Sadqay Tumhare ~ Episode 11 Review


Let’s begin with a round of applause for Team Sadqay Tumhare … kudos to director Ehteshamuddin and his DOPs and his actors for translating the written word ever so exquisitely. That Khalilur Rehman’s lines are beautifully penned and sound silken smooth is not news anymore; we  know that and expect no less than the lyricism we see in evidence here as well, but along with the magic of the written word it is the visual narration of an otherwise simple love story that has me hooked.

Right from the very first frame – at the crack of dawn, Shano waking up for fajar and the leisurely pace of the rituals that follow, to Khalil’s tête-à-tête with maulvi sahab, to the picturesque tanga ride back to the reality of life in urban Lahore, to chhat pe baat cheet between Dr. sahab and khalu Abdur Rehman, to local cricket matches, to disentangling oon ke golay, to Shano’s musical declarations of undying love, to Rasheeda’s unending vitriol against Khalil, to her chasing after Haider, danda in hand, to Shano rushing in to save her younger brother – till the very last shot, this episode was a delight to behold.

Visual delights aside, there was not much that happened in terms of narrative progression. What we did get though was yet more of an insight into Rasheeda’s deep-seated anger against Mohammad Sadiq. Fraadiya, is how she scathingly refers to him. What is it about those shattered dreams that continue to hold Rasheeda captive? How strong are those ties that bind Rasheeda to the bitterness of the past?

Like every other week, this time around too Samiya Mumtaz was the star that shone the brightest. Her brilliance, however, should not take anything away from the younger leads. Both Mahira and Adnan continue to impress as lovers sharing a bond that cannot be explained through logic and rationale. She says her love existed long before she set eyes on him, and his love for her instills in him the power to beat up four ghundas and play a major role in helping his team win a close game.  Theirs is a love that transcends time and space, hence, she knows when he is coming next and dresses up accordingly. Shano and Khalil are destined to be together, whether here or in the life hereafter is a question for their parents to decide. They, on their part, will do nothing that sullies the other’s name, even if that means treading an uneven, rocky path.


While the lovers are determined to do right, Abdur Rehman and Dr. Maqsood see a different kind of storm approaching from beyond the horizon. They know Khalil well enough to know that Rasheeda’s opposition cannot stop Khalil from meeting his lady love, hence the suggestion for court marriage. So far, Khelu is adamantly opposed, but will he remain as steadfast when a raqeeb enters into the picture? Someone who poses a more serious threat to their union than the poor bha-zoned Fayyaz? The precap promises a dhuandar episode next week.

A hint here a hint there of the tension gradually building up made for an interesting episode. The narrative pace is well-suited to the nature of the story on hand, but still there are quite a few places where the scenes needed sharper editing. That said, loved the two songs picturized on Mahira, but I can’t fathom why our lovely heroine does not sing songs of her era? Also, not sure, but it seemed like two different singers singing those two very different songs. Wonder why the need for that? Finally, don’t know about you all but I could’ve done without the visual of spit ball games … surely these grown men have better things to occupy their time?

These few peeves aside looking forward to the next stop on our picturesque tanga ride.

Written by SZ~


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    • @Farah S: Oops, my bad! Was reading 55 and typing 66. Thanks for pointing it out .. fixed it 🙂

      How come nothing abt the episode itself? Are you still enjoying Shano and Khalil or has the pace gotten to you?


      • I love ST. It is just that I love this song….the tone, the expression just captures the essence. We miss you Madam. 23rd December is Noorjahan’s 14 th anniversary.


        • @Farah S; It is lovely indeed 🙂 Absolutely, nobody like Madam, her voice, her personality, her glamour. Truly, she was a STAR in every way that counts!
          Wouldve loved to have done a post but am not knowledgeable enough to write about her … But now that you bring it up, would love for you to share some of your fave songs of hers here ..It would be a lovely way to remember her and also share her music with the rest of us who might not have heard those songs before 🙂


          • SZ, you can call me an expert on Madam. But unfortunately I’m more or less computer illiterate so I can’t download songs and send on this site.
            I have a suggestion or a request. You should post a small write up on her Anniversary. All we really need is few beautiful pictures, 2 or 3 videos.


            • @Farah: Done deal 🙂 I’ll put together the videos (@RJ has helped us out here 😉 ) but I would request you to write up some thing .. a small token of affection for Madam and I will add it to the post with your name on it 🙂


            • Hi Farah shayed main aap ki help ker sakoon ..aap ki tra main bhi computer k baray main ziada nahi janti lekin jahan tak videos /audios download kernay ki baat iss website per aap jo bhi video search kren play honay per oos k ooper ek red bar “download video /mp3 (audio) ” k naam say ho gi..iss per click kren..agay aap ko samajh aa jye gi…ye bohat asan tareeqa hai aur iss say aap jitney chahay songs download ker len… main yahan madam ka ek song post ker rahi hoon..aap dekh len….iss k ilawa kuch aur websites bhi hain



  1. Kya baat he janab i love how you put those pictures in connection with your review and gave it a visual meaning:)

    Indeed episode was delightful..with such kind of narrative you just go with the flow and enjoy the tender moments.. My favourite scene was ooan ka gola with shano and rasho… Love their naturally done.. Even the last scene was wow.. Shano you the strong lady.. I wonder where this bhagana story will lead to.. Seems an interesting turn of events is coming up.. Precap was oolala.. Was that guy same who plays ‘Saadiq’ in Rangbaaz?


    • @Rehmat: Sharp eyes indeed! yes, it it is him, Imran Ashraf, but he looks slimmer and much more cleaned up here, no?

      Re pics: Screenshots take so much time that I just stopped adding them in reviews .. but here these two visuals seemed so very apt for what I writing that I added them in .. glad you enjoyed them 🙂


      • Hi SZ, I also found this episode visually appealing but this drama is a visual treat from the very first episode. Very good job by DOP n director Ehtshamudin.

        But, but, but this episode didn’t really work for me as felt story didn’t move an inch since the last episode though couldn’t find a fault with anybody’s performance. Must say missed Rehaan Sheikh n his kharaash waali awaaz.

        Loved both the songs. Was even humming the one originally sung by the great Noorjehan.

        And just when I thought “at last an episode without ammi’s maar pitaai” n there we had her running after poor Haider with a stick in her hand. How typical of 70s moms who had no qualms about giving a slap or two every now n then. Bachpan yaad aa jaata hai (Lol). Ab toh bachchon ko haath laga ke dikhaao.


        • Samrita: I hear you…. they really need to start showing more than a day per episode and scenes need to be edited down. Also I think they have allowed their love for the visual to overcome the need to move the pace along. So even though I loved opening dawn scenes, the two songs, the wool scene, all those could’ve easily been shortened and that spitball scene really was quite disgusting.

          Yes, I too missed that particular kind of humor that Rehan Sheikh brings with his character ..

          By the way what did you think of all the talk about Khelu and his career? I was laughing when the dad showed concern about Khelu’s non-existent career…. Another point when I thought they went overboard was when Dr kept doing show n tell with Khelu’s blood stained clothes … first he brought then back from the gaon then shifting them to a trunk …Talk about filmy!
          I think it was the unintentionally humorous stuff like this that made the episode go by for me ..

          LOL@ Rasheeda.. I know right! Don’t know about you but at times I have missed that straightforward style of parenting.. where the parent doesn’t have to explain to their child why this that n the other .. it was simply because .. And no, Im not condoning her fast and furious brand of maar pitai 😉

          And, yes! the two songs were lovely! Here’s the original rendition of the second song she was humming .. Lata’s song from the 1974 Ghatna


          • Itne bare mustande hoke they were actually enjoyng that spitball.. Haalat hai.. And LOL @ clothes being kept in trunk… I was thinking to watch last week epi again to see k akhir kupron ka hulya tha kaisa..


  2. Allah waliyon ki akh nahi lerhti”
    “Akh nay tou oosay lakh saal baad dekha hai”
    “Maan rol ker maray tou dukh hota hai”
    “jahan daleel khatem hoti hai wahan say mohabat shuru hoti hai”
    “Merd ki nazer main hoti hai oos ki niyat”

    ye pehli episode thi jis k dialogues main nay bohat ziada enjoy kiay..Khalil sahib apnay dialogues k liay mash-hoor hain lekin abhi tak ST main mujhay wo magic nazer nahi aya tha sivaiy ek do juga k …ziada ter dialogues koi khaas impact create nahiker sakay lekin is episode nay kami poori ker di

    mera fave scene first one aur sheeda /shano k dermiyan tha…khoobsurati say likha gaya aur pesh kia gaya…aur acha laga k baghair maar kutai normal logon ki tra ye maan beti baat ker sakti hain…shano k paas sheeda ki har baat kaa jawab hai..insan kisi cheez say nahi harta per aulad say har jata hai….iss epi k baad ek ahsaas shidat say hoa k khalil sahib k ander oon k maazi ki jarhen kitni gehri hain …aur itnay saal guzer janay per bhi choti say choti baat abhi tak oon k zehen main taza hai..jitni detail k sath Punjab ki rural/urban life / culture ko present kia gaya hai wo sirf main nay ptv dramas main dekha tha

    jaisay oon lapaitnay wala scene..omg ye hum nay apnay bachpan main itni baar apni ami/nani aur dosri aunts ko kertay dekha hai..serdi atay hi gher main ye manzer akser dekhnay ko milta jo aaj ki masroof zindagi main kahin kho gaya hai…hairet ki baat hai ye mashaghil khawateen k hain aur khalil sahib kaa isay likhna ..oon ki observation aur apnay past aur culture say oon k connection ko sabit kerta hai

    bulk mujhay ahsas hoa k female digest writers kaa sara zor mazloomiyut bebasi bechargi aur merdon ko Villon banana per raha hai …lekin rozmurra ki choti choti cheezon k zeriay apni tehzib-o saqafut kaa aisa perchar humen mushkil say hi in k haan nazer ata hai

    Mohabat aur oos kaa epi isi per based thi..khalil k ander shano ki khasoosiyat aur akhiri scene say lagta hai shano k ander ki angry young woman bhi khalil ki sohbat say baydar ho gai hai..ranjha ranjha ker di wali baat ab haqeeqat kaa roop laity nazer at hai

    Re:spit balls…SZ ji “SHAAD BAGH” hai…mujhay poori umeed hai aap yahan kabhi nahi gai hon gi aur meri dua hai kabhi jyn bhi nahi 🙂 ..lekin jis jaga say taluq rakhnay walay characters dikhaiy gai hain wahan oon say aisi herkaton ki umeed thi aur main writer ki honesty ko salam kerti hoon kiunk jantay hoay ye visually koi bohat acha nahi lagay gaa camera ki khatir kuch change nahi kia dosray apnay humble background k baray main unhon nay kuch chupanay ki koshish nahi ki naa hi jhoot moot ki baaton say oosay glamorize kia hai…waisay yaad hai Titanic main bhi ye scene tha jis main sarhak chaap hero ladylike heroine ko ye “gur” sikhata hai..oos scene k muqabilay ye behter tha

    Re: songs…lol kabhi kabhi aap kamal ker deti hain…ab heroine apnay zamanay k ganay gaye ..pta nahi ye sanjeeda tanqeed thi k mazaq?..lekin main nay isay mazaq hi samjha aur kafi hunsi ..itnay din baad kisi baat per khul ker hunsi aye iss k liay shukria 🙂

    aur dono songs waqai do different singers nay gaye jo bohat ajeeb laga kiunk ek hi epi main ye thik nahi betha k aan ki aan main heroine ki smooth soothing voice ek dum rough husky voice main kaisay badal formula movies main chal jata hai lekin drama main nahi

    agli epi main asli raqeeb sahib ki entry hai ..raqeeb jo hamesha “roo-siyah” hota hai aur ashiq jis ki qismat siyah hoti hai..


    • @RJ Ji 😉 : Har cheez tanqeed nahin hoti, observations or opinion bhi hoti hai, and in that regard I dont think there is anything funny about questioning why not sing contemporaneous songs .. I’m totally ok with Hazar Baatein (’74), but the other one is 1955, and we know late 70s/early 80s had a ton of equally appropriate songs, and from what we’ve seen of Shano so far she doesnt seem to be the kind who looks to the past .. In any case it wasn’t a huge deal just a thought I had while watching but glad you had a laugh 🙂

      Re: spitballs: LOL! Now, unlike the songs that Shano was singing, this I totally get as being true to the characters/setting etc .. just thought it was not a pleasant sight, particularly that of men in their mid 30s (kaptan Imran) doing this.. had they been 18/19 yr old boys (as they shouldve been) then it was a diff matter .. And as for what they showed in Titanic ab woh to bechari doob gayi us ko araam hi karney den 😉

      And yes, agree with you about KuRQ’s observations and true to life details that add so much to the overall ambiance.


      • bhai i have a weird sense of humour 🙂 ab kia kren aisay hi hain…ab say main chupkay chupkay hunsoon gi…madam per ek post honi chahiay..abhi ek song bta sakti hoon jo main nay madam say nahi fk say suna tha…main nu note wakha mera mood banay …abhi tak himmat nahi hoi original song sunoon….lekin kabhi kitabon main phool rakhna kabhi darakhton pe naam likhna aur mujh say pehli si mohabat mere mehboob naa mang aur mere tere sung kaisay chaloon sajna aur way sonay deya kangna aur sun wanjli si mithri taa way aur sonay di davitrhi….ye list tou kabhi khatam nahi ho gi 🙂


        • @RJ: Na na.. bol ke lab azaad hain tere 😉

          You laugh openly and loudly and share with all of us .. as it is not much to laugh about these days so every bit helps 🙂

          Thanks for the suggestions .. let me put together a song list 🙂


          • @SZ: how sweet 🙂 …love u …shukria aap nay hunsnay ki ijazat day di sham say meri hunsi phunsi hoi thi ab sakoon hai lol…lekin aap nay BILKUL sahi baat pakrhi..aaj kal bahir itni tension aur humaray ander itni frustration hai k baat be baat naa hunsen tou shayed pagal ho jyn 😦 …

            zaroor aap ki song list kaa intezar rahay gaa 🙂


        • Hi Samrita 🙂 …abhi aap kaa sawal dekha ..waisay tou SZ nay jawab day dia hai lekin main thorha sa explain kerna chahoon gi …tanqeed matlab criticism 1-kisi cheez ko analyze ker k oos k faults/beauties ko point out kerna ..tanqeed kaa ek matlab aur bhi hai lekin main nay yahan isi context main use kia tha kiunk review bhi episode kaa critical evaluation hi hai

          so I was confused k ye baat part of review hai (sanjeeda tanqeed) yaa just a sentence jo SZ nay light way main keh di hai kiunk mujhay oon kaa style maloom hai wo akser aisay sentences review k end main add ker deti hain…lekin mera khayal hai ab oon k jawab “it was just a thought /opinion” k baad clear ho gaya hai k ek hum ek hi baat alag andaz main ker rahay thay…ab mujhay bhaag jana chahiay ..dum tou hai nahi iss liay bina dum dabaiy bhag rahi hoon 😉


  3. This episode was far too slow paced for me. I actually skipped a few scenes while watching because they were so long and unnecessary. .I think there are much better dramas which do not get recognized, was watching Mein Bushra and underated Affan Waheeds’s acting was super,,his love for Bushra seemed so intense and true with super acting. But poor guy is no star like Fawad, mahira or Adnan now and nobody recognizes the talent of these poor actors but seem overawed and smitten by glossy star dramas. Though Sadkay Tumhare started off well, it is slow and sluggish now.I do feel it is a good drama but nothing outstanding. A lot of hype


    • @Zara: You are not alone in feeling this way … I am hearing this from a number of friends and readers as well. Perhaps you will enjoy the next ep better, seems like a lot more action coming our way 🙂

      I haven’t seen Main Bushra so can’t comment on it at all… but I do like Affan Waheed and think Mawra has a ton of potential as well, but I think they need to be in stronger projects to stand out from among the rest.

      Your comment reminded me of a convo I had just yesterday where the reader asked me how could I enjoy something with such a slow pace and seemingly never ending ten minute scenes… my answer to them was very simple: Yes, the pace needs to pick up and the scenes need tighter ending, but what I do appreciate is that it offers us something very different from the routine family story we see on our screens everyday. And on the same note what I am liking about this season of TV dramas are that we are getting very different stuff to watch.. I am personally following three serials: Goya, Sadqay Tumhare and Jackson Heights … and all three are completely different from each other and have very different story lines, with actors we dont see in every other serial, hence my sticking with them … because we all ask for change but when change does come we dont support it and its the same type of stories that end up on top of TRP charts …so basically then m question to myself, to this friend and all readers is : We ask for change, but do we really want it?


  4. beautiful review! Although a very slow episode but I enjoyed the scenes between Mom-Shano and Dad-Dr. Sahab. The dialogues overall were superb that it makes the acting seem effortless. Didn’t really care for the songs – just made the episode go on forever but thankfully on YT I can easily forward them – the “meri wafa” (Lata one) has beautiful lyrics.
    I don’t know if I like Mr. golo molo’s entrance in the next episode. Looks like he came just for the Ladoos.


  5. The drama is being dragged and nothing significant has happened in the last 3-4 episodes, except that Khelu went to Balgun and has come back after beating four young men with “Ghaibi” help and a small episode of “Chachora pan” while trying to help Shano in Maths…. drama is staged in 70’s and remember that no parent would allow her young daughter to sit all alone with her young cousin in her room (despite that Shano’s mother have been trapped and used by Khelu’s dad, how she would trust khelu with her daughter, khelu is trustworthy no doubt, but in the light of shano’s mother past it is unlikely). It did not happened back in those days and does not happen even these days in rural families. The whole village of Balgun knows about Khelu as if there was only one person living in Lahore named Khalil.
    Story is being dragged really slow through the episodes to earn more money commercially and viewers are being frustrated by this (unless you don’t have anything better to do and living in imaginary world). Conventional friends of protagonists (as the SZ said without their own life) and small time old fashioned bits and pieces are equally frustrating (Shano’s totally free to sing for her friend and mimicking her dad and Khelu’s cricket triumph despite he was not able to walk and feeling dizzy and even unconscious at times).
    Story is sounding great and unconventional but I think it can be to presented in far better way. Wasting time on small things that are presented in last 4 episodes, could be covered under one episode, I dont agree that it is very professional. Capitalizing over popularity is fine but not to the extend that they start getting bored and feel that the story is getting non-realistic. Pakistani Drama is popular for its closeness to reality so I guess it should remain like that.
    Mahira’s Hamsafar was presented in a far better way then this drama.
    Maulvi Sb is playing a good role for peace between the families, but he could also tell Khelu to go back (and stop being chachora) and send his elders once again to solve the issue. Dr Maqsood is now planning for a court marriage straight away, why? Abdur Rehman is portrayed as a very strong and wise personality, why is he convinced so easily for a court marriage, I think man like him can try to resolve the issues in a better way.
    Start was great and has attracted a lot of viewers but needs to maintain that class instead of dragging it and losing popularity. Drama is drama and not a bolly/lollywood movie so it should stay close to reality, I believe. I don’t agree that this is a true story, if there is any reality then I believe would be only referential. and rest of all is built on top of that true reference.


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