Goya ~ Episode 16 Review


Yes! After a few lethargic weeks Goya is back with a bang!

Today’s episode – with its smooth narrative pace, fluent unfolding of events, relatable situations, well-written scenes, some really fabulous performances – reminded me of all the various reasons I had been so gung ho about this serial for the first ten or so weeks. Team Goya, waapsi mubarak!

g4 And yes, waapsi ki mubarak de hi rahe hain tau a huge welcome back to Ali!

Ali, my friend, you have no clue how sorely you were being missed, and you have no idea how badly everything fell apart without your sage advice, given in your own patented style! Dekh lo aap ke aatey hi there seems to a be newfound sense of purpose to the narrative. Zara seems chipper; finally, after losing Adnan, here is now a friend with whom she can share her sadness and loss without the added pressure of parental ambition and expectation, as there is with Omar.

Omar, for his part, seems almost relieved. Yes, he and Zara were there for each other, but his bond with Ali is something else entirely. Seeing his old friend out come pouring all his feelings of resentment at Mohini’s purported betrayal, his outrage and frustration with his father’s megalomaniacal ways, and his anger at himself and the world at large. And with this venting and sharing comes further clarity of purpose – all those who’ve wronged him will have to pay.

The Omar we’ve seen evolving over the past few weeks is no longer the sheltered g8amirzada without a clue about the world that lay beyond his father’s mansion. The man we met in this latest episode is embittered and cynical, someone who’s graduated with distinction from the school of hard knocks. From a boy who’d grown up in a luxurious cocoon to the man whose had to learnto walk without leaning on anybody, Jr’s come a long way. Yes, there is a lot of hurt and resentment seething within, and an occasional tear does manage to escape, but there is now a layer of cold hard steely resolve that envelops the heart he had once laid bare before Mohini.

Beautifully juxtaposed against Omar’s steel is Zara’s fragility. In a very sensitively written, nicely directed and fabulously acted scene, an otherwise strong girl like Zara succumbs to the allure of the blissful unknown yet again.g9 What makes her situation sadder is her parents’ callous disregard for her mental well-being as they force her into making a suitable match yet again. The nicely done quick insight in her past not only provided the rationale for her present situation, but also underlined why she had resorted to drugs in the first place. Zara is no bored socialite doing recreational drugs, rather underlying her habit is a serious social issue, one that is often ignored by parents caught up in the race to one up each other with scant regard to the innocent child caught in the crossfire.

Alongside all this drama with Jr. & Co. we also had quite a bit happening in  Mr. and Mrs. Hashmi’s life. Haniya is g1pregnant and trying very hard to keep her baby secret a from its father. The father in question, on the other hand, seems to have given up his day job and is now occupied 24/7 with keeping tabs on the whereabouts of his wife and son. Ab un ki qismat, beta hai tau biwi ghaib and agar biw khaney ki mez pe hai tau beta ghaib, and agar donon maujood tau something start smelling really fishy, and no, its not the Dacca Fish that Zaibunissa cook so well.

It is good to see that not everybody is quite as easily persuaded as Mohini; Haniya is coming into her own gradually as she tries to protect her unborn baby from its father’s wrath. While I’m yet to be convinced of Sr.’s omnipotence Haniya harbors no such doubts and sincerely believes her husband is unstoppable, particularly when it comes to getting his own way. And is saarey chakar mein she got so stressed ke she forget that the bag she left home with was the one she returned with and similarly her pants as well. Shukar hai Sr. didn’t catch on to this blunder, warna tau Haniya bibi aap ki khair nahin thi. CollagegContinuity issues aside, I am enjoying the writers’ attention to the detailing of characters other than the lead pair. Last week we got a very welcome insight into Sr.’s painful past, which went a long way towards explaining his callousness towards all, particularly those who mattered.

So far Haniya’s been a neutral bystander in the ongoing battle of wills between Sr. and Jr., but this baby has changed that equation. Haniya has now sought Omar’s help, and going by that very faint smirk it seems like Omar is sensing a g2chink in his father’s armor. I’m looking forward to seeing how this alliance of convenience fares in the coming weeks.

While there was so much talk of Mohini throughout the episode, we didn’t get to see the Murree track at all. While I didn’t miss Mohini’s woe-to-me attitude, I did miss Shafu nana’s words of wisdom and the level-headed Asma. I sincerely hope Mohini is all, or at least semi sorted out when we meet her next, warna woh tau udhar roti hi reh jayegi and idhar Omar sahab will be well on his way to acquiring his doosri biwi.

On Omar sahab, what an applause-worthy performance Osman Khalid Butt has turned in here. His outburst today, g3when he met Ali, his two conversations with Haniya, the balcony scene with Hira, all were fabulously done; his range of emotions and his control on expressions is excellent. In short, I am very impressed with Osman here. Also impressive here is Hira Tareen. She’s been given a great role and she’s done absolute justice to her many-shaded character. Gohar Rasheed is an actor who impresses even in one scene. Its great to have Furqan Qureshi back and he’s certainly spiced up the proceedings. Tara Mahmood brings so much dignity to her character and I am so glad we are seeing more of her here rather than in yet another typical non-entity-of-a-ma/bhabhi/behen type character.

All in all quite a happening and engaging episode – looking forward to next week!

Written by SZ~

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  1. it was a good episode!in love with Omar Hashmi (osman khalid butt) Zara and ofcourse Ali!!! now i’m exited for the next one!!


    • @hamna: haina! this was a good one indeed! I too am looking fwd to next week and hoping that they dont go the doosri biwi route … what do you think, doosri shaadi hogi ya nahin?


  2. You’re so right about this being a mazaydar ep. I used to wonder how do the parents (on both sides) continue making plans for the wedding, when the boy and girl keep saying no….par ab lagta hai that the stars have all alligned in its favour. So even Goya is gonna have a ‘doosri shadi’ to its credit 😉

    Loved HIra Tareen’s work here specially…she has a tough role and she handles it so well. Also love watching Tara perform. Gohar is super talented we all agree 🙂

    Lol @ Waqas Khan’s character trying to flirt with Farah Shah’s! Kuch flat sa scene tha, nahin?


    • @Afia: LOL @stars aligned … I sincerely hope they dont go down that path.. am keeping my fingers crossed but like you not very hopeful 😦

      Re: Hira and Tara:; Absolutely agree! I keep thinking back to that disastrous MSKSH and how they were both supremely wasted there … Tara tau was wasted in JH as well … hopefully after this we will see them in more substantial roles.

      Re: that Waqas Khan scene … Haan! Thanks for reminding me. What was that line maro-ing all abt? I like the idea of Asma having a life and dating/marrying somebody again, but that scene where he asked abt her daughter and age was totally inappropriate … I dont know what you thought of it but here any boss who talked like that would’ve been hit by a harassment suit ASAP!!
      I was quite disappointed in the way that interview scene played out ;/


  3. Soooo very glad to see your review on such a fantastic episode.. Missed you and your reviews 🙂 loved reading your insight:)

    There is something so great in old characters jab bhi wapas aate hain..drame ka naqsha hie badal jaata he.. Just like when Zara was back and now when Ali is here.. Ali mere bhai please dont ever leave your friends for their sanity sake lol 😀 was thoroughly enjoying episode when suddenly he came and my excitement got double…

    OKB and Hira Tareen were just faboulus.. Their chemistry is something worth noticing.. In control of himself, Omer is coming back into his own.. Lovee the smirk he gave to Haniya.. It’s getting really interesting.. So happy to see a sensible n logical track for Haniya..

    Zara is so far my favourite character.. No matter how much she misses Adnan, she also knows how to come out from that.. She don’t go in depressing mode for 24/7.. I am really hoping that doosri shadi dosent happens… And on that note i really didn’t miss Mohini today.. Indeed mean of me.. But kya kijyae.. Yes only if mohini is back with her old charm.. Would love to give her hug 😀


    • @Rehmat I’m not sure Zara knows how to snap out of it? She ended up in the hospital with her OD! She was on her way to meet Gohar – much like Mohini.. yes we dont see her crying her eyes out in front of everyone but she is in a dangerous place too – no?
      Waise I wonder if she knows about Haniya’s escape plan?


      • @FA: oh i am sorry i couldn’t elaborate what i meant..you are right that she had Overdose and was wishing to join Adnan..but what i actually like that She is trying to get over with it as in last episode she asked Omer for movies n etc..this time she did cross the line but then Without emotional support of parents is hard too .. No.. Pata nahin lol I just felt she is ststruggling.. Or may be she is not crying 24/7 islye im liking her 😉


    • @Rehmat: Aww! You’re so sweet! Yaar, bas ab what to do .. the dragfest and the copy past formula approach to dramas makes it really hard to be enthusiastic about any serial these days … hopefully the new crop of dramas will give us something to write about and discuss further … :/

      Re: your wish of Mohini coming back as her old feisty self .. dont think its happening any time soon.. here’s the promo for the next ep .. @FA check this out as well ….


  4. Just caught up with this fab, back on track ep.
    Thoroughly enjoyed Ali’s return and the blast from the past with Gohar… With all the fun characters back I’m glad to see there was no sight of that pink umbrella. phew!
    OKB was fab! It’s really nice to see him grow as an actor in each ep.
    Enjoying Omar & Zara’s complex lives and waiting to see how and if they can support each other – but sooooo not looking forward to the doosri shadi!!! One drama that I thought would be doosri-shadi-free is also going down this route!!!??!! Honestly what’s wrong with our drama makers? why r they so obsessed with this?
    As much as i found the insight into Sr’s past interesting, I’m sorry to say I still can’t buy into his ‘sou baar bhi Omar ko marna pare tou..”.. i mean yes i get the hurt and the paisa bara hai conclusion and all, but this ‘so baar mar doonga’ attitude and why he refuses to have another child is beyond me.. Not to mention how he knows the GPS location of begum and beta hazoor at all times – unreal! lol… Re the day job : Seems like senior’s latest business venture is his spy/ intellegence agency..
    Zebu baji is intriguing…. Looking forward to seeing woh kia gul khilati hain yahan.. which reminds me her single phool has now blossomed into a braid ivy!.. Hashmi mansion has some very favourable conditions for plant growth – if not for human beings lol
    Btw do they not show precaps any more? or if they do then why are they not uploaded online? If anyone has a link, pls share!!! Thanks!


    • @FA: “Zebu baji is intriguing…. which reminds me her single phool has now blossomed into a braid ivy!.. Hashmi mansion has some very favourable conditions for plant growth – if not for human beings”

      Chaa gaye tusi thhaa kar ke!!! 👏👏🏆


  5. Hey, SZ! How are you? Haven’t been here for a long time. Too long! I missed reading your reviews, I missed being a part of the very lively discussions that happened in the comments section. Feels great to be here again.

    I haven’t followed any of the serials for some months now. Your review on this episode of Goya makes me want to catch up with all the episodes I missed. I really enjoyed the first few I did watch – and your reviews are always icing on the cake. Also, on a side note, I saw that there are no recent reviews of Sadqay Tumhare. You don’t find it interesting enough to watch/review anymore?

    Anyway, I hope I am back to the land of the living for good 😛 Will drop by every week to read the reviews, even if I don’t watch the serials 😉


    • @Nashra: Hey, hey! Lovely to have you back.. you were missed! 🙂

      Re: Sadqay: Yaar, bas aap chali gayeen tau maza nikal gaya discussions mein so .. bas review karna chor diya 😉
      Naah, just kidding! Actually I did the first 12 or so eps then the 13/14 were really slow and Shano singing that same song again n again got on my nerves, so I thought I’d give it a couple of weeks ka break and then get to it .. but then I got so far behind ke I now need a huge chunk of time to catch up.. Re: not liking it, I actually have no clue what all is happening there .. its on my to watch list and one of these days I will binge watch and catch up and post a comprehensive review … are you watching it? Liking it?

      Re: Goya: Its a good watch … again, with this too, there are a couple of slow eps, a few things where you need to set your brain aside, but overall its alright .. watch this one for OKB … he is really carrying this one on his shoulders… and along the way also watch out for power packed performance by Gohar Rasheed and Hira Tareen. Tara Mahmood and Furqan Qureshi are good as well ..

      The other thing Im watching is JH …are you following that one?

      And so now that you’re back I hope you’ll continue to join us in our convos .. you always add so much and bring so many interesting things to the table.. and even though it is the reel world that inspires the discussions, ultimately everything we talk about is related to real world issues and our day to day lives, no?


  6. The same happened with me. I got so busy that I couldn’t follow the serial, and when I did catch a glimpse or two of it, I didn’t like what I saw, to say the least. I do not understand what has happened or what is going to happen and I don’t care, lol. I am not even interested in the characters anymore either.

    Oh I want to watch it for OKB. Just recently watched the teasers of Dayar-e-Dil. With those beautifully shot sequences, I so hope it lives up to all its expectations (Now I’m waiting for ST to end) Please say you’ll review it.

    For a long time I wondered what JH was, lol. No, I haven’t even though I had intended to.

    Hahah much thanks! Since you have said it, it’s no surprise that I am so very flattered 😀 I agree!


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