Goya ~ Episode 9 Review


And just as we were getting comfortable with the thought ke goya ab saari story ki samajh aa gayi hai – kaun kaisa kyon hai, kis ko kis se kiya shikayat hai, kaun kis ke ghar reh raha hai, kaun Dubai kyon ja raha hai aur kaun London – Team Goya’s thrown us a curveball, and a stunning one at that – enter Zaibunissa.

Thanks to the promos we knew there was a female character waiting in the wings, but us ki entry is tarah hogi yeh bilkul nahin socha thaKaun hain yeh khatoon, kahan se aayi hain yeh khatoon, aur kyon aayi hain yeh khatoon? 

I’ve said this before but  allow me to reiterate: TV peeps, please take note, this is how you do drama right. This is how you introduce new twists and add more characters, weaving them in seamlessly such that they seem effortless and natural. And mind you its not just the organic additions, it is the expertly handled exits too that make this serial such a great watch. I don’t know about you all but I find it to be a total bheja-fry when I, as a viewer, am expected to keep track of tons of characters, remembering who went where when and with whom. No thank you, mujh se apne rishtedar hi nahin sanbhalte tau auron ke rishtedaar ka achaar daloon kiya? 

Thank you Team Goya for keeping complicated stuff simple and accessible. Thank you for allowing us, the viewers, the luxury of choosing the depth of intensity with which we wanna approach Goya. For those of us who prefer easy breezy entertainers Goya offers just that, and for those who prefer a little something extra on the side there is enough here to keep Freud happy. As for me, I’m happy oscillating between hating on Mohini’s kotis and reflecting on relationships – feeling absences listening to silences and thinking about mutuality that exists therein, or perhaps not. And then of course the cherry on top – the Coca Cola song. Bhai wah!! Kudos to Farah Shah and Osman for introducing us to this gem!!

Back to Goya, Mrs. Imtiaz’s tau chal basein magar apne peechey she’s left the Hashmi household in a right mess. Though I don’t think marhooma ever fixed beds or plumped pillows but khair, with her housekeeper gone Mrs. Sr. is left severely shorthanded and in walks the lovely Zaibunissa. Hum aur aap tau soch mein par hi gaye, but it is the arrested look on Sr Hashmi’s face that has the Mrs. thinking. Haniya is a smart cookie. She knows there is nothing to be gained by alienating her husband nor is she kind to stoop so low as to ask Zaibunissa 1001 questions, so why not sit back and let it all play out. And in hiring Zaibunissa she’s done just that, ab let the chips fall where they may.


Bechare Sr! As it is his days were all about fikar-ing how to mess up Jr’s life and ab tau raatein bhi barbad. Magar Hashmi sahab aisa tau hota hai aise kaamon mein, no? Waisey methinks this woman hold the key to Sr.’s past and once that door is unlocked we will better understand why Sr is the way he is, particularly when it comes to his over protective-to-the-point-of-being-claustrophobic attitude towards his son. Osman Peerzada, Tara Mahmood and Christina Albert all were a treat to watch in this episode.


Though I thought Christina looked stunning, and am impressed by the attention to detailing when it comes to each character’s particular look, I do hope that unlike Mohini and her kotis we will not see that same white flower in Zaibunissa’s hair 24/7. Kabhi kabhar phool switch ker leney main koi harj nahin, agar sufaid hi hona chahiye tau motia, chambeli, tuberoses, gobhi ke florets, kaafi saari qismain maujood hain, aur haan raat ko sotey waqt utarna na bhooliye ga – shukriya.


Just because so much happened in Sr’s life does not mean Jr’s life had come to a standstill. Nope, not all. Thanks to the skillful interlacing of various tracks we heard the good news ke Jr is soon gonna be welcoming his very own Jr. I just hope ke Omar plans on being a a very hands on dad, warna mujhe dar hai ke this kid will grow up wearing kotis and watching rote dhote dramey. Basically, Omar, my friend, its high time you get with the program and grow up! Apne liye nahin tau apni aaney wali naslon ke liye hi sahi. 

Would love to hear what you all thought of it, but I am now finding Mohini quite annoying and overbearing. The lines are there, the situation are just right, but somehow all the banter between Omar and Mohini appears forced and is falling flat for me. I get that this is not our typical coochie-cooing couple but aag tau rahi door ki baat yahan tau koi chingari bhi nahin hai. Except for that one semi-tender 10922188_10153532778913662_1668453195_nmoment at the beach, after Mrs. Imtiaz’s death, I am yet to see anything that makes me believe that Mohini has a warm spot for Omar. Did she marry him so that she could take him on a pet project? Is there anything about him that she respects or values? Asma is very right in calling her out on her attitude towards Omar.

I don’t know if its the actress or something else, but I am totally failing to connect with Sana’s take on Mohini. I find that I like Mohini in principle, as in how she’s written, her personality, etc, but what I see on screen is somehow missing the mark for me as a viewer. That whole “cute” scene in the car was something that should have had me going awww but here I was thinking uff bibi ab bas bhi karo! Even her scenes with Farah Shah cind-1are off for me. The whole mother and daughter filmy scene, at her birthday, was another one that did not quite gel with me. And again, it is not as if the scene itself that did not work, I loved that little moment when Asma insisted that Omar call her mama and Omar’s affection for Asma is plain to see. Unlike Sana’s Mohini, I’m very much enjoying Osman as Omar. He has indeed come a long way since I first saw him act, and did not like him as the kajal-ed Meyer.

What Sana and Osman lack as a pair is made up in spades by the chemistry Farah and Osman share. Omar, mujhe lagta hai ghar se bhagne ke jaldi mein ghalti hogayi boss … zara ghaur kartey tau I think you would’ve realized amma was a much better catch. She’s one who gets you, your twit of a twat wife, on the other hand, is totally clueless. Don’t believe me? Ok, ask Adnan.

Adnan, now this is a man who has more sense than Omar, even 10934468_10153532778843662_2050624883_nwhen totally out of it. Right from the moment he met her he knew Asma was a keeper. Aur sirf Asma hi nahin, us ne tumhari qadar bhi foran pehchan li, much before you or your silly wife… seekho kuch us se. And yes, we all know how khuddar you are, isiliye living as a ghar damad, but do you think jobs grow on trees? How qualified are you? What experience do you have? Ok, fine his giving you the car was a bit OTT, but seriously?! How about you stop pouting like a baby and think of the other baby on the way.

All in all quite a happening episode, but nicely paced without any sense of urgency. With Zaibunissa’s entry Hashmi khandaan ki yeh kahani has entered a new phase … ab dekhen aagey kiya hota hai … 

Written by SZ~

22 replies

  1. Caught up with Goya on a long flight last week, so this episode was a real treat! The entry of Zaibunnisa was perfect, and in particular, I really liked how they showed Senior’s flashbacks/memories. And perfect casting with Christina Albert – is she actually of Bengali origin? In any case, zabardast twist, and mI found myself wondering all sorts of things – she’s too young to be Junior’s mother, so what then – an affair? a wronged employee? Looks like we just found Senior’s Achille’s heel…

    Am indifferent to Sana as Mohini, but am really liking Adnan, Omar, and Asma. And looking forward to Mrs. Senior’s role picking up, esp. as after the whole debacle with Junior, Mrs. Imtiaz’s death (so shocking how that went down) and now Zaibunnisa, she is getting a much better picture of just how horrid her husband is (and maybe she’ll actually care about it).

    Random question – is Mohini a popular name in Pakistan? Also, any reviews of Oos/Oas? Saw it on your Youtube channel, and the cast looks amazing, but have not started watching (I think it’s an avoidance of PTV; I can be shallow like that :))

    Great review, SZ! Finally, I am caught up to one of the series that you are reviewing 🙂


    • @Amudha: yay!! glad to have you back and that too in real time – looking fwd to many fun convos 🙂

      Haina! There is something about the way the story has been knitted that despite the very obvious low budget and minus the HD quality of HUM TV videos, it still keeps you hooked. Good direction and fab acting too goes a long way in convincing you to keep watching Goya.

      Re: Christina Albert, I checked and no, she’s not of Bengali origin rather she’s a Christian from Karach and has worked in other serials as well, but like @Annie and @Rehmat I too remember her from Dareecha, a soap done by the same team, which had a similar mystery element to it and flashbacks etc. Try catching it on yt if you can. It started off really well but kinda lost its steam around 2/3 of the way …

      Re: Mohini, no not really a common name, but it is a name that I have heard before in Pakistan. There used to a famous radio presenter called Mohini Hameed, if I’m not mistaken …. On a tangential note, there are so many names that we hear on TV these days that sound really unfamiliar … Perhaps everybody is fed up of the same old same old 🙂

      Haina, I think everybody I know feels kinda the same about Sana J here as Mohini, which is kinda strange because she along with Omar is the lead and has many good scenes etc, but something there is no scene of hers that really stands out as an oh wow moment, the kind we’ve seen from Adnan/Gohar Rasheed for instance.

      And speaking of Adnan, dil thaam ke baitho because all Adnan fans will be in shock come Saturday. ARY has very graciously released a precap for the next episode that is a complete spoiler. I have not yet shared it on the FB page or here because I didn’t know how many would want to know what happens next …. So if you guys want to see the spoiler let me know and I’ll post the video …

      And yes, very sad about Mrs Imtiaz’s death .. still very upset.. but I loved those Omar moments after he got the khabar and the trip to her grave and the beach scene after, were very touching…


      • @SZ. A line about the name Mohini. I too wondered if it was a common name used in Pakistan. In Hindu mythology Vishnu takes the form of a beautiful woman named Mohini. There is a dance form in the South called Mohiniattam i.e. the play (as in sport) of Mohini.


        • @JR: In Urdu it literally means Man ko mohney wali …a woman who captures hearts. In urdu literature women are often described as man mohini or man mohini soorat wali … as in a woman who (with a face that can) enraptures ..which basically comes down to the same meaning as you describe above … as you are well aware languages do not grow in isolation hence we see influences from various language cultures .. and then later as they continue to evolve many phrases and words get identified with a religion.religious practice etc …
          From one academic to another: isn’t it fun to see bits n pieces of what we read/know theoretically come alive in totally unexpected ways and places 😉


    • @Amudha: Sorry, totally forgot to respond to your Oas question .. I started uploading it for the exact same reason and will give it a go and binge watch and review as soon as I have some more time, but the one time I tried to watch the OTT set colors were a huge turnoff … I dont know if youve read my year end review, but that red pic in one of the collages is from Oas …

      re the two spellings .. it is so stupid .. the word according to Urdu pronunciation is Oas, but the PTV uploaders and FB page insist on spelling it as Oos .. so I put up both spellings hoping to making easier for ppl who were searching with either of the spelling …

      And LOL youre not the only one, there was a time I would watch only HUM TV dramas because their name stood for a quality product ,, but aajkal tau seems like all channels are in a race to see who can set the bar the lowest 😦


      • I m watching Oas through ur utube channel. I m liking it, and loving Sania saeed. She proved once again y is she considered one of the top actresses of industry. And her interaction with her son in drama is so cute and lovable.. Just wanted to ask. U mention “faisal quraishi” in cast of Oas. So far he is not in drama. R v going to c him in coming episodes?


        • @Atty: even im liking Oas only forSS. Like u i was curious about FQ.. So checked out promos. N ji haan he will be maro entry very soon.. 🙂 should not give u spoilers 😉


  2. @SZ great fun review!

    first of all mubarak ho! the couple forgot to congratulate each other but chalo hum sub mil ke de dete hain! But seriously Jr! ab you need to grow up! Waisey i was really proud of him this week,.. He actually did the bus ka dreaded journey! We doubted him, but he did it in the end!.. aur woh bhi voluntarily! magar boy im glad Adnan gave him a car because Mohni’s driving used to make me car-sick! Brownie points for Adnan for saving us from those horrendous 60s ke lollywood’s superimposed type scenes!!!
    And when it comes to Adnan what a character he is! Totally clueless but completely clued on! He adds such spice and drama here! abb i dont mind this kinda masala in our dramas!
    FS and OKB were fab! but i didn’t get where did they go to celebrate the b’day that was so far! for a min I thought Omer as lost his marbles,.. hes got sasu maa the beach-front apartment! but how?? … but shukr hai that wasnt the case.. but im still puzzled keh where r they akhir?!
    ROFL @ avoid the koti scenario and sometimes change the white flower.. gobhi ka phool hahahaha..
    But honestly what a twist! Now my mind is overflowing with mumkinats.. yeh madam kon hain? Methinks Sr mustve dumped her mom for a rich woman i-e Jr.’s mom.. That’s how he must’ve escaped his poverty that he mentioned earlier.. hard work indeed! (now that reminds me of another hard worker -jalebi jamshed .. khair).. if thats the case, mumkin hai she is Jr.’s half sister! It’s the way she enquired about jr’s mom that got me thinking..
    oh a very duur ki mumkin!.. what if she is related to mrs imtiaz? she wore saris too… yahan tou fasane bunna shuru ho gaye hain.. i better stop!
    oh jate jate.. mohni’s sadness/ rona dhona in Murree in the Ost : mumkin hai she had a miscarriage.. car accident.. she was the driver ofcourse.. OK Jr.! for ur baby’s sake, instead of stopping Mohni from from working its more important to :
    a) restrict Mohni’s driving! hamara bhi bhala ho je ga!
    b) Cococola pila de songs pe ban! u know you’re enticing poor baby even before he/she’s born!.. its not just sugar and fizz, judging by the video SZ posted this cococola seems like some jaali drugged up version.. lol
    d) Eliminate the koti..we don’t have to reason here.. just do it! hopefully she wont fit into them into them in a few weeks as she gets bigger – Good excuse for refreshing her wardrobe!


    • @FA: ahaaa humari FA k mashoor e zamana mumkinaats 😉 at first i too thought she might b mrs imtiaz’s daughter but jaise hie saw Sr hashmi ka flashback i was like oh bouy this is totally something else .. Ur first mumkin was me thinking the same.. Things are getting more exciting must say 🙂 and hahah love your list for omer to work on mohini … Too good


      • @Rehmat re mrs Imtiaz connection: Ahem I went aik (maybe 2) qadam aur agay.. Mumkin hai the girl in the flashback is Mrs Imtiaz, .. that explains why she stuck it out in this crazy place in the first place…ok Abb my mumkinat driven mind is taking me to all kinds of crazy zones! lol

        Oh btw Just saw the precap for te next ep! Id warn everyone to stay away.. but Id like to add one more point to my list: So Jr. Hashmi:
        d) Watch out for Undertaker…. and overtakers, cars, busses, & traffic in general! & you all need to brush up on highway code & road hazards ..
        e) Darn! U might as well drive Mohni’s car yourself.. Believe u me it will come in handy! lol


        • @FA: Hahahaha!!! Naa!! Dont think that girl was Mrs Imtiaz.. waisey aajkal dramon mein kuch bhi expect kar saktey hain so who knows.
          Re: why Mrs Imtiaz stuck around for so long mumkin hai she and Mrs Sr #1 were bachpan ki best buddies or some such and thats why she stuck around for her BFFs bacha …

          Re: mumkins .. So yeah Im with you on that Z’s mommy was perhaps Sr’s first love, she probably eloped with him and left everything behind to be with him, and then he duped her and pulled a Jamshed on her by marrying a rich woman (Omars mom) and mumkin hai she might be older to him as well …. perhaps thats why she died early as well … and then Z’s mom probably married somebody else ( a loser like in MZZB) and Z saw her mother pine away remembering her first love and possibly being abused by her hubby .. hence the daughter’s need for revenge … LOL!


    • @FA: Haha! Mubarak indeed 🎉 I wonder when the news will makes its way to Dadaji … Do you think it’ll soften him up, just a tad bit?

      LOL so true! When Omar started the whole Im gonna return the car business, I was going nahinnnnn!!!! I dont think I can sit through those old Lollywood wali scenery and her patently fake driving … yaar kya tha agar she’d at least tried to do it a bit naturally? Also every time she would take her eyes off the road and look to Omar and totally forget ke she was supposed to be pretending to drive, I would be like Omar beta tumhari maut to car accident mein likhi hai … honestly…those bogus driving scenes are the worst thing ever abt this serial .. and thats saying a lot when you think of the OTT greenery in Hashmis’ living room .. did you notice that the plants had almost multiplied… in that scene where Zaibunissa comes for her interview ….

      ROFL @ Mohini’s growing big jaldi se so that she can get rid of her kotis .. umm. behen low budget serial hai, they an’t going nowhere… I’m sure mommy is clever enough to loosen her clothes when the time comes ,, or the alternative is she loses the baby .. jo bhi ho, est assured yeh kotiyan kahin nahin jaaney wali!

      Re: the CC song. too funny!!!


  3. Great review SZ! I really enjoyed today’s episode.
    As for Mohini, I don’t mind Sana because I start thinking they could have picked some other girl who was probably not as good or repeated Maya Ali and then I think Sana theek hai. She is overbearing at times but then Omar needs that – he’s still trying to come out of his shell and relies on Mohini a lot to guide him. Otherwise he would be jobless and car-less sitting around at home watching soaps.

    The whole sequence with let’s go meet Adnan and take the food with us was Hilarious!! 🙂
    LOL @ your Phool comment – seriously which household help dresses like that?? Mrs. Hashmi knows something is UP! Yeh tow hair, makeup and Saris mein hi one hour laga dai gi to get ready. I am just not sure I like Christina playing another SIMILAR role as she did in Dareecha. Oh well – I guess they couldn’t find someone else. That’s why her presence did not excite or intrigue me much. I started having Dareecha flashbacks (of the little I had watched of that overstretched soap)
    For now I am more intrigued by Rahat’s backstory which I know they will take 10 episodes to reveal than Zaibunnissa herself.


    • @Annie: LOL you know that phool is here to stay … although you are right I dk what kind of household help dresses like that.. also, I had assumed ke Mrs Imtiaz was dressed like that and called housekeeper and given so much izzat because she was senior member of the family almost etc, but yahan tau the way Haniya was going on it seemed like she was looking for a maasi … so then why not just call her that?? LOL @ her taking an hour to get dressed .. see now you;re thinking like an Amreekan and how we pay our help by the hour .. ab wahan kiya bari baat hai ,, not like anybody s rushing out the door at 7/8 am 😉

      Re Christina: LOL I think ppl generally like to work with a certain gp of ppl, we see Asad Siddiqui here as well as well as Furqan Qureshi, both if whom were there as well … but khair I liked her because like you I too am tired of seeing the same 4 faces playing merry go round on various channels …

      LOL @Rahat’s backstory taking ten eps ..so true, given how things go in our serials, but I dont know things are moving crazy fast here … nine eps and Omar’s had one failed escape, one successful one, moved houses three times, one engagement put on hold, married another girl, expecting a baby, saasu ma quits her job, finds another one, and is fed up of that one, old housekeeper dead, one friend left for Dubai, another lady left for London, new housekeeper hired.. uff itna kuch 😉 But haan will be interesting in terms of plotting to see how many eps are taken up by this track …


  4. ROTFL at the Coca cola song!! I had totally missed that the first time around while multitasking! That’s actually a Friggin song!! HAHAHA that has to be from the OKB collection 😀


    • @Annie: Haina!! Such “gems” in our Punjabi films!! Took me hours to find the song etc but totally worth it!

      Oh and here’s what OKB had to say :


  5. That was bole tou mast review.. Literally enjoyed reading it and last night when i was all tired n sleepy .. Your review helped me in being fresh n happy LOL… That song was amazing search n i just cant control my laughs as simply loveeee coca cola… Gosh… Next time i drink coke i am bound to remember this nek gundon ki pasand wala caption of urs Hahahah… Tauba..

    Goya really excels here… Putting up things naturally and realistically… As how they mentioned this song k ali ne whatsapp kya.. How real is that… Friends do share such things but we dont see such things in our dramas anymore sadly.. And talking about excellency… Zaib un nisa character was introduced in such a twisted way yet sooo unexpected.. Zabardast maza agyaa… So delighted to see munni as bangoli… Love how the both tracks are going on smoothly..

    About Sana’s Mohini i find her ok..with Omer it tends to more like friends and less as lover/husband.. That spark is missing.. They both cute together only as friends.. If i had to compare Omer had more sparkling chemistry with Zara.. Anyways seems the more intensity is yet to come.. The birthday surprise was hilarious specially when asma hugged omer.. I am finding Farah Shah much more likeable now as compare to starting episodes..

    All actors are doing such a magnificent job, writing is amazing, its being directed so well.. Goya right now is absolute one of favourites 🙂


    • @Rehmat: LOL you’re too funny! But yeah that video will haunt me for a while to come as well!

      Haan, exactly, I too find the spark missing b/w the two, but khair lets see how things progress .. the precap promises a lot of craziness in the next ep…

      And yes, you’re right, the natural everyday language and relatable dialogues are a huge part of why I enjoy the serial so much … its like watching a story of ppl you could know or do know and it moves fast so there ar no dull or ffwd-able moments .. Lets hope it stays that way!

      True, I too like Asma a lot now, the first two eps she seemed really loud and OTT but now I dont know if we’ve gotten used to her or her character has calmed down a bit, I am enjoying her so much more now .. loved her line about botox etc!


  6. @SZ re mumkinat: aray wah! Im loving how we are adding layers to our mumkinat! Older than rahat/ died young and MZZB twist! wah!
    Lol @ pulling a Jamshed. Our jalebi jamshed has now become a phenomenon!


  7. Definitely loving this one,and ur review hilarious lol finally caught up past weekend. It has a good balance of drama, funny/ serious scenes. The characters all very interesting .
    I would have to disagree regarding Sana, I am really enjoying her , I’ve actually liked her since Pyarey afzal. She is refreshing to watch and am actually enjoying how Mohini deals with Omar,As @annie said it could have been so much worse with someone who we are sick of due to being in every other drama lol
    the housekeeper twist is intriguing, am thinking he possibly had an affair and this is his daughter?
    I am already at episode 10… Lol where’s review?!? Already more twists with Omar getting injured, definitely looking forward!!


  8. @SK: Aap ne kaha aur review haazir… its up 🙂
    It was a crazy busy long weekend so was tied up with guests etc …

    I have seen Sana in other stuff too but I dk somehow I feel shes not connected to the character as the other actors are .. but again thats just me .. I know many are really enjoying her pairing with OKB here 🙂

    Haan, I too think she’s his daughter .. ab whether her mom was his first/second wife or girl friend kya maloom … dekhtey hain 🙂


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