Jackson Heights ~ Episode 12 Review


Since the past few months I have been working closely with a group that counsels and helps rehabilitate survivors of domestic violence. Over the years, like many of you I too had read and watched a ton of stuff dealing with physical and emotional abuse, and like many I too thought myself pretty well-versed about this problem. Its only when I started working one on one with those directly affected that I realized how hopelessly naive I had been. All that earlier reading and watching did not even come close to scratching the surface of all that I was hearing now. My initial reaction to these stories was one of bewilderment. Many of these survivors (I choose not to use the word victims in this context) were educated, some highly educated infact, many had the financial means and several had a strong support system around them, why then did they put with all the abuse? Why not just walk away?

It is far easier to talk the talk, I realized later, than to walk the walk. It took committed un-learning and re-learning on my part to understand what the battered person syndrome truly meant. Even after all the training I can’t claim to fully understand the horrific implications of domestic abuse, but at least now I can say I don’t know enough. That in and of itself is a hugely humbling admission in this day and age where we think we know it all because of the amount of information out there. But, as I am learning, mere information can never be equated with experiential knowledge.

Having worked closely on several such cases, I salute all those who find the courage to seek help and break the cycle of abuse. For every person who walks away, however, there are innumerable others who continue to suffer in silence. So adept are they at hiding their dirty secret, not only from others but even from themselves, that their family and close friends remain unaware of the dire extent of their domestic situation. All this to say, kudos to Vasay Chaudhry, Mehreen Jabbar, Aamina Sheikh and Ali Kazmi for having done their homework and keeping it real. Salma and Iman’s situation in Jackson Heights is one of the best characterizations of domestic abuse I have seen on our TV in recent times. I had earlier appreciated MJ’s intelligent handling of Yamina’s track in Mata-e Jaan, but this detailed, to say nothing of sensitive, study is definitely applause worthy.

Salma’s involuntary flinch, as Sikander reaches for a towel from the closet behind her, was only one of the many great scenes in this latest episode. Along with Salma’s detailed character sketch it is great to see how perfectly Iman too has been included in this up close study. Like battered spouses, their children too are particularly adept at learning the unwritten rules of abusive households. Silence is golden; if they pretend hard enough the problem will disappear. This is exactly what we see Iman doing. There are no questions asked of her mother and Salma for her part does not offer any explanations. It is business as usual in their family – just another typical day. The only thing out of the ordinary: daddy’s brought candy. No need to spell out what’s going on here.

Aamina Sheikh is fabulous and she proves that again here. The big surprise, and a happy one at that, has been Ali Kazmi. it is truly inspired casting to have him play Sikander. I remember him from Vani, Phir Youn Love Hua and then in Kaisa Yeh Junoon, and wasn’t expecting such a mature performance from him. We are so used to seeing our drama baddies as big evil looking guys, that one is almost taken aback by this boyishly charming, good looking guy’s cruel, mean streak. But then again real life baddies don’t really walk around with blinking neon signs on their head, do they?

Neon signs ka zikr ho aur bhai jaan Bhatti ka na ho aisey kaise ho sakta hai? Agar ab bhi cake na aata tau Imran sahab would’ve definitely pasted a main bechara sign on his forehead. So, so glad the poor guy got his cake. Shabash Salma! Took three episodes but finally we are done with the bwayz budday. Now can he build a bridge and get over it?  Kya bhai, in ke tau dukh hi khatam nahin hotay … haye becharey!

Waisey, seriously speaking, Bhatti is such a perfect counterpart to tayee ji, both so full of their dukhi dastaans. He complains 24/7 about Kathy and her kids and how badly they treat him, and apni tayee ji complains day in and day out about Salma and Iman’s taur tariqey. How easily they both forget their own hypocrisies and shortcomings. Were Kathy to go out and hang with a guy like Imran does with Salma, I’m sure we would’ve gotten an earful about gori biwiyan aur un ki harkatein. Similarly when tayee ji rants about her bahu she conveniently forgets about her naukri-less, indebted to bookies, bekaar beta and all the bills that her be-zubaan bahu pays, to say nothing of raising another woman’s child as her own. Magar nahin aaina kaun dekhey … so much easier to play the mazloomiyat card.

Neelofar Abbasi is a senior artist who makes quite the impact even with a relatively small role. The way tayee ji suggests Sikander ask for Salma’s jewelry was beautifully done. I love Neelofar’s equation with Ali. As for her male counterpart, bhai wah! Hats off to Nauman Ijaz for his absolutely brilliant portrayal of the extremely annoying but immensely likeable Bhatti bhai. I don’t think any other actor could’ve done better justice to this very complex character. Again, kudos to Vasay and Mehreen for allowing Bhatti the space to grow, come into his own, and then keeping him reigned in just so.

And jahan mamu sair tau bhanja sawa sair. Jamshed, you’d better not be messing with my girl Michele! She deserves nothing but the best, and something tells me that you ain’t it. Sigh! Now if only you weren’t so hot I would find it easier to hate you! Kidding aside, again excellent casting here. Like all the men in this serial, Jamshed too comes across as ever so sincere; his educated background, polished charm, dry humor, all paint a picture of someone you wouldn’t really see as being so callous and cruel as to play with an innocent woman’s heart, but then again con men too come in all shapes and sizes.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, and allow me take a moment to say how much I am enjoying this unlikely pairing. Marina Khan is playing Michele ever so well. Love her hesitancy, her being flustered every time Jamshed calls her out, her blushes at his ceaseless flirting – fab stuff! Marina, can’t even begin to count the ways I love thee!  And yeah Adeel, you ain’t so bad yourself either! That whole jalibee lana aur khana and park sequence was excellent!

Twelve weeks in, Jackson Heights has just crossed the halfway point and I have to say its been a great journey so far. Yes, scenes tend to last a few seconds more than they should and earlier there were issues with repetitions, but now that the characters have come into their own, I’m loving their contradictions and inconsistencies and enjoying the way this story is unfolding. In terms of writing I find this to be a very mature script from Vasay, and the best part is that along with the seriousness there is a consistent thread of humor running throughout. As for Mehreen, Jackson Heights is her serial and it shows. Ab please, Team Jackson Heights, beech rastey mein laa kar saath na chor dejiye ga .. here’s to hoping the next twelve weeks are equally absorbing and the end is worthy of the story.

Oh, wait, one last thing…. whatever happened to the slap we saw poor Jamshed getting? I kept waiting for it and then watched again, twice, to see whether I had missed it! #NotHappy!!

Written by SZ~

For all MJ fans check out her recent interview with Radio Azad. Hear what she has to say about her career so far, future plans, and Jackson Heights! Her interview starts about 23/24 minutes in.

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  1. Hey SZ
    Full marks to you for highlighting the trauma due to battered person syndrome .I only wish Noone ever has to face mental or physical abuse of any form .
    I’m wondering why Salma is stuck in this marriage , why doesn’t she bail or hasn’t done so yet ??
    Bhatti sahab is amazing and highly entertaining .
    I must say Jamshed is very ambitious and far sighted . All this flirting etc could be long term planning to get a foothold in the US and financial stability via Michel !!!!


    • @Deeba: Hey! Glad you’re enjoying this one as well… good to know I’m not alone 🙂
      Re: Salma and not leaving: This is exactly the question I used to have as well, but from what I have learnt is that it is very easy for us on the outside to judge. For those actually going through this there is there are various psychological and emotional barriers..I would suggest checking out these piece for a more cohesive and coherent answer that I’ll be able to give you .. and hopefully they can answer your question and offer an insight into Salma’s mindset 🙂


      Click to access 20ReasonsWhySheStays.pdf


  2. Love love your intro!!! So so true that we really can be very judgmental or think we know what people should do, but unless you are in that situation no one can ever know. It’s not that easy and the most independent educated women can be subject to the worst abuse and not be able to be strong enough to leave. As for Imaan, how scary for her and any child who has to listen behind closed doors , sweeping it under the rug and trying to block it out of her brain is probably why she stayed silent, family abuse is not so easy to confront.
    And god that mother in law, omg SZ she is just too much, lol I much prefer Bhatti Saab come on!!! She was openly happy Salma was getting abuse, totally zalim saas!!
    Bhatti Saab at least is like able even though he’s a big hypocrite but hard to hate him lol’!!!
    I am also intrigued as to what will happen with all the characters, we have some interesting scenarios being unravelled!!
    Jamshed is one of the big mysteries, definitely want to know what he really is about!!
    So yeah definitely enjoying this one, a nice balance of serious and light stuff and good job by Vasay and Mehreen!
    And thx for a great review!!


    • @SK: Aww! Thanks! I am really enjoying this one … you know it has that mature sensibility about it and I love how realistically they are handling these very real issues.

      LOL! I know Aunty ji is really nasty and Bhatti Sb is a hoot .. but I was listening to him go on about kisi ne birthday nahin manaya and mein bechara and I was so reminded of aunty ji and all the complains she does at Iman, jab ke khud tau namaaz bhi nahin parhteen! But yeah, I agree Bhatti Sb is a real charmer and tai jee not so much!

      Re: Jamshed and Michele .. haan long way to go yet with them. And dont you love how ostensibly charming all these guys are.. they all seem so normal!


  3. Hey SZ!
    It has actually been forever since I have commented on one of your posts. But I have been following your reviews on Jackson Heights and Firaaq.
    Jackson Heights has turned out to be pleasantly good, the first couple of episodes were very slow, but wow, I actually really liked the past few episodes. Tbh I think that Michele should go for Rizwan 😛 And I cant wait for Bhatti sahab to come to Salma’s rescue.
    And as for Firaaq, lets just say that the writer is pretty damn confused! Like seriously, WHY IS IMROZ BACK AND WHY IS HE SO EVIL?!?!


    • @HM: Hey! Lovely to hear from you 🙂 Haan, Jh is at the top of my list as far as dramas this season go, and given how well is been done and the fabulous acting, I actually don’t even mind the slow pace ..so much better than the crazy pace of Firaaq! That one I stopped watching after that last review I wrote .. so have no clue about what’s happening but friends tell me that its gone completely haywire. Here, actually I wouldn’t blame the writer so much so as blaming channels and producers who keep pushing writers to add masala, a twist per each episode and thats exactly what we see happening here … 😦


  4. Thanks for the insights SZ and the review. Enjoyed it.
    Jamshed is a bigger ulloo ka p….. then I imagined…poor Michelle is in for another heartbreak.
    Waise here MK is romancing a younger man and in Dhoop Kinaray and much older man was romancing a v young MK 🙂 how times flies.
    The slap…was wondering about it too…I guess they’ve left it for a later ep?


    • @Afia: Yes! I too was thinking abt that ke Mk certainly gets the pick of the lot , age is totally irrelevant as far as she is concerned 🙂 And along those lines I was also thinking ke wouldn’t it have been weird if Ali Kazmi would have played Jamshed .. very Hollywoodish, kinda incestuous almost! LOL


    • ROFL @Ulloo ka p… bass i just didnt have the himmat to call him that, but thank you very much to voice it on our behalf for the record! lol .. SZ ur soo right abt labels.. It was actually very clever move to cast MK and AH for this.. And AK, and IB for that matter.. They are all so likable that grey gets even more complicated.. like michelle, i dont want to say it out loud lol
      Re the slap: i reckon it will be in next ep.. that scene was in Michelles house.. so i guess mian jamshed will turn up at her house after hearing about her tabiat kharab.. I wonder if the channel decided to stretch this ep because they got trigger happy after airing out a well-received ep last week.. in an effort to keep us hanging in there for the slap next week.. ???


  5. This was totally worth the wait!! Lekin haiiii thapar nahi mara 😦 LOL was totally waiting for that scene and just like you I watched again to see if I had missed it lol.. Aur intezaar!
    Cannot wait for Sikander to get beat up by Bhatti Saab, personally wanted to slap him after the abusive scene between him and Salma!!
    You’re right about Bhatti Saab and the hypocrisy that is shown though, which is a very clever thing to pick up on I must say! We all feel sympathetic (or at least I do) towards Bhatti Saab that he has to deal with Kathy but we forget that he’s using her for his stay and like you said if Kathy were to go out with male ‘friends’ I’m sure his ‘typical Pakistani mard’ mentality would come out in no time!
    Tai jee just annoys me SO much! What an annoying sasu maa, the worst part is I’m sure we all know an Aunty like her LOL
    Loool Jamshed better not be messing with MY girl Michelle or else.. Mera dil toot jaye gha yaar LOL! Every inch of me wants to believe that he’s not in it for his own selfish reasons please 😥 I will cry if we find out he’s using my bechari Michelle. Michelle/Jamshed scenes are just flawless, MK IS PERFECTION!! I could not imagine anyone else playing Michelle as well as she is! Seeing her slowly let down her guards haii melts my dil each time! My favourite scene had to be the invitation to come out SOOOO CUTE! I think this is one of the few episodes where I have watched the whole thing instead of skipping to Jamshed/Michelle scenes. So all in all I kind of liked this episode, although I still think the only reason I’m hanging on is because of Marina Khan to be honest! Such incredible talent, she has jumped into this character so well and I could go on forever about her lol but lets just say i’m more than excited for Friday!!!


  6. Great review as always SZ. I especially liked your intro and the analysis of abusive relationships.don’t you think it could be extended to Bhatti’s relationship as well. i feel like your analysis of him is rather harsh. I think he is far more like salma then her Mother in Law. He is in a loveless and abusive relationship just like her. The difference is that his relationship is emotionally abusive rather than physically. I mean where do you even begin? maybe with kathy’s racist and acrid comments about pakistanis and desi. Her off handed comments about cabbies? her downright bullying of him when he forgets to do stuff he was supposed to. Yes it can be annoying when your spouse continues to forget things but the way she belittles him and makes fun of him is just too much. The list is endless but at the end of the day, you don’t even expect him to complain?

    He is a very conservative man and divorce is probably not something he would ever consider regardless of his feelings for Kathy so all he does is complain rather than cut the cord. He also owns her children and raises concerns where he believes them to be wrong (only to be ridiculed and bullied by kathy and the daughter of course). What makes is worse is his lack of command on the language. You can just sense his frustration in trying to put a decent sentence together. it’s certainly frustrates me. I hope he and Kathy part ways for good and get out of this toxic relationship


    • @sonia Re Bhatti and Kathy: Kathy might be aggressive and rude, but can we really blame her? She knows too well that bhatti is in it for one thing only.. his immigration status.. She knows she is being ‘used’ …with that, he lost his right to complain.. But our bhai jan still goes around chatting up desi girls, and not pulling his weight around the household.. This would only ever make a wife bitter.. no? I wonder why is Kathy putting up with this marriage?
      re divorce: oh I think he will walk out of this marriage the day he gets his paperwork sorted!!! & He will blame the divorce on Kathy too..
      re children: Aise mashware tou woh apne harr customer ko bhu de dete hain lol .. thats his god-gifted right as a desi mard.. lol


      • I don’t think anyone is denying that he married Kathy for the green card , but that does not justify the constant bullying and abuse. I also wonder why the heck Kathy married him. She can’t stand him and they have zero communication. I wonder if there was monetary exchange and it was quite literally a marriage of convenience. Food for thought.
        I also have to agree with FAs analysis on bhatti being like Michelle. I really think he is not aware of his feelings for salma or is simply in denial. That’s why he jumps at the mention of date and suggests that hey meet each others spouse. Salma is alot more aware of their relationship dynamics and is taking a big risk when she sees him but there is clearly something there in their relationship. Maybe the fact that he too is miserable like her and vocal about it is cathartic.


        • @Sonia I personally feel that in a marriage where a spouse is being used rather materialistically (id like to say as a commodity) , that spouse automatically gets the get out of jail free card! the bullying and abuse is only payback for using and abusing her in the first place..
          Re why Kathy married him in the first place: yes that’s my frustration! perhaps she couldn’t resist his charm.. abb i dunno how long ago that was, he must’ve been young(er), single and tall & handsome..much like jamshed..lol


      • @FA…bhatti aur Kathy dono nay ek dosray ko istemal kia hai…Kathy kaa problem ye hai k green card milnay k baad bhatti ki zaroorat khatem ho jye gi isi liay wo is mamlay mein cooperate nahi kerti ager bhatti itna useless hai tou divorce day ker oos ko fargh kray lekin aisa nahi hai aur plz ye na kahen Kathy ko oos say mohabat hai


        • @RJ I am sure kathy had her own reasons for the marriage, but I cant see him offering anything to this marriage except his charm at the time.. as i said he must’ve been younger, single, tall & handsome.. something kathy could only dream about, (quite a catch at the time).. I can just imagine Bhatti sahib reeling her in much like Jamshed reeled in our Michelle.. Im sure Kathy isn’t doodh ki dhuli hui either and she comes across rude and harsh but all I’m saying is that I can see reason behind her frustrations & concerns. And that is the real beauty of JH, nobody is black or white, there are loads of interesting layers of grey!
          We see alot of these kinda marriages here in the west, and I can never understand why an apparently independent, everything-going-for-her gori would agree to a dead-end marriage like this, knowing all too well the reason behind it.. I do hope VC also explores this here.
          Re Bhatti Sahab being a +ve character/-ve character: As I said, no one is black or white here.. but Apne Bhatti Sahab is a master at masking his grey shades with his pity parties and a holier than thou attitude. And the most interesting thing about this character is that he has made himself believe in his self-righteousness, hence, seemingly, a very positive character! I actually find him very intriguing and one of the reasons why Im hooked on JH. And I for one is glad to see SZ bringing up this aspect of Bhatti sahab’s character!..
          In terms of Salma & Bhatti sahab ke halat aik jaise hain: They are and they aren’t. I mean difference is Bhatti Sahab chose this for himself because of his rather selfish reasons.. whereas Salma ‘got stuck’ because of a) her arranged marriage and the desi values of no looking back, b) iman, c) her kamzor psyche as a result of this abusive relationship.


          • @FA: aap nay jis tra salma aur bhatti sahib kaa comparison kia hai..mujhay kuku aur laila ki yaad aa gai 🙂 ..oos waqt bhi tou bohat say viewers laila ko support kertay hoay kuku k against thay kiunk laila halaat kaa shikar ho ker arranged marriage ki waja say jub k kuku apni merzi say manssor k jaal mein phunsi thi..lekin hum nay oos waqt dono ko support kia tha kiunk hum oon dono ki situation alag alag honay k ba-wajood samajh saktay thay k baaz dafa insan kisi kamzor lamhe mein koi ghalat faisla ker laita hai..kher jahan tak bhatti sahib k selfish honay ki baat hai..again mujhay lagta hai salma aur bhatti dono nay ye sub apni apni family k liay kia hai

            jaisa SZ nay bohat brilliantly salma k character kaa analysis kertay hoay likha tha k oos ki apni koi life nahi hai..oos nay aaj tak jo kuch kia aur abhi bhi jo ker rahi hai wo sub dosron k liay..isi tra bhatti sahib ki bhi apni koi life nahi hai..wo aaj tak apni family k liay ghalat sahi jo bhi ho saka kertay aye hain .aur actually ye ferq hai salma aur bhatti mein..intention ghalat nahi lekin tareeqa ghalat tha…jis kaa khumyaza bhatti sahib Kathy ki surat mein bhugat rahay hain

            ye hi waja hai k jamshed ko is rastay per janay say unhon nay har mumkin roknay ki koshish ki hai aur mein ye mannnay k liay tayyar nahi k bhatti ko jamshed mein koi interest nahi yaa oos kaa khayal nahi rakha jo main nay abhi kahin perha..I disagree…baat sirf itni hai bhatti jamshed ko ek aur bhatti nahi bannay dena chahtay jo sari umer dosron k liay jeeta rahay aur apnay hath kuch bhi naa ho isi liay oos k rehnay kaa har cheez kaa khayal rakhnay k ba-wajood job etc k liay koi koshish nahi ki taak ye thak ker wapis chala jye aur ab M k sath oos k relation bhi isi liay oppose ker rahay hain kiunk on ki apni missal samnay hai….ager wo waqai negative hon tou jamshed ko encourage kertay k main nay kia hai tum bhi karo

            dekhen main ye nahi keh rahi k bhatti mein negative shades nahi hain bilkul nahi..bulk ye keh rahi hoon k sirf negative points per hi baat ho rahi hai last 17 weeks say..iss character k dosray aspects ko bilkul ignore ker dia..specially salma aur bhatti ki amazing bonding / friendship ko ..jis tra in k relation mein gradual change aya hai..jis tra wo dono ek dosray ki company enjoy kertay apna problems say waqti farar hasil ker k ek dosray mein comfort talash kertay hain..phir amina aur nauman ki superb onscreen chemistry ..mein kis kis cheez per likhoon..main in k scenes enjoy kerti hoon bohat ziada 🙂 …wo ramantic yaa cheesy nahi hotay like J and M bulk ye alag tra kaa romance hai…
            “Intezar ki adat perh gai hai aap ko bhatti sahib (oos per nauman k expressions) ..simply wow
            main nay ye scene kitni baar dekha hai mujhay khud nahi pta 🙂 …

            mera khayal hai ab mera point ziada behter tor per clear ho gaya hai k salma aur bhatti k relation per itni detail mein baat nahi hoi jitni J aur M K…atleast meri nazer say nahi guzri..dosray ager bhatti sahib cheater ye wo per ziada emphasis ho gaa..tou phir salma k liay bhi ye hi baat ho gi..yahan double standards tou nahi ho saktay..dosray is surat mein salma bhatti angle bilkul ghalat ho jye gaa..is liay bhi mere khayal mein Kathy Kathy kerna thik nahi…baat sirf itni hai dono ny ek dosray ko istemal kia aur jis ki zarorat pehlay khatem ho gi wo dosray ko chor day gaa.bhati green card ki surat mein aur ager bhatti kisi waja say kaam kernay k qabil naa rahay tou Kathy kon si gher bitha ker oos ki khidmat kray gi wo bhi oosay chor day gi…tou jub dono braber hain tou rona kis baat kaa

            bulk achi baat hai k dono iss cheez ko realize kren k ink relation mein kuch nahi..is liay move on kerna dono k liay behter hai…akhir hum nay laila ko bhi support kia tha k wo mansoor ko chor day..tou yahan kia bura hai?..umeed hai green card milnay say pehlay hi bhatti Kathy ko chor den gay yaa Kathy oon ko..aur ziada behter ye hi hai

            phir ye bhi dekhna hai kia waqai salma aur bhatti apis mein affair chala rahay hain?…mere khayal mein nahi..wo sirf dost hain..haan dil mein ek dosray ko pasand kertay hain lekin ye wo pasand hai jis mein aap dosray say kuch demand nahi kertay lekin oos k liay sub kuch kernay ko tayyar rehtay hain…mera nahi khayal ye koi extra marital affair type koi cheez hai ab dil per tou ikhtiyar nahi hota lekin dono apni limits k ander hain..ager M aur R dost ho saktay hain propose kernay k ba-wajood tou salma aur bhatti kiun nahi..iss mein kia ghalat hai?…Kathy ko izy k boy friends per koi objection nahi oos k raat ko gher per naa anay per koi objection nahi jubk wo bachi hai lekin bhatti k cabbie friends/oos k nephew k gher per stay kernay aur ab ek lerki say friendship per objection hai …tou yahan bhi double standards dekhay jaa saktay hain

            lekin aap sub ki tra mein bhi jh bohat enjoy ker rahi hoon 🙂 aur ye discussions ker k aur bhi lutf aa rha hai..bus mein zara bhatti sahib ki side ziada lay rahi hoon kiunk ander bahir say desi hoon aur sray desi merd in k jaisay hi hotay hain jalabi jaisay seedhay is liay aisay merd dekhnay ki kafi adat hai 😉 lekin baqi characters per mein aap sub k sath hoon 🙂


    • @Sonia :..Completely agree with u…Idk kis waja say lekin Bhatti sahib pehlay din say SZ ko pasand nahi hain wo thik hai hum sub ki personal likes dislikes hain koi herj nahi…lekin ye iss point tak chala gaya hai k on paper jo acha khasa “positive character” hai aap reviews mein oos ko negatively portray ker rahay hain..bulk unnecessarily criticize ker rahay hain yaa yun keh len k aap iss character ki negative shades kaa hi baar baar tazkara ker k aur oos k positive side ko completely nazer andaz ker k iss character k sath na-insafi ker rahay hain bulk drama ki over all understanding per bhi iss say ferq paray gaa… kiunk ager bhatti sahib salma k sath flirt/ time spend ker k Kathy ko cheat ker rahay hain tou salma kia ker rahi hai?…relation mein tou wo bhi hai..sikerdar k ghalat honay kaa ye matlab tou nahi ..bhatti sahib salma ko majboor nahi kertay wo khud apni marzi aur khushi say ati hai…phir bhatti sahib flirt/ cheater aur salma mazloom bechari?

      phir ye sawal bhi uthay gaa k personal dislikes ki base per ager hum kisi aisay character ko jis ko writer nay positive character k tor per pesh kia hai….neagative qarar day saktay hain tou phir iss kaa ulat bhi ho sakta hai yaani koi sikander k actions ko jo villain hai justify ker sakta hai …lekin iss sub kaa story per aser paray gaa aur drama kuch kaa kuch ban jye gaa aur jo msg writer director dena chahtay hain hum oss say door chalay jyn gay iss liay behter hai k hum characters ko oos tra understand kernay ki koshish kren jis niyat say aur jis reason k liay oon ko create kia gaya hai

      mere khayal mein bhi bhatti aur salma bohat hud tak ek jaisay halaat kaa shikar hain aur ye hi waja hai salma k bhatti sahib k itnay close honay ki kiunk wo ander say ye sub janti hai…phir yahan gender difference bhi nazer mein rakhna chahiay…ek hi situation mein merd aur aurat alag tra say react kertay hain iss liay bhaati sahib say salma jaisa reaction expect nahi kia jaa sakta…aur writer bhi ek merd hain aur iss zimen unhon nay fantastically bhatti sahib type merdon ki psyche oon ki frustrations aur kis tra wo oosay vent out kertay hain show kia hai

      main iss baat per hairan aur khush bhi hoon k 17 weeks mein sirf aap nay notice kia hai k bhatti sahib aur salma dono hi abusive realationship kaa shikar hain ek emotional level per (jo day one say nazer aa raha hai) dosra physically …sath hi dono hi apnay spuoses k sath zaroorat ki waja say zindagi guzar rahay hain mohabat k liay nahi….aur iss kaa ahsas unhen ek dosray say milnay k baad ziada shidat say honay laga hai….isi liay wo fasla pehlay say ziada ho gaya hai yaa oss kaa ahsas unhen pehli baar hoa hai….jub Kathy nay birthday celebrate kernay ki baat ki thi bhatti sahib nay muna ker dia tha isi tra insist kernay per bhi salma nay bhi tai ji k parathay aur biryani nahi khai thi….reason same tha Kathy aur sikendar apnay mood k hisab say chaltay hain ..iss waqt mood acha hai tou lazmi dosray ko bhi apna mood acha rakhna paray gaa werna oon kaa mood kharab aur nateeja ap bhi jantay hain

      mujhay hairat iss baat per hai k ek jaisi situation kaa shikar ek merd aur ek aurat per hum viewers k reactions itnay different kiun hain?..har baar hum nay salma say humdardi dikhai aur bhatti sahib per ghussa k ab Kathy kaa mood acha tha tou bhatti sahib nay oos ko naraz kiun ker dia etc…aur iss say humari soch ki akasi hoti hai k amomi tor per aurat bechargi mazloomiyut kaa symbol hai iss liay oos per honay wala zulm forun azer aa jata hai aur merd male dominating society mein zalim k siva kuch nahi ho sakta aur ye tou humari society bhi nahi perdes hai lekin dekhnay walay desi 🙂 …

      sirf iss liay k ek character ro dho nah raha bulk hunsi mazaq kerta rehta hai (jo shayed writer nay drama ko light rakhnay k liay iss tra likha hai) kaa matlab ye nahi k hum oos k problems ko nazer andaz ker den…phir physical abuse nazer ata hai emotional abuse nahi…iss liay bhi viewers k reactions per ferq perhta hai…salma bhi apni saas k emotional abuse kaa shikar hai lekin wahan humari poori humderdi salma k sath hai…again aurat aur merd kaa ferq… humaray 90 percent dramas mein aurton per zulm hota dikhaya jata hai iss liay dekh dekh ker humaray liay aisi kisi cheez ko understand kerna bohat asan hai jubk merd ko iss tra ki situation mein bohat kam dikhaya jata hai..ye hi waja hai shayed k bhatti sahib per itnay negative comments aye hain kiunk yahan bhi Kathy ko justify kernay ki har mumkin koshish ki gai hai…ab ager writer bhi aisa kren tou mujhay koi problem nahi 🙂


  7. @SZ a brilliant and insightful review. Too right about the portrayal of an abusive family. the way Salma flinched.. wow! and AK as a surprise package – a defo!

    Funny you think Bhatti sahab is like Taee ji.. didnt think of it like that earlier.. I was comparing him to Jamshed.. Both charmers are pretty selfish and so deeply involved in their self-pity ke aur kuch na dikhta hai na sunai deta hai.. They would go to whatever length they need to, to get their way.. Be it moving on from her chhat wali lass in a matter of days to a fairly oldish lady with prospects of settling in the US and whatnots, or Bhatti sahab’s marriage of convenience., the mamoon bhanja duo are quite something!

    I was also comparing Bhatti Sahab to Michelle.. both of them in denial when it comes to their new relationships… loved how Salma dropped the ‘date marna’, and our Bhatti sahab’s reaction..it’s not that ‘ we are both married’ .. Aise doodh ke dhule hain apne bhatti bhai ke he cant even say the word ‘date’ lol waise also goes to show the hypocrisy of our bhatti sahab..It wasn’t ok for the daughter to bring a friend home for homework, but its ok to take out Salma for lunch and tell her all about his ”heart pumping” even though they are ‘married’ …. On the other hand, our Michelle is sending all the signals, and lowering her guard to invite Jamshed in, but retracts quickly when it’s spelt out to her.. Both Michelle and bhatti sahab know that’s not the way to go, for whatever reason, but they are facilitating it, yet they don’t want to accept what they want from their respective relationships.. they are both in denial!

    I did find it interesting on Salma’s part that she is going for it, all eyes open! I guess with her abusive marriage, she is more of a realist and is well-rehearsed in thinking about the consequences beforehand.. She must be so desperate for a breath of fresh air now that she has allowed herself to come on a ”date”.. would love to hear what you think about this..

    What I love about JH is the honesty.. It doesn’t just bring us face to face with the fact that ‘bahar’ ki dunya is no utopia, and money doesn’t grow on trees, and everybody doesn’t live in flipping lakeside mansions, It also highlights some very harsh realities about us – the desis.. Like they say, you can take a desi out of des but harder to take the desi out of him.. Ive seen it here too many times.. and perhaps we all are guilty of that one way or the other.. That is exactly what Michelle struggles to face.. not to say all of this doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world, but we the desi’s are renowned for quite alot of it.. the abuse, the crookedness, the mardana status and its hypocrisy, exploiting the system etc… sigh!

    oh btw on a very serious note : i want some jalebi too!!!!!!!!!!


  8. This what we call real analysis of events happening in drama.. Amazing and simply brilliant write up on domestic abuse, the survivors and those who are around them witnessing it to let that happen.. SZ more power to your reviews.. You are blessed 🙂

    And how awesome it would be if someone bless our Michele and Jamshed pair.. Uff I seriously loveee these two guys.. Where one makes me go blush other makes me want to hug that person.. (Do i need to mention who does the blush job 😉 ) i am absolutely loving the way Michele reacts when jamshed says Something unusual.. Thats very human and real reaction.. U dont want the face that awkward situation and hence locked up in room.. Thumbs to Vasay for writing such real instances…

    And hats off to Mehreen for beautifullly showing the abuse.. Not so in face.. That scene you mention @SZ was just rocking… Its always easier said than done.. K why is she handling abuse.. Independent he tou why worry.. what i think she is not there because she loves sikander.. Some other reason is pulling her back.. Hope of change is what makes her going.. With bhatti sahab she is all herself.. Hasti, muskrati, besakhta, 🙂

    Nauman Ijaz have made Bhatti sahab soo entertatining i tell u.. In pe tou gusa bhi nahin aata.. LOL.. He is mean no doubt with kathy and her family.. Mark bought the cake and humare bday boy ne didn’t acknowledge to salma ji k haan srf mark he who is concerned abt me.. But im way tooo excited for next week.. Things have just started to heat up.. Sikander and her mommy are coolest bure loug ever LOL..

    Ab bus Jamshed and Salma bhi achi tarah baat karlen.. Want to recall Daam n MP 😀


  9. Very well written review. I totally agreed with it and Mahreen Jabbar exceeds my expectations. A wonderful journey so far and very close to reality, that’s the best part of Jackson Heights.


  10. Brilliant review SZ ..bulk JH j sabhi reviews ek say berh ek hain 🙂 ..I am sorry waqt ki kami ki waja say main baqi reviews per comment nahi kar saki lekin main nay last 2 days main pta nahi kitni baar ye reviews perhay hain jahan enjoy ki hai wahan characters ko understand kernay mein bhi mujhay bohat help mili hai…specially ye review mujhay bohat pasand aya hai jis tra aap nay salma k character ko khol ker humaray samnay rakh dia hai….excellent work

    jo links aap nay diay hain main nay dekhey hain…jis ki waja say meri information mein khasa izafa hoa hai main aap say bilkul itefaq kerti hoon k “it is very easy for us on the outside to judge. For those actually going through this there is there are various psychological and emotional barriers”

    aur ye hum tub hi samajh saktay hain jub aisay logon say milen..oon ki position ko samajhnay ki koshish kren..bajaiy iss k door bethay kuch janay samjhay bina statements detay rahen…aur phir Pakistan mein tou iss say hi buray halaat hain..aur baaz dafa insan itna helpless feel kerta hai kiunk wo chah k bhi kuch nahi ker sakta…sivaiy compromise k..jo salma nay kia hai itnay saal

    phir swal khara hota hai k hum jo dosron ko gher beth ker mashwaray day rahay thay..ab jub khud kuch kernay kaa waqt aya hai tou wo hi kuch keh rahay hain jis say oosay muna ker rahay thay

    yahan bhi salma say ek hi sawal kia jaa raha hai sikander ko chorh kiun nahi deti?…bhala nazer nahi aa raha k sikerndar jaisa criminal minded insan jo 2 dafa jail jaa chukka hai koi bhi intahai iqdam uthanay say gurez kray gaa kia?

    phir iman kaa kia ho gaa?…naa maan na baap..waisay aisay baap kaa naa hona hi behter hai..lekin divorce ki surat mein bhi iman ki custody salma ko kisi surat nahi mil sakti …tou wo iss sub k baray mein sochay bina hi koi faisla kaisay ker sakti hai

    ab iman kon si oos ki sagi beti hai…kia sagay rishtay hi sub kuch hotay hain?…iss dunya mein be-shumar log hain jo childless honay ki waja say baby adopt ker laitay hain lekin oon ko wo apnay bachon ki tra paltay hain.waisy hi mohabat..piyar tawajo detay hain…oon ko koi ye kahay ye kon say tumharay apnay bachay hain jo itni taqleef berdasht ker rahay ho..kitnay log yahan oosay support kren gay..i am sure koi bhi nahi..phir salma ko itnay zalimana mashwaray dena kahan tak sahi hai?…

    itnay saalon mein iman aur salma ek dosray ki strength bani rhi hain..mujhay yaqeen hai ager iman na hoti salma kub kaa kamzor perh gai hoti…ye himmat hosla apnay say ziada iman k liay hai..tou kaisay oos ko chor ker jaa sakti hai..wo jo ek bachi hai..jis kaa koi bhi nahi…kisi hud tak wo salma say bhi ziada mazloom hai aur emotional abuse kaa wo bhi baraber shikar hai..maded ki zaroorat oosay bhi hai

    ek cheez jis say hum na-waqif hain k iman ki mother aur oos ki family k baray mein kuch nahi bataya gaya yaa shayed mein kuch bhool gai hoon kia iman salma ki sis ki beti hai?..is baray mein kisi ko pta hai tou bta day

    hum ye drama dekh ker itnay upset ho rahay hain jo in halaat say guzer rahay hain..oon ki kia halat ho gi?..soch ker dil aur bhi dukh jata hai leekin drama ki hud tak mein ek positive ending chahti hoon..atleast koi hope tou milay


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