Goya ~ Episode 11 Review

Goya3Watching as many serials as I do, I have come to realize, and reluctantly reconciled myself to the idea, that pretty much every serial will have a slow episode or two, and ab tau even more so given our channels’ penchant for 20+ episodes. I was quite prepared, therefore, ke Goya par bhi yeh din zaroor ayega.  Aur phir yahan tau das achi episodes aik saath aa gayeen theen so chalo break tau banti hai boss … chalta hai. But, but …

I get the logic of this being a bridge episode, as the story transitions from one phase to another, and I’m even okay with a slowing down of the narrative pace but what I’m not on board with is the patchiness. For ten weeks Goya stood out for its coherent and logical narrative. There was a reason for everything that happened and every scene had purpose and meaning. Up until the last week it all made sense, and very well at that. This latest episode, on the other hand, was very rough when compared to the fluency that had been the hallmark of the past ten episodes.

The eleventh episode opened with Sr. watching Mohini’s documentary. Not quite sure how and when Mohini and Nomi found the time to complete their work and get it aired within  day or so, but there it was. Interestingly enough Sr. was so busy planning for his son’s impending return ke he didn’t seem quite as bothered with the contents of this supposedly explosive documentary. When Haniya walked in he surprised her with the news of Omar’s accident and him being in the ICU. While poor Haniya was still trying to absorb this shocking news he asked her to prepare for Omar’s return and confirm Zaibunissa’s appointment, she had impressed him with her cooking skills.  Prodigal beta was returning and what better way to celebrate his return than serving him his favorite seafood dishes.

The next morning very pareshan Haniya rushed in to inform her husband about Omar’s serious condition and his admission to the ICU. Errr….. Haniya ji, were you not paying attention when Sr. told you this khabar the night before? Chalein is sab ko chorain … lets talk about this scene … what was this?

Colour me confused but after all the emphasis on Omar in the ICU why was he shown in a private room? Chalein woh bhi chorain… lets just talk about why the why was Mohini shaking Omar like there was no tomorrow? Did she miss the memo about his compressed spine and the fractured ribs and punctured lungs? Was this the same Mohini as in the earlier episodes? If Mohini behaving out of character was not bad enough we also had the nurse baji and the most bizarre sequence of lines. What the heck was all that talk about Omar’s tabiyat, previous mareez walking away on his own feet and how was it connected to questions about Mohini having children (don’t even get me started on that loaded line!) and the weird invitation to chakar laga lein to the accounting office??

Moving on to better stuff, I enjoyed Zaibunissa and Sr’s scene in the study. The strategically displayed violin in his study was a nice touch, a useful way to connect Sr.’s past and present, but just as it was all begining to cohere and I thought chalo the episode’s back on track, the mysterious lady threw us another curveball.  Her do din pehley response to Rahat’s query as to when she arrived in Pakistan had me totally flummoxed. Did she arrive at Rahat’s straight from the airport? I can only assume Sr. was in such shock that the most obvious kyon kab kaise all got forgotten.

The bulk of the episode dealt with the frustration faced and felt by Mohini and Asma as they ran from pillar to post trying to figure out a way to pay the ever increasing hospital bills. I get that these scenes were meant to convey the ladies’ increasing sense of helplessness, but all the extraneous medical mumbo jumbo just created more room for bloopers. We were told, for instance, in quite some detail, that post his first surgery Omar was on a ventilator and was to be kept in an ICU for two months, but when we saw Omar being wheeled to the operating theater for his second operation there was no ventilator, not even a measly drip!! And nobody questioned that?!?

All this is to say Mohini’s dilemma could’ve been conveyed so much more efficiently and meaningfully if there hadn’t been this obvious need to pad the episode. Sprinkled among the fillers were a few powerful moments as well. I always look forward to the scenes between Haniya and Sr.  I love the way Tara Mahmood’s playing this very understated and so far unassuming personality. Given how strong she is I cannot help but wonder what a woman like her is doing with Sr. Does he have some kind of a hold on her as well? I hope her character is given a chance to open up in future episodes. Another nicely executed scene was the final confrontation between Sr. and Mrs. Jr. Sana Javed held her own in that powerful scene with the veteran Usman Peerzada. Now this was the Mohini I remembered from the time before she married Omar, the woman who made Jr. believe in the possibility of a life away from Sr.’s mansion.

Interestingly enough Mohini seemed to find her backbone only in the presence of Sr. or Mrs Hashmi. The rest of the time it was like watching a whole other woman. I had a hard time recognizing this Mohini who needed a Nomi to assure her all was going to be well, or the hysterical Mohini who fell apart to the extent that her mother and Nomi had to hide the extent of Omar’s injuries. I get that the thought of losing Omar terrifies her, but for a career woman, someones who’s grown up with a strong widowed mother as a role model, someone who takes such pride in her confidence and can-do spirit, I find these hysterics rather out of character. 

The episode ended on a cliched but impactful note with Sr. guilting Mohini into walking away from Omar. Given her state of mind even before the accident – bechara Omar and meri wajah se woh dhakey kha raha hai – it is not hard to guess which way she will lean. If indeed she does go the predictable path then I feel sorry for Omar. Sr. had failed him a long time ago and now it seems like this girl will as well. She, who he had thought was different, someone who understood him and his issues, was also gonna make decisions for him  based on what she thought was right. I, for one, cannot wait for when Omar remembers this is Goya and not While You Were Sleeping and wakes up and take charge of his life.

Omar, my friend, utho!

Written by SZ~

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  1. @SZ…you were right earlier to be concerned about the white flower in Zs hair. Alas! I think it’s here to stay. And she may be quoting Shakespeare while cooking. 🙂


  2. @SZ,
    Somehow I’m not watching Goya. But I haven’t seen your review on last 5 episodes of Sadqeya Tumhare. What’s your verdict now? Have you given up on Writer’s self indulgent rumblings?


    • @Farah S: Hey!
      Re: ST: I’m very behind so can’t comment on whats happening.. I find that if one falls behind for one /two weeks then its really hard to catch up, somehow that rhythm is lost.. I did try to catch up in b/w but couldnt get into it… .I need to find a chunk of time to binge watch and see kaun kahan pohoncha …


  3. I am watching this off and on but not too regularly – the storyline is eerily reminiscent of Only Love by Erich Segel. I do hope it doesn’t go down that route.

    I am wondering why ARY has changed its time. It can’t possibly be getting lower TRP than Dil Nahin Manta…


    • @DB: Remember when they say there are only 6-7 original stories and the rest are just reworkings 🙂
      Re: the time change .. there was no “official” expln provided but many say this wasnt doing well in the TRPs where as DNM was .. and then there are those who think this move will improve TRPs because it wont be pitted against Digest Writer and then are the conspiracy theorists … ab is up to you which expln you buy into .. merey liye tau its all the same ’cause I watch online 🙂


  4. Hahhaha I think I am actually okay with Mohni walking away with Nomi seeing how she needs his kandha to cry on. #While You Were Sleeping
    Mera issue bhi yehi hai, this isn’t our Mohni. Heck, I would have imagined her crying alone away from prying eyes and being that stronger person in front of her mother and friend. Offering emotional support to Asma, because Ammas usually break down first in such conditions. Considering her clinical condition, she’s undergoing depression perhaps?! Or script main milaawat? IDK.
    See SZ, one of the many reasons I don’t write reviews is because I know you’ll take care of everything that bothered me onscreen. 😏


    • @Kokab: LOL! please dont turn pregnancy into a clinical condn, and lets let depression be a separate serious medical condn it is ..yeh kiya ke her hormones come and go as they please .. not buying it!

      Re: Writing reviews; I find reviewing to be very difficult, no matter whether praising or critiquing since both require equal amounts honesty and sincerity.. so ab if I can tareef with a khula dil then I should have the guts to critique with just as much bluntness otherwise there is no point to the exercise…


      • bahahhhaa… I Posted too soon… Couldn’t even edit it later, no edit option here… D:
        Writing from the phone, I do these terrible mistakes sometimes (you know that) more so under the effect of drugs, not Adnan’s 😛 the pharmaceutical ones I mean.

        Re: Mohni
        You have to admit she’s showing signs of depression since the past few episodes: blaming herself (unnecessarily), getting frustrated with Omer over things like him being “too worried”. Kahaan she had intended to be his support, wanted to make him happy and kahaan ab she taunts him in the name of reasoning.
        Pehle usse ghussa kahaan ata tha, she used to be the calm one among the two. She’s not making sense, not being herself, but we know it’s not a sudden change, or one in reaction to Omer’s accident. So it’s either the hormones, or these are earluy signs of depression.
        Now, is it convincing enough? No, I’m with you. But we’ll find out for sure, perhaps when the story unfolds, what exactly is it that’s wrong with Mohni being out of character. :/

        As for writing reviews, NOT an easy task! I admit, issi liye I often wonder how you do it so well, and for numerous shows at a time. :O Masha’Allah!
        Nazar-e-bad Door! 😛


  5. @SZ totally with u with a filler ep and a bogus one at that.
    ROFL @ surgeries, collapsed lungs and ventilator and not even a drip in sight let alone an oxygen mask!..Then we got the mysterious fracture in the ICU.. I swear these nurses r extremely dodgy!!!! Omer utho bacho!.. Mohni stop fretting and keep an eye out for ur guy!
    Bogus ailment tou hai hi, we got the useless documentary.. seems like it had no reason no rhyme.. It didnt make an iota of a difference to Sr…. Infact whatever happened to all the FBR invasion / investigation? Sr. still seems as cool as a cucumber.. Poors Adnan’s Qurbani bhi raigaan chali gai!!! tsk tsk!
    This episode was also bogus promises galore!! Seems as if the only after affect of Adnan’s demise was that everyone (yes, not just Mohni) had got hold of Adnan’s leftover pot. Not only they were totally new personalities, everyone was promising everyone else all kinds of nonsense.. Asma to Mohni: aik aur minor surgery hai, i promise you uss ke baad bilkul theek ho gaye ga!’ .. how can they promise anything like that!..nomi to Mohni : ‘I promise mein us ko kuch nahin hone doonga…” really?!?! how??.. i guess he clocked on to what he had just promised because his expession afterwards was epic! lol.. and then in the precap we got Sr.’s ultimate qasam of so baar this and so baar that!
    Omer was supposedly in hospital for 2 months.. Bechara Nomi was so busy trying to save his promise that he didnt even bother changing his dodgy shirt!!!

    @SZ The clip u chose is epic!!! (the only scene with a drip btw).. This just sums up the whole off-ness this episode!.. the new Mohni, the dodgy nurse, the chanda collection notice, the on set of fractures and collapsed lungs because of all the shaking etc.. and the ultimate question abt bachche- very bizarre!

    Re nurse: I swear all I could think of was OKB’s last week’s comment abt dodgy bruises and dodgy nurses! lol

    Only scene worth watching was the last one.. warna story didnt move an inch! .. but honestly, Mohnis PIA uniform was very distracting! Mohni please sort out ur wardrobe while he’s sleeping…. warna kuch aur damage na ho jae!

    Miseed OKB/omer.. Omer Please uth jao! nurses se bachne ke liye nahin tou hamari khatir! Cant take any more of bogus surgeries, fractures, icu admissions, chanda collection/ fund raising, bekar promises and rona dhona!


    • @FA: High five my friend! You are spot on! I too think it is Adnan’s leftover stash that everybody in that hospital seems to have inhaled! And haan exactly what was that about a fracture in the operating room …talk about dodgy nurses getting bolder by the day!!
      Btw, on tharki nurses, weren’t you reminded of our doctor baji from Numm? What is up with all the female drs and nurses losing all composure when it comes to their good looking patients and their rishtedars .. yaar, ladies .. kuch tau apna composure rakho!!

      And did you notice ke itna kuch was happening but Omar’s very intricately styled beard remained perfectly in shape…time seems to have stopped for our sleeping beauty …


      • @SZ: yaar tou beard.bhi humari nurse baji banati hongi na 😉 chlo numm me tou banda acha khasa theek tha tou doctor baji ka banta he flat hona but fractured n injured bande ko tou chor do LOL


        • hahahaha @Rehmat @SZ 2 maheene ki shave! Nurses are def keeping themselves busy!
          Haan ji Dr baji and now the nurses..
          @Rehmat samjha karo drs get the first pick, nurses get the leftovers naa! .. abb unn ke liye beemar hi sahih.. lol
          Waise apne hospitals ki kher ho, Medical ethics aside yahan tou work ethics bhi nahin hain!


      • @SZ ROFL @ sleeping beauty .. I guess Mohni was trying her true-love tactics with all the shaking and ‘utho Omer’, …Sadly that didnt work.. now all the nurses r trying their luck.. lol


  6. Hahahahah oh my goodness i seriously busted into laugh reading your review and @FA’s comment… Tauba.. You guys are hilarious.. N that clip was epic share ..

    Sachi me what bache has to do with Omer’s recovery plus i swear those promises were huge turn off … Haalat he qasm se.. An extreme filler episode full of yawns … Seriously Omer wake up man n save us from this weirdoes…

    Only thing i liked was haniya and zaib un nisa interaction.. N yes last scene.. Heres hoping for good comeback saturday


    • @Rehmat: LOL!! Bola tha na dont get me started on that bacha line!! 😉 LOL that scene is definitely going to make many more guest appearances in various posts, keep an eye out! Itna epic scene tha ke it has inspired me to come up with a “DRNR Kya Scene Hai” category when I do my year end round up post …Muqabla sakht hoga but I’m sure this one will be a hard one to beat!🏆


        • @Rehmat I was dying of laughter! First the way Mohini had the revelation ke Omer ko check karo.. .. Nothing happenned so she tried the shaking thing.. but that didnt work either, so she gave up..
          Then we get the tharki nurse.. first befreind the wife with telling tales of pichla mareez jou paer pe chal ke giya tha… he was obviously not as hot as Omer, thats why they let him go.. ‘bachche hain aap ke?’.. checking her standing.. no bachchas, chalo ji shes happy shes got more of a chance!…’Sort out the bill’ so they dont kick out the patient!

          honestly seems like Omer is more in demand now than he when he was supposedly the most eligible bachelor.. lol


            • @SZ et al. I had more fun reading these posts and responses than I did watching the episode. 🙂
              I’m for a “While You Were Sleeping Turn”…since I’m mourning the loss of Adnan.
              I’m thinking it’s the writers who had some of Adnan’s stash.
              “Sleeping Beauty” ha ha! I kinda like the designer beard thing going on, frankly.


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