Goya ~ Episode 7 Review


While watching this latest episode of Goya there was one constant thought running through my mind: If producers and channels are hell-bent on giving us long winded serials, why don’t they solicit stories that actually lend themselves to the desired duration. Instead of padding episodes – via idiotic twists, repeating/reiterating same lines in different ways, flashbacks galore, scary closeups of ridiculously dressed, garishly made-up characters, never ending maar kutai and screaming sessions – why not actually have meaningful, coherent content to fill up the required episodes? In short, producers/channel people please take a look at Goya, as it has unfolded so far, to see how to do things right. Mohammed Ahmed and Yasir Rana take a bow.

Kudos to both the writers for illustrating how to stay within the parameters of commercial desi drama writing and still get it right. A plausible plot + well-defined characters + believable scenarios + organic twists – resort to silly plot progressions (nosebleeds=AIDS=abandoning biwi) + thori khushi – chichora romance + thori sadness – magarmach ke ansoo + thora pyar – physical abuse + thori nafrat – bad language = formula for a hit = Goya.

Speaking of writing, what a fabulous episode! And it was not just the episode itself, but also the carryover effect from the very well edited promo last week. Hats off to the editors for keeping us guessing and having us come upim-so-sad-smiley-emoticon with various mumkins for why Omar would get cold feet. I don’t know about you all but this latest twist took me by complete surprise. I doubt Omar mourned his loss as much as I did, and am still doing!

Khair, its a good thing I was watching online and could go back and rewind to the opening scene. Thank the Lord for Adnan and Aiza and Nomi and Ali and Zara. Kiya awaz aur kiya andaz! Not that any of them is ever going to get a call for Dancing With The Stars or You Got Talent or Pakistani Idol but main thehri seedhi saadhi bandi, bas main ne tau soch liya hai I’m gonna call upon this gang to teach me how to pahty the night away!


Asma may equate his dubious vocals with crowing and Omar and Ali might be clueless when it comes to dealing with his quicksilver mood changes, but I for one am so glad Adnan is still around. His might’ve be one of the more fun characters to conceive and write, but it is hard keep such a mercurial character grounded and reined in but director Faiz and Gohar Rasheed do a fabulous job getting the various facets and the comic timing just right. That dholki was so much fun to watch!

After the much happening dholki, given all that transpired in the interim Omar and Mohini’s shaadi was an understandably low key event. I aww-ed at the very sweet mother daughter taiyaari scene, but could’ve done without Mohini’s sticking out her tongue. Another thing I didn’t quite like was Mohini’s be-rang pheeka jora. I’m all for understated elegance and am happy she did not go the route of our OTT morning show hosts, but this was just not right. Oopar se the working in of a version of the koti in her wedding jora – sorry just did not cut it with me. Wish marhooma Mrs. Hashmi had left Mrs. Imtiaz in charge of not only handing over her zevar but also buying a shaadi ka jora for her bahu. Given how classy Mrs Imtiaz was I’m sure she could’ve done much better. But chaleinab agar dulha dulhan raazi tau kiya kare SZ …. just ignore me and my rant.

On dulha and dulhan, while Mohini is taking time to reveal her various nuances, I like her present level headed approach to life. When we first the pair, Mohini appeared to be stronger, more mature of the two. He started off as an immature, pampered and protected brat, an anokha ladla whom Mohini lead by the hand and introduced to a whole other world. Somewhere along the line, however, the equation changed. Be it keeping Zara’s secret, or standing up to his dad and looking him in the eye, or leaving behind Mrs. Imtiaz’s nurturing embrace, or dealing with the loss of someone very precious to him, Omar has shown tremendous growth. Mohini on the other hand is yet to match his growth.

Once again a nod to skillful writing in mapping the two very different character arcs. Where Omar has gone through life altering changes, Mohini has not. However much Nomi might warn her about Omar messing up her life, so far she is basically living the same way she was before her marriage. It is only when her life too gets turned upside down that we will see Mohini come into her own. For now, though supportive, she knows there is not much she can do than mouth mere platitudes. For the first time we see Mohini clueless about how to react. She promises to keep him happy, but can she? How can she even begin to understand the extent of Omar’s loss. Sana Javed does a great job playing a character as nuanced as Mohini, keeping her low key for now, resisting the temptation to tip her hand this early in the story.

As for Osman, have to hand it to him for his  excellent outing today. Honestly speaking I have been pleasantly surprised by the maturity of his performance in Goya. The beach scene was particularly well done. His expressions, as he not only wept for his loss but also bade goodbye to all that was now in the past, were excellent. Omar’s childhood, his growing up years, his being a Jr. to Rahat’s Sr. – all memories now. Calling his father by his given name – Rahat – marked an important plot point in this coming of age narrative.

Omar’s personal growth is inversely proportional to his relationship with his father. Though Rahat denies he’s cold and emotionless, drawing on his love for Ghalib and Faiz as a reference, he fails to realize how out of touch he is with reality. That poetry lover was left way behind in the race to build an empire. Today Rahat is a mere shell of his older self, his sensitive soul replaced by the leaden weight of ambition and greed. Usman Peerzada is fabulous as Sr. and Tara Mehmood is superb as the soft spoken Haniya, asking Rahat the questions we all want answered. As for Shamim Hilali, what can I say – its not just Jr. we’ll all miss Mrs. Imtiaz too!

While Omar alternately mourned and seethed, I wondered if this was how Sr. had started off as well. That final phone call showed a remarkable similarity between the dad and son. Ab I have my fingers and toes crossed that today was not our last look at Omar’s softer side. While I wait for the story to unfold further, all I can say is that thank god for friends like Ali who give Omar timely reality checks. While Mohini is witness to his emotional breakdown, it is Ali in whom Omar really confides his fears and anxieties. With Mrs. Imtiaz’s exit, Ali is the last link to Omar’s past as Jr. Furqan Qureshi is another one who impresses here as Omar’s BFF. From that contented smile on Omar’s face at the dholki I think hero sahab knows how blessed he is as far as besties are concerned. Most people are lucky to have just one, yahan tau aik certified bestie aur doosra wannabe. That  scene with Ali and Adnan has left me very curious.

Great job Team Goya, you have me waiting to see what happens next week.

Written by SZ~

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  1. @SZ. On the mark as usual. First, I am loving OKB’s performance. Love the way the character is unfolding but more so I am impressed with the portrayal of the character. Well done OKB!
    Mohini’s shadi ka joda; My sentiments exactly. I don’t like the OTT shiny stuff but brown? [I remember Kashaf’s joda in ZGH. Ugh! seemed out of character.]
    I LOVE Adnan’s character. It took me by surprise, and I want to see this character continue. I’ve seen a couple of episodes of Digest Writer and just discovered what a good actor GR is. Being fairly new to Pakistani dramas, I am discovering that some of these supporting actors (like Tipu) are amazing and they keep me coming back to enjoy their nuanced performances.
    I love when actors create a character (which is why Johnny Depp ranks high on my list) rather than perform the same way over and over eg., the legendary ‘angry young man.’


  2. Loveed ur review and the mathematics formula for this super amazing drama… Cant agree more 🙂

    The pace is going so perfectly balanced that you have no other option except to enjoy the drama.. Literally having a great time while watching this.. Right first of all this Adnan makes me laugh like crazy.. LOL.. His dancing steps, the way he was making up the story infront of Asma.. All was just splendid… Gohar Rasheed is brilliant here.. His scene with Ali came out as a really mysterious one.. Ahhhh the joys of original script..you just keep guessing and akhir me it turns out a totally unexpected twist..

    Like Mrs Imtiaz death was a shocker..Shamim Hilali was magical in her character.. The death scene was so executed awesomly.. Omar’s reaction made me shed some tears… OKB was flawless.. His acting have matured so much.. Be it graveyard scene or beach scene with Mohini he was just outstanding.. And i love how life events are helping him to grow.. Him calling Sr.Hashmi as Raahat was indication that war has just begun 🙂

    I am glad that we get to see some honest friendships in dramas.. Ali-Omar bond is one heck kind of loveable.. No matter how tough times are these kind of friends are great driving force 🙂 hats off to writer, director and actors for this stuff to exexute beautifully

    Waiting for next week damn interesting episode..


  3. Once again “dil ki baat keh di “:D Goya is another “sensible” drama on air these days besides JH.OKB I too was pleasently surprised in the beach scene;usually actors tend to go over board in sad scenes;I am glad OKB did not over react.Sana Javed I agree so far is doing good;but then as you said Mohini’s life has not changed much so we will ahve to see how would she react if circumstances;and they will;change.Adnan i knew there must be a reason for his character and the precap shows he is much more than a addict and a friend.You didnt comment on Aiza’s part 😀 her dance scene was not as funny as “like reallly really really early morning “:D in 1st episode;I remember I kept laughing for like 2 minutes 😀
    Mrs Hasmi ;unlike Mr Hashmi has a conscience;she did call Omer despite of Rahat Hashmi;I wonder why did she marry him;it doesnt look like that money or status was the reason there is much more in Goya still.In a nutshell episode as expected was good and actors write director all did a commendable job;the only think I feel inappropriate is Hashmi’s home furniture


  4. Finally got time to see some of these eps and read the reviews.
    So true about the pace of most serials on air….so boring it gets.
    And yes, the nikah jora was blah, double blah but OKB looked cool in his attire.
    Sr.Hashmi’s character seems like a caricature to me. I still am a bit surprised that Mohannad Ahmad Sahb wrote this character … or maybe I haven’t come across such people so I can’t relate to him at all.


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