Goya ~ Episode 4 Review


If someone were to ask me why they should watch this serial I would khamoshi se recommend they watch the last ten minutes of this latest episode goya ke aur kuch kehne sunney ki zaroorat hi nahin. Those beach party scenes illustrate, and rather compellingly at that, as to exactly what has been missing from our TV screens in recent times. Buried as we are under the onslaught of one gharelu mas’la after another, buy one get a doosri biwi free syndrome, and talaaqs handed out like there was no tomorrow, it seems like TV gods have forgotten the time when lightheartedness was still a kosher concept, when normal people were just that, and when aansoos ≠ entertainment. Amidst all this doom ‘n gloom. Goya – with its contemporary feel, youthful camaraderie, an open-minded approach to relevant issues, no villains or vamps (and for that matter no heroes or heroines either) – holds out the promise of fast becoming a staple Saturday watch.

What I like most about this serial is that it returns agency to the youth. The youngsters we see are not perfect, far from it, but then despite their faults they are not losers either. The adults here play a very important part in their children’s lives, even to the extent of mapping their futures as in the case of Zara and Omar, but what Zara and Omar do with those decisions is where Goya charts its own path. Zara’s confession to Omar and his matter of fact response – what to do next – rather than having his inner aunty make an appearance – haye! aey ki kitta tussi, shareef larkiyan aisey nahin karteen, tum ek buri larki ho – signals the return of a modicum of sanity to our dramas.

We don’t have to glorify the issue but sweeping it under the rug does not make it disappear either. Neither does not talking about it. As Zara and Omar and Mohini’s responses essay the issue is not with the youngsters. It is the adults’ unwillingness to engage that turns an important topic of discussion into a taboo. Zara knows she’s made a mistake and is looking to make amends, but she knows she cannot confide in her parents and asks Omar for help.

Here, in his very nicely plotted arc, our otherwise immature Omar steps up to the plate. Though it did take a bit of a push from Zara and he couldn’t quite find the courage to say it to his father’s face, he did present his case to his step-mother. Although this ‘arzi did come at a cost to his pride, as betrayed by his stiff as a board body, but bottom line is he still bit the bullet, and in that moment took one more step towards manhood. As he grows it is interesting to observe Omar’s equation with the two girls responsible for the change.

Around Zara he has unconsciously started behaving more like a man, more sure than unsure of himself. She is his equal, both have a lot in common and she gets him in ways that perhaps Mohini doesn’t. In sharp contrast with Mohini, the woman he wants he impress, it is more a boy seeking approval rather than acting as her equal. She flusters him in ways that Zara doesn’t. So confused does he get around her that he makes a mess of the most important question of his life. Aik tau pehley hi the whole world knew about his plans before she did and then when he does ask her, he just blurts it all out. He should be glad ke she was so shocked ke us ki bolti band ho gayi otherwise tau he was sure to have gotten whacked on the head for the clumsiest proposal of all times. Bhai jan, Ali se pooch letey ya kisi truck/rickshey ke peechey likhey shair hi yaad kar lete … ab aisi bhi kiya bad-hawasi? 

Khair, a still-in-the-process coffee and a continuity error later Omar invites Mohini to join him and his friends at the beach. What makes this duo’s equation so fun is that even as Omar is flustered around Mohini she too is not herself around him. Where it was easy for her to shoot down becharey shareef se Nomi ka paigham-e shauq and share a laugh with her mother about it, Omar’s more immature bluster is harder for her to ignore. Why is it that while she had no problems clarifying her stance to Mrs Hashmi she allows herself to be persuaded by Jr as they walk off into the sunset. Kuch tau hai bibi jo aap maan ke nahin de raheen!

While Mohini tries to figure out where she stands and what she really wants, Asma has no issues stating her opinion about Jr. He has managed to impress her as not being a photostat copy of his father, but she’s lived long enough to know that Sr. is someone who cannot be dismissed quite so easily. And that is exactly what gets Mrs Hashmi and Mrs Imtiaz worried. They know how badly Sr.’s business empire needs an infusion of cash and also recognize that Rahat is not a man who likes to fail at anything. What with all the shaadi ka joras being ordered, cards selected and Paris mein valimas being organized, I am with the two ladies in thinking that abba miyan is not gonna take too kindly to Omar’s plans.

For his part beta ji is turning into a pukka wala filmy hero, pledging to walk out of his father’s mansion, leaving behind the comforts of being Jr. Hashmi and striking it out on his own. And this is where you see the naive Omar once again. No matter how sincere he may be, the fact of the matter is that he has no clue what goes on in the real world. As Asma can tell him living alone without familial support is no easy task. But then isn’t that what growing up is all about? Making mistakes and learning from them?

With Zara’s confession, Omar’s proposal, Nomi being unceremoniously shot down, Ali continuing to offer muft but useful mashwaras, his munh boli girlfriend upset over cheap drinks, and Gohar Rasheed’s abhi-tau-party-shuru-hui-hai entrance, this was one heck of a happening episode. Aur sab se zyada happening baat yeh ke Mohini actually wore a non-koti shirt today – yay! Now if only she would convince her mom to wear something other than the purple saree to work it would be fabulous. Or better yet, Zara can take the maa beti on a shopping trip. Oh, and please take Jr. with you as well! That shirt at the beach was so not happening.  Zara might have addiction issues and whatnot but when it comes to style she definitely knows her stuff.

Hira Tareen was very good today and I am liking her equation with Osman here and hope to see them together in a future project. For now Sana Javed is doing great as Omar’s love interest, their proposal and beach scenes were very well done. Furqan Qureshi’s Ali is a great friend to Omar, if only his choice in girlfriends was quite as spot on as his mashwaras. Asad Siddiqui is likeable as Nomi but so far hasnt had much to do. And finally there was the entry-maaring dude Gohar Rasheed who was fabulous. Towering over other youngsters though is Osman Khalid Butt as Omar. This is a superbly written character and Osman is doing complete justice to this young man. Looking forward to the rest of Jr.’s journey as he gradually comes into his own, evolving into Omar Hashmi, a man his father would be proud to call his son.

Thanks to its straight-forward approach to story-telling, minus the finger pointing and self-inflicted mazloomiyat plus the blend of thori khushi thora ghum, with this episode Goya has taken the first step towards inclusion in the list of those serials jinhon ne sar kiye yeh [TRP ke] pahar. 

Written by SZ~

The original video for Strings’ Sar Kiye Yeh Pahar 

21 replies

  1. This was one amazing episode. I loved every bit of it, from the most un-romantic proposal to the beach party and even the stiff head of security telling two baffled women that they cannot take responsibility for Jr Hashmi the way he keeps going off on his own.

    I found it rather intriguing that Jr Hashmi spoke to Mrs. Hashmi in that almost-rude tone. Why though? Considering the nature of his request, I would have expected him to be more humble. As it is, chances of her intervention were slim, but I am really becoming a fan of this lady now. How matter-of-factly did she take his blatant admission that she’s not his mom! (Interestingly, she’s not the mom but he does go to her whenever there is a tricky issue involving his father!)

    And yes, I almost cheered when I saw SJ out of the koti-infested outfits. LOL! I think Six Sigma was getting them at a discount so they bought in bulk. I understand the need to give her a reporter’s look but with kotis?

    I am looking forward to next week now – Jr vs Sr Hashmi confrontation should be interesting to watch.

    And btw SZ RE buy one get Doosri Biwi free, I have been watching Dil Nahin Manta and what a sickening story it is. And what a spineless man that Huzaifa is! But what is even more shocking is the way they are showing the Nikahs taking place. It’s not done this way at all. The bride’s wakeel asks the bride about her permission in the presence of two witnesses, and then when the Maulvi Sahab asks the groom, the wakeel conveys the bride permission. The groom has two separate witnesses. I guess our producers are not bothered with these extras and so they show a completely incorrect way of solemnizing the Nikah. (Sorry for digressing but really, I am disgusted beyond words.)


    • @DB: Like you I too am enjoying this one as a change from the routine .. and it keeps reminding of KPKP in all good ways, and the bad ones too LOL!!

      Re: Omar’s anger: Interesting, I read it more as anger being directed inwards, where he is frustrated with himself that he has to talk to this woman, ask for her help, even though he detests her .. and I think thats why the haath jorey huey and stiff body and the words being almost chewed and spitted out .. so for me the body language was that he was making the request but hating himself for doing so at the same time … ab, what was really going on in Omar’s mind is something either Ahmed Sb, or Faiz or OKB can tell us ..

      LOL! I knew you would def get that not so oblique ref 😉 No, have not had the courage to watch that one.. the promos were more than enough .. but I did watch Doosri Biwi .. and ab kiya kahoon since that last week Ive been nursing a bad migraine .. so much andhera, smoke, cheezy romance, psuedo tau hai hi magar OTT bhi saath mein, and oopar se the red lipstick and dark eye makeup on all the ladies in the show .. and of course apne bhai jaan …😱


  2. Shirt at the beach.. not.. happening?
    But it’s my favorite shirt of all time. ALL TIME! [And now I sound like Kanye West]


  3. Hahahaha so true.. Last ten minutes were so much fun and happening.. I like how end your review with that song line.. Strings is my all time favourite.. Plus thank you so changing the main pic of Goya on your review.. Last one was so not cool.. Ye waali barihya he.. 🙂

    Enjoying this serial pretty much minus some little tid bits.. I didnt like Hira in Jeya na Jaye nor in MSKSH.. But here i am simply loving her character and how she have portrayed.. Shows the writing power of writer k how nicely they have sketched her character.. Furqan Qureshi is awesome as Ali but haye bechare ko waqai koi aur nahin mili siwai us pakaoo Ke.. I was also like Mohini k leke jao isse kahen please LOL.. I pretty much liked Gohar Rasheed’s intro.. The way he said guys this is Zara.. Zara..everybody.. Haha.. Too good..

    Omar chacracter is gradually shaping up and its nice k ahista ahista we are getting to learn how he is actually.. He still needs to pehchaanofy himself more but interesting to see this gradually layeriny being pulled off.. Farah Shah’s Asma is still not growing on me.. She looks so stiff.. Jakri hui.. Dont know if im making sense..

    Mrs Hashmi is also likeable.. Wonder where was also lost in MSKSH.. She is no nonsense person.. Like her compatibility with mrs imtiaz.. 🙂

    Looking forward to see Sr Hashmi next week.. Missed him this time..


  4. Thanks SZ.
    Yes, this was another happening episode. Loved Omar & Mohini’s scenes at the beach. They look so cute together, MA.

    Farah Shah is finally growing on me. I liked her acting in this episode. It was much more controlled. The girl Zara is my favourite character so far, besides Omar Hashmi ofcourse.

    Don’t know why but this episode reminded me & my husband of old PTV dramas. It had that air to it. Production values seemed much better when watched on big tv instead of watching it on computer screen.


    • @Mona: Agreed. Omar and Mohini make a great pair, and like you I too am really liking Zara aka Hira Tareen here. Isn’t it interesting to see the difference a good script and a right director can make? Both Tara Mehmood and Hira were so totally unimpressive in that best forgotten nightmare of a serial MSKH?

      Yes, Farah Shah is doing well as Mohini’s mom, now if only she could get the big hair and over done pout reigned in we’d be in business. Her ghani zulfain in particular are so not working for me .. I have yet to see somebody who comes to work dressed up like she’s going to a lah di dah ladies’ luncheon.

      Re PTV feel.. exactly, thats the vibe Im getting too … where production values always seemed kinda rough around the ages but the story, the “clean” mahol (as @Afia mentioned too) and acting always made the project a worthwhile watch.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂


  5. Salaams SZ, great review and also enjoying goya. What doesn’t interest me is that we can already predict that a son will fight against his father for the woman he loves. I am really interested to know Gohar Rasheed’s character btw.

    I wanted to know if you have seen Rok Lo Aaj Ki Raat Ko. If you haven’t, I sincerely recommend you to try this drama. It aired on Express Entertainment, starred Danish Taimoor, Alishba Yousuf, Naila Jaffery, Najeeba Faiz and Sajid Hassan. I am about to complete this drama, 18 episodes and i must say that it is the most beautiful drama I have seen. It’s very unfortunate that it aired on a channel that was new at the time and didn’t get the attention it deserved. The performances by almost all actors are brilliant and heart-warming. It is shot in Skardu and Gilgit which makes this drama enchanting with already the crisp quality Express has uploaded. The drama is an emotional journey that has been directed by Farooq Mengal and written by Rashid Sami. Here’s the link, hope you enjoy:)

    (For episode 17 and 18, u’ll just have to search on youtube) but hope you can watch and even discuss it


  6. I was just catching up with goya.. bedding in Polka dot to technicolour stripes, jhandi maar kotis, to those not-so-wow-worthy saris.. all doing my head in big time.. magar abb raha nahin gya.. had stop and rant!!! PINK UMBRELLA!!!!! really???!!!!!!!!!! hadd ho gai!!
    @SZ haven’t yet joined the beech party ur talking abt in the review.. magar start tou kafi khatarnaak hai!! lol… itna ke it made me write a comment in the middle of an episode.. lol
    i just hope party lives up to it! lol


  7. Ok Im back!
    @SZ Yes party scene was fun and summed up quite a bit.. totally with you on all the lovely things you mentioned, from the proposal to the confessions, the fun element, the freshness and the youth, the sunset, and the walk on the (b for) beach … but what caught my attention was ‘the cheap drink’.. All that is great but honestly, the shoe string budget really shows up here.. which is such a shame!.. and then baki ki kasar madam ne poori karr di – she just had to ask for a ‘bottel”!!!… Khair shukr hai atleast we didnt see the pink umbrella again!! and no koti hurray!!!!!.. that beech scene really did make it in the end! lol
    Khair jokes aside, Omar is coming into his own.. He will keep Mohni bacha ke.. Kahan rahein ge, kaise rahein ge, uss ki khair hai,.. jaise undertaker ke balboote par 1st class travel karte, just like so, he will keep Mohni in a place of their own where ppl dont dislike her.. right!!??!!.. i think i spoke too soon about Jr. growing up.. but @SZ like u said aise hi seekhain ge..
    Not totally gaga over this, but enjoying the halka phulka fun.. if only I could focus a bit more and see beyond the pink chatri, and techni colour bedding and tacky ornaments in our most eligible bachelor’s bedroom… But @SZ thanks to your review, i managed to catch up on what i missed.
    waise atleast now we know the reason behind the state of despair in the Hashmi Mansion.. bechare ke finances kafi khrab hain.. mmmmm


  8. Enjoying Goya! Thank God for some good dramas that I can watch with my kids. (I know you mightn’t like it bit we had a good time watching ‘Jab we wed’ too, has some issues but still good light hearted stuff)
    Needless to say Osman and Sana are doing well here, I don’t mind Sana’s kotis as much as u guys do but OKB’s tiger shirt was a bit much (seriously couldn’t be your fav OKB? though I do like some of your striped shirts.)
    I love the elegance with which Tara Mahmood plays her roles- really classy. Love her voice too. On the other hand Farah Shah’s ‘look’ is just too distracting for me to be able to enjoy her acting. The hair, the clothes, full mouth, everythings a bit too much.


  9. SZ!! Your reviews are a must-read for me now! 😛
    While I agree with you on (almost) everything…
    I’d say Omer itna bhi koi Farishta nahi hai, Zara has to be naive to think his was a normal reaction. I too almost forgot their previous encounter (when Zara was smoking) jahan Omer ki aankhen khassi phatti hui theen… not to mention the very ‘judgemental’ look he had on his face as he left.
    As for the continuity error, I just pretended it was another day with the ‘Main tumse shaadi karna chahta hoon’/’Main coffee le kar aata hoon’ drill by our very patient and persistent male protagonist.
    Aur sabse bari baat… You disapprove of Omer’s shirt but like Zara’s jumpsuit! *Gasp* :O We seriously need to re-evaluate our friendship!
    I just hope Zara won’t be wearing jumpsuits throughout the show! 😛


  10. No, he wasn’t judging her at all, actually – it was more of him feeling incredibly awkward at the whole situation, re: the wedding.


    • Thanks for explaining. I’ll re-watch soon… just to be sure.
      Maybe it really was him all rattled up with Zara’s teasing.
      But one has to accept the fact that while Omer had the advantage of learning abt Zara’s addiction in their third meeting, Mohni had to hear abt it in their very first. So naturally Mohni’s reaction would be different. I think Zara was only trying to play Cupid here. And she succeeded.


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