Sadqay Tumhare ~ Episodes 8-9 Review


Modern day romances are all about the aaj aur abhi. Lovers dream of being with each other and look forward to a lifetime’s worth of togetherness. Love, for them, is about sharing and caring, making beautiful memories and growing old together. Noble sentiments indeed. The romances that Khalil ur Rehman Qamar writes about, however, are not about the here and now. His brand of love is one the fragrance of which remains forever fresh. Lovers he writes about are not concerned with physical union, dismissively designated as bihaa; for them union is about emotional intimacy, an eternal union of souls, a shaadi.

The intensity of emotion that Shano feels for Khalil or the spiritual link that ties Khalil to Shano is of the kind that defeats logic and rationale. Do they want to be together? Sure. But not at the cost of sullying each other’s name, not at the cost of defying their parents’ wishes, and most certainly not at the cost giving love and lovers’ a bad name. They’d rather hurt themselves first than cause pain to those around them or invite public censure on their loved ones. That said, nobody is allowed to get away with challenging a lover’s strength of will. If he holds back it’s because of his commitment to the beloved. Unfortunately for Fayyaz though, poor guy, aik tau pehley hi buri tarah se bhai-zoned and oopar se nobody sent him this memo. Khelu ko lalkaar kar bechara bari buri ghalti kar baitha.

Last week was about dhish dhish dhishoom and a full on filmi one at that, complete with ghundas, garajtey badal kaali banyaan aur behta khoon. While lover boy was busy defending his honor and by extension his lady love’s, Shano was busy praying, first at the dargah, tying manat ka dhagas and hoping for the best, and later at home. Nahin tau bhi she was prepared for all eventualities – neela thotha daba kar rakha tha mutthi mein. That entire dargah sequence – Shano and Humera waking through the fields, maano-ing a mannat and later praying there – was beautifully executed, with a much more soothing Nimi Nimi Ag playing in the background, and is now one of my favorite sequences in a serial filled with lovely moments. Running a close second, if for nothing other than its OTT filminess was the fight sequence. Though I was laughing throughout that intense maar pitayi, I did feel like bajao-ing a taali and maroing a seeti, or two, at the sight of the four baddies chaaron shaaney chit, laying all around our zakhmi magar gabhru hero sahabwah Khelu miyan! Dou haspatal main aur dou jirrah key paas! Tussi tey kamaal kar ditta! 

All that maar dhaar seemed like small potatoes though when compared to Rasheeda’s cold (read freezing cold) attitude towards Khelu. Yes, she was shocked when he showed up, all battered and bruised, but that should in no way be read as her warming towards her nephew. Simply put Samiya Mumtaz is stealing the show as Rasheeda. God alone knows what really happened, magar jo kuch bhi hua tha must’ve been a drama ‘n a half. Anything that turns a person inside out and causes a woman to become so twisted, so callous towards her eldest daughter has to be a tad more complicated than that seedhi as a jaleebi khahani that Shano had told the maulvi sahab.

From what we saw unfold even Khalil is unaware of the truth about his parentage. Ab asal mas’la kiya hai only time will tell, but so far it is the intrigue of the unknown, rather than the charm of the known, that has me hooked. And on being hooked, how fabulous are Irfan Khoosat and Rehan Sheikh. That scene where Amin hears about Khelu’s arrival and ensuing fight was fabulous! Another endearing moment was when the bechara bhooka bhai (yes, still on the B wali bandwagon) jumped up to inform dad ke ammi ney phir maara tha... awww! Such a cutie! Aur ammi ji hain ke unka maarney ka shauq hi poora nahin ho raha… aaj bhi bechari Shanno ko chimta maara. Ab, as a mother I get Rasheeda’s frustration, ke un ki itni pyaari beti has given her dil to such a sir phira, but aunty ji maarney se tau problems nahin hal hotay na!

Kidding aside, Sadqay Tumhare wala tanga apni dagar pey rawaan dawaan hai … ostensibly a slower episode, I love how the characters, particularly Rasheeda is gradually coming into her own. Samiya Mumtaz, who I cannot praise enough, is simply brilliant. Rehan Sheikh is more than an adept laid back  partner for the crafty Sheeda. As for Irfan Khoosat, it is so very educational to see how a seasoned actor can breathe life into a seemingly minor role. Qavi Khan is effective as the peacekeeping maulvi sahab, but we’ve seen him in so many similar roles that he doesn’t make much of an impact.

Among the younger actors, Mahira Khan is easily the pick of the lot. She hasn’t had much to do so far, but her scenes with her parents always leave an impact. The scene where Khalil invites Shano to step out from behind the parda, was nicely done and fun to watchAdnan Malik seems like he’s having a ball playing this Amitabh inspired, larger than life angry young man. There are some weaker moments in his portrayal, for instance today in his scene with Fayyaz’s brother, but generally he’s doing a great job. Adnan’s overall comfort as Khelu, his flamboyance and the charm he brings to the character goes a long way in smoothing out Khalil’s very rough edges. Mukarram Kaleem is great as Fayyaz, but bari maar pari us ko – felt really bad for him. Fayyaz bha ji, mera mashwara mano, Shano ko choro aur Humera ko dobara dekho. I tell you she’s the perfect match for you. And agar Humera ke liye match dhoondha hai tau someone please help find a suitable partner for Dr. Maqsood. Shamyl Khan plays him very well, and I’m sure the real Dr. Maqsood must be a very wise man, but wow the character, from what we have seen so far, is a poster-boy for a man with no life.

Non-fiction, fiction, faction, fantasy, creative non-fiction, call Sadqay Tumhare what you may, for me its the past of the near past that holds the most attraction. The dilemmas of Shano and Khalil’s present are all rooted in Rasheeda and Inayat’s less than savory past, and it is only after those gnarly knots get untangled and sorted that I feel Shano and Khalil’s story will really take off.  For now I am thoroughly charmed by the ambiance and setting and the gradual unfolding of the narrative. Director Ehtishamuddin has done well so far in keeping his viewers interested and engaged. There have been  several occasions where the larger than life starkly painted characters, filminess of the screenplay, long scenes, and flowery language could and do overshadow the visual narrative, but all in all it has been reigned in pretty well. On a similar note, the editing has shown a vast improvement since the serial first began but there are still places where a heaver hand is needed.

Kudos to whoever decided to get a second OST done for this serial. I find the second one so much more soothing and a lot more in keeping with the feel of the story. And finally, as I wrap up, a shout out to the DoP and the lighting crew. These guys have done a terrific job is creating the mood necessary for a story of this nature.

Haan ji, tau kaisa chal raha hai aap ka taange ka safar? Are you guys still comfortably on board or is the slow pace getting to you?

Written by SZ~

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  1. @SZ. Have to see the new episode since since I got in last night. Have to report though (@FA ), first thing I bought (and i hadn’t even reached Khi) was FK on the cover of Masala magazine. Droool.Ab jo cousin FK ki surprise bday party meij gayi thee, us ko fautan contact karna hai 😜
    Back to ST, love love love it. Refreshing to see the angry young man and MK. Love the fact how everyone sans Bhaaji and MK’s parents are rooting for them. These are what tales are made of…. Something we get to hear about “aik waqt ki baat hai..”

    More later. Also waiting for the new alphabet 🙂


      • @FA i will send you the pics 🙂 I still need to get updates. Am in Lhr 🙂 magar woh abhi nazar nahin aaya. If i get pics, will share with you and SZ. Ab SZ ko ab itna nahin acha lagta magar for old times sake 😉


  2. Totally on the taanga, SZ! The charm of this show just keeps increasing! I loved the shift in emotions yesterday when everyone talked their hearts out- shano and her abbu, khalil and his khaala and taya and their maulvi. It was an epi of contemplation and reflections. After the initial maad dhaad and knee jerk reactions, all the stakeholders have come to understand one fundamental truth- khalil and shanno are madly in love and are never gonna give up on each other! This latest installment added so much depth to the narrative! Like u, I too am waiting to hear rasheeda’s version of the events past. Obviously it isnt as simple and straightforward as shared by shano with maulvi saab. Coz if so, no mother would continue to hold so much hatred in her heart in the face of the deep love of her daughter. Her hatred has festered so long in her that now, she sees no other goal apart from her revenge.

    I’ve liked how they have managed not to create an impasse in the show. The show could have well lost steam at this junction, given its slow pace. But full credit to the director and his creative team. They know exactly where they are headed and how and when to get there. Looking forward to next week. Now that everyone is clear that theirs is a love that will withstand all odds, khalil and shano seem to be enjoying this new phase of their relationship-in ur face and out there! I am loving it!


  3. I am still on the tonga but almost falling off….nothing really happens…same old same old…
    Can’t help but start comparing the writing to Pyare Afzal’s. I for one, loved the dialogues of that much more than this…. but I guess this is a different story et al
    But you’re right, It’s Samiya Mumtaz’s show most of the time!


  4. Aslam o alaihkum
    I am looking for people to help me subtitle Sadqay tumahre’s episodes. Please let me know if you’re interested !


  5. Bus ji kass ke pakra hua he taange ko in order to not fall down.. Nahin tou i am sure me ab giri ke tab… Your reviews also help me in not falling down 🙂 so thank you for excellent reviews..

    Coming to episode it was interesting to see Rasheeda speaking out damn clear to Khalil about rishta.. Jurm nhn kya but phr bhi saza mili.. This makes me soo excited to hear the actual backstory of rasheeda-inayat-abdul Rehman.. The concern she had when she saw injured khalil was genuine.. Matlab ab bhi kahen she have this thing called heart.. Samiya Mumtaz is absolutely brilliant in portraying rasheeda.. Every expression is spot on..and expressions ki baat ho and Rehan Sheikh ka zikr na ho.. Not fair.. I sooo loved how he try to itch after every single minute LOL… Shano ko parents bare mast mile hain..

    Shano’s growing confidence is treat to watch..she is in deeply love with this guy but majaal he she dares to disrespect her parents.. Literally admire this characteristic.. Kitna bhi maar le amiji.. Kya tou sakht jaan he humari shano.. Chalo shano ko maro tou samajh me aata he but why your bhuka bacha..uspe itna tashadud kyn.. Chch..

    Haww SZ.. Fayyaz ko humaira ka idea de dya.. U also didnt think about doctor 😉 uski and humaira ki setting karwate he.. In this way all 4 will be connected like fevicol 😉

    Irfat Khoosat is seriously class Actor.. Wah kya tou maza aata he itni effortless acting dekh ke.. He literally have breath air into this character..


  6. Still on the tangay Ka safar! Get so wrapped up in this, it’s like going back in time and the slow pace doesn’t even bother me.
    Mahira obviously doing awesome, and always looking great:) great dynamics with her parents, the scenes are brilliant where she somehow while still respecting them makes her point loud and clear! Love it and Rasheeda is definitely too good, full we’ll knowing she is being selfish, and has her own agenda!
    I am wondering if Khalil will find out, and what he will think of all this, wisely the fight scenes were pretty filmi lol, takes us back to 80s Bollywood!
    Anyways looking forward, highlight if the week:)


  7. Hi SZ, Ji bilkul sawaar hain hum iss mast taange par aur swaari mein waakai bahut mazaa aa raha hai. Aur uss pe chaar chaand laga diye hain aapke itne wonderful n precise review ne. You said everything I felt after watching these 2 episodes.

    Just looooooved both the episodes ut before going further I’d like to say a few words about Irfan Khoosat n Rehan Sheikh. What great actors!! The magic they created with that one scene where they came together was one of the highlights of the latest episode. I am sure Irfan Khoosat ji has a bigger role to play in future episodes n I won’t be complaining 🙂

    Now, coming to our Khalil sahab, he reminds me of Anil Kapoor’s character of “Munna” in the movie “Tezaab” where he could do anything for his “Mohini”. If that means killing someone or getting killed himself, so be it but ek kadam bhi peechhe nahin hatna.

    The fight scene was very well executed. Kudos to DOP n director Etashamuddin for making us feel as if we were watching a movie n not a tv drama. WOW!!!

    Mahira Khan was again very good in both d episodes n I had a smile on my face whenever she n Adnan were in a scene together.

    The sequence between Rashida n Khalil again set me thinking about what if Rashida was also a victim n not a culprit in the past as she said something like “Yeh zaroori nahin ki hamesha jo kasoorwaar ho sazaa bhi usi ko milti hai”. There is more than just what meets d eye here.

    Btw, I even got my sis-in-law hooked to this drama who in turn added her sisters to the ST fan club 🙂


  8. Khelu didnt even trust Dr bhai jan to do his marham patti!! Dr bhai sign hai!!!!! lol he seriously needs to get a life…like asap! Mujhe tou abhi tak yeh samajh ai how is he related to khelu.. and if he is such a know-it-all, how comes he doesn’t know abt ‘the story’.. and if he does why didnt he tell his bestie?
    ad khelu doesnt know abt his father?? really?? how comes?!!!…
    I hope they reveal the back story soon.. warna its a walk in the dark for bechara khelu.. The angry young man can only see a light at the end of the tunnel.. he might think its the shano se milaap but bechara doesn’t know its the train thats about to hit him and knock him out! ..
    looking fwd to rasho’s side of story.. and see how she handles the challenge!..


  9. Im not sure why everyone is questioning Rasho’s bitterness. I mean according to Shano’s story, she was a 15 yr old girl that basically got taken advantage of by an older man, a man that she probably trusted and was a family member. I understand that it carried on, but perhaps against her will? Regardless, its a bitter pill to swallow. I agree theres more to the story that will unfold in upcoming episodes. Btw, did we ever know how Shano found out this story that she told to Maulvi?? I dont remember the source…


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