Alphabet Soup ~ The ABCs of Pakistani Dramas ~ II


Saheliyo aur sahibo – shukriya! Sadqay sab ke!
Pichley haftey ke itney stupendous response ney saabit kar diya ke hamarey dramas, mediocre as most tend to be, still end up entertaining us quite a bit – inadvertently hi sahi. 

Now, after the b=bharmaar of all the b=bekaar things that b=bore us in b=bheja fry dramas, I invite you to s=share s=some thoughts that come to your mind as you watch one s=stretched out s=silly s=serial after another, each making you question your s=sanity. S=so, s=saarey s=sanbhal ke baithen kyonke the letter for this week is…. *drum roll*


Sahi pehchana! Sau feesad durust!

S sahab hain hamarey is haftey ke special guest and ab c’mon peeps, let’s show some lurve and give a DRNR ishtyle swagat! 


 Arrey, such a sour welcome? Lagta hai aap kuch zyada khush nahin huey – kyon?

Waisey, such bolon? Aapas ki baat hai I too am not that pleased. Let me share my sad story …

For me, S=  😎 😎 😎

There was a time I used to wear sunglasses only when outside, dhoop se bachnay ke liye, you know. Phir TV serials started becoming rangeen mijaaz and I had no choice but to wear them indoors as well. Shuru shuru mein I used to wear 😎 😎 once or twice a month. Ab tau woh waqt aa gaya hai ke I feel pretty much every other drama should come with this statutory warning:


Goya ke aap khud check kar lein….


Rhapsody in red, blue ki bharmaar, as for the purple … panga na hi lein tau behter !

In more recent times I have also learnt another use for my becharey, now severely overworked 😎 😎

As in shielding my eyes from such oh-so-not-sexy visuals!!


Aagey aap khud samajhdaar hain!

Khair ….

*Sigh* So much to tell and so much to share  magar woh kehtey hain na ke kahan tak suno ge kahan tak sunaon…

So bas ab shuru hojayen, aap sunaiyen aur main sunti hoon ..

Written by SZ~

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  1. ROFL @ Sunglasses alert! love the caution signs.. how can we forgot the Sunshine yellow tshirt of senior Hashmi??.. & some seriously dodgy samaan

    S is for swimming Pool.. second step down the how-rich-r- u scale.. straight after the butler!

    S is for samandar.. jab barish nahin hoti tou there is the big blue sea..

    S is for socks that we now know where to hide if we want to keep our hubbies on a tight leash.. just like Saara from Firaq

    Stay away from Sikenders.. they turn out to be sakht shohars.. see JH and Kankar!

    Aur generally speaking in drama world, S stands for sasoo maans siyasat.. the shohar sahabs surr-jhukaing to their ammas.. and the saabir shakir dramas where the s for story and s for sense have gone missing..


    • @FA…bilkul sahi kaha Karachi k her drama main samander lazmi hai apnay tamam saz-o saman samate yaani sahil sand seep sooraj aur sham romantic 🙂


    • @FA: that shirt! uff how can I forget that and by that dodgy saman are you referring to our Sanata wala red/orange suitcase? I saw another one in Bashar Momin too fyi … why o why are red suitcases so popular on our tv screens!!

      Re: S=samandar .. kaash us ko dikhatey dikhatey they could learn to give stories a much needed samandar ki si gehrayi !

      Good catch on the Sikanders! Kankar left no impression on me so I completely forgot about that one..


      • @SZ yes the suitcase!! That Sannata had all kinda creepy stuff! The sad-looking poolside to the yukky jhoola – the horrid decor in that shehr wala bangla..
        That had the weirdest sohag raat ever!!!!.. remember the saij??? yuk yuk yuk!!!!
        Sannata sarapa ‘S.. written by Saji Gul..


        • @FA: Shhhh Sannata ko kuch mat bolo LOL! You know Im saying that because it reminds me of our most dedicated drama fan ever – @Ayesha!! Waisey, shes been ghaib for quite a while .. hope she’s doing well .. Kya din the woh Sannata waley! Uff! those pages upon pages we all wrote!!


    • @FA: Sania for me too!! Marina is hands down my fav actor … FKs AHs, hot as they are, sab ghaas chartey nazar aatey hain un ke saamney! 😀


      • @SZ haina! .. and there was also Shahnaz Sheikh.. Another one of my all time favs!!.. I wonder if we will ever get to see her again..?


      • Since we r talking about some of the classics.. now those were the days.. Sunehre Din.. another one i still remember from my childhood days.. Shoaib Mansoor’s serial.. Saleems Sheikh’s debut.. He was fun in them days, abb kia ho gya!
        and Sitara aur Mehrunnisa.. Atiqa Odho’s debut i think.. back in the days when sisters (and cousins) were like sisters…


      • Those were the days when our heoines were no ‘sati savitris’.. They were loud, wild and pretty phoohar lol.. most of them struggled with frying eggs.. but what fun!!! Sannia, zara, dr.Zara, Sana Murad (ankahi)….
        Ankahi se yaas ae Salim Nasir.. what a legend!


  2. Great and an extremely innovative article sz. i have been a silent reader and am a huge fan of your reviews and articles.
    Btw the second picture of that shower thingy is from which drama?


    • @Shumaila: Hello, lovely to hear from a s=silent reader … and I guess I should thank that s=shower pic ke aap ki khamoshi tooti 😉 That pic is from the first ep of the recently started Doosri Bivi and that is apney Fahad bhai taking a shower!


        • @afia: yaar, what kind of a drama is this?? Wrong in every level that matters! Since when do bosses interfere in their sub-ordinates’ lives, and that too to this extent? And all those zabardasti ke lovey dovey scenes! And moral of the story if your husband every offers to share household chores then samajh lo ke dossri bivi ki entry bas honey hi wali hai.. and then we are subjected to OTT makeup, starting off business meetings with a maulvi sahab present and then sone pe suhaga (thanks @Ranjan 😉 ) this shower scene!! I watched the first two eps and I think Im more than done .. agar tum dekhti raho tau keep me updated please!


  3. seen say superb …sheen say shandar article jis ko likha humari sohni mohini SZ nay 🙂 …achaaa jo main nay R kaa ziker kia aap ko S kaa khayal aa gaya 😉 …
    S for Sobbing …humaray dramas k be-shter characters ye hi kertay nazer atay hain aur ab hum bhi oos main shamil hain lekin andaz mukhtalif hai
    S for style and stylish…humaray sub hi stylish actors 🙂 Mahira..Hina ji…aur wo actors jin hon ay apna ek style introduce kerwaya
    S for soups…jo Pakistan main kabhi ziada successful nahi reh sakay
    S for saas bahu sagas..jin say pta nahi kub jaan chootay gi
    S for sober…kabhi humaray dramas hoa kertay thay jin main sober characters nazer atay thay..
    S for sophisticated..meri nazer main iss lafz say ek naam jo ub say pehlay zehen main ata hai..rahat kazmi 🙂
    S for social ….social issues jis per humaray dramas sub say ziada focus kertay hain
    aur SOCIAL MEDIA jo hum Sub ko milanay kaa Sabab hai
    S for strong…characters/themes etc …ab main iss per kia kahoon
    S for subtle…jis ko notice aur analyze kerna SZ ki pehchan hai
    S for hamesha humaray dramas main khawateen hoti hain rafia
    S say sasta…ab writer ho actor ho yaa diraector yaa foreign dramas.. humaray channels in say hi kaam chala rahay hain
    S say surila..humaray sureelay singers aur sureelay drama OSTs
    S say sajid hasan…ab aap nay marina kaa naam lia to main nay in kaa lay dia S say samira fazal akhir mohabat andhi hoti hai 🙂 S say sarmad humaray fave director aur S say sehr-e zaat..Sirf SZ k liay
    akhir main S for softie “jo main bhi hoon aur tum bhi ho” 😉


    • @RJ: Wah!!! shabash! Aap ne pichley haftey ki confusion ki saari kasar nikaal di aaj – ton of fun reading this 🙂
      Re: Sajid Hasan … bilkul!!! I have no clue why such a brilliant actor, with such perfect comic timing, has been relegated to these useless abba roles …. I am a huge fan! And Rahat Sahab .. ab un ka to zikr hi na karen .. Marina tau hain hi but Rahat sb ki bhi baat kuch khaas hai …#respect and #hotnessoffthecharts!


    • Greetings Ladies! what fun to be together again! I was feeling like a ghost roaming through these pages:)
      RJ ji, ( SRK ke andaz mein)s-s-s-s-s-s Sab S k-k-k-khatm ho gaye ya bache hain?!


  4. S say soch wichar jo humaray drama makers kabhi nahi kertay lekin jis kaa beerha hum sub nay uthaya hoa hai…and soaps not soups ..sorry for the typo …aur S say smile kertay rahiay hamesha 🙂


    • Nahi aapne bilkul durust farmaya, RJ, soap nahi soup, sare emotions aur characters ka soup hi hota hai soap. Aise bhi soap se safai ki jaati hai aur soup toh chatkare le ke enjoy kiya jaata hai.
      Desi logon ki jaykedaar desi pasand —-soup.!!!!:)


        • @Shubh /Molly ..O meri Sokhta dil sweet si sakhiyo sahelio 🙂 merzi sogund lay lo abhi atleast sola S tou mere soup store main paray hain iss liay shant ho jao aur apni soch larao S ki sabeel bari lambi hai aur main nay sirf S per hath saaf kia hai SH tou alag para sookh serh raha hai jo S say ziada sahel (easy) hai …such tou ye hai aap sathiyon kaa khayal anay per main nay hath rok lia tha werna mera S kaa silsila abhi aur chalna tha..apni safai main ye hi kehna tha 🙂

          aur Molly humari SZ bari siyaani aur samajh daar hain iss liay randomly letters select ker rahi hain taa k her haftay hum sub ko ek serious jhutka lagay 🙂 aur shubh aap kaa naam hi kaafi hai is haftay…aur aap jaisay dost shobha hain iss blog ki 🙂 … mere mazaq per koi sanjeeda naa ho jye apni sakhiyon ko satana mera shabina roz shaghal hai..sadistic pleasure? keh saktay hain 😉
          P.S. sokhta…scorched /suffering


          • Maine toh kabhi ki Haar maan le ….Aap sab rahe seasoned drama lovers and my drilling is still oon(long way to go…)…..Par ek guzaarish hai aapse, aap SH ko alag se na rakhen, S mein S=shaamil kar len, bhaale hi woh kitna hi sahel kyun na ho……
            Btwz Mujhe s=sahel lafz bahut pasand aaya (I guess i’m loving Urdu more than the dramas …. )
            Aur S=shukriya hume apni sakhiyon ki shucchi(list) mein s=shaamil karney ke liye ….Aur aap bilkul fikr na karne, doston ke satane par sanjeeda nahi hua jata even if they seek pleasure in it…..


      • @Molly! Shabash! What a delicious way to describe the so not delectable concoctions that our drama makers dish out day after day, week after week, month after month …. 😡


  5. aur haaaan S say sher-o shairi jo dramas main sirf songs tak mehdood ho gai hai lekin kabhi kahin nazer aa jati hai bol meri machli main Shair character aur humari Shano bhi be-hud Shouqeen hain…aur mera tou ahum ahum sub ko pta hi hai.. jahan itna ser khaya hai tou s say sher bhi sun lo

    Soda teri feriyad say ankhon main kati raat
    ay hai Seher honay ko tuk tu kahin mer bhi
    is liay ab mernay yaani sonay jaa rahi hoon 🙂


  6. SZ what can I say , sone pe suhaga!!! I loved the letter you pick. Because it is easy to say and write . Snake ke terh hai some of the characters in drama and some are sober too. You remember Rahat Kazmi , his son than why not Saira his wife very talented.
    Sanno so beautiful .
    Saddi (wedding ) are sometimes boring too .
    SZ snow scenery in pehchan was beautiful. I heard lot of snow by east coast . Be careful bundle up. Thinking about you all .


    • @Ranjan; Itni shaandar Urdu se aap hum sab ko sharminda kar rahi hain! Love how you’ve put everything together!

      So right about Sahira Kazmi … talk about a lethal combo of beauty +brains!!!

      and Shaadis .. lol these days we seem to have a shaadi overload in all our dramas ..seems like there are no other political, social, economic issues left in PK except getting married .. check out Tum Mere Hi Rehna… have you ever seen ppl that desperate to get married? and even after 14/15 episodes its still all about shaadi! So fed up!


  7. S se Soup Jo har dramay mein beemar ko pilaya jata hai Sehatyab hone ke liye.
    S se Sabr which is needed when dealing with Saas ,Susar and Susraal.
    S se Suhag raat , the Silver lining of all Shaadis 😜


    • @deeba: your comments always crack me up! trust you to bring uop the suhag raat .. uff, sooo awkward ke had nahin, I wonder why we need them at all? The worst of the lot that i remember from recent dramas has to be the one in Ashk where Madam Zebu ran away like a twit … and then the best , though still awkward, and very long has to be the ZGH one … Oh and ofcourse Sannata wali was pretty ugh as well … and a dil ke armaan aansoo-on mein beh gaye type wali has to be the one in Pehchan where Mansoor ne us bechari bacchi ke saarey khwab karchi karchi kar diye .. can never forget the line : bohot khel liye shaadi shaadi… what an a** he was!


      • Oh yeah!! The Ashk was crazy!!!! remember the toy bandar?! hahaha No wonder she ran away!
        And Pehchan : bohot khel liye shadi shadi! … still haunts me!

        but then we got Aunn Zara, where the bride was chewing gum & blowing bubbles in the groom’s face! lol

        Aur can’t remember abhi recently kahan dekha tha, but that was a fire hazard!!.. Candles overload! itni ke i was worried about the bride’s trailing dopatta and lenga catching fire!


        • @FA: Oho! How could you forget! That was in Laadon Mein Pali 😉 😉 and then the next morning while Maya’s walked over next door to her parents’ house, sajal walks into the bride and groom’s bedroom without even bothering to knock!! Uff!! Kiya kiya dramey dekhen hain hum logon ne!


        • Hahahahah oh goodness suhag raat is indeed the awkward one.. The most lamest was of sannata.. Tauba.. A total nightmare.. Pehchaan tou literally was haww n ouch wala scene


  8. I am gonna go for the major theme for many dramas which apparently is Splendid to watch!!
    S is for Shukk and Shohars yes the drama itself oh what a shandaar shuruaat aur phir turned into a never ending staggering stupid finish!!!
    Aur every Second drama has shaki misaj ka shohars, as recent as imroze in Firaaq and also although we loved him our dear Ashar was quite the shaki hero, and am sure our lovely friends can remember many more shaki misaj ka shohars
    S is also for Sanam Saeed one of my favorite actresses, she may have been in some bad dramas but she is still a STAR!!
    And also thank you SZ for being one of the coolest S names! This is so much fun:)


    • @SK too right about the shandaar shuruaat aur phir turned into a never ending staggering stupid finish!!!.. constantly slipping plot with a sloppy finish..
      Talking of sloppy finish.. Numm!! Thats gotta be the sloppiest finale ever! lol


    • @SK: Hahaha!!! I knew it! I knew you would bring up Shukk! I have yet to see someone so so enthusiastic about a serial .. and then we all saw what happened there 😱

      and if SZ and her blog is fun its all because of sahelis like @SK and @everybody.. shuru din se! 😘


  9. S se S=shaatir , aab woh bahu ho ya saas ho ya behan ho ya shauhar ho yaa phir koi naah ho ….!!!!
    S=suriley s=score aka s=songs ….though i’ll admit not all are easy on ears !!!


    • @shubh: sahih bilkul sahih … shaatir is the word!! Shaatir are all the producers who give us one sad saga after another .. all in the name of ratings 😦
      and so right abt OST .. some of them do make you wanna earplugs .. aajkjal sunglasses ke saath saath earplugs bhi zaroori hain 🙉🙈


  10. @ “S=……”

    The most crowned jewels of this blog also happen to start from curvaceous “S” only!!!….jo ki hai –—“S=stars S=serial/saga S=SZ ……” In addition to this,the most recent one is this wonderful and interesting mind-stirring recipe of “alphabet S=soup” , All of which ‘s’=share a huge credit to themselves in bringing us across the border ….. and further talking on-and-about dramas, ‘S=scriptwriter‘s’ toh must mention hai (both fabulous and torturous ones)
    Further thinking of ‘S=stars’, there is this huge and ‘s’uperb ‘s’tars ensemble which I lately had the pleasure of coming across —-the gracious ‘S’amina Peerzada ji in ZGH(n countless more from her), the gifted ‘s’hoaib mansoor , the amazing ‘S’ania Saeed(in putlighar and ‘ab tum ja sakteh ho’ from one of ur recommendations) , ‘S’anam Baloch as amazing dur-e-shehwar n bano in dastaan, ‘S’amiya mumtaz in MZZeB and the lovely lovely Sanam Saeed as the well-loved Kashaf… and then the Begum of drama’s ‘S’ultana aapa(caught glimpses of her in some interview)….But Still, topping the list for me is the vivacious and chirpy ‘s’ana murad aka ‘S’hahnaz ‘S’heikh both in ankahi n tanhaiyan (she was also the first choice for Raj kapoor’s 90’s hit ‘Henna’….had no clue until now …!!!)

    Aur S=sorry for cuming up with the most obvious “s -es”-….Is thread ko meine S=sab kuch se S=star-list me tabdeel kar diya ….and I bet having missed many !!!

    Just came to my mind —-S se toh ”S=sunder ‘s=saali’ bhi hoti hai which are usually verry ‘s’=shaatir…


  11. Ooh I cannot believe I missed this… And now I had to resist the urge to read the comments before I had written something of my own LOL!

    The very first thing that came in my mind when I saw the S was…


    Yep, the sabr aur bardasht kay sabaq that are routinely dished out through our very one-dimensional scripts and the characters named S (Shahwar, Saba, and so on!). So on the one hand we have a saabir, soft-spoken, satai hui, sweet, sobre, simple, and seedhi saadhi larki (who is usually quite silly), and in stark contrast, we have a self-centered, and spoiled larki (who is usually both smart AND sharp, and willing to sell others out for her own selfish gain). And it is the latter type of character on which our script writers rely to stretch the screenplay!

    Add to that the new breed of strange characters we are now seeing in our dramas – the soukan/soutan who can fall in either of the above categories… SIGH!

    I will delve more into scripts and stories – some are absolutely smashing (for instance, Sarmad Sehbai’s script of Laa) but get spoiled in the hands of the wrong director. At other times, the story is amazing but loses sight of where it is headed… especially if extra scenes are added… not to mention the stories which stretch out to over 25-30 testing our sabr and bardasht. And how can I forget the many bloopers which happen because the small stuff is ignored 🙂

    On a slightly humorous note, just how many Sarahs, Sanas, Shanzays, Salmans, Sairas, Sabas, and Shizas are we going to have in our dramas? There is at least ONE of these in every single drama!

    I can probably go on for ages, but I think I should STOP 😀


  12. You guys are rocking i must say… Kya tou Smashing S likhe hain.. I thought S for Shukar…
    Jo kisi bure bakwas drama k khtm hone pe karte he ya intihai zabardast drama k start hone pe… But chonke Shukar har haal me karna chahyiae tou vo hum bilkul karte rehte he 😉

    Recently had shukar dil se k Pehchaan started.. It was Much needed during those days… Ek shukar i did when ameen sahab character did adieu in Gar Maan reh Jaaye LOL..

    Shukar k ap jaise dost mile n SZ jaisi reviwer 🙂


  13. S stands for sharing
    Now our drama makers have taken sharing to another level! ….thats why we see shared wardrobes, shared locations : same old houses and mansions over and over again & same old locations be it Park Towers or the pier in Panama City, or the Blue Mosque in Istunbul, the all too familiar spices (masala) added to sad old stories, with rather sad names with same old themes, the same joris sharing the screen together, and not to mention the similar looking posters, the borrowed sound tracks (which btw they call OST – original sound track lol), …..sharing absolutely everything!.. drama makers! this is not sharing!!! this has now turned into a sham!! .. Yes sharing is caring, but all you seem to be caring about your shoe string budgets, but we, the audience, have had our fair share! We don’t care about these mindless chhapas any more.. we want some originality!
    Waise on the other hand, I do love the spirirt of sharing here on DRNR .. the sharing of ideas, thoughts, feelings, feedback and comments.. from SZ and sathis.. Now thats rather stimulating!


  14. Sabse pehle S=SZ ki S=sammohit (hypnotize) karne waali writing 🙂

    For me, after watching a few dramas on Zindagi, S=Sagi behen turned Souten (Maat, Madiha-Maliha). With this overdose in a short span of time, I am completely fed up of such stories.

    S for me is also my favourite actor Sanam Saeed n her Shaandaar acting skills. Speaking of Sanam Saeed, how can we forget S se Sangemarmar from ZGH.

    S se Sania Saeed bhi yaad aayin. Saw a picture of a young Sania Saeed that made me wonder if she is d same actor who worked in a PTV drama long back where she played d role of a mother of 3-4 girls n her mother in law wanted her to give birth only to a son. Can anyone here confirm if I am right or not.

    S is also Sugharh n Susheel beti bahu Sobbing most of d time (Khirad, Madiha).

    Agar Karachi dikha rahein hain to S se Samander naa ho yeh toh Sambhav (Possible) hi nahin.

    Aur aakhir mein in dramas ke zariye aur SZ ke iss blog ke wajah se mile aap sab khoobsurat Saathi jinse yeh Safar aur bhi Sunder (khoobsurat) ho gaya hai.


      • SZ,SZ,SZ, what a gem you are!!!!!!! Thank you for your spirit of sharing 🙂 Aap to S se Surprises ka pitara hain. Love for sharing this video of Aahat. I still remember my mom getting all emotional watching this drama and now, I am gonna look for this one on YT. Sania Saeed looked so pretty n innocent in this drama.

        Kuchh aur Sawaal kar sakti hoon kya?1) May I know the name of Saasu maa. Currently watching her drama Miraat-ul-Uroos on Zindagi n must say she hasn’t aged a bit and I think she is one of the finest actors of Pak drama industry.
        2) The lady who played d friend n neighbour, who is she. Looks quite familiar.
        3) Is d chatterbox maid the same actor who played Fatima Effendi’s mom in oh so boring “Kaash main teri beti na hoti” ?

        S=sorry for going off d track here n asking questions not related to the Alphabet soup but couldn’t curb my curiosity.


        • @samrita
          Yes saasu maa is Samina Ahmad..from Miraat ul Uroos.. and also the barat series where shes a hot nani! def one of the finest! Actually funny u mentioned, I always remember her playing older lady type roles, when she mustve been quite young in those days!..
          and yes that’s the maid!.. not sure abt the neighbour though. def familiar but can’t


    • @Samrita spot on!!! for Sanam Saeed one and definitely i can never forget Sangemarmar from ZGH…. loving dis “S” even moreeE!! !


      • @Shubh, yeah ZGH our first love in terms of drama, sunder ati sunder.

        If you haven’t watched Sania Saeed’s Aahat, then I would recommend this one as a must watch.


  15. “S” for Sisters. “S” for sisterly love( or its absence). Why oh why are sisters shown to be such enemies? Where do these sisters exist, outside the imagination of the writers? Bhaad mein jaye genetics and upbringing. There are always two sisters who are diametrically opposite. And both in love with one man. With one long suffering mum who should seriously evaluate her own child rearing practices. And while at it should also wonder why she named her daughters with rhyming names starting with the same alphabet. 🙂

    Half the mum’s screen time is taken with crying out the bad sister’s name in varying degrees of emotion and volume. Half the good sister’s screen time is taken up with wandering around with a sad tearful self-sacrificing expression with no clue about her sister’s evil intentions. And half the bad sister’s act is taken up by screaming and pulling horrendous faces and ugly expressions till you want to slap her silly.

    The good sister is never found without the dupatta or chador, and the bad one even wears jeans(horrors!). The good sister always shown cooking ghar ka khana while the bad sister eats pizza( double horror!)
    In short the sisters play a slow game of angels and demons while the viewer dies a slow and excruciatingly painful death at the hands of the sisters.


  16. @FA, ouch. that video was just great and so”desi”. I swear I have said similar things to my kids. And so have my parents! and probably their parents too. I think we are so education oriented or rather grade-crazy that our alphabet should have just one letter “A”


    • @Molly! High five! Thats exactly what my son used to say: Mom there are other letters too besides A why do you want me to neglect them.. think of their feelings, why do you hurt them so!
      Yes, apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, he too is a comedian like his mom 😉


  17. Enjoyed reading all the S’s…sunglasses are a must ab, Suhaag raats are awkward still and the Swimming Pools are zaroori for an ultra rich family!
    S- first thought that came to mind was ofcourse you , SZ, the prima donna of the drama review world and for you I am grateful.
    Stories which we need to make more meaningful dramas.
    Simplicity, in garb and manner, which is becoming rare.
    Sapnon ki dunya, in which I am transported to every now and then, thanks to the wonderful world of Pakistani drama.


  18. Yaar, aap sab itney talented ho ke Masha ‘Allah!! I am literally RoFL ing at all the comments

    I seriously think we should write a script together and submit it to a production house … it wont be the greatest but it wont be the worst either .. at least we’ll be original and be able to string a coherent series of events together, and even while staying within the parameters of TRP demands we’ll be able to come up with more innovative dialogs than the one we see onscreen .. and haan, hamarey dramey mein we’ll have more creative beemaris, out of the box ways to create shuk, naye ideas for making a case for the entry of the second biwi, and show abuse in novel ways ( biwi torturing shohar, her abusing him rather than the other way around ) and most importantly we’ll have a house-husband hero who is homely with a stunning biwi who works in an office, and she comes home and he will brung her chai and remove her shoes and keep threatening to do a second shaadi because he is not khidmat guzar enough, doesnt know how to cook gol rotis and he is too avg looking to deserve a wife like her … and yes the biwi will also get humdardi ka bukhar while the shohar sits at home and thinks mein ney kya ghalti kar li ,.. where did I go wrong .. meri khidmat mein kya kami reh gayi thee … yada yaada


  19. I learn few urdu words from you all , and thanks SZ .
    SAI the wife use this word for her husband . I saw in “Iqraar” .one thing I won’t forget in Pehchan Laila wear sandals in snow , that to high heels.


  20. There is an elephant in the room
    S for ‘Sex’. Find it strange that every relationship is shown as pretty prudish. Marriages are depicted in a dull, humdrum manner. Do not mean that actual physical intimacy should be shown …no that is not my intent, but why are the relationships shown so devoid of passion? Husbands and wives show no happiness at being together. I find all the dramas very sterile. Attraction, physical expression of love, is such a vital ingredient of love. And it needs to be only suggested. In most dramas, marriage is shown only as a social contract.
    Humsafar suggested it beautifully which is why it became a success.


    • S = SZ all the way!! S = Social media that has brought everyone together on DRNR and S = Suffering – that actors, directors and production people with half a brain and conscience go through everyday! Sooli per tanga rakha hai humain channel waalon nay. Scripts hain keh Sochnay Samjhnay ki Salahiyat he Salb kar laitee hain. “Aap ke liye aik naya aur challenging role hai….Saas ka” – yeh Sunn Sunn ker kaan pukk gaye hain. S = Subha jo amooman humari Divas ki hoti he nahin (male and female) S = Salook jo editors humari performance ke saath kartay hain. S = Sabr jo Sincere actors ko karna parta hai. S = Such jo bolnay ke baad Sorry kehna parta hai! S = Sifar jo hindsay kay baad lagay to rating high warna dabba gol. Aur S = Sajda jo main rozana kartee hoon keh in sub baton ke bawajood Allah mauqa daita hai keh izzat bani rahay 🙂


  21. Hinaji that was very nice of you to share . I am big fan of yours.” Tum ho key chup ” you were so good specially the way you talk ( different dialect).hope to meet you in future.


  22. Abhi kal hum S ka rona rahe the.. I think Hum TV was listening to our soz-o-gham ki rudad.. They decided to put namak on our zakhams..
    Abb I was flicking through channels when i caught the Numm bgs.. decided to check out kia hai.. Kia dekha? it was S for Susral Mera mein suhaag raat scene.. And that wasn’t enough.. sone pe suhaga, straight afterwards we got another suhaag raat, back to back, in mehram!!! (and mind u, this is the second suhag raat in mehram.. first was a real weird one where the brother walks in without knocking!) … and the episodes get repeated like 4 times over.. Hadd hai bhai! sharing and suhaag raats galore on Hum TV!!!!


  23. Call me crazy, but i was checking out the much promoted last ep of Shanakht.. and Neelum from Numm (sorry i can never remember her real name) and her superb acting skills reminded me of the ‘Slap’ from Numm… thats gotta be of the most memorable slaps on screen!!!


  24. Dear All:

    I know many of you were looking forward to this week’s installment of Alphabet Soup, and trust me so was I, waiting just as anxiously to see what alphabet would come up this week. But before I could start picking out the alphabet for this week, we got the very sad news from Peshawar and after hearing of such mayhem and cruelty I just couldnt bring myself to write something upbeat and fun .. at least not today.

    I hope you will join me in offering prayers for the victims and their families.

    We’ll continue with this series next Wednesday.

    Take care!


    • I know what you mean SZ. We are all still in a state of shock and terribly scared of sending our little one to school now. Can’t even imagine what those poor parents must be going through who lost their children. 😦


      • I agree with all of you. It is impossible to think of our frivolous obsession with dramas, with so many little children wiped out by terrorists. Have been obsessing over the news and twitter. My heart goes out to you, my beloved neighbours. have been thinking of all my friends here. what must be your condition? how scared and heart-broken you must all be? how every little disturbance must be making your heart shudder in terror? how you must be holding your children close to you? I don’t know your names except initials or monikers. I don’t even know where you live. but believe me everyone on this page has been in my thoughts and prayers. I may not know you but I know your hearts, through your writing. I recognize the compassion, love and fortitude that flows in your hearts and I can only realize how heart-broken you must all be.

        God deliver us from the evil in the world. This is not the time for sabr. no longer should anyone be advised to have tolerance or fortitude for this. What the Peshawar incident has made very clear is that the enemy of our children is now at our doorsteps. there is no one else who will fight our battles. we ourselves are responsible for the safety and life of our kids. children may be yours or mine, but we, the common man, are the last frontier.

        Last night, I watched Sanam Baloch conduct a talk where women, esp mothers, shared their terror of every day life. They said how they started crying if a son or brother did not pick up the mobile, how they were terrorized by the sound of a motorcycle backfiring. And I wondered how difficult it must be for women to deal with this on a hourly basis. how difficult it must be let go of your child everyday and be scared about his return. Your hearts must be riddled with wounds.

        For the past 2 days, as the events unfolded, all of us in India have been watching tv, shivering with fright, trying to find some sense in the madness. Spontaneously, people have held wakes and observed silence. School children everywhere have held candle light marches. Huge numbers of people, for the first time in our shared history have felt and expressed solidarity with our Pakistani brothers and sisters.

        Two years ago on the same date 16th Dec, another young girl, named Nirbhaya, was raped in Delhi and the common man held my country to ransom and many many changes were brought in making women feel safer. May this sad date this year start the process where we can protect our children better. I remember when we were in the middle of the Nirbhaya movement, the popular slogan we used to arouse each other was, ” Never forget”. We will also never forget these murders. If we don’t forget, we will find some way, otherwise we are already lost in the thickening fog of terrorism and fanaticism.


        • Thanks for your thoughts and prayers Molly. We are all heartbroken but it helps to know that so many people around the world share our grief. Plz pray for the bereived families and that God gives them immense couragr to bear this loss. Ameen.


        • I completely agree with Molly that we should no longer wish for Sabr bcoz it is this tolerance we all have shown so far that has helped these barbarians trample our lives through their cowardly acts. This is the time to take action as Molly rightly quoted in Nirbhaya’s case where common man took to the streets and forced our government to make even more stringent laws to save our girls from these sick minded monsters.
          I just hope people in Pakistan do not Forget this massacre and doesn’t let their government forget it too. Wiping all the talibans, good or bad as these politicians call them as per their convenience, will be the only tribute to all those beautiful kids who lost their lives in this attack.
          My daughter who is just a 5th grader, came from school on 17th n told me they held prayers for all d children killed in Peshawar attack but also said that kids were quite scared and couldn’t stop talking about this shocking incident. Also, there were a few parents who didn’t send their kids to school as they were too traumatised. That was when I thought we can’t let our children feel so helpless and told my daughter ” Iss world mein bhagwaan/Allah/God (whatever you may call him) ki marzi ke binaa ek patta bhi nahin hil sakta. These terrorists can not decide how we live our lives. You go out without any fear and let the God be with you at all times. Bad things can happen sitting at home also so stop being afraid.” I am glad to say that since then my daughter has not said anything about being scared of terrorists. May God be with our loved ones.


    • @SZ: Waqai hum sub iss waqt jis kafiyut say dochar hain oos main kuch kernay ko dil nahi chah raha main kitni baar Goya aur jh percomment kerna chaha lekin dimagh bilkul blank ho gaya hai aur main soch bhi rahi thi k aap jaisaay sensitive insan k liay likhna kitna mushkil ho gaa aur aap kaisay likhen gi …allah hum sub per apni rehmat kray aur hum sub ko iss mushkil waqt say nikalnay ki toufiq ata fermaiy..ameen..


  25. @All: If the Peshawar incident left me feeling hopeless and teary eyed, reading your responses energized me. It is very empowering to know that we are not just together in fun times, but are there for each other in difficult times as well. Thank you, @Molly for your beautifully worded comment – you said it all so much more eloquently than I ever could. @Samrita, your daughter is a superstar because she has a fabulous mother like yourself and @Ranjan, indeed lets us come together and pray for the victims and their families and hope that we never have to mourn such a senseless loss again.

    @Afia, @RJ and @DB: I have no idea how you even begin to deal with so much yourself, forget about having to talk to children about all this. I know my nieces in Karachi are constantly asking about the victims.. and here I have to say the news coverage has been shockingly irresponsible …my mother’s been telling me about the nonstop playing of horrific images and how everything’s been sensationalized …

    Lets hope and pray for positive and good news from hereon now ..and may God keep everybody and their loved ones safe, happy and healthy.. amen!

    Chalein ji, miltey hain kal ST and JH ke reviews pe, IA! 😘


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