Goya ~ Episode 10 Review


No thanks to ARY and their so-not-intelligent promo editors I decided to give this latest episode a pass – what was the point in spending 39 or so minutes watching an episode jis ke saarey twists had been obligingly revealed – but then after hearing wah wahs from quite a few friends I thought chalo dekh hi lete hainab itni tareef ho rahi hai tau koi tau baat hogi … I sat down to watch, socha 15-20 minutes and I’ll be done, after all l already knew what was to happen so thora bohot dekhoon gi thora bohot ffwd and I’ll be done …

Needless to say my annoyingly persistent friends were right – the episode was great and despite knowing what was to 10947611_10153553067008662_1407059593_ncome (Adnan’s death and Omar’s accident) I watched with almost as much interest as I would’ve otherwise. Chalein main ne tau tau dekh hi liya, but what about the others like me who had decided ke choro, jab sab pata hai tau what’s the point in watching. I have no clue what the big bosses at ARY are thinking, or perhaps not thinking, but from where I’m standing it sure does look like the channel is trying its best to turn viewers off this serial. Where in the world do companies/corporations/money-making enterprises follow such a flawed marketing strategy? ARY, if you’ve recently been losing viewership for this serial then I sincerely suggest you look no further then this sab-dikha-do strategy. Doesn’t work!

Despite the fact that I had started to watch this one with a know-it-all mindset it is to10937787_10153552876238662_769952792_n Team Goya’s credit for keeping me hooked. It is to the writers’ credit for knitting a screenplay that makes every scene a must watch. What I realized and appreciated after watching today was that here scenes were not used as mere stepping stones leading up to a single climax at the end of the episode, rather each scene was meaningful in an of itself, making it possible to, therefore, have several sansani-khez moments within a single episode. No, ARY, this is not to be read as you being let off the hook – you guys are still in the doghouse – this is tareef for the writers’ eyes only.

There was no way that Omar could’ve known that his angry exchange with 10933211_10153553066878662_291722723_nAdnan would be his last one with this crazy but genuinely sincere new-found friend. But then again we do so much, say so much without ever thinking of the consequences. Just like Adnan. The heated conversation with Omar left Adnan so angry that he sicced the tax agency (FBI?) on Sr. Hashmi. Still not satisfied he also called in a bomb threat to his friend’s father’s hotel. Added in as a final touch, to rub it all in and derive satisfaction from hitting Sr. where it hurt the most, the gloating phone call to Rahat Hashmi.

Adnan died under mysterious circumstances, but unlike moronic Mohini who seems to live in la-la land and swats off her husband’s well founded fear and paranoia, like Omar I too think that all these happenings are a little too much of a coincidence. Mrs. Imtiaz, Adnan, Ali, one by one all taken away from him. Who was next in Sr’s line of sight?

Rahat is Omar’s father and who would know a father better than his beleaguered son, 10884978_10153552876578662_495673885_nhence Omar’s concern for his new family. The Omar we saw in this episode is a far cry from the immature boy we met in the first episode. Yes, he’s still green around the ears, the whole Amreeka jaa kar naukri karoonga phir tum logon ko bulaonga bit  for instance, but this Omar is no longer just all about Omar. Today his concerns are not just about main aur meri zindagi, rather he worries about those who love him and is immensely burdened by the loss of those whom he cared for and loved.

While Omar is impressing with his emotional strength Mohini disappoints with her stunted growth. Where is the girl who led Omar out of the morass of Jr.’s life? Where is the mature practical Mohini who taught Omar how to think and look outside of himself? In her stead we see a girl who treats her husband like the immature boy he was when her first met her. Her mother and now even Omar are right to call her out for the way she treats him. Nowhere in her demeanor do we see a modicum of respect for her husband.

At a time when he needs her the most, rather than offering Omar emotional support, 10944907_10153553059793662_184400163_nstrengthening his resolve and helping him stand his ground, Mohini appears to be doing the complete opposite. Constantly referring to him as a bechara and using phrases like us ki zindagi barbad kar dio us se shaadi kar ke she seems to be stripping him off all agency, effectively rendering him ineffectual, useless and powerless. Juxtaposed against this unflattering view of Omar is the way she describes Sr. Hashmi: I really respect him a lot … he is family, he is my father in law. Beta ji, tau phir I guess that makes your mother crazy and Omar mad, no? Sorry Mohini, girl, you lost my vote today.

10943255_10153552876243662_865840904_nWhere Mohini disappointed Zaibunissa intrigued. Just that one look and we were all clued in to her connection to the Hashmi family. But connections alone are not enough to explain the what when where why of her story; the dining table scene was enough to whet my appetite and I for one am eagerly looking forward to this mystery being unfolded, one layer at a time.

Rahat Hashmi, the pivot around whom the story revolves, is sitting pretty at the moment; happily planning his vacation and anticipating Omar’s return. So far, by hook or by crook things seem to have gone his way, but something tells me that he ain’t gonna be sitting so pretty for very long … zara hamarey hero sahab ki recovery ho jaaye tau phir dekhen ge, filhaal tau he’s recovering from some unexplained injuries – no, not referring to the neurologist’s mumbo jumbo, I am talking about the mysterious bruise and the dressing around his forehead …. yeh injuries kab huin??


All in all despite the tell-all promo this was quite a happening episode. The writing and directing are impeccable, and for once there was actually a scene that was beautifully lit and shot and attested to the presence of a seasoned DOP. Yes, Omar and Mohini’s balcony conversation was worthy of applause on all counts. Of the actors, Usman Peerzada is perfect as the manipulative megalomaniac Mr. Hashmi. There is so much authority in his portrayal that it seems that Omar is absolutely right – Undertaker can do anything he wants. Magar then there are those times when we see Sr. roaming around the house in his plaid PJs and mussed up hair … phir no matter what he says or does, he looks about as dangerous as an eccentric uncle who’s lost his marbles.  Tara Mahmood’s Haniya is a fantastic understated foil to the larger than life Sr. sahab. Rounding off the senior lot, Farah Shah is impressive as Asma. She doesn’t say much but her expressions speak volumes.

Among the younger actors, Gohar Rasheed had a small role here but he definitely made an impact. His scene with Osman in the office was great. Where Osman came across as stiff rather than angry, Gohar was fabulous as the doped up Adnan. I will definitely miss this crazy character. For his part, after a rough first scene with Gohar, Osman was simply superb. Infact he literally owned this episode. I will admit to having my share of doubts as to how he would handle the emotional scenes in Goya, but all those doubts are now a thing of the past. We knew him as a natural at the comic stuff, but the emotional depth we are seeing here is something else. The balcony scene, his stunned/numbed look when he came home after learning of Adnan’s death, the pareshani right before the accident – all were brilliantly essayed.

Sana Javed’s Mohini is yet to come into her own. I’m hoping with these latest twists Mohini will get more of a chance to show her mettle and find herself in the process. At this point I’m not liking this lath maar larki. Christina Albert had only two scenes but she definitely made her presence felt. Asad Siddiqui is good as Nomi, and am glad that there is someone other than Asma who can talk some sense into Mohini’s pretty head.

Chalte chalte, head se yaad aya ke bhai wah!! Lets end with a huge round of applause for whatever brand of gel/tel it is that Omar and his shadow use …. kitne ghanton se woh chaley jaa raha tha aur shadow sahab motorcycle par follow kar rahe they magar majal hai jo unka ek bhi baal apni jagah se hila ho!


Written by SZ~

20 replies

  1. @SZ Thanks to your annoyingly persistent friends we got this brilliant review!
    I loooved this ep! Like u said despite the spoilers, this episode had so much substance.
    Ab how could u miss this ep.. Adnan deserves a proper send off! He has been such a laugh! Abb bechari Asma ka bhi chance gya! .. but we need an explaination for his sudden death! Was it OD? celebarating after calling FBI all the was from saat samander paar on Undertaker!… After all aisa bara achievement!!!.. Mumkin hai Undertaker revealed his drug mafia and they bumped him off..? or perhaps it was CIA..?…. lol.. but anyway Gohar RIP!!
    OKB was fab fab fab!!! I think this has gotta be his best emotional performance!. In the past idk but i felt his worries always came across as sulks.. but this week i felt for OKB’s Omar! He played Omer’s paranoia so so well!!! Bechara so paranoid ke he cant think straight..
    Undertaker shocked me! I wonder what game he’s playing with the doc.. It’s gotta be more than more than the mysterious bruises..the precap talks about mysterious surgeries and whatnots.. Honestly, what is Undertaker up to? .. He had such calm about him for a dad whose iklota beta just had an accident ke i know he’s up to something very nasty! …
    i got so into it this week that I went back and checked out the original promos for the serial..
    Mumkin hai while mohni and mom have run out of cash after splashing out on the ribbon and tape (and the car), ke now they wont be able to afford these mysterious surgeries.. Mohni will go to respected father in law who will say Omer ko chor do.. so while he is sleeping, Mohni will walk out of his life.. go to murree and cry the hell out!.. Hira will come back earlier than expected.. more fireworks! looks like in the end Zebu behen will drive bhaiyya ji to his wife to avenge the Undertaker!…..


    • @FA: Sshhh!!! Aahista bolo … don’t want my friends to know how fondly I talk about them behind their back 😉

      Exactly!! Agree with you and @JR and @Rehmat ke this was a fab episode and one can sense a turning point here ..with things heating up, however, I do hope we dont lose out on the humor in the serial, which is one of the biggest strengths of this serial.

      Re: Adnan’s death, I think the joy on Sr’s face indicates that he had something to do with it although Im not sure what.

      LOL @ what games Undertaker is playing … dekho seedhi baat hai .two options:

      1) they were brain washing ( and I mean literally brain washing) so that he gives up these stupid ideas of his and returns to the fold and become Sr’s lap dog .. hence the injury on his forehead (cutting open his head etc )
      2) like in jails were they torture prisoners and force confessions here too there was tashadud happening behind closed doors hence the unexplained bruises and the broken ribs and compressed spine (wth was that dr smoking??? )

      Ab after all this when Omar finally comes to, he will start doing anaap shanaap bakwas which will scare Mohini and have her running to Sr saying mujhe maaf karden aap ko aap ka pagal beta mubarak ho… kaisa????

      ROFL @ Zebu!!!! I was gonna use that but was reminded of apni zany zaibu from Ashk and decided to let that be .. uff!!! Ashk bhi kiya serial tha!!!!


      • @SZ zipped! lol
        totaly agree with u. Im also concerned abt losing the humour factor.. chalo kuch nahin tou we can keep that going by discussing unexplained bruises, the horrendous interiors, the gel miracles and brain washing procedures etc..
        Re Adnan’s death, yes I thought so initially but then he said something like kaam ho gya bagher kuch kiye.. that made me think otherwise..
        ROFL @ Unterdaker games.. and yes wth is the doc smoking.. honestly goya has alot of drug abuse issues.. zara, adnan, the drugged up cococola and now this! mmmmm
        Lol @ Omer doing anaap shanaap and mohni running to Sr.. too funny!
        Uff Ashk.. kia yaad dila diya!.. hahaha..
        Waise im thinking ce the ribbon wrapped car ka ab kia hoga! tsk tsk!


      • @Atty: Dr Sahiba, please ab un unexplained injuries ka bhi reason bata dein 😉 Waisey personally I am enjoying the gross visual of that senior citizen dr digging through Omar’s khopri and literally washing his brain out!!


        • @SZ yahan pe medical knowledge fail ho jata hai.. i never get it k dramas me hamesha car sey takratay hi sb unconscious kaisay ho jatay hain??


      • Oh!!! oops! chalo that explains things warna I was thinking ke aray wah apna Adnan was some under cover agent or something lol..
        Waisey itne fata fatt they got there! Adnan was one resourceful dude!..khud agent nahin tou agents se connections zaror the kahin na kahin! lol… Omer doesnt know kia kuch he’s lost with Adnan!


  2. @SZ. Great review. I’m glad you decided to watch this episode. I hadn’t seen the spoilers so I was completely upset that Adnan was killed off! They got rid of one of the most interesting, off-the-wall characters by far, and a great performer of said character as well. I’m terribly disappointed. Adnan ka mazaa quch aur hi tha. I don’t know which character can make up for it. Unless Adnan faked his own death and will reappear and shock the heck out of Sr. Rashmi. Wishful thinking, I know…but it’s possible in the realm of drama, no? We didn’t see a body, right? He could be in rehab…ok, I’ll stop now!
    I’m with you on Mohini. I’ve seen a few dramas where the opening shows a strong, working woman who gets married and then turns into sap. I hope this doesn’t happen to Mohini. Her conversation with Nomi trying to convince him to do the documentary on Sr. Hashmi…”I respect him a lot” was so lame. Oh please, do something and redeem this character.
    OKB was great. I’m a fan and hooked!


    • @JR: Good for you for staying away..it just showed up on my newsfeed and I watched and hen was so annoyed ke hadd nahin .. usually I share these promos etc on the DRNR FB page but ab no more .. ARY just cant be trusted 😡

      So true abt Adnan.. Gohar was fab and though he had very few scenes he always left a mark, not an easy thing when you consider that his was not a very sympathetic or likeable character but he still managed to make us all fall in love with Adnan .. will definitely miss him 😢

      Haina! I dont get why Mohini is turning into this idiot … Omar left his house on account of his father, Mrs Imtiaz told her Sr was weird her own mom has told her so much abt Sr and all she can say is that she respects him!!! I wanted to throw something at her at that moment .. Its already started but I wonder how long before Omar really starts getting annoyed with her; I know I certainly am!

      Haan, OKB has certainly won me over here.. ab lets hop and pray ke this one does not go all crazy like so many other recent serials tend to do after the first half …


  3. Oh bouy let me repear you are hilarious… That mysterious bruises and gel hairs not moving at all phrases made me laugh like crazy LOL…

    Ok but the episode was soo sad n ok for me.. N i think only because they killed Adnan 😦 this was most enjoyable character so far.. N Gohar Rasheed was simply brilliant in playing that.. Pehle Mrs Imtiaz was sent to heaven… Un ke waqt i tou actually shed some tears with Omer but because Omer was also upset.. I could take the situation n move over but yahan pe i so wanted Omer to know all that Adnan was doing for him.. And his genuine concerns for Omer… Shayd zyada he dil pe le lya drama 😦 and here lies success of writer k viewers like me get so attach to characters and their feelings 🙂

    Now coming to zinda characters 😉 OKB was marvelous right from office scene with GR to scene with SJ.. Every expression was spot on… cant wait to know what Rahat bhaisahab is upto… Hook or crook ki amli tafseer bane hue hain…

    That look zaib un nisa gave to Sr.Hashmi on dinning table was such amazing.. Gosh this is getting interesting maan..
    Tara Mehmood was just wonderful as Haniya.. Even i second to Sr.Hashmi k she is so pretty

    Pretty tou kher Asma bhi hain balke beauty with brains but beti aisi kyn he :/ her whole bechara bechara n mujh se shadi kyn ki.. It made rethink k waqai was tht love from her side or just sympathy?


    • @Rehmat: Awww!!! Tissues bhejoon?
      But all kidding aside, I hear you.. it was a sad episode but I am so glad that they didnt spend an entire episode dealing with one death and rona dhona etc … and I think I wouldve been equally shocked too if I hadnt seen that stupid promo …I remember how I was totally shocked when Mrs Imtiaz passed away but is dafa I was prepared ke accha this is gonna happen so didnt hit me the same way and therefore I had the fursat to notice the gel and the injuries, LOL! Btw, dont you think some gel company should hire OKB as theur brand ambassador? 😉

      Haina! I agree Asma is so much better than her daughter, in every way possible. I really think Omar se ek bohot bari ghalati ho gayi .. Adnan waqai samajhdar tha .. ek nazar mein hi he knew ke Asma was the real deal, no?


      • @SZ: hahahaha na rae abhi im feeling better 😉 gosh i sound cry baby in my last comment.. Duh…

        Oh for sure… OKB has got great hairs.. He will be rocking in that 😉 sachi me Asma is real heera jiski pehchan johri ko thi LOL


  4. You guys want messed-up hair? I’ll give you messed-up hair: screenshot samait (wait till Omar wakes up, lol!)
    The dressing is to bandage the side/back of the head (re: impact on road, re: realistic Rooh Afza Tru Blood). As for the mysterious ‘bruise’, two words: shady nurses.
    Thank you for the review and all your wonderful comments!


    • @OKB: Will wait for the screen shot proof 🙂
      Thank you for confirming our suspicions abt all the nefarious going ons behind closed doors at the hospital…Knew it! Dont have much hope from Mohini but do hope that Asma will take good care of Omar while he recuperates from all those injuries …
      And also intezaaring to read the news about you being signed on as brand ambassador for some hair care company … I’m sure I’m not the only one appreciating your hair here!


    • @aclockworkobi Honestly u were fab in this ep! totally felt for bachara paranoid omer.
      ROFL@the shady nurses. wow Omer is having one non-stop adventure in that hospital!
      @SZ see thats what they mean by ”experimental project”… ”…pink romance, social taboos, complicated female psychology, dark medical subjects, relationship values…. ”… u sure that pc was by AnB? lol


      • @FA: tsk tsk how could you forget “financial class differences” and “senses-magnet dramas”!

        And LOL yeah this “masterpiece” was from A&B … Im taking a ss and saving it before somebody takes it down …


    • @OKB: you are tailor made for Omer.. Simply amazing portrayal of his character you have done..keep working such class work and already waiting to see you as Wali..


  5. I never watched the promos lol so it was rather thrilling and exciting for me lol. Adnans death was a little sad , he was quite a character!!
    But that whole injury and devious plotting, didn’t see that coming!! It must be too make Mohini and her mom not be able to afford the bills do they go begging sr Hashmi and hopefully it doesn’t become filmi style with him telling her to leave him in return for his treatment LOL
    But definitely loving the housekeeper track, nice to know someone has ruffled sr Hashmi feathers!!
    @sz avoid the promos next time!! Much more enjoyable lol
    But loved your review , it’s definitely fast paced and enjoying the plot progression!


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