Sadqay Tumhare ~ Episode 10 Review


Mystical romances and otherworldly lovers may have more than a thing or two in common with the intensity of emotions that bind Khalil to Shano, but for me, the hard core cynic that I am, it is Shano’s ammi ji and Khalil’s khala who compels me to tune in week after week. It is her deep-seated hatred for her brother-in-law, her bitterness towards her older sister and her tough exterior, behind which hides a very hurt girl – all feelings that Samiya Mumtaz conveys ever so brilliantly – that make Rasheeda the real hero of Sadqay Tumhare. Dosto, please join me in giving a huge round of applause to this  fabulous, but sadly underutilized actor. You are the real deal, lady!

Despite a lot more of Shano and Khalil today for me this was Rasheeda’s episode, and wow did she own it! I have to hand it to Khalil sahab as to how skilfully he’s unfolding the story, one delicate layer at a time.  Today we got yet more of an insight into a story that only Rasheeda knows. Seldom do we get to see how the accused feel about their accusers and their accusations.

With Sadqay Tumhare we have a rarely seen scenario, Rasheeda’s story picks up from a point where our dramas usually end, with the pronouncement of  a verdict. Typically the aftermath is left untouched. Why waste time following up on the aftereffects, why open ourselves up to the possibility that perhaps, just perhaps, we got it wrong, perhaps we are accusing the person, perhaps the real culprit is long since gone? But then when do we like to sit and deliberate, perhaps hear the accused’s version? We as a society are particularly adept at judging, and swiftly at that.

Those self appointed judges and juries, who sealed Rasheeda’s fate, have long since moved on with their lives. The scandal that turned her life upside down and inside out now all but forgotten. For her, however, its like time has literally stopped ticking. Whether it was her fault or her abuser’s is immaterial. What matters is that one of the guilt parties, and the adult, in this case walked away scot-free, whereas she was punished by those who mattered the most.

Her fiance broke off their engagement, and her sister thought nothing of leaving behind four children and  re-marrying, someone who not only dumped her sister but was also related to her cheating husband. Where was the justice in this, is a question that has long kept the fires of revenge burning in ‘Sheeda’s heart.

Now, after all these years she’s finally gotten a chance to equal the score. In hurting Khelu she hopes to strike a blow where it hurts the most; she wants Inayat and Sadiq and Abdul Rehman to suffer the way she did all those years ago. The sad part, though, is that so wrapped has she been in plotting her revenge that she’s lost sight of the fact that even if she wins it is she who will be left empty handed.

There is so much positivity around her but her desire for revenge has blinded her to thaykedar’s unaffected adoration, her lovely daughters and bechara beta, Haider. Instead of giving her children the attention they seek and the affection her husband wants reciprocated she has allowed her past to dictate her present. With so much of her energy sucked into exacting revenge all she has leftover are maar pitai and jhirkis for her children and a marked impatience with Ameen.

Lest you forget, allow me say this again, Samiya Mumtaz is excellent and Rehan Sheikh is fabulous at playing the perfect foil to his cantankerous partner. Together they are quite a pair, all that anger and bitterness and then that unexpected tarka of humor. Aap ki bhabhi mere samney tau aaye… Insha’ Allah munh toar doon gi uska! Rasho and Ameen are very complicated roles and hats off to the director and his actors for understanding and breathing life into these characters, and so vibrantly at that.

Magar, luckily for apney hero sahab, his heroine has not inherited any of her mother’s bitterness. Quite the contrary in fact. So in love is Shano that she is almost disconnected with mundane everyday matters. Things like her mother’s scoldings only amuse her; Shano’s half a smile, which has found a permanent home on her lovely face, gives voice to all that she does not say. Rasho’s anger and scolding only strengthens her love for Khalil rather than the other way around. Unlike what her mother fears, her love for Khalil is not just for this lifetime but for an eternity. Whether they unite in here and now is immaterial. She was, is, and always will be Khalil’s. Mahira glows as the besotted Shano.

For his part Khelu ‘aint that bad either. Ab tau khoon shoon bhi baha liye, chakra ke gar bhi gaye, master sahab ki lambi lambi baatein bhi barey hausley se sun leen, aur tau aur maths ke sawal bhi hal kara diye … ab what more can a mere mortal do? Magar, what to do honey wali saas sahiba refuse to give the green signal to their rishta. Let’s hope for his and Shano’s sake that ammi ji ka dil narm par jaye … par zara mushkil hi lagta hai! Adnan Malik is very good as the larger than life Khelu. It is to the director’s credit for keeping this high flying character somewhat grounded and Adnan does his best to make it all work just so.

And while on mushkil, apney daktar sahab ki parhayi ka khatam hona bhi zara mushkil hi lagta hai. Fursat hi kahan hai un ko Khelu ke peechney bhaagney se. Also, methinks he has a soft corner for Humera and she for him. So forget about studies, and maano my mukhlisana, to say nothing of muft, mashwara aur yaheen par clinic khol kar reh jayen. Kamayee bhi, biwi bhi and saath hi Khelu ki susraal bhi, sab ma’mla fit. Now if only daktar sahab would take some time off from babysitting Khelu and minding his own life, we’d be in business. Bhai jaan daktar sahab, kuch apna bhi khayal kar lein! Shamyl Khan and Saniya Shamshad are great as the well-intentioned besties to our ‘ashiqon ki jori. 

All in all quite a happening episode. The acting remains topnotch and Ehatshamuddin does well in keeping audiences interested in this very filmy saga. There are times when the filminess and the flowery dialogues overshadow the story – the tanga scene where Khelu keels over in a faint with the sad music playing in the background and Shano rok-ing him had me laughing out loud – but then we also have times where it works well – the sequence of Khelu and Shano studying maths, for instance, was very well-executed. Overall Sadqay Tumhare has been narrated well, staying true to the written word and doing justice to a multi-layered story. Looking forward to the next installment.

Yeh tau thi meri sawari ki kahani, aap sunayen, ap ka tanga theek ja rahi hai ya nahin?

Written by SZ~ 

14 replies

  1. Ji bilkul mera taanga theek ja raha ha, full masti mein hai.
    I love Khalil and Shaano scenes. And I have to hold my breath during Rashida and Her husband’s interactions. Lovely drama, filmi yet serene, sad but still pepperd with humour. I need two episodes per week.
    What you think of Shaano’s Young brother..he is quite a character!


    • @Farah S: LOL! woh bechara Haider … sirf maaren hi khata hai .. waisey isnt it funny ke yahan betey ko bhi maar par rahi hai , usually we see only the betis getting beaten up .. so in that context Im okay with his maar 😉


  2. Beautiful review!!! To watch Both loved bird is a treat. Without touching and looking at each other they say so much , (language of love) . this reminds me of old hindi movies, they were like that . Shamya Mumtaz is the star!!!! She is exellent .


  3. Mera tanga toh tuk tuk karta hua poori masti se chal raha hai aur safar bahut mazedaar lag raha hai.

    I am LOVING Raheem Sheikh. He was d star of this episode for me and I enjoyed every bit of his acting. We talk of Shaano’s unconditional love for Khelu all d time but this episode revealed that she inherited this trait of being so hopelessly in love with someone from her father as this man loves hus wife so much that he believes each n every word she speaks about her past. Asher (HS) should learn a thing or two from him (lol).

    Sheeda ji ke thapaddon ka toh kya kahen. Inke bina toh episode poora ho hi nahin sakta. The only difference was that this time, poor Haider was at the recieving end though during her scene with Shaano, I kept thinking “Ab pada ki tab pada”.

    This episode also hinted at something on romantic lines between Humeira n Daktar sahib that we will be seeing in d coming episodes.

    Overall a good episode n hope that its going to get better with each episode though must admit, next week’s promos were quite confusing and didn’t give out much about whats coming our way next.


  4. Tanga ki sawari all thanks to Rasheeda begum firstclass jarahi he.. Her scenes are soo chilling… The way she slaps haider or try hard to control her frustration is phenomenally done by Samiya Mumtaz.. Enjoy her scenes more as compare to our love birds.. Mostly in any love story.. The love birds take the cake for centre of attraction and sideys are just a mere sideys.. But here Rasheeda is full on control.. My beautiful villain 😀

    Totally agree with u SZ that we never get to learn the accused one’s story and how they felt.. And thats the reason the way this character is written its making it more interesting and exciting and full of layers.. Her scene with Ameen was best one.. Just flawless..

    Shano and Khalil have reached to an altogether new level of love.. It makes you indifferent of maar, sarcastic comments.. Just you want to be in your happy bubble.. Doctor and humaira.. Aheem.. Lage raho.. And khush raho 😉

    Next week seems to be unfolding of more layers of story..


  5. Enjoyed this ep much more than the last….had my fav line in it “Maths ka sawaal hal kara hai”. Shamyl Khan you said it perfectly!


  6. I have to agree with you SZ, Rasheeda is awesome. The IA moon tour doon gee line was so true to Punjabi common folks. I am pretty sure I’ve heard some punjaban say ‘ shalla Tu maraain’ or shalla tu Ghuruk ho wain. Our Punjabi village folks/ and indigenous lahoris are very blunt in that way. And love giving bud duas. So glad the writer has portrayed this accurately.


  7. “Adnan Malik is very good as the larger than life Khelu. It is to the director’s credit for keeping this high flying character somewhat grounded and Adnan does his best to make it all work just so.”

    Thank you made my day 🙂 ..actually kuch aur kehna chah rahi thi lekin ab mujhay ahsas ho gaya hai k ye comments sirf aap nahi aur bhi bohat log perhtay hain…yaad hai “ji” per meri jo durgat bani thi 🙂

    shano ki tou samajh ati hai lekin mera khelu k liay obsession har episode k sath bertha hi jaa raha hai ..aaj ek aur inkishaf hoa k kuch arsay say reviews ooper ki bajaiy naaechay say perhna shuru kerti hoon jahan khelu k baray main aap ki besh qeemat rai mojood hoti hai …ab wo jo bhi ho lekin mujhay perhnay ki itni jaldi hoti hai k zara saa intezar bhi gawara nahi 😉 ..iss kaa credit Team ST ko jata hai k inhon nay aisay characters create kiay aur oon actors say perform kerwaya jo in k liay behtareen intikhab ho saktay thay

    “ye official statement hai” 😉

    ander ki baat yahan nahi likh sakti so oos ko ander hi rehnay do..tangay ki sawari bohat achi jaa rahi hai ..honestly speaking main iss qism k “safer” ki ziada madah (fan) nahi..lekin ye writer kaa kamal hai k inhon nay ek simple love story(with very predictable twists and turns) main be-hud complex characters create kiay jis nay ST ko ek naya rung day di hai..story predictable lekin characters unpredictable…nahi maloom sheeda kaa ahla step kia ho gaa khelu kaa oos per reaction kaisa ho gaa lekin story k utar cherhao main kuch naya pan yaa surprise nahi.. predictable unpredictable pta nahi kia bol rahi hoon lekin mujhay lagta hai ye writing tactic hai audience ko engage rakhnay k liay jis main writer bilkul kaam yaab rahay hain aur obviously iis ki presentation main bhi iss kaa hath hai ..iss liay hazar saal purani love story ko bhi hum itnay zuoq-o shouq say dekh rahay hain k pta nahi ab kia honay wala hai jub ho jata hai hum kehtay hain ye hi hona tha..kafi daugy serial hai

    characters main of course khelu mujhay kafi pasand hai sirf ek reason k liay k routine main dikhaiy janay walay male characters say bilkul different hai … iss k ilawa sheeda amin lekin shano abhi tak mere liay wo character nahi bun saki jo bano /Khirad / Falak / Bibi ki tra memorable ho..waja iss kaa one dimensional hona bhi ho sakta hai lekin main iss main kuch complexity dekhna chahti hoon ye jantay hoay k ST shano k liay tribute hai..iss liay iss character main wo uniqueness strength aur charm hona chahiay jo end per baqi her cheez ko over shadow ker day

    ek reason mujhay ye bhi lagta hai k ye ek male writer ki tehreer hai is tra hum female writers ki dafa shikyut kertay thay k ye male characters ko sahi tra likh nahi patin..yaa iss mamlay main observation say ziada apni understanding aur imagination per bharosa kerti hain iss liay weak male characters likti hain..kahin ye reason tou nahi lekin phir sheeda kaa character bhi tou hai..Khalil sahib k aur dramas bhi hai..ager shano k character per ziada detail main aur khaas oos ki apni zaat k hawalay say mukhtalif pehloo-on per roshini dali jati ..meri nazer main ziada behter rehta

    lekin character k flat honay kaa bill HASBE- ADAT AUR HASB-E SABIQ poor Mahira per phut raha hai …O Mahira aap ki kundali main kuch chaker hai khirad ho falak ho yaa ayla ..sub k flaws ki bherpai audience aap per ghusa nikal ker kerti hai aur Pakistani kia kum thay k ab indian viewers bhi iss main pesh pesh hain SS k sath constant comparison ker ker k in ko buri actress sabit kernay per tulay hain BTW Mahira SS say ziada versatile hain… mujhay SS say koi issue nahi wo mujhay bohat pasand hain firaq oon ki khatir jhel rahi hoon …ji abhi tak..lekin mera dil dukha hoa hai 😦 ..sath hi mujhay lagta hai Mahira ko ziada kaam kerna inki acting abilities ko improve kernay main help kray gaa…aap kaam ker k hi behter ho saktay hain gher beth ker nahi ..tou darling selective hona acha hai lekin ye saal main ek serial wala formula artistic suicide k siva kuch nahi

    khelu k liay pasand apni jaga lekin ek baar phir oon ki ghunda gerdi jo k lakh tamiz aur sharafat k libaday main lipti hoi thi mujhay pasand nahi aye..for god sake ye harassment hai..aap kisi k gher main oos ki merzi k bina ghus ker oos ki beti k kamray main jaa ker beth jyn wo bhi akelay..iss ko kia kahen gay…yahan sheeda amin gaon walon ko ikatha ker k yaa sirf molvi sahib ko bula ker hi iss situation ko apni favour main istemal ker saktay thay..aur ager ye hi sub khelu k gher main in ki sis k sath koi kray tub khelu sahib aap kaa kia reaction ho gaa…yahan writer ek point ko proof kerny k chaker main carried away hoay hain

    lekin taya ji ki family mujhay achi lagi khaas tor per ye jaan ker k shano is rishtay per razi nahi oon kaa inkar mujhay pasand aya..aur iss epi main bhi bewaqoofon ki tra sheeda ki intiqm ki aag main nahi kood paray..sheeda kia muhn toray gi..tai ji nay pehlay hi munh toray bagher oon ko munh tor jawab dia hai ..sheeda ek muhawara hai apna kapra uthanay say apna hi tun nazer ata hai…dosron ko be-izzat kernay k khaab dekhnay plan kernay wali ki apni beti ruswa ho chuki ab sheeda ki apni bari hai

    mujhay khelu sadiq kaa nahi Abdul rehman kaa hi beta lagta hai kiunk wo jo love affection aur concern khelu k liay dekhata hai wo step son k liay mushkil lagta hai..dono main resemblance bhi hai …phir sheeda khelu ki last epi wali conversation k mutabiq wo khud ko thik thak mazloom yaa wo jis nay iss sub ki qeemat chukai samajhti hai..ho sakta hai kuch ziadti waqai oos k sath hoi ho

    dekhtay hain tanga humen kahan lay jata hai humari predict kerda manzil per yaa phir audience ko kuch surprise milnay wala hai


    • Thank-you RJ, finally someone apart from the usual Mahira fans who agree to the fact that they constantly pit her against and compare her to other actresses to make her look bad when she is far from it. Her doing one project a year is artistic suicide and I sincerely hope she works more because that is what improves your craft and unlike other actresses who have a huge body of work behind them and then improve, Mahira’s work is limited. But to say she’s untalented or can’t act is an exaggeration. Every role of hers has been different from the previous, and the amount she has improved in four simple projects is huge in comparison to other actresses who can’t even do it in twenty at times.


  8. ooper wala comment main poora likh chuki thi kernay say pehlay copy ketay waqt khuda janay kia hoa apnay aap change ho ker JH per chala gaya…matlab saaf zahir hai ..main itni upset hoi k dobara nahi likhna chahti thi LITERALLY …lekin phir himaat ker k likh tou lia..per check kiay bina post ker dia..ab main perh rahi thi tou ek itna ghalat word chala gay hai….pehli baar mujhay ghusa aa rah hai k edit kaa option kiun nahin hai …kher… daugy nahi “DODGY” ..ab huns lo jis ko mujh per hunsna hai..aur koi zaroorat nahi taras khanay ki


  9. Hi. So i have a slight complain. I love your reviews but i feel that you should be reviewing more dramas. There are a few shows on air that might be more deserving of a review than Goya. I saw a few episodes of Khuda na kare and was quite impressed by the direction. You should punish at least one review of each show to guide the readers about what’s good currently on air. A mahira khan starrer hardly needs any promotion but your reviews might promote other shows with good plots or direction.


    • @Shazia: Hello! Great to hear from a silent reader 🙂

      You are absolutely right, I do review only a few select serials and wish I could do more, but the problem is that there are only so many serials that I can do full justice to and it is not possible to watch everything :/

      Re: how I pick serials to review: To be very honest, it actually has nothing to do with what serial needs promotion and what does not, its more a matter of my personal choice. I cant review what I cant watch with ffwding. You can call me either selective or biased your choice, but thats just how I am – sorry! I write really slow and it takes me a long time to write each review, and if Im spending 2-3 hours writing something than I’ d rather be spending that time on something I enjoy., I dont see the point in spending time bashing a bad serial or something that doesnt work for me personally. That’s one of the big reasons why I stopped with Shukk, Firaaq, MSKSH, Laa, Aahista Aahista Aahista, MHMD in recent times.

      If I do, however, end up watching a complete what I see as a bad episode I do review it, or do an overview after a few episodes, for instance Uff Yeh Muhabat, Qudrat, Rubaru, ek Kasak Reh Gayi, etc..

      Apart from these there is a ton of stuff I watch on on ffwd mode and opinion on those comes out in various comments or opinion pieces …Nazdikiyan, for instance was mentioned in a recent post I did abt cut paste stories etc .. Basically I dont watch anything on ffwd mode and review it.

      Also, I do review dramas that are not necessarily popular and get very few comments, but I do them because I enjoy watching them… Gar Maan Reh Jaye, Sannata, Talkhiyan, Pehchan, telefilms like Ghooghat, Tamasha Mere Aagey.. none of these were going to win any awards or popularity polls but I still reviewed them.

      Re: your recommendation: I didnt even know of the name, but after you mentioned it, I did check it out today. I am a huge fan of Salman Shahid so was thrilled to see him, but after that the loud bgs was a huge turnoff and the first episode just did not click and perhaps the story got better further on but it jusy didn’t click with me.

      I guess it all just boils down to a matter of personal choice. Serials that I dont like routinely top the TRP charts. Very recently PA was very popular but it didnt work for me, similarly MHMD was very popular but again a no go for me ..on the other hand many thought Pehchan was too slow or Talkhiyan to dark and depressing but they happen to among my fave serials in recent times …

      All that said, will definitely try to do more one off reviews.. thanks for the suggestion! Its always fab to hear ideas and get drama recommendations 🙂 Are you watching the new Sania Saeed starrer OOs/Oas? Im keeping an eye on it to see where and how it goes …

      Apologies for the long-winded response but was trying to give you a very honest explanation as to the rationale behind what I end up reviewing 🙂


  10. Can anybody tell me the background music ?jab shanos dad upar ja ta hai Khalil aur shano ko check karne.. Please koi mere mushkil ahsaan karde, oye duniya ke nekh logo! Find me that soundtrack please,


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