Jackson Heights ~ Episode 20 Review


One of my favorite metaphors, when it comes to describing our serials, is that of an onion, peeled away layer after layer till the core, which conceals an important something, is reached. The final resolution, that concealed inner core, is what most of our stories are about. When it comes to Jackson Heights, however, this metaphor works in a different way.

The veiled promise of immeasurable wealth may necessitate a journey through innumerable difficulties, conversely an ugly secret may be veiled beneath layer upon layer of progressively lessbeautiful mistruths. The duality of the veil is such that it can both uglify the beautiful and beautify the ugly. The veil is that layer of onion – flimsy and translucent enough to beg for a deeper investigation. The metaphor of the onion, then, describes the progression, rather than the destination.

Read in this context, Jackson Heights is a telling narrative about the journey – a bumpy road to an uncertain, unknown destination. And it is this difference, the emphasis on the process rather than the end result, that makes Jackson Heights a standout.

Talking in terms of specifics, I must say this episode got off to quite a dhaka start. Much I love Ali Kazmi  I hate his Sikander even more. I was, therefore, thrilled to bits at the sight of Sikander trussed up worse than a Thanksgiving turkey. Beta bola tha na mat karo Salma ko tang .. ab bhugto! Sadly, though, much of my glee was diluted by the glib desi style gun disposal (how come nobody saw him waving it around like a lunatic just prior to his accident?) and then the whole insurance/payment thing was a bit too easy peasy for my liking. Also, there seemed to be quite a few issues with keeping the mathematics straight.

A few weeks ago Salma talked about her jewelry being worth enough to pay for Iman’s college, and today it seemed like it was worth only 19k? And this was not all. Did you notice how easily the aftermath of the accident was handled? No accident reports filed, no paperwork, no nothing. Also, it seemed bizarre that Sikander was sent home with such serious injuries. And finally, considering how much medical care costs, even with insurance, that the 19k sounded more like a down payment on a more substantial amount rather than the full payment. In short, nothing made sense in this hospital/accident scenario, most of all not that utterly weird purple waiting room/third rate no-tell motel room(?) – what was up with that?!?

Another jhatka was the fact that Bhatti and Kathy had been married for only five years. Given all the delays in his immigration etc, and the fact that he’d been in the US for a total 15 years had made it sound like he’d been married longer. But now that we know he wasn’t, what was her doing for ten years before Kathy? Was he married earlier as well?

Barring these inconsistencies, I loved the rest of the episode. I was cheering Iman on while she sunao-ed her evil daadi, and loved her immense belief in her mom; her firm manner and unhesitating words while defending Salma were very heartwarming. Beautifully woven alongside was Iman and Salma’s conversation about Bhatti sahab. Aamina Sheikh was brilliant in that scene and the one with Aliya. The dilemma of having to choose between those who love you and those whom you love was beautifully expressed. How was she to tell this preteen that she had been too quick to jump to defend her relationship with Bhatti. How could she? She herself didn’t know! She had not even allowed her heart to inform her mind … aur loag tau door ki baat hain

While Salma was still trying to untangle her very confused feelings, struggling under the burden of her daughter’s hopes, Bhatti in typical Bhatti fashion appeared to be having an easier time cutting through his swath of responsibilities. All problems – immigration, providing for family back home, deal with Kathy – which had previously, according to him, stopped him from visiting his mother back home, all seemed to hold zero meaning for Bhatti amritisahab. His unequivocal mode of moving on made for a brilliant contrast with Salma’s hesitant, as yet unsure response. He seemed surprised, almost shocked, that Salma would even ask about his wife.

How easily Bhatti dismissed his marriage with Kathy as a deal. Was it really as cut and dried as he made it sound? ‘Cause Kathy’s reference to their dates before they were married point to a whole other reality. The precap indicates he has a sobering reality check or two coming his way. Looking forward to seeing how Bhatti sahab manages to negotiae his way through those tight spots. Bhatti sahab, aap ka bhanja tau jalebu hai hi magar aap bhi amriti se kum nahin hain!  Needless to say Nauman Ijaz deserves all accolades possible for nailing Bhatti sahab. Hain? Haan? Oye meri baat samjh aa gayi hai na?

And on jalebis, uff!!!Jamshed! Jamshed! Jamshed!! Apni mareez-e muhabbat Michele is totally out of it, bilkul hi love mein ghum, listening to songs like this on repeat mode:

While lady love fluttered around him like a mother hen, Jamshed sahab was too busy playing his jalebi jaisey paicheeda games. Loved how he turned it all around and painted himself as being misunderstood and victimized by those bad duniya waley (shades of Bhatti khandani genes?). He began the day showing attitude to Michele, then played Mr I’m-so-busy-being-a-hotshot-I-have-no-time-for-you-guys type of silly games with Javed, to give him credit he did show a modicum of concern there, but the best scene, the moment of the episode was reserved for the convo between Rizwan and Jamshed. How brilliant were Adeel and Adnan in that scene?! Another fab moment was Jamshed thinking up more evil plans and then totally surprising Michele with his 180° turnaround. Aamina’s dilemma as she shared her concerns with Aliya was another gem of a moment (anybody noticed how gorgeous the girl looked with her hair open?!). It is scenes such as these that make me forget all my annoyances with Pakistan dramas and give me hope that as long we have such amazingly talented creatives magic will continue to happen

For an episode that started off bumpy, I’m sure glad it didn’t end that way. I don’t know how its all gonna work out by the end (and I do reserve the right to complain if need be!), but at this point I can definitely say that so far this has been a great journey, waisey bhi agar humsafar aap jaise or Team Jackson Heights jaisey hon tau phir kaisi shikayat aur kahan ki shikayat. 

Written by SZ~

P.S. Don’t forget! Sunday is the last day to post your questions for Vasay! 


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  1. Firstly I want to thank mehreen jabbar for casting adeel in a grey role like jamshed which has many layers and adeel jus showed what an ace actor he is and no wonder he is mehreens fav…the director with whom every actor craves to work with
    Be it junaid in Daam or ibad in Mata e jaan HAIN tu…we saw two excellent characters played by adeel but as jamshed mehreen offered him something very different which he hasn’t done before and adeel played it witH PERFECTION…it’s so refreshing to see adeel in a grey shade…in today’s Epi we got to see three shades of jamshed…the scn with rizwan where adeel ROCKED

    Jamshed marina scn where again adeel show ed different shades

    Then again the scn with bhatti friend with whom he tried to act he doesn’t care abt bhatti…but he still does care and asked abt his mamu…Saw a glimpse of old Jamshed in that scene

    Nyways I don’t care abt salma track…but bhatti Cathy convo was really cute…I Cudnt stop ROFL ing when bhatti ws making Cathy understand in broken English…nauman is so natural n real while talking in broken English…I always find his convo with Cathy more cute funny entertaining than salma


    • @abanti: Hey, welcome aboard! Lovely to hear from another JH fan 🙂 Indeed AH is great here, and I appreciate the amount of work hes put in to fulfill the demands of a very shaded, and shady, character. Also MJ deserves full credit for extracting such a nuanced performance.
      Han ji, hain ji, can’t talk about JH without talking about Bhatti sb ..he’s fab!!


  2. Hi SZ , wonderful review. Always look forward for that. Hanji Bhatti. Sab is so natural . (Seasoned actor) hope Rizwan put some sence to Michelle. Ali Kazmi acting is very good (loved it.) Iman and salma ‘s conversation was so touching. I loved this drama . So real. Thanks SZ.


    • @Ranjan: Hey! Long time! Were you also caught in the blizzard this past week? Is it still snowing? I cannot even begin to telll you how fed up I am of the constant shoveling .. ugh!

      Indeed JH, is going very well so far 🙂 Did you read Aamina’s interview? Do check it out if you havent .. its a fun read 🙂


      • Thank you Sz. . Tomorrow again snowing . So tired , it is depressing . I can imagin :(((( . I did read Aamina’s interview. I commad you for doing this, and Aamina’s also . Took time to answer all the question. Everyday I visit. DRNR. I loved it. I am so glad I found you. Again I am saying hope to see you in future. Thank you


    • @RJ: 24 … MJ has mentioned this number on numerous forums on various occasions. Re: log, tau bas ab yahi kaha ja sakta hai: Kuch tau log kahenge .. logon ka kaam hai kehna 😉


  3. This one is going GREAT! I watched last week’s and this week’s epi back2back thankfully otherwise I would have been like either Bhatti or Salma are going to be in the hospital or dead.

    Agree with @Abanti it is GREAT to see Adeel in a drenched in grey role. I have a feeling he’s going to screw up the way he’s treating everyone around him and poor Michelle will get a bad wake up call. Jamshed and Bhatti are so alike in jumping the gun and being manipulative and then acting like the most masoom people in the world – SOME FANTASTIC WRITING and ACTING!

    You can tell the actors had a great time sinking their teeth into these layered characters. It shows on the screen!


    • @Annie: agreed, Jalebi Jamshed or JJ as we call him is gonna screw pretty royally here, and fast!
      Haina! Glad to know youre reaing Bhatti the same way as I am .. I honestly think we are getting Bhatti’s jawani ki kahani via Jamshed’s track and with that in mind it so funny to see how Bhatti’s re-writing his past with Kathy..but whats more fascinating is that unlike JJ, who knows hes playing Michele, Bhatti has really convinced himself of his version of events .. hence he’s able to appear so real whenever he talks to his mom or Salma or whoever …

      Yes, I too think that despite a few skp ups here and there, JH has been fantastic project .. a complete team effort and yes, it shows!


  4. How I cheered when the car hit that scumbag Sikander !!!!
    But alas buch gaya …..
    Poor Salma , she’s stuck now with a crippled scumbag. ….
    I was quite surprised that despite of all that’s happened she was staying at the hospital 3 days in a row , worrying bout Sikander, let the evil mother look after her evil son .
    SZ , I agree with you ,Salma looked beautiful with her hair open in that scene with Aliya.


    • @deeba: After having seen Salma in action for almost five months I think its safe to say that she stayed in the hospital out of a strange sense of guilt and duty … She knows tayi ji would be absolutely lost when t comes to dealing with English speaking medics and all … but now that he’s home I hope she gives a tight whack to psycho Sikander (SS) so that jo bachey hue body parts they woh bhi damage ho jayen … a huge round of applause for Ali Kazmi for portraying SS so well!


  5. Love your review… Specially the onion metaphor.. Very impressive… 😀

    The version which i saw started from Jamshed-Michele scene n then to bhatti n salma scene waiting at hospital.. N i was like hain accident kab hua.. Then thought may b flasback me dikhayin..LOL..poori episode i was waiting for that never existed flashback… Gosh.. N this was reason i couldnt 5 years marriage issue of kathy-bhatti or medical ghaple n local waiting room of hospital,…

    But yes i did enjoy the best scenes Adeel and Adnan are just rocking… The way adeel said ayenda mujhe yaar na kehna… Woao that killer attitude… N scene between Salma and Eman… Aamina Sheikh was just fantastic… Just love it..n her open hairs were oolala…

    Precap looks super exciting


    • So sorry for my typos :/
      * i couldnt notice 5 years of marriage….
      But yes i did later checked out n saw the first 5 starting minutes n usme bechara sikander.. Khud bebas ho k reh gaya.. But aage se cut versions se tauba karli.. Maza kharab kardete hain.. Guess i was over excited for epi n also didnt notice length of drama as well.. Lol


    • @Rehmat: Haha! Good to know my metaphor made sense to you …. I wondered if I was making any sense as I was writing it ..so thank you for the reassurance 😉

      Awww!! I know! Its such a pain that every week these uploads are so katta phitaa .. kabhi recap ghayab kabhi precap ghayab … and then kabbi beech ghayab … I honestly hope that from now the producers get this part, uploading HQ videos,in writing from the channels. I remember asking MJ about this at the begining of the serial and she had said that hte chanel had promised to upload .. par dekh lo … I guess aaj kal kisi ki zaban ka bharosa nahin kar saktey! 😥


  6. Fans of Ali Kazmi and his legendary mother the ever brill Sahira Kazmi do check out their latest interview with Sanam Baloch….and dont miss the pics of the adorable cutey pie Rafay, Ali’s six month old baby- Enjoy! 🙂


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