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Goya ke hamare interview series ke teesre mehman  woh hain jin ke liye kaafi saarey doston ne request ki thi … aur phir aap kahen and main try na karoon aisa ho nahin sakta … I passed on your request and he very graciously agreed. Ji, so our guest this week – Osman Khalid Butt!

As an actor, Osman started his career on TV with a blink-n-miss appearance in Haissam Hussain’s 581780_501997859837778_1069816283_nDurr-e Shehwar. Aik Nayee Cinderella was his next outing with Haissam but this time as one of the leads, Meyer. While I personally could not get into this fairy tale of a serial there were no doubts that despite being a newcomer he had made quite an impression on the viewers.

20news-shows2His next serial Aunn Zara was a huge success and Osman nailed it as the khandan bhar ka anokha ladla Aunn. His current serial Goya showcases a very different side of the actor. Omar Hashmi may have started off sounding a lot like Aunn, but as the story has progressed we are seeing a very different character taking shape, allowing Osman to tap into a whole other range of emotions and expressions. His upcoming serials include Munkir and the much anticipated Dayar-e Dil.

In addition to his outings on TV, Osman has also done a lot of theater, included among 10906560_10152496203417191_4423520498581942167_nthese an Urdu translation of Shakespeare’s Taming of The Shrew, Ilaaj-e Zid Dastiyaab Osman_Khalid_ButtHai (2012),  Snow, Glass, Apples (2013), and Bright Lights, Big City (December 2013).  He’s also acted in films like Zibahkhana (2005) and Slackistan (2009/10).

As a writer Osman was awarded the Best Screenplay award for the film Siyaah at the 1st ARY Film Awards 2014. Osman is also a co-founder of The Desi Writers Lounge and a poetry editor for their online magazine Papercuts. He’s also contributed variously to newspapers like Instep and The News. If all this is not impressive enough then Osman’s also appeared in a music video, modeled and done a number of ad campaigns for various brands.

There’s all this and then of course there’s Osman’s very memorable Humsafar parody…

Basically we all complain so much about the various talk show hosts/journalists 524577d64c806who always ask the same boring questions, so here’s your chance to give feedback to your fave celebs and ask interesting and fun questions, the kind you’ve always wished somebody would ask. Koshish kar key avoid the usual type ke sawal takey mil saken kuch mazedar aur masaledar jawab.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The last date for posting your questions is Sunday, Feb 22nd 2015.
  • Post each question as a separate comment.
  • Avoid personal comments and refrain from rude questions and abusive language.
  • Please try to not ask questions that’ve already been asked.

Ab kijeye sochna shuru and likhye jaldi se apne sawal …  and as you don your thinking caps I leave you with another hilarious vlog ….  enjoy!

Written by SZ~ 
(Most of this information and pictures are from Osman’s Facebook page)


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  1. How tall are you?Do you speak French?Would you work in Baalywood?What do you think of movies like ‘Waar’?

  2. Heylo Osman. Em one of your fan from India. Are you intrested in doing Bollywood films? If yes, then what kind of project would you choose. Hope we will see you soon in Bollywood industry.

  3. Amazing… Thanks alot SZ for this opportunity.. So excited to have question answer session with OKB… Ab when i was about to think some serious questions for him.. This hilarious meera parody made me literally fall with laughters.. He is so really very talented 🙂 ab tou sare questions bhak se urr gaye.. Give me time n will b right back 🙂

  4. Sahir Lodhi interviewed you in his morning show once…what kinda experience it was?(as you mocked him once in TVC “ye cone hai Sahir lodhi nahe” ) 😉

  5. I am very much enjoying your Omer in Goya.. You have nailed it .n had great time watching Aunn Zara that was literally like fresh breath of air that time.. And not to forget the famous humsafar parody 😀 Keep working tremendously 🙂

    My question to you is : if i have to ask what you enjoy more theatre or dramas? If theatre then In what way theatre have helped your performance in dramas?

  6. How hard or easy it was to play a character like Wali.. Asking because that was my favourite character in novel.. And equally excited to see you as Wali..

  7. Is there any chance of seeing you in full beard ever or you will always be seen with this kind (or design) that u keep? Why did you choose to have this kind of beard in Goya?

  8. Name one Indian TV actress and one film actress with whom you would like to work in a TV serial and in a film

  9. u reply to comments of your fans on your fan page…is it actually you replying ? if yes then how do you get the time in the busy schedule

  10. Are you good friends with Mohini (Sana Javed) off-screen? Do you guys hang out often? Please answer honestly.

  11. I want you to know that you’re a great actor, tour acting skills are extraordinary. Goyaa is the only drama I’ve watched of yours but I’ll surely watch all your work !! I’m in love with your cuteness and superb acting and specially Omer Hashmi !! By the way, You and Sana Javed make a great couple, You can think of her 😉 . Keep doing such amazing work and an ordinary advice from me if you don’t mind that please remain choosy about your roles and try not to sign too many projects, people don’t like those faces they see all the time on tv. Love you ❤

  12. Hey SZ, thanks for putting up that Meera ji clip. Lol, that was how we were all introduced to the brilliance that is OKB.
    Everything that I want to know has already been asked, so I’ll just want to know what are his plans after Diyar e Dil?
    By the way, absolutely loving Goya, especially your character is very well written.

  13. Osman, i know this is not the right question to ask you, but on Thirteenth of February you tweeted about sending kids to school,like sending men to war. I am from India and two days ago there had been a case of vandalism in my school. I study in a convent. Apparently this was the 6th attack on a Christian property and has affected me deeply. Mainly because, school was the only place where no one asked me to go back to Pakistan or Iraq(seriously, i don’t mean to offend). There are others like me out there and i would just like to know if you have something to say to us 🙂 We could really use some word of advice right now, as i just can’t seem to get this out of my head.

    • Hey there, Sana ! I am not sure if the moderator will allow me to say something in response to this. But still, being an Indian myself, I feel obliged to, at least, try. There have been many unfortunate incidents in our country where people on name of religion have disgraced the God and Humanity alike. But the truth is such people are greatly outnumbered by people (irrespective of their caste, color, region, religion or language) who work tirelessly for peace, security and prosperity in our nation. Our multiculturalism remains one of our biggest strengths but some fools in our own homes are unaware of that achievement. All the unrest that you have mentioned results out of ignorance when politically motivated people take advantages of our differences and try to prove that one is better than other. Try not to be one of them ! When seeing your convent vandalised or hearing disrespecting remarks about your religion, you quickly jumped to the conclusion that all these persons must be very devout Hindus, you are committing the same mistake they did. There are good people there, there are bad people out there, and they don’t have to belong to any particular community. If we tread together, no mountain is insurmountable. We will survive all this hatred and together lay the path to peace and prosperity for our nation. Best wishes and May God bless ! 🙂

  14. you are a great person Osman!do you like British music band One Direction!?Are you exited for you new role as Wali in DiyareDil!?what is your favourite character Aunn or Umer Hashmi? is it possible to get a follow from you on twitter?

  15. SZ, Many thanks for organising this. OKB, thanks for your time (and boy are you going to need lots of it just looking at all the questions above!).

    A contemporary whose work you admire?

  16. 1. You used to make videos on YouTube, but you stopped making them quite a while back. Why is that? Was it because YouTube got banned? Along those lines, are you still in touch with all your friends who appeared in your videos?

    2. Do you read a lot? If so, what do you think is one book that has impacted you the most in life?

    3. What is your biggest achievement so far?

    4. What are some other things you would like to do in the future apart from acting?

    5. What inspired you to go into the Pakistani entertainment industry?

  17. If you owned one of those decorated “dulhan buses” that we have in Pakistan what would you have written on it?

  18. I enjoy your acting now but how could you be a part of something as lame as ” Zibahkhana” ?
    That was probably the most pathetic movie I’ve ever seen!!!!!

  19. Thank you SZ and O.B!
    My first question is Goya related.
    Adnan’s death heightened Omer’s paranoia. What according to you was the root cause, genuine fear of Sr. Hashmi or the realisation that he, on his own, wasn’t capable of protecting his new family?

  20. Have you read Bernard Malamud’s ‘Take Pity’? If you have, what do you think of a theatrical adaptation with a Pakistani setting, against the 1971 backdrop? Would you give it a go?

  21. And now for the sake of randomness and bringing closure to built up curiosity; I would like to know, if it’s just me or is Rubya Chaudhry (at 02:10 in ‘Not Another Humsafar Episode’) in fact mimicking Suniel Shetty.

  22. @SZ Thanks for arranging this and @OKB Thanks alot for taking your time out for us.
    Loved your Anokha ladla Aunn and really enjoying your, yet another anokha ladla, Omer. Your youtube vids are fab and didnt even know about half the stuff SZ mentioned.. What an amazing talent! Good luck with all your future projects.

  23. I really enjoyed Aunn Zara and still laugh my head off whenever i tune in from time to time. What was your favourite scene? & the one you enjoyed shooting the most? & why?

  24. All the characters in Aunn Zara were so much fun to watch. Who did you enjoy working with the most? Who was most fun to work with behind the scenes?

  25. Loved your vlog on drama parodies, they were so much fun. It seems like you guys had a whale of a time doing those. Would you still consider making those now, specially now that you are in this field?
    It would be lovely to see your take on some of your own plays. Aik Nayee Cinderella, Aunn Zara and Goya… ?

  26. Do you think it’s important for new entrants to have some kind of theatre training before they work on tv? Should new comers take time off to work on their skills like enunciation or expression? Or one can work on these skills (with experience) on sets as they go along?

  27. We, on DRNR, had whale of a time discussing your experiences with dodgy nurses in Goya. The coca cola entry was so much fun.. What did you enjoy the most during the shoot of Goya? and your fav scene in Goya in terms of performance?

  28. We have heard quite a fair bit about drama writers complaining about their scripts being torn apart/ tampered with? What was your experience with Siyaah as a writer? Is that how you you had visualized it?

  29. As a writer in the current religio-political climate do you find that you have to self-censor your work for concern of backlash [we see this (backlash) on this side of the border frequently eg., Deepa Mehta could not shoot her film on widows in Benares but created a set and shot in Sri Lanka] or do such concerns make for walking on the edge of a sword with creative expression/activism on one side and pragmatism to make it career-wise on the other? Eg., your youtube video on SMS censorship is hilarious but clearly social commentary/activist in tone. Just wondering how you juggle all this as a writer and actor which = public figure.

  30. When we complain about the nonsensical stuff being shown in our dramas we are promptly handed the standard TRP excuse: this is what the awaam wants and the industry has no choice but to comply. But is this issue really as simple as it is made out to be? Is it really the masses who are at fault or isn’t this also a reflection on the producers and channels’ unwillingness to take a risk …. at least the success of Aunn Zara seems to point more towards the latter … your thoughts?

  31. As viewers we are fed up of the same old same old being shown on TV these days … as an actor how bored, or not, are you by the kinds of stories/roles offered to you?

    And by the same token do you see any change for the better happening any time soon… by this I mean have you had any innovative/experimental/out-of-the box scripts/characters come your way?

  32. Being a writer and a director, have there been occasions where you thought you would’ve approached a particular scene/situation/character differently… and if such a situation were to arise, would you feel comfortable offering your suggestions?

  33. @OKB: Thank you!! Thank you for being such a fabulous sport and agreeing to respond to our questions and being so very generous with your time – much appreciated! 👏 👏

  34. Dear All: Apologies for this delay …there’ve been a few technical issues hence this has taken much longer than expected. Rest assured I will post his responses as soon as I get them. Thank you for your patience!

    • Hello everyone… I’m so sorry about the delay; I wanted to answer all your questions in a vlog format but my laptop crashed and so I’m having to record everything again.
      Will have all the responses soon, Insha’Allah!

      • @OKB Oh wow!!! We are getting our personalized vlog?!!! Feeling privileged indeed! 🙂
        Thanks a lot for all your time & effort. Hope your laptop is shipshape now 🙂
        Looking forward to your much-awaited vlog!