Alphabet Soup ~ The ABCs of Pakistani Dramas III


Hello! Hello!
How are you guys?
Did you think I would get so busy with the holidays ke I would forget about this week’s installment?


Ho hi nahin sakta! Hum aisa honey hi nahin denge!

Ab since hum already late ho chukay hain is liye lets make haste and get to hamara is haftey ka harf….


Ji bilkul, sahi samjhe!
Hamara, hum sab ka, har dilaziz humsafar ……..

What with the holidays ‘n all it seemed apt that this guy be our pick for the week.

Haan ji, tau get your thinking hats on and give it a good ole’ heave ho aur ho jao shuru!

hqdefault (1)

Written by SZ~


22 replies

  1. Happy Holidays !!!! Hazar bate kare jamana !!!!!!
    Love the way they celebrate the holidays in drama ,
    In drama ” huei hum Jin ke lye barbad (NUM)
    Happy holidays to you all my friends.


  2. Happy Holidays 🙂 …haal kaisa hai janab kaa?…Holidays kaisi jaa rahi hain..hum tou soch rahay hain kash Hum bhi ager bachay hotay..naam Humara Hota babloo tabloo..ahem ahem mera matlab apna bachpan yaad aa gaya jub Holidays kaa sahi maza ata tha kiunk tub hum guest hotay ab Host 😦
    H for hud ker di aap nay…nahi SZ nay nahi bulk humaray drama makers nay kiunk ek k bad ek baad ek namoona…k apni bhi Hud ho poora saal Holatay bolatay guzra
    H for himmat…jis ko ker k Hum viewers Her naya drama shuru kertay hain aur H for hoslay say dekhtay rehtay hain aur iss k Haarnay ki surat main Hath maltay reh jatay hain
    H for hairan…ye bhi mera fave word hai jo mere comments main Hamesha use hota hai..kiunk dramas ki stories aur oon k Hairan kun twists dekh ker Herhbarha jatay hain
    H for hasan…Haye mera cute hasan 🙂 …hasan Haye re Hum sadqay tumharay
    H for horror… ye genre humaray dramas main bohat kum use hoa hai like Woh aur Woh dobara lekin humaray dramas Horrible stories horrible actors horrible direction etc say iss kami ko poora ker detay hain
    H for dramas k shuru main home sweet home ..dermiyaan main naa swwet naa bitter lekin end main akser phir wapis pehli position per…yaani Happy ending 🙂
    H for heart…ab iss per kia kahoon ..sara fasad kambakhat isi kaa hai
    H for Helmat..ji SZ tou sirf “sun glasses” kaa istemal kerti hain main Hat Helmat sub apnay paas rakh ker drama dekhna shuru kerti hoon k kub kis ki kia zaroorat perh jye kiunk “Hathorha maar” dramas say bachnay kaa aur kia tareeqa hai
    H for handsome…humaray heroes aur kuch nahi lekin handsome zaroor hotay hain ….aur actors tou shuker male female dono hi Hot aur Handsome inn salahiyut say malamaal hain 🙂 ..
    H for heaven… drama lovers k liay ye blog aur kia ..aur aap sub kaa sath

    mera khayal hai itna kafi hai..baqi H aap friends k liay chorh rahi hoon 😉 akhir ek dosray say kertay hain piyaar hum 🙂


  3. Huma nawab …Humza abbasi..Hina bayyat fave actors…Humera channa…A Hameed …ek waqt main drama channels kaa Baap Hum channel ..dramas main sivaiy Humsafer aur ptv classic Hala k aur koi drama mujhay yaad nahi jo acha laga ho…worst drama Humnasheen ..characters main Sr Hashmi Jr Hashmi..Hania poori family H kaa paharha hai lol…aur mere most fave Hasnat bhai 🙂 .. aur oon kaa mashhoor dialogue “Chakku hai meray paas” kon bhool sakta hai…aur humari “humera” bhi bohat achi dost hai …aur SZ ki hum sub ki fave Hajra from mat-e jaan


  4. H = a happily ever after
    All our dramas r forced toward a fairytale happy ending with a happily ever after.. chahe is ki tuk ho na ho.. hamesha sukhi rahtain hain hamare characters magar sirf end ke baad.. sara drama rote dhote… Honestly, i cant remember many dramas where we have witnessed otherwise.. why? haqeeqat mein tou life isnt like that..does a happy ever after exist in reality? we always have highs and lows everyday, and thats life! why do we get this message that after every 24 (or 32+) episodes of bad luck, ill treatment, zulm o sitam, shukk, etc a life can turn utopic – har pal haseen.. hmmmmmmm… humbug!!!
    Sorry didnt wanna ruin the festive mood.. Happy Holidays @SZ & humnawa!


    • @ FA

      Mostly, it’s happily NEVER after. I think they show the lead pair being happy for only the last 5 minutes or 5 seconds of the last episode. It’s like agar sab khush tou drama aagay kaisay barhay 😛 But it really does get on my nerves sometimes


  5. H = hideous wardrobe, horrendous house, horrible decor + the hazoor janabi & the epic headgear!, = wtH?! = SeD lol… yes SeD has broken taken the lead!


  6. haye SZ what a letter! Now I can do a much-needed rant!

    * haye humaray writers! Instead of coming up with something new and zara hat ke, they are churning out a hotch potch of recycled stories

    * haye humaray directors! Even if a good script is submitted, they end up doing nothing less than its hashar nashar (Laa and KPKP are classical examples)

    * haye humaray producers! Jo samajhtay hein keh hum bohot bewaqoof hein! Like we cannot figure out that someone is wearing the same dress on the same set for an x number of scenes. Honestly!

    * Hilarious! When you are shedding tears of mirth at something which is supposed to be sad, you know there is something seriously wrong with either you or the way the drama was shot! LOL! I say the latter.

    Now to some interesting characters we see in our dramas!

    * Hollering husband: And the one name that comes to my mind is that of Waseem Abbas who is usually (type)cast in this classic role. Even Agha Ali seems to be going down the same route.

    * Heart-to-heart bestie: They are there in EVERY SINGLE drama. It’s like every drama needs at least one character who is the lead’s best friend and mainly, the voice of reason. At times, these characters work, but at other times, you only wonder why the lead is so stupid to not have figured out what the bestie is saying 😀

    * hero kay peechay haath dho kar parh jaanay wali heroines – LOL! No points for guessing who I had in mind. It started from Humsafar ki Sarah and KPKP ki Kiran, went on to Dil-e-Muztar ki Zoya, and out of the current on-air dramas, we have Suhaina in Dil Nahin Manta and Sumbul in TMHR

    * humble heroine: mainly a middle class girl who will never stand up for herself and act as if others are doing her a favour if they do anything for her. Bushra fits the bill perfectly.

    * Humiliated husband: There is one in almost every drama – he hollers for the most part, finds out mostly in the last episode that he was wrong all along, and cries a teary apology before his wife. Remember Arranged Marriage, Janam Jali, Dil-e-Muztar, and so many more.

    And some standard dialogues (with variation) that you will hear in almost every drama:
    * Hum hamesha saath rahen gaye
    * Humaray beech koi nahin asakta
    * Humein yeh sab saath face karna hoga
    * Humein yeh faisla manzoor nahin hai
    * Humaray hukum kee khilaaf warzi nahin ho sakti
    * Yeh humara hukum hai
    * Yeh sub humaray saath kyun ho raha hai?
    * Humari khawaish hai keh…

    LOL! If ever there was a script churning out machine, it would make a lot of use of these hum, humaray, hamesha, humein, hukum, humari, hairan, words.


    • Okay I know I have written way enough but I HAVE to add this:
      The highlights of every single drama serial (with very few exception):
      1. Heartbreak
      2. Hopeless housewives (and their equally hopeless husbands)
      3. Home-based sets (with one or two standard houses used and reused and re-reused in different dramas)


  7. Haha I absolutely love your Humour SZ.. And the pictures you have put are quite hayee 🙂

    I thought H for Hypnotize that we get while watching dramas like SeZ, Talkhiyan, Pehchaan, CK, and ofcourse Humsafar and recently its JH… You just get so involved and attracted towards such dramas as if we are in some kind of trans.. Atleast i felt that in Sez and Talkhiyan specially.. Even in CK.. Those 20 mins every week used to get me in some other world..that it was so refreshing and full of happiness 😊 …Even PTV classic dramas that I recently watched fall in that category… Dhoop Kinare, ABC, Tanhaiyaan, Nijaat and you just name it…

    Telefilms bhi kam nh to make hypnotized..Ghar aur Ghata, ek band muthi, tamasha mere aage, tum mujh me zinda ho, khamoshi, firdouz ki dozakh, burnsroad ki neelofar, and many many more.. Such an amazing stuff that you forget for sometime about the ridiculous stuff going on 😉


  8. Hi all, for someone like me who started watching Pak dramas after a long time, its definitely H for Hatke experience. ZGH and Aunn Zaara came as a breath of fresh air and H se Hawa mein naye rang bikhar Gaye. And how can one not mention H se Humsafar (though I still feel ZGH was far better n refreshing).

    Phir iss blog pe mile H se Haseen dost jinse Hazaaron baatein hoti hain aur Haale dil bayaan kiya jaata hai.

    H se Hina Bayat jinhone H se hairan kar diya jab unhone humaare comments pe reply kia jo ki H se Haseen surprise tha. H se Humble Hina ji 🙂

    End mein sabko H se Happy Holidays n a very Happy New Year 🙂


    • A dedication of this alphabet to Humaray viewers and Humari apni SZ – for keeping our Hopes alive with your critique, comments and appreciation 🙂
      H has a lot of significance for me – no not just because of my name (I’m not that narcissistic) :p but for many other reasons… HHx2 – two of my favourite directors Haissam Hussain and Haseeb Hasan! H also for two of the most beloved mom’s I have played – Hajra (Mata e Jaan) and Husna (Aunn Zara). Even today “mama ki jaan” and “Amiiiiii” are quoted by viewers and co-actors alike 🙂 H for Humsafar too that skyrocketed Fawad and Mahira to stardom & Bollywood. H for Hum Tv that revived Pakistani drama through some memorable productions – we just Hope it will be able to bring back some of its lost glory. And finally H for Heart – the one that Hurts at the senseless loss of life brought about through terrorism, corruption, nepotism, greed, apathy and incapability of those in power. Phir bhi Himmat aur Hausla ikattha kar ke hum aagay barhnay ki koshish kartay hain is umeed par keh kabhi to Haalaat badlain gay…..


        • @Rehmat aap sub or SZ sochnay per majboor kar daitay hain aur aap se itni apnaiyat miltee hai keh apnay dil ka Haal aap se bayaan kar daitee hoon. Stay blessed!


  9. Hi All,

    I thought everyone had exhausted all the H’s but recently watching some dramas, both pakistani and Indian, I came across a new H – Humsafar wannabe. the blatant copying of scenes from HS. Some examples:
    Romance in the rain (falls flat all the time)
    Removing of the clip (looks so cheesy, makes you want to go back and see the original again)
    “I was crying so I left the room” (that one word, chalein, conveyed the feelings so much)
    “Shade loving plants” (sudden inspiration to show the hero as gardener, looks so much as wannabe)

    And numerous big and small things.
    really if we want to see these iconic scenes, we would go back and watch HS once again not some aspiring wannabe. :))


  10. Seeing we r still on H, i thought I’d take this opprtunity to wish H for Hum TV a Happy b’day ..
    Here’s to hoping that they will give us more epic dramas like Humsafar this year, and always..(not just HS reruns )
    hum sub umeed se hain! (shikayats phir kabhi!)


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