Goya ~ Episode 5 Review


Discarded were the brightly colored t-shirts, messed up were the wall decorations that belonged in a young boy’s bedroom, smashed was the guitar that represented a rich boy’s expensive toys, and ripped away in disgust were the designer clothes and expensive watches that marked him as the scion of a wealthy father – gone, all gone. Jr. Hashmi no longer exists. In his stead stands Omar Hashmi, a young man who is sad but not despondent, adrift but not lost, poor but resolute. A far cry from the pampered, immature brat we met in the first episode this man is not afraid to look his father in the eye.

He might’ve been quivering on the inside but on the outside Rahat faced a determined man. That climatic showdown between father and son marked the begining of a new chapter, one where Omar is no longer a footnote in a story Rahat Hashmi is writing. Looking his father straight in the eye he let loose and out poured up all the pent up frustration and repressed anger. In a matter of minutes balance had shifted and Omar walked out the winner. His prize? Control. Jumping from the margins to smack dab in the center, he was now become the pivot around whom the story would revolve. For better or for worse, from hereon forward the narrative would flow in a direction of his choosing.

Congratulations Osman, you nailed it today!

In times where the dukhiyari aurat reigns supreme, apne aansoo, siskiyon aur deegar lawazimat samait, it is rare for us to get a story that explores the emotional graph of a son’s relationship with his father. What happens when there is no mother around to soften the at times antagonistic relationship between the two men in her life? Can a stand in, à la Mrs Imtiaz, do the job, or is a step-mother, like Haniya, better suited to play the role of an intermediary? The answers, as we see here, are not quite as straightforward. When one man has a calculator for a heart and the other is struggling to find himself, lost as he feels in the huge shadow cast by his accomplished father, then we have a severe issue with emotions getting lost in translation. What the father sees as a show of concern the son sees as yet another lock on an already heavily padlocked prison door. Given this scenario there is not much a woman on the outside can accomplish. As a caretaker she can offer well-meaning advice, as a second wife she can offer emotional support, but when push comes to shove she can only hover around anxiously.

Failed communication, inability to understand, unwillingness to consider  -there were signs and much more that such a showdown was inevitable. That it took so long to happen is what begs the question – why now? Mohini. One word, one name, one feeling. For Omar, Mohini represents the first breath of fresh air in his so far stagnant life. Her uninhibited joy for life, her passion for taking on new challenges, her vibrant energy, her straightforward manner, all are things that Omar’s never seen before. She inspires him in ways he’d never thought possible, she makes him believe in a inner strength he did not know he possessed, her presence by his side gives him reason to live life anew. But life does not hand everything on a platter, sometimes there are matters that involve taking a stand. For Omar, Mohini is worth a fight, and fight he does.

As an episode this one was quite dhamakedar. Usman Peerzada essayed brilliantly why he commands the respect he does. His confrontations with Osman were fabulously done. And as for Osman, this was his episode to shine, and shine he did. Not to be left behind were very effective performances by Sana Javed and Farah Shah. I love the equation that Mohini shares with her mother. The way Asma gives her daughter the space to meet with Sr. Hashmi and then decide was a refreshingly juxtaposed against Sr.’s my-way-or-the-highway-approach to parenting. I particularly enjoyed the line where Asma wonders if her daughter would ask Jr to buy her a jora.

Dekha, Mohini?! Even a doting mom can see you need variety in your wardrobe. And what’s this with repeating your one koti-less printed red kameez. We know you’re not ameer but ab itni bhi ghareeb nahin ho! Six Sigma, agli baar please ensure sure that heroine ki amma has more than one saree and the heroine has at least two or three styles of kameezes in her wardrobe. Oh, and please, no to purple curtains and yes to less plastic greenery in rich people’s mansions! Thank you.

And on thank yous, a huge shukriya to Ali for:  a) leaving annoying Aiza at home, and b) coming through with a handy dandy solution to Jr’s housing issue. Without your reality checks and practical mashwaras Jr. ka rebellion thap ka thap hi reh jaata. I am thoroughly enjoying Furqan Qureshi’s chemistry with Osman and look forward to their scenes together. For her part Tara Mehmood is spot on as Haniya. A smart woman she stays quiet and keeps her thought to herself, offering opinions only when asked, but I wonder if there is more here than meets the eye. Rounding off the cast is the very classy Shamim Hilali; she infuses so much emotion into her performance that words are rendered unnecessary.

“Enjoy your breakfast … “sir”!”

After the emotional high of the father-son confrontation, Omar, who was walking away in a fit of anger, couldn’t help but pause momentarily, his features softening as he cupped Mrs. Imtiaz’s face and bid her a silent farewell. Of all that he would look back upon in the days to come, he would miss this woman the most – she who is not related to him by blood, but is his best friend, his mother, his confidante, someone who knows him better than he knows herself. For me, of all the dhuandhar garaj baras that happened in this episode, this warm moment was the pick of the episode. Bas wah!

Needless to say none of this would be possible without a strong script, sharp lines and on point direction. Kudos to Mohammed Ahmed sahab, Yasir Rana and Farrukh Faiz, this was quite an episode. My one complaint, if I had to do so, would be about the DOP. The saree folding scene and earlier one when Mrs Imtiaz came to sit beside Omar were let down by some inept camerawork. That said, I have to say this was the strongest episode we’ve seen so far. Great job Team Goya!

Written by SZ~

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  1. Wonderful review, SZ, thanks.
    Goya has to be Mohammad Ahmed Sahib’s best script, ever. It’s directed well & acted brilliantly by the entire cast. Thanks for reminding me last week that a lot of these actors were in MSKS, & how much we hated them in that play, only due to the weak script & poor direction of MSKS.

    This episode was about father-son relationship & the equation changing between the two. Usman Peerzada has a tendency for going OTT, but gave a brilliant, controlled performance in his scenes with OKB. As much as I want to believe in Omer Hashmi & want him to succeed on his own, I’m afraid I trust Sr. Hashmi’s judgement that Omer is going through a rebellious phase & doesn’t love Mohini as much as he thinks he does.


    • This episode was no less than an emotional roller coaster. 😥
      Saying anything about the review would be preaching to the choir. Spot on I’d say!
      There’s one thing I disagree with though. Strangely enough, the two scenes that you hold against the D.O.P are the ones I found commendable.
      The saree folding scene actually had me wondering if it was another saree of the same design. The lighting and angles helped alter the colour to maroon. Smart effort, nahin?
      And the moment between Omer and Mrs. Imtiaz in all that gloom had struck to me as simply beautiful. I suppose it was an aesthetic reflection of the subjects’ feelings. Or… it could be just that I’m over-thinking. :/


      • @Kokab: Aww thank you 🙂

        Re: the DOP: LOL!! I love how creatively you explain the saree folding scene .. chalo l’ll take my comments back on that one 🙂 . As for the other one, I totally agree that the Dop captured the expressions n all beautifully, my problem is with the movement of the camera … check it again.. the scene starts with Mrs Imtiaz walking, looking around at the mess (beautifully done by SH, btw) and then when she comes to sit by the bed and lays her hand on Omar’s shoulder ..that is where the issue is .. for a minute I had no idea where the camera was pointing or what was it that I supposed to look at it.. then Mrs Imtiaz sat down fully and I realized that in the interim i had been looking at Mrs Imtiaz’s saree .. dont know if this makes sense, but it was a weird moment … ab I should say ke maybe I am over thinking 😉


          • @Areeba Mohsen: Hey! Thank you for reading and your very generous comment – much appreciated.

            So, are you enjoying Goya as well, or still not sure about it? Would love to hear more from you 🙂


    • @Mona: Thanks for your comment.. I agree this one is going well and like you I too am enjoying the very good writing, direction and acting. Ab I just hope it continues to entertain us trough to the end.

      I too think Omar will regret, and dont think this is the kind of love we are seeing in Sadqay, but whether it is love or infatuation the fact is that it has shaken Omar out of his main bechara whiny phase, Lets see what happens a few weeks later, once the reality of aatey daal ka bhao hits Omar n Mohini. Abhi to we still have another girl waiting to make her entry. Any thoughts on how she fits into the narrative?


      • I am enjoying Goya. The story isn’t exactly new but the characters are awesome. Plus the pace is commendable. And I love Umar and Ali’s bromance. It’s the best part of Goya.


    • @deeba: Haha! the lines are sharp and have quite a snap dont they… I love how every scene, even the most emotional ones like the confrontation, are rescued from being OTT melodramatic by the crisp writing.. Isn’t it fab to see a well scripted drama for a change ..
      I watched parts of Doosri Biwi and Dil Nahin Manta and OMG! even the simplest of things – going to the office, shopping, working in the kitchen or talking on the phone – gets transformed into a drama n a half!!


      • Lol ,true
        i watched a bit of doosri biwi and it seemed so unrealistic.
        firaaqs latest epi was mindboggling to say the least,WTH is going on with Imroz ???


  2. Super review of a good episode.
    Apart from UP’s over the top ghussa and cheekhna chilana (Bashar yaad aagaya), it was great.
    P.S. Was it it just me or did Omar not really hit the guitar down v hard….too expensive an item to detroy eh?


    • @Afia: haha!! Hona tum meri behen! I noticed that too .. tor phor kaafi lag rahi thi, so much energy expended, magar actually nothing was really broken … good acting? 😉


  3. while I am enjoying the plot, I am having a hard time getting past the terrible lighting, bad angles and garish sets. Gives off such an eerie vibe. Pretty unsettling. Regarding the wardrobe, I had the same complaint from six sigmas other drama ‘ marasim’ .uss dramay mein saal guzur jaate hain mugar kapray nahi badalte. So don’t hold your breath about mohinis wardrobe 🙂


    • @Sonia: The first episode was quite a shocker in terms of production values … but ab I think I’ve kinda given up .. as for the wardrobe you;re right I should give up on that as well… honestly when will producers know that these things matter so much in terms of how a particular serial is received. Also, ARY too should learn that things like uploading HD videos too go a long way in selling the serial.


  4. Loved it!!! yes I’m happy to report this week : kotis or no kits, purple curtains or fake plants galore, bedding change from zebra stripes to polka waves, I managed to stay focused!!! Such were the performances!! OKB stole the show for me. He absolutely nailed it!
    My first wow moment was when Omar said ‘poochh lete tou aaj embarrassment se bach jate!!’ and then the two scenes in the car with Mohni, one where he is hoping the hope.. ‘he will love u’ (right!?! – keep dreaming! ) to the ‘how dare he!?’ .. i wasn’t sure that our Omar was gonna walk the walk.. but he sure did!! yay!!
    Love the friend! Now here’s a friend who has a life.. unlike apne Dr. maqsood. Yes, glad we didnt see Aiza though lol.
    Mohni, I wasnt sure about.. the aansoo bahana and humdardi ka bukhar didnt quite win me over, but chalo! If our most eligible bachelor gets a life of his own, standing on his own two feet then ill forgive and forget! Ill even forgive the saree re-entry! lol .. yes aaj aam mafi ka ailan – thats how much I enjoyed this ep..


    • @FA: OKB ki ek dhuandar performance was enough to make you forget and forgive all?! Really?? LOL! Just kidding! It was a strong ep no doubt and lets hope and pray it keeps up the standards, warna production values are not helping their cause at all.

      So true about Ali having a life .. he even has a girl friend unlike Dr Maqsood jis ke paas tau woh bhi nahi, so I guess then we can give him a free pass with Aiza 😉

      Haan, me too, not on board with Mohini, but for that matter as I was telling @Mona above, I dont think Omar’s love is all that either, I think both are swept up in the moment and the real test will come when Omar cant find a job and perhaps Sr. makes it hard for Mrs. Jr to continue working with her present channel … but that’s only my guess, lets see .. abhu tau we still have 19 more weeks to go …


      • @SZ well remember last week i couldn’t see a thing behind the pink umbrella and all – gotta give it to Omer (or should I say OKB) for helping me snap out of that mode! lol .. re hope and pray it keeps up the standards : fingers crossed!!

        Re Aiza: abb aisa bhi nahin kaha ke give her a free pass lol.. warna i might go into the ‘botel’ mode again lol …
        Re love shove : Its def not the sadqay type love, but its def more than friendship. Ishq nahin tou mohabbat tou hai lol.. I agree with the test of times and atay daal ka bhao.. well jaise Asma is saying in next week’s promo, muhabbat khatam nahin hoti tou kam zuroor ho jati hai.. kitni kam ho gi woh dekhna hai..
        I wonder why Mohni is looking devastated in the OST.. kia hua hoga aisa?.. that doesn’t seem like it was the aftermath of a typical mian biwi type jhagra..
        re entry of the other girl: not looking fwd to that… do we really have to bear with another jealous/shukk scenario? sigh!.. fingers and toes crossed!!


  5. Loved the episode;this one was action packed 🙂 As you said Osman nailed it;he was so good in his expressions;he conveyed easily yes as you mentioned the breakfast scene where he did encounter two of the pillars of his life;Sr Hashmi and Mrs Imtiaz both with different attitude.Though I am pretty much okay with Mohini’s koti but she could have worn something different Come,on she going to meet the one who was suppose to be her father in law;Koti se yaad aya OKB’s jacket whiler eating chaat or something like that with Mohini was a bit odd;what was that??O.o.Mrs Imtiaz is adorable the ways he said “wajah jo bhi ho tareeqa sahi nahi hai ” Superb !
    Having said that the precap show that upcoming episode would have much action in it


    • @Ruba.. oh haan that jacket.. woh akele hi kafi thi but we got a bright red romaal on a blood red shirt !!! chalo aaj woh bhi maaaf kia.. lol all that against the red beetle kinda worked somehow, in a very weird way… mmm


    • Ruba: Haha! I’ve gotten quite a bit flack for complaining abt the clothes so I shall pass on that comment 😉 That said, I would say her wearing her everyday clothes to meet Sr was very much in character for her, with her khuddar, take me as I am kind of attitude. Baqi tau as I said last week I think Zara should take Zara and Asma shopping and haan also buy Asma some barrettes n all . us key 24/7 khuley baal are pretty annoying.

      Yes, I love Shamim Hilali, she brings so much to every character she plays. I hope she is okay in the next ep !


  6. This one was the best episode so far… Loved it and loveeeed your review:)
    Truly OKB was show stealer and he ace it.. Second half was the most enjoyable and i was literally on the edge k oh goodness this is amazing… I am still not sure about Mohini’s feelings for Omer… Is it just sympathy or true love.. Same goes with Omer.. He feels with mohini his life would be different and she is just right match for him.. So is this what he calls love or its just she motivates or inspires him to break the rules and be a man..

    Looking forward to this very interesting story..


    • @Rehmat re Omer’s feelings: oh i think he’s well & truly in love.. remember how worried he was after the dhamaka incident.. And i think same goes for Mohni.. the ‘i’m with u’ type reaction did make me rethink toob but I guess she’s someone who knows what she wants, thats why she agreed to meet his father etc… then again, all that rona dhona didnt sit well with me either..


      • @FA and @Rehmat: hmmm.. I think Im still skeptical about this raaton raat mohabbat but I do think its more than friendship… dekhtey hain how long before their first serious larai …


        • @SZ lol abb harr koi Shano aur Khelu thora hi na hain!!? lol…
          re raton rat mohabbat: oh din bhi the naaa : with painting tabsaras, gola gandas, chats and roll parathas and a good old kho dene ka darr scenario lol.. haan no bachpan ki mangni and dhaga/girah bandh-ing overnight here, woh bhi aisa ke aik hi rat mein bagher dekhe hi mohabbat aur pehli nazar mein ishq ho gya! lol , magar phir bhi kuch tou hai!


  7. @SZ. Good review. I’m a fan of OKB so I’m hooked and will continue watching. Looking forward to him finding himself. BTW just discovered some of his parodies [of Humsafar etc.] on youtube. Pretty funny!


    • @JR: Hey! Glad to know youre watching this one with us 🙂
      Yes! those are a ton of fun.. and while Im glad to see him taking his talent to a bigger arena I do miss those vlogs .. i would love to see him doing a parody of his own serials, particularly ANC and the OTT gel and kajal 🙂


  8. superb episode..
    Sana and Obi won my heart.. Sana’s changing expressions when she gets a lecture from senior Hashmi and Obi’s expressions in last scene ..
    Dialogue of the day was “abhi jitna km bol saktay ho utna km bolo, 1 maheenay baad wapis aao gay tau ziada sharmindagi sey bach jao gay”


    • @Atty: Haan the lines are sharp aren’t they! And I am with Sr in this case, ke Omar will repent, but then Sr should also know ke Jr is a chip off the old block and will die before coming back to his father asking for handouts …lets see how Ahmed sb and Faiz and OKB have dealt with Omar’s coming of age arc 🙂


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