the train scene I felt zuleikha was also giving him purposeful looks, playing ankh macholi under the sheets? So I think they both seemed to be intrigued by each other.
    @Hina Bayat so glad you are on here. I loved your Afia Begum, talk about lighting the screen up, superb portrayal and was a treT to watch!!
    Definitely looking forward to more, and thx SZ for a great review once again!


  17. Wonderful. I read the review first then decided to watch the serial..Ab se this is what I must do. Makes the watching experience more enjoyable for me 😉

    For me, I don’t think Zulekha is that pragmatic or mature a girl. At least that’s how it seemed to me towards the end of this episode and from the precap for episode #2. She did show what could be construed as interest of a romantic kind by hopeless romantics like Yousuf who apparently need only to hear a girl’s name to fall headfirst in love. I think fanciful notions and whims of the heart, rather than anything remotely mature, would play a lead role in the love story between these two. I liked both Imran Abbas’s and Maya Ali’s performances.

    “The writer’s constant romanticizing of his heroes’ less than stellar behavior” – You nailed it right here, SZ. Are we to continuously and unquestioningly accept as well as adore the sarak chaap larka – that will still be the “hero” – even after he acts in ways no one would deem as respectable? I, for one, am going to give no leeway to this most recent result (ye tou bilkul stalker laga mujhe) of KuR Sahab’s very flawed (where his heroes are concerned) imagination. Bhai, you have to stop somewhere and show normal, responsible, essentially good men as heroes, too. What’s wrong with all the morally upright, good ones? What have they done wrong? They must be out there somewhere, waiting to be immortalized through KuR’s dramas 😉

    The relationship between the two sisters was in a way reminiscent of Pyarey Afzal for me. The little girl is a great addition to the list of characters. I love how Yousuf was with his sister. HKB was amazing in the episode. Hers is quite a different character – with a lot of spunk, I must say. By the way, what does the father do? Is he a molvi sahab? I found that part to be somewhat vague. If not for anything else, the visuals are a definite reason to become hooked to the serial. The train station, the streets, even the government college (all of which are so alike, lol) were a treat to watch. For now, I am on board for this one.


    • @Nashra: really liked your comment.. Specially your take on sarak chaap larka.. Infact enjoyed @FA’s comment too.. To me also a normal, well behaved good guys work more than these..


    • Now now everyone – let’s not label poor Yousuf just yet! Aagay aagay dekhiye hota hai kya 😉
      @afia – glad you are enjoying the moment! Hahaha and @SK honestly I too really enjoyed Afia’s spunk. Hoping she won’t disappoint :p
      Will be waiting for all your comments and SZ’s review on the next ep. Keep watching!


  18. @All: Guys, I’m so sorry for being MIA at my own party – terrible host, I know 😦 – but it was just a crazy kind of a week – my sincerest apologies!

    I do want to add my two cents to this filminess debate but dont want to do it on this thread .. how about if talk about it on the 2nd ep thread.. that way we’ll be talking abt two eps rather than just one and lets see if the secomd opinion changed your opinion or brought some fresh insight…


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