Goya ~ Episode 6 Review


Let the games begin!
Ladies and gentlemen! On the right hand side we have Omar fighting for the right to breathe freely, and on the left we have Rahat who refuses to let go of Omar. Who blinks first remains to be seen.  Filhaal tau sakht muqabla hai! 

Detailing rather than romanticizing the aftereffects of Omar’s joshila exit from Hashmi sahab’s house, this episode was fabulous in terms of underlining how disconnected Omar had been from the reality of it all. Though he had complained much, and rightly so, about his father’s domineering ways, he is only now realizing how pampered and comfortable his lifestyle had been. Things like boiling eggs and making tea, which a guy like Ali learnt as a matter of fact, give Omar a pause. When had he ever thought of such mundane issues. Yeh sab kaam tau Mrs. Imtiaz karti theen. When had he ever thought of a plan B for anything? Having more than one residence option, dealing with the repercussions of a missed job interview, figuring out where the kitchen was, all these were things other people worried about, not him. Had it not been for Ali, Asma would’ve been saddled with a ghar jamai before her daughter even got married. Now thanks but no thanks to Adnan, Omar has a sar chupane ki jagah till his shaadi, after which he can become a ghar jamai if he so wishes.

Growing up is never easy, and to grow up overnight that much more so. But to give him credit, Omar’s frustrated but not despondent. Infact in many ways its interesting as to how he seems to have more of a reality check than Mohini does. Maybe because he knows his father better hence not as surprised. On the other hand, had he not been Rahat Hashmi’s son he might’ve thought of throwing the towel in, but Omar is very much a chip off the old block. He’s not gonna rest till he can wipe that smirk off his father’s face. Osman does a great job essaying all the various emotions that Omar is going through, hangovers n all. The morning after scene was hilarious and Osman, Furqan and Gohar nailed it.

About Adnan, wah! Along with being high on (for?) life this man surely knows the art of maaring entries! Adnan’s party was so much on ke I had to shush up my inner amma who was screaming to make herself heard. But khair, amma, koi nahin, aap nahin tau Mohini gave Omar a piece of her mind. I’m sure you would’ve approved of Ms. goody two shoes. in this episode. I tau was having way too much fun watching the cool kids dance the night away. Later too, Adnan stole the show when he was hell-bent on introducing Zara “properly.” Gohar Rasheed is a laugh n a half fabulous as Adnan.

Where the beti is all set to mother her hubby to be, it was lovely to see Asma taking a step back, allowing Omar the space to grow and telling her daughter to take a chill pill as well. Farah Shah was very good as Asma today. Loved her white top. Now if only I could understand why the purple saree? A uniform, perhaps? But then why only for women? And if indeed the dress code applies only to Mrs. Mirza then I guess I have one more bone to pick with Sr.

Potential for a gender discrimination suit aside, if only Sr. Hashmi could take a leaf out of Asma’s book of Parenting 101, life would be so much easier all around. But nahin, he would hardly be the man he is today if he had taken the easy path to anywhere. Hania is the voice of reason in Rahat’s life but there’s only so much she can say to a man who wants to delude himself: Us ki waapsi ka safar tabhi shuru ho gaya tha jis din woh is ghar ko chor kar gaya tha…

For a man as full of himself, it is no surprise to see Sr. ignoring not only his wife’s gentle rebukes but also Mrs. Imtiaz’s politely worded mashwaras. What was so interesting today was that even as Rahat was busy convincing others, and perhaps himself as well, that Omar’s was merely a storm in a teacup his struggle with the lighter was telling quite a different story. Loved that little insight!

And on insights and screenplay and writing, please give it up for the opening scene!  Loved the use of Urdu and the ease with which the writers played with words: Mujhe pata tha aap neechey ayenge … ghalati aap kar rahe hain jis ki talaafi nahi hogi azaala hoga… isi liye to resign kar rahi hoon takey muqabala barabar ka ho…. Beautifully done by Ahmed sahab and Yasir Rana.

Infact it was not just this scene the entire episode was wonderfully written and Farrukh Faiz has done full justice to the script on hand. Be it Gohar’s comic timing, Furqan’s straight faced dry humor, Farah Shah’s laid back manner, Tara’s calm demeanor, Osman’s ease with Omar’s multifaceted character, or Sana’s comfort with the gradually opening up Mohini, the director’s handle on the emotional graphs of the various characters is clearly visible here. Hira had a very brief appearance today but I enjoyed her sassy Zara. As for Aiza, ab what to say about her except that Ali needs to re-read Iqbal, particularly his nazm, [Aiza] se aagey [larkiyan] aur bhi hain... Among the seniors Shamim Hilali plays Mrs. Imtiaz with such thehrao that you cannot help but fall in love with her and Usman Peerzada is Sr. to a tee.

So yes, abhi tau [dholki] party shuru hui hai …. let’s see what happens next.

Chaltey chaltey, in an attempt to appease my inner amma, lets offer a ba-jama’t dua:

Allah hum sab ko Ali jaise dost ‘ata farmaye
Adnan jaise doston se bachaye
 (or not!)
– Ameen! 

Written by SZ~

20 replies

  1. ufff just loved the episode and I loved your review. Nahi sach mein, you did justice to the episode. It was so full of awesome scenes. I love Ali’s character and Furqan has nailed it. Sana, Osman, Shamim Hilali, Farah Shah, Hira and especially Gohar!! He has done complete justice to Adnan’s character. Entriyon se yaad aya, Gohar ne bhi abhi entry maari hai industry mein, lekin apni versatility prove ki hai. Every role of his is different from the other. Furqan and him. Uff Umar, kia yaadgaar qism ke dost hain tumhare 😛 The kind of friends you would remember when you grow old. You would tell your grandkids about them!
    And that card scene was funny too. I laughed jab Asma ne shadi ki saari planning ek scene mein complete kardi. Kon kon ayega, taareekh kia rakhein. And all of that while playing cards!!!
    Hamein aise laid back characters ki zarurat hai, in all of the dramas full of negativism.


    • @Areeba: Hello ji 🙂 Glad youre onboard with this one and enjoying it as much as I am.
      So true about Gohar, he has shown himself to be versatile, but like @Annie I too dont want to see him in every other drama .. lets hope he remains selective .. I think another reason we are enjoying this is because we dont see these actors in every other serial so the freshness of pairings is very appealing.
      Haha! Yes, aisey chilled out tariqey say shaadi ki planning kabhi nahin dekhi – it was fun!


  2. Fantastic episode..loved it …ek ek scene perfect.. ye Goya ki best episode lagi..goher bohat achay actor hain aur unhon nay proof kia..wo poori episode main ek scene k liay bhi atay hain tou viewer per apna tasur choh jatay hain..aur adnan bhi interesting character hai …umeed hai story main iss ek significant role ho gaa..

    last episode dekh ker main nay socha drama start hotay hi humen pta tha k ek stage per omer aur Mr hashmi amny samnay hon gay aur iss confrontation k nateejay main omer gher choh ker chala jye gaa yaani yahan tak sub predictable tha lekin Goya kaa asal test ab shuru hoa hai ..ab iss k baad kia ho gaa kis traa ho gaa kahan tak jye gaa aur isay screen per kis tra pesh kia jye gaa..ye dekhna hai..oos k baad hum sahi tor per faisla kernay ki position min hon gay k ye kaisa drama hai

    mujhay khushi hai first step k tor per ye episode bohat behtareen thi ..hopefully ye behter say behter ho gaa..mujhay first scene sub say ziada pasand aya jaisa aap nay kaha bohat achay dialogues likhay thay aur farah usman sahib nay brilliantly perform kia..full marks

    iss episode k baad meri asma say mutaliq sari shikayuten door ho gai hain..pta nahi kiun lekin ab ye OKB k characters kaa track record hai yaa kuch aur lekin mujhay lagta hai mushkil waqt anay per omer fattu hi niklay gaa..ye mohini ko ditch kray gaa…oos k baad iss ki actual “growth” ho gi..abhi tou hazoor ko lag raha hai k wo haqeeqat main practical independent ho rahay hain lekin asal main abhi bhi khabon khayalon main hi hain…jahan wo apnay 2 sub say barhay khaab (Mr hashimi say azadi / mohini say shadi) ko poora kerna chah rahay hain…ab ye action kaa reaction hai k aaj tak oos ki zindagi k tamam faislay koi aur kerta aya hai ab mohini say shadi k zeriay bus ek point proof kerna hai..yaa waqai wo independent hona chahta hai aur mohini say shadi mohabat ki waja say hai zid ki waja say nahi..ye mujhay maloom nahi

    dosra fave scene dholky wala tha 🙂 ..gohar ki comedy per timing achi hai ..digest writer main bhi in kaa mazay kaa character hai..oh mujhay bhi white top bohat pasand aya..main nay pause ker k dekha 🙂

    lastly excellent review …almost har point ko cover ker dia ..specially omer aur Mr hashmi per aap kaa analysis bohat pasand aya…iss kaa matlab Goya ko chorhnay kaa sawal hi paida nahi hota


    • RJ: Glad to know youre enjoying this routine se hat ke serial as well..

      Re: the white top… LOL I loved it so much ke am trying to find ke inhon ne kahan se liya .. pata chalega tau will let you know as well 🙂


  3. This was a super amazing episode.. A mixture of serious and light stuff.. First half was just so brilliant watching Sr.Hashmi doing every possible thing to get Omer back with guilt..and his confrontation with Asma.. Bohat Aala.. They both reminded me of numm.. Though can’t remember if they had scenes together in Numm but still connection tou tha 😉 asma is a cool mommy and we see that reflects in mohini. Well not also cool but very pretty.. She looked gorgeous at dholki.. Adnan ki tarah mera bhi reaction aisa tha k oh my she looks awesome.. LOL..

    Talking about Adnan.uff that guy made me laugh like crazy…GR’s acting and the witty dialogues were just too good.. I couldn’t stop laughing when Omer welcomed Adnan and Aiza at dholki n said to Ali.. Tumhe tou nishaan e haider milna chahiyae inko jhelne k lye… Hahahaha and there enters Zara… Spot on timing.. Loveddd that sequence and what followed after that was cherry on cake oh nh cheery on proper taaruf 😉

    Omer and Mohini have still long way to go..wedding seemed early for them..but i am glad that they are showing the transition gradually… And not k last episode me wonders happened and taraa.. Looking forward for next week nail biting episode:)


    • @Rehmat: Haha! Yes, I too had thought of Numm when i had seen shooting pics, but once the serial started I was so glad to see ke there was no lingering trace of the crazy amma from Numm.
      Yes, I too am enjoying the lines, all sounding like we talk in daily lives and I like the contemporary references and the wit . and the guys all deliver them so well ke bas lagta nahin ke they are reading from a script .. great job by the guys 🙂


  4. such a fun episode and a great review! Really enjoying this drama. After Satrangi we are seeing a story about young folks again. It’s so refreshing. and yes Gohar Rasheed is hilarious! I just hope he’s not in every other drama now.


    • @Annie: You got me thinking, and you are so right.. apart from Coke Kahani I cant think of any other one in recent times was really targeting that age group. Yes, GR is really shining here and to think he doesnt have that many lines either .. but I am loving how Gohar and Furqan are both making there presence felt here … do you remember Furqan from Dareecha? He was the baddie there ..

      Dont know if youre watching it but Gohar is in Diges Writer these days, but there too he seems to be having a ball with that role .. aur kuch nahi tau just check it out for his wardrobe 😉


  5. @SZ abhi tou party shuru hui hai!! hahaha
    loved it!
    Loved the first scene, it’s witty lines, fab performances (minus the polka dot walls) and some solid reasons to party.. hum sub ko bhi jashne azadi mubarak! azadi mili sari se!!!!!
    Shadi ka faisla over a game of cards.. Looved it! Abb dekhna yeh hai ke iss game of chance ka anjam kia hoga..
    Judging by the preview we will get a runaway bridegroom.. magar kion aur kaise? mumkin hai sr hashmi ke darr ke mare , ya phir for Asma’s sake.. I just don’t want Omar to go back itna jaldi!!! If he doesnt turn up at the wedding I hope its for a very good reason!!! pretty Pleeeeeaaaasssse!!!
    I like the way Omar is standing his ground so far.. yes he has taken his savings (which i think were his mum’s), but he did leave all the luxuries behind, (a very questionable) designer wardrobe, the guitar, the so called mansion – the lifestyle… I think we can give this kid a huge round of applause for growing that spine so quickly!
    I was thinking about Numm and how bare Sahab had managed to keep Wali reeled in.. he had kept him on a tight leash.. Our Jr Hashmi is no oxford grad, but he has managed to walk out on his undertaker fairly quickly… kitni der lagti hai aata daal ke bhao ka maloom chalne mein, thats another story.. i really hope he doesnt end up back at the Hashmi mansion.. Yes im rooting for team Asma (so long as she has Omer in her squad!)
    btw we didnt see the scenes from preveoius eps precap with sr Hashmi accusing mrs Imtiaz of stealing Omar’s mum’s zewar etc.. ?? i wonder if that’s Omer’s ‘personal saving’.
    Gohar was fab!!! So much fun.. that was one wild party!.. aik adh baar tou i had tou i had go back and check if i saw what I thought I saw! (but later I blamed it on the bad camera work).. khair.. Our Gohar should meet up with Mian Mansoor.. shayad donon ka bhala ho jae lol.. Mansoor might loosen up a bit and Gohar will get to know the dhaba ki chars ka maza.. Gohar had me cracking up all the way! lol

    Btw yeh keisi nani hain, who has only one pot and 2 cups in her kitchen!!!??!!! lol (hot pink sheets tou chalo maaf kiya) lol


    • @FA: Haha! Finally we get a chance to practice our rusty mumkin skills 🙂

      Mumkin hai Omar goes back, but not for himself but to “protect” Asma and Mohini .. at least thats how he will rationalize his cold feet to himself ..

      Mumkin hai he goes thru the dholki but then gets cold feet, when Asma presents him with the bill

      Mumkin hai he cuts a deal with his father ke leave Asma and Mohini and Ill come back (though I doubt he has the guts to speak up yet again in Sr,’s presence)

      Mumkin hai Mohini sends him back ke tum abhi jao jab barey ho jao to waapis aana .. your techno colored tshirts hurt my eyes

      Mumkin Hai Omar dumps Mohini after he goes through her closet and sees only koti wali shirts and has a vision of his future children being born wearing kotis (this is to my mind is the best reason for him to not get married! )

      Mumkin hai Omar takes a second look at Asma in her white top and thinks beti se tau uski HOT amma behter hain – has killer looks and sab se bari baat dresses main variation tau hai – and then decides to propose to amma instead .. remember his mommy issues, what with being motherless and missing his mommy ‘n all …

      Mumkin hai he OD-s on Adnan’s low grade stuff and gets thoroughly sick, suffers amnesia and looks at Mohini, kotis n constant frowns ‘ all and says wth was was I thinking? Why am I dumping Zara to marry her? Kam az kam with Zara I’lll live in a perpetual chilled out state and she wont boss me around like Mohini. So bas he dumps Mohini and marries Zara …

      Hahaha! @FA. you should know better than to give mre chaabi on mumkins .. achey khaasey dramey ko main ne koi Days of our Lives jaisa soap bana diya 😂

      Hope nobody from the drama team ever reads this! 🏃🏃


      • Rofl Hahahahah oh my goodness… I nearly fall down by laughing… Uff your mumkinats are damn good… Cant say which one is best but tht child being born wearing kotis n getting married to asma are just wayyyyy hilarious… You are too good yaar… You and FA are lethal combo in creating mumkinats.. 😀😀😀


      • @SZ ROFL @ the mumkinat
        Now we’re talkin!!! lol … The chabi worked, Hurray!!
        Yep its the vision of future kids in kotis!! hahaha
        LMHO @ barey ho jao to waapis aana.
        UFFF the OD!!! so totally possible! reminds me of this article that said apparently according to this study falling in love is literally like being high on cocaine, because apparently they both affect same parts of the brain.. dunno abt Omer, but def explained alot about Gohar and Asma dholki scene! lol


        • Mumkin hai Mohni said no to polka dots and red sheets .. abb how could our jr. hashmi sleep without these?
          mumkin hai Sr. Hashmi went ahead with the redecoration of the Hashmi Mansion, and the trick worked! A brand spanking room for our most eligible bachelor!.. afterall thats all he lacked in his life! Hashmi sahab realized growing plants (money plants or crack..) aint gonna get him anywhere, he needed to start with a clean slate!
          speaking of which, mumkin hai Gohar buys all the crack off Sr. hashmi and he pbbly stopped the supply.. so Gohar pbbly traded him in..
          mumkin hai mohni started using the pink umbrella everyday, (thinking about her rang roop coming up to the shadi, (not restricted to the beech anymore).. now that would def drive me away!!!!


  6. Oh btw forgot to mention really enjoyed Sr. Hashmis (breif) insight into his past.. meri tarah na bikhar jae.. wonder what had happenned to him.. We know he cares, its bad parenting!


  7. SZ, I’m so glad you’re reviewing Goya – I totally would’ve missed this drama! While I can barely tolerate Sadqay Tumharey (sadly! I really wanted to love ST but can’t seem to bring myself to it), I am really enjoying Goya. The cast is so refreshing – they all compliment each other so well.
    LOL @ the inner amma. You’re absolutely right though – as Adnan was peer pressuring Omer: I didn’t even realize it, but I was holding my breath. Although…a part of me is glad that Omer gave in because the hangover scene was not one to be missed lol.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling really anxious – I would hate for Omer to lose his innocence as he faces the real world (especially for the sake of Mohini, her mother and their relationship). So far, he’s been a real trooper! I’m really crossing my fingers on this one – here’s to hoping that the drama doesn’t take a crazy turn from hereon lol.


    • @UM: Fingers and toes crossed indeed! We haven’t had any luck with ARY in recent times so lets hope this one stays the course ..
      Waisey check out my scenarios ^ … lol no matter how bad it gets, I’m pretty confident that a Mohd. Ahmed serial would never get that crazy! 😉

      By the way, how did your exams go? Did you get your results? Aced everything, I hope! 👍


      • LOL SZ, you’re mumkinats had me literally laughing out loud – esp. regarding Mohini’s kotis. Lekinmkya idea hai – adding diversity to your closet with kotis, haha!

        Alhamdullilah, my exams went very well – credits due to yours and DRNR crew’s duas of course 🙂


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