Alphabet Soup ~ The ABCs of Pakistani Dramas


Azizo, dosto, ’tis the season of short days and long nights, coats and boots, scarves and gloves, dry fruits and gajar ka Rudick_backbay100_g__1233250203_6445halwas, bhaap urati chai ya coffee, beautiful snowy days and the not-so-beautiful slush after, and of course garma garam soup. For me winters are all about soup. And of course soup ke saath saath dramey dekhney ka maza hi kuch aur hai

So… bringing together my love for dramas and soup, I am kicking off a new series under the umbrella heading Alphabet Soup. winter-food-2In these weekly posts I will choose a random letter of the alphabet and do a thematic post around some drama related topic/s that begin with that letter. All in all, like our dramas these days, there will be 26 posts, one for every letter of the alphabet. Basically I’m approaching this as an interactive series, where its not just me writing, but you all are also writing mini posts over the course of the week and sharing with everybody else.


Confused much?

Sorry! But fikar not! Main hoon na … Let me elaborate …

Say for instance we are doing “M” :

m-is-for-5_coloring_pageAb kyonke hum na tau boring hain na typical, is liye hum aur loagon ki tarah M=monkey, M=mat, M=mouse nahin karenge. Hum “M” ko denge ek DRNR ishtyle tarka and drawing upon our extensive drama vocabulary, to say nothing of utterly useless knowledge, I might do M= mohabbat and write a post around the various kinds of love shown in our dramas, illustrate my point with some examples. On your end, you might have thought M=mazloom sounds perfect and might want to do a mini post around that theme. Others might go for M= mera dimagh khaali and do a write up about how some (most?) dramas are causing a dramatic loss in your mental capacity. Possibilities, as they say, my friends, are endless.

By now I know for a fact that all of you are fabulous writers and have a great sense of humor, and so I am inviting you to exercise your creativity and share your talents with us. I am not looking for serious, long winded posts, just some ideas, some thoughts that crossed your mind when you read the letter for next week.

Many of us are new to Pakistani dramas and that’s perfectly fine. This is not intended to be some sort of a competition or a serious thing. Rather, see it as a way to use and share your new found [bekaar] knowledge in an innovative manner. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how many of us will bring in Fawad Khan in how many ways! I can already envision “A” being all about Ashar, “Z” dedicated to Zaroon, and for Sanam Saeed fans “K” will probably become a great chance to pay tribute to their fave gal.


Yes, please, play nice and don’t forget apni Khirad!

In short, let your imaginations go wild. Recharge those rapidly graying cells and let’s see how creative you can get!!  Your letter for this week is ……


I am aiming for a weekly Alphabet Soup post, so all things remaining equal let’s shoot for a new letter post every Wednesday. Till then looking forward to seeing all that you can conjure up with “B.” Chalo ji, taiyyar? 

Ready, get, set and go …….

Written by SZ~

P.S. Since we have already started the ball rolling then lets continue with B’s for this week. I’ll come up with a different letter for next week. 

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      • Great article SZ, I wanted to know if you have seen Rok Lo Aaj Ki Raat Ko. If you haven’t, I sincerely recommend you to try this drama. It aired on Express Entertainment, starred Danish Taimoor, Alishba Yousuf, Naila Jaffery, Najeeba Faiz and Sajid Hassan. I am about to complete this drama, 18 episodes and i must say that it is the most beautiful drama I have seen. It’s very unfortunate that it aired on a channel that was new at the time and didn’t get the attention it deserved. The performances by almost all actors are brilliant and heart-warming. It is shot in Skardu and Gilgit which makes this drama enchanting with already the crisp quality Express has uploaded. The drama is an emotional journey that has been directed by Farooq Mengal and written by Rashid Sami. Here’s the link, hope you enjoy:)

        (For episode 17 and 18, u’ll just have to search on youtube, they should be there)


  1. @SZ aaik ustad nay bachon ko mazmoon liknay ko kaha , topic tha subha ke sair, sub bachay mazmoon Subha ke sair per likh kay lay eye , aaik bandar kay tamashay per lieya , Ustad nay us say pooch kay woh bandard kay tamashy per kun likh kay lie ya ha, shagird nay kaha , jab woh subha sair per gaya to bandar ka tamash ho raha tha or us nay woh sara tamasha dakha , so he spent all of his time watching that tamasha and quoted that in his essay,

    Now , me lord! can we use this approach ? M = bandar as well , isn’t it ?

    Disclaimer ;
    Please nazak dil hazrat meri kisee post ko dil pay na lain.


    • @ kazmiasad: LOL!! Ab main kiya keh sakti hoon … aap khud hi ta’iyun kar lein ke kya munasib hai or kiya nahin … I have always held that self awareness is way more effective and useful than external limits and boundaries 🙂


  2. wah wah wah! kia creative idea hai.. mein tau is idea pey hi sadqay apkay..
    Speaking of “B”, what else than famous ‘Bechaari Bezubaan Bahu’ of our dramas comes to ur mind? abhi k liye itna hi.. let me think of something unique..


  3. Sz! I’m nearing finals (du’as much appreciated!) so I haven’t been actively commenting! But please do know that I have been following all your posts, irregardless if I’m keeping up with the given drama, lol. I especially loved your thanksgiving post. Oh the feels!
    My suggestion for B is Bewakoof, for all the Allah mian ki ghaien we’ve suffered through (namely Rumaisa in Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara lol). I don’t know about you, but these barely-if at all-rational girls drive me crazy!


    • @inbetweenroses: Awww!! tons and tons of dua’s going your way, IA you’ll ace them! 👍👑

      LOL!! Oho no ideas now!!! Next Wed! And yaar tum loag sab itney mazedar ideas de rahey ho, now I have to really crank up my grey cells!!
      But yeah, totally with you and I was gonna use Romaisa in my G=gaye post LOL!!!


    • @Deeba: Haan, I’ll clarify in my post .. thanks for drawing my attn to this … I want you all to share your suggestions then .. try to also think up of a few examples as well … I’ll do my post ans then ask you to share your ideas as well … going by how quick everybody is coming up with ideas I can see we are going to have a lot of fun next week. 🙂 Meanwhile you can always suggest other associations that come up other than B or something else funny that pops up in relation to this idea.. .

      I just wanted to try out something new something where we could all participate equally and also put all that mindless mind-numbiong drama knowledge to some use … and while we’re doing that I think we will end up discussing dramas that I am not reviewing or something you liked in some drama that you would like to share …


  4. B is for Bakwaas , B is for Bilkul Bakwaas and B is for Bohat Bakwaas .
    Bakwaas is the drama Stories these days … Out of 45 dramas may be 2/3 are story based , the rest is C say chalta hai boss , R say Rating Kay Naam par
    Bilkul Bakwaas hai Hum TV , as I always thought that Hum TV is the best thing after the sliced bread ( though I would put Internet in the phrase) , the comedy serials are of over acting , lost timing and tasteless punch line , the romantic stories are with out romance , chessey and Rona dhona .
    And lastly BILKUL BAKWAAS is the acting skills of 80% of drama actors . No expressions , no body language , no feel of the character , no dialogue delivery, it’s like , I can work in drama because I have a gora face , I can cry , I have a fit body, etc … The rest of the actors who can act are like repetitive , specially our senior actors …
    B is for BUT AND BESIDES all these flaws there are still 2/3 dramas which takes away the pain of the 5 days tortuures …. I am glad the dramas are not BACK to BACK great otherwise I would be hooked to them and that is also the B for BEHTARI for us !
    Thank you SZ you are B say Best in all this mahem …


    • @Sheema: Loved loved your comment .. but yaar aye ki kitaa??? this was my idea darn it to do b=bakwas dramas .. chalo ji…. ab phir se sochna shuru .. and post comments next week abt B! aaj nahin 🙂


  5. Kia baat hai aap ki 🙂 …ye aaj tak ki sub say laziz aur zaiqay dar post hai 🙂 …itni ziada k main first para graph k agay berh hi na saki jub tak ye decide na ker lia k in tamam lawaz-maat main mujhay abhi k abhi kia khana chahiay…qura soup k naam nikla ..zahir hai tittle ki munasibat say 🙂 …tou ab iss waqt main hot n sour soup k mazay laitay ye comment type ker rahi hoon …apna bhi ek ishtyle hai akhir 😉

    idea jaisa sub nay kaha creative / different /unique hai aur is k liay aap tareef ki mustahiq ..tohfa qabool karo ji 🙂 …jitna ziada khush main article k shuru main hoi aur end tak isay enjoy kia phir ek khayal anay per mera dil doob gaya k “iss main tou dimagh lagana paray gaa…tou mera kia ho gaa kalia? “…

    hopefully main bhi apna hissa daal sakoon gi…werna aap log hain naa 🙂 …waisay mujhay tou abhi say “R” kaa intezar hai lol..good oye maza anay wala hai 🙂


  6. ok mera suggestion hai “Badtameez” lol …yaaay soch lia..aur kia socha 😉 ….ok ab badtameez ki reservation mere naam say ho gai…aap log ab kuch aur sochen..thanks


  7. Bekaar…Beemar…Bud lehaaz….Bud kirdar (ye tou bohat hain) …ye sub ideas aap k liay 🙂 …ager iss per kisi ko likhna hai tou likh lay..i am very haapy with my badtameez performance 🙂


  8. What an excellent idea, SZ! And what a letter to begin with. ‘b’ has so much associated with our dramas.

    The very first word that come in my mind was ‘bewafai’…

    Bicharnay walay main sab kuch tha bewafai na thi…

    I had to write that.

    I think almost 95% of our drama serials bank on bewafai – and hence all the love triangles we see on the posters. There is the perceived bewafai (Humsafar, KPKP, Kahi Unkahi, Uff Yeh Muhabbat, Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hogi and the list goes on), and actual bewafai (Dil-e-Muzter, Iztarab, and so on).

    The brunt of most of the perceived bewafai falls on the bechari biwi or bechari bahu or bechari bhabi (Can you count the number of b’s in that last statement?) Most of our drama serials simply could not stretch up to 25 episodes if it were not for these very bechari (considered to be) badnaseeb biwis, bhabis and bahus who choose to be docile rather than battle it out – honestly, I cannot imagine how our writers come up with these one-dimensional holier than thou bbbbbs – whatever happened to ‘balance’?

    And now there is a new breed added to the bbbbbs – the bechari bewa whose husband dies, and she is forced to become the bechari biwi of her husband’s brother (another ‘b’)

    Man, I am losing track now of the bs now…

    So the above was when the bechari lady is married. If she is not married, then you are likely to find a bechari behen and a badtameez behen – again, no balance. One will be 100% bechari (read bewaqoof) and the other will be 100% badtameez and bay-adab.


    I can probably go on and on, but I think there are enough b’s in this post!


    • @DB double thumbs up.. Although i have not read ur reviews but ur comment tells how good writer u are..
      @SZ mera khayal hai k aisay hi janain den.. ye week hum sb “B” discuss kr rahay hain, coz ab yad rakhna k aglay wednesday ko kia likhna hai zara mushkil hai.. Next week come up with a new alphabet and ur idea related to it, aur hum sb apnay apnay ideas dey den gay


    • @DB: Wah!! Yaar, tussi chha gaye thaa kar key! But kuch hamarey liye bhi chora hota … Brain cells are dead .. thora time lage ga re-generate honay ke liye so please be kind! 😉


    • @DB – loooved ur comment!
      spot on with bewafai! Thats another staple in every drama.. kahin na kahin, kabhi na kabhi!..
      lol @ bechari bewa bhabhi / bhai’s biwi story.. def seems to be the latest trend..
      & where behen is thori normal, behnoi is getting the dodgy edge…. chup Raho, ST..


    • @Molly: Behen nahin! Abhi tau what about all the Bara Bhais we are seeing these days! Thats a new trend that’s kinda crept in on us … All these Barey Bhaiyas are total Buddhus and the chotta Bhai seems to hog the limelight involved in all kinds of less than kosher activities with Bhabhi ji. How many watched Mohabbat Ab Nahin Hogi??


  9. @All: ROFL!!!! I had no idea that you all would respond so quickly and so phenomenally! So going with what @Atty suggested : lets just do the B’s this week and I’ll give a new letter next week … hopefully we’ll be on the same page then 🙂


  10. Ok so even though it might seem like all the Bs are gone .. wait aur Bohot Baqi hain …

    Hello! How can you all forget the latest status symbol in our drama world? From Bunty I love You to Bashar Momin to Adhura Milan… Bare Loag = Butler bhai bohot zaroori!


  11. What a great Idea! This is going to be fun, will try to chip in sometimes but I guess too late
    @DB definitely used up all the best B words!!!! But so lovely to read from you again, I used to love your reviews! Why did you stop, they used to be so entertaining , both you and SZ were my favorite!
    Anyways Maybe I will join next week! Looks like All the BEST Bs have been taken!


    • @SK: Bilkul late nahin .. What about one of our fave B’s – Bilqees Kaur … remember how much we enjoyed guessing her motivations and what made her tick 🙂


    • WOW, so many different ideas !!!! Like Afia said, its like our kids’ creative writing. I’ll need to rope in my daughter here 🙂 as she is better than me at it.

      On a serious note, agree with SK that almost all the “b” have been covered n d only one that I can think.of now is “betiyaan”, may be Kashaf & company’s effect as haven’t seen many Pak dramas.

      P.S. : SZ, this one really came as a complete surprise n hats off to you for such a novel idea.


  12. B for bongi like neelam and mannnooooo from Numm(b). B is for bongay that the directors think we are in showing turkey as usa…. B for Bongiyan that covers about everything that is insane 🙂


  13. Quite an interesting Bs here… I came up with B for Beemari… Abhi bilkul abhi wale drame se start karain.. Jee haan sahi pehchana.. Firaaq… Beemari ko kaise dekhate hain, kis tarah us ki waja se you can do shukk on your wife.. Vo bhi choro..dont wait for repooorts… Na kyn bhaye koi intezar nh..Google bhaisahab kab kaam ayenge.. Google ur Beemari n taraaa self diagnose.. What a bawalapan…

    We have dil ki beemaris.. Idhar kuch hua nh..udhar dharam se Behosh…and all family members are heck bent on hiding thingd or patient does emotional blackmail like Shaadi karwani ho… Beemari do wonders 😉 ( khirad asher wedding all thanks to ami’s beemari :p )

    In short Beemari ache khason ko beemar kardeti he :p


    • @Rehmat: 👏👏👏!!

      And that reminds me of our amma khaoon khaoon in Shukk and MJ’s Bukhar in Numm and the amma’s mysterious Beemari in Ahista Ahista jis ke wajah se bechara Zawar Bebas ho kar doosri shaadi pe majboor ho gaya! :p


      • @SZ: hahahaha yes i thought abt those famous khaons khaons.. Also Talat Hussain in Qudrat.. Ahh i love when senior actors cough so brilliantly;) . Oh yes how can i forget Ahista Ahista ki Bi jaan.. Waqaya mysterious bemari bhi tou hoti he..

        Izterab me Khatoon ko bemari thi ( i forgot SQ’s character name) and Wallah u get ur husband get married n no dont ever let him know ur dying… Budhuuu :p


        • @Shameen: Do you remember when Numm and Shukk were airing concurrently and we would get Numm and MJ and her khaansi one day and then bareky had we gotten over that we got the saasu maa from hell coughing away the next day! Many a times I used to feel like I too should drink some cough syrup.. pata nahin kab mujhe khaansi ho jaye!
          But all that aside Numm was seriously fun.. what with the crazy doctor baji and the silly mom and her silly daughters and the empty pool in Wali’s house , the crazy gun fight sequences .. uff! so many “unforgettable” scenes! 😂


    • Well done SZ – u got our Brain cells working 😉 aur mera Bheja to Hum tv kay ata’a karda Beton aur Betiyon nay waisay he fry kar chora hai! Bhaant Bhaant ki aulad milee hai mujhe (most recently Bashar) aur jahaan aulad nahin to wahaan khud BB – kabhi Bibi Jonum to kabhi Shamshad Bibi to kabhi Bano aur ab Khursheeda Begum! Waqt se pehlay Boorha kar diya hai mujhe dramon nay!! 🙂


      • @Hina: Hahaha!!! One of these days you’ll have to explain to us, or me at least, ke serial Bashar Momin thee kiya cheez and where did all that money go ?? I tried one episode but even with sun glasses and earplugs it was a bit too much to take!

        LOL @ the bhaant bhaant ki aulad – from Sara to Aabi to Zaroon to Falak to Meyer to Aunn to your latest one Ahsan…. kiya chun chun ke anokhe ladley or laadliyon se nawaza gaya hai aapko 😉


      • P.S. I was trying to find appropriate pics for this post and googled confusion, Pakistani dramas, actors and this Aunn Zara pic ^ was one of the first ones that popped up!!!


  14. SZ could not resist to write even though I am not great. But. ..but… topic from my best friend ( if I may say solo) .and being a preschool teacher I can go on and on but thodi urdu lekhney mei mar khajati hu.
    I am far away from my home but you are on my mind . Some times I remember bibi from MHMD.


    • @Ranjan: Awww!! Dont let language be a barrier .. you can always say whatever you want in English. I just have a bad habit of writing as I think and so it all comes across as a strange mish mash of languages!

      Yes, Bibi from MHMD was very sweet and warm 🙂

      Cool, I hope you’re enjoying the break from winter! Thanks for writing in even though you are away . Hope you’re having fun!


  15. B for BORING. It’s getting harder and harder to watch a full drama these days. B for Bland – we need some new storylines, need to add some masala! B for BOLD – letting the audience figure some things out is always better than showing them however some scenes are getting a tad bit out of hand. B for Brief – shukar our dramas don’t have 1000 episodes short and sweet! BEKAAR BAQWAAS BEMATALAB. One that I’m sick of BECHARI uff Ya Allah Bechari uska mia chod ke chala gaya, bechari uska baap margarya, bechari ab toh uski dunya hi hatam hogayi hai, dekha kitna bura zamana hai lardkiyon ke liye.. Bechariyan! Instead of bechari, female characters definitely need to be shown as BRAVE in our dramas. B is for BADLAO jo araha hai in our dramas, stepping out of this stereotypical box is slowly, but definitely happening! This was fun lol looking forward to the next letter!


    • @Shameen: Yay!!! you made it here 🙂 And now consider yourself a full fledged member of the DRNR family 🙂

      Re: Badlao .. thank you for that note of optimism … yes, change is there but really slow, and from the bottom up, as in from the smaller lesser known channels . so we have JH from Urdu 1, Pehchan from APLus, Talkhiyan from Express, Aunn Zara again from APLus … what is majorly disappointing for me is that the bigger channels have opted for comfort and routine rather than challenge and innovation ..Lets hope and pray ke the trickles turn into torrents of change soon


      • I have my hopes on JH to show this badlao! I will cry otherwise lol.. I have hope! Totally agree about smaller lesser known channels, Aunn Zara was AMAZING!


  16. @ SZ, desperately needing a superlike button for all the comments:)

    @ Rehmat, beemari ka idea umda hai… achche khaase taaza tareen character ko maut ke darwaze dikhaya jaata hai. Banda bechara chadar le ke bistar pe let jaaye toh bimaar ho gaya!

    In Humsafar Khirad’s mum, had beautifully manicured hands during her last days 🙂 And poor little Hareem was being fed burgers and noodles even though suffering from heart disease. ( The dishy “best cardiologist in town” was apparently a good surgeon but desperately needed a diet specialist in his hospital). And poor Farida aunty, who apparently lost her marbles to paranoia in the end, seeing Sara with knives coming for her, still had time to get nice layered hair cuts:) May be the hair stylist would come home and her dear son, Ashar, would hold her still while the stylist worked her hair with scissors? The mind boggles!

    At least the long dramas make an effort to have some realism. In the short one episode stories, the non beemaar actors struggle so hard. Some one was portrayed as AIDS sufferer, in an episode in Kitni Girhain Baaki hai, the poor girl was like all nicely highlighted hair. The only concession was a cough that she would periodically remember to do ( you could almost hear the director instructing her.. ki ab kaafi time ho gaya cough kiye hue) and periodically she would collapse on the bed.

    Well done Beemari acts?. one was Sara from Humsafar. Her descent into depression was well charted. Unkempt hair, blank stare etc in total contrast to her very spot on self earlier. the other one was a short but effective illness act in Aunn Zaara by Hina ji after Aunn leaves home. One can totally get that kind of psychosomatic illness when your heart is hurting. Not like you are terminal but a kind of soul sickness because you are unhappy. Nice understated and elegant act.
    sorry my acquaintance with PK dramas is still growing:)

    @ Hina ji, love the bhaant bhaant ki aulad. You remind me of Tabu, a very versatile and superb actress here( have you seen her Maqbool and Haider?). Hope to see you in similar kind of roles.. main protagonist and complex roles. I am sure you will do great justice to them, as much as Tabu does:)
    A confession to make– I kept on imagining how you would have done the Ashar’s mum role. you would have layered it beautifully, superficially warm yet menacing.

    @ SZ, one suggestion, lets sometimes do some thread on who you would have liked to see in a particular role?


    • @Molly: Haina!!! I had absolutely no idea that this would take off like this! I mean I knew you guys were brilliant but wow! Hats off to @All l!!! 👏👏

      If a random B can generate so many comments lol then I can hardly wait to see what some other potentially more (or at least I had thought of them that way when I was thinking abt this one) interesting ones can do .. Bas now keep thinking abt what goes with what letter all the time when watching dramas 😉

      Re: your suggestion … sure I can do something with that … lets just finish the 25 more of this series and see where we are then ..


    • @Molly: Uff!!! too good your comment has me cracking up! Too good! Abhi to have you see Izteraab? Uff that one was an absolute joke, and a bad one at that! Check it out – ffwd pe!

      Yes, I too loved Sara .. I think it was a beautifully done part .. melodramatic sure but in the way it was written not in the way it was portrayed.. and i think that’s where the director’s input matters a great deal. But then again even fab directors have off days. Sarmad Khoosat, for instance, whom I absolutely adore, the director of Humsafar and SeZ, made an absolute doozy of a drama called Ashk .. and to see poor aunty ji, Rohail’s mom, being walked home in the mid of winter after she was checked out of the hospital (I forget what random beemari she had) was something we all had so much fun with!


    • @Rehmat lol @ beemari.. thats brill!!!
      @SZ ufff the doctor baji.. kiya yaad dila diya, unn ko tou mein bhool hi gai thi.. Numm had some serious issues!
      Crazy kadoorat & rubaru with some seriously questionable approach to mental health..
      @Molly uff thats hillarious!
      Re Humsafar : Lets not forget dad’s time at the hospital before his death, khizar’s accident, khirad’s pregancy and birth, and Ashar’s nervous breakdown.. aise dekhein tou lagta hai adha drama tou beemari ki nazr tha!!!


  17. B for behen? Currently 3 dramas running here about 3 pairs of sisters. Sisters come only in two is always self sacrificing, seedhi saadi, bechari, responsible and wearing boring clothes with chador covered head and little make up. The other variety is tez-tarrar, mostly a student, make up wearing, prettier, selfish and all grabbing. The drama is ALWAYS that they both like a single guy- guess blood is thicker than water. And then all hell breaks loose as the selfish sister tries to manipulate her way to the man’s heart( worst possible example is Maat).

    Uff, I wonder if these directors and writers are drawing from personal tragedies, BECAUSE in real life sisters usually turn out to be best friends for life( after teen years). My sister would give away her last penny if it helped me, and vice versa. Has anyone ever seen sisters fighting for the same man? And hullo, ever heard about the nature – nurture controversy, Mr Story Writer, please? The same child rearing practices are the best indicators of similar personality, even in adopted kids.


  18. SZ, just a suggestion
    Don’t you think you should lay down some rules e.g. everyone can post 2./3 lines re letter B.
    it’s become tedious going thru such looooong
    posts…..I don’t know how you do it ….😜


    • @deeba: Hahah! You’re too cute. I would agree, except that I am equally at fault in this matter and secondly I’m a professional academic so reading and writing long stuff is second nature 😉 So I have to control myself before i can ask others #majboori 😦

      And lol, dont save up the reading .. read all the time 🙂

      Btw, where is your B? 🙂


  19. @SZ what an appetizing post!!! (I see you squeezed in some of that food related post you mentioned last week lol )..

    Absolutely loving this idea and all the comments. Brilliant!!!! .. didnt realize ‘B’ stands for so much in our dramas..

    Im so engrossed in all the food that you mentioned that I have to start with the very Basic menu on offer on our screens , starting with the good old ‘Biryani’ .. I’d say 8 out of 10 tables in our dramas serve biryani , teenagers get ‘burgers’ (and kids get boring 2 minute noodles.. b takes a short break here)

    What I can’t stand is the ‘bura furniture’ especially in a ‘bara gharr’..

    And bara se yaad aya, our Bade Sahab from Numm..

    Bromance… Aunn Zara is my fav here.. but we see it everywhere.. every hero has to have some loser, full of mashwara, lame friends… Laa, firaq, shukk, Goya…but we have ST that breaks all records..

    Breaks.. the commercial breaks.. we even get them online now!.. fully loaded with precaps every 10 minutes, without any spoiler alerts..

    When it comes to cars we have seen quite a few Beetles recently.. ST’s dhakka starter has gotta be the best of the lot… we usually find our young, rang barangi, full of energy heroine sahiba driving it in the cities..

    Barish.. no drama is complete without a barish scene or two..

    Kafi lambi list ho gayi.. magar Last but not the least ‘Bardasht’.. jo ab hamere mein ho gya hai kamm, after watching billions of boring bechari aurats always bardasht-ing all the bad luck, and bure loag in her life..


  20. Thanks for all the encouraging comments, guys 🙂

    @ SZ: Yes abhi bohot kuch baqi hai!

    How can I forget the very very basic b – our producers’, writers’ and directors’ favourite: BARISH!

    I have lost count of the number of dramas in which barish is the key element – barish main bheegna ya barish main gaana ya barish barastay dekhna. Some dramas coming to mind: Manjali, Humsafar, Mora Piya, Tere Janay Kay Baad, The Castle, Mere Humrahi, and Tanhai.

    Add to that the ‘besties’ we see in our dramas – there is always at least one friend with whom the main character has enough bhai chara 😀

    And all the Bibis, Bibi jaan, Bay jee, bee jee, bee jaan, and any play on those b words…



    Any list of bs associated with dramas would be incomplete without a mention of one of the bravest characters in our dramas: Bano.


    • Oh my Allah! Who can forget Bano!?

      Lekin, lekin… you forgot B say BOLTI BAND (aka Rumi in front of Maa-jee in Firaaq amongst a host of other rather apt examples).


  21. *Bashar kee Behnein thee bigree huee.
    *Bushra as Bilqees kaur was Badtameez aur Badzabaan.
    *Bhatti sahab is the Best but his Biwi is Bardasht se Bahar. …..


    • Haaaaiiii Molly – kya keh diya aap na mujhe??? Tabu aur Main? I totaly adore her as an actor magar humari aisee qismat kahaan keh koee aisa role ya character humain bhi milay 😦
      Humain to Beemariyan he miltee hain – ya to zehni Beemar auladd ki shakl main ya na-maaloom khaansi ki soorat main 🙂 Recently I had to tell a writer that not every ailment causes coughing – aur bohat se symptoms bhi hotay hain! I’ve recently done a guest appearance for Geo’s Kaanch ki Gurya (beemar) and a role in Neela Mausam (beemar) – seems like writers/producer/directors are now out to punish me for my sins 🙂


      • SZ – Bashar Momin ki Bipta would be best heard from its writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah 😉 As for the Budget – I guess it went on the Ba-wardi servants, Biryani and Buffets, Branded designer wear (mens) and Big cars!! 😀


        • @HKB so good to have you on board. Na chahtey huwe bhi comment karna parta hai…that’s the best thing about SZ. I wonder where would those 11-12 meals from ZGH will feature….”B for Bhooki” family? 😉


          • @Ak kya yaad dila diya. We had to record 14 scenes at the dining table in 1 day!! We proved how good we all were as actors bcoz it really looked like we were eating – scene after scene! Hahaha! I even asked Sultana apa – kya yeh khandaan sirf khaata he rehta hai? To which she replied – yeh woh family hai jo sirf khaanay ki maiz per he miltay hain!! We pushed her to improvise by having after dinner tea / coffee or fruit at the table – I remember the apple I kept slicing and joining along the same cut for every take 😉 bus kat-tee rahi, khaaya nahin


            • @HKB hahaha full marks to you! Have to go back and check out the apple. You made a lovely mother in ZGH though. Such a refreshing change from the saasu maas of our dramas.


  22. @AK Bilkul sahi farmaya aapne! Ye hamare office ka eik favourite discussion tha ki PK mein kitni chai pee jaati hai? ZGH ke dauraan, there was a tea count kept 🙂
    And after dinner tea? arre bhai, neend kaise aayegi, itni caffeine ke baad? Aur khane ke discussions, offo!! A real culinary adventure.

    @ Hina ji, what lovely insider comments. I hope the Gods are listening because I am praying you get a role that does justice to your prodigious talent!


  23. Lovely idea SZ! Loved reading all the comments….

    My first reaction to B was buddhi rooh! Pure nostalgia-Humsafar time! The famous baarish scene and Sigh, the mahira-fawad magic onscreen ( btw Buddhi rooh also rhymes with Fawad’s by now totally disappeared tooh!)

    But coming back to the topic, my B would be for
    ” Batameez Dil ”
    How the most unlikely pairs end up falling in love courtesy their Badtameez dil. Eg, ashar and Khirad In HS ( Deep, pure and totally committed so much so that even an alleged infidelity cudnt lessen his love for her) , afzal n Farah in Pyaare Afzal ( unrequited love that turns a sirfiri ladki into a moony eyed jealous lover), Aunn and zaara ( mad, crazy and innocent) , Waali Bakht and neelam in the now infamous Numm that lead to all our mumkins ( Gosh, am so waiting for the letter M!) and of course the two highly mismatched couples in silvatien!! Their badtameez dils ruled over their hearts and made them all do a merry dance!

    B is also for Bollywood! Pretty prevalent and pervasive as can be gathered thru the immense bashing it gets in ur dramas 😛


  24. B say Bad luck 😦 …aap log B ko lay ker itnay Be-tab hoay k raaton raat format Badal dia aur saray Bs khatam ker dalay 🙂 ..ok meri nazer main B say Be-kaar jin characters ki apni koi life main koi kam nahi hota jaisay dr maqsod/humera /qsim (numm) /rumi (firaq) …aur B say Be-naam jis ki missal Bee gul nay qaim ki Pehchan main…B say Burqa..aisay characters jin ki pehchan burqa bana jaisay Qudusi sahib ki bewa main Bader Khalil kaa character..B say Baap /Babul jo hamesha kamzor aur Biwiyon ki haan main haan milanay walay hotay hain…B say be-jan yaani static characters jin main drama k end tak koi chage nahi ata Zaroon…B say Barat / biyaah..Barat series bhi aur shadi biyaah k topic per bannay walay dramas…


    • @RJ re burqa, i havent watched the drama you mentioned.. but these days loving Rasheeda begum in Gar Maan in her burqa..
      Burqa speaks volumes in our dramas.. our dramas use burqa as a stereotypical social status hallmark.. It stands for the mindset.. hardly ever a used as a religious symbol or a sign of oppression, unlike the portrayal of burqas in the west… I wonder what the makers of Homeland would think of our Rasheeda Begum..


    • @RJ lol.. i like to call them bakku

      I was also thinking of barat.. starting with the barat series and then all the dramas based around shadi.. and then all the rest of them, kionke shadi seems to be the be all and end all.. u get the big flashy ones with all the band baja and gana bajana, with aik adh bonus dance number thrown in on mehndi.. and you get the ones jahan aik din mein teen teen barats.. (there was nazdeekiyaan, and i heard there was one that recently aired jahan there were dou/teen shadis with same bridegroom all in a days work.. SZ help out with the name pls, meri tou dekhne ki himmat nahin thi) .. and there always those private ones,… jo bhi ho jaisi bhi ho, from that point onwards our bride turns into a bechari biwi/bahu/bhabhi.. but no drama is complete without a barat or biyah..


  25. Great comments everyone!
    Rehmat, beemari was a great one 🙂 As a kid I remember I used to tell my mother ke maine khaasne walay dramay nahin dekhne…in those day Quetta television had this show on in which Najeebullah Anjum was a poor, sick man who used to be coughing all the time….wahan se reacton ho gaya.

    SZ, haan, I’m willing to take the budhi rooh home anytime 😉

    B for Botox- murdering expressions, one lip at a time :p


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