Jackson Heights ~ Episode 13 Review


First things first … lets begin with pinning a medal on the chest of two of the smoothest operators in Jackson Heights, Jamshed and Sikander. No, no, don’t worry we’ll get to Bhatti bhai as well, hain ji, you alright with that ji? Okay, so now that we’ve settled that ma’mla there, back to what I was saying … umm… where was I?

Haan! Yaad aaya! Jamshed and Sikander. Ji, tau un donon ko medals mil rahe hain itni lambi lambi chornay par … honestly, bas wah! Forget about my masoom Michele and meri seedhi saadhi Salma, arrey even I, worldly wise as I like to believe I am, was ready to aankh band kar ke do yaqeen ke bas in donon se ziyada sincere tau aur koi ho hi nahin sakta! 

Kiya pathos, kiya khuddari, and kiya meri bhi koi izzat hai type filmy tareen lines from apne roothey huey hero sahab! Michele, my sweets, ab roney dhoney aur mashwara mangne se kuch nahin banney wala… you’ve been hooked and are now being reeled in by an expert!

Not to be left behind hamarey wife-beater wearing shohar sahab also turned on the charm and the waterworks. Kitne aansoo aur kitna full on drama, baqi jo kami thi woh amma ki biryani ne poori kar di … *sigh* poor clueless Salma! Sikander’s purely evil grin at the end said it all: His wife and her zevar never ever stood a chance.

Waisey, though my sympathies are totally with Salma (girl power n ‘all), bibi needs a serious reality check. Does she have any idea how much college costs? Even a state college? Aisa kitna zevar hai ke you would go blab about it, and that too to Sikander? Arrey madam, no matter how much zevar you might have, it is not gonna be enough. But khair, ab tau woh bhi gaya hi samjho. 

On a more serious note, I love how subtly we’ve been shown how we marry off our daughters without extending them any real sense of emotional support. We might laugh it off, but for many around us, variations of those old cliched lines – beta shohar ka ghar hi ab tumhara asli ghar hai, ab tumhara janaza hi susral se waapis aayega – still hold true, particularly for those from smaller citiesAnd this is exactly what we see Salma doing; trying all means possible to keep her family together. She sees no option of going back, and though she has friends here it is a very different deal. Confessing the full extent of her hopeless situation is a option she refuses to consider. Hoping against hope, and telling Iman the same as well, that this time around things will be different. I sincerely hope Aliya can stage an intervention, or perhaps Bhatti bhai will step up to the plate? Koi bhi ho, doesn’t matter, the bottom line is that Salma desperately needs help getting out of this toxic situation.

As for Bhatti bhai, I love how slippery this character is… beautifully written, excellently directed and exquisitely performed, this guy spans all shades of grey. His equation with Kathy makes for excellent drama. He says phans gaya about his marriage and she has no qualms berating him when it suits her, but then again he ‘aint no doodh ka dhula hua either. And its these contradictions that keep us guessing as to this man’s real motivations. Or perhaps he himself too lives in the moment. Maybe, maybe not?

Magar khair, jo bhi hai, aaj Bhatti bhai too deserves a medal. Nahin, bas no special reason ... just that his weekly pity-parties seem to ask for some kind of an acknowledgement. Itney dukhi hain becharey! But wait, before you shed any real tears for him, just watch him with Salma – daant andar jaana mushkil ho jatey hain inkey!

While our cabbie was alternately sad and happy, my girl Michele had a quite a downer of an episode. It was heart wrenching to see her doubts, and later her phone conversation with Rizwan. One cannot help but feel for Rizwan. Woh tau becharey apne rakh rakhao and sharafat mein hi maarey gaye. Even during this call, I wonder if there wasn’t a part of him that was secretly hoping that Michele was finally re-thinking her equation with him.

The problem though is that Michele thori nahin kaafi mushkil pasand hain. Rather than going for the happily available, uncomplicated Rizwan, she finds herself attracted to exciting mix of thrill and danger that Jamshed represents. After being in hibernation for so many years she is reawakening to the needs of the girl within her, one who wants to not only be wooed but challenged as well. Waisey tau I might’ve given Jamshed a chance, but unfortunately that phone call to naani put paid to my good intentions.

With the past couple of episodes Jackson Heights has come into it own. With each character there exist myriads of possibilities, so many viable paths available to all that it is hard to predict who will eventually end up where. Regardless of jo jahan bh jaaye, I am warning you guys – Jamshed and Sikander I’m looking at you particularly – you’d better be good to my two girls. Haan your being hot and hunky helps, but not to the extent ke you get a free pass and are allowed to go around breaking these girls’ hearts. Khabardar jo zara bhi garbar ki!

That I’m having khayali conversations with fictional people is a testament to how well-etched these characters are and how real their dilemmas are, to me at least. Vasay’s script and lines take on a new life under Mehreen’s able direction and then the fabulous actors bring it all together. Marina, Nauman, Aamina, Adnan, Adeel, Ali, Neelofer, Meher, Monsoon, Alma and Theo, you all are a ton of fun to watch. Now if only your characters could learn to play nice with each other!

Counting down to next Friday…

Written by SZ~

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  1. Very well-analysed SZ!

    “Rather than going for the happily available, uncomplicated Rizwan, she finds herself attracted to exciting mix of thrill and danger that Jamshed brings with him.” That’s so well-put! However, I am keen on taking Jamshed at face value for the moment – surely he deserves that much? In addition to Michelle, he’s got me falling for him hook, line and sinker…


  2. For me this serial has smooth story telling. Unlike Sadqay where you drool at the lead pair, the fairytale type story telling, this serial is much more real, very natural characters but the speed and way the director narrates the tale, makes a compelling watch.


  3. I’m liking this drama eventually. Marina Khan ne last two episodes Mein achii acting Ke hai. But I can’t digest Michelle falling for Jamshed. What’s the justification? What’s your take on this affair/flirting?


    • I think she and rizwan share great onscreen chemistry. Both are well established and have similar tastes. Above all she’s classy, deep and loves books. She ain’t no hoochy mama who’d fall for an illegal immigrant who is struggling to figure out his own life and is most likely 25 years younger to her. If she’s attracted to his launda like charms, then there is something very very wrong with her. Maybe she likes playing with fire when it comes to relationships. Or maybe she is confusing compassion with love? What I’d like to see happen is that these weird feelings for jamshes make her realize that she wants companionship. Maybe with Rizwan, maybe with someone else but certainly not with this baccha who can’t seem to get of his moral high ground


      • @Sonia abb if we can drool over Fk and AH and so forth lol.. can we really blame M for not falling for him to begin with? lol .. but on a serious note it was Jamshed who played her to its potential.. His timing was impeccable! he knew exactly when to drop what line, and to use which card when… aur phir yeh dil ka mamla hai, jis par bhi aa jae lol.. I think we saw her confused, trying to resist, and avoid that trail of thought but Jamshed made sure he spelt it out loud every step of the way!.. .. Abb on Michelle’s side, how much of it is actually real, and how much was exaggerated by Jamshed to make her believe its something more.. I think thats something we are yet to find out..


    • Whoops I think the beginning of my response got truncated. I COMPLETELY agree with you on Michelle/ Jamshed. I mean WTH?! Btw did she say shes 15 years older than jamshed Or did I miss hear? Coz I did the math in my head and Jamshed can’t be any older than 22 coz he just graduated. There is no way she is 37 (22+15). She’s most likely 50 which makes her 30 years older than him.


      • @Sonia: give me a few .. trying to juggle dramas and reviews, isliye missed out on responding to you last week .. will be back later . but love reading your take on Bhatti and Cathy last week … Isnt that the fab thing about a beautifully written script that it lends itself to many interpretations, rather than forcing only one way of reading the story .. milte hain break ke baad 😀


        • heheh.no worries. all the important dramas air back-to-back and it must be a lot to take in, analyze, and review. don’t know how you do it:S
          you excited about Bee Gul’s upcoming drama. can’t wait for it to begin airing


  4. OOOO what an ep!!! and what a review that followed! I tell you i was blushing in Michelle Jamshed scenes.. Apni Michelle ka kia haal ho ga! lol and then laughed my way through the review.. looooved it!

    Jamshed, he’s one smart cookie.. @SZ like you said M got hooked (can we blame her really?) but he sure knows how to reel her in!! He’s played this game and clean bowled her! He picked up on the soft spot she had for him, exploited it to full potential and drove her to this point. He pushed all the right buttons made her say and do things that she would never have done otherwise. He put words in her mouth, and spelt things out to her… how he brought up friendship and then trust and finally flirt and feelings.. if only Rizwan was half as smooth as jamshed, story shayad kuch aur hi hoti!! He waited all these yrs, jamshed mian ne tou kuch dinon mein hi pata liya lol ….and now that things got out of hand, he added his own feelings and dil trick/trap for the final pull….making himself look like the total bachara, just like his mamu does.

    Talking about the mamu.,,. ‘ aisa nahin ke pasand nahin thi’ (re kathy).. Now thats how he can live with this sham of a marriage.. by convincing himself to believe in this delusion!..

    And speaking of delusion, Salmi ji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aisa bhi kia delusion?! There are tell-tell signs.. Aliya spelt it out for you ke 3 hafte main aisa kia ho gya.. aur sone pe sohaga even Iman can smell something fishy… Fish nahin tou atleast wake up and smell the coffee!!!! Biryani aur nashte ki khushboo mein itni gum hain hain aap???!!!! @SZ lol @wife beater.. never thought of it like that.. i wonder why they call those vests that lol…

    JH is simply fab!! this NY cab has def overtaken the tanga!


  5. Amazingly written review.. Enjoyed reading it so much.. Full on masti and halka phulka as compared to last week’s some serious stuff analysis.. You surely know how to balance 🙂

    I am feeling like broken record while saying Ohh i am im love with JH and all these characters… Haan tou kya hua if Sikander inspite of Hot and charming is pakka a con man.. But maan that evil grin in last scene was like oyehuee mela lout lya … Loved it.. Poor Salma.. She feels out of words with this behavior.. Content inside k atleast things are improving but still hiding that dil ka chor.. Cmon girl one more push from sikander bhai sahab and i am sure u know how to turn the tables.. Pleaseee Salma meet Jamshed.. I want to see you both in one frame…

    Talking of Jamshed.. Hayee mr.hotty why you want me to talk bad about you.. Hain.. Me tou yahi dua karti hun k sacha wala pyar hojaye apko.. But oh bouy this guy was soooo awesome.. I was nearly an inch away in believing him k aww he actually loves her but that call with naani ne umeedon pe paani pher dya but kya pata he actually loves her.. Dont want to see Michelle crying like today.. Her phone call to Rizwan was a great scene.. He is true and sincere friend..who can boost up michele like anything but cant get her excited like Jamshed does..

    Excitement tou bhatti sahab ki check karni chahiyae when he meets Salma.. Hahahahah ankhon ki chamak dekhne wali hoti he apne mamu ki.. He liked Cathy n married her.. But the kind of person he is.. He needs to learn taali do haathon se bajti he.. As u aptly said SZ no dhood ka dhula hua.. Next week i am expecting some cool fireworks.. Catty catches humara ‘Dating’ couple and salma almost in a trap and some heart to heart between jamshed and michele..


    • @Rehmat haina!! that precap!! Abb i hope sub kuch dikha dein not a two week in advance thappar precap type intizar..
      I wonder why Salma didnt tell Bhatti Sahab abt her hubby, and made it sound like a kid party.. She sure likes to live life at the edge lol..


      • @FA and @Rehmat: I think its cause of the shuk factor and she doesnt want to upset the applecart . abhi tau finally their family dynamics have just straightened themselves out (in her opinion that is ) And remember Sikander plays fast and loose with his fists .. I’m sure shuk, unreasonable as it might be, would def be a trigger for those fists to start flying! But ab tau Bhatti bhabhi is gonna catch them red handed .. and I have a feeling that she might give Sikander a run for his money…


        • @SZ haan i get the shukk factor but thats all the more reason to warn Bhatti Sahab in advance, nahin?.. abb they both know they are married, haen?!! lol

          Bhabhi jan tou door ki baat, Sikander also spotted them two together.. magar being the smooth operator he is, abhi bolna banta nahin tha.. moka mehal dekh ke….


  6. Woah !you have nailed it.This one is zara hat-ke but spot on.Jamshed;he too; like his mamoon has many shades.By hook or crook all he needs and wants is to stay in America aur phr Michelle is a full package tou kia hwa agr age me 15 saal zyada hain;doesn’t matter.Jamshed knows how to woo a girl and he is striking all the right cords with Michelle.us thappad ne bhi kch nae bigara.I have always loved Adeel and Amina ‘s chemistry;these two are magical they simply put the screen on fire;initially when I read about the cast these two names excited me;having watched 3 to 4 episode I came to know this time it is Nouman with Amina and Adeel with Marina.Not bad;Marina too is doing full justice;their scenes are a treat I love the way Adeel shows all emotions of characters;helplessness,excitement,fear anger every thing..Salma poor Salma I already dread when she’d see the real face of Sikander how would she react?she won’t be able to compose herself this time I feel.Bhatti sahab as u said is no innocent soul either.Yeah he is always there for every one but Cathy.Did you see when Salma said hum date per hain 😀 Bhatti sahab’s expressions were to die for.Ali Kazmi I have never seen him doing this kind of mature acting but it is MJ’s direction she surely knows how to bring the best out of actor.I have always thought Sikander would catch Salma meeeting Bhatti saheb but the precap show it is Cathy;can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.Whenever I watch composed,spot on,no over acting show I feel “pait bhar gaya”.”Jackson Hèights”is one such a show.


  7. Why is Salma so naive???
    She should listen to her sensible friend Aliya.
    Sikander and his mother are such conniving kameenay, just look at how they broach the jewelry topic making up false stories ….ughhh
    Salma…..pls don’t give them your jewelry !!!!
    And that devious look on his face at the end …..😈


  8. Excellent episode!! Am enjoying it thoroughly:) chalaak men indeed, great performances by Adeel, Ali Kazmi and of course our Bhatti Saab. Nouman Ijaz always owns his characters, he surely is the star if the show, got him down to a tee, the accent and mannerisms are just brilliant, really enjoy his scenes!!
    Definitely looking forward to how it all develops, very engaging now!


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