Goya ~ Episode 13 Review

Goya2After a relatively ho hum couple of episodes, this installment was slightly better in terms of fewer bloopers, more coherence and a relatively better narrative pace. That said, I’m still waiting for Goya to catch up to the high standards set by the first ten episodes.

Before we get into discussing the specifics, lets offer a collective shukrana that Omar is back home, away from all those immoral doctors and shady nurses. So glad Omar realized this was Goya and not a desi remake of While You Were Sleeping and woke up when he did and voila! Uthtey hi bruises foran ghaib!


And its not just hero sahab who’s back home, Zara too has returned from rehab. And sach poochen tau I’m thrilled to see Zara back in action – aatey saath hi she’s started asking questions and looking for answers. I loved her for not wasting any time and getting to the heart of the matter. Her forthright take-charge manner was not only refreshing but made for a great contrast with Mohini’s hai hum becharey mazlooom attitude.

When the serial began we met Mohini as a confident feisty reporter, who thrived on challenges and took pride in her 10966870_10153596250668662_1706270441_ncan-do spirit. Zara, on the other hand, had come across as the stereotypical pampered socialite with way too much time on her hands. But as the serial has progressed we’ve seen quite the role reversal. The confident Mohini fell apart at the first serious challenge life threw her way, whereas Zara has shown real growth under adversity. Unlike Zara, who is now in all probability going to become a pillar of support for Omar, Mohini has turned in on herself. Forget about supporting others Mohini went so far as to attempt suicide.

Mohini’s is a character that has disappointed me the most so far. I would have had an easier time empathizing with her had she not been an investigative journalist. But for someone trained to sniff out duplicity and coverups I don’t get how Sr. Hashmi and the hospital walas could get away with pulling such a huge scam. Yes, she was upset and shaken up post the accident, but surely Mohini could’ve questioned at least one of these blooper filled stories she was being told?

Since the day she met Omar, she’s known about Rahat’s manipulative tendencies, Asma confirmed everything10965669_10153596250673662_407872273_n Omar said as well, but somehow despite all what she’d been told, Mohini still allowed herself to be played. She who shared everything with her mother went and made a deal with the devil himself without even bothering to inform Asma? And now she’s walking around like a mazloom  c.70’s ki filmi heroine? Perhaps later she’ll redeem herself in my eyes … but for now, girl, sorry no votes for you.

In sharp contrast I find Omar so much mature. Again, if we were to compare him with the baccha he was at the begining of the serial to the young man he is today, we see tremendous growth.  Yes, in many ways he still pouts like a baby and hold grudges (against Haniya for one) but at least he has more faith in Mohini than she did in him. 10965692_10153596250653662_2144049714_nNo matter what lies Sr. fed him he refused to heed any of them and continues to firmly believe in Mohini’s innocence. Ab whether he continues to do so after hearing about his baby is something I look forward to watching in the coming weeks.

While the daughter is falling apart, I find Asma really impressive in how quietly strong she is. Seeing her dealing with the wreck called Mohini, and all the nonsense at the hospital, it is easy to get a sense of the courage with which she dealt with all the adversities she faced after her husband died leaving her with a young daughter. Now this is a character that I get. Mohini on the other hand gy3boggles my mind. And on mind boggling, what is going on with Nomi’s blue shirt?

Where Nomi’s sartorial choices have me shaking my head, Haniya always gets a two thumbs up from me. Not only is she the most sensible person in the  Hashmi household but is also by far the best dressed one. I really hope we get to find out why she married Rahat, because so far, thanks to his fruity colored shirts, all we know is that she didn’t marry him for his sharp dress sense.

10951157_10153596250683662_885744804_nKhair, dressing well or not, I do like the stateliness Usman Peerzada brings to this character. Back to Haniya, I think of her as the warm heart of the serial so far. We don’t quite know why she went to see her doctor friend but I liked the air of mystery it injected into the story.

Waisey Zaibunisa is also so far holding to her share of mysteries, dropping a hint or two per episode about her intriguing background. What I don’t get is why and how she can get away with dropping mysterious one-liners, that too to Sr. Whenever I see them together I wonder whose face he sees reflected in hers. 10967665_10153596250663662_2142707561_nThat, to me, would be the only reason why Rahat seems so unsure and uncomfortable around her.

So yes, continued mystery about Rahat’s past, Haniya’s secret meeting with the doctor, Mohini’s attempted suicide, Zara’s return, and Omar back in that red, black white bedroom of his bachpana – quite a bit happened today. Now if only somebody could lower the loud background score and lose the focus on Mohini’s mazlomiyat I would say Team Goya is back in business … but for now waiting to be wowed again.

Written by SZ~

13 replies

  1. @SZ; I’m with you. With TWO not one investigative reporters on Mohini’s team they failed to figure out what was going on. Boo!
    I think Mohini deliberately miscarried her baby. It wasn’t a suicide attempt.
    I think Haniya has a child tucked away somewhere; and last but certainly not least
    I think Zebonisa is Omar’s half sister!
    Alrightey then 🙂 Onward…
    Since Mohini has become a bebas zombie, I hope Omar gets up, shakes off the sulking and shakes up the world of Sr. Hashmi. Or at the very least takes everything head-on in a daredevil, what-have-I-got-to-lose fashion, and shakes up our drama.
    Phir mazA AegA.
    And yes, Omar, you have nothing to lose because the love of your life, Mohini [the Mohini you fell in love with, and we all fell in love with as well] is no more.


    • @JR: Ooh! I like the possibility of Haniya having a child tucked away somewhere… at least that way I wont get grossed out thinking about Jr and Sr having babies at the same time!

      Yes, it looked like a miscarriage attempt based on how she was clutching her stomach, but I want to give her the befit of the doubt here .. if she indeed induced the abortion then shes an even bigger loser than I think her to be .. Mind you this is within the context of the story, and not taken as a reflection of my personal stance on this very complicated issue …

      Re: Zaibunissa, yes entirely possible except that she doesnt look shes in her 40s…. either they got the timeline wrong or shes remarkaby young looking or she is related to him in some other way ..
      given how young she looks I think Ill wait to see what’s going on with this track ..

      Me too!!! Enough of this sulking and pouting .. Omar needs to get back on his feet asap and plan Sr’s downfall! That to me is why I am gonna continue with this serial .whether he reunites with Mohini or not is something that I really dont care about any more …


      • Zebunnisa is definitely Sr hashmis love child from his Chittagong days .
        Didn’t u guys notice Haniya was reading an Agha Khan report , she’s definitely pregnant!!
        I think Mohini wanted to kill herself but her lame attempt ended in the miscarriage ,now the guilt of killing her baby with torment her even further. ….
        don’t be so harsh on mohini , she’s lost the love of her life , obviously she will cry and be in despair….
        now omar with zaras help and nomis too should solve the mystery of adnans death, omars strange hospital saga and mohinis disappearance.


        • @deeba: Love your passionate defense of Mohini … chalo good, I’m glad Mohini has an advocate here … keep batting for your girl makes the discussion so much more fun 😉

          Re: Haniya being preggo … might be, but the thought is just as weird as imagining Jamshed and Michele having a baby in JH!


          • @SZ. Actualy i wanted to defend Mohini when she was acting like Omar ki ammaa and repeatedly calling him “bechara”, coz till than i felt it was “CUTE”.. but she lost my sympathies at hospital. She acted so weired that i could not find words to comment


  2. Check this out …dont you guys think this fits Omar and Mohini’s current situation so well! And please notice ke the 1960s ki heroine, Shamim Ara in this case, sheds fewer tears than our 21st c wali journalist Mohini…


    • Wow that was epic.. Its just made for them .. hahah fewer bhi kha… Just her eyes were numm 😉 and yahan tou bus kya hie kehne.. Always a treat to watch WM 🙂


  3. That was just super brilliant review.. You gave words to what i actually was thinking… Maza agaya parh k 🙂 n bursted into laugh that haniya for sure didnt marry rahat because of his dressing sense hahah.. Too good

    So so so glad k Omer is back.. Things are now interesting to watch atleast.. Hahaha no bruises thats because no more dodgy nurses 😉 i like the scene where omer comes back and the exchange of expressions between haniya, zaib and omer were class but more than that i love the come back of Zara…zara you are rockstar… Doing mistakes, rectifying them and learning from them is just what this girl has done.. Composed and practical.. Lovee the scene between Omer and Zara… Hope they could solve the mystery of Adnan’s death and give Sr.Hashmi a really good time..

    Haniya’s visit to doctor was exciting but couldnt get when doctor started with ‘tou aisa nhn tha kya’ … I somehow agree with @JR reason.. But its getting interesting to also have Haniya’s track… Tara Mehmood and Hira are simply doing fantastic job and equally loving their outfits…

    Uff dont ask about mohini and her harkatein… So agree with asma.. Himmat nh thi tou why took that decision.. Ab waking up all night and crying n crying wont do any good babes.. Oh and attempting suicide and she thinks k she is safe tou baby bhi bach jaye ga… And phir saying akhri umeed bhi khatam tou lady should have thought before thinking of suicide na.. Ab kya faida :(..I really hope that old mohini is back..

    I am intrigued by Zaib’s character and Christina is doing so good.. Looking forward to see her story unfold… And can we have Ali back also ?


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